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Editor's note: Many thanks to Iwata Shoji ( whose walkthru
for the Japanese version of the game I relied on heavily to finish the game.
It still took us 51 hours but they were all enjoyable. This updated version
of walkthru includes details of what to find in each location, and a list of
the items and their uses. (The levels suggested are only guide-lines but you
might find life difficult at lower levels).

Isla Village Introduction of characters. FINN, our hero. STEINER, his pet
dragon. ANNIE, his childhood friend - a feisty young lady. Galahad and
Sonya, Annie's parents who foster Finn. Sir Kevins, Finn's father. Finn and
Steiner go south to the Cave of Spirits to collect Spirit Water for Galahad.
Herb x2, Antidote, Short sword. Storage chest - Herb x2, Antidote x4, Light

Cave of Spirits Annie appears, then runs off. Follow her. After a vain
attempt to rescue her from the Kraken go to the Spirit Water pool and fill
the Flask. Return to the swampy area and use the Spirit Water. Annie joins
the party. Source of Wisdom.

Isla Village Return to the village. PERCY, Annie's brother, staggers in.
Annie learns healing magic and saves him. Bandore troops have attacked
Marion Castle. Finn and Percy set off there, accompanied by Annie.

Marion Castle Town and Castle are under Bandore control. Prince EDWARD has
been captured and will be executed unless his bodyguard, Sir SAMSON, gives
himself up. Follow Samson into the underground passage through the
graveyard. Samson joins. Rescue Edward. Samson is cursed by Ramue and drops
from level 15 to level 1. The party splits and Finn, Percy and Annie travel
east to the border church with the Royal Pendant from Edward for the pastor
of the church. Explore castle before leaving. Smoke bomb.

Border Church - St Baldricks Pass through the church. Samson and Edward join
the party. Solve the picture puzzle to go into the cave behind. (Trial and
error will activate the picture). Resist jewel, Antidote.

Border Cave Percy stays behind as a rearguard (foolish boy) while the rest
of the party continue through the cave. Collect a priest on the way.
Blizzard card, Herb, Source of Agility.

Mountain Cottage Rest and save. Healing herb.

Dragon's Cave (south entrance) Explore. Healing herb.

Two Trees. Pass through the forest via two trees. Up the first, moving the
sleeping woodlice to block the holes; then down the second, falling through
holes and not bouncing off spiders webs. Steel mail, Counter jewel, Source
of life.

Cave Counter orb.

Zalagoon Town Talk to everyone and then fall down the wells (3) to find the
way into the castle. Meet Sir Bison and Queen Scarlet, then go back to the
town. The party will be allowed into the castle where Edward and Samson are
accused of being impostors. Samson's strength is tested but he fails the
test because of the curse. The party is thrown out. Go through the sewers
again to meet Queen Scarlet who gives you the Magic Bean. Samson is told to
go to the Village of the Elders, in the south west, to have the curse
removed and then return to Zalagoon. Unfortunately the direct passage is
controlled by Bandore soldiers so you have to go by the long, scenic route
down the coast. Sewers. Smoke bomb, Source of Magic, Bronze Key. Magic Bean.

Ophera Village Not much to see but the shop sells Mage's Potions (20 MP
replaced). Healing herb, Smoke bomb, Flame card.

Luna Town South east of Ophera. Absolutely no pirates (but wait until dark
when the tide goes out). Don't worry about not being able to buy a boat.
Travel north towards Simone.

Cave to Simone Village. Make sure you find the Green Emerald which a
careless magician has dropped and then go to Simone. Broad sword, Flame
card, Power gauntlet. Magic emerald.

Simone Village (level 12) Talk to everyone including the elders in the tree
on the northern path from the village. Return the Green Emerald to the
magician. After the explosion a yellow blob will follow you. When you exit
the village the blob will turn into TONT who joins your party. Source of
Agility x2, Antidote, Tempest jewel.

Arawn's Palace Go down through the levels to find the Moon Crescent which
will turn day into night in Luna. Smoke bomb, Dragon card, Firedrake vase,
Moon crescent.

Luna Town (night) Use the Moon Crescent while outside Luna and then enter.
Wow, the place has changed. Talk to everyone, buy weapons and then go out.
When you go back in, exchange the Moon Crescent for the Statue of Gaea by
talking to one of the men on the dock. Healing herb, Source of Growth,
Critical jewel.

Rainbow Valley On the way to Jonowan. East of Luna in a little forested gap
in the mountains. The first part is misty but both parts have chain-tongued
heads which will grab you. Either use them or avoid them by walking out of
range. Angel ribbon, Source of Vitality.

Jonowan Look at everything and then activate the Monument in the village by
following the instructions given on the large statue. (The most difficult
thing is working out where the centre of the four rocks is). Using the
Statue of Gaea will open a causeway across to the island. Cure herb, Source
of Wisdom.

Shrine of Water (level 16) Work your way up the levels of the shrine.
Manoeuvre the stalking statues onto the appropriate floor panels. Beware!
the pink glowing tiles will remove MPs and they cannot be restored. At the
top of the shrine is the first Boss. As he is a Water Demon use as much Fire
as possible. Meet DOMINO and receive the Vase of Life from him. Steel plate,
Battle dress, Vase of Life.

Arawn's Tower Use the Magic Bean and the Vase of Life to create an enormous
beanstalk up to the Tower. Unfortunately it is not fully grown so you will
have water the buds and small leaves to reach the top.(Great mail). Work
your way up the Tower using the Sun and Moon doors to raise and lower the
blocks. While travelling up keep your eyes peeled for a Hammer, and a crack
in the floor, which will allow you to access the right side of the Tower.
Continue up until you reach an area with three jewels set in the wall. The
pink one will restore VP/LP and the blue MP. The one in the centre
resurrects any dead party member and then summons Arawn. Arawn gives every
member of the party a Light Orb which can be used to warp from place to
place, once the party exceeds five members. He also gives you one of the
Ancient Tablets that are needed to raise the Flying Palace. Then the party
is transported to the Mystic Shrine where Master Zeon lifts the curse from
Samson. Tempest sword. Ancient Tablet. Wind cloak (Mystic Shrine)

Cave above Mystic Shrine The fast way to get back to Zalagoon. Warning - the
two soldiers are very tough. Healing herb.

Zalagoon Castle (level 21) The town is deserted and only the inn is open.
Get into the castle via the cellars. Samson uses his strength to prove his
identity and the royal adviser, Glade, goes mad.(One of the funnier scenes).
He is revealed as a traitor and turns into a Demon. No particular strategy
for defeating him - hit and hope. Accept the plaudits of the crowd, explore
the castle and buy new weapons. Monster bait, Guiding Branch, Iron Plate,
Cure herb, Heavy mail.

Marion Castle Return to Marion via the Dragon Cave (north entrance) and the
Border Cave where the gate is now open. Before you enter the town go to the
bridge south of St Baldricks and defeat the soldiers. Then you can get into
Marion Castle. Follow the soldiers, watch the Emperor escape and then make
your way up to the West Tower. There you will get a Steel Key which will
open the locked gate. Ramue and Lord Shutat escape taking Lord Kevins and a
masked prisoner with them. The party decides to follow them to Bandore but
Edward and Samson stay in Marion. Healing herb, Thunder card (Dragon Cave).
Steel key, Source of Defense, Thunder card, Mages potion.

Bandore Town and Castle (level 23) At the bridge Edward and Samson rejoin.
(Mages potion, Healing potion, Source of Growth). There is a long walk west
to a bridge and then east to Bandore Castle next to a volcano. Find the
volcano dungeon path to get into the castle. (Flame scroll). One of the
guards has the key to allow you to talk to Lord Kevins in the dungeon. Go
east towards the volcano from the castle to stop the execution of Lord
Kevins. A masked stranger will help you. Unfortunately it's a trap and Lord
Kevins and Yeon, one of Shutat's generals, fall into the volcano. (Remember
to pop into the cave to the right). The Gold Key will also allow you to
enter through the door in the dungeon to obtain an Ancient Tablet. Domino
reappears, offers his boat to you and joins the party. Before setting sail,
explore the castle, the dock and the ship. (Now you can start using the
Light Orb). Ring of Revenge, Chain key, Angels Ocarina, Ancient Tablet,
Silver Key, Robe of Darkness, Critical Orb, Gold Key, Wind vase, Healing
potion, Dragon card, Healing herb x2.

Discipline Island Sail there. The members of the party need to at level 20
before they can change class but only Finn has to undertake the challenge.
The patterns up the stairs are the same as the ones on the floor below so
work your way round to the treasure chests. The one in the centre containing
the Mystic Sword ends the challenge. Use the island as a training ground for
anyone not at level 20. Healing potion, Chaos shield, Blizzard scroll.
Labyrinth - Source of Power, Heavy shield, Mystic Blade.

Leave Village/Barbaros Castle On the east coast of Aridia. (Guiding branch,
Demons leather, Reviving herb). Sail or fly there on your way to Barbaros
Castle. Steiner cannot land at Barbaros but use him to work out the route to
the castle. Sail round the coast and up the river, then walk. The King,
before dying, asks you to look after his daughter and gives you an Ancient
Tablet. Explore to find the item seller, in the ruined gate house, and
Princess LORELE, who is concealed in the north east part of the castle. She
joins the party. Ancient Tablet, Bronze key, War Rod, Wind Bandanna, Healing
jewel, Thunder scroll, Demon's gauntlet.

Mistral A village in the north of Aridia only accessible by flying. Learn
about the mithril in the ice cave to the east. Unfortunately Steiner cannot
fly high enough to get to the cave but the Flying Palace will get you there.
Ice Ring.

Pity Island The site of the fourth Tablet. Explore. The green mushrooms make
you small to go through small archways and the red mushrooms make you large
again to climb ladders. Remember to fall down holes. Find the last Tablet.
Mages jewel, Power knuckles, Battle girdle.

Flying Palace Place one Tablet in each of the Shrines on the small islands
north of Discipline Island. (Cursed scarf, Fire ring, Evil scale). The
Flying Palace will rise from the sea. Fly there on Steiner and go inside.
There are various puzzles to solve, moving statues, using torches, etc.
until you reach the core area to activate the machine. Dagoot, another of
Shutat's generals, will attempt to prevent you from taking off but Steiner,
ever loyal, sacrifices himself to free the Palace. Devil ribbon, Mages
jewel, Battle shield, Silk scarf, Torch.

Ice Cave The Flying Palace will allow you to get to this cave where you will
slip, slide and drop through holes. Take the Mithril back to the smith in
Mistral who will make you weapons and armour, though most of the items will
be at the Weapons shop. Gimry's axe, Helium ring, Dagger, Battle scarf,
Storm bandanna, Flint stone, Mithril silver.

Merlin's Cave Sail to the valley north of Marion next to the Dragon Shrine.
Disembark and walk east. There is an invisible cave where Merlin lives. He
will give one party member the Resurrect spell. (Thanks for this information
to Bob Petterson Tempest orb, Tornado scroll.

Dragon Shrine (Level 8) A totally enclosed area to the west of Marion. There
you will discover Steiner - alive. You will also learn that there is a Final
Tablet you have to find. Source of Life. Have a look on the map for an
island to the south west of Aridia and go there. Defeat Dagoot. Collect the
Final Tablet. Magic staff, Seraphic ring.

Zeal Village In the desert east of Bandore and only accessible with the
Flying Palace. (Evil armour, Drain rod(sic), Source of Magic).  Walk south
to the cave that leads to Quamdar. This cave is particularly difficult due
to the invisible holes that open up and drop you down. Take note of the
shadows on the floors which relate to the holes in the floor above and stick
close to the walls. Persevere. The masked stranger appears. Defend against
him for 10-15 rounds until the mask breaks. Surprise! it's Percy. Percy
joins the party. (Thanks for this info to Jeremiah R. Cruz
Healing jewel, Source of Vitality, Shadow girdle, Thunder vase, Demons Axe.

Quamdar (Level 13) The last village before the Abyss. Explore and talk. Walk
to the shrine to north west and place the Tablet in the floor after
defeating Yeon. The door to the Abyss will open. Before you plunge in,
return to the Dragon Cave to the sleeping Dragon. Now he has woken up and
left you a Skeleton Key. This will open all the chests that you couldn't get
in to before and the dungeon door next to Lord Kevins cell for that chest -
Dragon Blade, Mystic girdle, Reviving herb, Tornado vase.

The Abyss You need to find the room with the statues holding the Orb of
Light and the Orb of Darkness. Take one of the Orbs to the core room and
place it in the appropriate statue there. Then go back and collect the other
Orb (you can't carry both at the same time) and take that to the core room
and put it in place. The music gets faster the closer you are to the core
room. Be warned that when you are carrying an Orb the opposing statues are
unapproachable which makes navigating around more difficult. Some of the
statues have items next to them. (Three treasure chests plus items from the
statues). When both Orbs are in position the doors will open and you battle
Ramue and Shutat. Keep your magic in reserve. Basically "hit" Ramue first
and then go after Shutat. THEN the Big, Big Boss appears - Akkadias. He
casts Soul Blast twice in every round and he's very fast. The only way to
survive is to have Annie faster than he is so that she can use HealRain
before he attacks. (A difficult thing to judge as you don't know his speed,
but you're on the way when Annie is faster than the Demons Pets). Throw
every Card, Jewel, Vase, Scroll at him, plus Tolle 2, plus Steiner, plus
Thunder 4 and then just hit him. Have plenty of Mage's Potions and use them
on Annie at every opportunity. Good luck. End sequence - Finn flies off to
the Underworld to rescue Lord Kevins (Beyond the Beyond 2?)

NOTES Angels ocarina Cast Healrain  Anytime Multi-use.Repairable
Antidote  Cures poison  Anytime
Awaken stone Casts Awaken  Battle Blizzard scroll Casts
Blizzard Breath Battle Confusion feather Casts Confusion
Battle Counter jewel Counterattack % inc.  Battle Counter orb
Counterattack % inc.All Battle Critical jewel Critical hit % inc
Battle Critical orb Critical hit % inc. All Battle Cure herb
Cures abnormal states Anytime Dragon card  Casts Fire Breath
Battle Drain Rod  Weapon. Casts Steal Equip/Use Fire ring
Def +2. Casts Fire 2 Equip/Use Multi-use.Repairable Firedrake vase
Casts Firedrake 2  Battle Flame card  Casts Fire
Battle Flame scroll Casts Fire 4  Battle Guiding branch
Casts Escape  Dungeon Healing herb Restores 25 VP
Anytime Healing jewel Restores all VP  Anytime Healing potion
Restores 35 VP  Anytime Helium ring  ?
? Herb   Restores 15 VP  Anytime Ice ring
Def +2. Casts Ice 2 Equip/Use Illusion potion Decreased battles
Anywhere Illusion powder Casts Illusion  Battle Light orb
Warp between towns Field Mage's jewel Restores all MP
Anytime Only 2 in the game Mage's potion Restores 20 MP
Anytime Monster bait Increased battles  Anywhere Mystic vase
?    ? Resist jewel Magic damage halved
Battle Reviving herb Resurrects party member Anytime Ring of revenge ?
? Seraphic ring Def +2. Casts Healrain Equip/Use Multi-use.Repairable
Silence crystal Casts Silence  Battle Slow card
Casts Slow   Battle Smoke bomb  Retreat from
battle Battle Source of Agility Increase in speed  Not
battle Permanent Source of Courage Increase one level Not battle
Permanent Source of Defense Increase in defence Not battle
Permanent Source of Growth Exp. points   Not battle
Permanent Source of Life Increase in LP  Not battle
Permanent Source of Magic Increase in MP  Not battle
Permanent Source of Power Increase in strength Not battle
Permanent Source of VitalityIncrease in VP  Not battle
Permanent Source of Wisdom Increase in IQ  Not battle
Permanent Tempest jewel Double attack % inc. Battle Tempest orb
Double attack % inc.All Battle Thunder card Casts Thunder
Battle Thunder vase Casts Thunder 2  Battle Tornado scroll
Casts Wind 4  Battle Tornado vase Casts Wind 2
Battle Unicorn's horn Cures abnormal states Anytime Multi-use.Repairable
Vision crystal Enlarges landscape view Field War amulet
Def/Agility inc.All Battle Wind vase  Casts Wind 2

General notes Search all barrels, vases, bookshelves, ovens, bushes,
statues, lamps... Store major battle items to prevent them from being used
too early. Don't use the "Source" items immediately. Wait and see who would
profit most from them. Think carefully about using new party members. Rapid
pressing of the X button seems the only way to activate the APS. If you hear
a "ting" then it's working otherwise you just develop a callus on your
thumb. Any weapon or armour that sounds unpleasant (Darkness, Malicious,
Demons, etc) although powerful is probably cursed. Question - did anyone
ever manage to buy a vase from Dorothy's Vase Shop?

Ann and Iain Noble

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