GameSurge Strategy Page

Dark Earth Soluion

By the people at Kalisto Entertainment


The adventure takes place in the Stallite Sparta (and surrounding area), a ray
of light and hope lost in the middle of the depths of the Darklands. Like many
Stallites, Sparta is organised like an ant nest in which each person has a
defined role and place in society.

All of the inhabitants of a Stallite belong to a cast. Here is a list of the
casts by order of importance:

The Sunseers, servants of the Sun God who run the Stallites.
The Healers who are Sunseers in charge of medicine.
The Guardians of Fire, responsible for the security and respect of the law.
The Builders, responsible for construction.
The Providers who feed the town.
The Scavengers, who make up the population of the Stallites.

The Sunseers, Guardians of Fire and the Builders live in the magnificent Upper
Town while the 'lower casts' are crammed into the Lower Town, an enormous slum,
surviving as best they can depending on their abilities.

Sometimes the 'Wanderers', travellers from the Darklands are allowed to enter
the Stallites.



Arkhan: A career as a guard?

The character that you control is a Guardian of Fire called Arkhan (clearly not
delighted with his position). Don't worry, being a Guardian of Fire is not that
bad, it can even lead you to unexpected and unusual jobs.

You are therefore one of the guards who has just woken up after a strange dream
(the dream is the cinematic scene at the beginning), at your side is the gentle
Kalhi, a young scavenger.

Get up and get ready, put your uniform on and get your sword.

You are advised not to eat the salt beef that is on your bedside table, as you
will need it later.

Zed, one of your guardian friends is waiting for you outside and asks you if you
want to train with him in the weapons room. You are recommended to follow him if
you have no idea of the methods of combat in the game. You will also find
Captain Phédoria there, this beautiful young woman, an excellent fighter, will
join your practice with zeal.

It is up to you to make the most of these warm ups to understand the art of
combat in Dark Earth.

In the training room you will find an axe. Leave it where it is, you may need it

Go downstairs and receive your orders from the provost Dhorkan.

The entrance to his office is guarded, make sure that you are in "Light" mode
and speak to the guard in front of the door, he will let you enter.

Once in front of the provost you will receive your orders: He sends you to guard
the entrance to the chamber of the Council of Sunseers (the highest authority in
the Stallite) who have a meeting with the Scavengers from the Lower Town.

Go down the stairs and run to the temple of the Sun God, it is on the left-hand
side when you come out of the barracks.

You arrive in front of the entrance and surprise Lory and Rylsadhar, your
father, a Sunseer also, deep in conversation. After having listened to them you
must go to the entrance to the Council chamber.

NB: if you wish, you can also go and speak to the guardians of fire in the
barracks, go and talk to your father or even tease Zed on the platform that
leads to the Lower town.

Once inside the temple, join your colleague Jedar who is waiting for you in a
bad mood ( Arkhan has the bad habit of being late). Make sure that you have your
sword in your hand and be on guard.

You and your colleague are suddenly alerted by a loud noise from the interior of
the chamber.

The cinematic scene that follows your entrance shows the assassination of the
two Councillors and poor Jedar (not a good day for him!).

Go into combat mode and kill the bastard that attacks you!

Once you have won the combat you see (cinematic) Lory being attacked by a second
person and run to help the great Sunseer, you receive a cup of poison directly
in the face. You fall to the ground unable to do anything and paralysed with
pain, only the fortunate intervention of Zed and his Python 357 pistol save you
from certain death before blacking out.




Once the delirium (in which you learn of your contamination by the Darkness) is
over you wake up in a hospital; you are in the hospital where the Healer
Sunseers take care of you.

It is unnecessary to say that your quest begins here and that your time is
short, in that an awful illness, "The evil of the Darkness" is within you and
threatens your own humanity.

Once up you are immediately attacked by Dulnys, A Guardian of Fire frightened by
your new appearance. You have no choice but to kill him (if you can, go and find
the knife in the other part of the room).

Once Dulnys is dead take his weapon, Thanandar, the Healer comes into the room
almost immediately.

Talk with him to explain what happened and above all do not go outside until he
has shouted to Phédoria (outside) that all is well.

He then explains to you that the guard was no more than an ignorant fanatic, he
also tells you (it seems) all he can on the subject of your illness. He speaks
of a mysterious crypt in which you can be healed, apparently only your father
knows how to get there.

After these clarifications go to Thanandar's laboratory and take the gas
canister from Before (right of the screen) and the knife (left) if you do not
already have it.

Save your game by activating the symbol of the Sun God on the wall, leave the
hospital and go to your father's apartments which are on the small square with
the fountain.

Once inside, you go to the shelves that are in the entrance and take the empty
flask which is there.

Speak to your father Rylsadhar about your illness. He is ready to anything to
help you.

To do this he must ask Dhorkan's express permission to break certain laws, he
says he will meet you at the archivist's which is not far from the Council
Chamber, Khali arrives at the same time.

Once Rylsadhar has left, find the document that is under his bed, a kind of
mysterious code. Khali cannot help you, as a scavenger she never had the
opportunity to learn to read.

The platform that links the Upper and Lower Towns is now under surveillance. Be
extremely careful, since the assassination attempt against Lory the situation
has become extremely tense, you look bad and the Guardians of Fire will be
looking for you.

It is however possible to try and convince them, solidarity between brothers in
arms obliges! Fore this type of negotiation it is preferable to be in "Light"

Leave Rylsadhar's room and go back up to the temple (you will be subjected to a
diatribe from a fanatic Sunseer). In the Council chamber go up the staircase on
the left and enter by the door on the left.

Once inside you will find Sesekan the archivist at work. Speak to him and get
some information. It is important to know that he has not seen your father all
day (strange!) and he gives you some more information about your possible cure.

Turn around and examine the piece of furniture to the right of the door, you see
a mirror from Before.

Reading the spell book that is open next to the wall you also have the
possibility to learn more about the history of Sparta, in that way you can
spread your knowledge to the inhabitants of the Lower Town.

Near this book is a kind of mechanism. Use it with the document that you found
under your father's bed: You discover a secret hide out. Inside there is a metal
plate a little like the score for an organ grinder. You do not have to use it
but it might help you get into the famous crypt that Thanandar spoke of.

Leave and return to the barracks.

You can stop at the foot of the stairs that lead to apartments on the upper
floors, you will find a barrel of stohll (mushroom based alcohol) on the table.
Take the empty gourd that is on one of the barrels behind the table, fill it up
and go upstairs. You can also go and get your meat that was in your apartment at
the beginning of the adventure. If you go upstairs take the axe, be very careful
of Phédoria: Speak to her in "Light" mode and without the axe in your hand
otherwise she will not hesitate in putting an end to your slow decline.

One equipped, leave by the glass doors to go out onto the balcony (at the end of
the hall, behind the staircase).




Go towards the door on the left and enter calmly, you are now in the master
oiler Bogdaran's chamber.

Go immediately towards the copper objects on the floor. They are boilers for a
spitrod, the ammunition for the handmade weapons used by the Guardians of Fire
of Sparta. Take them all as well as the plates of lead which are on the shelves
in front of the staircase.

After that, climb, do not pay attention to the man that is working, it is
Bogdaran, the Master Oiler, he is not very talkative and he is afraid of you.
There is therefore no point in disturbing him.

Return to the shelves to your left and take the key. Go downstairs and go toward
the chest that is to the left of the door. Open it with the key that you found
on the shelves, take Bogdaran's old uniform.

Return to the balcony and go and open the door opposite: It is the barrack

Once you are inside, take out your weapon and change to combat mode. Go down the
steps and kill the jailer. You will find his weapon on him as well as the keys
to the cell behind you.

What are you waiting for? Open the cell.

Good, remember that martial law has been imposed and your love, Kalhi the
scavenger did not have the right to be in the Upper Town. Do not be surprised
when you find her locked up (and happy to see you!) in the cell.

Give her the old uniform and let her do her own thing, which is the best thing
you'll have done since this morning. Follow her and pretend to be her prisoner,
you can then easily pass the security checks in the barracks.

Kalhi offers to divert the guard on the passage, when she has finished speaking
to him and he leaves for the barracks, hide behind the cart that is in front of
the lift, let the guard pass and return to your love.

Place yourself behind the console and activate the leer to go down. Down to the
Lower Town!

NB: You can also forget the idea of the disguise and fight your way to the Lower
Town (with Kalhi). It is a lot more difficult as the Guardians of Fire are tough
but it is also an opportunity to collect some weapons, namely a spitrod from the
platform guard.



Visit of the Lower City

Once arrived you will need to be relatively diplomatic with your entourage, not
that you will be immediately attacked but your unpleasant appearance will
certainly cause some suspicion.

Once arrived, Kalhi will take refuge at Danrys's home, a mutual scavenger friend
who would do anything to help you. Follow her and talk to Danrys.

On leaving Danrys cross the square (you can talk to the legless invalid but be
careful he is sensitive) and search the area until you find a breastplate. Do
not hesitate to save the game.

Once you have collected the breastplate leave the square by the left-hand side.
Keep going until you find yourself in front of a tavern situated in front of a
passage which crosses many of the canals of the Lower Town.

Enter the bar and enjoy the show...

When Delia, the stripper has finished dancing follow her backstage and talk to
her. If you bring her something shiny and beautiful she will help you get in
touch with Armal Sadak, the best-known scavenger of the Lower Town.

You are in possession of the type of precious material that Delia is looking
for: "The Mirror of Before".

Delia will be very happy with the present and will tell you the magic words that
you must use when in the presence of Armal Sadak for him to help you.

The hideout of this precious ally is a boat on the quay, on the right a little
after the tavern. Armal will stay behind the table which is on your left when
you enter, approach him and start talking to him.

He will suggest you play a game of Yong (a game inspired by Othello). If you win
he will give you all the information you need (or nearly). You don't have to
play Sadak but the information he can give you will help you understand what is
going on in Sparta. You will learn that the troublemakers who attacked Lory are
called Konkalites (their chief, Sordos is the old right hand man of Sadak).
Their base is somewhere in the depths of the Lower Town.

The only problem, each time you play Sadak you must bet one of your weapons and
whatever the result of the game, you lose.

NB : If you do not have the mirror from before for Delia it is possible to get
help from Danrys who also knows Armal Sadak. Go back and see Danrys after having
seen Armal Sadak at least once and he will give you the password.




Leave Armal's den and go to the end of the passageway that leads to his boat.
The more attentive of you will notice the entrance to the Stallite's underground
sewer system. A skull that decorates the vault marks the entrance to the hide

Go to the part of the passageway that does not have a barrier and jump into the
water by pressing on the space bar. Once inside you are welcomed by a loud
sneeze. The message is clear, you are not alone and the Konkalites that are
waiting for you are clearly not overly concerned with discretion!

Change to combat mode now and take out your weapon (if you have one). Kill the
two men that attack you, it's not worth trying to take a more diplomatic
approach during these first encounters with the Konkalites. After having sent
your enemies' souls into the darkness do not forget to go through their pockets.
It is equally the case for the last two, even if their bodies have disappeared
under water.

Position yourself where their bodies disappeared and press on the space bar, you
will find their weapons. There is no shame in taking them, as it is entirely
possible that your weapon gets broken during combat.

Go up the staircase and save the game when you get to the other side of the
passageway. Go down carefully, You will see a meeting of these terrors of the
sewers. You will easily recognise the people who were responsible for attacking
the Council Chamber.
Their chief, Sordos confirms your suspicions as he speaks to, and kills the last
person alive after the failed mission (you received the poison rather than the
Great Sunseer!).

After the meeting, one of these delightful characters approaches you. You know
what happens by now! Get out your favourite weapon and kill him straight away.
Now you can approach the main room of the Konkalites' hide out in peace.

Quickly approach the two guards in front of the chief's door. If you are quick
enough you can offer them a drink of stohll. That will help you avoid a fight,
if you speak to the Konkalites before getting them completely drunk you will
learn a lot of information.

Once on the other side, you find yourself in Sordos's apartments, but he is not
alone: Thanandar, your so-called ally is there. Not only does he seem dubious in
his determination to "cure" the cadaver that you left in the hospital but he
also informs you of the kidnapping of your father. There is something rotten in
the kingdom of Sparta!
In addition, Thanandar orders Sordos to kill you immediately. Sordos is well
armed and if you feel like avoiding the fight by leaving the room, a Konkalite
will knock you down before you know what's hit you. There is no possible escape;
you will have to defeat both Sordos and Thanandar!
Do not underestimate this little bald and sickly warrior, he fights a lot better
than you imagine.

Are you still alive? Well done, now check their bodies.
You will get the weapon from the fat Sordos as well as his key and a weapon
There are even more interesting things on Thanandar. You will find a red key and
a potion that reduces the effects of the evil that has invaded your body. Save
it and only use it in an emergency.
NB: The red key that Thanandar had stolen from your father is used to activate
the giant crystal in the Rahal Chamber in the temple. Use the key with the metal
plate that you found in the Archivist's room, it will get you into the crypt.

After having checked the bodies on the ground, now turn your attention to the
rest of the room. You will find food if you look in the barrels and casks that
are against the wall.
Open the chest with Sordos's key: You will find a very interesting document.
Read it, it is the irrefutable proof of the alliance between the Provost Dhorkan
and Sordos. The traitor!

This really is not a good day!

Alternative route

If you do not want to confront the Konkalites, there is another way of
confronting Thanandar. Rather than going to see Sordos, go up to the Upper City
and go and see Thanandar at the hospital.
He is now accompanied by a Konkalite who is (very badly) disguised as a Guardian
of Fire.
Thanandar will be courteous when you visit the first time, but the second time
the Konkalite will attack you. Be ready to defend yourself!



SPECIAL: Captured by the Konkalites!

After the death of Thanandar, if a Konkalite defeats you you will not be killed
but imprisoned in one of their horrible cages. To escape you must go into dark
mode and become enraged (twice), you will smash the door and be able to leave.
Attention! The combat will be difficult.



Traitor, guilty and irresponsible!

When you leave Sordos's office, stop for a moment next to the piles of barrels
and cans in the Konkalites' main room. If you search on the left-hand side you
will find a handle that will be very useful to you in building the weapon that
is described on the plan you recently acquired from Sordos.

Leave the sewers and go and find Danrys, Give him the weapon design and the
handle. He promises to build you a new weapon: The Flame-thrower, leave him to
it and go back to the Upper City.

Go towards the barracks and be prepared to speak with all your old colleagues in
order for them let you pass. Cross the building and go to the Provost Dhorkan's
door which is guarded by Captain Phedoria. Approach him and speak with him, show
him the document that you found in the Konkalite hide out. Convinced, Phedoria
asks you to arrest Dhorkan.

As you enter Dhorkan's office you see the traitor leaving via a secret passage
that closes behind him. Let Phedoria go and alert the Great Sunseer's guards.
You must go and find a stiletto that is in the left-hand drawer of the desk in
the middle of the room. Go to the spot where the entrance to the secret passage
had closed, examine the wall and insert the stiletto knife into the opening that
you find.
The passage opens (and stays open for future use), go inside and climb down the
steps at the bottom of which you find your father, also contaminated and in
agony. He explains Thanandar's terrible plan and you learn that he is in fact
not dead (the Evil of the Darkness allowed him to recover from your attack).
Once your father has breathed his last breath there is no point in checking his
pockets, they are empty and anyway, it's not the done thing you heartless
Follow the passage and you will find yourself in the Lower City.

You can go and see Danrys and take your weapon if you want. Do not forget that
you have limited ammunition and that you still have many hard adversaries to

Go to Armal Sadak's hide out and turn left (the way to the ramparts). You will
find Kalhi fighting with one of the Scavengers. Explain the fragility of life to
her, it's all you can do. You immediately learn that Kalhi was in fact

Return to the Upper City via the mechanical platform. Go to the temple and you
will find a transformed and powerful 2m60 Thanandar, with a terrible smile.
It's not worth trying anything, Thanandar is no longer human and beats you to
the ground immediately, enough time however for Zed to take the passage which
leads to the crypt, the "Heart of Light" of the Stallite (under the praetorium
in the form of a boat).

Fortunately the over confident Thanandar ahs not killed you. Get up after he
leaves and go down the stair sbehind Zed who is now contaminated and
"controlled" by Thanandar.
He touches the "Heart od Light" and corrupts it with the evil poison that
Thanandar had taken from his own body. Before dying, Zed has the time to give
you his "Tear od Life", his last strength, in a jet of luminous energy that
passes through your body.



Zed is dead...

Go into dark mode (press TAB) and check your companion, you can take his weapons
that will be useful to venge his death...Be certain that Thanandar will pay!

Alternative route

For the more aggressive player, there is another way than that described above.
You find Zed in your father's place. If you have killed Thanadar in the
hospital, Zed will have been imprisoned in the Konkalite jail. If you kill
Thanandar in Sordos's office, leave and go to Danrys's home. When you return to
the Konkalite hide out they will have transferred Zed to their prison.
Once in the Konkalite prison kill the guards and search them. Use the key they
have to open the grill at the end of the prison. Zed, in very bad condition
waits for you inside (occasion for a moving cinematic scene).
Before being taken over by the Evil of the Darkness he reveals Thanandar's plans
to you and gives you his "Tear of Life". Now there is only the monster left in
him. Have pity and kill him immediately!
The rest of the action is the same after this point, but this time it is your
father that is used to corrupt the "Heart of Light". An occasion to discover new
cinematic scenes.



The lights go out

When you leave the crypt (your hopes of being cured lost!), you meet the Great
Sunseer and Phedoria. Lory informs you of the worrying state of affairs in the
Stallite. Follow her to her "office" above the Council Chamber.
There, she informs you of the existence of a "tomb", the true source of the
Stallite's energy.
To find it, you must find what your father had been looking for all his life:
The path that leads to the source!
In his apartments you find a door that can only be opened with a very special
key. It is a crystal key made up of four distinct elements of which the first
part is in Lory's possession, it is the ring that Rylsadhar had given him at the
beginning of the day.

You must find the three other crystals that make up the key to open your
father's secret cabinet and profit from his research to find the tomb. Even
captain Phedoria is counting on you!

The first crystal is in the possession of a master builder Bandor. It is man
with black skin and a leg made of steel, he had often worked with your father.
When you leave the temple candles light all the Stallite, the Darkness having
succeeded in entering the Stallite's walls following the corruption of the Heart
of Light. Thanandar and his diabolical troops risk taking control of the

Go to the Builders' building, it is guarded by a vigil dressed in blue. To get
in you can of course kill him but you can also offer him some stohll after
having given him something salty to eat such as dried meat or fish. He cannot
hold alcohol and falls to the ground, drunk. If you choose to kill him, take
care of his weapon, it gives him the advantage of distance and causes serious
Once the guard is neutralised, go to the end of the corridor and take the lift.

When they see you arrive the builders are as surprised as they are terrified.
One of the two of them must be Bandor; the only problem is that they both have
black skin and a metal leg! Speak to them, of course they refuse to identify
Approach the workbench and take the parchment that you see. Approach one of the
fires and threaten to burn the precious plan. Bandor identifies himself, in fear
of seeing his work disappear in flames.

Go and speak to him and show him the first part of the key you have, he will
give you the second part.

Return to the lower City using the mechanical platform and go to the bunker of
which the entrance is marked with a red cross. Surprise!
Dhorkan is there, he is drawing something on the door, take out your weapon and
beat him. After your "amicable" agreement search him and, besides his weapons
and a map from Before you will find the third part of the crystal key.

The map gets you into the bunker; you have to put it in the box that is next to
the door.
Enter and search the room thoroughly. Behind the door, under a metal plate you
will find an object from "Before", a kind of electronic component with green
liquid inside.
Continue searching, you will find a gun behind one of the cryogenic cases. As is
the case for all the weapons that you have found, you must be sparing with
ammunition, even more so with this one, it is extremely powerful and you will
find very little appropriate ammunition.

Return to the Upper City via the secret passage that ends on Dhorkan's office.
Go to the prison and kill the guard (a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do –
especially with idiots).
Take his keys from him and open the cell to the right. A Konkalite is inside,
change to combat mode and kill him.
During this brief encounter, the Konkalite speaks of Zed, in light of the fact
that you have probably gleaned some information to find the last fragment (we
hope you use these solutions consciously), you will undoubtedly have learnt that
Zed was one of the people likely to be in possession of it. This Konkalite is in
fact one of the two that captured Zed and stole his crystal.
Although you find nothing when you search the body of the dead Konkalite, you
notice that the bed in the cell has moved.
Go into Dark mode and hit the bed. The crystal, hidden behind the bed falls to
the ground, pick it up.

You have collected all the pieces of the key that is now whole, Well done!




What happens in this chapter is optional and not necessary to finish the
adventure, but exploring outside will be useful to you as a way of reducing your
suffering, especially if you have consumed the potion that you found on

Return to the lower city and go to the bunker (the door marked with red). Go
through the door and climb the staircase as far as the guard's path that goes
over the gate to the Stallite. Once on the ramparts you will find the body of a
Guardian of Fire, its is not worth checking him. Continue along the ramparts as
far as the sentry box where the Wanderer Lodar is fighting a Konkalite.

Help the Wanderer and in gratitude, the explorer will give you a helmet. It is
the final piece that combined with the gas bottle from Before makes up the
aqualung that lets you breath under water. Thank the Wanderer and return to the
Lower City.

NB: If you kill the Wanderer, you can take the helmet from him, it is also
possible that the Konkalite kills Lodar and steals his helmet, in which case you
will have to fight him. If the Konkalite gets away, you can get it later at
Armal Sadak's home (who kills the Konkalite to avenge the Wanderer's death) in
exchange for a Yong piece that you found on the Wanderer.

Go to the sewers (the banks where the Konkalites live) and onto the passageway
which is just after the game save point before the staircase. There is a ladder
that goes down into the deep waters of the canal.

Put on your wet suit and go down.

Once under the water, walk until you see a passage marked by a wrought iron
arch. While you walk a creature from the Darklands attacks you. Fortunately it
is easy to kill despite being slowed down by the water.

As you follow the submerged corridor, check one of the skeletons on your right,
you'll find ammunition in the mud under the ribcage.

Once outside, you automatically take of your aqualung.

Go into combat mode immediately.

A Shankreature jumps down on you from the big cetacean skeleton. The monster is
quite vicious and you are allowed to use one of your firearms to get rid of it.

Continue along the beach, another Shankreature is in the corner of a cave that
is in front of you, same situation, same solution.

Pick up the poison that is on the ground in the cave, it's not very good but it
might come in useful...

Continue your path by wading in the black water to go around the rock. You will
find yourself in front of the entrance to a vast cave filled with luxuriant
vegetation (a miraculous sight on Dark Earth!).

Follow the path on the left until you find yourself in front of a pond guarded
by a giant snake that you will have to get rid of. Go into the water and climb
the staircase that leads to the hide out of Leona, the "Witch".

It is this charming person that your father came to see when he made his
excursions into the Darklands.

Do not scare her, and listen to what she has to say. She will give you more
information concerning the existence of the Tomb and will inform you of the
healing qualities of the water that flows at the foot of her shelter.

Return the way you had come and drink some water, your life level will reduce
dramatically, but the level of Darkness in your blood will also fall.

Attention: You can only drink this water twice for an entire life level.

If you try again, Arkhan will prevent himself automatically for fear of becoming
too weak to continue his mission. Return to the beach and go to the edge of the
water where you arrived, put your mask back on and return to the Lower City.

This little detour will at least reduce the Darkness that flows in your veins
for some time.

This will delay your transformation into a creature of the Darkness, which would
change your physical appearance to such an extent that it would be useless to
try and get help from anybody (apart from a few people), and you still need

Alternative route

If, for one reason or another, you have not succeeded in getting the crystals,
it is possible to get one from a block of crystal that is near the water where
there is the giant snake. To do that you must use the small axe that you found
at Danrys's home. You will get a piece of rough crystal that Danrys can cut in
the form of the other crystal keys that you can show him.

If Danrys is dead, you can even cut the key yourself. , You will have to put
some fuel into the machine the Danrys uses, as it is empty).



Saving Bogdaran's sexuality

After having got some information from Danrys concerning the object from Before
that is in your possession, he will tell you that you will be able to get some
more information from Bogdaran, the master oilier whose old uniform you took to
help Khali escape.

You will have to find a way to force Bogdaran to speak without him wetting
himself...Not easy!

Go and see the coward, his office is on the first floor of the barracks. Stand
in front of him and speak to him. He immediately gets scared and hides behind
the hopeless barrier of his small arms. Go into combat mode and pretend to hit
him once.

His little brain reacts and he realises that if you had wanted to kill him you
would have done so.

From now one, he will have the right attitude for you to have a real
conversation. Give him the object from Before and in exchange for a little
favour that you must do for him, Bogdaran promises to study the object. But
before you must do a little favour, go and get the object of his desire, no
other than the dancer Delia, is that all!

Return to the lower city and go to her home, she is still in one piece. Make
sure that you are presentable, if your transformation is too advanced she will
be afraid and refuse to follow you. You will therefore need to heal yourself by
drinking the potion or drinking the spring water in Leona's cave.

If all goes well, speak to Delia and tell her that Bogdaran is among the living,
she will be more than happy to follow you.

But as soon as you leave the backstage area, Maor the landlord bars your way, he
is also contaminated and even uglier than you are! Delia stays away from the
combat, try and convince her that you are a good bodyguard.

Once you have beaten Maor, Delia will follow you closely and you can go
everywhere. Return to the Upper City with the lift, Delia will not dare follow
you into Dhorkan's secret passage.

When you arrive you will see signs that clearly say, "all is not well". Your old
colleagues are scattered around on the floor, next to a creature that had
clearly done a lot of damage before deciding to die.

Go towards the barracks. You will meet a creature that is eating one of your
unfortunate colleagues. As usual Delia will take a step back at this point and
leave you to deal with the creature alone, be careful; he's very tough.

After the combat go and find Delia if she has not come to join you, and go up to
Bogdaran's laboratory.

Bogdaran and Delia are very happy to see each other once again, even if Delia
makes it quite clear that she is more impressed by your virility than the Master
Oiler's (speak to him in Dark Mode, you'll see!). After the thanks, remember to
ask Bogdaran what you want to know concerning the object from Before.

The object contains a substance that is extremely volatile when in contact with
water; one drop of water and it explodes immediately. Fortunately Bogdaran has
isolated the substance with oil in order to delay the explosion. However, you
really were very lucky when you took the underwater passage with the substance
on you!

NB: if Delia does not want to follow you or if Bogdaran is dead, you can always
isolate the substance yourself in oil by using the large oil container next to
the staircase.



Scientific sciences, explosive explosions and new news

Return to your father's apartments, it is highly likely that you will be met by
two guardians of Fire who have just killed the creature that had once been
Dunlys the man that Thanandar had claimed to "heal" at the beginning of the
game. Too afraid, they do not ask any questions and attack you immediately,
defend yourself and show them what you're made of!

Then go into your father's bedroom and insert the crystal key into the lock in
the wall. You are finally in Rylsadhar's secret laboratory. Go toward the
workbenches on the right and left.

On the bench you will find a parchment that confirms the existence of the "Runka
tomb" (phew, it exists!), as well as a document that will help you decipher the
motifs that you will find in the tomb later on.

Go to the small telescope, which is at the end of the table, and go into dark
mode. Arkhan hits the table and a hidden key falls. Pick it up, it will get you
into the well that is in the middle of the main square of the Upper City.

While we're on the subject, go to the well. Take the key and open the grill on
the side in front of the Builders' tower. Then throw the object from Before that
Bogdaran had repaired for you, turn around and get away as quickly as possible,

There is an incredible explosion and you will find the area has changed
somewhat: there is now an enormous hole in the main square!

Return to the fountain (now half destroyed) at the bottom of the staircase. On
the ground you will find a blade from the water pump) system, pick it up and go
to the other remaining pieces of the propeller. Replace the missing blade onto
the axle, go to the other end of the pole, go into dark mode (the only way of
convincing Arkhan to make such a dangerous jump) and use the strange apparatus
as a makeshift parachute.

The fall is quite a bad one, the propeller is broken and you crash to the floor
of a stone passage way at the bottom of the well. Fade to black.

When you wake up, a few minutes, or hours later you are approaching the final
part of your transformation. You will have to be fast if you do not want to lose
yourself to the Darkness!



The Tomb

Here you are in the "Tomb", an immense underground construction deep under the
Stallite; such an incredible sight makes one understand immediately that there
are supernatural forces at work here!

It is clear that the short cut that you have found was not part of its design,
the door that leads to the tomb is closed, you only have one solution, follow
the small passage which is behind you and cross the tomb in the other direction.

In the next room, notice the drawings that decorate the floor, it is a labyrinth
that you have to cross once you have activated the door. For the moment, there
is no danger.

Go to the small door that is on the other side of the room, it will close behind
you when you pass he threshold. Your journey ends here. The tomb opens onto a
very high cliff, it's not surprising that your father never found the entrance,
it was destroyed by the Great Cataclysm!

Return to the very gig door, on each side of the opening you will see two panels
with drawings that resemble those that that you saw in your father's secret
laboratory on the parchments. You must use the levers to select the right
"runes" to open the door. Start with the panel on the left and compose the
following sentence:


Then pass to the panel on the right and compose:


Feel free to use the translation parchment of your father's and try and use it
to find the symbols that correspond with the sentences above.

Once you are ready, activate the lever on the right to validate your code.

Once the right combination has been activated, the ground starts to tremble as
the door pivots to let you in; you are advised to save the game before going any

Now you are in front of the labyrinth, now activated. It is in fact very simple,
the path should be followed to your right and there are not too many paths that
go off in all directions. Really, it is very easy. The difficult bit is the
rotating blades that are along the length of the passage and that you should try
and avoid, they cut your head clean off in one go!

Stay calm and take your time.

It is simple to avoid the blades, when one of them comes toward you, press the
space bar to duck, press the space bar again to stand up straight and continue.

At the end of this passage you will see a game save point that is a little set
back from the labyrinth.

Light shines through the wall at the end. The door to the tomb seems to be about
to open, but you hear a voice from behind you: Thanandar! Your sworn enemy is
now before you, entirely transformed; now in the form of an enormous
creature...and he's clearly hungry! Get ready for a hard fight.

"One on One", Thanandar is invincible in this form, there's no point in beating
him to the ground, he'll get up even stronger and tear you pieces.

The only way to destroy him is to open the door to the tomb.

Start by knocking out your enemy (use your firearms as much as possible), and
use the time that he needs to recover to get to the door, there are two big

Push both the levers and a light comes on. You must but the light on the left
down, and the light on the right, up in order to activate the mechanism. And all
of that before Thanadar gets to you.



Epilogue: Victory of light over darkness!

You have succeeded! The great door opens flooding the room the room with light
and energy. Thanandar, who was totally corrupted by Shankr, explodes when he
comes into contact with the light. Riddled with pain (The Darkness reacts badly
with the energy), you drag yourself toward the Runka and the source of light
that you have just freed.

When you think that you are about to die, the creature of light welcomes you and
speaks to you. Your arrival has awakened it and it understands that there are
creatures of the Darkness all around. You entirely cured and light returns to
Sparta. Thanandar's creatures are all condemned to certain death, the town is
saved and Arkhan once more human. Congratulations, you have won!

We hope that you enjoyed playing Dark Earth as much as we did creating it.

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