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Bio Freaks FAQ ver 1.1


Well, Bio Freaks certainly isn't by any means an orthodox
fighting game, quite frankly it spawns the use of the word
orthodox.  Bio Freaks is set in a fully 3D environment, with
quasi-limited 3D action.  The quasi is tagged on because as a
rule the game must be broken down into two modes, ground and
airborne.  On the ground you have Tekken style movement with
specific sidestepping buttons or techniques.  In the air it
becomes more or less real 3D, similar to that of Bushido Blade.
The battle arenas make use of dangerous obstacles such as lava
pools, toxic ooze pits, huge buzz saws, and many of the arenas
are multi-leveled, some being 3 storied with some raised areas
above that.  Many of the pre-release previews and reviews account
much of the gameplay to ranged, such was the case with games like
Psychic Force.  In fact, I have owned Psychic Force, and now own
Bio Freaks, and there is a distinct difference.  Granted many of
the special techniques in Bio Freaks are long ranged, and there
is a distinct element of run and shoot, or in Sabotage's case,
load and wait, but Bio Freaks, when played with some skill,
relies much more on close combat. Unfortunately for the game, the
close combat isn't quite as detailed as in such games as Tekken
or Virtua Fighter, but it still holds enough on its own.  In a
sense, Bio Freaks takes up where Midway left off with God Wars,
adding more moves, more distinct characters, and a lot more blood
and carnage, with the exception of less fatalities.  Many have
claimed, and many will claim that Bio Freaks is God Wars meets
Time Killers and a jet pack, and they are correct.

Basic Fighting:

There are two types of combat, close and long ranged, accompanied
with two types of damage, physical and fire.

Close Ranged:

Each character has a very limited amount of combos, which act and
feel very much like God Wars fighting.  When at close range, you
can pummel away with combos, but of course you must be wary of
those who would block.  The combos don't seem to vary very much
with low and high hits, allowing nearly every combo to be blocked
with a crouch block.  This is in fact an easy way to score some
hits, block low and wait for a window, but one must be aware that
throws work regardless of standing position, and the computer, or
a smart player, will use that on would-be turtles.
Note: All combos score physical damage, so shields don't do much
good at close range.

Long Range:

All long ranged combat inflicts fire damage, with the exception
of a few techniques, such as Minotek's mace throw, or those nasty
teleport hits Purge and Ssapo have.  This is where long range
combat lacks enough to sustain descent fire fights.  All one
needs to do is raise the shield, and all fire related damage is
canceled out, with the exception of certain techniques such as
Sabotage's shield breaker ammo.  You CAN run down the clock by
running away and shooting or tossing bombs, but in the long run
it wont accomplish much of anything, unless your opponent isn't
smart enough to raise their shields often enough.

Airborne vs. Ground combat:

The inclusion of the airborne element certainly sets this game
apart.  Specific techniques can be performed in the air, as well
as the increased use of 3D space.  It becomes much easier to
dodge attacks in the air, and for some reason people aren't as
likely to raise a shield when someone takes flight, making it
much easier to commit to a fire fight.  One bad thing about
flying is the limited supply of jet you actually do possess.  It
doesn't last long, spurt hovering takes a great amount of
practice and still wastes fuel quickly, and once you've used the
extent of your fuel, your jets become damaged and you are
flightless for a small amount of time.  With all that in mind,
fly cautiously and it can pay off in the long run.

Move lists:

Well, with the basic mechanics out of the way, we can get down to
strategies and moves for each character.  There will be more
strategies listed for those characters I favor, but that's life
isn't it?  Also note that all of these moves, with the exception
of the combos and a few of the mutilations can be found within
the game itself, but I'd like a printed copy myself to review
mid-game, so you get one as well.


The combo system generally doesn't follow the tree system like
Tekken or Star Gladiator, and it also doesn't follow the strict
one combo system that War Gods had.  It's more or less a system
with a few small combos, some that lead into special techniques,
and one large combo.  As a rule, a combo has truly ended when
some small sparks fly from the opponent's body, which means some
that I have found aren't complete combos I am suspecting, but who
knows at this point.

Strategies for Playing the Computer:

Well, the turtle-combo strategy works well until the Mutilator,
whereas combos just don't do anything to her.  The easiest
way I've come to beat her is to fly away and keep lobbing
whatever you have at her:

Sabotage's   Spears
Minotek's    Shockwave
Zipperhead's Grenades
Bullzeye's   Skull bombs
Psyclown's   Balloon mines/shield
Delta's      Hover Lock
Ssapo's      Puke Cannon
Purge's      Fire-something

Moves Key:

Lp  - Left Punch
Rp  - Right Punch
Lk  - Left Kick
Rk  - Right Kick
U   - Up
D   - Down
F   - Forward
B   - Back
Hcf - Half Circle Forward    < B,DB,D,DF,F >
Hcb - Half Circle Back      < F,DF,D,DB,B >
Qcf - Quarter Circle Forward < D,DF,F >
Qcb - Quarter Circle Back   < D,DB,B >
f   - Fire
T   - Thrust
+   - Press at the same time as < ie - Lk+f >
_   - Press quickly after       < ie - Lk_f >
[ ] - Either or                 < ie - [Rp, Lp] >

Comments Key:
P   - Physical Damage
F   - Fire Damage
I   - Unblockable
N   - Adds fire damage
St  - Staggers Opponent
Sh  - Causes A Shockwave
L   - Long ranged
S   - Short Ranged
D   - Dashing
Dm  - Damages You
Ds  - Drains Opponent's Shield
Dt  - Drains Opponent's Hover Power
T   - Timed Damage
Flo - Floors Opponent
Str - Causes you to strafe right or left.

General Moves:

Normal Fire                                                         f
Activate Shield                                                     B+f
Forward Dash                                                        F,F
Upward Fire                                                         Lp+f
Taunt                                                               Lp+Rk
Throw                                                               F+Lp+Lk
Set Up                                      D,D+[Lp,Rp]


Ground Techniques:

Triple Grenade                     F,L,Sh,D                         Hcf+Rp+f
Hi-Low Attack                      F,L                              Hcf+Rp+Lp
Plasma Rain                        F,S                              U+Rp+Lp
Rocket Climb                       F,L,D                            Hcf+f
Dive, Roll, Shoot                  F,L,D                            B,F+f
Skull Bomb                         F,L,T                            Hcb+Rk
Charge Forward, Shoot              F,L,D                            B,F+Rp+Lp
Energy Drain                       I,S,Ds                           F,B+Lp
Slide Away, Shoot                  F,L,D                            B,B+Lp+Rp
Triple Skull Bomb                  F,L,T                            U+Lk+Rk
Left Grenade                       F,L,Sh                           B+Lp
Right Grenade                      F,L,Sh                           B+Rp
Shoulder Charge                    P,S,D,Fl                         B,F+Lp
Plasma Storm                       F,S,D                            D,U+f
Nuke Bomb                          F,L,Sh                           F,Hcf+Rp
Strafe Right, Shoot                F,L,Str                          Rp+Rk+f
Strafe Left, Shoot                 F,L,Str                          Lp+Lk+f
Dance Freak Dance                  F,S                              B+Lk+Rk
Foot Stomp                         P,S,St                           Hcf+Rk
Jump Back, Shoot                   F,S,D                            B,B+Lp+f

Airborne Techniques:

Left Air Grenade                   F,L,Sh                           B+Lp
Right Air Grenade                  F,L,Sh                           B+Rp
Air Skull Bomb                     F,L,T                            Rk+f


Rolling Arm Chop                   Arm                              Hcf+Lp
Double Feature                     Both Arms                      B,B,F+Lp+Rp
Spin and Decap                     Head                             F,B+Rp
Duke Nukem In Swan Lake


General Strategies:
The skull bombs work wonderfully, since they have a delay, but
watch out for the shrapnel.  The grenades aren't much better than
straight bullets, unless you need to create a shockwave, in which
case they do the job.  The nuke, which looks pretty and makes a
shockwave isn't all it could be.  The Energy Drain replenishes
your shield energy, while stealing it from the opponent, it also
only works at close range.  The arm chop mutilation is fast and
easy, which is unfortunate, for your opponent...


Ground Moves:

Tazer Shot                         F,L                              Hcb+Rp
Teleport                                                            D+Lk+Rk
Dodge Left, Shoot                  F,L,Str                          Lp+Lk+f
Dodge Right, Shoot                 F,L,Str                          Rp+Rk+f
Spear Toss                         F,L,Flo                          B,F+Rp
Triple Spear Toss                  F,L,Flo                          F,Hcf+Rp
Spinning Bola                      F,L,Flo                          F,B+Rp+Lp
Back Thrust Defense                F,S                              f
Floating Mines                     F,S,T                            B+Rp+f
Poison Dart                        F,L,St                           Hcb,F+Lp
Blinding Shot                      F,S,St                           B,F+f
Short Circuit                      F,L,Ds                        B,F,B+Lp
Flame Ammo Load                    *                                D,D+f
Shield Breaker Ammo Load           **                               D,F+f

Air Techniques:

Homing Mine                        F,L,T                            B+Lp+Rp
Electric Snare                     F,L                              f+Rk
Spear Toss                         F,L,Flo                          B,F+Rp


It'll blow your mind               Head                             B,B+Rk+Rp

Come 'n get 'em!                                                      

*: Flame load adds napalm effect to bullets
**:Shield Breaker Load makes the next bullet unblockable


Well, Sabotage, besides being the best dressed also
makes the best use of condition alteration damage, and ranged
combat.  Her Spears are probably the best aimed and most fun to
use ranged weapons in the game, once they hit, they either stick
in the ground or in the victim for the rest of the round.  Her
Shield breaker ammo, though limited to one per load, creates a
situation where you can hide and ambush, since it floors the
opponent, and you unfortunately, and it can not be blocked by any
means.  Her short circuit technique drains the opponents thrust
power through a shield, and the blinding shot gives an
opportunity to perform a combo, or whatever else you want.  She
only lacks in the physical damage department, which can be a
hindrance, but a smart player will take advantage of her mobility
and ambush possibilities. Lastly there's her mutilation, which
must be seen, it's a riot!


Ground Techniques:
Bouncing Ball                      F,L                              Rp+f
Shield Skip                        F,L                              F,B+Lp
Head Tracker                       *                                D+Lp+Rp
Hammer Uppercut                    P,S,D                            D,U+Rp
Sliding Flea Trail                 **                               B,F+Lk+Rk
Big Wheel Slide                    P,S,D                            B+Lk+Rk
Foot Smash                         P,S,St                           D,D+Rp
Hammer Glove                       P,S,Flo                          Lp+Rp+Rk
Shield Throw                       F,L                              B,F+Lp
Chattering Teeth                   F,S,T,Flo                        D,U+Lp
Flea Attack                        F,L,T,Flo                        Hcb+Lp
Boomerang Shield                   F,L                              Hcf+Lp
Hammer Throw                       F,L                              B,F+Rp
Golf Swing                         P,S,Flo                          F,B+Lk
Dyno Balloons                      F,L,T                            F,B+Rk
Clown Flip

                    P,S,D,Flo                        U+Lp

Air Techniques:

Shield Throw                       F,L                              B,F+Lp
Balloon Mines                      F,L,T,Flo                        Lp+Rp+f


Zorro Cut                          Arm                              Hcb+Rp
Torso Tantrum                      Torso                            F,B+Lk+Lp

Cabbage Patch of Doom

*: Allows player to fire multiple laser beams
**: Does no damage itself but releases a contingent of fleas.


PsyClown has much potential, but he is a thinking man's
character.  The Ranged weapons he has have differing tragectory,
speed, and some are timed or create a barrier such as the flea or
the chattering teeth, or the floating bombs .  His
mutilation isn't all that great, since its rather slow.  The big
wheel slide and flea slide are great, as well as the hammer glove
to get opponents away from you.  Be wary of his long range
attacks however, as timing with the flea is essential, and once
you use the shield or hammer, you lose that damage and range in
the combos, and of course u cant throw them again, until they
repop, which can ruin you if your timing is off.


Ground Techniques:

Gas Bubble                         F,L,Ds                           B,B+Lp+Lk
Swamp Attack                       P,L                              D,U+f
Swamp Teleport                     L                                D,U+Lp
Stink Attack                       F,S                              D+Rp+Lk
JAWS                               F,S,Flo                          B,F+Rp
Energy Spread                      F,L                              F,B+Lk
Puke Ball                          F,L,Flo                          Hcf+f
Fire Blast                         F,L                              B,F+f
Bad Breath Attack                  F,S                              B,F+Rk
Triple Shockwave                   F,S,Sh                           Lp+Lk+Rk
Electrical Shockwave               F,S,Sh                           Lp+Rp+Lk
Cannon Puke Ball                   F,L                              Hcb+Rk
Maul Attack                        P,S,D                            B,F+Lp+Rp
Sinister Stomp                     P,S *                            D+Lk+Rk
Foot Shockwave                     F,S,Sh                           Hcf+Lk
Crippling Harpoon                  F,L,Flo                          Lp+f
Bouncing Ball

                 P,S,D                            Hcf+Rk

Air Techniques:

Puke Ball                          F,L                              Rp+f
Harpoon                            F,L,Flo                          Lp+f


Rolly Polly Severed Heads          Head                             F,B+Rp+Rk  

Neener Neener

*: Only works if the opponent is down.




Well, I don't use Ssapo much, but his teleports are extremely
annoying, and therefor useful, his mutilation is fun to watch,
and that gas bubble, which makes shields inoperative for a few
seconds can be a round winner in itself, besides his immense
amount of shockwave attacks.  All in all he is a bit slow, and
has bad arm/leg length, making combos harder to start, but his
ranged attacks and annoyance level make up for it.


Ground Techniques:

Tornado Vortex                     F,S,Flo *                        F,B+Lk
Triple Buzzsaw                     F,L                              Rp+f
Gunfighter                         F,L **                           Rk+f
Boot Leg                           P,S,D                            F+Lk+Rk
Buzz Strafe                        F,L                              B,F+Rk
Mitt Shockwave                     F,S,Sh                           Lp+Rp+Lk
Dive, Slide, Shoot                 F,L,D,Sh                         Lk+Rk
Double Whammy                      P,S                              B+Rp+Rk
Ram and Slam                       P,S,D                           B,F,B+Lp+Lk
Running Clothesline                P,S,D                            Hcf+Rp
Twist Again                        P,S                              B+Rp+Lk
Foot Hurricane                     P,S                              F+Rk
Tumble and Slam                    P,S,D                            Hcf+Lp
Spike Grenade                      F,L,T                            B,F+f
Maul Attacker                      P/F,S,D ***                      F,B+Rk
Zipper Impaler                     P,S,D                            B,F+Lk

Air Techniques:

Double Spike Grenade               F,L,T                            B,F+f
Nail 'N Spike                      F,L,T                            B,F+Lp


Up, Up and Away                    Torso                            F,B+Rp    
Venus De Psycho                    Arm                              B,F+Lp+Rp

Poo Gas!

*: Picks the opponent up in a tornado, you can hit them during the twister.
**: Rather slow shoots a nail, then a saw, then a nail.
***: The physical damage, then the dash, then the fire.




While Zipperhead doesn't have much use long range, his large
amount of useful and varied physical techniques more than makes
up for it.  The spike grenades are useful, but since they are
shrapnel and timed, one must be wary, as a shield will cause them
to bounce erratically, and who knows, you might be standing on
one when it goes off, but of course your opponent might be as


Ground Techniques:

Jet Uppercut                       P,S,D,Flo                        B,F+Lp
Mouth Cannon Barrage               F,L,Sho                          Lp+Rp+Lk
Guided Salvo                       F,L                              Hcb+Lp
Spinning Hammer                    P,S,Flo                          Hcb+Rp
Rocket Salvo                       F,L                              D+Lp+Rp
Rocket Slide Attack Left           F,L,Str                          Lp+Lk+f
Ram 'N Slide

                  P,S,D,Flo                        B,F+f
Triple Shot Battle Cannon          F,L                              Hcf+Lk
M.R.V.                             F,L *                            D+Rk+f
Ground Shockwave                   F,S,Sh                           Hcf+Rp
Nuke Canister                      F,L **                           F,Hcf+f
Mace Cannon                        P,L                              B,F+Rp
Chain Sweep                        P,S,Flo                          B,B,F+Rp
Gas Breath                         F,S **                           B,F+Lp+Rp
Charge 'N Ram                      F/P,S,D ***                      F,Hcf+Lp
Target 'N Fire                     F,L ****                         F,Hcf+Rk
Bull Bellow                        F,S,Flo                          B,F+Rp+Rk
Spinning Shockwave                 F,S,Sh                           B,F+Lk+Rk
Rocket Slide Attack Right          F,L,Str                          Rp+Rk+f

Air Techniques:

Ground Shockwave                   F,L,Sh                           Rp+f


Wrong Answer!                      Head                             F,B+Lp+Lk
Bite me!                           Arm                              B,B+Lp    

Roar of the Titan

*: Press f again to make it explode
**: Creates a cloud that damages opponent until it vanishes
***: Dash and fire, then physical damage                    
****: Press f multiple times for rockets




Minatek is probably the strongest character in the game, but also
the slowest.  His array of physical attacks, which include a
number of useful dashing, and the only long range physical attack
in the game give him a distinct advantage.  His mutilation is fun
to watch, but too slow for regular combat.  The salvo attacks
provide the heavy firepower for a long range round, even if his
air techniques lack a bit.  Overall he's the powerhouse of the
game, besides the Mutilator of course.


Ground Techniques:

Flame Pillars                      F,L,D,N                          B,F+Rp+f
Phoenix Attack                     F,S,N                            Hcf+Lp+Rp
Blender                            P,S,throw                        D+Lk+Rk
Fire Ring                          *                                U+f
Burning Top                        F,S,N                            B,F+f
Flame Blast                        F,S,N                            Hcf+f
Fan Deflect                        **                               F,B+Rp+Rk
Cutting Top                        P,S,D                            Hcb+Rp
Multi-Fireballs                    F,L                              Lp+Lk+f
Fan Stumble                        P,S,Flo                          B+Lp+Rp
Napalm Canister                    F,L,N ***                        B,F+Lp+Rp
Fan Charge                         P,S,D,Flo                        F,B+Lp
Fanning Flames                     F,S,N                            Rp+Rk+f
Lawn Mower                         P,S,D,Flo                        B,F+Rp
Hand Fan                           F,S,D,N                          B,B+Lp
Ground Attack                      P,L,D                            Hcf+Rk
Hi-Lo Burn                         F,S,N                            D,U+f

Air Techniques:

Carpet Bombing                     F,S,N                            Lp+Rp


Time Killers Revisited!            All                              B,F+Rp+Rk
Fan Blades                         Arm                              Hcb+Rk    

Uh Uh...

*: Creates a ring of fire around the user
**: Deflects physical dashing attacks, might deflect some fire attacks
***: Can explode with f  




This guy is for all the pyromaniacs and wannabe pyros out there.
Everything he does involves fire, with the exception of the fan
attacks.  The fire is probably the most annoying projectile
weapon in the game, as its hard to judge when its over or not.
His air tech is really good, unless the opp. uses shields, his
ground attack move is truly bothersome, and his other physical
attacks hold their own as well.  His mutilation is actually fast
enough to try and use, and in the spirit of Time Killers, it
chops everything off with not one drop of blood spared.


Ground Techniques:

Razor Spin                         P,S                              Hcb+Lp
Rising Turbo Top                   P,S,D                            B,F+Rk
Sword Spout                        F,L                              Hcf+f
Energy Demon                       F,L,Dm,Ds                        B,B+Rp+f
Energy Stab                        P,S,St                           B,F+Lp+Rp
Scissor Sword                      P,S                              B,F+Lp
Turbo Top II                       P,S,D                            B,F+Rp
Plasma Dome                        F,S *                            Lp+Lk+f
Spirit Fire                        F,L **                           F,B,F+Lp
Raised Sword Attack                F,S,Fl                           F,B+Rp+f
Fly by Wing                        P,S,D                            B,B+Lp+Rp
Spin Strike                        P,S,Flo                          B,B+Lk+Rk
Laser Swipe                        F,L,Flo                          B,F,B+Lp
Mystic Rumble                      F,S                              Hcf+Lp+Lk
Planted Pounce                     P,S,Flo                          D+Lk+Rk
Back Strike                        P,S,throw                        D,F+Rp+Rk
LifeStealer                        F,L,Dm ***                       B,B+Lk+f
Laser Spin                         F,L,Flo                          Hcf+Lp+Rk

Air Techniques:

Track Shot                         ****                             Rp+f


Home Surgery                       Torso                            F,B+Lk
Swinger                            Arm                              B,B+Rp    

Buns of Steel

*: Creates a dome of fire energy which damages opponent until it vanishes.
**: I normally can't get this one off due to the conflict with scissor sword
***: Adds the damage it dealt to you back if it hits opponent.
****: Allows player to get off multiple sword laser shots




Delta has a funny array of stuff.  Her little energy demons are
pretty slow, so they can be shielded against easily, unless they
are coupled with some sword lasers or the air tech track shot,
which is actually probably the most useful air-fire technique, as
it hits multiple times, and if done at the right moment can
easily bring down even the toughest shielder.

Version History:

1.0: First version! God help you if you have this version, in my defense I
wrote it using columns in WP7 so let's just say in text format it's a bit
weird looking...

1.1: Fixed spacing, a few mutilations we're wrong, fixed 'em. Added more
mutilations, a few more combos.  Added comments section of the moves list and
each character's taunt.  Added player vs. Mutilator strategy.


Well, I've seen/heard rumors about secret characters, I'm sure
clonus is somewhere, in his true form, and I'd be a fool not to
think the Mutilator isn't playable, even though the thought of a
human controlled Mutilator frightens me.

I Hope's:

I hopes are what I hope are in the game.  A complex battle pit
would be nice, like tunnels or something of the like, and more
hazards, no fire pits, we need more meat grinders and buzz saws,
those things are probably the most hazardous hazards, and the
most fun to have in a battle pit.  Character types I hope will be
in there: Some kind of squid or octopus-like retro, maybe a
different type of dozer, one that isn't an elephant.  A true-
breed, maybe someone with a strange weapon.


I'd like to thank myself, for purchasing the game, spending time
to learn it before returning it for being harder to learn than a
street fighter clone, putting down Tekken 3 for just a second to
try a different game, spending the 4 or 5 hours to take the time
to make this FAQ, since I haven't found another one out there
Oh yeah, thanks to the wonderful people at Sony for building the
Playstation and the warped people at
Midway for creating Bio Freaks.


I, of course, am Swift, I can be reached at -or-
ICQ UIN: 2513688

This was produced in mono-space format,10 point courier new font.

This is the property of me, Swift.  If you go off and try to sell
this FAQ, not that anyone would purchase it, you will be in
violation of some law somewhere, and I'll nail your arse to the
wall, so don't do it.  You may, however, freely distribute this
FAQ/file wherever you please, as long as it remains unchanged.

Tekken is trademarked by Namco, Star Gladiator by Capcom,
Playstation by Sony, War Gods and nearly everything else in this
FAQ by Midway.

If I missed something, and your too damned lazy to make a FAQ,
inform me and It'll go into my next edition.
Anything else, contact me anyhow.

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