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    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Review (PSX)


    First let me explain when this is happening. Resident Evil 3 takes place after Resident Evil 1, before Resident Evil 2, and then later in the game, after Resident Evil 2. It may seem confusing but if you play the game you will realize this because of the way the police station looks. It looks different, a lot different. Everything isn't beaten up and there aren't blood stains everywhere. It adds depth to the story, your basically playing it in another persons eyes, kind of like Opposing Force. Your job is to get the hell out of there, escaping the "Nemesis" too. Nemesis is a half human monster who is growing more immortal every minute. You will notice this as you go through the game. Don't underestimate him either, he is harder than he seems.

    Resident Evil 1 was released way back in 1997 (early 1997 I think), along with Resident Evil 2 in 1998, and now Resident evil 3 following that. The PC versions and Nintendo versions come later because of conversion issues. I have played Resident Evil since it first came out and absolutely love it, even if the acting wasn't that great in the 1st one. It's a great series and will continue to grow.


    The Gameplay is closely based on Resident Evil 2, same control style, except with a few tweaks. RE3 adds better movement when turning. You can do a really fast 180 degree turn by just hitting R2 while the enemy attacks. Another thing I noticed that was a huge difference from the 1st and 2nd resident evil's was the acting jobs. The acting was very good! In the 1st Resident Evil I remember him saying I hope its not...... Chris's Blood! It sounded too washed out. They did a great voicing job and mixing the voices with animation. The overall Gameplay is improved through this along with help from those nifty cut scenes. 

    I was hoping in a more maneuverable models and a little skirmish game type in this version, but I guess we will have to wait a while longer. Umbrella Entertainment is also trying to save civilians instead of kill them this time. Hmm, what a pleasant change of state. Remember, were not trying to save the town, were just trying to get the hell out of there. Nemesis is half human and wants all the S.T.A.R.S members dead, and he won't seem to rest until he gets his way. Be careful especially when confronting him. I don't recommend taking him head on, unless you have some damn good weapons and lots of herbs.

    The Gameplay has much improved over the previous versions of this excellent game created by Capcom, and I am sure it will just get better as time goes on. You can expect a version Resident Evil 0 for the Nintendo 64, along with a directors cut most likely for the PC.


    The graphics are a lot more detailed, pertaining to the higher resolution images that are used in this version. They look a lot better, including the characters. The graphics are the same other than that, including most of the maps (modified a bit of course). You can tell where you are and you'll be saying hey I remember that from the second resident evil!

    There was great detail put into the pre-rendered backgrounds as well. Also, the objects showed great detail, especially Raccoon city with all the cars crashed, everything looks excellent. The characters look a lot better from the previous games.


    The game really improves over the original series, including the graphics, Gameplay, sound, everything. The one major thing here is the damn loading times. They said they would cut them drastically but seemed to almost increase them. The first opening scene is awesome, but the other FMV's aren't too great, and there are a lot less of them too. The story is great and adds a lot more depth to the series, and the game makes up for all its mistakes easily. The load times are well worth it. The game doesn't slip below quality nor above too far, but adds great depth. In fact, if you play the 2nd Resident Evil enough, you can fight Nemesis, though in a much more human looking form. The controls should have been improved, a better aiming system for one thing. Your limited to where you can aim at and can sometimes become very annoying at times. When comparing Dino Crisis to RE3 you cant really because Dinosaurs are well... dinosaurs and zombies are zombies. As of gore and things, RE3 is a lot more gory and scarier than Dino Crisis. Think of Dino Crisis as a Teen version of Resident Evil. When your playing this game, conserve your ammo, the zombie count has more than doubled, and the game even on easy mode is hard as hell. The nice live choice options that you get when encountering Nemesis are really neat but challenging, pick the wrong one and sometimes you get screwed. As of being the last of the series? It's doubtful. 

    They look a lot better than the previous versions, but the small FMV's bring the score down.
    Do you really think this game needs cd music? Hell no, the footsteps and creaks make it a lot more scary that way.
    Ducking and dodging are really cool, along with the Live Choices aspect. A great addition. No real low points here.
    Lasting Appeal
    It'll take you awhile to finish this in easy mode, and hard mode, is well, harder. Good lasting appeal.

    << Rating: 93 >>[an error occurred while processing this directive]

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