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    Deus Ex Preview

    by Intrepid

    Click image to enlargeWhen your average shoot-em up action loving gamer hears the term RPG, he/she immediately thinks, "boring". Images flash into their mind of knights riding into the sunset to slay a dragon or some dreamy occasion such as that. So when Deus Ex is classified as an RPG, is that what is to be expected? Absolutely not!

    Warren Spector and his team have a lot more going for this role-playing game. FPS and action fans alike have something buried into the world of Deus Ex for them. While it will contain the elements of a classic RPG, namely problem solving, story progression, and character improvement, that isn't to say you won't pick up the 'ole gun a few times and get in a few action-packed firefights. There is something for anyone in this game, there's no doubt about that.

    Click image to enlargeSpector is also including something that he quotes "shouldn't be revolutionary in gaming but it sure seems to be". What he is talking about is giving power to the players. In any game, especially in the single-player campaigns of first person shooters, there are specific actions you must take to achieve a goal and progress throughout the game. In Deus Ex, things are not planned to be so. Warren explains:

    "We want to say, 'Here's the problem. There are a bunch of solutions. Find the one that seems most interesting to you or the one that's most in character for your unique alter ego.' If you need to get some information from a safe, we don't care if you blow the safe up, use your lockpicking skill on it or talk to someone who can give you the combination. We just care that you open the safe."

    The choices you make, however, will have consequences later in the game. Warren also commented on that:

    "In the real world, there are consequences for being a violent person and different consequences for being a pacifist."

    Click image to enlargeNow on to the story. Deus Ex is set sometime in the future, and the world has erupted into chaos. Somewhat similar to the story of Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear, terrorists are running the world, killing with impunity, controlling nuclear and biological weapons. Nations' economies are collapsing, and the Hitler-mindset of 'dominate the world' has been brought forth. You are a technologically enhanced anti-terrorist agent, and it is up to you to put an end to the conspiracies. You will travel overseas in search of knowledge and allies. You are bound to be betrayed by those who you thought you knew, and who you think are innocent is guilty.

    Among the weapons you'll be carrying while progressing through that story are a pistol, a sniper rifle, a hand-mine, a crowbar, a rocket launcher, and a flamethrower. (Doesn't sound like an RPG, does it?) Unlike in FPS' where you are hit and your health simply goes down, your character will react accordingly to how he is hit. Should his leg get blown off, you will move a lot slower. If both get blown off, you will crawl (and the view goes to floor level). You can get health, however. There are medkits in Deus Ex which allow you to either repair a certain injury or to just increase your health in general (handy during the middle of firefights).

    Click image to enlargeWith all of these dynamic new features, Deus Ex is sure to change everyone's views on hybrid games. As forementioned, FPS and RPG fans are sure to enjoy this one. I know I'm looking forward to it.

    Note: None of these images are exclusive, nor directly from ION Storm. We simply searched the internet for screenshots, and picked these up, mainly from Deus Ex Nation. If you want more information on the game, or more artwork, head on over to their web site, or check out ION Storm's. All information was written by Intrepid

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