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       Alien Trilogy from Acclaim

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                            PSX Short-Docs for:
                         Alien Trilogy from Acclaim


In the not-too distant future, successful space colonization has become
routine. The quaint concept of nations is a remote memory. The one
organization to witch all humans belong is the Company. All material needs are
created and met by the Company. All human activity is subordinated to it. Even
the armed forces are privatized, sworn to uphold the interests of the Company.
By and large, humanity has survived intact throughout this era of
interplantery conquest. But now a host of parasitic alien seeds threaten the
very existence of the human race. The Company wants to keep the deadly spawn
alive and use as a secret weapon. Can the vicious aliens be destroyed? Or will
the Queen of Queens succeed in laying another savage generation in the guts of
hapless plantary populations? The task of saving humanity comes down to...

You're Lt. Ripley. You're a million miles from home. Your fellow marines have
just been wiped out in an alien ambush. Now the planet colony on LV426 is
threatened by the egg laying aliens - and the Queen. You could use all the
help the Company can muster... too bad they're working against you! As Ripley,
you'll soon be cursing the day you ever heard of the Company! But for now,
you've got to concentrate... watch every movement... listen to every sound...
if you can hear above your pounding heart! Steady, Lt. Ripley... just take it
one... [insert sound wave gfx here] ...your're... on your own...


D-Pad -  move in direction
/\   -   select weapon
()   -   action
[]   -   fire seismic survey / grenades
><   -   fire weapon
L1   -   strafe left
L2   -   run
R1   -   strafe right
R2   -   look [press with () to look up, press with /\ to look down.
Start  - pause the game
Select - not used

Action () This button does different things depending on your situation. If
you're in front of a door, press this to open it. It will do the same if your
in front of a control panel or button.

Firing Weapons [] or >< This will fire you currently selected weapon. Weapons
will fire in the direction you are facing.

Opening Doors () Some doors require control panels, some need a battery power
supply to open them. After you get it activated use () to open them.

Toggle Thru Weapons /\ Use this o toggle thru the weapons you have.

Elevators - Many areas you will come across feature elevators, some of witch
can only be activated by triggers or control panels. Some you can see and other
are less obvious.


Your life meter appears on the upper right corner of the screen. The ammo
display appears on the bottom left. A radar is on the bottom right.

Press the start button to raise the inventory map screen. A command menu
appears on the left side of the screen, (auto mapper, shoulder lamp, etc.) A
map of the complex appears on the right side of the screen. (a flashing white
dot designates your location in the complex.)

Destroy aliens before they have the change to attach themselves to you, or in
the case of an adult alien, tear you to shreds. Also avoid contact with alien
corpses as their acidic blood is equally harmful to you.

Blast open certain crates to uncover powerups (ammo, weapons, etc.) Some
crates may contain aliens too.

If a door is locked you must find an active terminal then press the () button
to power the door before you can pass thru the door.

Collect a Derm patch to replenish a 1% portion of the life meter. Collect a
Medical Kit to replenish a 20% of the meter. Collect the auto mapper to obtain
a layout of the complex you are currently in. Battery are used as power source
for door terminals.


Run, run, run. You can also run backwards to avoid the aliens.

Keep an eye on the radar screen to pinpoint the aliens.

If an alien attaches itself o you face fire three rapid shots to destroy the
alien them move quickly to avoid the alien's acid blood.

Have fun ppl. This is a pretty good one. Enjoy...


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       Alien Trilogy from Acclaim

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