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    Grow Up
    by: Lollirot

    Okay, no one around here knows me...however, I have something to say. Seeing as how some 9th grade punk can rant about his ex and yadda yadda yadda, I fell that I can speak my 2 cents as deal with it. If you wish not to read this, don’t be stupid and complain to your favorite web master or Starcraft hero...I doubt that they will care, all you simply need to do is press the back button or go on.

    First, some information about myself. My boyfriend has been playing Starcraft for a long while, even before we met. After being with him, I started to become aquatinted with the whole Starcraft community. I was pretty much okay with everything at first, nothing really seemed amiss. However, as of late, I find that the constant bickering, nagging, pouting, and all around childish behavior has gotten way out of hand. I understand that most of the Starcraft players are of a young age, however, if they feel the need to take on tasks like news reporting and maintaining major web sites, they need to grow up. Arguing and picking on certain individuals is 5th grade behavior. If you all wish to have A+ news reporters then you should start giving News Reporting 101 classes before they begin. How is one to learn the tricks of the trade if they are not given constructive criticism or sessions of individual help? If you come up with the excuse that you are "just too busy", then you have no business complaining about anything. Just go on with your busy life. It seems unnecessary to complain if no one has offered help or simply questioned those who they have a problem with.

    I know that you’re probably tired of my ranting, or thinking that I’m just a "stupid chick"...however, I think that this was a needed rant and has purpose. Now I’d just like to comment on some of the stupidity of some of these reporters...I just read Aherdofturtles’, from Starcraft World, post about his ex-girlfriend’s sister’s breasts and strategies using cheat codes. Okay, I’m no Starcraft master or anything...but if you’re using a cheat code why do you need a strategy?? Come on now. If you’re cheating you’re bound to win no matter what you do. Hence the term "cheating". It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Now, as for his ex-girlfriend. It was quite disrespectful to refer to his ex-girlfriend’s sister’s breasts as "boobs" and why in the hell is he even talking about that on a Starcraft web site? That’s like me, being a girlfriend of a Starcraft player, wanting to post about my boyfriend’s genital size. There’s just no place for that on a web site designated for games. Second of all, if he wants to sob over his oh so terrible life, why doesn’t he go cry to Mommy?

    As if this isn’t enough about Aherdofturtles...I have more to say. I would hope that all of you male Starcraft players don’t judge your girlfriend’s finest qualities on her knowledge of your favorite computer game. Just because some chick plays Starcraft doesn’t mean that she’s the next Katie Holmes. I think that it was both disrespectful and stupid to post about such an issue in the fashion that he did. I’m sure that the Starcraft Gals want to be seen as equals, not sex icons. They might even be able to kick your asses at the never know.

    Well, that’s about it...I know, I know, it was long. However, I never said that any of you had to read it. So there you have it...there are my 2 cents. Deal with it or go on with your petty lives.

    Editors Note: Lollirot is Weird Paul's girlfriend and wanted to post about the sexist comments on Starcraft World. She can be emailed at and her ICQ number is 33283046.

    " "

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