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The  game takes place over three days. During the night you must sleep. Make
sure you are back in your house before nightfall each evening. If  you  fall
asleep  outside the house, all of your possessions will be stolen. Depending
on your point in the game you can possibly retrieve them from the  lost  and
found  box  in the Police Station. If you fall asleep in the Dark World, you
are found by the aliens and the game is over. Save your game often.


Go through the upper right door into the bathroom.  Point  at  the  medicine
cabinet to take a headache tablet. Use the shower to get cleaned up.

Exit through the right door into the second bedroom. Look at the coat in the
closet.  Look  at  it  again then retrieve the library card from the pocket.
Look at the card. Exit through the upper right door and go down the stairs.

Go through the left door into the study. Pick up the blueprint on the  desk.
Look  at  the  blueprint. Point at the right wall and you will open a secret
door. Enter the secret door. Turn around and open the secret door again  but
do  not go through it. Point at the ladder and go to the upper room. Pick up
the rope. Point at the door in that room to open it. Enter that door and you
will be back in the master bedroom. Turn around and  open  the  secret  door
again, but do not go through it.

Go  through  the upper left door onto the landing. Point at the ladder to go
up to the attic. There is a large trunk in the attic  blocking  an  opening.
Point  at  the handle on the side of the trunk to move it a bit. Point again
to move the trunk some more. This will expose a pocket watch which you point
at to wind; look at it to see what time it is. Point at the  trunk  a  third
time  and  move it clear of the opening. Go out through the opening onto the
balcony. Use the rope on the gargoyle and exit the balcony via the rope.

You will be in the back garden. Enter the small door on the right  into  the
garage.  Point  at  the  trunk to open it. Look at the trunk and pick up the
crowbar. Point at the trunk to close it again. Enter the car door. Point  at
the  glove  box and pick up the gloves. Go back into the garden and point at
the rope to return to the balcony. Go  back  into  the  attic  and  use  the
crowbar  on  the trunk lid to open the trunk. Look in the trunk. Pick up the
journal. Look at the journal. Go down through the hatch to the landing, down
the stairs to the lobby, and exit the house through the main doors.

If the doorbell rings during this first part of the game, go and answer  the
door.  The mailman will deliver a package containing a doll which appears to
be of no consequence to the game. If you miss the mailman, after  you  leave
the  house  you  will find the package left at the door. Pick up the package
and look at it.

Pick up the newspaper outside the house and look at it. Walk  to  the  right
until you come to Klug's Food Market. Enter the store and give your money to
the  clerk. Point at the bottle of scotch at the right side of the screen to
purchase it. Delbert will enter the store and give you his card. Look at the

Exit the store and continue right until you reach  the  library.  Enter  the
library. On the floor in front of the librarian's desk is a hairpin. Pick it
up. Give the library card to the librarian. She will tell you to put it back
in  the  book.  Go through the upper left door and enter aisle "C." Point at
the large green book on the bottom row. You will obtain a  piece  of  paper.
Look  at  the  paper.  Exit the library and go to the left until you go past
your house onto a path.

Follow the path to the cemetery. Go through the cemetery  gates  and  follow
the  path  around  to  a  screen  with two tombstones and a mausoleum in the
distance.  Take the path to the mausoleum. Stand in front of  the  door  and
point first at the left circle, then the upper circle, and finally the right
circle.  The door will open. Enter the mausoleum. Go through the door in the
center and point at the urn in the lower left corner of the screen to obtain
a key.

Return to the house. The phone will be ringing. Go to the master bedroom and
answer the phone. You will be told that there is a book waiting for  you  at
the library. Go to the library and point at the librarian. She will give you
a  book  which  you  will look at to get a message (the message tips you off
that you may sometimes get some information by listening to  the  car  radio
which you can do on Day 2 and 3 if you wish). Exit the library and return to
the house.

Enter  the  front  door  of  the house and take the door on the right to the
living room. Use the key on the grandfather clock and note  John  McKeegan's
name on the plaque. Look at the note taped on the mirror. The note will then
disappear. Go back to the lobby through the right upper door and go upstairs
to  the  master bedroom. This is all that must be done on Day 1. If you have
several hours remaining, you can go to the top of the next hour by  pressing
the "T" key. Do this until 10 pm. when you will go to sleep.


Go into the bathroom and point at the medicine cabinet for a headache tablet
and  take a shower. Go down to the lobby and press the "T" key to advance to
10 am. The doorbell will ring. Open the door and the  mailman  will  deliver
another package. This package contains the broken piece from the mirror.

Go to the living room and use the mirror piece on the mirror. This will make
the  mirror  a portal to the Dark World. Go through the mirror to the cocoon
room. Go through the upper right door to the Dark World house lobby. Go left
into the Dark World study. Look at the holograph on the desk. Go through the
door on the right  into  the  lower  transporter  room  and  walk  into  the
transport-  er  in  the center of the screen. You will be transported to the
upper level.  Exit the upper transporter room to  the  Dark  World  balcony.
Pick  up the binocu- lars and look at the scenery. Use the gloves to operate
the small lever located between the two doorways on the balcony.  This  will
open the main door below.

Return to the upper transporter room and use the transporter. Go back to the
Dark  World lobby and go through the main door on the upper left to the out-
side. Go left until you come to a cave. Enter  the  cave  and  pick  up  the
shovel.    Exit  the  cave  and  go right until you return to the Dark World
house. Go back through the main door and right to the cocoon room.  Go  back
through the mirror to the (relatively) normal world.

Exit  the  house and go to the cemetery. Go to the screen with the two tomb-
stones and take the right path to the screen with the four tombstones.  Look
at the third tombstone from the left. This is John McKeegan's grave. Use the
shovel on the grave to obtain yet another note. Read the note then return to
the house.

A  Policeman will be waiting outside the house. He will arrest you and throw
you in jail. Put everything you can under the pillow in the jail cell except
for the bottle of scotch and Delbert's card. Pick up the tin cup and use the
cup on the cell bars to attract the Policeman's attention. Give the card  to
the  Policeman  who  will  then let you out. You will be alone in the Police
Sta- tion. Pick up the gun hanging on the wall. Exit the Police Station  and
return to the front of your house. Go through the bushes to the right of the
house to get to the back garden. Make sure you save your game at this point.

Advance  the  time with the "T" key, pausing for a couple of seconds between
each keystroke. As soon as Delbert appears it is 6  pm.  You  will  need  to
complete  the remainder of Day 2's tasks fairly quickly; otherwise, you will
run out of time in the Dark World.

Follow Delbert to the right into his back yard. Delbert will be  throwing  a
stick  to  his  dog.  Give  Delbert the bottle of scotch. He will depart and
leave you the stick he was throwing. Pick up the stick.

Go back around your house, through the front door,  right  into  the  living
room,  and  through the mirror. Go to the Dark World lobby and exit the Dark
World house. Go to the right until you reach a bridge which is guarded by an
alien beast. Throw the stick to the right of the beast. It will jump off the
bridge after the stick. Cross the bridge.

The first building you come to is the Dark World Police Station.  Enter  the
Station.  An Alien Cop will arrest you and throw you into jail. Point at the
pillow in the cell to retrieve your belongings. Use the hairpin to pick  the
cell door lock. You must do this twice in order to succeed.

Outside  of  the  cell  you  will  see  another alien prisoner. Give him the
hairpin and he will give you an invisibility ring.  Talk  to  him  first  if
you'd like to see another screen, but remember: time is of the essence here.
Exit  the  cell  block  through  the  upper center door. Exit the Dark World
Police Station.

Go right until you reach the Dark World library which is guarded by an alien
guard. Use the invisibility ring to get past the guard. Enter the Dark World
library and point at the console (not the screen). A figure will  appear  on
the  screen.  Talk  to  the  figure  and  she  will  provide  you  with some
information and give you a microfilm. Exit the Dark  World  library  and  go
left  until you reach the Dark World house. Enter the house, go right to the
cocoon room, and back through the mirror to the normal  world.  Go  upstairs
and point at the bed to go to sleep.


Go into the bathroom and point at the medicine cabinet for a headache tablet
and  take a shower. Go downstairs to the lobby, exit the house, and go right
until you reach the library. Enter the library. Go through the  right  door.
Point  at  the  microfilm  viewer  to  light it and use the microfilm on the
viewer.  Read the message then turn off the viewer.

Exit the library and go left to Klug's Food Market. Enter  the  store,  give
your money to the clerk, and purchase a new bottle of scotch. Exit the store
and  return  to your house. If a package is not already waiting on the front
step, enter the house through the main door; around 10 am. the doorbell will
ring and the mailman will deliver a third package which contains a handle.

Go right into the living room and take the upper left door to  the  kitchen.
Take  the  upper  right  door to the cellar. In the center of the floor is a
rectangular flagstone. Pick up the block. Look in the hole in the floor  and
you  will see a set of keys. Pick up the keys. Note that the flagstone is in
your possession and that it has a hole in it. Exit the cellar,  go  back  to
the living room, and enter the Dark World.

Exit the Dark World house, then go left until you reach the cave. Go through
the  door  at  the  back of the cave into the Ancient's room. Go through the
door at the back of the Ancient's room to the main power supply room. On the
left wall is the power nexus which is a rectangular hole. Put the  flagstone
into the nexus. It will energize and heat the stone. Use the handle with the
ener- gized stone and it will form a hammer. Put the hammer in the nexus and
it  will  fuse into a dense material. Leave the power supply room and return
to the normal world.

The phone will be ringing. Go to the master bedroom and answer the phone for
another hint. Go up to the balcony and use the rope to leave  the  house  (a
Policeman  is  waiting  to  arrest  you at the front door which will end the
game).  Enter the garage. Put the scotch into the car's gas tank. Enter  the
car and use the keys in the ignition to start the car. The car will only run
for a certain time on a bottle of scotch; so, do not delay too long with the
next part.

Return  to  the  house  via  the rope. Go to the living room and through the
mirror to the Dark World. Exit the Dark World house. The small door  to  the
left  of  the  main door is the entrance to a spaceship. Enter the spaceship
and use the gloves to operate the  lever  on  the  left  side  of  the  main
console.  This  starts  the  spaceship's  engine.  Exit  the  spaceship. The
spaceship will take off and you will be returned to the normal  world.  With
the  ship  gone,  the  mirror is now de-energized and the portal to the Dark
World is closed. Use the hammer to break  the  mirror.  The  librarian  will
arrive at the front door with an item for you and the game ends.

Jos Chrispijn

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