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Solution for Blue Force.
My rating for this game: 9.9 out of 10.

New rookie:
- Enter the department building through employee entrance.
 Enter the briefing room. Pay attention carefully to what the sergeant says.
 Take Follet's rap sheet from the shelf (1) and read it.
 Go to parking lot and pick the third motorcycle from left. Touch the
 ignition button to start. From here, you may go to anywhere in the city.
 Unless you go to Marina, the radio will dispatch a report about violence
 in progress at Carter's Marina. Send 10-4 (received message) (1) back and
 head to Marina.

Scene at Carter's Marina:
- When you arrive there, you can see a woman is comforting a boy nearby the
 dock. Talk to them until you hear a gunshot. Go back to your motorcycle.
 Send 10-97 (arrive at scene) (1) and 10-35 (request for back-up) (5).
 Go back to where they are and wait until your back-up partner arrive.
 Head to a yacht named FUTURE-WAVE. Draw your gun. Knock the door until
 it is opened and enter the boat. Inside, you will see a door to bedroom
 is being closed slowly. Approach it, open it and enter the bedroom.

 You will see a man with a woman in his arm. He is pointing a gun at her.
 He tells both of you to drop your gun. Never do that. Keep talking to him
 until you convince him that he is helpless and drop his gun (5).
 Handcuff him (5) before you search him (5). Pick up his gun (3). Tell to
 your partner to send him away. Talk to Laura, the boy's mother. Bring her
 to paramedics who are waiting outside.

 Go back to your motorcycle, dispatch 10-15 (prisoner in custody) (1),
 10-27 (subject check) (1) and 10-98 (cleared scene) (1). Head to city jail.
 Inside, fill out a booking slip with information from Bradford Green's
 license found during the search. Give it to Larry. He will give back its
 copy and your handcuff (3).

 Go to your PD, book both the gun (3) and knife (3) to Barry. Put the copy
 of the booking slip in Sutter's mail slot (on upper left corner) (3).
 Your first case is done.

 Things fun to do here:
 - Entering the yacht without your back-up.
 - Leaving before you handle the situation.

Scene at Tower District:
- While you are at PD, read an interoffice memo (1) and a teletype from
 ATF (3) that are tacked on the bulletin boards.

- Back to patrol. Shortly, you will pull over a suspicious truck at tower
 district. A rough passenger come out from the truck. Remember what the
 sergeant said about Tower District. Back to your motorcycle, dispatch
 10-97 (1) and 10-35 (5). Open the compartment in your vehicle. Take out
 your ticket book (1) of it. Doug, your partner arrives shortly after.
 You can proceed with questioning the man. Keep questioning him until
 you have enough reason to handcuff him (3). Search him afterward (5).
 Now tell the driver to step outside. Repeat the question on him.
 Ticket him for his reckless driving (3). Tell your partner to handcuff him.
 You now can proceed to check the truck (3).

 In the truck, examine the built-in shelf on the dashboard. There are
 two .22 cartridges and one 9mm cartridge. Check it against the rap sheet (5).
 A possible connection to the stolen ammunition. Get all the cartridges (3).
 Next, look at the lever at the driver seat. Move it. Hidden underneath it
 are a blond wig and a rifle. Check the rifle's serial number against the
 rap sheet (5). It matches. Retrieve all of these evidence (3) and tell Doug
 about it.

 Back to your motorcycle. Dispatch 10-15 (1), 10-27 (1) and 10-98 (1).
 Head to city jail. Fill out the booking form using Frank's id. Give it to
 Larry (3). Back to PD, book the rifle (3), the cartridge (3), the gun (3)
 and the blond wig (3) to Barry. Submit the booking slip into Sutter's mail
 slot (3). Your first day's duty ends here.

Things fun to try:
- Questioning the occupants without your partner.

Back to home:
- Change your clothes and head home. Your granny there will tell you that
 someone called from Child Protective Service asking you to retrieve Skip's
 baseball card from the yacht.

- Back to Marina. Head west to Carter's rental office. Just outide of it,
 examine the bulletin board. There is a note for Skip about his lost card.
 Retrieve it and enter the office (1). Give the note to Mr. Carter (3).
 He'll give you the card and a free rent coupon book as a reward.

- Go to CPS. Find Laura and her son. Talk to her and give the card to
 Skip (3). Invite them to dinner.

- After the dinner, you will ask them to relieve their mind at the beach.
 At backyard of your house, release your dog, open the gate and walk into
 the beach. Talk with Laura for awhile and then play with your dog until
 your dog retrieve a different playstick. Observe it and pick it up.
 Talk to Laura and head back home.

- Lyle Jamison is at home. Talk with him and make introduction to each other.
 Send Laura and Skip to home. Talk to Jamison until he mention something
 about you picking junk off the beach. Show the strange piece of wood you
 picked at the beach to him (3). Say goodbye to Jamison.

- Talk to your Granny and head to your den. Look at the collections at the
 display. One of them is your father's badge. Examine its number. Now,
 open the shoebox on the bookshelf (1). Your bank along with your baseball
 cards are there. Look at (1) and open (5) your bank. The combination number
 is your father's badge number. Get an Indian nickel out of it (1).

- Back to living room and say goodnight to your granny.

Second day, Inspection and other duty:
- Back at PD, observe your mail slot. Take a coupled paper out of it (1).
 It was from the DA, Stuart Cox who dismissed both of your cases and set
 all of your prisoners free. Go to briefing room. Just like what was
 written on yesterday memo, an inspection is scheduled after the briefing.
 So, clean your gun with the kit in the hall (3). Go to the parking lot
 for the inspection.

- Go to your motorcycle. Take out your ticket book from the compartment.
 Head to Jamison and Ryan's office. Notice an old car which is parked
 illegally? Ticket it (3). Enter the building. Talk with Jamison about
 yesterday strange piece of crate. Back to your motorcycle. Your radio
 dispatches a request for back-up at Bikini Hut. Send 10-4 (1).

- Go to Bikini Hut and talk to your partner. This is a DUI case. Try to
 talk to the driver inside the car. Back to your motorcycle, send 10-97 (1),
 10-27 (1) and 10-35 (1) (bug?). Back to your duty, ask Doug to open the
 trunk of his patrol car (hand on the trunk). Pick a spring-loaded punch
 out of it (3) and use it to break the window of the drunk driver's car (3).
 He will fall out. Help him stand and cuff him. Your partner will takeover
 it and the rest. You are back to your motorcycle. Send 10-98 (1) and
 10-15 (1).

 Things fun to try:
 - Fail to clean your gun before inspection.
 - Clean your gun while it is loaded.

Investigating your case:
- Now when you leave the area, you are suddenly struck down by a speeding car.
 You spend your days in hospital. When you are back at your home, Jamison
 visits you to give you a partnership card. After he leaves, talk to your
 granny. Do what she says. Go into your den and turn on the computer (1).
 There are a letter from your dad to your mom and a locked one named Cobb.
 Click Cobb and enter the password (3). The password is your mom's name.
 Click it again. The name Bradford Green and S.C appear. Do they ring
 a bell? Print out the blueprint/ledger pages (3).

- Go to City Hall. Give the blueprint/ledger to Jim (3). He will tell you
 that it was run by Stuart Cox, the DA. Head to Jamison and your office.
 While he is taking the errand, examine the files of your parent's case.
 Read the clipping and get the microfiche film from it (1). Insert it into
 microfiche viewer (3). Examine all the details. When you are done, exit.
 Present Jamison with Follet's rap sheet and the blueprint you just found.
 FAX the blueprint to the police HQ to get Cobb's rap sheet (3).
 You are now on the right road.

- Go to the PD. Present Cobb's rap sheet to Barry for his mug shot (5).
 Go to Tony's bar. Ask Tony about Cobb and show him his mug shot (3).
 Tony will then point to Kate (Cobb's girlfriend who is there). Show your
 badge at her (3). Ask her anything about Cobb until she write you a name
 "weasel" on a napkin and give it to you (1).

- Go to Alley Cat (A bowling center). Show your badge to the manager (3) and
 show him the napkin (3). He will call out one of his worker "weasel". He is
 Forest Follet. Show Follet his rap's sheet (3) and talk with him until
 he gives you a name, Nico. After Jamison can him, talk to the manager
 again for his personal belongings which is a key to weasel trailer at
 Bikini Hut.

- Go to Bikini Hut. Talk to Jamison. While he sends weasel to Sutter,
 investigate his trailer. Unlock it. Inside, observe a box full of
 9mm cartridges on top of the cabinets. Take it (3). Nearby the TV, there
 is a pair of old boots. Pick it up (3) and observe it. The boots has
 a strange heel. Touch it to reveal a hidden compartment in it.
 Get a slip of paper out from it (5). The paper details all the schedule of
 weapon shipments. Get out of the trailer and tell Jamison about them.

- Back to the office, you can now rest for tomorrow's crackdown.

- Go to Marina. Meet Mr. Carter. Ask him anything about Bradford Green.
 Give him the coupon book (3). He will present you with a box of keys.
 Take out from it a key marked "Rent" (3). After doing that, he mentions
 something about collecting coins. Show him your old Indian nickel (5).
 When he checks it in back of his shop, pick the key to Future-Wave from
 the box (5).

- Go to Future-Wave, use the key to unlock its entrance (1). Search the plant
 pot on the table. Get a hidden key from it (3). Outside of the yacht, there
 is a firebox. Open it and get a hook out of it (3). Go to the dock near
 Mr. Carter's office. Pick the fishing net nearby (3). Drive your rented boat
 to the island.

Marble Head Island:
- On the beach, there is a closed crate. Open it and pick out oily rags (3)
 and a jar of diesel fuel (3) from it. Follow the path until you arrive
 at a warehouse. Throw the net onto the guarding dog (5). Unlock the gate (3)
 with the key found at Future-Wave and open it. Do the same to the door (3)
 to the building.

- Inside, it is dark. But you can see something moving there. Approach it.
 Below is a circuit breaker box. Open it and switch all switches inside it
 until you turn on the light (3). Open the two panels on the box. Next, get
 the black cord laying on top of a forklift (3). Connect it to the sockets of
 the portable generator (3) and the circuit breaker box (3). Turn on the
 generator (3) and switch the switch inside a panel (5). This will open the
 false wall to reveal a hidden room. Inside the room, open a crate that is
 laying on the floor. Examine it (3). Those are the stolen guns. Grab one of
 those as evidence (3). Now all to do is to cover the track.

- Close the wall (3), unplug and return the black cord (3), turn off the
 generator (3) and the light (3), close and lock the door (3) and do the same
 to the gate (3), retrieve the net using the hook (5) and head back to the

- Back at Marina, return the keys to Mr. Carter (5). Head to your office and
 present Jamison your evidence. You are now done for this day.

The last day:
- Go to Marina. Rent the boat (3) (3) and with Jamison, sail back to the
 island. The Future-Wave is there. Approach the boat. Yell at the door.
 Bradford is there and he won't open the door. Get a screwdriver underneath
 the seat in your boat (3). Use it to unscrew the metal locker attached to
 FUTURE-WAVE's wall (3). Inside the locker, get the flare (3). Now throw into
 the ship's air vent, the oily rags (3), the diesel fuel (3) and the flare.
 The smoke caused by it will force Bradford to open the door (5). He is
 again with his fake threat holding a grenade. Talk with him again until
 you can safely handcuff him (5). Search him and pick out his grenade (5).
 Back to your boat and head to the island.

- On your path to the warehouse, there is your gunman (one of the crooks
 you have busted before). Since he won't surrender in spite of your order,
 throw the grenade at him (5). Search his dead body for a whistle (3).
 Meanwhile, Jamison did the same to the other crook.

- Proceed until you arrive at the warehouse. Blow the whistle and dog will
 do no harm. Unlock and open the doors to the building. Inside, you can
 see the shadow of two people in the hidden room. Close the wall (3). Get
 the yellow cord from it. This also gives you a good position to aim your
 gun. Tell Jamison to open the wall. One of the men steps outside. You now
 are face-to-face to the one you are long to seek its justice. Talk to him
 until he drops his gun and Stuart Cox, the other man in that room also
 surrenders. Use the yellow cord to secure Nico (3) and Stuart (3). Just
 after you do that, the ATF team comes in. Search them (3) (3) before you
 turn them to ATF team.

- All the criminals face their sentences and justice has prevailed once again.

 DONE at 3420.

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