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    July 1st, 1999

    Ah, gone for a few days, and nothing really happened. The sites that were down when I left are still down, and everyone seems to be enjoying life's other pleasures instead of working on their sites. Not me. Sigh, I do have no life...

    In the Beginning

    Lets start off with something that troubled me. As you may (or may not) have noticed, I have a file section up for downloads and stuff. So, like any normal person, I leeched it off other sites, did some downloads, and then uploaded it into my site. Sure, it took a long time, since I have a S-L-O-W modem, but it's only fair. After all, taking the time and effort to do this is part of the job. But it seems some sites don't feel that way...

    So I surfed a "larger" site, and thought, damn, very nice selection, all the best ones are here, and it's current as well. VERY nice. Till I put my cursor on the links, and noticed that all of them were pointing to other site's servers. Instead of taking the time to download it themselves, they took the lazy way out, and just linked directly to someone else's files. Now, I don't really have to point out how bad mannered this is, but it's even worse to direct link to someone's files and don't even give them credit for it. On top of that, you steal another site's bandwidth, and still get the credit for it. Now I don't know if the sites that are being linked to mind this (if they even know about it) but if I was, , or, I won't be too happy to have my bandwidth stolen without any credit.

    It's very bad manners guys, and considering all the problems you have been having lately, it's something you don't need to add to. You may notice I haven't mentioned that site's name. I decided that it may be better to let them "fix" it themselves, instead of smearing their name across the web. I will point out that if you were a emulation site, or a graphics site, everyone on those sites won't have had a problem with smearing your name.

    So maybe lets set some ground rules for this. I will generally give the rules out that are followed by the emu guys...

    1. Never directly link to someone else's files. It's a form of stealing off someone else's hard work.

    2. If you do, you better have a REAL good reason for it.

    3. If you can't offer your own downloads, due to say, space limitations, then at least ASK first.

    4. It is not necessary to credit the site where you downloaded the file off of, unless it's a exclusive of that site. You may notice in my file section, several programs are there, but not linked to my server yet. I feel that since it may be considered an exclusive, I better ask first (which reminds me)

    5. Never take credit for someone else's work. It will catch up to you and bite you in the ass. Trust me.

    Now, some policies of mine...

    1. If you direct link to me, at least ask me, and tell me why. I have no problem with "smaller" sites wanting to improve their site by offering files. I only started offering files this week, because I had the space for it finally. I do know how tough it is for sites on Geocities and tripod, with limited server room.

    2. If you direct link, give me some form of credit at least.

    3. All my files are "Public Domain", or at least what I can tell. If there is something in there that isn't, LET ME KNOW. It will be gone.

    And Talking about Manners...
    WarCraft Millennium went up on Sunday. If you remember, there was a plea from Agelmar for someone to give them a layout so they could get it up. Well, it was answered, and lo and behold, up it went. I saw the design before SCM did, and I though it was very nice that someone took the time to build a site with such short notice, and then just give it to another site. So what did I see? Nary a mention of who did it, or even a thank you. Very, very sad. I have a lot of respect for SC:M, but I expected better of them.

    Funny how I mention one new WarCraft site, and then it suddenly occurred to me to talk about the other one, Okay, I have to talk about this. First off, it is without doubt one of the best looking sites out there, but no earlier Netscape support (in fact, they tell everyone to get a better version, assuming that someone is gonna spend 3 to 4 hours downloading a new browser just so they can view their site) and this fake Blizzard announcement made them look, well, a little amateurish. You had to know it was a fake. Blizzard would never just email ONE site with a important announcement like that (if they email sites at all) and you know the announcement would at least be up at their site. Hey, maybe it was Blizzard, to get you back for that April's Fools joke...

    shiva's Fearless Predictions
    We all know that Blizzard is working on 2 new games besides Diablo II and WarCraft B.Net edition. Well, here's what I think will happen...

    1. One of those 2 new games will be a NEW game, not a sequel. Time to add some fresh blood to their lineup, and it doesn't hurt to keep the mystery to add to the hype as well. Though I expect this one will be next year.

    2. The 2nd game will be another expansion disk to StarCraft, which I don't think will come as a surprise to anyone. Especially since the Guys from Camelot Systems are "interning" there as well. There are a lot of very talented people out there that would have been a very good fit to be interns, (Desler comes to mind immediately) but I was very interested that Blizzard choose 2 people well re-known for specific areas. Maybe a new type of StarEdit, maybe? Who knows, maybe Blizzard has a "Christmas" present for all of us.

    3. Of course there will be a StarCraft II out, anyone who doesn't think that, I have a ride to offer in a pink rubber truck for you. The number one selling game of last year NOT to have a sequel? Blizzard saying "Sorry, we don't want to sell another one and a half million copies?" My guess is it will be announced at next years E3, for a "winter" release date. And yes, I think it's a good chance we will see it before WarCraft III.

    Since it seems the new WarCraft is pretty much done, and Diablo II looks like it's very far into the Beta Testing cycle, I would suspect that Blizzard has already started these projects, or at least have the concepts going. It's gonna be a great year, huh? :)

    There you have it, my fearless predictions, for what it's worth...

    What Happened?
    Hmm, I go away for a few days, and several sites are down. I come back, and they are still down. Actually, believe it or not, I am looking forward to Simple.Craft returning. The only problem I have is if there's a new layout coming, I can no longer claim to having the second worst design in the StarCraft community. Damn, I have to learn how to do graphics...

    And Lastly
    Just want to thank everyone who wished me luck with my trip to the hospital. It went very smoothly, despite the fact I WOKE UP in the middle of the procedure! Actually, I remember it very clearly, waking up and going; "Hey, there's my colon." :)
    Anyway, I'm off and on with the site for the next little while, as I have more stuff upcoming. Till then



    " "

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