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    Tribes 2
    Addictive team based shooting

    Tribes 2 is a multiplayer game developed by Dynamix and published by Sierra Studios. With just a one page introduction in the manual and a slight addition to the storyline of its predecessor, it seems that the single player and storyline were inserted solely to provide a variety of player models for multiplayer, and to provide some basic single player training for preparation into the online world.
    Having said that, Tribes 2 is the best example of a team based multiplayer game to date. Unlike other multiplayer games which are Free For All, whether they admit it or not, eg. Quake3, (cough, Team Arena), or Counter-Strike which is only strength in numbers "teamwork", Tribes 2 actually requires a diversity in the types of units and equipment/weapons used in order to complete the objectives and enjoy the game.

    Tribes2 features a variety of game types, including Deathmatch (+ variations), Siege (defend a "control switch" while the opposing team attempts to reach it), Capture and Hold (similar to TFC), and CTF (+ variations). Due to the way the game is designer and therefore how the gameplay works, the only game type available in the vast majority of online servers is for CTF.
    You start off with a base unit in which you carry basic weapons before heading to an inventory station to resupply.
    There are 3 "amour classes" - Scout, Assault, and Juggernaut to choose from. The scout, being lightweight and having light armor provides fast movement (and higher/longer jump jet ability) with low life, while the Juggernaut is the exact opposite. Assault is an in between the 2. Each class has it's limitations and unique abilities, for example only the scout class can carry a laser rifle and can pilot all vehicles, but cannot carry heavy packs or weapons. The Juggernaut is the only class able to carry the deadly fusion mortar but is unable to pilot any vehicles and in addition is extremely slow moving. You can select from an inventory what class, and what weapons and items you would like to receive before stepping on an inventory pad. After doing so you will be resupplied with whatever you chose - keeping in mind the different restrictions on what different classes can carry.

    Inventory stations vary in placement but can generally be found scattered inside the buildings, or in various outdoor places in DM. Any fixed item within the base - generators, inventory stations, sensors can be damaged or destroyed and thus unusable/disabled, until they are repaired.

    The maps are all generally large and mountainous, with your base and outposts on opposing ends. Within the actual map there is a designated "mission area". You can leave the mission area but in DM you will take damage for any time remaining there while in CTF you will lose possession of the flag if you are carrying it.

    The overall gameplay of Tribes 2 is fairly "slow" in comparison to other FPS games. This helps make it more objectives based rather than shoot-em-up based. For CTF points are rewarded on the basis of capturing or defending the flag, or destroying or defending a generator, which are critical to base power and therefore the ability to heal and resupply to your designated class via inventory selections.
    Jet packs are an important feature to Tribes 2, providing the ability to reach higher levels, gain a tactical advantage over an enemy, or just get from A to B faster. The mobility advantage of jet packs provides an important component to melee fights within the game. They are powered by your energy supply, which will constantly recharge until a maximum level while not in use. The energy supply is also used for other purposes such as powering your personal shield or cloaking device.

    Tribes 2 uses more subtle means to provide a "team" of different units necessary to complete the objectives within a mission. Rather than having distinct classes, the game lets the player choose what to carry with them, and thus altering their roles. For example the role of "medic" or "repairman" can be taken by selecting to take a repair pack, or an offense unit may want the energy pack (faster energy regeneration for jump jets) for greater mobility, or a shield pack for protection against most weapons as long as it is activated. You may choose to carry inventory packs such as turrets or mobile inventory pads (which are like inventory stations that can be placed anywhere on the map, except without the ability to resupply certain items), or you can select sensor packs to aid in base defense. You can even retrofit a base turret with a fusion mortar or AA rocket barrel.
    You can always replenish or replace your ammunition/inventory by reselecting your desired items/weapons and stepping back onto an inventory pad. Therefore whatever role you wish to take on can be changed with ease.
    Other typical roles such as a HW assault unit, or sniper are available, not just on the basis of what weapon is carried but by the actual characteristics of the unit. To carry a Laser Rifle (equivalent of a sniper rifle), you will need to be a scout class and carry an energy pack (since the rifle feeds off energy from the pack, and has killing power directly proportional to the current energy level). This necessary selection of inventory will cause you to be weak but mobile - typical of what a sniper should be. An assault unit will require a higher amour class for more life and weapons selection and therefore is more powerful, but less agile.

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