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                      T H E A D D A M S F A M i L Y


Creepy, Kooky, Ooky, Spooky............................2

Setting Up.............................................3

Your Controls..........................................4

Status Panel...........................................6

The Addams Mansion.....................................8

Playing the Game......................................10


Playing Tips..........................................16

                                  - 1 -

                       Creepy, Kooky, Ooky, Spooky.

Morticia Has Been Kidnapped!

Uncle Fester has lost his memory and has fallen under the spell of Abigail
Graven, a conniving character who is anxious to lay her greedy hands on the
Addams' hidden fortune. Having recruited a misled Uncle Fester, and
assisted by her cohort, Tully and The Judge, she manages to capture and
imprison the other members of the Addams Family within the huge Addams
Only Gomez can save the day by freeing his son Pugsley, his daughter
Wednesday, and Granny; and by restoring Uncle Fester's memory.
Accomplishing these tasks is daunting enough - but then Gomez must seek out
Mortica in the underground vaults of the Addams Mansion and confront the
evil Judge in a kooky and spooky climax!

                                  - 2 -

                                Setting Up

Insert the Game Pak into the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and turn
the POWER switch ON. After the Title Screen is displayed, you will be
presented with an option to START the game, or input a password. If you are
playing the game for the first time, just press your START button to begin.
If you do nothing, the demonstration mode will begin. Press any button to
quit this mode.
If you have played the game before and you have obtained a password, select
'PASSWORD' from the menu. You have will be presented with a 'keyboard'
on-screen. Input your password using the directions on your Control Pad,
and Button B or A to 'type' the character highlighte; Button X or Y deletes
the character highlighted.

                                  - 3 -

                              Your Controls

Control Pad Left : Moves Gomez left.

Control Pad Right : Moves Gomez right.

Control Pad Up : Makes Gomez enter a door/opening. Makes Gomez climb up a
rope/vine. Also jab upwards with sword (with X or Y Button).

Control Pad Down : Makes Gomez duck. Makes Gomez climb down a rope/vine.
Also enables Gomez to access an entry below him (pipes, etc.).

A Button : Makes Gomez jump; the longer the button is pressed, the higher
he will jump. Also can be used with Control Pad left or right to
control/change the direction of the jump. When underwater, repeated
pressing of the button will help Gomez swim; similarly, when Gomez has the
'Fezi-copter', this action helps him fly.

                                  - 4 -

B Button : Same as Button A.

X Button : Makes Gomez jab his sword, or throw a golfball (also erases
'pause message').

Y Button : Same as Button X.

L Button : 'Shuffles' Gomez left a little.

R Button : 'Shuffles' Gomez right a little.

START : Pauses the game. Confirms menu options.

SELECT : Selected menu options. In conjunction with 'PAUSE', quits current

                                  - 5 -

                               Status Panel


You begin the game with just two heart units, which means that Gomez can
sustain two hits before losing a life. These units can be replenished along
the way, but there are opportunities to collect an extra THREE energy units
by defeating some of the large guardians (bringing you heart quota up to a
potential FIVE, allowing you to now sustain five 'hits'!).
The top left of the screen displays you energy information; the number of
hearts shows how many energy units you have in total - the 'solid' ones
show how many hits you have left before losing a life.

                                  - 6 -


Along the way, Gomez can collect moeny, shown as $. For every 25 $, you
will have a heart replenished (if neccessary). On collecting 100 $, you
will get 1-UP. The $ collected are displayed on the bottom left of the


Gomez has an infinite number of lives, due to the continue option (see
CONTINUE). However, he only has so many 'lives per attempt, before he is
put back to the start. These lives are displayed next to the $ on the
bottom left of the screen. Additional 1-UPs can be collected along the way,
and earned (see MONEY). You begin the game with 5 lives.


Points are scored each time you collect an object, or stomp a nasty. If you
manage to stop a number of nasties consecutively (that is, bounce from one
to the next), the point scored for each one will double. You will be
displayed at the bottom right of the screen.

                                  - 7 -

                             Playing The Game

Gomez must fully explore the Addam Mansion and rescue Pusgley, Wednesday,
Granny, Uncle Fester and finally Morticia. The Mansion is enormous, and his
journey will take him inside, outside, above and below. Walking, flying and
swimming, Gomez must keep his wits about him at all times,as danger lurks
within every scenario. If anything, the Mansion is even weirder than the
Family, and nothing is quite as it seems, but careful exploration of walls
and other features may prove very rewarding.

The only information Gomez has is a cryptic note handed to him by Thing:

                        ThE bIg BiRd, ThE sInIsTeR
                          cEnTiPeDeS aNd ShApE-
                           sHiFtInG sNoWmAn ArE
                       gUaRdIaNs Of ThE hEaRt. ThE
                         wAcKy ScIeNtIsT bAbYsItS
                       pUgSlEy, WhIlE tHe GrInNiNg
                         GoBlIn NuRsEs WeDnEsDaY.
                          gRaNnY cOoKs FoR fUnKy
                          FiRe DrAgOn AnD uNcLe
                        FeStEr WaLkS hYpNoTiZeD bY
                            tHe WiCkEd WiTcH.
                        lIbErAtEd ThEm AlL tO gIvE
                        lUrCh ThE tUnE tHaT oPeNs
                         ThE wAy To ThE uLtImAtE

                                  - 10 -

More information will be given by the Thing along the way, as he is your
only ally.

You begin at the front foor to the Addams Mansion. At this point, you can
explore around outside, or enter the front door by pushing Control Pad UP.
Note that this action is used each time you wish to enter a doorway or

On entering The Mansion, Gomez has a choice of doors to enter, each
accessing a different (and very large) area of the house. These can be
played in any order, but some are better (and easier to completed than

                                  - 11 -

Within each area are a number of strange creatures who will do their utmost
to hinder Gomez. The only way to eliminate these guys is to jump on them -
but watch out; if any of them has a pointed or spiked head, you must avoid
hitting them!

Each door from the Hall of Stairs will lead, ultimately, to one of the Big
Bad Guys, and therefore a major reward - either a captured member of the
Addams Family, or an extra Heart.

Also, there are items scattered around the mansion that can assist Gomez in
his task (see PICKUPS). Many of these are in plain view along the way, but
nothing is as straightforward as it seems! The Addams Family, and
everything associated with them is WEIRD... especially their home! Secret
doors exist everywhere; of course, these doorways are usually invisible to
the human eye, so exploration of walls and floors is highly recommended.
Look out especially for inconsistencies in appearance. It is all very
deceptive, but highly rewarding if discovered!

                                  - 12 -

Each time you rescue a member of your family, they will make their way
immediately to the Music Room. Here, Lurch sits at his organ and plays a
tune. Each member of the family gives Lurch a portion of music to play.
This tune will build up gradually, as Pusgley, Granny, Wednesday and Uncle
Fester have been rescued. Once they are ALL congregated in the Music Room,
Lurch will have the entire tune to play which will open up the secret
passage leading to the underground chambers,and eventually...Mortica!


At strategic places within the Mansion are Switch-Blocks, sometimes marked
ON or OFF, and sometimes just shown as a patterned block. Jump up to hit
and switch these blocks. The result can be discovered further down your
path (or maybe back the way you came!). These usually make platforms appear
or provide access to otherwise inaccessible places. YOU must figure out
whether they should be switched on or off - experiment!

                                  - 13 -

End-of-Level Bad Guy

At the end of each major area of the Mansion, you will confront a LARGE Bad
Guy! To defeat it, you must stomp on its head a number of times, while
avoiding it and any projectiles it may launch. An ENERGY METTER will appear
on the right side of the screen to display how many hits you need to defeat
the Bad Guy. Accomplish this, and the reward makes it all worthwhile!


When you lose all of your lives, you are allowed to CONTINUE the game, if
desired. When this option is selected, you will restart from the Hall of
Stairs in the Mansion. However, you will retain however many HEART units
you had when you last played, and whichever members of the family you have


When you score a major achievement, such as gaining an extra HEART, or
rescuing a member of the Family, you will given a password - MAKE A CAREFUL
NOTE OF THIS! Next time you play the game, you can input your password to
enable you start with the same number of Hearts, and Family rescued, as you
had last time you played. You will, however, restart the game in the Hall
of Stairs.


By some of the doors, you will see a box labelled A. These are Thing's
boxes, and if you jump under them, Thing will spring out and reveal a clue
for the section you are playing. These can be REALLY useful!

                                  - 14 -


There are many items scattered throughout the Mansion (and beyond) which
will aid Gomez in his Quest.

SMALL HEART : Replenish one of your Heart energy-units, if applicable -
these will NOT add to your overall Heart Quota.


1-UP : Increases your lives by 1.

SHIELD : Makes Gomez indestructible for a limited time. The shield effect
is portayed as a 'star trail'. A noise will sound just before your shield

SWORD : Allows Gomez to 'eliminate' any enemies by jabbing at them, both
from the side and below. You retain this weapon until you are hit by a
creature (you will not lose energy, just your weapon).

GOLFBALL : Allows Gomez to throw golfballs at his enemies to destroy them.
This works in the same way as the SWORD, excepted he cannot throw upwards.

RUNNING-SHOES : Makes Gomez move faster and jump farther. You can lose
these the same way as the SWORD.

FEZ : If Gomez jumps into this floating hat, it becomes a 'Fezi- Copter'
and allows him to fly about for a limited time by repeated pressing of the
JUMP Button. The 'Fezi-copter' will be operative until you enter through a
door. At that time, it will flash to signify the remaining few seconds it
is operative.

POINTS : As well as gaining points by collecting items and stomping
enemies, there are 'invisible' points scattered throughout the Mansion. You
cannot see these, but if you touch them, an indication appear on screen (in
units of 1000).

                                  - 15 -

                               Playing Tips

- Trees are a good place to begin, then find somewhere cold.
The Big BAd Guys at the end of these sections may be dangerous, but they
are not Heartless.

- Going back through the same door does not always lead you back to the
same place.

- Jumping and jabbing upwards with your sword may enable you pick up an
item that is usually out of reach.

- There is always a 'safe spot' when confronted by a Big Bad Buy. Find this
and you should defeat him easily.

- Use the creatures as 'springboards' to jump on in order to reach an
otherwise inaccessible spot.

- Map your progress - remember, the Mansion is HUGE and you don't want to
forget where you're going (or have been!).

- Platforms may materialize in mid-air as you walk across - be brave!

                                  - 16 -


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