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    PlayStation at the Toyko Game Show
    by shiva

    The list of games been shown at the TGS
    Idea Factory
    • Cheating Mahjong
    • Embrace on Sand
    • Slap Happy Rhythm Busters
    • Kohni Shogun
    • Pokeler DX (black)
    • Pokeler DX (pink)
    • Mecha Pokeler
    • Snow Pokeler
    • Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
    • The King of Fighters '99
    • Gauntlet Legends
    • Pachinko Slot 2
    • Pachinko Slot 3
    • Black/Matrix
    • Ningyo No Rakuin
    • Pendant With Toy Box Stories
    • Friends Seishun No Yogensha
    Culture Brain
    • Professional Mahjong 3
    • Harukanura Jikuu NO Nakade
    J Wing
    • Karankoron High School Dokidoki
    • Karankoron High School Munekyun
    • Karankoron High School Pure Love
    • Best Wing Classmate Mahjong
    • Shinui Gosen-Nin Nigoh
    • Final Fantasy IX
    • Tatsunoko Fight
    • Brave Saga 2
    • DX The Game of Life III
    • Zoids
    • Gungho Brigade
    • Tales of Eternia
    • Oh! Bakyuun
    • World Stadium 4
    • Aquariun AG Tokyo Wars
    • Devil Man
    • Saraba Uchuu Senkan Yamato
    • Senkai Taisen-Senkai Denfu Kami Engi Yori
    • Dream Classic
    • Pocket Digimon World
    • Salaryman Kintaro
    • Meitei Conan 2
    • SD Gundam G Generation 3
    • Fist of the North Star
    • Kidou Senshi Gundam Zion No Yabou Giren No Yabou Kouryaku Shireisho
    • Super Robot Wars Alpha
    • Monster Farm Battle Card
    Ascii Corp
    • Bass Landing 2
    • Wizardry
    • Toriferuzu Mahou Gakuen
    • RPG School 4
    • Music School 3
    • Panzer Front
    • Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuuchou
    • Tokyo Majin Gakuen Oborogekitan
    • Tokyo Majin Gakuen Gaihouchou
    Winky Soft
    • Seireiki Raiburehdo
    • Dragon Quest VII
    • Blade Arts
    • Suzuki Explosion
    • Breath of Fire IV
    • Rockman Dash Legends 2
    • Gaia Master Board Game
    • Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix
    • Dancing Stage Featuring Dreams Come True
    • Beatmania Append Gottamix
    • Jikkyou Golf Master 2000
    • Ganbare! Nippon! Olympic 2000
    • Muscle Ranking Vol. 1
    • Muscle Ranking Vol. 2
    • Muscle Ranking Sasuke
    • Elder Gate
    • Bishibashi Special 3
    • Eve Zero
    • Quiz Master
    • Lode Runner 2
    • Castrol Honda Superbike Racing Uno
    • Deep Freeze
    • Crossword Puzzle
    • Rathisu
    • Swing
    • Zutto Issho
    • Battle Athletes Daiundoukai Alternative
    • Mahou Shojjo Pretty Sammy
    • Love Games Waiwai Tennis
    • Wu-Tang
    • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
    • Maestro Music
    • Beatmania Da!
    • Urawaza Mahjong
    • Twighlight 2
    • Fire Pro Wrestling
    • Colin McRae Rally 2
    • Driver
    • WTC
    • Final Fantasy IX
    • Kehsa De Go!
    • Ray Crisis
    • RC De Go!
    • Jet De Go!
    • Densha De Go!
    • Cosmo Warrior Zero
    Nagase Brothers
    • Play De Oboeru Eitango Deruderu 1700
    • Play De Oboeru Chuugaku Eitango Eduderu 1200
    • Play De Oboeru Series World History Keywords Deruderu 1800
    • Play De Oboeru Series Japanese History Keywords Deruderu 1800

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    Final Fantasy IX

    Konami Booth

    SNK Booth

    Looks nice, Huh?

    " "

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