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Enchanted Castle (

You started in a medieval castle without any knowledge about it. You are to
escape the castle. There are three missions you might also want to do to
complete the wholestory of this beautiful text adventure game.

East: One of the torch is not firmly attached. Get it. This would be your
     only light source
West: Great Hall. There is a magic word written here. Some other areas
     would bring you back to here whenever this magic word is spoken.
     There are also other magic words. To distinguish it, we would refer
     this as return magic word.
Up,Up: There is a painting here.
     Try to get it. Whoops, it reveals a secret passage to the west
West: Prison cell
     There is nothing much here except for three doors. Only one of them
     appears to be safe. Remember it, because you would go to this part.
     You are trapped. But don't worry, you have the return magic word.
     so... You are back to Great Hall

Try to explore the castle. If your torch is blown out, return to Great Hall,
and east where you can light it again. If you come to a place where there
is a sign "Abandon Ye..." on the west door then north, south, and west would
allow you to pass the west door. If you are ready then:
1. Passing the Bengal tiger
  Go to music room, get oboe, go to wine-cellar room, wash oboe, back to
  menagerie, play oboe. You put him on sleep
2. Clearing the vines in greenhouse
  Go to rotunda, west, west, west. There is a block with blood dripping on
  it. It is mentioned that there are doors to eastern. So there are actually
  three doors. Go to south east to torture chamber. Get secateur. Go to
  green house. Cut vines
3. Passing the dragon
  From green house, north, east, enter crypt. There is a candle here. If
  your torch is unlighted, light it. Now, the southern wall has three doors.
  Choose the one which appears to be safe (remember). Don't forget to
  adjust the orientation. Inside, there is an armor. Get it.
  There is also a magic word to save your game here.
  Return to Great Hall. Go to rotunda, southwest, south. See the candles?
  Blow them. The fireplace to the west open. West, West, Get sword,
  Go to the hall of dragons. Wear armor. Kill dragons
4. To get to other part of castle
  Go to theatre, west, north, north. Sit on a strange chair. You are
  transported to other room.
5. Looking for keys?
  Go to gazebo, get ladder. Transport to the other part of castle. Go to
  cruciform, north. Drop ladder, climb up ladder and you would find a
  statue there. Get statue but don't break it. Down, south, and west.
  You are standing on balcony above the terrace. Throw statue. Smash!
  Return to Great Hall, Go to terrace. Get a set of keys.
6. Passing basilisk
  Go to lord bedroom. Open closet. Now, a basilisk is hiding there.
  Run, You would be safe if you don't run to the room where you come in or
  you don't run to a dead end. To get rid of it, from lord bedroom, north,
  north (cruciform), east. There is a magic word that whenever is spoken
  somewhere else, everything there would be disappeared. So south, and say
  the magic word.
7. Fetching the Star of diamond
  Bring the set of keys with you. Go to lord chamber, south, down until
  you come to the nursery room, west. Notice the furnace? unlock it,
  open it, and you can get the Star
8. Exploring rooms behind hall of dragon
  Go to catacomb east of it. Southeast. Northeast. Keep trying to go to
  northeast until you found a bridge. Cross it. You would find a chained
  troll. If you have the keys with you, unlock it. He would steal the
  keys from you. Unless you have had the star of diamond, you won't need
  them anymore. East, north, west on the edge of a pit. Down. You entered
  a Zimbu house (This one too is just like the basilisk will be after you).
  So grab the book fast. Up, south, south, cross the bridge and burn it.
  There the Zimbu can't swim
9. Rescue the princess from ugliest witch
  Bring the book, go to chapel. Get the cross (witch is afraid of).
  Transport to other room. Go to library. Place book and the bookshelf
  slide over revealing a downward passage. down, down. Northwest, get
  the flask. Southeast, northeast, get the wand. Southwest, down.
  There is a frog there. From infamous story, kiss the frog and the
  frog become a princess. Get princess and she would follow you unless
  you said the return magic word.
10.More rooms to explore
  Go to theatre, west to a den. There is a crack on a floor. If you pour
  the liquid, you would find that there is a room below. So wave the wand.
  Down, down, get box which apparently is a triggered timebomb. Save your
  game here. Go to basilisk closet, down to nursery room, south, throw
  box, north. Wait until it explodes (Take a lot of time). south, northeast,
  west to the fountain of champagne. Fill flask. East (Tearoom), up, south,
  Get the bell.
11.More magic word
  Go to rotunda, west, west, south to the talking skull. This time, it
  gives a very useful advice. The place it mention is the well. Go there.
  (south of garden). Pour champagne. You amused something there. Return
  to the Great Hall, go to hall of dragon, go to catacomb east of it,
  northeast to a river. Fill flask with mineral water. Back to the well
  and pour the water. Listen the magic word carefully
12.Passing the Bengal tiger again
  With wand, go to kitchen, south, and wave it. Presto! delicious food
  appears. Get it. Go to menagerie. Feed tiger
13.Opening your way out
  Get the secateur. Transport to other part of castle. A large mirror is
  standing there. Break it. It allows you to go south, south where you
  find a windlass. This one is used to raise and lower the drawbridge below.
  The windlass is stuck however, so cut the rope. Snap! the drawbridge
  fall down. you are not done yet, need to raise the locked portcullis.
  Back to Great Hall, bring the bell with you, go to menagerie, northeast
  to the room of three. Ring the bell three times. A unicorn would let you
  to take a golden key from it. Go to the entrance, unlock portcullis and
  say the magic word from the well.
14.Last thing
  You have the star diamond and the princess now. You also has opened the
  gate. The last thing is to demolish the castle. Now, go to reception room
  where there is a chandelier is swaying around. Light chandelier. Go to
  stable, burn hay. Oops, you drop your torch. Don't attempt of getting it.
  Instead, run east, east, south, west, south, south to finish this
  incredible game

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