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    It seems that my last post has been causing quite a controversy in the Starcraft community. Many probably thought I'd never post again. However, much to some people's dismay, that assumption is quite wrong. Now that most of you are pretty much aware of myself and standing, I feel that I can go on with what I'd like to say.

    I've been keeping up with my reading. By that I mean, I've been regularly checking out the various Starcraft web sites and the posts that have been appearing on them. Again, I am addressing one particular news reporter. He made a post regarding my "silliness". Many of you, I am sure, are familiar with, or know this certain person. His name is CannonBalls from Brood War Dynasty. It seems to me that the first thing he has against me is who I am involved with. By that, I mean my boyfriend, Paul, or better known to many of you as Weird Paul from SC:M. CannonBalls and Paul have had a tiff, if you will, over posting and such. You probably all know the story, so I will move on. The basic point of this paragraph is to establish my standing in CannonBalls' views. Since I am involved with Paul, that makes me an immediate enemy to our dear friend CannonBalls. At least according to his views. There is a slim chance that this assumption could be wrong, however after seeing CannonBalls' reactions and quickness to become hot and bothered, I feel this is pretty safe to assume.
    Now, with that out of the way, I can get to the main focus. It seems that CannonBalls thinks games are made ONLY for the male gender. If that is the case then it must be against the law for me to play CIV II and Tekken 3, since games are strictly made for males...yea right. I believe that women's rights were established long ago, and, no where does it say that women should not play games because they don't understand or so on. Let's all face it people, as trite as this may seem, we are ALL equal. If I wish to play a game, I will play it...I refuse to let some sexist pig get in my way of enjoying myself. I will agree that some of the web sites are geared toward the male race due to ads that appear on them. Some of the images are quite a bit offending to the female gender...but, images like that are prevalent almost everywhere these days. Who doesn't have at least two e-mails pertaining to "hot young teens" or "sexy college girls"?
    The irony of this situation is really quite came to my attention that CannonBalls posted some pictures of himself. What really stuck out was the fact that some of these pictures were with FEMALE gamers...I believe that people of that nature are called hypocrites? Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. If female gamers are so stupid and don't understand anything about games, then why degrade yourself and have your picture taken with one? My god, that's just unheard of...really. The nerve, what was he thinking? We females just don't hold a candle to male gamers (please realize that this part is VERY sarcastic).
    Alright, there you have it. Again, this is just my take on the situation. Feel free to disagree, however, if you wish to ICQ me or e-mail me with complaints or whatnot, please make your argument valid and believable. I wish not to be bothered by nonsense and "silliness" as CannonBalls would say. As always, I am open for your support and ideas. If there is anything that is of interest to you and would like to see it discussed or would like me write about that particular topic please feel free to e-mail me or catch me on ICQ.

    Editor's Note: Lollirot is Weird Paul's girlfriend and wanted to post about the sexist comments on Brood War Dynasty. She can be emailed at and her ICQ number is 33283046.

    " "

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