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    Home Console
    The Home Console industry is large, and the E3 expo is the most important show of the year. Several companies are expected to make a big splash this year.

    Both Sony and Microsoft are expected to show their latest systems, but IGN64 reports that Nintendo will not be making any Dolphin or Game Boy Advance announcements at the show, nor will there be any Dolphin or Game Boy Advance hardware, software or technical demos shown behind closed doors. Speculation is the company will make its announcements in Japan at Nintendo's Space World event.

    Here is a list of games and rumors by company.

    Crusaders of Might and Magic for the PlayStation 2? Likely sez Computer and Video Games. They also mention that the game will have on-line features. They also report World Domination League (Battle Tanx) and a Army Men title also for the PSX 2. Expect 3DO to show Army Men: Sarge's Heros 2 for the N64.
    For the PS 2, Acclaim will be hyping All Star Baseball, a N64 port. Other PlayStation 2 games that may be shown include:

    - Quarterback Club
    - ECW Hardcore
    - Shadowman
    - NBA Jam
    - South Park
    - Trickstyle 2
    Skateboarder Tony Hawk will be doing a celebrity appearance to promote Activision's Tony Hawk 2, for the PlayStation, and the Dreamcast version is rumored to make a appearance as well. Also, the rumor according to Daily Radar is Activision is currently in talks for the rights to several Japanese PS2 games. Virtual On: Otatorio Tangram is a likely shown for the Dreamcast as well.
    Agetec (Formerly ASCII)
    Agetec has just sucurred the rights to From Software's 3 PlayStation titles, so expect something to be there at E3 involving these 3, all for the PlayStation 2:

    - Armored Core 2
    - Eternal Ring
    - Evergrace
    Expect a Gundam PS2 game from Bandai, called Mobile Suit Gundam Ambition of Giren: Genealogy of Zion. (Maybe?)
    The Dreamland Chronicles: Freedom Ridge is expected to be released at the PlayStation 2 launch, so this should be shown at E3
    Big showing for Capcom as usual, with some pretty heavyweight titles:

    - Power Stone 2
    - Spawn
    - Marvel vs. Capcom 2
    - Gun Bird 2
    - Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
    - Gunspike (May be shown)

    PlayStation 2
    - Onimusha
    - Street Fighter EX3
    (These games may be shown: : Resident Evil, and Maximo.)

    - Street Fighter EX2 Plus
    - Resident Evil Survivor
    - Strider 2
    - Mega Man Legends 2
    - Breath of Fire 4
    - Dino Crisis 2
    - Mega Man X5

    Nintendo 64
    - Resident Evil Zero
    - Mega Man 64

    Game Boy Color
    -Mega Man X

    Also, Capcom will be showing their Arcade games as well:

    -Mars Matrix
    -Cannon Spike
    -Power Stone 2
    -SNK vs. Capcom
    -Rival Schools 2
    This is their first time at E3, and several new titles are expected to debut:

    - WTC World Touring Cars -- PlayStation
    - Colin McRae Rally 2 -- PlayStation
    - Cannon Fodder -- Game Boy Color
    - Pro Pool -- Game Boy Color
    Some titles have been leaked that is showing at E3 by Crave Entertainment. The company, which specializes in console games, says it plans to have a significant Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 lineup. However, it's not quite ready to announce those PS2 games yet...

    - Ultimate Fighting Championship (DC)
    - Kengo: Master of Bushido (PSX) - The latest in Bushido Blade series
    - Mort the Chicken (DC)
    - Super Magnetic Neo (DC)
    - Tony Hawk (platform not identified)
    Eidos is expecting big things from Time Splinter (PlayStation 2) by the developers of Goldeneye (N64).

    Also, these games MAY be shown for the PS2:

    - Herty Gerty
    - Tomb Raider
    Electronic Arts
    The worlds largest game company is very quiet, but expect a round of updates to their sports titles. A rumor is that EA is expected to show several sports titles for the PSX2 as well at the expo, with FIFA 2001 Major League Soccer for the PlayStation 2 leading the pack.. It is now known that EA will have some new Nintendo 64 games this year, but they have announced that they will not be showing those titles at the expo. But with the recent high sales of the N64 console, this may be changed. One of those N64 games is The World is not Enough, based on the James Bond movie of the same name.

    PlayStation 2
    - Madden NFL 2001
    - NBA Live 2001
    - NASCAR
    - ECW Wrestling 2000
    - Tiger Woods
    - NHL 2001
    - FIFA soccer
    - Crossfire
    - SSX (Snowboarding title)
    - WCW 2000
    The World is not Enough
    A new company to the home console market, it is know that they do have a license for the 70's TV show Starsky and Hutch. Expect this one for the PlayStation 2
    You should see Dragon Warrior I and II for Game Boy Color and Valkerie Profile, Torneko: The Last Hope and Bust-A-Groove 2 for the PlayStation. at E3
    Fox Interactive
    No sports titles anymore from Fox, but expect to see World's Scariest Police Chases for the Dreamcast. Yeap, it's based on the TV show.
    Gathering of Developers
    The rumor is G.O.D. and Take Two will be announcing a new Duke Nukem game for a "next generation console". The betting is on the PlayStation 2.

    Dreamcast (With Take Two)
    - 4X4 Evolution
    - KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child
    - Railroad Tycoon II
    It worked for Frogger, why not Galaga? A likely showing for the PlayStation.
    Not to much is known, but there is a "sequel" to Wetrix being developed for the PlayStation 2, called Aqua Aqua. No news on any of the other systems though.
    Due to recent acquisitions of GT Interactive, Reflections, and Oddworld Inhabitants, Infogrames will have 50 GAMES to show at E3. These titles should be playable:

    - Unreal Tournament (PS2)
    - Motor Mayhem (PS2)
    - Oddworld Munch (PS2)
    - Silver (Dreamcast)
    - Demolition Racer (Dreamcast)
    - Test Drive V-Rally 2 (Dreamcast)

    This is the full lineup:

    - Space Race
    - Wacky Races
    - Test Drive Cycle DC
    - Test Drive Le Mans DC
    - Test Drive V-Rally 2 DC
    - Stunt GP DC
    - Independence War 2 DC
    - Harley Davidson: Rebel Riders PC (name tbc)
    - Boarderzone DC
    - Denis DC (tbc)

    - Bugs Bunny & Taz Time Busters
    - Sheep Dog and Wolf
    - Looney Tunes Racing
    - Driver 2
    - Alone in the Dark 4
    - Alone in the Dark 4 (VIDEO BETA)
    - Duke Nukem Planet of the Babes PS
    - Koudelka PS (tbc)
    - Hot Sand Volleyball PS
    - Golden Tee Golf PS
    - Ronaldo V Soccer PS
    - Animorphs PS
    - Smurfs PS (tbc)

    - Taz Express
    - Duck Dodgers
    - IRL

    - Oddworld Munche's Odyssee
    - Unreal Tournament and a version of Driver are rumored to be shown or announced.

    - Looney Tunes Collector Alert GBC
    - Looney Tunes Collector Attack! GBC
    - X treme sport GBC
    - Le Mans GBC
    - Alone in the Dark 4 GBC
    - Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter GBC
    - Harley Davidson: Race Across America GBC
    - UEFA 2000 GBC
    - Driver GBC
    - Wacky Races GBC

    - Putt Putt (platform to be decided)
    - Blues Clues (platform tbd)
    - Backyard Baseball 2001 (platform tbd)
    - Backyard Soccer (platform tbd)
    - Pajama Sam 3 (platform tbd)

    Test Drive Off Road 3 for the Dreamcast has been canceled.
    Just Gekido for the PlayStation is know, its a 4 player fighting game.
    Shin Sangoku Musou, a fighting type game for the PlayStation 2, may make a appearance.

    Also, the company has expressed interest in developing games for the X-Box.
    The rumor is that there will be a Metal Gear Solid sequel for the PlayStation 2, since been confirmed to be shown at E3. Also, Nightmare Creatures 2, to be released shortly for the PlayStation and the Dreamcast, ESPN NBA Tonight, and Age of Empires 2 for the Dreamcast, and the Sydney Olympic 2000 title for the PS2, the N64, the DC, and the Game Boy, (both slated for August release) will be shown.

    PlayStation 2
    - Drummania
    - Gradius 3 and 4
    - Reiselied (RPG)
    - MLS Soccer 2001
    - Track and Field
    - Age of Empires 2 (?)
    There is some speculation that LucasArts will be showing something this year, and 2 of those titles are for the Nintendo64. Also, expect Star Wars Demolition for the PlayStation, and Starfighter for the PlayStation 2 to be shown
    Mad Catz
    A few new controllers will be shown for various game systems by controller maker Mad Catz:

    - Panther GTX - Immersion-fueled force-feedback (dubbed Touch Sense) is the big draw of this handheld racing wheel for PC.
    - 900MHz Wireless Dual Force Controllers for PlayStation - An analog RF controller for PlayStation that includes a built-in rechargeable Ni-cad battery with docking/recharge station.
    - PC Keyboard Adapter for Dreamcast - Use your PC keyboard with your Dreamcast!
    - Mad Catz Memory - Silver, Gold and Platinum memory cards for PlayStation
    - Dreamcast Memory Cards - Capacity of 4x, 8x and 16x
    This small company will be showing 3 games this year.

    - Armada 2 - Sega Dreamcast and Playstation 2
    - Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse for the Dreamcast
    Two N64 games should be at the show at least from Midway games. Cruis'n Exotica and NBA Showtime 2000

    Also, in a article by CVG, they are reporting that Shaquille O'Neil will be there to promote NBA Shootout. PlayStation 2 fans should see NBA Showtime 2001, and Ready to Rumble 2.

    Namco has announced that their Arcade Classics Collection for the Dreamcast. The games to be included are Pacman, Ms. Pacman, Pole Position, Galaga, and Dig Dugade collection will be out for the Dreamcast. Basically exact translations, the games will be Pacman, Ms. Pacman, Pole Position, Galaga, and Dig Dug.

    PlayStation 2
    - Tekken Tag Tournament
    - Ridge Racer 4


    Expect a slew of Pokemon titles, as this is all that is selling for Nintendo these days, but also expect Donkey Kong Country for the color GameBoy to make a appearance.

    Also, the Gameboy will soon be used to surf the Net, download games and music, trade, visit virtual worlds and more. A good article is Game Informer for more on this.

    - Dinosaur Planet - From Rare, as a Expansion Pak only title.
    - Kirby 64
    - Banjo-Tooie - see Rare
    - Eternal Darkness - A Resident Evil type game.
    - Mario Tennis 64
    - Pokemon Attack
    - Hey you, Pikachu

    Psygnosis will be showing their games at Sony's booth. The games being shown are for the PlayStation 2, including such games as Wipeout Fusion (the newest member of the Wipeout series), Formula 1 2000, and Drakan
    Rage Software
    Expected to show Wild Wild Racing, for the PlayStation 2
    E3@stomped has reported a partial list from Rare:

    - Banjo-Tooie (N64)
    - Conker's BFD (N64)
    - Dino Planet (N64)
    - Mickey Speedway USA (N64)
    - Perfect Dark (N64)
    - Donkey Kong (GBC)
    - Perfect Dark (GBC)
    Red Storm
    Expect a large showing from Red Storm, with several major games debuting:

    - Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths & Legends - Dreamcast and Game Boy Color.
    - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear - PlayStation
    Rockstar/Take Two
    Oni (PS2) is expected to show (From Bungie), as well as:

    - KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child (DC)
    - Getaway (PS2)
    - Midnight Run (PS2) (Smugglers Run)
    Titanium Angels should be the main game showing from Carmaggeddon developers SCi
    The Sega Dreamcast is getting a new Web browser. Planetweb will unveil version 2.0 of its browser this May at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, allowing music fans to download and play MP3 files. The Dreameye, the DC camera should be showing as well.

    Here's a rumor, Sega is said to be working on a game called Sonic Shuffle, a party game similar to Nintendo's Mario Party. Also, expect something about Daytonia 2...

    Expect Sega to show some of these games, if not all of them:

    - Eternal Arcadia
    - Phantasy Star Online
    - Virtua Tennis
    - 18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker
    - Ecco the Dolphin
    - Eternal Arcadia
    - Ferrari F355 Challenge
    - Illbleed
    - Jet Grind Radio
    - Metropolis Street Racer
    - NBA 2K1
    - NFL 2K1
    - NHL 2K1 (Maybe)
    - Phantasy Star Online
    - Quake III Arena
    - Red Dog - 3D action driver
    - Seaman
    - Shenmue
    - Sonic Adventure 2
    - Space Channel 5
    - Take the Bullet
    - Tetris
    - Typing of the Dead
    - Virtua Tennis
    - World Series Baseball 2K1

    Gamer's Voice is reporting that Sierra's " Casual division" will have at least 3 games for viewing:

    - Hoyle Casino (Dreamcast)
    - You Don't Know Jack 2 (PlayStation)
    - 3-D Ultra Pinball: Thrill Ride (Game Boy Color)
    Sony will be the star of the show, thanks to the official appearance of the PlayStation 2. Of course, they were not to happy when news leaked that the PS2 will be bundled with a hard drive and modem for the U.S. but it is a rumor after all. Here's a partial list of what to expect from Sony:

    - The Getaway - A great looking racer
    - Wipeout Fusion

    - Dropship
    - Spin
    - Formula 1 2000
    - Evo Rally
    - Drakan 2
    - Age of Empires II (!) Yeap, it exists!

    From 989 Studios
    - NBA Shootout 2001
    - NFL Gameday 2001
    - NHL Faceoff 2001
    South Peak
    Lots coming from South Peak, here's what to expect:

    - Fighter Destiny 2 (N64) - Sequel to the arcade fighting game
    - Rally Challenge 2000 (N64)
    - Big Mountain 2000 (N64)
    - Flintstones Bedrock Bowling (PSX)
    - ToCA Touring Car Championship (Color GameBoy)
    Also expected, but not confirmed, is the N64 soccer game endorsed by women's soccer star Mia Hamm.
    Big showing again for Square, and which game do you think leads off the lineup? Final Fantasy IX. Here's the list:

    PlayStation 2:
    - The Bouncer - a fighting game (As Video)
    - Type S - a driving simulation

    - Vagrant Story
    - Legend of Mana
    - Threads of Fate
    - Chrono Cross
    - Parasite Eve 2
    - Final Fantasy IX (As Video)

    Square may even show these games, both Final Fantasy X and XI, Driving Emotion and a Baseball game. All of these for the PlayStation 2.
    Sharing space with the Sega and Infogrames booths, Team17 will be showing a online Dreamcast version of Worms World Party. Also:

    - Stunt GP (DC) with Infogrames
    - Worms Pinball (DC) also with Infogrames
    - Alien Breed Arcade - replacing AB Conflict, expected to be announced for the PSX2 and/or the X-Box
    Could Tecmo show Ninja Gaiden for the PlayStation 2? Possible... Dead or Alive 2 should be there for the PSX2 at least.
    Gamer's Voice E3 web site has posted a list of titles THQ will be showing at the expo this year.

    - Evil Dead
    - MTV Sports Skateboarding

    Game Boy Color:
    - Championship Motocross 2
    - Micro Machines V3
    - MTV Sports BMX
    - MTV Sports Skateboarding
    - Nascar 2000
    - NBA Live 2001
    - Power Rangers
    - Rugrats in Paris
    - Rugrats Totally Angelica
    - Scooby Doo.

    Nintendo 64:
    -Aidyn Chronicles The First Mage
    - Power Rangers
    - Rugrats in Paris
    - Scooby Doo

    - Championship Motocross 2
    - Evil Dead
    - MTV Sports BMX
    - MTV Sports Skateboarding
    - MTV Sports Snowboarding 2
    - Power Rangers
    - Rugrats in Paris
    - Scooby Doo

    Playstation 2:
    - Summoner

    Also, Mick Foley is scheduled to make a appearance at this years expo, even though THQ doesn't have a wrestling game ANNOUNCED. (It exists, and expected for multiple systems, Dreamcast SMACKDOWN anyone?) As well, expect THQ to show a demo of Evil Dead: Hail to the King, a upcoming game slated for the Dreamcast and the PlayStation.
    UBI Soft
    Expect UBI Soft to be showing Evil Twin, a adventure type game expected to be released sometime in the 3rd quarter.
    Vatical will have a large showing, with several games for the various systems. Here's the list for the consoles:

    - Bomberman 64: The Second Attack! (N64)
    - Bomberman Max Red Challenger (CGB)
    - Polaris SnoCross (Playstation, N64, CGB)
    - Sea-Doo HydroCross (Playstation, N64, CGB)
    - AMF Bowling (CGB)
    - VR Powerboat Racing (CGB)
    - Towers: Lord Baniff's Deceit (CGB)
    - Iron Soldier 3 (Playstation)

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