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Drakan: Order of the Flame

The Complete Walkthrough
Version 0.1 (9-7-99)

by Dan Simpson (, ICQ: 185116)

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| The most recent version of this FAQ can be found at:                         |
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| This is a preliminary (i.e. not finished) release of this FAQ.  Over time it |
| will grow to encompass the entire game.  Hopefully that won't be too long... |
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 1. The Beginning of the Game, Ruined Village
 2. Searching for the Mines

 Miscellaneous Tips

 Final Words...


This is mostly a step-by-step walkthrough similar to the walkthrough I wrote for
The Legend of Zelda (NES).  I think this format works well for this game.  Also
note that this was written using the Normal difficulty setting.

1. The Beginning of the Game, Ruined Village

Tavern Key

 Hint: Do a Quick-Save (simply press 'Q') after you win every Battle.

 - Ignore the upstairs in the Tavern.
 - On the back of the stairs, open a door to the cellar.
 - Smash any barrels you find for Health Elixers.
 - Jump onto the boxes to get onto the ledge, to get the Mace.
 - Flip the lever (ENTER) to open the portculis.
 - Use the crouch attack on the Spiders.
 - On a table to the left (from where you entered) is a key, use ENTER to get

Priest Book

 - After you exit the tavern there will be two Wartoks.
 - Head south past the tavern to get to the Priests house.
 - Beware there is a scavenger (fast bugger!) along the path.

 Scavenger: Sneak up to it, then let it come to you, crouch and attack with the
            Mace.  It should only take about 3 attacks.

 - Further along the path you will find a Wartok killing a human.

 Wartok: Sneak up to it, then attack as much as you can!

 - Head south and cross the river.
 - Atimar's (the Priests) house is not the one immediately across the river,
   his is the house just to the east of that.  There is another Scavenger
   between the houses.
 - Go up to the door and use your key (ENTER) then enter to house.
 - The Book is just on the table inside.

Find Soul Crystal

 - As you exit there will be two Wartoks.

 Hint: Wartocks will sometimes attack each other.

 - Head back north across the bridge.
 - Go East, there should be about 3 Wartocks along here.
 - As the path curves, go north.  There will be a larger Wartok here with a
   Potion of Life.
 - Head north across the bridge and into the temple.
 - Use the book (ENTER) on the pedestal which is on the temple (you must do
   this while standing on the north side of the temple).
 - Step onto the steps and the Game will take over and show you some
   interesting exposition.
 - Go down into the pit.
 - After you go through a little tunnel you will emerge into a room with many
   Swinging Axe Blades.  Walk right up to each blade, wait for it to go by,
   then run past it.  Careful!  Each blade goes at a different speed.  You may
   want to save it after you pass each one.  Also be careful that you stay on
   the path, it bends to the right, then bends back (sort of like a crescent
 - Walk through the tunnel into a Domed Chamber.
 - At the opposite end of the dome you will find a Statue and a Floor Switch.
   Push the statue onto the switch.
 - Now on the two sides of the chamber are two more Floor Switches, go over to
   those and step on them.  The lights should go out leaving only a purplish
   color in the center of the room.  Also the pit in the center of the dome
   will be filled.
 - Go into the center of the room, and get Heron's Crystal off of the front
   (that is, facing the entrance) of the weird Purple thing.
 - Now the pit will reopen, but now as a Staircase, go down it.
 - Finally step onto the platform at the end of the tunnel, and it will raise
   you to a new cave.

Awaken Arohk

 - Exit the cave and cross the suspension bridge.  Your map will be updated
   (which is what that flashing map icon means).
 - On the other side you will find a Wartok. (or two)
 - Head east, and then south.  You should arrive at a place with a few stacked
   boxes and a torch.  From there take the new path to the north.
 - There should be about 3 Wartoks here (on mine they appeared to have killed
   a fourth one).  Don't attack their barrels, as they are explosives!
 - Continue north to the Giant Bare Tree Thingie (whatever), and push it over.
   If you are lucky, it will fall on the Wartock on the other side and kill
   him. (well that's what happened to me!)
 - Jump onto your new bridge, and CAREFULLY cross it.
 - Head north.  There will be another Wartok here.
 - Go into the cave, there are about 2 Wartoks in here.  Go through the cave.

 Hint: Don't try to run away from Wartocks, they are much faster than you!

 - Once through the cave there is another Wartok.
 - Head east through the northern path, and you'll get to see a broken
   suspension bridge.
 - Careful while crossing this bridge, as you may have noticed, it is quite
 - There will be a Wartok immediately off of the bridge, and there are several
   others camped out close by.

 Hint: The Thrust (Tap Forward, Attack) makes an excellent first attack against
       Wartoks, it can remove their weapons (or limbs) and slightly stuns them
       as well!

 Hint: If Wartoks hear something, they will go out to investigate, whether they
       know you are there or not.  So if you stay still they may wander around
       then head back to their camp, and go back to sleep.  Very useful.  Then
       you can sneak up on them and attack.

 - Go to the East Bridge and cross it (you'll know it because there is a
   skeleton skewered by it).
 - Now go north, drop off the little cliff and then go up the side of the
   mountain to the East.  There is a Wartog here.

 Hint: If you are having trouble going up a mountain-side try doing a little

 - Head east to the next bridge.  There will be about 2 Wartoks around.  Do
   NOT attack the 3 barrels there, one of them is an explosive!
 - Cross the Bridge.  Careful, this bridge isn't completed either.
 - Now go North-East.  A Wartok here will push a boulder in an attempt to kill
   you, but on my game he merely managed to kill another Wartok.  Notice the
   pretty waterfall.  Ooh... Pretty.
 - The path we want to follow is close to the river, and heads south.  It's
   very dark and hard to see, but this path leads to another bridge.
 - Cross this bridge as well, and once again there's a big hole in it.  You'd
   think that the people here would have taken better care of their bridges!
 - There is a Scavenger to the right after you get off the bridge.
 - Further to the West (right of the bridge) is a Cave and inside is another
   Scavenger who has killed a man who had a Health Elixer and a Worn Chain
   Mail.  Cool.

 Hint: After you get a new item like the Chain Mail armor, you need to open up
       your inventory (press 'I') and equip it. (double click it)

 - Go back out of the Cave and head up and east.
 - You will soon see a Red Cave that looks very suspicious.  There are quite a
   few Scavengers around here.
 - Walk through the little stream and over to the Cave.  Go inside.  Your map
   will be immediately updated to show this cave.
 - In the hallway just past the Main Hallway will be a trap near the floor.
   Just as soon as the axe moves out of the wall and away from you, run after
   it.  Then when you get about halfway you will need to jump because the axe
   will swing back out.
 - Now the hall will turn, and the next hallway has 2 such axes.  One on the
   floor and one higher.  Get as close to it as you can get (use the Sneak)
   before making your move.  After the low one has passed run out about halfway
   and crouch, let the one move above you, then run out again and jump to get
   over the low one.
 - For the next hallway, it is actually safe to stand in the corner of the
   hallway that connects to this hall (NOT the corner near the Axe!).  This
   allows you to look and see what you need to do.  This time there are again
   2 traps, and again one high and one low.  However, this time they swing at
   the same time.  Again run past the first trap, and then quickly crouch+run
   on the second trap.  It should pass harmlessly overhead.  Then stay crouched
   and do a few rolls forward to the end of the hall, and a roll left to get to
 - You will now be in a weird Reddish room with blocks missing from the floor.
   Did I mention that if you fall down into that pit you die?  What you have to
   do is to jump across the pit to get to the other side.  There are some
   blocks left that you can use to jump across, but they will fall down if you
   wait too long.  Once across, IMMEDIATELY turn to the right and run into the
   cave, if you wait even for a second the blocks will all fall down and you
   will die!
 - Run into the next chamber, but don't jump down the cliff.  You will be in a
   room with the statue of a large Dragon.  Follow the path to the right of the
   entrance to the chamber to reach the bottom of the room.
 - Walk up to the Thingie in the Center of the room, and watch the little
   cutscene.  Congratulations you now have a Dragon!

2. Searching for the mines

-- obviously not finished yet! --

Miscellaneous Tips

The best keyboard mouse combination that I have found is to use my left hand on
the "E, S, D, F" movement keys, and use my right hand for the mouse.  This way
I can also easily use the L-SHIFT Sneak Command.

If you are using the keyboard, to make life easier for yourself, you should add
some keyboard commands for "Turn Left" and "Turn Right".  I chose W for Left and
R for Right to put them near the other keyboard commands for movement.

If you have a Scroll Wheel on your mouse you can use it to cycle through your

Save often!  Use the Quick Save 'Q' and the Quick Load 'L'.

Cheating!  You can cheat by typing the '\' key followed by 'iamgod'.  The gods
will then favor you granting you invulnerability.

Final Words...

ASCII Art created using SigZag by James Dill:   (freeware!)

This FAQ was writen entirely using the GWD Text Editor:  (shareware)

Shameless Self Promotion:
 I have also written FAQs for:
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 All of my FAQs can be found at:

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Preliminary Version 0.1 (9-7-99, 13k)

This Document is Copyright 1999 by Dan Simpson

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