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Subj:  DIG HINTS FAQ! c/o FPN1000!

Date:  95-11-26 02:50:58 EST
From:  FPN1000        

Here we are!  The first installment of my Dig frequently asked questions!
these have been asked a lot, and contain spoilers, so watch out!

I have the Purple rod, but I canít use it on any of the doors!  People keep
yelling about using some sort of "robot" replace a "lens" in the nexus power
room down the ramp!  What robot?  What Lens?

The "robot" (not so aptly named) is controlled by the panels in the nexus
power room.  one keyboard tells it which direction to go and to pick up/drop,
and the yellow button activates to robot after you key in a sequence.  Try
this sequence.  Purple, purple, purple, yellow, yellow, red-  then click on
the exit button and press the yellow button on the other console.  You will
be pleasantly surprised!  This will cause the robot to pick up the lens.
Next, you must make the "robot" place the lens on the third "spike", making
It reflect the energy up into the center.  Use the sequence purple, purple,
purple, purple, blue, blue, blue, blue, and finally red.  Then you can return
to the nexus and open one (1) of the doors with your purple rod (it only
works on one of them).

I canít get those darn bones right on the six-legged-turtle type thing!

Subtle hint:
 Look at the fossil one screen to the left of them.  That will help you.

Detailed explanation:
 Get the canister from the room that is full of "life" crystals, and use it
on the creature before you revive him.  The head goes at the top left, with
the blunt (without bumps) end of the head facing north east.  Attached to the
head is a small, thin neck bone with the thinner end attaching to the head.
That neck bone attaches to the first (and largest) set of fins, which look
sort of bent forward, and have two very large joints.  The second and third
set of arms come immediately afterward, moving downward in size.  After that
is back/rib bone section, followed by the pelvis, then a thick, large bone,
which attaches to the tail, the pointed end of which faces lower right.  

How do I catch the rat-like-creature that stole a part to a door I need to
get into?

First, pick up the dowel and rod from the surrounding ground.  Put the dowel
into the hole in the large, circular wheel shaped carving next to you.  Pick
up the long, heavy hook and fit it to the dowel.  Put the rib cage on the end
of the hook.  Use the rod on the trap.  Walk to the hole in the upper right
part of the screen, and search through the holes until the little critter
runs out.  Taking care NOT to come too close, move downward and left, back
around the wheel shape and up again once you pass it.  Move right and scare
the creature in that direction.  He will walk right into the trap.  Use the
bracelet you got in the beginning on the lilí fellow, then let him go.  Use
your shovel on the cave a little to the left of you, widening it enough for
you to enter. Go inside and use the blue orb.  There will now appear an
indicated spot by the orb.  Dig there to retrieve the part!

I donít have any sort of bracelet!

Go to the plateau (the original area you come to on the planet) and use the
orb.  It directs you to the area called "dirt ramp", and you dig in the mound
of dirt, where you find the bracelet.

What the HECK can I do in the tomb?  People keep talking about a room
underneath it!

you need to:

1) use the rod to hold the loose plate down

2) put the energy cell in the hole

3) use the scepters in the planetarium (where you got them) on the faint
light in the ceiling

4)move the moons so that the small eclipses the larger

5)return to the tomb and clear away the dirt from the panel.

Well, thatís nice, how can I get them to eclipse one another?

Align the moons so that the light is coming from the same direction.
The silver scepter moves one moon, the gold moves the other.
Moves the larger moon around that general 2 o' clock area until you get a
cinematic of the moon rotating.  then click the right mouse button.  choose
the other sceptre from inventory.  
Move the smaller moon in between the planet and larger moon until you see
another cinematic.  right click move the mouse to the edge of the screen so
that it says "exit".  left click.  That should do it!

AAAAAAAAH!  Maggie (That babe) has been kidnapped!  HELP!

First, you have to get Ludger with you.  Go to the cavern just before where
he is and use your flashlight on the bat-like-creatures.  Run in there and
grab his stash of crystals.  You'll make a deal automatically, and go to the
nest again, then show your flashlight to Ludger.  He will distract the
creature so that you can run through the door to the right.  Go up to the
falls and push the rock down on the piece of the stone that diverts the
water.  Go back to the nest and tell ludger about the grate, which will
trigger your plan.  (Bet you didn't even know you had one!)

 Youíve reduced me to tears!  What NEST?

Go to the map room.
There are two exits, one "opening", one "pit".
go to "pit".
go through the only other door in the pit room.
cross as far to the left as you can go.
enter the room called "nest".

In all of these hints, they refer to a beach, but I canít seem to apply any
of those hints to MY beach.  What planet are THEY on?

There are two beaches. A piece of the inventors machine is found at one of
them (don't worry, this is later).  One is where the secret island is found.

One is found when you enter the Map spire, something that is often missed is
that there are two doors once you leave the tram room.  One in the
foreground, and one in the background.  the one in the background leads to
the beach where the piece is found.

The other is in the same area where you divert the water to save Maggie from
the monster.  When you enter the falls area, you can either go to the falls,
or to another beach.

Good luck to you all!  May the force be with you all!

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