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    News Archive
    News for July 13th

    For now, this is just a reprint of the news section, but articles and my personal little rants will be placed here.

    My email address has been changed. It's now:

    July 13th, 1999

    Loose ends...
    This is just a clearing out of stuff people have emailed me (Now they start doing it!) Here's the first one...

    The Starcraft Exodus just released its 2nd Info Pack.
    It features Exodus' basic storyline and campaigns. Please go check it out. Please support us and give our forum a visit.We are also looking for talented voice actors and actresses.


    And here's another... has just opened!! I know that it isn't SC but it its a RTS game and it has the makings of being a great one at that! I hope you can check it out and if possible please post about it on the sites that you work at, it would be greatly appreciated! thanks,

    -Overlord (webmaster)

    Thanks to both for taking the time to email me, and I am sorry I couldn't put it up before.

    A very brief update: I got quite a few ICQs and emails about my site. Some even said "don't go"! :)
    As to my status, well, I got a job offer today, non-StarCraft related, with a site that gets a several Hundred Thousand hits a month. So I can add that to the list. Sigh, be a long week till I decide...

    My site has fallen and it can't get up!

    If any of you visit shivaSite, then you will have noticed that once again, my site is displaying a page that was written nearly 2 weeks ago. Once again, on the 2 busiest days of the week, my site has totally gone down, and I fear it's for good. Despite all the efforts, the DNS isn't pointing to the new server, and I got a ICQ telling me that the new webmaster will be gone for a week, meaning my site will be down at least a week, and judging by the latest performance, beyond that.

    This is just another thing in the long line of problems that I have had to overcome in the 4 months of operation. And to tell you the truth, it looks as if it's the final nail in the coffin. But before I get on that, lets give you a little history... The easiest thing is to point you to shivaJournal, my site diary of my first month of operation. I have deleted the other month, but this should give you a idea. When I started this, I had NO HTML knowledge. It was basically a trial and error job from the start. My very first page was a one page website with no graphics, no background, and the logo was standard text just made larger than anything else.

    Since then, I have strived to improve myself and my site, by putting together god knows how many site designs, and having (at last count) 8 different logos. I have endured tripod crashing and totally deleting my site at least 3 times, and my computer crashing twice, my designs becoming unstable more times than I can imagine, and god knows how many people I have managed to piss off on the way. (Which I don't regret in the slightest, they deserved it.) But what I want to talk about is the last 6 weeks, when shivaSite became a up and coming site, and now has come crashing down. When I announced that it was time to move off tripod, I did get quite a few offers, ranging from the insulting to some very decent ones.

    I chose Blizzard Oblivion for several reasons. Revolution had a very good rep, there was unlimited space for me to expand, and the server was fast and stable. The fact that I was gonna end up with a sub-domain was also a key feature. So I moved in, and despite another site design change, I felt that I was moving in the right direction to make my site special. All I ever wanted was to do the things that made me happy.

    But alas, it's not to be. The problems started 4 weeks ago. Since I haven't been given any details, I have had to piece things together, so here goes. Blizz-Oblivion was hosted by NegativeZero, but it seems the server rules were changed suddenly. NegativeZero wanted only "elite" sites, judging by their hosting page, and it seems Oblivion wasn't considered one, because they have been forced to move to ETMNet. And the server rules there includes limited space, and a maximium of 20 megs for "hosted" sites. Anyone who has visited my site knows that doesn't even cover my file section, let alone the pinball, arcade and other sections. It would barely cover just the StarCraft section. Add to this the rather sudden shock that my site has been reduced to something barely larger than my tripod account, Revolution leaving Oblivion, I have to remove nearly 80 percent of my site just to fit into the space allowed me, and the fact that I spent 6 to 8 hours a day solid for 6 weeks building up my site by myself, only to find that it has been a totally wasted effort, I find myself at a crossroads.

    The way I see it, I have several options to me...

    1. I can just close everything down, and actually spend time with my family. (I can hear half the sites cheering already)
    2. I can keep my account at Oblivion, and continue on, despite the fact that the closures have reduced my site in terms of hits to about a 10th its normal amount.
    3. I could ditch everything, and go to another site, which is highly unlikely. I'm to damn old to be taking orders from some snot nosed teenager, who wouldn't appreicate me in the first place.
    4. I can just start over, do everything right the first time, and reappear.

    Well, I have a week to decide what to do, so I won't bother with anything till I talk with Oblivion. And though this site is back up, it's still at the old server, so it means it will just go back down again. There's no use me putting in the 4 to 6 hours a day that I normally put in to update this site, especially when there's a very good chance it will just go back off-line.


    July 8th,1999

    Revolution leaves Oblivion
    I saw this on another site, which shall remain nameless. Why? see below the post.

    "To all popular Starcraft sites, As many of you may know, Blizzard Oblivion has been undergoing many changes and has been enduring many difficulties during these last past couple of weeks. Hence, I would like to take this opportunity to inform you all of the status of Blizzard Oblivion, to discuss various site-related issues, and to dispel any rumors of the site's demise. Firstly, and possibly most importantly, I would like to inform you all that Blizzard Oblivion's founder, Revolution, has decided to step down from his position as Head Webmaster and has chosen to leave Blizzard Oblivion to pursue other goals. In his place, he has elected to leave me, The T-1000000, as the new Head Webmaster of Blizzard Oblivion. Hence, under my new position, I fully intend to try to help Blizzard Oblivion reach its true potential and, to that effect, you should all be seeing plenty of changes being made in the site and in site-related happenings within the next couple of weeks. Secondly, Blizzard Oblivion has changed hosts. Our new host is ETM Network, but our domain ( is still the same. Unfortunately, however, we are currently experiencing problems with the domain - often, it points to our old server on NegativeZero, whereas it should be pointing to our new server at the ETM Network. Rest assured, however, that the staff of Blizzard Oblivion are working vigorously to try to solve this rather serious problem, and that you can expect the site to be fully operational again within the next week or two. Thirdly, I would like to discuss the Blizzard Oblivion Tournament of Webmasters with you all. Due to complications with my personal schedule and, more importantly, due to all of the changes and problems that are occurring with the site, I have decided to postpone the tournament until a slightly later date (this date will be determined once I return from vacation next week and, hopefully, after I received a few more tournament applications). However, I must inform you that, though, many sites have already signed up for the tournament, I feel that there are not nearly enough competitors to have a good tournament. I would like to ask you all to please, please, please, PLEASE sign-up for the tournament (I am practically begging here), for it truly will be a lot of fun and I think that you only have to benefit from the tournament. For those of you that are curious, here are the current tournament competitors: 1v1 Tournament - CannonBalls of Brood War Dynasty - Cherry~7~up of Scum Federation - Destroyer21 of Blizzard Central - marbleman of Simple.craft - Maynard of Area 9 - RaMaDoN[Rush] of Brood War Addicts 2v2 Tournament - [9]eVERLAST/Maynard of Area 9 - IceFire~LiZard/SOC-Godfather of Blizzard Addicts - LorDeep/Hydride of the Starcraft Network For those of you who are still interested in entering the tournament, please e-mail me with the Acccount name(s) of the competitor(s) that will be competing in the tournament (I will only be accepting applications, though, until July 19). For those of you who may be interested, the tournament will be held on either the ETM Network's Game Server or on the GX Server, because they are the fastest servers that I know of. Lastly, I would just like to take this opportunity to apologize to all of you and to the community for all of the problems that Blizzard Oblivion has been experiencing and for the lack of updates to the semi-defunct site. Rest assured, however, that once the site comes back online, which should be fairly soon, it will all have been worth the wait, for I, as well as the other Blizzard Oblivion staff members, will be updating the site with Battle Reports, Strategies (including an excellent strategy for a Terran player to beat a Protoss opponent - yes, it can be done!), Editorials, balance Patches, and more. Stay tuned for a new generation... Well, thank you for your time and I would greatly appreciate it if you would please post this message on your respective web sites, for I would really like the rest of the community to remain updated on Blizzard Oblivion-related happenings. Thanks again and I hope to hear from you all soon. Signed, The T-1000000 Head Webmaster of Blizzard Oblivion UIN Number: 14609115"

    Hmm, let me get this straight. My server is still screwed, and I still may lose my sub-domain cause its obvious that I'm still on Negative Zero (or at least I think so) I haven't heard word one from any of my "hosts", though you would think that they would at least tell me something, like which new server we were going to (I found out for myself.) And to add to all this, I don't know if I'm gonna be down again, and I would really hate to have last weekend happen all over again. But truefully, I am really pissed that I saw this on another site without being notified beforehand. Damn, I was joking when I said tripod was starting to look real good, but I hope I don't have to find out.

    July 7th,1999

    At least some thing is done...
    Yeap, after taking 2 days and cursing all through it, I finally got my new logo done. Stupid ass Paint Shop Pro. I was so frustrated at it, it wouldn't layer properly, and I was gonna give it up completely, and then I decided one more shot. By accident, I hit the wrong color filter, and noticed one of my settings was wrong. I changed it, and it took 10 minutes to put it all together PERFECTLY. Arrggg. I must be nuts thinking of doing a new site design. Anyway, I hope to put it up, and judging by my latest logo performance, sometime in a couple years. Arrrggggg.

    Bits and Pieces...
    Lockeye has ICQed everyone on his list, and since I'm not on it (grin) I will just steal it off of Brood War Addicts:

    "This is to anyone on my ICQ list who I believe to be involved in the ISL. It will be starting on the 17th, not the 10th of July. This is due to the all powerful internic taking 2 weeks to process our request and to refresh the DNS' of servers. The site will not be up, therefor we are unable to contact ppl properly. sorry for the inconvienience, plz relay this message to anyone you know who is invloved in the ISL. Sorry, Lockeye"

    Ah, so that's the reason they are not up yet...

    There's a couple of new stories to read over at StarCraft Infoceptor. The first one is called Think like a Zerg, about young Raynor saving his colony, (which confuses the hell out of me, I thought there was no zerg, oh well, never mind) and the latest addition, The Battle of Shadow Peak: Part One. They also blew the lid off of WarCraft Legacy. Nasty, nasty. Damn, I wish sometimes that I don't keep my promises, I've seen 3 new site designs yesterday, but I can't tell you!

    Hmm, StarShack made a mistake. They posted about GameGurus having 4 new strategies up, but actually, Gurus just reported the strats. They are actually up at StarCraft Network.

    The GundamCraft TC website has moved to join with TechBase. Hmm, Realm of Scums has a new map, White Wash, and a article on imbalance.

    Interesting Post about the Mouse
    Was at StarCraft Infinity, and they had a interesting post about something Blue's News had. Seems they have a PS/2 rate changer that boosts the update to twice as fast speed. It means speed and precision in cursor control during your game. Way cool, and could be quite helpful to a lot of players. NT guys should go here instead.

    July 6,1999

    I did say updates would be fewer the next little while, didn't I? Good thing there was so little news. So I have been a little busy with site matters, and yes, a new site design. After all, this one has been up a whole month. Hopefully, I will get it right this time...

    You all Know...
    That the damn ladder season started today.

    "Both the Starcraft and Brood War Summer Seasons run through September 30, 1999. Starcraft and Brood War will be running competitive Ladder seasons with the top player in each receiving a Championship trophy, a signed copy of Starcraft or Brood War (autographed by the development team) as well as a special gold master pressing of Starcraft. The rest of the top ten finishers in each Ladder will be receiving commemorative plaques engraved with their names and rankings for the Summer 1999 Season. Now get out there and make your mark in the Starcraft Universe hall of fame!"

    My friend HHanz1 had his ladder score removed (He had one game) but he's gonna start playing the ladder again, so if you see him, play him and beat the crap out of him :)

    Brood War Addicts is transferring their stuff over to their new site design (done by FrozenBlade of GameSurge by the way) plus they just posted a screen shot of their new Bot interface as well. Damn, might not be a good idea to transfer over my site to a new design, I have well over a THOUSAND pages on my server and in my HD to upload. Yikes!

    Damn, my affiliates, Homeworld Headquarters, has got a new layout as well... grrrrr. And it's pretty snazzy too! Grrrr....

    Hmm, Extreme StarCraft is still Bandwidth stealing in their files section. Amazes me that no one has noticed, since I've been talking about it for a week. I guess no one comes to my site after all.

    DX-soso of Gamers Extreme has put up another strat by the way, this one is called the Wraith rush, used to defend against a Dark Templar drop.

    Another new TC
    My affiliates, StarCraft Network, (and remember, they are the SECOND best StarCraft news site out there) are reporting that yet another TC has appeared, and it is also based on Star Wars. Called Open Rebellion, it has some stuff up for you to have a look at. How many TC's based on Star Wars are out there now?

    Still Down
    Hmm, Lets see, Brood War Dynasty, Blizzard Fan, RTS 2000 and Simple.Craft are still down. To add salt to SC's wounds, the link goes to Blizzard Nations page, with a list of all their hosted sites, with one notable exception. :)

    Game Gurus, and Tournaments Too!
    Anyone notice GameGurus was up and down. Shame, they have made some changes to their layout as well. Also, the new Team captain of the U.S.A. team is now DX-soso. Montaro dropped out. Hey, wait a minute, wasn't this suppose to have been played already? Actually, several of those players were in another tournament last weekend, so I guess it has been rescheduled, properly for this weekend.

    Oh, Korean players will be happy to hear that a tournament is being sponsored by The Daily Sports Seoul & The Korea Daily News for August 12th to the 15th. You have to be there, but their willing to pay the accommodation. If you want more info, you can go here: Thanks to StarCraft Org for this one, but I guess they were the only ones that got the email. :)

    Another day, another 1.06 patch,,,
    Hmm, 3 patches in 3 days, this time Extreme StarCraft has jumped on the bandwagon and has started up one of theirs. I actually have no idea if it's any good, but we will wait and see. Maybe all 3 of these guys should get together and combine it all into one patch...

    RTS 2000 down... again
    Looks like something is going on at RTS 2000, besides the huge text post praising themselves of course. Hmm, It couldn't be another site design change, or could it? Anyway, they say they will be back, but I'm not sure if that's a promise or a threat...

    Target Earth
    This is off Millennium, since I never get Emails from anyone...

    I am writing on behalf of the Target Earth team and to inform you of two important announcements. First of all I regret to say this but I am going to have to step down as leader of Target Earth. I have fallen under some serious time restraints and I just can't handle it anymore. I am determined to not let Target Earth die and so is much of the team. We will be making some changes in the organization of the team. Reaper of Souls will be taking over for me as the team leader. We have divided up into some sub committees with leaders at the head of each. If you are interested in that then go to the Team Page to see the breakdown of the crew.

    I am thankful for all of the support that everyone in the StarCraft community has given me. It is very saddening to have to do this but I am forced to. Maybe you guys will see me around again in a couple months. I sure hope so. Thanks for everyone's help and encouragement. Reaper of Souls and several of the top people on the team are determined to make Target Earth better then I ever imagined. Hicks and I are very pleased and sad to go.

    The second announcement, on a much happier note, is of the opening of our new webpage. Target Earth will be opening our new webpage on July 19, 1999. We are going to have a huge grand opening. We will have a contest and will be giving away spots on the beta testing crew. I know a lot of you emailed me about that and I was not able to accept you. Now is your chance. We will be picking visitors at random and asking them if they would like to be on the team. The Grand Opening will last all day. It will start about 10:00 AM EST and last well into the night. We will be releasing many new things. We will have a new layout on a new server, unit teasers for each of the new units, the full teaser for Target Earth, new content, and much, much more.

    We will be releasing one unit teaser every two hours and then final teaser that evening. There will be at least 6 unit teasers and maybe more. The final teaser will be released after the rest and will be available for download. We look forward to seeing you. That will be my last night as leader of Target Earth. I hope to make it a good night. I will send another e-mail out two days before to remind you all and give you the new link. Long live StarCraft and Target Earth. Birds P.S. Feel free to e-mail me. I will still be around the computer, just not Target Earth.

    More strats to play
    My affiliates, StarCraft Network, has released 4 new strats so we all can be better at losing... oops winning StarCraft. They are: A Guide to Terran Upgrading - Using the Overlord As A Shield - An All-Around Zerg Build Order - The Zealot Blitzkrieg. Hmm, using a overlord as a shield. Actually, the last one would make a good title for a song, wouldn't it? No, I am not gonna start singing. (The Kid's asleep, and it took me an hour to claim the little guy down, so SSHH!)

    Bits and pieces
    - A new map of the month from Campaign Creations, Parts 3,4 and 5 from Fall from Grace. It weights in at a rather hefty 28 MEGS!!!! I guess someone must have a cable modem... (28 Megs?)
    - StarCraft Legacy, after a delay, has given us chapter 3 of Aeon of Strife
    - Infoceptor has a new poem called The Rise of Kerrigan, for all you cultured people out there, (I guess I'm not, because I didn't read it :) Also, there's a new story there called Ghosts of War. Did you know they got hacked yesterday?
    - Also at Infoceptor, there's mention that WC II TC may be out this weekend. Yahoo! Oops, not suppose to mention those guys, there's a boycott going on there.

    - It's tasteless, and has nothing to do with SC, but here you go...

    July 4, 1999
    Happy Birthday USA.

    I finally got around to doing it. Yeap, I added about 50 more sites to my StarLinks section, making it the largest current Community Link section in "The Community". And unlike some sites, I didn't do the "make you put it in yourself" method like some lazy assed webmasters would do. I searched around and did it myself. Yeap, took me 4 hours, but hey, I did it out of love. :)

    Actually, I was bored... If I missed you, let me know.

    New Community Poster
    Just had a talk with Albeeno of GameEx, and he has just (finally) put up his Community News poster CGI, which you can find right here, if it looks a little familiar, it's the same one as SC Legacy's one, but without the restrictions. It's pretty cool, so go check it out.

    Hmm, wasn't this the day?
    Hey everyone! Remember UESCC? Cool picture on a site that was suppose to open today? Heh, guess again. Despite being down for OVER 2 months, it looks like they need more time to get open. Now they say they won't be up till August 17th. Must have the same illness that Blizzard has when it comes to releasing their games on time....

    Site Design(s)
    Hmm, looks like IceFire is gonna use the FrozenBlade design after all. Good thing I'm not mean and post it up for everyone to see. :)

    Oh, Dot com gave me a sneek at their new design as well. It's err grey... still, very nice. And talking about new site designs, this was the day I predicted we will see Simple.Craft's new one. They were suppose to be down only 24 hours or so, put I guess they forgot to add a zero behind it. Still, should be quite interesting, and blue.

    And talking about new site designs, this one here up is the longest lasting site design yet, at one month old. So I guess it's time to change it. And as luck would have it, one of the 12 people who have promised to do me one may actually do it, so keep your eyes peeled. (Where did THAT expression ever come from?)

    July 3, 1999

    Hmm... it was a real interesting day...
    Well, looks like I'm back up. Hey, I still have a sub-domain... coooo-oool. I don't have to email 200 arcade sites with a URL change for the third time in 2 weeks.

    Next Victim please...
    Once again, Agent of I Can't Win strikes at poor CannonBall, this time with the StarCraft Fitness feature, in which we all get to see CB take on 2 comps with 2 observers on a battle report. Poor CannonBall, Hehehehe. Remind me never to have him as a ally in team games. Heh, the comp killed Lockeye first (who was observing)! LOL

    Damn, another patch
    Check out Infoceptor. There's a "1.06" patch, though this one modifies the SC.exe file, and is a MPQ format as well. Here is a very brief changes to the units:

    - Now can have 5 upgrade of weapons other than just having 3. - Terran Vulture is now explosive not concussive. - Laser damage of the Wraith is now 10. - Mutalisk attack speed adjusted (from 35 to 22).

    Yeapers, that's the changes to the units. Lots huh? Actually, I don't mind them that much, but still... err, why bother?

    Battle.Net screwed (Are you that surprised?)
    Once again I played musical chairs with Battle.Net tonight. You know the game, one extra person for the amount of chairs, and when the music stops, one guy is out of the game. But this time there were 10 people and one chair. I just sat there and watched with disbelief at all the server splits, disconnections and general but usual nastiness that occurred on a typical Friday night on Bnet. To make matters worst, myself, and a HELL of a lot of people were getting hung up and having to close the program. Oh yeah, this was real impressive, even by Blizzard standards. The only nice thing I can say is that's it's a good thing it's a "free" service, because I sure as hell wouldn't pay any money to go on it.

    More Vile Gossip.
    Hmm, looks like one of the "Top Ten" sites are closing their doors. I had a talk to one of the people involved, and he pretty much admitted that it was over. Just a complete lack of interest, and basically what I have been saying before: "The huge sucking sound..." As usual, this is a real shame, but I guess we will have to survive. This was a reasonably well known site, with huge potential, but it's virtually dead now. All we have to do now is wait for the official coroner's report. I'm not going to mention the name, because I forgot to ask permission. :) Bad, bad shiva.

    I also heard that Simple.Craft was gonna reopen on the 4th, but there is no way I can confirm THAT rumor!

    Oh, had a sneak peek at one of the designs for BW:Addicts. Pretty nice as well, but who knows which one IceFire will end up using. Personally, I liked the design that's up, but that logo has always bugged me for some reason. I just finally figured it out that the reason I was having a hard time taking BW:A seriously was because their logo was shaped like a Bomb. :)

    I suppose I should actually do some news
    But I think I will just stick to the major stuff now. Oh yeah, Agent was his usual insulting, but funny self over at I Can't Win. There's some Bnet reports and stuff. Ah, just go over there.

    Well, Necro of Extreme StarCraft posted up his views on the forum. It wasn't tough to miss, after all, his staff kept posting plugs up for it. Actually, it was a little sad to see, but never mind. Don't want to get sidetracked, and I have other fish to fry. :)

    Anyway, as a public service to the 10 or so people who actually visit this site, here's the post... (sans plugs, see, I am a nice guy)

    "This of course will likely never happen due to complications, but it is a great idea. Blizzard, if you're out there, and this is possible, by all means, it's the best option. You've all been destroying an opponents base, when the familiar 45 second drop screen appears, and some have lost connections five minutes into games. Then of course most have experience with the ever-friendly "Your connection to has been lost" message. We all know that current methods of resetting abusers, simply doesn't work, as the abused people never get their wins. So what could be a better solution? Well, it's really quite simple. If a player is disconnected, they should be allowed to reconnect, log back on to, and hop right back in the game. Isn't that logical anyway? Maybe a 5 minute grace period for the disconnector to rejoin. Anytime during that period, the player still connected to should be allowed to cancel the game, making it unrated. If the player rejoins in the 5 minute period, play should resume. If the player does not rejoin in 5 minutes, the player still connected to would have the option to force a loss on the disconnector, and gain a win himself. Does this method sound familiar to anyone? If not, you haven't played Yahoo chess. Yahoo uses that method, and it works very effectively. So Blizzard, if you want to put an end to disconnecting, beef up your software and patch Starcraft. (It needs to be patched anyway to disable the new 1.05 map hack and stat hack.) "

    It is a nice concept, but I think I'm gonna file this one with the "Mariah Carrey decides to sing skittle music" in the "this is gonna happen" file.

    Sort of important blizz news

    I suppose I should mention that Blizzard did have some news, like the Map of the week, or that the new ladder season is started. (Great, I'm looking so forward to viewing 10 pages of resets every few days) They also mentioned the top Ten finishers of the ladder season, but damn, a lot of Koreans.

    Stupidest Message on the Join screen on Bnet: Part One
    " 7vs1cpu, no newbies "

    Ironic Post
    Malyk'ii of StarCraft Dominion has posted that he promises that the Legacy of the Dead preview pack is actually working and downloadable. Honest! He also got caught by the server move as well. Hmm, anyone catch the hint at the bottom of his post? Heh, calling his campaign the legacy of the dead, when that was what I was calling my site today. :)

    Sigh, I knew I would have to come to this sooner or later.
    The so-called "fairplay" patch, released by Annihilator-X-17, which was really, really bad. In fact, it was even worse than that infamous Patch released by Blizzard, which totally screwed up the balance in the first place. Anyway, I guess I'm not the only one who doesn't like the FP patch, because he has done a second one. Anyway, here's the changes:

    I Scout- Cost to 250/150 from 300/150 BDFG Carrier- cost to 350/300 from 350/250 BFG Corsair- 150/125 from 150/100 BDG Templar- 75/150 from 50/150 I Sheild Battery- 75 minerals from 100 I Scarab Damage- 150/150 from 200/200 I Reaver Capacity- 150/150 from 200/200 G StasisField- Mana to 150 from 100 I Mind Control- 150/150 from 200/200 FG Disruption Web- Mana to 150 from 125 I Maelstrom- Mana to 75 from 100

    BCE Barracks- Time reduced to that of a gateway BC Factory- Cost to 150 minerals (from 200) BCHFI Turret- Cost to 75 BCEI Bunker- Cost to 75 BCEI Firebat- +10hp BCI Ghost- Normal damage BCI Vulture- +20hp BCI Goliath- +2 sight, medium size BCI Dropship- 125 minerals, 0 gas (from 100/100) BCIF Valkyrie- Cost to 250/100 from 250/125, supply to 2, build time reduced to 600 from 900 BCIF Battlecruiser- +1 armor, build time from 2400 to 1800 BCI Spider Mine- Sight to 1 CI Apollo Reactor- 150/150 from 200/200 BI Lockdown- 150/150 from 200/200 BI EMP- 150/150 from 200/200 CEI Restoration/Flashbang- 50/50 and research faster

    AE Spawning Pool- Cost halved, build time doubled AD Lurker- +1 armor D Guardian- +1 range I Queen- Spawn Broodling to 125 DI Ultralisk- Cost to 200/150 from 200 200 DFI Devourer- +1 armor

    He pretty much downgrades the Protoss, and upgrades the Zerg, and the Terrans don't have much to work with. The truth is that all the tinkering in the world isn't going to change anything. The Terrans get killed because the Terran units suck compared to the other 2 races. The only way there's gonna be a balance is if the Terrans get some new units that compete better with the other races.

    Nice to see
    That there is at least someone alive over at StarCraft Millennium. One frigging post on Friday? Of course, it was about me... :D

    Should be called "beat the crap out of Blizzard"
    The Beat The Community run by StarCraft Network was a bit of a wasted time, thanks to Battle.Net's usual performance. I went over there, but then I figured out that when they said "beat the community", they actually meant playing StarCraft, so I had to put the baseball bat back in the closet...

    Ah Geez...
    StarCraft Org refused to load up for me tonight. Real shame huh? Actually, what's the deal with them anyway? They have been putting up a lot of news lately. That's weird for them...

    Stupidest Message on the Join screen on Bnet: Part Two
    " rush "

    Whoa, StarShack has a new look!
    And it sucks! They still have that stupid ass headline thing, and actually, the headline box looks like it was graphed on to the new design from the old design. Looks totally out of place. On top of that, the "latest news" box just repeats the headlines that was below it in the first place. ( great, give Lockeye more ideas, though at least you could bookmark the news section directly) I like the top though, and yes, I know, it's better than my site design, so shut up.

    Boy, I bet Weird Paul is gonna wet himself when he goes to GameSurges. :D

    Stupidest Message on the Join screen on Bnet: Bonus Message!
    " Lickmyballs "

    July 2,1999

    Well, it sure was a interesting day so far...
    First off, I went and took out the kid for the fireworks tonight. Since I live in a small town, I wasn't expecting much this time. Last year's fireworks was basically the Fireworks expert setting off a small Jim Firecracker and flicking his Bic Lighter a few times. Have to admit, it was pretty good this year, and the kid loved it.

    Anyway, I come back, have a talk with a few of my little spies, and have come up with a couple of things. First off, it looks like ToyMarine has left StarCraft Network, for "reasons", and it looks like the second busiest guy in the "community" may have left his other sites as well. In case your wondering, he and Revolution have formed their own site, called dotcom. Now you may wonder why I mention it, well... it just has the funniest picture I've seen in a while, that's all...

    Then I saw this Pillars Bnet post thing, so you know I had to answer it, even though I have a complete and total lack of sympathy for Pillars not making it into the tournament. You can actually find it right here.

    Oh yes, I have to comment on The Truth. I actually made a mistake in saying only one site got that fake Email. Actually several sites did. How do I know? Because StarCraft Millennium just fell for it as well. :D

    Well, it isn't that funny, and I guess to use a emulation term, the guy that sent it was a "lamer". Still, that wasn't TOO embarrassing, was it?

    Hmm, was just talking to Albeeno, and he mentions that the BWB regular season ends tomorrow, with all-star weekend next week. Oh, want a sneak peek at the new GameX? They have just moved to new digs, so here ya They are almost ready for their opening on Monday, but what they have looks real nice. Grrrrr, another site with a better design than me. Life can really suck...

    There's more stuff as well, but hey, I have to make you come back somehow.

    July 1st, 1999

    I'm Back!
    And it's so nice to be back after "The Triple Whammy Special" as the nurse so kindly put it...

    The Truth is here
    Yeap, instead of doing my normal news, I decided to do another article. This time I talk about bandwidth stealing, bad manners, fake news, and my "fearless" predictions. Oh yeah, I'm a bundle of sunshine today...

    More files are now available for you to steal... err download. There's some new additions, and more in the next couple of days. If anyone notices any bad links or bad files, please let me know. I ran the latest virus scanner though them, so it won't be a problem.

    The Small Site Survivor Guide
    Yet more articles have been added. As well, the resources center, which is graphics and maybe some programs are being added to as well, though they are not "up". At last count, it totaled over 35 megs, so it's getting up there. Which brings me to this. It seems rather unfair to plug up my host with huge files totally unrelated to gaming, so I am looking for a second host to run the graphics resource center and maybe one of my other sections, Pinball Fanatics. Pinball Fanatics will have PinGuide, which is a resource by Pinball machine, that will feature flyers, manuals, pictures, Roms, technical reports and anything else Pinball related. Already, I have over 70 Megs of flyers scanned and ready to go, so this might give you some idea of how much space this is gonna need. Anyone out there have any suggestions? You can Email me.

    News Archive
    20th to the 27th
    14th to the 19th

    " "

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