GameSurge Strategy Page


                           by Richard Liblanc
                 with thanks to Hugues Lamy and Frankie McNeil


 o  Fighting can be made really easy by always closing on your target and
    punching them as often as you can. Most of the time, they will keep
    shooting toward but behind you. Most of the thompson guys are poor
    aimer and they often fire at some spot on the wall instead of at you.
    Stay close to the walls sometimes (specially true in the garden).

 o  There is a strange bug you can use to go through some doors and walls.
    When you have a sword, close on the door and make the "dive attack"
    (when you make one step forward while attacking). You'll be able to
    pass through most of the doors (with VERY erratic results though).

 o  This walkthru does not tell you when to drink your vials and when to
    reload your guns. You might spend a lot more ammo than I did so maybe
    you'll have to improvise. Maybe the walkthru wont tell you how to get
    all the storyline elements (books, pictures, etc.). They are pretty
    obvious and I know you will get all the things the dead guys will leave
    behind :).

 o  Remember that some weapons seems really weak in attacking power but they
    can be very useful when speed is important (the revolver, the beater and
    the good old punch for example).
 o  A rule of thumb : always take everything a dead guy leaves behind. I
    think I forgot some stuff like "take the key" or "take the book" but
    you should be able to figure what to take.
 o  Finally, I played the game with the french version and some objects might
    have different names. Sorry for the incovenience and for my bad english.


 -  Kill the guy with your bare hands and take his thompson, the clip and the

 -  Run down the alley to the big statue of the anchor, push it and enter the
    gardens. If you make your move fast enough, you should be able to avoid the
    thompson guys.

 -  There is someone just behind that corner. Kill him from the corner and take
    the picture.

 -  Turn right, get rid of the thompson guy, take the clip and the vial. Go
    where that guy came from.

 -  Take the rope, remember you saw a DIAMOND card.

 -  Go back where you found the picture, walk to the crossroad. When you'll
    walk past the crossroad, another "hey you" will appear. Fill him with lead
    and take the way to the top of the screen.

 -  Now that guy is a real pain. Dont let him close on you. Stick to the left
    wall and fire your thompson at him. If you kill him now, he wont bother you
    again. ( that's the case of most of the bad guys in the gardens, they
    sometimes track you even if you never "met" them). Go the dead end and take
    the clip.

 -  Go back to the crossroad and go to the bottom of the screen. There will be
    another tough guy in trench coat. Kill him and continue your way until you
    find the grapplin. Another "hey you" will appear. If you're not fond of
    killing, step on the diamond card. If you intend to step on another card,
    well, save first.


 -  Go straight forward and get rid of that green guy.

 -  Go take the vial and forget about the ladder for now. Go to the other part
    of the cave.

 -  Push the chest to make the altar raise. Watch out fot the ghost! Dont
    worry, he's thompsonable. Take the pirate's saber.

 -  If you have some "friends" waiting for you at the entrance (place with 4
    cards on the ground), it would be a good idea to use the mettalic jack on
    the altar so you can escape via the other trap. If not, forget about the
    jack and get out of the cave.


 -  If both cases, you should make your way to a 3-ways intesection. Go in the
    L-path, be scared by the demonic face and turn left. Shoot the fat 12-gauge
    wielding gangster and proceed. (not turning will get you back near the
    crossroad, geez, you're so curious, trust me a little more!).

 -  Cut the weaving branches with your saber and SAVE! See that little brown
    spot behind the trees? That's Shorty Leg and he's quite tough to kill. Best
    way to kill him is to hide behind the statue and use everything you've got,
    especially the revolver.
    Dont worry about spending all your ammo. Just kill him.

 -  Take the vial and use the grapplin. Use the grapplin again to make the
    statue's arm move and enter.


 -  Darn! No more weapons! Take everything you see (a nickel, a crank and a
    paper bag).

 -  You can cry on Stryker's corpse if you want but take his notes and the
    pipe-pick. (sorry, cant remember the right word for it now...). Pushing
    Stryker off the cliff seems a bad idea but i never did it. Lemme now if it
    changes something later in the game...:)

 -  To open the locked door, you need to use the paper under the door then the
    pick. You'll get the key and you'll get inside.

 -  There are two ways to get rid of that sitting guy :
    The "nice" way : Get behind the barrel, just beside the lever. Use the
    paper bag twice, wait until the guy raises to his feet and push the lever.
    The "direct" way: Tease the guy, fight with him and try to make him fall
    the cliff...

 -  Take the shotgun, the book and the vial. Go right behind the grandfather
    clock and use the crank to open the secret passage. go there and take the
    shotgun shells.

 -  To get rid of Musicman, just tear his pact( the paper you used to get the
    key). Dont forget to take the hook.

 -  As you might hear now, there is some heavy shooting nearby. Take the beater
    and go to the door. DONT GO UPSTAIRS YET!!!

 -  To kill those two guys, stay in the doorway shoot the first guy, go
    backward and wait for the other guy to show up.

 -  Those two guys were shooting at some rotating cards. Try to align 4
    diamonds to open the door. 90 degrees rotations are possible, you just have
    to be well positioned.

 -  Kill that guy and get into the cellar. Get the vial (i never found any use
    to the whiskey bottle. HINT: save before drinking). Use the nickel in the
    slot machine to get two tokens. You might also take the book in the back of
    the room.

 -  Return to the shooting gallery. Kill that guy and take the bag. You can
    also try to get the bag w/o worrying about the guy because he's so drunk
    but he might shows up a while later...

 -  Open the bag and put on the Santa suit. Okay, you look silly, but at least
    that little pest upstairs wont alarm everyone.


 -  Turn right and make your way to the kitchen. Watch out for the statue! Try
    to walk near the door.

 -  In the kitchen, take the frying pan and get near the eggs. Listen to what
    T-Bone tells you and get ready to fight him. The pan is the best weapon
    because it will block incoming darts.

 -  Take the wine from the stove and the poison beside the dumbwaiter. Use the
    poison with the wine.

 -  Get near the door in front of the statue and drop your special wine. Wait
    for results.

 -  Big Evil Hint : To get rid of that little pest walking down the hall and to
    remove any danger from the statue, wait until that little fellow walks
    before the statue and start running to trigger the trident.
    Duck in the kitchen and wait for result. Voila!

 -  Go through the door you opened with the wine and use your two tokens in the
    juke-box in front of the statue.
    The golden token will make a doublon appear and the wooden token will open
    the door.

 -  Get in the new room and take all the war material (bulletproof vest,clip,

 -  Now go just beside the statue with the trident and take the crown. Now go
    upstairs. (i know, i know, there are still two doors left closed, more on
    them later).

 -  Kill that laughing zombie first. Best way to do it is too close on him and
    punch, close again, punch, etc. He'll always miss you with his gun and
    you wont have any problems getting rid of him (it will take some time
    though). Open the door and get in the hall. Open the door in the middle

 -  The guy will throw a derringer. Take it and use it quick. Take the sword.
    There are a scroll and a book to find in the bookshelf. Get back in the
    hall and open the nearest door (the other door at the end of the hall is
    the bathroom, no need to go there).

 -  The two ghost arms are protecting the other half of the scroll. It is not
    required to get the scroll but strongly suggested if you want to solve
    the next puzzle by yourself. Use the sword to kill the arms, stay right
    beside the window, hack, get back, hack again and so on.

 -  CHESS AND MAGIK (the riddle) : Use the crown on the white statue. Go in
    the magic room and take the amulet. (the door in the magic room is another

 -  Two things to take, a vial and a note. Open the door and go immediately to
    the left and take the thompson with the clip. Stay right where you are and
    get ready to thompson two baddies. If you still have your bulletproof vest,
    there is no problem, otherwise, try to make the gangster fire on the
    karateka. (remember to USE you bulletproof vest though)

 -  Take the grenade and the key. Dont open the door yet. Get in the open room
    and use the doublon in the jack-in-the-box. Take the pompon.

 -  Now open the door and get inside the room. The only way to get rid of the
    clown is to throw the pompon through the archway. The right position is
    difficult to find. Let the clown go after the pompon and use the grenade
    in the chimney. SAVE!!!. Go down.

 -  The grenade killed two of the baddies but there are still a lot of people
    down here. The best way to kill them all is to get out as fast as you can
    and wait for them in the kitchen or the lobby. Slash them when they go
    through the door. The beater is one of the bet weapon because it's so fast.
    You could try the Santa suit again but i'm not sure it will work. If
    someone find an easy way, let me know...

 -  Take the red ball from the christmas tree and go upstairs again in the pool

 -  Use the ball on the big box with holes. Use the key on the door and go
    inside. Wait for result and dont panic.

 -  Listen to what Jack tells you and when he's done, use the hook to get out
    of here.

 -  You can try anything you want but you'll always get captured by Elizabeth.
    The wisest thing to do is to go downstairs and walk toward the kitchen.


 -  If you havent figured out that you're now Grace, well...First thing to do
    is to try all those cute moves (gna gna gna gna). Now push the plank so
    you can get out. Go near the parrot, take the seeds, the sandwich and the
    pepper. Give the seeds to the parrot if you want a clue.

 -  Get out of the room and IMMEDIATELY go to your left. Hide in the small
    niche until the pirate stops walking. Go back to the ladder as fast as you
    can. By the way, it's the ladder at the end of the hall, not the middle
    one. You dont have much time until the pirate starts chasing you again so
    make it quick.

 -  Dont tease that pirate and climb the other ladder.

 -  Now you're going to play hide and seek with the crew. You must find a safe
    way to the open hatch without anyone noticing you. Go behind the sitting
    guy. Make your way to the edge of the ship and get behind the boxes.
    By the way, for a cute moment, try to fall into the Start trap.
    Before going down, take the flint&steel on the deck.
         |  Boxes     |_| End                                                
 Mast    | X          Mast            
         |      X                                                            
         |   X                                                                
     _   |                                                                  
    |_|  |  Boxes                                                          

 -  Take the small cannonfrom the chest, the vase from the shelf and the stick
    next to the bed.

 -  Now, position yourself right in front of the door, put down the cannon, use
    the pepper on the cannon. Throw the vase, wait until the pirate comes close
    and use the flint&steel on the cannon. Take the bell and get out the room.

 -  Go through the door in front of you. Take the chicken's foot get near the
    blue plate, ring the bell and get inside the dumbwaiter. Take the key.

 -  Use the key on the locker in the kitchen and get the molasse and the
    freezer. When you'll try to get out of the kitchen, you'll hear a familiar
    "hey you!". Get back in the kitchen and use the freezer in the doorway.

 -  Go upstairs and do the same thing with the molasse. Go to the pool room.
    Get the token if you want (havent the slightiest idea of what to do with
    it). Go into the room with the cell and use the stick behind the desk
    with the broken plate in the corner of the room. You'll find the key and
    another book.

 -  The door to the chamber and magic room will now open. Get into the magic
    room and use the stick on the plate. Get back in the kitchen and hope you
    placed the ice at the right spot. Go next to the dumbwaiter and ring the
    bell again.                  
 -  Captured again....


 -  Get the key to free yourself and kill that pirate with your bare hands.
    Take the the sword, use it and follow Grace outside. Dont worry if you lose
    track of Grace. Kill anything you encounter.

 -  The guy outside will leave the fuse behind. Get it and go through the door
    in front of you. Kill the two guys and get the fire-iron and the pliers as
    well as the key in the corner of the room. Get out.

 -  Go through the door next to the niche where Grace hid, kill the guy and
    take all his stuff (gun ammo,chainmail,vial,gun).

 -  Push the barrel to the left and get the chainmail.

 -  Go through the door at the end of the hallway, close on the pistol pirate
    with your sword, take the ammo and the vial. Dont let anyone get in your
    way to the locked door on that deck. Use the key to get inside.

 -  You're in the gunpowder room. think twice before firing your gun. Use the
    sword to kill the swordmaster, get the book and the gunpowder barrel. Get
    on the upper deck.

 -  Open all the doors you can, there are two rooms you can enter. A sleeping
    room (dont stay inside too long because you dont want to wake those
    pirates) and a room with a cannon. kill the guy sleeping next to the cannon
    and use the pliers to free the cannon. Now PUSH the cannon to the left
    (this move is difficult, the right position is hard to find). Drop
    the barrel anywhere in the sleeping room( Carnby always places the barrel
    next to the wall).

 -  Use the fuse on the cannon and use the fire-iron for a nice show...

 -  Go into what's left of the sleeping room. Take the vial and the gold

 -  Use the gold pieces near the locked doors and kill the two dwarves. Go
    where they came from, take the vial. Go kill the cook behind the door, take
    the metallic diamond card and use it on the last locked door.

 -  Enter and fall (again) under Elizabeth's spell...


 -  And Grace saves the day...Use the stick on the statue, get into the room
    and use the chicken's foot. Bye Bye Elizabeth!


 -  First, FLEE! that ghost is way too tough for you. Climb the ladder to get
    on the main deck.

 -  Kill everyone on the bridge. Get the hook and climb up the mast. Wait for
    the guy, hit him once with your sword to make him fall. Use the hook on the
    rope. Kill the karateka. jump down and take Nichol's sword.

 -  Free Grace with the pliers. Run to the cannons to stop the fuse. Now kill
    One-Eye Jack! Dont forget to use Nichol's sword and watch out for fake

 -  Guess what? THE END!

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