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Make sure to use a fixed width font.  If you can't read
the title above that says "Azure Dreams" in @ signs, then
you need to switch fonts to something like Courier.

At first, I thought Azure Dreams really sucked.  It looked
hard to fight, like it restarted you all over when you died,
and when your familiar died you could never get him back.
Then, I took some time to fool around and boy was I wrong.

This game is now one of my favorites and I can recommend it
to anyone for a good 30 hours of play, at least, before
you should become tired of it.

If I'm missing something, or if there is something you think
I should add, by all means, e-mail me.  And I know my ACSII
art blows, so if you can do a better one for me, send it :)


        Fruits, Seeds, Herbs
        Swords, Wands, Shields, Troll Weapons
        Bells, Scrolls, Sands, Crystals
        Glasses, Loupes
        How to get the rare items...

        Building a good weapon
        Building a good shield
        Items you should keep for later
           How do I find one?
           Mine sucks, I want another one! :(
           What are some good ones to keep?
           Should I use mixture magic or direct attack AI?
           I got two good ones, when do I get another collar?
        Fusion Tips
           Special inheritances rule! How many can I use at once?
           How familiar magic works, and how to obtain it...
           [My best personal fusion combinations]
        Monster Book
        Magic List
        Everyone hates me... :(
        Wow, I can build stuff!
        Getting a girl (or two) :)

        I got in, how do I leave?
        Who's this dork and that chick on level 2?
        Monsters to look out for...





****** I.  GETTING STARTED ***********************************

The first thing to know is that you are going to die at first,
very frequently.  It's ok though, because even though you aren't
gaining anything, your familiar is.  The more levels he gains,
the higher you'll be able to travel.  Then you'll eventually
find some new familiars that you like and will be able to start
working on a sword/wand and a shield for yourself.

For a free Pita Fruit, always talk to your mom before leaving.
And make sure to save often with her in one save slot, and
use another for saving in the tower only.  Because sometimes,
things go wrong and you'll loose any items you brought with
you if you don't make it out of the tower once you load up
that "Tower" save.

And the most important thing to remember is, the more you play
the more addicted you will become.  You'll start to want to
know what in the world happened to your father and what in
the world do those high level monsters look like.

****** II.  ITEMS ********************************************

NOTE:  * - Denotes rare item.

Name        Usage                                 Sell Price
Pita        Restores 50 MP to your monster              5g
Big Pita    Restores 100 MP to your monster            10g
Limit       Become angry and raise critical hit %     100g
Laev        MP of user decreases faster                20g
Leva        Familiar will not change form after        20g
              next fusion
Oleam       Vanishes monster and returns player to    100g
              town (later only if used on your
Tumna       Turns user into a frog                     20g
Leolam      MP will not decrease for a while          100g
Geropita*   Reduces user's MP to 0                    100g
Roche*      Causes monster to revert back to an egg  5000g

Name        Usage                                 Sell Price

Light       Changes genus to fire                     150g
Wind        Changes genus to wind                     150g
Sea         Changes genus to water                    150g
Mahell      Increase speed temporarily                 50g
Lar*        Lowers level                               50g
Slow*       Decrease speed                             50g
Hazak       Increases attack power                    500g
Shomuro     Increase defense power                    500g
Mazarr      Increase level                            200g
Tovar*      Increase luck (I have no idea)           1000g

Name        Usage                                 Sell Price

Wake-up     Wakes up sleeping monster/familiar         20g
Medicinal   Restores HP                                 7g
Roeam       Restores sight when blinded                20g
Antidote    Restores normal status when poisioned      15g
Antichaos   Unconfuses target                          20g
Hazak       Recovers weakened attack power             80g
Cure-all    Recovers all status                       200g
Shomuro*    Recovers weakened defense power            80g
Horrey*     Weakens defense                            10g
Harash*     Weakens attack power                       10g
Poison      Causes poision effect                       5g
Paralyze    Causes paralyze effect                     10g

Name        Attack Power   Attributes             Sell Price

Gold             1         Don't ruse                1000g
Copper           2                                     50g
Iron             3                                    100g
Steel            4                                    150g
Gulfwind         5         Wind genus                 400g
Blizzard         5         Wate genus                 400g
Fire             5         Fire genus                 400g
Vital            5         Prevents manovea           800g
                            from splitting
Holy*            7         Holy sword with divine   10000g
                            protection (I have
                            no idea)
Seraphim         8         Guy's keepsake sword      1000g
Dark*           10         A cursed sword (I have   10000g

Name        Attack Power   Attributes             Sell Price

Wooden           1                                     10g
Paralyze         1         Randomly paralyzes an      100g
                            enemy when you attack
Seal             1         Randomly seals an          
                            enemy's magic when you   500g
Scarlet          1         Fire genus                 150g
Stream           1         Water genus                150g
Gulf             1         Wind genus                 150g
Life             1         Gain 1-4 HP when you      1000g
                            attack an enemy
Money            1         Randomly turns a killed
                            enemy into copper coins 1000g
Trained*         1         Can be tempered with red  5000g

Name        Defense Power  Attributes             Sell Price

Leather          1         Don't rust                  30g
Wood             2         Don't rust                  50g
Mirror           3         Don't rust, sometimes     1000g
                            reflects spells
Copper           4                                    100g
Iron             5                                    150g
Scorch           5         Fire genus                 600g
Ice              5         Water genus                600g
Earth            5         Wind genus                 600g
Live             5         Sometimes retaliates when  600g
                            you are attacked
Steel            6                                    300g
Diamond          7         Don't rust                1500g

====Troll Weapons====
Name                       Attributes             Sell Price

Hammer                                               1000g
Sword                      Can't be blocked by       1000g
Bow Gun                    Range weapon              4000g

Name        Usage                                 Sell Price

Familiar    Calls all familiars back to you           400g
Holy        Forces enemies out of a room (never       100g
             got it to work)
Malicious   Increases level of enemy monsters (or     800g
             your familiar if it is confused)

Name        Usage                                 Sell Price

Holy        Creates an invulnerability field          150g
             around you for a while
Malicious   Causes chaos (throw it at an enemy)       150g
Restore     Revives fainted familiar                  400g
De-curse    Removes curse from cursed equipment       100g
Trap        Resets all used traps and makes them      400g
             visible to you
Flat*       Makes a floor terrain all the same        100g
Alchemic*   Turns all items on the level into gold     80g

Name        Usage                                 Sell Price

Red         Increase weapon power +1                  100g
Blue        Increase shield power +1                  100g
White       Increase ball uses +1                     100g

Name        Usage                                 Sell Price

Wind        Allows you to exit the tower              200g
Water       Restores collard familiars hp and mp and  400g
             returns status to normal
Fire        Summons a salamander to attack enemies    400g

Name        Usage                                 Sell Price

Star        Reveals entire level, including items      50g
Truth       Identifies items in green lettering       100g
             (eggs, weapons, sheilds, balls)

Name        Usage                                 Sell Price

Trap        Reveals location of all traps             100g
Exit        Reveals elevator location of current       50g
Monster     Reveals location of all monsters on        50g
             current level
Treasure    Reveals location of all treasure on        50g
             current level
Name        Usage                                 Sell Price
                                                 (0 charges)

Acid Rain  Rain hits all enemies in room for          800g
            heavy water damage
Binding    Lightning causes paralysis                 400g
Blinder    Causes blindness on target                 500g
Poison     Chance of poisioning all enemies in        800g
            current room
Blaze      Mild fire damage                           500g
Fire       Medium fire damage                         300g
Flame      Medium fire damage                         800g
Pillar     Heavy fire damage                         1000g
Ice Rock   Water creates heavy ice barrier            800g
Recovery   Water healing                              800g
Repel      Water causes magic reflection              500g
Water      Water creates water barrier                500g
Sleep      Wind induces sleep                         800g
Weak       Wind causes target to go down 1 level      500g

Name        Found From  Usage                    

Blue Collar  Level 12   Allows 2 familiars at once and allows
Guru's Pot   Level 15   Allows restarting of windmills
Meat         Weadog     It throws them to distract your familiars
                         and will restore mp
Octopus      Stand in
Dumplings     Town     Restores hp and Fur loves them
Blue Cape    Level 20   The cape of the bar owner's lost lover
Water Medal  Level 25   Allows the pool to re-/*en (kill the white
                         picket to get */;
Healing Herb Level 28   Heals Cherrl's illness
Ultimate Egg Level 40   Contains the most powerful monster
Sword       Level 40   Your father's keepsake sword

====How to get rare items...====
Rare items are very rare :).  The rarest seems to be a Roche fruit,
but of course it is the most useful too. An easier way than waiting
around hoping to find one of these is to find a monster called
Barong.  He is located on floors 16, 26, and 36, but doesn't always
show up.  My advice is to wait around until an Earthquake happens,
because sometimes you'll find 4 or 5 of them in the same level
if you get lucky (but, again you may find 0 in that time).

When you successfully find one, just throw any item you don't want
at it (Put HAVE command in, then press X + Circle) and he'll spit
up a totally new one (85% of the time it is a better one).  You can
do this about 4 or 5 times until his mp is depleted.  But, if you
have any extra herbs just throw it at him when his mp is gone and
bam, he'll have enough mp to spit up another item.  Repeat this
for as many herbs as you have.

If he happens to spit up a Roche fruit (which would be nice), you
could use it on him to have your own Barong.  If you get one, fuse
him with a Cyclone for a MP Consumption Halfing, and make twice
the items.

****** III.  WHAT ITEMS TO USE *******************************

====Building a good weapon====
If you are going to start adventuring into higher levels, you need
build a good weapon up.  I recommend a gold sword (unless you have
been lucky and found a training wand).  Even though either of them
have only 1 attack, they don't rust.  Rust traps are everywhere,
and they suck.  Just keep all those nice Red Sands in your safe at
home until you find which ever of those you want to use (I wouldn't
wait too long for a training wand though, they are extremely rare),
then temper it with them all.  Each time you add +1, your weapon
will hit for more.  A +40 or so can kill anything in one shot
(on higher levels, only if you with mixture magic).

====Building a good shield====
A shield is the most important thing to have.  I recommend a
diamond shield, but you could use a mirror shield.  Diamond shields
are already 7 defense, while mirror is only 3 but reflects spells.
But, not many enemies use spells that often, and if you have a
diamond shield built up they won't take off hardly any damage at
all, so mirror isn't worth it in my opinion.  But use one or the
other because they are both rust proof.  Save all your blue sands
at home until you find the one you want.  Having a +30 to +40 and a
decent sword will easily allow you to travel to around level 28
without using a familiar at all.

====Items you should keep for later====
I can't stress enough to keep a Roche fruit if you find one!  I
found one once when I was first playing and used it on a damn
troll and I can't find another one yet.  If you want to use it,
use it on a Barong, Dragon, or Maximum.  Any other monsters
would be a waste becaue they are easier to find eggs for than

If you are going to have a Barong, start saving Leolam fruits
and any manovea eggs you find.  Now, when you go to the tower,
just pull out Barong, give him a Leolam, and off he goes for
a while before his mp goes down.  After his mp is gone, pull
out your manoveas and have them transform into a Barong and
use them until their mp is depleted.  You could get a good
30 items from Barong's mouth out of this.

Save all your Shomuro, Hazak, and Mazarr seeds for later on when
you get a favorite familiar from the higher level floors.  Give
the Shomuro and Hazak seeds right away to it, but wait until it
is at least level 25 before feeding it the Mazarr seeds, or they
will be going to waste kind of.

****** IV.  FAMILIARS ****************************************

Question:  How do I find one?
Answer  :  Located all through the tower there will be some eggs
          with various monsters in them.  I would recommend
          you just use your Kewne for a while.

Question:  Mine sucks, I want another one! :(
Answer  :  It takes time, and all of them will suck in the
          beginning until you get levels built up on them, then
          they will hit for some more.  Be paitent.

Question:  What are some good ones to keep?
Answer  :  In the beginning the best one you could have would be
          a Manoeva.  I got one and he went with me through the
          whole game (I chose him over my other monsters) and
          is currently on level 43 and can take on anything on
          his own.  Just try to steer clear of wind genus monsters.
          They may hit you for hard, but when you own one, they
          get hit HARD!  There is way too many fire genus monsters
          everywhere for them to be effective.  A Grifon, Naplass,
          Killer, Dragon, Maximumm, or Archane familiar is good to

Question:  Should I use mixture magic or direct attack AI?
Answer  :  At first, if you have a fire familiar definately use
          mixture magic until it gains some strength.  If you
          have a water genus monster, put it on AI 4 because
          they'll help out a lot killing those fire monsters.

Question:  I got two good ones, when do I get another collar?
Answer  :  On level 12 of the tower, look for the blue collar.
          However, two familiars out at once does take away
          from your experience even more, so use two only
          if you need them both.

====Fusion Tips====
Question:  Special inheritances rule! How many can I use at once?
Answer  :  Sorry, but only one at once.  A monster that naturally
          has one will keep it and can gain one to have two though.
          Also, once you give a trait to a monster the new monster
          will not be able to transfer that trait to another one, so
          be careful.  Also, another common mis-understanding is about
          the doubling things.  People seem to think that you must fuse
          them on a low level to get the most out of it, but really it
          doubles whatever is currently there regardless of the level.
          Here is a chart of traits:

          Name                Trait
          Arachne/Ashrua      Attack Power Doubled
          Block/Metal         Hard (Defense Doubled)
          Clown/Death         Spell Level Doubled
          Cyclone             MP Consumption Halved
          Dreamin             Sleep-Proof
          Kewne               Unbrainwashable
          Killer              Atrocious (don't know what it is)
          Kraken              Electric Shock Body
          Naplass             Hit Points Doubled
          Noise               Spell-Proof
          Nyuel/Battnel       Poison-Proof
          Pickett             Quick
          Stealth             Rust-Proof (don't know what it does)
          Unicorn/Univern     Blind-Proof
          Viper               Attack Lowering Attack
          Zu                  Paralysis-Proof

Question:  How familiar magic works, and how to obtain it...
Answer  :  Every monster has a spell, most of them are hidden though.
          To unlock a monsters spell, just fuse it with any other
          monster.  However, it always starts on level 1, but it
          will usually catch up quickly to your level until it is
          one below it and it will stay that way.  Also, spells
          are genus specific to leveling up.  If a spell icon has
          a white box around it, it will level up for that genus.
          If the icon has nothing there, it will not level up
          because you are the wrong genus.

---My best personal fusion combinations---

Naplass tend to sleep, so fuse them with a Dreamin to make them
  sleep proof.
Killers are already extremly strong, but fuse it with a Archane
  for double strength and it will literally kill everything!
Blocks have a double defense, but fuse them with a Naplass to give
  them double hit points and they can walk through a mine field it
Barong and a Cyclone for Reduced MP Cosumption so you can make twice
  the items.

====Monster Book====
I will complete this later. I may have to include it as a seperate
file because it will be pretty in depth.  So, right now just a list
of the monsters under their genus.

NOTE:  Transformations take place when your familiar is on level 20.

Kid (Transforms to Dragon)
Flame (Transforms to Ifrit)
Griffon (Transforms to Grineut)

Snowman (Transforms to Saber)
Arachne (Transforms to Ashra)
Nyuel (Transforms to Battnel)
Takopoo (Non-atainable)
Mushroom (Non-atainable)
Lazy Frog (Non-atainable)

Clown (Transforms to Death)
Unicorn (Transforms to Univern)
Block (Transforms to Metal)
Maliling (Non-atainable)
Soil Claw (Non-atainable)

====Magic List====

Spells only level up when they are with their natural genus.  Here
is a list of the base spells (natural spells):

---Fire (Attack)---
Name         Effect                        Mixture Magic

Breath       Flame Shower Attack           Flame Sword
Brid         Fire Bullet                   Flame Sword
Poison       Causes Poison                 Heat Wave
Rise         Fire Pillar Attack            Flame Sword
Sled         Fire Runs Over Enemy          Flame Sword

---Water (Heal/Protect)---
Name         Effect                        Mixture Magic

DeHeal       Bubble Charged Healing        Blizzard Sword
DeForth      Water Charged Healing         Blizzard Sword
DeMirror     Anti-Magic Sheild             Aqua Blade
DeRock       Ice Obstacle                  Snow Shoot
DeWall       Water Protection              Aqua Blade

---Wind (Status Changing)---
Name         Effect                        Mixture Magic

LoBind       Thunder causes paralysis      Earth Shaker
LoBlind      Blind target with darkness    Earth Shaker  
LoDown       Causes target's level to      Thunder Wave
              decrease by 1.
LoGrave      Tornado Attack                Thunder Wave
LoSleep      Wind Induced Sleep            Earth Shaker

When you change to a non-natural genus, the spell will have
a similar effect, as will the mixture magic.

****** V.   THE TOWN *****************************************

Question:  Everyone hates me... :(
Answer  :  Of course they do.  It's because they think you are
          some spoiled brat who thinks he'll be a monster
          tamer.  Give it some time.  When you start building
          new buildings and reach higher levels in the tower
          people will start respecting you.  As will the
          ladies (see below).

Question:  Wow, I can build stuff!
Answer  :  Yes you can, and you can earn gold in a few, but they
          all give you more respect from the town basically.
          Here is a list of buildings you can build along your
          Building        Cost    Description  
          House Expand    6000g   More room for furniture and safe
                                   holds 30 items.
          House Expand 2 60000g   Even more room, multiple girls at
                                   once, and safe holds 60 items.
          Hut Expand      4000g   Room for 10 familiars
          Hut Expand 2    6000g   Room for 17 familiars
          Hut Expand 3   20000g   Room for 37 familiars
          Hut Expand 4   60000g   Room for 65 familiars
          Temple          4000g   Gain respect, new building ideas
                                    from Jorda. (Your mom suggests
                                    you build it.)
          Hospital        4000g   Meet Cherrl (The doctor will
                                    ask you to do it.)
          Theater         8000g   Do stand-up comdey. (Fon will
                                    ask you to build it--the guy
                                    outside the carpenters house).
          Bowling Alley  40000g   You can bowl.  (Jorda will suggest
                                    it after you build his temple).
          Racing Circuit 30000g   Race on Nyuels.  (Silver suggests
                                    it--guy in north west corner of
          Fountain        2000g   Become more "cultured".  (Nico
                                    will start taking donations
                                    for it).
          Casino        100000g   Gamble your money.  (Jorda
                                    suggests it after you build
                                    the Bowling Alley).
          Library         8000g   Meet Mia.  (Dr. Hal will ask you
                                    to build it).
          Gym            30000g   Weight lifting contest.  (The
                                     blacksmith will suggest it
                                     later on in the game).
          Amusement      30000g   Play some games.   (Carpenter's
            Center                  assistant will suggest it later
                                    on in the game).
          Swimming Pool           Open the pool up for some fun with
                                    the women.  (Find the water
                                    medal on level 25 and give it to
                                    the guy).
          Octopus Ball            Treats for everyone.  Fur loves
            Stand                   them.  (Opens after you return
                                    Guru's Pot).
          T-shirt Stand           T-shirts with your face on it.  (I
                                    think it opens when you reach
                                    level 20 or 25 in the tower).

Question:  Getting a girl (or two) :)
Answer  :  Well, the best way to put this is...Be persitant and visit
          them often.  I'll have full descriptions next version
          hopefully, but for now here is a list and where to find

          Fur Gots (runs the furniture store)
          Nico (she's obvious)
          Selfi Rhodes (she's at her house or in the tower usually)
          Patty Pan (she's the waitress in the restraunt)
          Cherrl Child (she'll throw something out her window and
                        she lives behind the hospital)
          Vivian (she'll show up after the bar is reopened)
          Mia Myrnia (she'll be in the library)

****** VI.  THE TOWER ****************************************

Question:  I got in, how do I leave?
Answer  :  Look for a wind crystal.  Other than that the only
          way to leave is to sacrifice a familiar with a
          Oleem fruit.

Question:  Who's this dork and that chick on level 2?
Answer  :  The chick is one of your potential girl friends,
          so be nice :).  The dork is her stupid brother
          who thinks he's God's gift to everything.  Just
          whip up on him and insult him when you talk
          to him.

Question:  Traps?
Answer  :  Yes, there are some traps to look out for in the
          tower.  You, your familiar, or the enemy will step
          on them.  Sometimes they do not go off though.
          Here is a list:

          Name          Description
          Bomb          4-way damage that destroys any items
                          it hits
          Slam          Drops a large spiked ball on the target
                          for medium to low damage
          Poison        Causes target to have a poison status
          Blinder       Causes target to have blind status
          Chaos         Causes target to become confused
          Prison        Causes target to become paralyzed
          Sleep         Induces sleep on the target
          Slow          Causes target to slow to half speed
          Seal          Makes target unable to use magic
          Frog          Turns target into a frog
          Reversal      Flips the room upside down
          Rust          Weakens (adds -1) to equpiment, unless
                          it is rust proof
          Bump          Wakes up any sleeping enemies in the
          Crack         Causes a certain area of the floor to do
                          random lowering
          Upheaval      Causes a certain area of the floor to do
                          random raising
          Warp          Warps target to a random room on that floor
          Go Up         Sends the target to the next level up
          Monseter Den  Drops a huge amount of monsters into a
                        room when you walk in.  Kiss your ass good-
                        bye on higher levels.
Question:  Monsters to look out for...
Answer  :  Along your journey, there are plenty of monsters waiting
          to kill you.  Here is a list of the most dangerous on
          each level.

          Level(s)     Monster(s)
            1-2        Troll, Ghosh
             3         Baloon (at first)
            4-5        Blume (Brainwashes your familiars)
            8-9        U-Boat, Clown
           10-11       U-Boat, Clown, Griffon
           12-13       Griffon, Kraken <--(hard)
           14-15       Gardua
           16-17       Picket
           18-19       Picket, Archane
           20-21       Viper, Archane
           22-23       Viper
           24-25       Viper, Zu
           26-29       Zu, Naplass, Snowman
           30-31       Naplass, Killer, Dragon <-(hard)
           32-39       Clacier, Dragon, Golem, Maximum <-(very hard)
            40         The Last Boss <-(nearly impossible it seems)

Along the way, I've got pretty pissed off when my game
crashed and I lost that Dark Sword or when I really wanted
that Clown familiar and it locked up on me after I had
an egg.  Here is a few tips of what not to do so maybe
you won't have the same problem.  If someone else knows
of a bug, send it in.

When you transform your Manoeva into an item, don't try to put
it back into the bag until it is no longer an item or you
will be stuck in an infinte waiting time for him to get in
your bag.

If you have two familiars out and one can heal, you could be in
trouble.  If for some reason one has very low life and it gets
killed in the same turn the other was going to heal it, kiss
your current game good-bye.  It's locked up big time, even
the music is frozen.

Is it just me, or does the move command not work when you use
L2 or R2 + Triangle to do give a command to your familiar.  It
works fine when you go in through the menu (using square), but
it won't work at all the other way.  Seems odd.

****** IX.  COPYRIGHTS AND DISCLAIMER ************************

This FAQ is Copyright (c) 1998 Billy Sauls.  You may not use
it in any publication without my expressed written consent.  You
may not modify it in any way.  It may be distributed only in
it's entire, unmodified form.  Failure to comply could result
in legal action.

Everything in this FAQ is my view.  If I'm wrong about something
that is a fact, let me know.  If I'm wrong about something
that is my opinion, then you are crazy.  It's my opinion and I
can't be wrong about it.  This is a service to people who
want to learn about Azure Dreams, please don't abuse it by
sending me meaningless e-mails.  Suggestions and corrections
are welcome, no flames about how I hate wind genus.

****** X.   CREDITS ******************************************
Only one because I haven't actually released this yet.  If you
send me something I put in there, then your name will be here
unless you tell me not to put it here.

ShadowX ( for making the only remotly useful
    Azure Dreams FAQ I could find out there.  It was a starter
    guide and helped me in the beginning of my adventure.

****** XI.  PLANNED FUTURE ADDITIONS *************************

The monster book for sure.
The guide to getting all the girls.

That's all, got any you think should be here?  Let me know.

You must have liked my FAQ to read down this far :)
-Billy (

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