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    Legend of Legaia

    reviewed by Black Sun

    Click image to enlargeSome of you out there may, or may not have heard about one of PlayStation first RPG's. It was called Wild Arms. Now this was one great title with all the ingredients to be a truly classic game. Unfortunately this gem was a little over shadowed by the release of Final Fantasy VII . Because of all the hype that surrounded FF7, Wild Arms never really got all the attention it deserved. Well now the makers on Wild Arms are back with Legend of Legaia. Another solid role playing game that fortunately have arrived on store shelves far before the impending launch of FF VIII.

    Click image to enlargeThe game takes place in the land of Legaia. Legaia is a world shared by both Humans and the Seru. Seru are mysterious symbiotic type creatures that attach themselves to humans, thus giving mortal man great powers. Naturally something bad has happened to disrupt everyday, peaceful life in Legaia. An strange mist has begun to cover the world, possessing the Seru and turning the human hosts into unwilling zombies. Basically it's your typical RPG plot about a band of characters who sets out to make things right in the world once again.

    As the story evolves you will gain control of 3 main characters who also have Seru Fortunately for them, they are equipped with Ra-Seru, a special breed that is immune to the effects of the mist. Together the adventurers use their ever increasing powers to revive the Genesis trees. Special trees with the power to drive back the mist. Of course the mist is not natural in origin, it's another evil plot, by some evil people bent on the world domination, big surprise right?

    Click image to enlargeAs for the game itself, it has great polygonal graphics, very similar to Final Fantasy VII in fact, but with more character detail. Although the resolution seems to be a bit lower. The world map and towns are also nicely done. When you cast a spell the animation's are great, however when you cast it often they can start to feel like they take forever to watch.

    In the sound department I have nothing but good things to say as well. The music is very suiting for the style of game, and even though it can be repetitive at times it is good enough that it doesn't annoy you that much. The sound FX are also well done, with your character speaking in Japanese whenever they perform a martial arts move. The game definitely has a Japanese anime feel to it throughout.

    Click image to enlargeThe gameplay is where the game really shines. For anyone out there who has tried Xenogears, the combat system is very similar. Instead of picking "Fight" or "Magic" off a list to makes moves, you have to play it a little differently. You characters are equipped with AP, or Action Points. These points determine how many moves a given character can make during his/her turn. Also the amount of point you have increase as you gain levels. Your attacks are put into the controller but pressing the various buttons. Pressing these buttons allows your character to perform combinations and other fighting moves called "Arts". The more combination your discover the more arts you learn and add to the characters list of special moves. The buttons basically decide if you do a low attack, high attack, left handed attack or a right handed attack. Another cool thing about this game is that whenever you equip new weapons or armor your characters their look actually changes. It's the small things that can make a game memorable.

    Click image to enlargeIn the end, I have to say I found this game to be very enjoyable, with a few new innovations to your typical RPG game. With approximately 50 hours of play, you can also rest assured that you will get your moneys worth if you buy it. I found this to be one of the better RPG's I have played in the last while, and have to say it's a definite smart purchase for any hard core RPG fans.

    << Rating: 82 >>

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    All question or comments can be directed to BlackSun

    " "

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