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Ecstatic Walkthrough Lite v1.0

Typed and figgured out by MuggZ@IRC

Disclaimer: This is a VERY lite walkthrough that shows you the
QUICKEST wayto get to the end. I don't explain everything near the end
(Gotta keep the gamefun anyway..), so don't bitch and moan. I give
away most of the secrets, so justread and figgure it out. Have fun,
and talk to me if you have any questions.

P.S. Don't try killing the wolfman, he's a bitch and a half.
Wait till you havea magic item.

       First off, walk forwards and to the right, if the Wolfman
doesn't jump you, go into the first door on your left. There should
be some sort of key type sign, and you should be able to see the church
behind your character in the background.

       Enter the building, there should be someone (An old Knight)
fighting a green Dragon. Wait till the Dragon defeats the Knight, and
hope that it flies out of the room. Pick up the Knight's bludgon, then
hang around and talk to him. You'll pick him up and take him to the
building that is on your right whenyou begin the game. There will be a
man lying on the ground holding a key, ifall goes right, you shouldn't
need to pick up the key because the Knight willopen the door for you.

       Once inside, ignore the Knight unless you give a shit about
the plot,then go to the shelves to the right of the door (To the
right, as if you arejust entering the room), and pick up the vegitable
laying on it. It's partof a magic potion.

       Next, go outside, you should be at the 'beginning' point
basically.Now, go to your right again down the alley, go to the end of
the alley untilyou get to the door that you'll be facing. Open it, go
inside. There should bea demon sitting at the foot of the stairs
drinking, kill him, go up the stairs,you'll be in a bedroom. Go up the
stairs to your right, you'll automaticallyput the vegitable into the

       Now, go outside to the front of the door, go straight
forwards, you'llbe inside the church. Grab the little stick figure
thing that is laying to theright of the altar. Go back to the room
where you put the vegitable, put itin the device.

       Go back to the church, grab the bible, now, head back to the
doorwaythat leads to the demon you killed that was drinking.. Go left
down the alley,keep on going that direction until you find an opening
that will lead to vegitation and grass.

       There are two options at this point, to the right, and to the
left.Go to the left, it will lead down a path, and in the distance you
will seea beggar walking in front of a small fortress. (An Abbey). At
this pointthe Wolfman might try to attack you from behind, if he does,
just FUCKING RUN, towards the abbey. He is IMPOSSIBLE to kill with any
weapon short of a magical one. Trust me, I've fought him literally for
30 minutes with the bestsword available, and it DOES NOT work. Once
you get to the abbey, you shouldread the book automatically and get
let in. If the Wolfman is following you,go inside the abbey, look
around a little bit, do NOT go down the hole in thelibrary, just walk
around the different rooms.

       If you do this for about 5 minutes, the wolfman should go
away. At this point walk outside of the Abbey, drop the Bible in front
of the abbey,then walk down the path towards the town. There will be a
flower, pick it up.It's the last part of the magic potion. Go back to
the room where you putthe other two ingredients, but BEFORE you go
into the room (When you are inthe bedroom..), DROP the flower, and
pick up the teddy bear. Go outside again,head towards the Church, turn
to the right as soon as you get past the buildingon your right.. Walk
straight forwards, then once you are inside the Barn,you should
automatically throw the teddy. At this point, the girl will
startwalking and ask you to follow. Do so, she'll try to go into a
hole you'retoo big to go into under the Church. But she will open up
the Dungeon for you.Go down the dungeon, there will be like.. 6
skeletons. Easy to kill, then godown even further, until you get to
the bottom. You'll freak out and run backto the top. At this point, go
BACK to the bedroom where you dropped the flower.Pick the flower up,
and go and put it in the device, and you've got the potion.

       At this point, you'll drink the potion and turn into a beaver
or someshit. Go back to the place where the girl tried to take you,
but you were toobig. Now.. you're just the right size. Cruise down the
little hallway untilyou get to some stairs, at this point you should
turn back into a human. Killthe gnomes if you want, then go up the
stairs. You'll open a trap door an there will be an old man waving a
sword. Hang around for a bit and he'll dropit and you can get it. Drop
the bludgon, and the sword. Pick up the sword, andyou'll automatically
wield it. Now pick up the bludgon. You'll need it.

       Now, go outside, and go back to where the path leads in two
directions,(One being the Abbey, and the other being..?).. You'll have
to fight and kill two Minotaurs, but with the sword you now have, it
should be easy once you getthe rythm down.

       Anyway, you'll towards a castle, take the steps _DOWN_ towards
thefountian. Walk past the fountian and keep going that direction. At
this pointyou'll find a lake, stand on the rock, you'll automatically
throw the sword into it, and get Knighted by the Lady of the lake.
NOW, turn around, go backtowards the castle, do not take the front
enterance, take the SIDE enteranceon the right.  You'll get let in,
and be told to go to the tower. Go to the tower, don't bother going up.
Go straight down. At the bottom there will be a statue that will swing
at you, if you time it right you can duck and walk forwards and he
won't hit you. Keep going forwards, there will be 2 phantom warriors
that will try to attack you, just smack them around, they die
quick.Then, go forward more until you get to the room that has
downwards staircases,take the RIGHT side of the room (The one with the
fire breathing stone dragon),walk around the edge of the room, take
the stairs down.. (If you go the otherside, a spike will come up and
kill you).. Once you're in the centre of thefirst two sets of
stair, get to the farthest right (Perspective right), andhop down to
the next set of stairs that is on the perspective right. If youdo
this, you won't get nailed by the second spike.

       Now, go down those stairs, avoid the spikes in the floor, go
into thecenter room.  There will be two coffins standing on end.. Walk
past the firstone, a skeleton should pop out, kill it. Walk past the
second one, it'll open up showing a Skeleton wearing armor. Walk past
it again and towards it until it closes on you, and opens up again..
poof, you got armor. Now, go to theoutside of the inner room (Where
the floor has spikes that come up and tagyou..), and pick an enterance
that has gargoles around it. There are three,I won't tell you which
one or the directions.. Gotta make it somewhat fun. ;)

       But, one of them will have two naked guys fanning.. You can
lie downon the bed they're fanning on. It'll have two other exits
other than the oneyou came in. One of them will be a stairwell down,
(The perspective will show you being at the top with the 'Camera' being
at the very bottom. do NOT go down here JUST yet..). The other exit in
this room (The one with the guys fanning) is a death trap. So avoid it.

       Another one is a prison cell with two guards. Avoid this one.

       The last room (The last of the three that you can get to from
the roomwith the spikes that come out of the floor) will have a
ghostly beaver, it'lltell you some things.. grab the BOOK, and go UP
and OUT. Go BACK to the Abbey,grab the Holy Relic (That the two monks
are worshipping.) At this point you might have to kill them all. Now,
you'll have to drop your bludgon to get thebook. It's cool. Just do
it. Now go to the stone circle (If you walked aroundyou'll know where
it is, I've coddled you enough!).. And get in the center,bam shablam,
you now have a fireball shooting relic. Drop the magic book (Youdon't
need it..), Now go back down the tower till you get to the bottom,
(Theroom where the naked guys fan..), find the stairwell that the
perspective willshow you being at the top of, walk down.. You will
fight against 'yourself',shoot a fireball at yourself, you'll die.
(The alternate you will..) Then talkto the king for a few minutes,
then run back to where you picked up the magicBook. The demon's head
should now be gone and the door will be open. The restexplains itself.


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