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    Show Me The Goods

    by: Butterball

    What is one thing that most guys wanna see in video games? For some it could be good music, and for others it could be cool looking moves, but for me and probably many other gamers its probably NUDITY.

    By nudity, I of course don't mean full hardcore adult content, but I mean something that will motivate the gamer. Sometimes when you are playing a long tough game, especially RPG, a partially nude FMV of the female character could really motivate the gamer to play on and see what happens next!! (a full nude scene in FF8 would surely improve the replay value of the game) A funny thing is that if companies decide to market bloody games like Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat etc, they should believe that the gamers are mature enough to handle a bit of nudity without becoming complete perverts!. And I am sure that some nudity would help many games make a much better impact in the gaming market.

    I bet Lara Croft in Tombraider had at least some effect on how the game became such a success. I've been a gamer most my life, and I can be sure that most teenage gamers want a good lookin babe on the cover of any game. I bet if Eidos Interactive posted a fat bitch on the cover of Tombraider, the sells definitely would not have been so high. Its just neat to wonder if a babe in a t-shirt had so much influence on a game, how would the game sell if she was totally nude? But that's enough of tombraider. Its also like this in many other games, some of these would include Fatal Fury's Mai Shiranu and Darkstalker's Felicia, just to mention a few.

    I mean, do you think the producers made the female characters have such "bouncy" chest for no reason?, I sure don't think so. I'm not saying gamers buy games because of "bouncy" chest, but it does more or less have some kind of influence. If the companies are gonna go far as making characters with, I dunno, size 38 breast, they should really add some nudity into the game to spice things up a bit. Like I said before, not full hardcore, but a nice erotic dance at the intro or ending of a game would be nice. Maybe even a special dance collection for beating the game with all the female characters.

    I think nudity is somethin the next generation companies should really consider about. I can be certain a FMV with some babe shakin her body around half naked at 75 million polygons per second would really keep many gamers motivated and goin in the game!!

    I sure hope writing this piece didn't make me seem like a pervert to you guys, but I truly think that the gaming industry could really use some nudity to spice things up. If the companies make girls have such "perfect figures" they should really have them show it off a bit, like the wise men say" if you've got it, flaunt it, if u don't...... well too bad. I guess for now I'll just have to settle for Dead or Alive, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy............

    " "

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