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                       Dungeon Adventure (Level 9)


1. Shaking the Seed Pod will defeat the Siren.

2. Drop a berry on the Giants.

3. To make you stronger, wear a Giant's Belt.

4. Enter the packing case to store items, but don't forget to carry the
 case with you when you exit.  

5. Throw any six items at the Killer Willow, but don't chop it with the Axe.

6. Drift vood makes a fine torch, but only temporary.

7. Examine the corpse but don't leave it behind.

8. Carnivorous jelly needs something meaty to feed on.

9. To transport from pedestal to pedestal use a coloured collar, provided
 your collar is of a higher Spectrum colour than the colour you wish to
 go. Get a Mithril collar and travel anywhere there is a pedestal.

10. Wear yellow collar to get a hammer and nails.

11. Push the rock more than once.  

12. Wave staff at skeletons to release dwarf and make a friend.  

13. Wave wand at SE entrance to get a Chair.

14. Kill dragon with sword, then look.

15. Use the Cross to kill the vampire.

16. A pot full of slime will dispose of the goat.

17. When challenged by sentry, say "The Password".

18. Blow stick to open door.

19. In Roc's nest, squeeze the caterpillar, then tie the silk rope to get

20. Out of Roc's Nest, go W, S, & E for a permanent light source, but make
  sure you have your helmet with you.

21. Smash evil gem.

22. In the chair, press buttons 4 and 9.

23  For mutual destruction, lead one sphere to the other sphere.  

24. Close eyes when nasty images appear.

25. Examine another corpse - but leave this one behind.

26. To get ring, wear Gauntlet.

27. 9 gems will get you out of the Central Dungeon; 10 are available. They
  are Agate, Amethyst, Diamond, Emerald, Opal, Pearl, Rhinestone, Ruby,
  Sapphire and Topaz.

28. Wedge the doors to get an Agate gem and keep going despite what you are

29. Wear the blindfold when getting the brooch.

30. Throw the brooch to get an Amethyst.

31. Don't open the box until you have dropped it in some water.  

32. To win a present, press buttons 9 and 4.

33. Turn the sculpture for another present.

34. After leavung the Central Dungeon, hold the Cross and the Crucifix to
  keep the Witch away.  

35. Put nails in someone's coffin.

36. Drop the salt pig in water.

37. Psychedelic mushrooms will make a bridge appear.

38. After paying the Troll, keep going North then down to find mushrooms
  that make you smaller.

39. Enter the Ant's Nest to get mushrooms to make you giant size.

40. Invisible mushrooms will make you just that!

41. When small, unlock door to Troll's Treasure Room.

42. Get Troll's Treasure when invisible.

43. Potato sliver will drive rat away.

44. Use Cold Cream to prevent burns.

45. Blow the Horn to disperse the Orcs.

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