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                      Challenge of the Five Realms

Main Plot

Ballytogue-  In the castle, talk to Hastings who is located outside the
            the bedroom in the hall.  Then go to the basement and pick
            up the spell components and other objects in the kitchen
            and weapons room.  You should also talk to Wilagon Blacklost
            in the kitchen.  He will give you the book of Equus.  Go to
            Shiliko's hut in the northwestern corner of Ballytogue.
            Pick up all the items.  Next, go to the bar next to the pawn
            shop and fight the Hammerhead Brothers.  Take the items left
            after combat to the bar in the southwest corner of the city
            and recruit Sir John Oldcastle.

Farinor-     First, talk to the beggar in the northern part of the city.
            He will offer to sell your a Spirit Lamp.  Buy it, as it is
            necessary to recruit the Alveolan King.  To recruit Cynna
            Bane, talk to Thurias Foolkiller, then threaten him.  Follow
            what he tells you to do.  This will involve stepping into a
            trap, so make sure that you are well fed and rested to survive
            the damage.  Go back and talk to and threaten him again. Go
            to Cynna Bane's hut and do what she asks you to do.  Talk to
            her again and she will join your party.

SouthFrost-  Kill the Reyal monsters located in the northeastern part of
            the city.  Next go south and talk to Azron.  He will reward
            you for killing the Reyals by telling your where to find the
            witch Cagliostra and give you the Witch's Orb to get past the

Fremont-     You can recruit the wizard Heltura by just talking to her.
            Deostrus will tell you the location of the Hidden Wizard's
            Guild if you bring him his beloved Marinda from Pendar.

Greenberry-  Talk to Mayor Zamtine, he will give you the key to the
            Archives.  Go to the Archives and fight the Goromond
            Knights located there.  Pick up the Decree Banishing
            Magic.  Go to the town square and buy the Enchanted Oil
            to use in the Spirit Lamp.

Mines of     Enter the mines with the Decree Banishing Magic and the
Signor-      Witch's Orb.  Find Stellerex at the end of the maze. He
            is the first person you will see.  Talk to him and do what
            he asks and he will join your party.

Cliffs of    Talk to your mother's ghost.

Silvermoor-  Talk to all the artists and writers that you find and buy
            what they're selling.  Go to the theatre in the centre of
            the city.  Take the theatre costumes and the spell components.

Pendar-      Buy the ship's passage.  Cast the revisibility spell.  Go
            to the world map and choose Sea of Belgron.  You will enter
            realm of Thalassy.

Thalassy-    You will enter in Arrado.  Talk to the Emperor who is south-
            west of the city.  Next go to the Sunken ship and use the
            search command to find Laxalt's Speargun.  Take the weapon to
            the Emperor.  The cast the Friend spell on the whale Voolz.
            Talk to the Emperor, he will join your party.  Take the crown
            from his inventory and place it in your.  If you do not do this
            and he leaves your party for any reason or is killed, you cannot
            win the game.  (The applies to all 5 crowns.)  Be sure to pick
            up a Vial of Thalassian Water.

Buntonderry- Buy meat from one of the 2 butchers.  One will sell you spoiled
            meat and the other will sell you good meat.  Make sure you get
            some of the good meat.  Go to the middle barn on the left side
            of the city.  In the barn, cast an open lock spell (or pick the
            lock) on the door on the left.  Enter the silo and fight the
            bandits.  Talk to the Sheriff, he will join your party.  Go to
            the barn in the lower left hand corner of the city and talk to
            Felrid.  He will join your party.  Felrid is needed to complete
            the game, so keep him safe.

Skyhold-     Go to the brewery on the left side of the map.  Pick up some ale.

Al-Bahdri-   Go to the southern part of the city.  Drop the ale and meat.
            Talk to Haggian the gnome.  Enter the mountain area to the
            south.  Fight the lions, ogres and snakes.  Enter the cave on
            the north edge of the map.  Talk to Sir Valakor.  He will join
            your party if you have the Queen's diamond ring.  Leave the cave
            and enter the portal to Alveola.

Alveola-     Find King Aramacan.  You can find him in his castle in the
            centre of the city.  Talk to the king then use the spirit lamp
            The King will join your party.  Be sure to pick up some
            Alveolan Soil.   Visit a pawn shop and purchase a shovel.

Castle       Cast the Fly spell and enter the castle through the hole in
Thiris-      the roof.  Walk 6 paces north of the ststue in the entry hall
            and use the shovel to dig up the scrolls of Shamar.  It is not
            easy to find, so just keep trying 'till you hit the right spot.

Castle       Enter the Castle and fight the guards.  Go to the basement
Duras-       and talk to Queen Feya's Spirit.  She will give you the Spirit  
            Chains, a necessary item for the Slay Evil spell to kill
            Grimnoth.  Take the King's Knighting sword from the room on
            the first floor's east wing.

Castle       Go to Pendar.  From Pendar choose the world map and choose
Ventrax-     Castle Ventrax.  You are now on the island of Jupiles.  Enter
            the castle and speak with Kuvey Lyter.  In exchange for the
            Knighting sword he will give you knights and archers to aid in
            your quest.  To leave the island, you must choose Pendar from
            the world map.

Thornkeep-   Go to the church in the middle of the city.  Enter the church
            and talk to Brother Mallochius.  He will give you the Ring
            of Transforming.  Then talk to Thermar the Holy, he will give
            you the Crystal Ball in exchange for the Scrolls of Shamar.
            The Crystal Ball tells you the components necessary for the
            Restoration spell.

Commington   Find the Tree Knights (Blaxton's Knights) in the north of the
Forest-      forest.  Talk to Sir Blaxton only once.  He will try to kill
            you if you speak with him a second time.  The portal to
            Fraywood is behind the Tree Knights.  You can get to it 3
            ways:  fly over the knights, kill them, or give the Ring of
            Transforming to Sir Blaxton.  If you use the Ring, the knights
            will join your party.

Fraywood-    First, talk to the King.  Find the culprit (Brodo) behind the
            practical joke played on him.  To do this, first talk to and
            then threaten the Apothecary, Faris.  Take the note that he
            gives you to the King.  Then go to the other Apothecary,
            Ladrian, who is standing outside in the northwest corner.
            Buy the Broche Powder.  Next find Brodo in his house and talk
            to him.  Pick up the wine and give it to him, the Broche
            powder is automatically added.  Go back to the King and tell
            him that Brodo has been taken care of.  The King also wants you
            to take care of the Razers in Commington Forest.  Go through
            the portal and back to Commington Forest.  Talk to the 4
            Razers and persuade them to stop cutting down the forest.  
            After this is done, go back to the King in Fraywood and he will
            join your party.  You also need to find the Unicorn Horn in
            Fraywood.  First, talk to Gwin Aerlynbane.  Cast a truth spell
            on Rianen Aerlynbane.  She will tell you where the Chastity
            Belt Key is to be found.  Take the Key to Gwin and use it.  She
            will join your party.  When you leave the building, the
            Unicorn will be there.  Talk to him.  Use the search command to
            find an Acorn in Fraywood before leaving.

Vinazia-     To get to Vinazia without losing anyone in your party, you must
            do one of 3 things when going there:  teleport, buy passage
            and disguise yourself with the theatre costumes, or book private
            passage with the sailor Kier Planck (found in a tavern in
            Galraven). Fight your way to the castle.  Once inside the castle
            fight your way to the second floor.  On the second floor, you
            will find Duke Goromond.  Kill the Duke and retrieve the Crown
            of Alonia.

Mt. Shasta-  First, find the Giant's house at the top of the mountain.  Take
            one of his poems.  The portal to Aerieus is found in the cave.
            You must defeat the dragon in the cave.  If the revisibility
            spell has been cast, the portal will appear.

Aerieus-     First, talk with the King and discover the assassin
            (Senator Tonerridge) who is out to kill the King by casting
            the Truth spell on NPC's.  Next, bring Senator Glorenzia
            the Newspaper from Burano (get the Newspaper from Renjac
            Taskmaster by first casting a Truth spell on him and then
            bringing him the Parchment Paper and Ink supply from Fenaysia).  
            Third, talk to Senator McKlennia, then go to Nyxx and talk to
            Quetzl Too, you will then receive the Book of Wisdom.  By
            rescuing Chauncey Garedener from the Peregrine Rogues in Nyxx
            and returning him to the home of Aramdrac Mason in Fenaysia,
            you will receive a Vial of Aeriean Air.

Ruddiquid-   After you collect all 5 crowns go to Castle Thiris and enter
            the portal to Ruddiquid.  AFter entereing, cast the Restoration
            Spell.  You must fight your way through the maze to finally
            come upon Grimnoth himself.  You must cast the Slay Evil spell
            on Grimnoth.  Demons are very difficult to beat but you can use
            magic and weapons on them.  Skeleton warriors are killed only
            by magic.  Beezleroths sometimes bounce magic back at you, so
            it is not always a good idea to cast an explode spell on them.



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