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                            PROUDLY PRESENTS :

                         + DAY OF THE TENTACLE +

                            COMPLETE SOLUTION

1. Part

Go into the office and take all you can find ("Swiss bankbook",
"Booboo-B-Gone") and open the "portrait". Go back to the lobby and take
the "flier" out of the rack (lower left corner) and the "dime" from the
pay-phone. Now take the "Help-Wanted sign" and go to the grandfather clock.
Open it and enter Freds secret lab.

2. Part

After some short but funny sequence, you stand in front of yer
Chron-O-John. Go to the very right of the screen. Right of the
Hamstergenerator is some paper hanging on the bulletinboard. Take it!
Now correct the plan.

3. Part

Now you`ve got HOAGIE as a new character to controll. You can pass items to
any other character by simply clicking on the item and then on the head of
the person you wanna pass it to... now back to the solution. First, ya have
to go into the inn. When you`ve entered the inn, go through the big double
doors right at the entrance. The room you`ve entered now will be refered to
as "main hall" to eliminate the use of maps. Now walk through the swinging
door. Reaching the kitchen, ya take the "oil" and the "spaghetti" from the
pantry and go through door on the right. Pickup the bucket and the brush,
which is in the cabinet. No, back in the kitchen, use the bucket with the
water-pump to get a "bucket full of water". Leave the kitchen. Now use the
fireplace to get to the roof. Squeeze yerself through the FIRST window.
Now, how bad, we want to rob the mouse. To do that, you sit on the bed in
the left, lower corner of the room. After discovering the "squeaky matress"
you simply use it with the other bed. Enjoy the sequence...
Well, it seems as if we didn`t solve anything with that, but now use the
upper, right bed and when the cat walks to you, pick up the mouse. The last
thing to do is to take the bucket with the red paint. Now go through the
trapdoor. We now find ourselves in the 2. floor of the inn. Swap to
Bernard, by clicking on his face, and flush the textbook to hoagie.
Now how about sending this stupid horse to sleep ? Swap to Hoagie and read
the textbook to it. Take the horses dentures and walk down the stairway.
Open the first door and take the bottle of wine. This is Ben`s room. We
leave to open the second door. This is Betsy`s room. We leave to open the
third door. As you can read on the sign, George sleeps here. Well, how
about embarassing the roommaid. Use George`s bed and then pull the rope
next to the door. Outside the room, the maid has dumped her cart. Take the
soap which is lying in it and use it with the bucket full of water. Down we
go on the stairs. Open the grandfather clock and enter the secret lab of
Red Edison. Give him the patent application and the oil. Now get the
help-wanted sign from Bernard and give it to him to get the lab coat. Pick
it up. Go to the main hall and give the wine to Thomas Jefferson. Get the
flier from Bernard and put it in the suggestion box. Go to the outhouses,
paint the kumquat-tree red and then talk to George. Tell him that he has
lost his ability to cut down cherrie trees. We`ve "freed" Laverne but we
stay with hoagie for the moment. Next thing is to wash the carriage in
front of the inn by using the brush on it. Next, to up to Ben`s room and
give him the lab coat. On the field, push the kite into the air. When Ben
asks, say him that you want to reconsider the situation in yer lab. Walk to
Red`s secret lab and take the left-handed hammer hanging to his left. Go to
the horse and open the door on the left side. Use the left-handed with the
right-handed hammer and enjoy the sequence. Now give the red paint to
Bernard and switch to him. Go to the lobby and then, through the double
doors, into the party-room. Open the grating next to the fireplace, walk to
the right and maneuver the chattering teeth into the grating. Pick `em up
and pass them to Hoagie. Go through the swinging door into the kitchen and
pickup : the fork on the table, the decaf coffee and the coffee. Open the
right door and go into the wash room. Open the cabinet and take the funnel.
Again, we take a ride through the fireplace. Pickup the crank and go
through the second window. Leave the room through the door on the right and
open the trapdoor. Go down. You now have a door to the left and one to the
right. Go through the left door and push Edna. The door on the right leads
to Weird Ed`s room. Take the hamster and leave. Go down the
stairway. First door, push speaker and on/off-Button on stereo. Pickup the
videotape, push button again and leave. Put the hamster into the
ice machine. Swap to Hoagie, go to the front door of the inn and take the
letter out of the mailbox. Give it to Bernard and swap to him. Go to the
second door and open it. The poor sod inside needs some cheering up so give
him the letter. Pick up the flag-gun and the disapearing ink and watch TV.
Leave. Third door. After entering the room, close the door and take the
keys, then leave. Go down the stairs and take the fake barf which fell of
the ceiling (for the germans, fake barf means "falsche Kotze"). Open the
left door and go outside. Paint Ted red and go to the parking lot. Give the
keys to the man with the skimask. Reenter the house and use the crowbar on
the "gum with dime stuck in it". Chew it. Go to Fred`s secret lab and give
him some decaf. Push the lever. Leave. Go to Edna`s surveilance room and
use the videotape in the vcr. Look at the monitor. Push the red
record-button (WARNING! The SP/EP-Switch has to be on SP!!!!) when Fred
just has closed the safe. Rewind it, switch to ep and watch it again. Leave
the monitor by clicking on the screen. Leave Edna`s room and go to Weird
Ed. Squisch some Ink on his stamps and enjoy his torture (smile). Pick up
the book and the stamp and return his favourite past-time to him. Go down
the stairway and into the third room (the one with the fat customer
sleeping in the heard-shaped bed). Insert the two dimes into the little
silver box in the right corner of the room. Take the sweater. Leave. Go to
the candy machine and use the crowbar to get its quarters. Pick them up. Go
down to the office and open the safe. Take the contract and go to the
washroom. Throw the sweater into the dryer and insert the quarters. Take
the fireplace to get to the roof and enter the second window. Untie Fred
and take the rope outside. Use it with the pulley. Go down the chimney, out
of the house and use the rope with red Ted. Go back up to the roof and pull
the rope. Again, go up to the roof and enter the room. Use Ted with Fred.
Use rope with Doctor Fred. Go to the roof, pull the rope and laugh. Use
funnel with Fred. Use coffee with funnel. Laugh. Give the contract to him.
Now give the following answers : 4, 4. Stamp the contract, give it to
Hoagie. Hoagie inserts it into the Mailbox and YIEEEHAAA! off goes the pony
express... Now search a phone (with Bernard of course) and order the
diamond. Lets have some fun and steal George Washingtons teeth, shall we ?
Well, go to the party-room and exchange the flag-gun with the cigar
lighter. Talk to the party animal (the fat guy) and ask him for a cigar.
Now, send the lighter and the cigar to hoagie and do the "exploding cigar"
gag on george by giving him the cigar. What an exploding fun! To easy his
pain, give him the chattering teeth as a reward. Take the blanket and go to
the roof (NOT through the chimney this time... sorry...). Stuff the chimney
with the blanket and hurry down to the main hall and take the gold-plated
quill pen. Off it goes to Red Edison (remember? : The secret lab in the
grandfather clock). Nor aft nor stern, its time for Laverne. Well, swap to
this little cutie (watch her walk !).
Talk to the tentacle-guard and tell him, you feel kinda ill. In the doctors
romm, take the tentacle chart. Leave the room and go through the big door
in the back wall. Now go to the kennel. Talk again to the guard and tell
him, ya need to go to the toilet. Give the tentacle chart to hoagie and
swap to Bernard. No give the following things to Laverne : fake barf,
crank, fork and Booboo-B-Gone. Hoagie gives her : dentures, mouse,
can-opener and the spaghettis. Hoagie himself goes to Betsy`s room and uses
the tentacle-chart with the patterns to provide Laverne with a disguise.
Laverne send her skalpel to Bernard who uses it to blast Oozo the Clown.
This "murder" reveals a box o`laughs which is to be send directly to
Laverne. Laverne, for her part, decides to go back into the jail. There,
she tells the tentacle that she is not feeling so well. Arrived in the
doctor`s room, she goes out and jumps into the fireplace. Put the crank on
the crank-box and winds down the "flag" which is to be used imediately.
After a glance through the window, she finds her way down the chimney. Next
to the fireplace is standing a blue tentacle. TALK to it. This rook has 3
doors. The left one leads to the lobby. The right one to the kitchen and
the one in front is, as you know, the kennel. Go into the kitchen and
continue your way through the right door to the washroom. Take the tiny
sweater and leave. Go through the lobby and up the stairs. Open the ice
machine and take the frozen hamster. Go back to the kitchen and PUT IT IN
THE MICROWAVE! This poor little fella looks sooo wet and soggy... give the
warming sweater to him (I mean, USE it on him). Now back up the stairs and
the first door is our destination (for better orientation, there is a W
next to it on a plaque). Open the time capsule with the can opener and send
the vinegar to hoagie. Leave. Second door. Take the extension cord and the
roller skates. Let`s activate some old mummy now. Use the skates on the
mummy. Go down and use the "my name is" tag on the mummy. Now run up the
stairs, past the three doors, up the stairs again and find yourself at the
human show. We have to "prepare" our mummy and eliminate Harold. The humans
are judged by smile, laugh and hair. So we give a smile to our mummy. Use
dentures on mummy. Step aside to look at it. Now the laugh. Take the box
o`laughs and put it in the pocket of the mummy. Last but not least, the
hair. We`ll use the noodles as hair, so put `em on, but because it does not
look soooo good, we give `em some more hold. Use fork with mummy`s head.
Bon appetit. To exclude Harold from the contest, simply drop the fake barf
in front of him. We`re ready. Now go to the right to the highly restricted
judging area and talk to the judges. Ask them to judge the smile, the laugh
and the hair. Congratulations, you`ve won the contest. End the
sentimentality and leave the room. Go down the stairs and out of the house.
The cat is not as easy to catch as it seems. Use the Booboo-B-Gone on the
fence. Now, lure her with the mouse toy. Go inside and back to the kennel.
Give the dinner certificate to the guard, turn off the force field and use
the cat to do some harm. Go back outside to the Chron-O-John and plug it
into the extension cord which you then use with the window. Inside. Lobby.
Open the grandfather clock and enter the old lab. Plug in the extension
cord and use the hamster with the generator. The only problem hits you
right into the face. Now go to the vacuum cleaner and SUCK the little
sucker out of the mouse hole. Now take the dust ball out of the hatch and
use it again in the generator. Now, the only one left is Hoagie. Give the
vinegar to Red Edison (the secret lab guy) and steal the battery. Go out of
the Inn, on the field and meet Ben. Say that you want to try it again and
when he went to the left of the screen, fast use the battery with the kite
and when he says "NOW" push it again. Take the fully charged battery and go
to the outhouses. Plug in yer Chron-O-John and off we go.


After that LONG sequence, we find ourselves (this time all of them in one
person ;) ) in the "heart-room". We now go outside and carefully open the
door to the room where the depressive customer was. After "santa" shrunk
us, we run into the room of which we just opened the door and run through
the mousehole. Wait a moment till we get big again and then take the
bowling ball. Open the door and go to the secret lab. Now use the bowling
ball on the purple tentacles. Talk to the old tentacle. Say him, that he is
pretty handy with the gun and that he could not hit his own forehead. Then
ask him about his real opinion about humans. Then answers 3, 2, 1, 3, 1.

                      YOU DID IT!!!! THAT`S ALL!!!!

This has been brought to you by The-Hawks of CRAZY/PHANTAX. If you have any
further questions, write to us at the following Crazy-Boards :

CRAZY HOUSE             ++49-FULL-PRIVATE       The-Hawks
MILESTONE               ++49-2293-4582          The-Hawks
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See ya in our next solution.

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