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    Interview with SCX
    by Cerberus

    <SCX> hey

    <Cerberus(RS)> ok

    <Cerberus(RS)> Why did you want to make campaigns?

    <SCX> Hmm.....Two reasons I guess. I thought the story for Starcraft and Brood War was very good, and seemed to lead on to what would be SCII. I imagine it will be quite some time before SCII is released (assuming it will be), and I wanted to people able to continue the story of SC. My entire goal was to continue in a way that you could see Blizzard doing it, making the story seewhil<continue>

    <SCX> My entire goal was to continue in a way that you could see Blizzard doing it, whilcreate a Blizzard quality campaign, with a story people could believe be the way Blizzard would have done while providing the same kind of quality maps. And my second reason, I wanted recognition for something I did.

    <Cerberus(RS)> cool

    <Cerberus(RS)> About how long did it take to make WotT?

    <SCX> As for length, I started only a week after BW was released. Overall about 4 months, its always slow the first time.

    <Cerberus(RS)> Everybody knows that the story for WotT is great. How did you come up with it?

    <SCX> I was suprised people liked it so much, and pleased. Basically I started off the first couple missions with what I thought would happen after BW. That was the easy part. After the few missions, it was days before I even had an idea for what would happen next. Eventually I was able to create an outline for the entire campaign and worked from there. As I went I had a lot of new ideas and constantly went back and changed the outline and earlier mission to reflec that. I never really had any idea of who the fourth race was at the time, just a very basic idea. It was Joel Steudler who helped me come up with a history and background for them, though it is not seen in WotT.

    <Cerberus(RS)> Why did you choose to use StarDraft instead of using the regular method of changing things for WotT?

    <SCX> In the beginning I did not use SD at all. But later, when there were to be new graphics, sounds, and characters, SD allowed me to do alot of things normal StarEdit would not. Like the Blizzard AI scripts for example. Not too mention it is easier to change the stats for a unit in SD than do it over and over again for multiple missions.

    <Cerberus(RS)> What is in the future of WotT?

    <SCX> Heh. Thats something I ask myself every day basically. The continuation of WotT, which I have named Succession Wars, is still in idea stage. This time I want to start out with a story idea and general outline so things will go more smoothly. I do hope to make use of the Total Starcraft Editor being developed by BioWeaponz, using it to create new units for the fourth race and some other bonuses. I don't know when I will actually start, though believe me I wish it was now.

    <Cerberus(RS)> How is work on Target: Earth going?

    <SCX> Things seem slow these days for Bio and TE. Apparently the editors are finished, but it appears that Method is in some sort of trouble with another company about the potential of the editors to be used for hacks. We wanted to start beta testing weeks ago, but until we get the editors there isn't much to do. On a lighter note, when Birds returns this Friday the new webpage should be up.

    <Cerberus(RS)> This is just an extra, but what are your thoughts on the ES Top Ten situation?

    <SCX> Heh. Originally I had no problem with the Top Ten and looked for it every week. I was gone for the weekend and everything seemed to go to h*ll. That had been a great week for SCL, with a ton of new content, and I was shocked that we had dropped down in the ranks. After that, and reading arguments made by people around the net, I've followed the philosophy that it is best to be ignored, since it really can't provide unbiased stats.

    <Cerberus(RS)> Anything else you'd like to say?

    <SCX> Thanks for all the support from the fans. I hope that I can get things moving on Succession Wars real soon. In the meantime enjoy E.D.A.S.T. and the Antioch Chronicles, both great campaigns.

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