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                  A l o n e   i n   t h e   D a r k   3
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                    W   A   L   K   -   T   H   R   U

                               Written by:

                           [ Darrell Upchurch ]
                            [ David Mitchell ]
                            [ Polly Robinson ]

                           w/ Special Thanx to:
                             { Mike Birket }
                             { Mike Strauss }

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1.        Enter Slaughter Gulch (a big mistake :)
2.[opt]   Take *Gas Can* on right end of porch of the saloon
3.        Enter the saloon
4.        Get *Key* from center table
5.        Get *Maraca* from stage
6.        Get *Oil Can* in corner of saloon
7.[opt]   Use *Gas Can* on projector
8.        Get *Box of Matches* in small room by the bar
9.        Walk behind bar and let the gun man shoot at you (he can't hurt you)
10.       Search cabinet behind bar
11.       -Get *Wood Alcohol*
12.       -Get *Bottle*
13.       -Get *Flask*
14.[opt]  Throw *Bottle*
15.[opt]  -Get *Token*
16.[opt]  Use *Token* on left side of piano
17.[opt]  -Get *Oil Lamp*
18.       Push left horn behind bar
19.       Stay there and wait for gunman to shoot all his bullets &
         then fight him off (w/ or w/o your gun)
20.       -Get *Ace of Diamonds*
21.       -Get *Gold Bullet*
22.       Fall down trap door
23.       -Get *Oil Lamp* (if you didn't use the token on the piano)
24.       Light your *Oil Lamp* (via using oil,matches,lamp)
25.       Get *Cane* off wall
26.[opt]  Read poster
27.       'Open/Search' left keg door
28.       Use the *maraca* to avoid the snake(s)
29.       Climb up ladder and enter the jail cell
30.       Kill off the gun slinger
31.       Get *Stone*
32.       Use *Cane* by the cell door
33.       -Get *Cell Key*
34.       Kill off the gun slinger again...
35.       Throw *Stone*
36.       -Get *Amulet*
37.[opt]  'Put' *Wood Alcohol* in front of drunkard
38.[opt]  -Get *Flask*
39.       'Open/Search' Desk
40.       -Get *Sheriff's Badge*
41.       -Get *Bullets for a Winchester*
42.       Use *Key* on gun cabinet
43.       Search & -Get *Winchester*
44.[opt]  Read posters
45.[opt]  Open wood stove in other room & kill off really big guy
46.       Push big cabinet in front of double doors
47.[opt]  Open cabinet
48.[opt]  -Get *Shotgun*
49.       Climb rope ladder
50.       Get *Whip*
51.       Run under pulsing red light (when not on :)
52.       Get *Voodoo Hangman's Rope*
53.       Get *Cast Iron Plate*
54.       Get *Cartridge Belt*
55.[opt]  Use *Cast Iron Plate*
56.[opt]  Use *Whip* on gun man to -Get *Bag Full of Gold Coins*
57.       Use (load) *Gold Bullet* into Winchester
58.       Use *Winchester* to shoot bad guy
59.       -Get *Sack Full of Scorpions*
60.       Shoot steel door with a gun of your choice
61.       When inside, Use *Oil Lamp*
62.       Use *Voodoo Hangman's Rope* when you can't breathe
63.       Use *Sack Full of Scorpions* on trap door
64.       Push lever
65.       'Open/Search' behind trap door
66.       -Get *A Stick of Dynamite*
67.       -Get *A Piece of Dried Meat*
68.       Go back around corner & kill off the two gunmen
69.       Enter small room & Get *Gatling Gun*
70.       Get *Flask*
71.       Get *Short Fuse* behind barrel
72.       Use *Short Fuse*
73.       Dodge bullets from the gunman who closes the door
74.       Re-open door
75.       Use *Stick of Dynamite* on crack in wall behind barrel
76.       Use *Box of Matches* where you placed the dynamite
77.       Leave room & wait for wall to explode
78.       Go back, walk thru blast hole, & stand on arrow stone
79.       Go thru the door and down passage way & around corners
80.       Kill another gunman
81.       Use *Sheriff's Badge* on machine
82.       Use the *Whip* near the machine to activate it (you will lose whip)
83.       Go thru the newly opened door
84.       Pick up *Flask*
85.       Pick up *Bullets for Winchester* on end of plank
86.       With a good running distance, run across plank to jump across
         to other building
87.       Use *Matches* on all the lamps (only one of them is necessary :)
88.[opt]  Read Map on wall
89.       Get *Sheet from Newspaper*
90.       Use *Dried Meat* on clock
91.       Get *Token*
92.       Get *Night Valet* in corner
93.       Get *Flask* by picture
94.       Walk thru picture
95.       'Open/Search' on bed post
96.       Get *Arrow*
97.       Use *Arrow* on Cupid
98.       'Open/Search' dresser
99.       -Get *30/30 Bullet*
100.      -Get *Bulb*
101.      -Get *Pearl*
102.      Push mirror
103.      -Get *Key*
104.      Walk back thru picture & into hall
105.[opt] Get *Costume Jewelry Ring*
106.      Use *Key* on door & enter room
107.[opt] Use *Diamond Ring*
108.[opt] Use *Diamond* on dragon figurine
109.[opt] -Get *Bullets for Winchester*
110.      Get *Flask*
111.      Get *Instruction Sheet*
112.      Get *Diary*
113.      Walk in front of door w/ gunman behind it on balcony
114.      Put down *Night Valet* (watch gunman walk to his death :)
115.      'Push' door shutter down
116.      Walk into room & search table
117.      -Get *Key*
118.      Get *Shutter Release*
119.      Get *Instruction Sheet*
120.      Get *Flash*
121.[opt] Look at pictures on wall behind sink
122.      Go back to the hallway
123.      Use *Bulb*
124.      Use *Shutter Release* to ready flash
125.      Use *Key* on remaining door
126.      Go to the right to the film canister on floor
127.      Use *Flash* while avoiding Two-headed creature (this will kill it)
128.      Use *Token* on piano
129.      Shoot dart board target on cabinet
130.      Search in cabinet
131.      -Get *Flask*
132.      -Get *War Stick*
133.      Prepare *Oil Lamp* (via oil,matches)
134.      Drop down hole
135.      Use *Lit Oil Lamp*
136.      Run out of cave to avoid flying bats
137.      Jump across pillars till you meet the Indian
138.      Use *War Stick* on Indian (he will move then)
139.      Get *Box of Cartridges*
140.      Get *Small Key*
141.      Continue to jump across pillars...
142.      When at a dead-end, Use *Indian Amulet* (this will get you across)
143.      Fight guy with throwing stars
144.      -Get *Flask*
145.      Kill gunman
146.      -Get *Top Hat*
147.      -Get *Key*
148.      Use *Key* on left double-doors
149.      Search book shelves
150.      -Get *White Book*
151.      -Get *Watch Maker's Manual*
152.      -Get *Locked Book*
153.[opt] Use *Small Key* (to unlock *Locked Book*)
154.[opt] Read *Book on Navajo Traditions*
155.      Search bust on the end wall
156.      -Get *Pocket Watch*
157.      Search table & -Get *Printing Plate*
158.[opt] Light candle on table
159.[opt] Read *White Book* standing near candle
160.[opt] Use *Printing Plate* in mirror by table
161.      Leave Room
162.      Use *Pocket Watch* on other set of double-doors
163.      Walk to guy & -Get *Story Board*
164.      Use *Top Hat* on Abe Lincoln's Statue
165.      -Get two *Boxes of Cartridges*
166.      Kill strange green guy
167.      Stand in front of stain-glass window & shoot it w/ *Winchester*
168.      Climb up steps
169.      Use *War Stick* on platform in middle of graveyard
170.      Use *Ace of Spades* on O.E.J.'s grave
171.      -Get *Message*
172.      Search table & -Get *Oil Can*
173.      Get *Roll of Film* off of floor
174.      Search hutch & -Get *Bag of Pemmican*
175.      Use *Oil Can* on fireplace & enter dance hall
176.      Search fat man & -Get *Hammer*
177.      Search lady & -Get *Box of Cartridges*
178.      Walk to stage (avoid shots from violin player)
179.      Search record player
180.      -Get *Guitar String*
181.      -Get *Musical Score*
182.      -Get *Key to a Safe*
183.      Kill guy with flowers & gun
184.      Leave dance hall & go into kitchen
185.      Walk behind hutch and go to hallway
186.      Use *30/30 Bullet* on door lock
187.      Use *Hammer* on door (to blast bullet)
188.      Search model of train station
189.      -Get *Blasting Cap*
190.      -Get *Map*
191.      -Get *Light Bulb*
192.      Use *Guitar String* on mounting table
193.      Use *Light Bulb*
194.      Use *Musical Score*
195.      Get the 3 digit combination (from *Musical Score*)
196.      Use *Roll of Film* near mounting table on the projector
197.      In other room, search table
198.      -Get *Astronomy Book*
199.      Search picture
200.      'Open/Search' until code-entry device matches the 3 digit
201.      Enter bank room
202.      Use *Pearl* on vault
203.      Use *Key to a Safe* on vault
204.      Kill bank teller zombie & -Get back *Indian Amulet*
205.      In vault, Get *Box of Cartridges*
206.      Get *Hill Century's Money*
207.      Open window (have fun :)
208.      Get *McCarthy's Message* from McCarthy
209.      Search saddle & -Get *Flask*
210.      Search rail cart
210.      -Get *Detonator Box* & -Get *Box of Cartridges*
211.      Enter station
212.      'Push' "Station" sign (to choke guy on rafters)
213.      Get *Key*
214.      Search pile of rails & -Get *Eye-Bolt*
215.      Use *Eye-Bolt* on bell 3 times (to open door)
216.      Run outside
217.      Quickly Use *Blasting Cap* near fence
218.      Use *Detonator Box* on opposite side near the rocks
219.      At the water tower, lay down *Hill Century's Money* & *Key*
220.      -Die-
221.      Run out of cemetery & into saloon
222.      Run up broken staircase & jump across hole in floor
223.      Run out window & jump out onto the statue where hole in wall is
224.      -Get *Golden Eagle*
225.      Run between buildings to McCarthy's workshop
226.      Go to tar barrel & dip paw in it
227.      Go inside building next door & dip paw in "Cask of Silver Salts"
228.      Kill werewolf outside
229.      Run into cemetery & kill the other werewolf
230.      Run back into tunnel where you turned into a panther
231.      Place *Golden Eagle* in fire
232.      -Come back to life-
233.      Get *Soap* behind tombstone
234.      Get *Colt Gun*
235.      Go back to water tower
236.      Drop your *Colt Gun*
237.      Walk up to your double & touch him (to become one)
238.      Get *Colt Gun* back
239.      Walk up ladder
240.      Fall off plank
241.      Use *Soap* on dirty guy
242.      -Get *Metallic Brush*
243.      Get *Flask*
244.      Use *Metallic Brush* on peg
245.      Fall down trap door
246.      Get *Engineer's Notebook*
247.      Get *Dead Leaf*
248.      Use *Dead Leaf* on Indian bust
249.[opt] Read map on wall
250.      Go up steps & kill off both bad guys (don't use your gun)
251.      Search wall-hole & -Get *Flask*
252       Search other wall-hole & -Get *Pick-axe*
253.      Go into other room & Get *Sheets of Paper*
254.      Walk across chasm (be brave and save alot :)
255.      Kill off Pick-axe man with *Colt Gun*
256.      Walk into next room & Kill off axe man w/ *Pick-axe*
257.      Get *Candlestick* from pillar
258.      Get *Water Pitcher*
259.      Get *Jed Stone's Scratch book*
260.      Get *Scorched Book* by lit candle
261.      Get *Needle*
262.      Use *Water Pitcher* on rifleman in hall
263.      Enter elevator
264.      Get *China Piggy Bank*
265.      Throw *China Piggy Bank*
266.      -Get *Microscope Glass Plate*
267.      'Push' lever
268.      Use *Glass Plate* on microscope
269.      'Push' colored stones in order of micro-samples (from *Glass Plate*)
270.      Enter next room & Search table
271.      -Get *Vial of Poison*
272.      Go around corner
273.      Use *Vial of Poison* on *Needle*
274.      Use *Vial of Poison* on distilled water
275.      Enter jail cell when you become small
276.      Use *Poisoned Needle* on old guy
277.      -Get *Piece of Straw*
278.      -Get *Key to the Goal*
279.      Get *Bottle of Ammonia*
280.      Use *Key to the Goal* on cell door
281.      Use *Vial of Poison* on distilled water again
282.      Walk behind table leg and into small hole in wall
283.      Use straw & Run across chasm (pole-vaulting effect)
284.      Get *Vial with a Potion*
285.      Enter next room & quickly Use *Vial with a Potion* on "lava flow"
286.      Get *Bucket of Glue* (don't get caught in spider web)
287.      Step on spider
288.      Use *Bucket of Glue*
289.      Climb up light shaft
290.      Quickly, Get *Hammer's Head*
291.      Walk near hole & Throw *Hammer's Head* down hole
292.      Get *Lead Ingot*
293.      Push anvil out of way
294.      -Get *Flask*
295.      -Get *Winchester*
296.[opt] 'Push' anvil into hole (I did it for fun :)
297.      Enter next room & kill Mr. Cobra
298.      -Get *Cobra's Wig*
299.      -Get *Silver Dollar*
300.      Get *Flask*
301.      Use *Silver Dollar* on poster
302.      Walk into other room
303.      Use *Box of Matches* on crucible
304.      Use *Lead Ingot* on crucible
305.      Get *Scorched paper*
306.      Get *Evil Wand with a Mineral Tip*
307.      Get *Aztec Legend Parchment*
308.      Get *Ammunition*
309.      Enter tunnel & kill off big guy
310.      -Get *Knife*
311.      Throw *Bottle of Ammonia* against door you came in (to wake up
312.      Use *Cobra's Wig* on hook above door & Open it
313.      Run into the other room with the eagle statue in it
314.      Quickly, Use the *Evil Wand with a Mineral* on the eagle statue
315.      Get *Flask*
316.      Run into other room
317.      Get *Rubber Glove*
318.      Use *Rubber Glove*
319.      Use *Knife* on electrical wires
320.      Use water faucet
321.      Run back into the other room
322.      Get *Sack of Coal*
323.      Get on train
324.      Use *Sack of Coal*
325.      Use *Box of Matches*
326.      'Push' lever
327.      -Watch the neat ending-

                 Congrats, you have just completed AITD3!


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