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    Reviewed by Rob O'Neil


    Minimum Requirements
    - P166
    - 16 Megs Memory
    - 200 M Hard drive space
    - x 4 CD Rom
    - Direct 3D and 3DFX cards supported.

    - P200
    - 64 M Meg
    - 200 M Hard Drive Space
    - x 8 CD Rom

    There are plenty of pedestrian-filled levels for you to smash your way around in Carma 2, although there are only about six different level themes - the city, the quarry, the mountains, the airport, aircraft carriers and a nuclear silo. All of them are well designed and should keep you occupied for quite a while. Whereas in the original Carmageddon you had to amass a certain number of credits in order to progress to the next level, in Carmageddon 2 the levels are grouped together into fours, with three standard race levels and one special mission level. This is not a game that you give to your gran for Christmas - things can get very gruesome indeed - especially when you get to the funfair levels and you are presented with the opportunity to mow down elephants, penguins and other animals.
    Although if your gran is a raving psychotic with a penchant for smashing up cars and mowing down innocents, then she might well enjoy it after all.

    Click to enlargeThe ultimate in chaos, carnage and everything else your mother warned you about! From the opening movie to the start of the race, you can feel the adrenaline start to flow, the sweat forming on your hands and your foot wanting to bury the pedal to the metal and run something over. The thought of flying down city streets at 100+ mph, hitting the e-brake, and spinning into a crowd of people could make some uneasy but man... is it fun! The sound effects are top-notch from the screams and driver comments to the sound of a babe in a bikini splatting on your windshield. The graphics are great! Chasing a little old man with a cane or an overweight executive in one of many vehicles you can drive is finally rewarded by his guts splattering on the windshield in a realistic fashion.

    This game is definitely not for the weak-minded or politically correct, as it is very graphic. But hey... we are all adults here and nothing subdues road rage better than going home after fighting traffic for an hour and sliding behind the wheel of you very own death machine laying waste to anything and everything that gets in your path. There are no rules, no boundaries and no limit to the freedom of what you can do. The physics of the vehicles are excellent. E-brake slides, "donuts" and jam-on-the-brake-nosedives are as real as any sim I have driven. I do, however, recommend a P-166 or better, 32MB RAM, a Thrustmaster T-2 and a 3Dfx card for full-on SVGA Graphics.

    Click to enlargeThe game is pretty hefty in its requirements but so is every other fun game out there. I bought a 3Dfx card and surround sound just for this game it's so good. So upgrade your computer, buy the game, turn down the lights, slide into a comfortable chair (I have played six hours straight easily) crank up the volume and immerse yourself into world where nothing is too brutal (Piledriver Bonuses, 3/4/5X Combo's) and carnage is the only way of life. Now if you will excuse me I have date with a little old lady on a walker. Splat! he he he.

    Posted 01/05/98
    Thanks to Gamespot
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