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Mission Objectives/Problems

Mission 1: Get to Car behind office building Go North around Death Camp to Tiki Grand Hotel
Enter Hotel and go up stairs until you reach the roof.
Once on the roof, walk across I-Beam to Office building and enter In office, Climb down to
lowest level and exit through double doors
Now you are outside, the car is on your right. Activate Car to end mission.

Mission 2: Drive Car to Headquarters Drive west until Highway is reached.
Turn right at highway and follow it north. Pass under highway overpass. Keep going north.
When highway splits, go left heading northwest. Follow highway northwest and jump gourge.
Follow highway west between buildings.
When the off ramp is seen, turn right after the warehouse and follow the road for two
Turn right (a message is given) and head East. The Headquarters is 3 blocks up on the left.
Pull car around back where other cars are parked.

Mission 3: Enter Death Camp and Search for Prisoners
Head west until you see a small bomb crater next to gas station. Go north past building and
two sand hills. (Hills should be on your right)
After hills, follow along rubble wall (on your right) until the wall meets the mountain.
Turn left and head through opening.
Camp is on the right (should see red fence). Drop Satchel charge (F5) in front of fence.
Fence is destroyed. BOOOOM!!
Go north to big doors heading to inner part of the camp. There is a switch on a pedestal
next to the doors.
Jump on hill and then onto the pedestal and activate the switch. Doors Open.
Go into inner part of camp.
Go into each barrack (there are 3) and search each one THOROUGHLY for
When a barrack is completely searched a message will appear (there is one message when you
enter the prison room and another when you get near the bunks) that says to go onot the
next barrack.
You should get 2 messages in each barrack.
When all three are done, escape through sewer located behind the farthest
Sewer is big maze, no tricks.
When sewer is exited, you should see car in front of you. Activate car.

Mission 4: Get HK from Crater
Follow mountain path to second area of city. Enter sewer pipe off on the left.
Head straight through sewer to bomb crater.
Hk is in middle of crater. Activate it. (You should get a message and hear it
start to hum).
Go back to sewer pipe and escape through lower one.
Go through sewer and exit. The sewer is a tricky maze.

Mission 5: Fly HK
Fly SouthEast until drainage pipe is reached.
Go through drainage pipe until you reach the other side. Three scouts will pop out of time
bubbles at end of tunnel. When tunnel is exited, head north to camp.
Destroy all enemies and turrets at camp (includes the walking enemies and the turret bases)

Mission 6: Destroy Satellite Dishes
Follow highway you start on to satelltie base.
Once at base, look over cliff (on far side), and destroy generator on platform below cliff.
(you cannot get down there, you must throw a grenade or something
off ). Fence is removed.
Go into substation.  It is the long thin building.
The substation is very deep. Go to the bottom and take satchel charges from dead Corp.
Destroy computer at bottom (in the same room as Corp. Willis) and this will
dissable the substation.
Go back to satellitle dishes.
Get to dish 1.
Destroy dish 1 (drop satchel charge at top). Get to dish 2.
Destory dish 2. (drop charge)
While going to dish 3 you will be attacked by a group of Flencers,
kill them ALL.
Destory dish 3. (drop charge)

Mission 7: Return to base when it is attacked
Head west until you see the warehouse on the right. Go right at off-ramp and then go into
Do not destroy any of the crates!
Go up the fallen garage door onto the ledge in the warehouse. Jump on crates and bathroom
until you are below the smaller hole in the roof.
Jump onto i-beam and then jump onto roof through hole.
Walk across large hole in the roof  by using the air ducts. Jump onto crane.
Walk down crane to control switch.
Activate switch. Crane turns.
Walk back up crane and jump over fence onto i-beam. Walk down i-beam and into brewery area.
(to the left). Enter brewery. Go to second floor.
Walk into main area and go up the multiple ramps. At top, go across to switch.
Activate switch. Crane/Platform moves across room. Jump over to beer vat next to the hole
in the wall. Jump down onto platform that moved.
Jump through hole.
Jump onto beer vat that is outside.
Jump onto truck and then over the fence.
The HQ is on your left. Destroy all the T-800s and the Goliath that are
attacking it.

Mission 8: Drive medical supplies to new HQ (Church)
Drive South destroying anything (cars, busses) in the street. At the elevated highway, turn
West and follow underneath.
The highway will fork, but keep to the right.
The highway seems to end at a long section of walls. An opening in the walls is obscured by
a bus.
On the other side of the wall the highway continues West. It leads to a high mountain pass
running parallel to the
highway and drops off into a city area. Drive North/Northeast through the city until you
find a church. It will be in
the far Northeast corner; you can't miss it.

Mission 9: Fly through River Basin to HK Camp Pretty easy mission, no tricks.
Fly through river to camp.
Destroy all enemies and turrets at camp (includes the walking enemies and the turret bases)

Mission 10: Destroy Tanks in desert with HK Fly along highway.
Destory ALL Tanks encountered (27 of them). At end of highway are the towers.
Destory ALL satellite dishes (6 of them).

Mission 11: Destroy Convoy, blow up bridge, and dissable refinery.
Convoy is in front of you when mission starts and they start moving in
seperate directions.
Destroy all convoy trucks (there are 4 of them).
Blow up bridge (place satchel charge under bridge, in the middle part).
Make sure you escape bridge to the other side (NOT the side you came from).
Go across to camp.
Blow up generator behind camp fence. Enter camp and go into refinery.
Find generator and use second satchel charge on r.

Mission 12:  Download data from 3 computers Go east until you hit the hill.
Go left and wind your way up the hill until you reach the top. Destroy generator behind the
fence and the fence will go out. Enter outpost.
Go through first room by pressing buttons until the platforms line up.
Jump across platforms to other side.  You will come to a four way juncture.
There is one computer down each path (3).
Computer 1 is to the left, computer 2 is to the right, and computer 3 is straight ahead.
Go to each computer and the information will be downloaded automatically whenyou touch
After all three computers have been found, destroy the outpost's generator (it
is located by the computer  3)
Escape through sewer exit located by computer 1. Sewer is just a maze, find your way out.

Mission 13: Find and Kill Milton Bishop Head south into the hills.
Find Research camp. Hills are just a maze, but it can be tough. Enter Research Lab (the
middle building).
The trick to this level is going down all the pistons and activating every
switch. This will open doors for you to continue. Once you reach the room
where the T800s are being made (with the blue core), you activate a switch
that opens the lid to the vent
alation shaft.
Go back up to one of the pistons. The far right one in the room with the four
Go down that one to lower room.
Go down piston in lower room and you will see a doorway in the piston tube.
Go through doorway into ventalation shaft.
Jump down ventalation shaft. Bishop is in room at the bottom. Kill Bishop.
Escape complex through door, follow down hallway, up the elevator, and down
another hall.

Mission 14: Fly around TDTS and destroy the gun towers and fence generator.
Follow directions of spotters to the TDTS.
Destroy all gun towers (including there bases) at the TDTS Destroy generator building
(located between hangar and the TDTS) Destroy generator.

Mission 15: Drive to TDTS
Follow underneath highway until it dead ends (when you see bridge on your
Turn left down into gully.
Follow through tunnel.
At end, drive up road after tunnel. The road should be pretty steep here.  You
must go up it to finish the mission.

Mission 16: Blow fence at enterance to TDTS and enter
You start right in front of the TDTS. Lots of fighting here. Go around to the front of the
Many Goliaths will appear.
Drop satchel charge at enterance. Energy field is destroyed. Enter TDTS

Mission 17: Insert Disk into 5 Computers
This is a HUGE level where you must activate all five computer consols in the
TDTS.  They are all pretty straight forward and it is pretty much a huge maze
with tons of enemies. If you get lost, keep looking around. You will
eventually find all 5 compute

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