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    showfloorIts usually a big secret what game companies will be showing at E3, but here's the list of known games to debut, plus some rumors and vaious gossip as well.

    Listed by company.

    It should be no surprise, but 3DO will be showing their flagship title, Legends of Might and Magic for the first time at this year's Electronics Entertainment Expo.
    ACT Labs
    Some new controllers from the Hardware company:

    - ACT Labs RS Shifter - The first free/sequential shifter for the PC. It allows full control of driving games by allowing the ability to select any gear at any time.
    - ACT Labs GS, Gun System - A PC light gun system
    - ACT Labs SGA, Single Gun Arcade - PC light gun designed for rail shooters

    Also, a unannounced fourth gun will be displayed at E3 as well.

    Keeping very quiet as well, but they are expected to be showing Return to Castle Wolfstein. Also, id software will be sharing a booth, and is expected to show a new mission pack for Quake III Arena at E3. For more details on the Mission Pack, you can find the details at this article by Well-Rounded.

    Skateboarder Tony Hawk will be doing a celebrity appearance, mainly for Tony Hawk2 for the consoles.

    Bethesda Softworks
    Should have 4 titles at least to show:

    - The Dreamland Chronicles: Freedom Ridge
    - Magic & Mayhem: Art of Magic
    - Sea Dogs
    - Echelon
    - IHRA Drag Racing

    Also, The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind and other games may be announced or shown.
    Diablo II, the often delayed game will make a appearance there, as well as at the very least, a video of WarCraft III, though demos of the game should also be there behind "closed doors".

    UPDATE: Blizzard was expected to release details of their "2nd game", which was suppose to be announced last year, but was delayed. The rumor is that it is a "revolutionary FPS" type game, with a Sci-Fi theme. It now appears that the game has stopped development, and will not be released.
    Blue Byte
    Included in the list of games expected to be shown (there may be others announced later) are Settlers IV, Battle Isle: The Andosia War, and Dragon's Lair 3D.

    The company is also expected to make 2 announcements at the show.
    Big showing for Capcom as usual, with some pretty heavyweight titles:

    - Resident Evil 3
    - Dino Crisis
    - Mega Man Legends
    This is their first time at E3, and several new titles are expected to debut:

    - Colin McRae Rally 2
    - Insane (PC / Online)
    DayDream Software
    Two games from Daydream, a small company: Clusterball, and Ski-Doo Snow Pro
    Here's a big surprise... Who Wants To Be A Millionaire CD-ROM 2nd Edition. Expect this one to be shown, and then released right afterwards to retailers.
    The Adventure game (Similar to the Monkey Island series of games from LucasArts) seems to be coming back, and the charge is lead by DreamCatcher. 5 games are expected to debut:

    - Dracula Resurrection
    - The New Adventures of the Time Machine
    - Beyond Atlantis
    - The Sacred Amulet
    - Riddle of the Sphinx
    Egmont Interactive
    Egmont is expected to show at least one game, called Gothic.
    Don't expect to see Daikatana at E3, it seems there is yet another delay, and the game will not be released in time for E3.
    Electronic Arts
    Well Rounded is reporting that EA will be showing a "behind closed doors" preview of the upcoming Quake 3 engine based game American McGee's Alice. As well, expect the usual round of sports titles at the expo.

    - Clive Barkers Undying (may be shown as a demo or video)
    Empire Interactive

    GA Source is reporting that the developer/publisher will have the following PC games on display:

    - Stars! Supernova
    - Sheep
    - PipeMania II
    - Rowans Battle of Britain (Working Title)
    - World Sports Car 2000

    As well, expect Empire to announce Starsky and Hutch for 2001 release.

    Gathering of Developers
    A pretty big lineup from GOD, featuring Max Payne, as well as these other titles:

    - Blair Witch: Volume 1: The Rustin Parr Investigation,
    - Blair Witch: Volume 2: The Legend of Coffin Rock and
    - Blair Witch: Volume 3: Elly Kedward's Tale
    - FLY! 2K
    - Kingdom Under Fire
    - KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child
    - Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.2
    - Rune
    - Tropico - by PopTop
    - 4x4 Evolution

    Also, they are confirming that B-movie star Julie Strain (Heavy Metal 2000 movie and model for the Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.2 game) will be on hand, as well as several Playboy Magazine Playmates.
    Heres a partial game list below, with descriptions by the company:

    - NASCAR Heat - Features 30 of the top NASCAR drivers and tracks and "reactive" artificial intelligence so that players are always in the race!
    - Frogger 2 - Building on the success of the ninth best-selling PC and fourth best-selling PlayStation game of 1999, new playable characters, enhanced powers and 21 exciting levels take Frogger through a crazy ride of classic action/adventure gaming.
    - Pac Man - Classic maze game of the 1980s returns in full 3-D action on the PC with a new story that lets Pac Man explore five different eras - from ancient Egypt to the Wild West of the 1800s
    - X-COM Alliance - Combining first person perspective, strategy and role-playing genres, X-COM Alliance is poised to deliver a whole new level of heart-stopping action. (Microprose)
    - Monopoly Tycoon - Experience the classic rags-to-riches story and become a true tycoon by creating and running a real estate empire in the land of Monopoly

    Microprose, a division of Hasbro, will also show B-17 Flying Fortress II, Squad Leader (A version of the classic board game), and Battleship 2
    Some word has sneaked out about what Infogrames will be showing this year. Here's the lineup:

    - Unreal 2
    - New Legends
    - Hanna Barbara's Wacky Races
    - Worms - Worms World Party (Team17)
    - Animorphs
    - Deer Hunter 3 Gold
    - Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter 3
    - Buckmaster Deer Hunting
    - Harley Davidson: Rebel Riders (name tbc)
    - Duke Nukem Planet of the Babes
    - Independence War 2
    - Sprint Car Racing PC
    - Alone in the Dark 4 (Video only, as a beta)
    - Koudelka (name to be changed)

    Also, expect Infogrames to announce a airline in-flight entertainment system co-developed by Den-o-Tech Intl, allowing passengers to play games on airlines, as either solo or through a network. Be about 30 games or so offered for the new system.
    The company is expected to show a lot of the top titles for this year, led by Baldur's Gate II. Also expected is a preview look at Starfleet Command II: Empires at War. Developed by Taldren, the games existence has leaked out, so Interplay has confirmed they will be showing it at E3. Other games include:

    - Never Winter Nights
    - Giants
    - Sacrifice
    - IceWind Dale
    - Evolva
    - Soulbringer
    - MDK 2
    - Star Trek New Worlds.
    - Star Trek Klingon Academy

    Other games are expected to be announced
    Lionhead Studios
    The long awaited Black and White will be shown for the first time, at E3, complete with demonstrations by Peter Molyneux.
    Word has leaked out on the games LucasArts was planning on showing at E3. The lineup includes the previously announced ObiWan and Monkey Island 4, as well as:

    - Demolition
    - Monkey Island 4
    - Bombad
    - Starfighter
    - Obi-Wan JPB (Jedi Power Battles?)
    - Naboo
    - Indy
    Mad Catz
    Just one thing to be shown by controller producer Mad Catz:

    - Panther XLPro - This PC trackball promises better resolution and new software configurations to include keyboard and mouse emulation.
    Mattel Interactive
    Mattel will likely shown their demo of Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor.
    Expect a expansion disk for the Sims, and a secret game based on their "Sim" lineup of games.
    Word has leaked that MechWarrior 4 is ready to be shown, so this is a good candidate to be shown at E3. Also, Grand Prix II will be shown.
    The Bill Gates empire keeps marching along, with a major showing at E3. A pretty large, but incomplete list of games will be shown, plus more surprises.

    - Combat Flight Simulator 2
    - Conquest: Frontier Wars
    - Crimson Skies
    - Links 2001
    - Loose Cannon
    - MechCommander 2
    - Midtown Madness 2
    - Motocross Madness 2
    - Sidewinder Force Feedback 2
    - Sidewinder Game Voice
    - Sidewinder Strategic Commander

    Also expected to be shown will be the latest versions of their NBA and NFL games, (called NBA Inside Drive and NFL Fever) as well as movies of Freelancer and Dungeon Siege behind closed doors.

    Also, Microsoft is expected to show the X-Box game console at their booth, with Demos, and release a list of developers. Already known companies to produce X-Box games include SquareSoft.
    PAN Interactive
    Expect several new games to be shown. The list includes

    - Submarine Titans
    - Outforce
    - Konung-Legends of the North
    - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
    - Battlefield 1942
    Rage Software
    - Hostile Waters (Strategic Shooter)
    - Off Road
    Red Storm
    Expect a large showing from Red Storm, with several major games debuting:

    - Rogue Spear Mission Pack: Urban Operations - The preannounced add-on for Rogue Spear.
    - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Covert Operations Essentials - A multimedia, action/strategy title.
    - U.F.S. Vanguard - A 3-D tactical space combat game, where you must protect the universe against the destructive forces known as the Heirarchy of Man
    - Freedom: First Resistance - Red Storm expands its library with this game based on Anne McCaffrey's Catteni novels Action/Adventure (PC)
    The Homeworld maker has a Homeworld sequel in Homeworld: Cataclysm coming through Sierra, but there is a "secret project", working with Microsoft, that should be announced at E3. Reports are that the game is to be called Stigma, as Prima accidentally released the title of the game to Amazon, who promptly put it up on their website for a Oct. 11th release. Speaking of Microsoft, the word "X-Box" and relic has been floating around as well.
    Despite the cutbacks, there's still some pretty decent games Sierra will be showing. Just don't expect Throne of Darkness to be one of them though. It's not on the list, and there's no plans to show it. Here's a list of what is being shown:

    - Ground Control
    - Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magick Obscura
    - Empire Earth
    - Half-Life Universe - including Half Life: Dreamcast and Half-Life MODs
    - NASCAR 4 Racing
    - Tribes 2 (With a Motley Crue Celebrity appearance!)
    - Homeworld: Cataclysm
    - PGA Championship Golf 2000
    - Sierra Sports Maximum Pool

    Also, a preview of the fall 2000 game Zeus: Master of Olympus (similar to Pharoh, also from Sierra) may be shown. You can expect other SierraStudios games to make some sort of a appearance, most notably SWAT 3: Battle Plan, Sierra Sports Game Room, and a couple of Field and Stream titles.

    Also, expect some sort of announcement from Sierra on a Lord of the Rings game, based on the movie.
    Simon and Schuster
    Big license in Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Fallen, and once again, Nana Visitor, who played Major Kira on the T.V. series, will be there to sign autographs.

    Also expect another Star Trek license, Dominion Wars, to be shown.
    Snowball Interactive
    Snowball should be showing their licensed property, Warlord: Elric of Melnibone.
    South Peak
    - Soldier - Third-person shooter, based on the recent Kurt Russell film.
    - Dukes of Hazzard - A PC port of the successful PlayStation game.
    - Breakneck - A racing game
    - Flintstones Bedrock Bowling -
    - The Ellis Island Experience - Educational software created in conjunction with The History Channel
    Strategy First
    A Independent Publisher, who will showcase 3 games:

    - O.R.B. - A 3d space resource game
    - Disciples II: Dark Prophecy
    - Submarine Titans - A new futuristic RTS game
    Expect THQ to show a demo of Evil Dead: Hail to the King, complete with a celebrity appearance by Bruce Campbell.
    Valve is expected once again to use part of their booth to show off 3rd party mods for Half-Life. This time, there will be 4 machines used for this years mod exhibition.
    3 games are being shown, one being Command & Conquer: Renegade, but the other two are big secrets, though one is said to be a "new product line".

    UPDATE: It appears that one of those games is Red Alert 2, according to guide book manufactor Prima's accidental release of information. This has since been denied, but you never know. :)
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