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    Grand Theft Auto 2

    reviewed by Chaplum Chu -

    Rockstar Games
    DMA Design

    32 MB RAM,
    Win 95 or 90,
    3D accelerator required

    160 MB RAM,
    3Dfx Voodoo2



    Since the release of Grand Theft Auto, it was banned in several countries and was regarded as one of the most violent games that parents should keep their kids away from. Through this controversy, GTA has developed a huge fan base, ranging from teens to adults. It was extremely entertaining as players assumed the role of a freelance mobster completing missions for the various gangs around the city. As addicting as this game was, the fans needed and wanted a sequel.

    The creators responded by releasing GTA: London 1969. This was meant to satisfy gamers until they could finish up GTA2. Now it has arrived, GTA2 is everything GTA was and more. There are now 7 gangs, which you can work for in 3 levels. Bonus levels, stunts, new weapons, new graphics, new cars, and a completely redesigned game engine combine together to create the bloodiest and most entertaining game available.

    Game Menu

    The game menu in GTA2 is very easy to navigate through. Whatís great about this game is that you can alter many of the game options before startup in a simple to use menu system. Your controls, video options, language, and many other game options can be set here.


    Click to enlargeWhen you first look at this game, nothing spectacular jumps out and grabs you, but GTA2ís graphics is a huge step from the original game. All of GTA2ís graphics have been redone and now look more realistic. Although GTA2ís graphics are not the greatest, they are sufficient and get the job done at an acceptable level. Even though GTA2 is still a 2D game, it is the only way it could ever be, although a first person GTA game would be nice.

    The only thing I have to say about GTA2ís graphics is that it causes eyestrain. After 15 minutes or so of spilling law enforcement blood, everything I saw was getting fuzzy and my eyes started aching. I would definitely not recommend playing this game for extended periods.


    Click to enlargeFrom a game like this, you might expect some cheesy sounds, but thatís not what you get! The sounds in GTA2 are very convincing. From the high pitch of the silenced machine-gun to the rumble of the rocket launcher, youíll always have it clear in your mind what weapon you are currently wrecking havoc with.

    The music that ships with this game on the other hand is very poorly done. The atmosphere of the game would better be set with full soundtrack than with some short tracks that are played depending what type of vehicle you get into. Another negative point about the music is that it is extremely repetitive. Luckily, there is an option to turn off the game music but then it doesnít feel like GTA without it.

    One suggestion for future version of this game is to do voice-overs for the telephone calls. Each different character should have a different style and feel so that you really feel like youíre in the ghetto and working for some sneaky mobster. The cheesy cartoon sound effect that they currently use just doesnít cut it.


    Click to enlargeGrand Theft Auto 2 is definitely a fun and addictive game. I mean, who wouldnít want to walk around the city with semi automatics killing everything that moves. Then when the police, secret service, and the army want you, you steal a tank and start massacring them. After you finish manhandling them, it would be about time to take over the world!! Muhahahahah... er, no, I donít need a psychiatrist, thank you very much.

    Gameplay is divided into three different levels where you will encounter each of the 7 gangs. "Remember, respect is everything!" There are three metres at the top left-hand corner of your HUD, which tells you much respect what you are getting from each gang. To gain respect, you must earn it by doing some work for each respective gang. You must remember, that each gang is at war with each other, and whom you work for can, and will determine the respect you get from other gangs.

    Click to enlargeThe format is basically the same as GTA where you answer a phone and the big boss gives you your mission. A new twist that has been added in GTA2 is a three-tier difficulty system. The higher difficult missions are distinguished by the color of the phone that you answer. The red (most difficult missions) phones can be answered once you have gained enough respect from the gang you wish to work for, and boy are those missions hard!

    GTA2ís nonlinear gameplay make it a really special game. You never have to follow a set story; you can do whatever you like in the cities. If you want to drive around for fun, fool around with the cops, or just do the missions, GTA2 will entertain you for quite some time. There are also little side quests that you can do like find hidden cars, get stunt bonuses by doing some insane jumps, or squishing those poor Elvis impersonators.


    This game is definitely worth your hard earned money. Youíll be having so much fun; youíll be losing a lot of sleep. Its relatively low system requirements ensure that many of us will be able to run it really smooth. My system specs are listed at the very top of this document and I have not experienced one slow down from this game at all. Gotta run... Iíve got some bombs to deliver!

    << Rating: 80 >>

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