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A little trophy of Banjo flexing his muscles pick it up for an extra life.
And have another go! You can collect up to 9.

Blue eggs
Just as it said Blue eggs! You can collect up to 100.

Red feathers
Help you to fly! You can get up to 50 of these.

Gold feathers
Give you invincibility for a short period of time. You can collect up to 10
of these.

Witch Switches
If you find a witch switch in a world, switch it and you will find that a
jigsaw puzzle (jiggy) will appear somewhere in the main area.

Hollow Honeycomb Pieces
If you find 6 of these you will get another bar of honeycomb added to your
health. You can get up to 8 full honeycomb health pieces.

Bottles the Mole
You will find Bottles in the first 6 worlds and each time he will give you
a knew  special move. There are 24 of these in the game

Special moves and where you learn them
1. Jump  (press A)- Spiral Mountain
2. Punch (press B)- Spiral Mountain
3. Flip Flap Jump (Hold Z and press A)-Spiral Mountain
4. Roll (Run and press B)- Spiral Mountain
5. Rat-a-tat Tat (Jump and press B)-Spiral Mountain
6. Beak Barge (Hold Z and press B)-Spiral Mountain
7. Swimming (in water press A to paddle)- Spiral Mountain
8. Climbing (jump at a climbable thing and press up or down)- Spiral
9. Beak Buster (Jump and Press Z)- Mumbo's Mountain
10. Throwing Eggs (Hold Z and press C^)- Mumbo's Mountain
11. Talon Trot (Hold Z and press C<)- Mumbo's Mountain
12. Shock Spring Pads (Jump on a green pad and hold A)- Treasure Trove Cove
13. Flying Pads (Jump on pad with 3 feathers)- Treasure Trove Cove
14. Farting Eggs (Hold Z and press CV)- Treasure Trove Cove
15. Wonder wing (Hold Z and press C>)-Clankers Cavern
16. Stilt Stride (Jump into a Pair of wading boots)- Bubble Gloop Swamp
17. Beak Bomb (while flying Press B)- Freezeezy Peak
18. Turbo Talon Trot (grab a pair of running shoes)- Gobi's Valley
19. Swimming (in water press B to Dive)


1. Carrots (Roll or rat-a-tat tat most effective)
2. Onions  (any attack)
3. Colliflower (Rat- a-tat tat)
4. Rock Thingies (shoulder Barge)

Hollow honeycombs
1. Near the water fall (you need to jump over 3 gaps).
2. Climb the closest tree to the first bridge and do a back flip type jump.
3. Under the bridge leading to the spiral mountain in a little niche (in
the water).
4. Jump to the top of the tree stumps.
5. Meet Bottles at the field type place and he will send veggies to attack
you, kill them all.
6. Kill all the little rock thingies.

Where is Bottles the Mole?
1. Just outside the house where you start in.
2. Near  the place with the rocks.
3. On top of the spiral mountain.
4. To the right of Banjos house.
5. Near the first bit of water.
6. Near the first bridge.
7. Near the bunch of tree stumps.

A bit Extra (LIVES)
1. Behind the waterfall jump from platforrm to platform then jump into the
2. On top of Banjo's house


1. Gruntlings (purple things)
2. Tickers (Antz)
3. Bigbutt (Bulls)
4. Congo (Orange hurling Gorilla)

Good Guys in the level
1. Jinjos.
2. Mumbo Jumbo the Shaman.
3. Bottles the Mole.
4. Chimpy (wants orange).
5. Juju (totem pole).

Jigsaw puzzle Pieces
1. Collect all 5 Jinjos (see below for locations)
2. Make your way over to the tree with the gorilla on it and on the ground
you should see some pads with pictures of oranges on them. Stand on these
and when the gorilla hurls an orange at you move out of the way and it
should hit the pad. Repeat.
3. Go once more to the gorilla tree this time climb it and get the orang
underneath him then take it to the small chimpanze (Chimpy) and give him
the orange.
4. Jump up on the tee stump that was raised by chimpy and Backflip up onto
the platform. Make your way around untill you get to the tree stump up top.
Then stand on it, dodge Conga's oranges and shoot eggs back at him.
5. Make your way up the path on the side of the slope near the gorilla and
climb it. Proceed past the ants and up to the Stone henge type place. It is
in the middle.
6. Then go to Mumbo's hut. In the eye of his hut (the skull) you will find
7. Outside Mumbo's hut there is a totem pole as it turns around shoot eggs
into the mouths that appear.
8. Go into Mumbo's hut and get transformed (you need 5 Mumbo tokens) into
the termite. From her go back to where you were attacked by the ants and go
into the big tree type thing in the middle. If you go all the way to the
top you will get it.  
9. Go up to mumbo's hu and around it there are six huts to smash. One
contains notes one contains a gruntling, one contains eggs, one contains
the jiggy and one contains a life.
10. After you learn the talon trot walk around on the steep slopes the one
to the left of Mumbo's homes a jiggy.

1. On an island in the water.
2. Near the beginning back flip onto the central platform for the jinjo.
3. On the opposite steep slope from Mumbo's.
4. In one of the huts you can smash.
5. On top of the stonehenge type place.

Hollow Honeycomb Pieces
1. Go up once again to Mumbo's and shoot the eggs into the totem pole
untill only one remains then jump on top of it and back flip.
2. Get Mumbo to transform you into the termite and go to the water there is
a little niche near it just above the water line.

Witch Switch
The witch switch is found on two ledges to the left of the big ledge after
the raised tree trunk. (the one that chimpy raised).

Where is Bottles the Mole???
1. Make your way to the platform that chimpy raised. Backflip up onto the
above ledge and bottles will tell you how to throw and fart eggs.
2. Near the stonehenge type place. Here he will teach you the Talon trot.
3. Near Mumbo's hut. Here he will tell you how to do the Beak Buster.

A Bit extra
1. Smash one of the huts near mumbo's.
2. Get transformed into the termite and scale the big tree thing when you
get out up the top it is on a little edge you can see it on the screen.

Mumbo tokens
1. Behind Mumbo's hut.
2. Under the ladder leading into mumbo's hut.
3. Behind stonehenge place.
4. behind a the stand with the first jinjo on it.


1. Snacker (shark)
2. Clams
3. Lockup (treasure chests)
4. Green crabs
5. Black crab
6. Mines
7. Nipper

Jigsaw Puzzle pieces
1. Collect 5 Jinjos
2. After leaving the start area go left youu should then meet Nipper the
Hermit crab. After speaking Kazooie pees him off. So obviously you Have to
fight. You can defeat him by standing back untill he does 3 attemts to snip
you up with his claws and after this he will stop for a while.
Rat-a-tat-tat sounds good to me. Just repeat this and when you beat him go
into his shell and find the Jiggy.  
3. Make your way to Captain Blubber's ship and speak to Captain Blubber. He
will say that he lost his treasure and your task, surprise, surprise is to
find it for him. There are 2 parts to his treasure. If you make your way to
the front of the ship you can see a small indent in the deck if you do a
beak buster on this you will fall through to a room with loads of water and
a crate. The first bit of treasure is at the bottom of the water. If you
return to the deck(back flipping off the barrel) and jump off the side with
water covering half the side you will see that one of the portholes on the
side of it is open. If you swim in here and get the tresure off the bottom
swim outside again and see captain Blubber he will reward you for your
troubles with a jiggy.
4. Near the ship you should see a stack of crates. If you get up to the top
of these look straight across the top of the arch from them and walk on
that direction and fall of the edge you will find your self on a ledge with
a bucket on it. The bucket will say he is leaky and no good so all you have
to do is fart 2 eggs into him and look down at the sand castle below. The
cinematic scene that happens now shows the water draining from the sand
castle inside and out. All you have to do now is go inside the sand castle
and type the word Banjo-Kazooie on the floor in a certain time limit. This
will lift the grate with your golden prize behind it leaving only the black
crab in your way. Kill it and gab the jiggy.
5. Go up the 3 ladders near Captain Blubbers ship. At the top there is a
pool of water with a mine floating in it. If you dodge this mine and swim
down to the bottom of the pool there is a jiggy.
6. After you learn the shock spring jump. Go to the place with the green
pads on top of the pillars (Keep going straight from the pool with the mine
untill you reach the arches walk across and continue going left). Jump from
pillar to pillar using the shock spring jump and go to the left. After you
jump on a ledge use the shock spring pad and claim your prize from the
platform above.
7. After you activate the flying pads go to the top of Blubbers ship and
use the one there. Face the big arch and you should see 2 caves in the
walls of it. Fly into theleft one and jump into the treasure chest to get
the jiggy.
8. Use the pad on blubbers ship and take off. Find the red 'X' on top of a
large platform. If you perform a beak buster on this it will turn into an
arrow. If you follow the arrow you will come across another red 'X'. Keep
beak busting them untill a treasure chest says something about you not
finding him. From here drop down off the platform to the right and you
should see an island with another red 'X' on it Beak buster this and the
treasure chest will appear. All you have to do is Rat-a-tat-tat it and it
will give you a puzzle piece.
9. Return to the flying pad on Blubbers ship and this time fly into the
right hand cave in the big arch. Go up the stairs here and make your way up
the central pilllar. At the top ther is a light house. Rat-a-tat-tat the
door  down and go inside. At the top go around the back and use the shock
spring pad to get onto the roof.
10. If you look around a bit you will find a green/grey spiralling pillar.
If you get onto this and find a small ledge go onto it and follow it  and
at the end you will find a platform holding a jiggy.

1. Underneath the place where you started avoid snacker and get him.(Blue)
2. Go up the netting on blubbes ship and climb up the pole up top. (Green)
3. On a tree on the bottom ground near the lighthouse. (yellow)
4. On one of the shock spring pads. (Purple)
5. Near the pool of water with the mine go off onto the long

Hollow honey comb pieces
1. On a crate floating out in the water.

Witch Switch
Behind the lighthouse.

Where is Bottles the Mole???
1. On top of Blubber's ship up the ropes.
2. Go to the pool with the mine in it. Keep going straight to the arches
and once on them keep going to the left.

A bit Extra
1. on a ledge to the left of the first pool.

Mumbo Tokens
1. Go to the main deck of blubber's ship and climb the mast
2. In a treasure chest next to the second ladder.
3. On top of the shock spring pad next to the Bottles burrow.


1. Green crabs
2. Grill Chompa's
3. Whip crack
4. Mutant- Snippets

Good guys
1. Jinjo's
2. Gloop the fish
3. Clanker the garbage disposal unit (giant metallic shark)
4. Bottles the mole.

Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces
1. Collect 5 jinjo's.(see below for placings)
2. Once you find your way into the main area clanker should be complaining
about fresh air. So what you can do is swim down to the very bottom of the
large pool (follow his chain once under water). Once down there you should
meet Gloop the fish who will quite regularly blow bubbles. If you need air
go see him. When down bottom with gloop you should see that clanker's chain
is attached to a large anvil with a key in it. If you swim through the key
3 times Clanker will rise to the surface and wait for you to claim the
jigsaw puzzle piece on his back.
3. Once on top of Clanker head for his tail. You can either walk or talon
trot up it. At the top there is a platform with red feathers on it. Jump
onto this and shoot the grille that has a jigsaw puzzle behind it with 3
eggs when this is done the grille should drop revealing your prize.
4. Get up onto Clanker again and this time head for his blowhole. When you
get there stand ontop of the bolt that is stuck in it and let it carry you
up to a platform above jump onto the platform and cross the narrow piping
to reach jigsaw puzzle piece number 4.
5. Now go to Clankers head and jump into the water and you should see
platforms either side floating in the water. Stand on these and shoot 3
eggs into his gold tooth on both sides. The teeth should then lower
revealing an entrance. Go in to collect the next 'jiggy'.
6. Go back out into the water (outside Clanker) and search the tunnels
around the sides of the cavern. One of them should tilt upwards and ends
above water in a very green place. If you fight the mutant snippets and win
you will receive your next 'jiggy'.
7. In another side tunnel (under the water still) it leads around a bend
and ends in a dead end here is a 'jiggy'.
8. Get back up onto Clanker again but this time when the bolt goes up jump
into his blow hole. Here is where you will find 'jiggy' number 8.
9. If you continued to travel along after your last jiggy you should come
to a room with 6 or 7 blue rings in it. If you go through in order (must go
through the green one) under a certain time limit the water will rise and
you will receive a 'jiggy'.
10. Go to the platform where your last jiggy appeared and fly up into the
tunnel above here you will meet bottles and when you learn the wonder wing
run through the twirling thingies. To get jiggy 10.

1. Go up the ladder at the start after killing the crab and continue along
the pipe rat-a-tat-tating the grill chompas as you go and you should come
to a plat form with a beehive on it. Behind the hive lurks a jinjo.(yellow)
2. Down the bottom near the anvil and Gloop.(green)
3. In one of the side tunnels.(Blue)
4. On the left side of the level you will find a shock spring pad you can
use it to get to either of 2 poles. Go fo the one on the left and jump from
this onto the square shaped pipe and smash in the grate on top.(orange)
5. Go into Clankers gills on his right side and once inside swim downwrads
and avoid the whip crack.(Pink)

Hollow honeycomb Pieces

1. On one of the platforms next to clankers flipppers jump on and use the
shock spring pad to jump to the left and you should be able to grab a pole
now turn banjo and kazooie around and you can jump onto a pipe with a
grating (this has a jinjo in it) do not hit the grating yet as if you go
halfway down the pipe (ontop) you can see another plat form. beak buster it
to get the honey comb piece.
2.  now go to clankers flipper again and this time look along the edge for
a pipe leading innto the water if you swim under neath this pipe and go up
you can get the honeycomb piece.

Witch Switch
It is under under you the second you get inside Clanker through his blow

Where is Bottles the mole ???
You will find bottles the mole inside Clanker. Go to just before where you
get 'jiggy' 10 and as soon as you enter the room he is to your left.

A Bit Extra
1. Down the pipe with the orange jinjo in it.
2. Go to the opposite side of the cavern to

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