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    Here is the second feature today from shivaSite, and actually it makes it's return after a absence of 2 weeks. The first section is a daily review, followed by my picks for the yahs and nays of the week.

    Well despite all that was going on at the Extreme StarCraft thing, there was some other news, most notably StarCraft Org had their first birthday, and celebrated by putting up their Old Shockwave Intro. Of course, nearly 70% of all the surfers doesn't have shockwave in their computers still, so I guess quite a few people never saw it. So I guess they win the Best Birthday Celebration That Half the People Never Saw award, and the honor of being the first one mentioned. In other news, Extreme StarCraft released their ICQ database, and KalGrim put up the first of many Mailbags/Strats. this week.

    This turned out to be the biggest day of the week, at least for me. The big news of the day was the release of E.D.A.S.T. after a short wait. It turned out to be well worth the wait. IGN64 put out a new N64 StarCraft review, SC Legacy put back up their Community News (though with such severe restrictions, it has turned into a Large site and whoever we like kind of deal) and Then the Org decided to try out a site of the week idea, which lasted only a few days.

    Blizzard Oblivion then released their new site design, made several announcements, including a Tourney for Webmasters, some Strats, (promptly attacked by Lockeye and then Agelmar) and a whole bunch of other stuff. The ISL released their complete schedule for season II, and StarCraft Legacy released a couple more stories.

    The first public appearance of the StarWars E1 TC and the release of the Zerg Strategy Guide would have been enough, but this was also the day it was announced that several of the largest sites were gonna join together to promote the ISL with their own website.

    Started off on a great note, unfortunately. But since this is just the week briefly, Another N64 review came out, Desler got interviewed at Extreme StarCraft, and Area 9 released 3 stunningly great strats. Meanwhile, ISOM was released by Camelot Systems and Winters Bot by StarCraft Legacy

    It was a great day for Strategies and articles as well, led by Brood War Dynasty, Extreme StarCraft and GameGurus

    Which as everyone knows as The Map of the Week, from Blizzard. This time the map is called Broken Mesa, Blizzard Oblivion added 5 new Strategies, StarCraft Millennium added 3 "Mental Strategies" and of course, it was Friday Fan Fiction day at Extreme StarCraft with the debut of a new story.

    Another busy day, starting out with the release of Emerald StarEdit at StarCraft Infoceptor, and the latest release of Kali. StarCraft Org had their OLD design reposted, with a worst design, but better content in it, and even Simple.Craft remembered that it was suppose to be a "kinder, more gentler" and put up a plug for NetAlive

    2 more sites had great Strats appear, Brood War Dynasty and StarCraft Gamers. But what everyone was waiting for was The Top Ten. It never appeared, as it was very quietly canceled by Extreme StarCraft.

    So in that vein...

    And The Envelope Please...

    I missed this last week, but it's back! Since I only do this, I guess I take the blunt. If you think I missed something, let me know.

    Best News Site - StarCraft Infoceptor
    Hard to decide this time. StarShack, The Network and Simple.Craft all had good weeks, but I give the edge to StarCraft Infoceptor, only because they made the most "Non ESC" news. A good week for all.

    Worst News Site - SC World
    Please, reign in AHerdOfTurtles, who was back at it. There was some news there, but all it was is a distraction compared to what AHoT (heh!) kept putting up.

    Jam Tart of the Week - Extreme StarCraft
    I already mentioned why in The Truth, but it bares repeating, especially because The Top Ten was what killed off the news contest. Funny, wasn't Lockeye a reviewer on the Top Ten?

    Best Strategy Site - Brood War Dynasty
    This was a banner week for GREAT strats, but KalGrim was the MAN this week. Not only was there quantity this week, but it was quality as well. It was pretty tough to compare to, though Area 9 and Blizzard Oblivion should get some mention for having a excellent week as well.

    Worst Strategy Site - SC World (again!)
    Hmm, normally not this bad, but to put it bluntly, I could have figured out most of these strats. reading the instruction manual.

    Worst Strategy - SCV Rush - Blizzard Oblivion
    Sorry guys, but putting up the SCV rush as a strat was a little bush league, even if it is used by a lot of people.

    Biggest Release - E.D.A.S.T.
    Now this shouldn't be a surprise. Oddly enough, I had to think about it though, with the release of Emerald StarEdit and ISOM.

    Biggest Announcement - ISL Website
    What happens when you combine some of the biggest sites, all who are working together to promote one thing? A lot of hits for Lockeye, trouble for everyone else.

    Biggest Announcement that fell flat on its face - The Elite sites
    I could make up a whole bunch of other awards just for us, but lets leave this as just one. See The Truth for my views

    Best Idea - StarCraft Org site of the Week
    You can also give them Best Idea that wasn't given a chance as well.

    Best Map - Blizzard
    Well, I liked it at least.

    Most Improved Site - Blizzard Oblivion
    I know they are my hosts, but come on. They only totally redesigned their site, added more new things in one day than most sites do in a week, came up with some nifty new features, and Vastly improved their news. No contest.

    Site needing the most improvement (Layout) - Simple.Craft
    I've heard that a new layout may be coming, and I certainly hope so. They are the only site I know of that has a worst design than mine.

    Site to watch - StarCraft Inforeactor
    Anyone remember that they are to go public today?

    " "

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