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    Why do I call it this? Well, because unlike other strategy sections, I just want the really mean ones. Things that are so disgustedly evil that your opponent disconnects in disgust. We are talking strats that destroys everything, even the blades of grass on the tilesets. Strategies of destruction that would even make the Devil say... "damn."

    You get the picture. This page is designed to piss people off. So if you got a real nasty strategy, send it to me, and for those of you who have a basic, "nice" strategy, send it to the "I'm a pansy" page.

    Give me a Email or ICQ at 32818277 if your interested.

    How to Piss off your opponent
    by Shiva and Vorlon

    Heh, Of course, not being content to be "normal" in any way shape or form, I proudly present my new user submitted strategy section, How to piss off your opponent in StarCraft. If you got something mean and nasty, send it to me. Thanks also to Vorlon for sending me some really mean ones as well. Cool :)

    As a Terran / Protoss hybrid, I tend to use the following dirty tricks on my foes in 1 on 1 and FFAs:

    1. What's Yours Is Mine (Protoss only) This works only on small to medium sized maps when you know where the other guy's base is. With the 5th probe rush to the enemy (on the gas side). Sneak up and wrap in an Assimilator. Escape to just beyond detection range and build either a Forge or Gateway. Without gas, the enemy is forced to rely on low tech units like Zergling's or Marines. Unable to tech, he is doomed to the insidious offensive cannon leapfrog or double Gateway rush.

    2. Play Matchmaker (Race neutral) In FFAs, always scout early. Shift-click on multiple starting positions so that the scout will recon each site in sequence. If managed carefully, you can often lure one of the players' melee units to chase after the scout. Golden opportunity not to be missed. Keep baiting the enemy until he barges into the territory of another foe and watch them massacre each other. Sit back and enjoy the show.

    3. Say East, Hit West (Terran only) When nuking someone in FFAs, pretend to aim it at another guy. Message everyone: "Prepare to be toasted, (insert name of player, except the one really getting the nuke)." Lowers the person's guard until he finds his precious troops a pile of smothering ashes.

    4. Kill Two Birds With One Stone (Terran only) If 2 adversaries are locked in mortal combat, join in the fray with a nuke. Extremely hard for them to disengage and flee in time. This underhanded tactic usually causes the loudest protests.

    5. Resistance Is Futile (Race neutral) Lastly , when victory is assured, repeat the famous StarTrek Borg lines in robotic fashion. Drives them over the edge or try a valiant last stand. Caution : This is sort of mean (burst into hysterical and malevolent laughter). Vorlon :)


    Damn, Vorlon stole my favorite tactic...My personal Favorite... Now this I only use if someone really, really pisses me off, usually a backstabber. After you ALMOST defeat him, make sure you save all his non-producing buildings, then kill all his peons except one. Then circle his CC/Nexus/Hive with your ranged troops, put them on hold, and make sure they are JUST out of range of his CC, Then wait. Everytime he builds a new unit, your guys should almost instantly kill him. Nothing more frustrating then playing againest someone who can kill you anytime he wants, but doesn't. Keep doing it till he DC's, quits, or apologizes. I've done it 3 times so far, and man, do they ever get pissed at me.

    " "

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