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    Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!!!!!!
    by: Id

    Being an avid videogamer for practically all my life, I owe a lot of credit to Nintendo for contributing to my addiction of videogames with their great games and great systems. The NES, and SNES, no doubt the two greatest videogame consoles of all time, were unsurpassed by any other, not even the self-proclaimed "were're so cool" Sega. Well, this is 1999, and its pretty sad that many people still stick to this mentality. Face the facts gamers, the N64 ain't no SNES or NES. I'm tired of little-whiny bastard spoiled kids (and many teenagers) who buy N64s and claim it is the greatest system on the market today. Trust me people, it is not.

    Okay, before we start saying which system is the best, lets take a look at the contenders: The Sony Playstation, The Nintendo 64, and the Sega Saturn. I won't even begin with the Saturn, cause it's already out of the race. Personally, I thought Sega would have a strangle-hold on the #2 spot, but hey, i guess i was wrong. Ok, Ok now to the point. THE SONY PLAYSTATION IS SUPERIOR TO THE NINTENDO 64.

    Why you might ask? Look at the games, Sony has way, way, way more games (though not all of them are top quality I admit). Sony has a bigger selection of games from different genres (sony's 30+ RPG's to nintendo's 3), sony isn't aiming to sell their systems to kids, and finally Sony's got the third-party power (Square, Capcom-- both 3rd party companies that have made no games for the n64). When it comes down to it, the Nintendo 64 ain't no match.

    One, the N64 has no games. Around 120 by my count. They have no quality fighting games or RPGs (the legendary Quest 64!!! *gasp*), a very poor and expensive storage medium (carts), constant, lengthly delays, horrendous third party games, .... I think I could go on forever. Sure, Nintendo does have it's upsides: Zelda64 is one of the greatest games ever made, Goldeneye is a masterpiece etc... But how much longer can Nintendo ride on the success of 6 or 7 games. Really if you think about it, Nintendo really only has about 10 must-have games. The Playstation isn't the greatest system of all time either I admit, but in an era where videogames are not what they used to be, the Sony Playstation seems to be the only worthy console at the moment.

    I've gotten into a lot of arguments over the last few years over the so called system-wars. Some of the arguments i've heard were, N64 has no loading times, n64 has better graphics, and the N64 is more powerful. Well, i never rank a console on the basis of power. Look at the SNES, it had a clock of 3.6mhz (compared to the Sega Genesis which had 7.8mhz), and it still managed to take #1. So this so called 64bit(93mhz) vs 32bit(33mhz) thing is simply not the case. And yes, carts do have zero loading whatsoever, but common, carts cost 20-30 bucks more. Are you gonna pay 30 bucks more just cause you're so impatient that you can't wait 2-3 seconds for loading? And pssttt... Look at the games, tell me what system has better graphics. N64 is NOT ALL IT"S CRACKED UP TO BE.

    I remember a couple of years ago when the N64 was a hot commodity, before any of the next-gen systems came out. Heck, even I wanted one bad. If the n64 was even half of what the snes was, i would be extremely satisfied. But one unfortunate day, when Howard Lincoln announced to the world that he was going to make the n64 cartridge based, that changed it for me, and i would say half the people that were going to buy an n64. If the guys at nintendo only decided to use CD format, there would be no doubt that the N64 would be outselling the PS and also companies like Squaresoft wouldn't have left Nintendo. Nintendo, you've made a great mistake with the N64. But with the Nintendo Dolphin on the horizon, you have a chance to redeem yourself. Maybe then will I be a Nintendo fan again.

    " "

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