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Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri Strategy Guide
Author: Jim Chamberlin
Last Time Updated:06/07/99

This guide was produced for no one in particular.  It's basically a
quick reference guide with a few tips to keep in mind.  

If you have any questions, e- mail me at:

Table of Contents
    I. Introduction
          II. The Factions
  III. Landmarks
   IV. Secret Projects
    V. Facilities
   VI. Technologies
  VII. Planetary Council Proposals
 VIII. Citizens
   IX. Tips
    X. Credits/ Links
   XI. Farewell!
I. Introduction

Soon after the new millenium begins, war and disease take over and
destroy Earth.  The U.N. ordered a mission to colonize another planet,
before it was too late.  The mission, Unity, was to send enouth people
and supplies to Chiron, in the Alpha Centauri system.

Space travel is very difficult.  Despite this, Unity was able to launch
off.  An unexpected reactor meltdown damaged the ship on the way to
Chiron.  The meltdown damaged the communications equipment and contact
with Earth is lost.  The most powerful leaders have built factions and
surrounded themselves with followers.

The U.N. Starship Unity ends up splitting up into seven pods, each
containing a faction.  It's up to us to become the supreme leader and
expand out faction at all costs.

II. The Factions

There are seven factions of refugees from the disastrous destruction of
the U.N. Starship Unity.

Each faction is guided by the vision of its leader.  These visions, in
turn, give each faction a unique set of advantages and disadvantages.  
By comparing the strenghts of your faction to the parameters of a
customized planet, you can either give yourself an edge against the
other factions, or set yourself a unique challenge to overcome.


The Gaians are determined not to repeat the envirinmental mistakes of
old Earth.  They seek to live at peace with Planet.  They start out with
the Centauri Ecology technology and advanced abilities to interact with
the native life, including tha ability to move freely through xenofungus
squares and gather extra nutrients from fungus.  Their empathy with
Planet gives them the ability to place ravaging wild mind worms directly
under their control.  Their experience with recycling systems make their
bases more efficient, but their pacifiast leanings undermine the
abilities of their military units, and they resent police control in
times of crisis.  Because of negative environmental consequences, the
Gaians can not make the "Free Market Economics" social choice.

+1 Planet
+2 Efficiency
-1 Morale
-1 Police
+1 Nutrients in fungus squares
May not use Free Market enonomics
Aggression: Pacifist
Priorities: Explore
Starting Technology: Centauri Ecology
Agenda: Green
Aversion: Free Market

_Land Bases_
Gaia's Landing        
Mindworm Pass        
Lucky Autumn
Gaia's High Garden    
Blackroot Palace      
Dreams of Green
Forest Primeval        
Greenhouse Gate      
The Lines
Children of Earth      
Razorbeak Wood        
Velvetgrass Point
Vale of Winds          
Last Rose of Summer  
Song of Planet
Nescus Shining        
Autumn Grove          
Lily of the Valley
Silverbird Park        
The Flowers Preach    
Virgin Soil
Fallow Time            
Resplendent Oak      
Garden of Paradise
Thorny Vineyard        
Chiron Preserve      
Memory of Earth

_Water Bases_
Garden of the Deep    
Deirdre's Fishery    
Water Garden
Great Lagoon          
Falling Water        
Ocean Flower
Sea Cradle            
Garden of Fishes


This faction is ruled under harsh collectivist/ authoritarian
principles.  The good of the individual is totally subordinate to the
state.  They are isolationist, and militaristic.  The Hive begins with
the Doctrine: Loyalty technology.  Their bases are built underground,
giving them the equilalent of a pre- installed Perimeter Defense
facility.  Their population growth and industrial development are above
average, but their economy tends to lag behind others.  The Hive can not
make the "Democratic" social choice.

+1 Growth
+1 Industry
-2 Economy
Underground bunkers
May not use Democratic politics
Aggression: Aggressive
Priorities: Conquer, Build
Starting Technology: Doctrine: Loyalty
Agenda: Police State
Aversion: Democracy

_Land Bases_
The Hive                  
Discipline Tubes        
Factory Maze
Sheng-ji Yany Base        
Laborer's Throng        
Unity Lair
Worker's Nest            
Unification Cavern      
Society Grid
People's Teeming        
Social Engineering Den  
Great Collective
Great Clustering          
The Labyrinth            
Proletarian Knot
Manufacturing Warrens    
Paradise Swarming        
Socialism Tunnels
Watcher's Eye            
Communal Nexus          
The Drove Mound
Working Man Hold          
Social Artery            
Plex Anthill
Huddling of the People    
Seat of Proper Thought  
Deep Passages
Yang Mine                
The Leader's Horde      
Fellowship City
Hole of Aspiration        
Chairman's Burrow        
People's Endeavor
The Colony                
Labor Network            
Fecundity Tower
Industrial Crawling

_Water Bases_
Sea Collective            
Port Yang                
Ocean Core
Deep Community            
Factory Drift            
Deep Clustering
Sea Hive                  


The University is completely dedicated to research and the free exchange
of information.  They are rumored to sometimes put the pursuit of
knowledge ahead of ethics.  They start the game with the Information
Networks technology and one additional bonus technology.  Each
University base receives a free Network Node when founded.  The
University's research progresses quickly, but their open- access
philosophy makes them susceptible to attacks by covert "Probe Teams,"
while their callous elitism can easily lead to unrest among the workers.  
The University can not make the "Fundamentalist" social choice.

+2 Research
-2 Probe
Free network node at every base
One bonus tech at beginning of game
Extra drone for every four citizens
May not use Fundamentalist Politics
Aggression: Erratic
Priorities: Discover
Starting Technology: Information Networks, +1 bonus tech
Agenda: Knowledge
Aversion: Fundamentalist

_Land Bases_
University Base
Academy Park
Lab Three
Library of Planet
Planetary Archives
Razvitia Progress Base
Budushii Dvor
Tsiolkovsky Institute
Mendelev College
Nauk Science Center
Zarya Sunrise
Nadezjda Hope
Koppernick Observatory
Svobodny Free Base
Zvedney Gorodok
Bibliotyek Science
Bibliotyek Letters
Climactic Research
Monitoring Station
Buran Prospect
Mir Lab
Relativity School
Pavlov Biolab
Lomonosov Park
Korolev Center
Gargarin Memorial
New Arzamas
Otkrietia Discovery
Zoloto Gold
Edinstvo Unity

_Water Bases_
The Marine Institute
Marine Biology Lab
Oceanographic Lab
Hydrothermal Institute
Deep Sea Lab


The Morganites are organized along corporate lines, and dedicated to
laissez- faire capitalist economic principles.  They start the game with
100 energy credits and the Industrial Base technology, and receive a
bonus to all income from commerce between factions.  Morganites have
expensive tastes, making it difficult for them to support units in the
field, and requiring them to build Hab Complex facilities before the
population of any of their bases can exceed four citizens.  The
Morganites can no make the "Planned Economics" social choice.

+1 Economy
-1 Support
Commerce (bonus increases value of treaties, pacts, loans)
Need Hab Complex for bases to exceed 4
May not use Planetery Economics
Aggression: Pacifist
Priorities: Build
Starting Technology: Industrial Economics
Agenda: Free Market
Aversion: Planned

_Land Bases_
Morgan Industries          
Morgan Processing        
Morgan Energy Monopoly
Morgan Metagenics          
Morgan Solarflex        
Morgan Collections
Morgan Bank                
Morgan Entertainment    
Morgan Construction
Morgan Trade Center        
Morgan Distribution      
Morgan Interstellar
Morgan Biochemical        
Morgan Pharmaceuticals  
Morgan Aerodynamics
Morgan Datasystems        
Morgan Metallurgy        
Morgan Robotics
Morgan Hydroponics        
Morgan Transport        
Morgan Studios
Morgan Mines              
Morgan Altimatter        
Morgan Gravitonics

_Water Bases_
Morgan Hydrochemical      
Morgan Marine            
Morgan Dock
Morgan Ocean Resources    
Morgan Sea Platform


The Spartans are paramilitaty survivalists.  They believe in both the
right and a duty to keep and bear arms.  The Spartans start the game
with the Doctrine: Mobility technology and a fast scout rover vehicle,
and they do not have to pay extra to develop prototypes of new units.  
Morale of their units is exceptionally high, and their citizens accept
strict police control as a necessity, but their extravagant military
needs weigh down industrial operations.  The Spartans can not make the
"Wealth" social choice.

+2 Morale
+1 Police
-1 Industry
Prototype units do not cost extra minerals
May not use Wealth value in Social Engineering
Aggression: Erratic
Priorities: Discover, Conquer
Starting Technology: Doctrine: Mobility
Agenda: Power
Aversion: Wealth

_Land Bases_
Sparta Command          
Hawk of Chiron          
Fort Liberty
Survival Base            
Assassin's Redoubt      
Commander's Base        
Centurion Cave          
Fort Survivalist
War Outpost              
Bunker 118              
Fort Superiority
Militia Station          
Hommel's Citadel        
Halls of Discipline
Fort Legion              
Training Camp            
Parade Ground
Janissary Rock          
Defiance Freshold
Blast Rifle Crag        
Hero's Waypoint

_Water Bases_
Fleet Anchorage          
Sea Outpost
Admirality Base          
Fleet Base


The Believers seek a life of prayer and religious worship.  Because of
the strength of their convictions, they get a bonus when attacking their
enemies.  They start the game with the Social Psych technology.  The
Believers are resistant to probe brainwashing, but their suspicion of
secular science retards their research efforts, and their belief that
Planet is their promised land sometimes interferes with their ecological
sensitivity.  The Believers can not make the "Knowledge" social choice.

+25% Bonus when attacking enemies, from the strength of convictions
+1 Probe (devout believers difficult to brainwash)
-2 Research (suspicious of secular science)
-1 Planet (believe Planet is their promised land)
Accumulates no research points until MY 2110
May not use Knowledge value in Social Engineering
Aggression: Aggressive
Priorities: Explore, Conquer
Starting Technology: Social Psych
Agenda: Fundamentalist
Aversion: Knowledge

_Land Bases_
New Jerusalem              
Terrible Swift Sword    
The Lord's Mercy
Great Conclave              
Eternal Reward          
The Rapture
Great Zion                  
Throne of God            
The Hand of God
Far Jericho                
The Lord's Grace        
The Lord's Chosen
Redemption Base            
Sanctity Base            
Divinity Base
Children of God            
The Lord's Gift          
The Holy Five
Noah's Rainbow              
Revelation Base          
From on High
The Voice of God            
Blessed Saviour          
Time of Salvation
Judgement Seat              
House of Martyrs        
Righteous Sentence
Valley of the Faithful      
The Lord's Wrath        
The Coming of the Lord
Blessed Redeemer            
Hallowed Ground          
The Word of God
The Glory of God            
The Lord's Truth        
Godwinson's Hope
New Eden

_Water Bases_
He Walked on Water        
Belly of the Whale        
Port Grace
Loaves and Fishes          
Fisher of Men              
Water of Wine
Consecrated Waters


The Peacekeepers exist to support the humanitarian principles of the
United Nations of Earth, the organization that originally commissioned
the Unity expedition to Alpha Centauri.  They start the game with the
Biogenetics technology.  The idealism of this faction attracts an
intellectual elite, but their society possesses a tendency towards
bureaucratic inefficiency.  Their bases can exceed normal population
limits by two.  Due to his experience with parliamentary maneuvering,
Lal's vote counts double when the Planetary Council is convened for
election of a Planetary Governor or Supreme Leader.  The Peacekeepers
can not make the "Police State" social choice.

-1 Efficiency
Extra talent for every four citizens
May exceed Hab Complex population requirements by two
Receives double votes in elections for Planetary Governor and Supreme
May not use Police State Politics
Aggression: Erratic
Priorities: Explore, Discover
Starting Technology: Biogenetics
Agenda: Democracy
Aversion: Police State

_Land Bases_
U.N. Headquarters          
U.N. Aid Station          
U.N. Commerce Committee
U.N. High Commission      
U.N. Equality Village      
U.N. Court of Justice
U.N. Temple of Sol        
U.N. Settlement Agency    
U.N. Information Agency
U.N. Haven City            
U.N. Enforcement Base      
U.N. Planetary Trust
U.N. Great Refuge          
U.N. Healthy Authority    
U.N. Data Aquisition
U.N. Amnesty Town          
U.N. Planning Authority    
U.N. Disaster Relief
U.N. Pillar of Rights      
U.N. Education Agency      
U.N. Criminal Tribunal
U.N. Humanity Base        
U.N. Social Council

_Water Bases_
U.N. Ocean Authority      
U.N. Sea Habitat          
U.N. Peace Anchorage
U.N. Marine Agency        
U.N. Port Refuge

III. Landmarks

There are several landmarks on Planet.  Most of the landmarks give you
extra resources.  

FRESHWATER SEA: The richest aquatic region of Planet which provides +1
Nutrients per    square.

GARLAND CRATER: Made by a comet or another flying object, this crater
produces an extra +1 Mineral bonus.

GEOTHERMAL SHALLOWS: Many underwater geysers provide +1 Energy per

GREAT DUNES: A desert which provides no bonus resources.  It is a rather
inhospitable place to live.

MONSOON JUNGLE: A vast rainforest- like area which produces +1 Nutrients
per square.

MOUNT PLANET: An enormous active volcano, which produces a +1 bonus of
both Minerals and Energt per square on its slopes.

NEW SARGASSO: A large growth of underwater fungus.  If provides no bonus
resources; however, you can harvest the fungus.

PHOLUS RIDGE: The geothermal energy produced here, produces +1 Energy
per square.

SUNNY MESA: It provides no resource bonuses, but due to its elevation,
it is a good spot for solar collectors and Echelon Mirrors.

THE RUINS: A ring of monoliths, which provide no bonuses, other than the
monolithe themselves.

URANIUM FLATS: A location with mant elements, which provide +1 Energy
per square.

IV. Secret Projects


ASCETIC VIRTUES: Population limit relaxed; +1 Police

BULK MATTER TRANSMITTER: +2 Minerals at each base

CITIZENS' DEFENSE FORCE: Perimeter Defense at each base

CLINICAL IMMORTALITY: Extra talent at each base

CLONING VATS: Population boom at all the bases

COMMAND NEXUS: Command Center at each base

CYBORG FACTORY: Bioenhancement Center at each base

DREAM TWISTER: Psi Attack +50%

EMPATH GUILD: Commlink for every faction

HUMAN GENOME PROJECT: +1 Talent at each base

HUNTER- SEEKER ALGORITHM: Immunity to Probe Teams


LONGEVITY VACCINE: Fewer drones/ more profits

MARITIME CONTROL CENTER: Naval Movement +2; naval bases

MERCHANT EXCHANGE: +1 Energy each square at the base

NANO FACTORY: Repair units; low upgrade costs

NETWORK BACKBONE: +1 Lab per commerce/ net node

NEURAL AMPLIFIER: Psi Defense +50%

PHOLUS MUTAGEN: Ecology Bonus; Lifecycle bonus

PLANETARY DATALINKS: Any tech known to three others

PLANETARY TRANSIT SYSTEM: New bases begin at size three

SELF- AWARE COLONY: Maintenance halve; Extra police

SINGULARITY INDUCTOR: Quantum Converter at each base

SPACE ELEVATOR: Energy +100%/ Orbital cost halved

SUPERCOLLIDER: Labs +100% at the base

TELEPATHIC MATRIX: No more drone riots; +2 Probe

THEORY OF EVERYTHING: Labs +100% at the base


Virtual World: Network Nodes help drones

VOICE OF PLANET: Begins Ascent to Transcendence

WEATHER PARADIGM: Terraform +50%

XENOEMPATHY DOME: Fungus movement bonus

V. Facilities

- Aerospace Complex                  
- Bioenhancement Center              
- Biology Lab                        
- Centauri Preserve                  
- Children's Creche                  
- Command Center                    
- Energy Bank                        
- Fusion Lab                        
- Genejack Factory                  
- Hab Complex                        
- Habitation Dome                    
- Headquarters                      
- Hologram Theatre                  
- Hybrid Forest                      
- Nanohospital                      
- Nanoreplicator                    
- Naval Yard                        
- Nessus Mining Station              
- Network Node                      
- Orbital Defense Pod
- Orbital Power Transmitter
- Paradise Garden
- Perimeter Defense
- Pressure Dome
- Psi Gate
- Punishment Sphere
- Quantum Converter
- Quantum Lab
- Research Commons
- Research Hospital
- Robotic Assembly Plant
- Skunkworks
- Sky Hydroponics Lab
- Stockpile Energy
- Tachyon Field
- Temple of Planet
- Tree Farm

VI. Technologies

- Advanced Ecological Engineering
- Advanced Military Algorithms
- Advanced Spaceflight
- Advanced Subatomic Theory
- Applied Gravitonics
- Applied Physics
- Applied Relativity
- Bio- Engineering
- Biogenetics
- Biomachinery
- Centauri Ecology
- Centauri Empath
- Centauri Genetics
- Centauri Meditation
- Centauri Psi
- Controlled Singularity
- Cyberethics
- Digital Sentience
- Doctrine: Air Power
- Doctrine: Initiative
- Doctrine: Loyalty
- Doctrine: Mobility
- Ecological Engineering
- Environmental Economics
- Ethical Calculus
- Eudaimonia
- Frictionless Surface
- Fusion Power
- Genesplicing
- Graviton Theory
- High Energy Chemistry
- Homo Superior
- Industrial Automation
- Industrial Base
- Industrial Economics
- Industrial Nanorobotics
- Information Networks
- Information Integrity
- Matter Compression
- Matter Editation
- Matter Transmission
- Mind/ Machine Interface
- Monopole Magnets
- Nanometallurgy
- Nanominiaturization
- Neural Grafting
- Nonlinear Mathematics
- Optical Computers
- Optical Spaceflight
- Organic Superlubricant
- Photon/ Wave Mechanics
- Planetary Economics
- Planetary Networks
- Polymorphic Software
- Pre- Sentient Algorithms
- Probability Mechanics
- Quantum Machinery
- Quantum Power
- Retrioviral Engineering
- Secrets of Alpha Centauri
- Secrets of Creation
- Secrets of the Brain
- Self- Aware Machines
- Sentient Econometrics
- Silksteel Alloys
- Singularity Mechanics
- Social Psych
- Super Tensile Solids
- Super Conductor
- Superstring Theory
- Synthetic Fossil Fuels
- Temporal Mechanics
- The Will of Power
- Threshold of Transcendence
- Transcendent Thought
- Unified Field Theory

VII. Planetary Council Proposals


GLOBAL TRADE PACT: Commerce Rates Doubled

INCREASE SOLAR SHADE: Global Cooling; Sea Levels Drop

LAUNCH SOLAR SHADE: Global Coolong; Sea Levels Drop

MELT POLAR CAPS: Global Warming; Sea Levels Rise

REINSTATE U.N. CHARTER: Atrocity Prohibitions Return


REPEAL U.N. CHARTER: Atrocity Prohibitions Lifted

SALVAGE UNITY FUSION CORE: +500 Energy Credits To Every Faction


VIII. Citizens

                             Bonus To Economy     Labs      Psych
DOCTOR                            0                 0         +2


EMPATH                           +2                 0         +2

ENGINEER                         +3                 +2         0

LIBRARIAN                         0                 +3         0


TECHNICIAN                        +3                 0         0

THINKER                           0                  +3       +1

TRANSCEND                         +2                 +4       +2


IX. Tips

- I recommend that you put one or two of your first four bases on
"rolling" squares.  This allows for good mineral production from mines.  
It also helps produce more units.

- I recommend to build at least two military units at each base to start
off with.

- After your military units are built, build some formers.

- I recommend that you build recycling tanks and supply pods next.  This
will increase efficiency and expansion.

- Don't forget to build things like the Children's Creche, Biology Lab,
and Hab Complex.

- I recommend signing treaties or pacts with some or most of the other
factions for a short time, at least.

- Don't forget that units can hide in the fungus.

- Boreholes are very important in the production of resources at your
bases.  I recommend having at least one borehole for every four bases.

- Remember to scout for the landmarks. They will provide extra

- Build sensory arrays as you explore to watch for mind worms.

- Send Supply Crawlers to retrieve far away resource deposits.

- Naval Bases and Aerospace Complexes add to your faction's dominance
and expandability.

- Remember to build kelp farms, tidal harnesses, and mining platforms
for bases near an ocean.

- If your land is arid, build a condensor to make it more moist.

- Build solar collectors adjacent to Echelon Mirrors in high elevation

- Forests are easy to produce and provide sufficient resources, so plant
several forests near your bases.

X. Credits/ Links

- Firaxis Games
- Electronic Arts

XI. Farewell!

Like I mentioned earlier, this is more of a reference guide than
anything else.  If you know of anything you think that I should include,
e- mail me at the address at the beginning.  Until Next Time...

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