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    Imbalance in BW
    by Cerberus

    Imbalance. People have been arguing about it for a long time. Everyone wants it balanced a certain way, some don’t like that way.

    Recently, Annihilator-X17, who is famous for his imbalance complaints, has released a patch which is supposed to "balance" BW. I tried the patch out, but not for long cuz I lost my connection :). Anyways, there really isn’t big differences that I noticed. The bunker and turret costs less, some build times are changed and some costs are changed. I wasn’t bothered by that patch, cuz I don’t really think that BW is imbalanced.

    But what really got me mad was that, about a day after Anni’s patch, ES and some other site started a "balance" patch. What is up with this?!?!?! First of all, we don’t need three patches to try to balance BW. Second of all, you can’t balance BW!! If you balance one thing, then another just gets way imbalanced. I remember someone once said( (I think it was someone from Blizzard) that there is a counter for everthing. Say there is a Protoss player and a Terran player. The Protoss player might attack with some zealots, which the Terran would counter with firebats and marines. Then the Terran attacks with tanks, which the Protoss could counter with corsairs, then use whatever unit. As you can see from this, there was a counter for each attack, even though some counters may be more complex than others. So everything is as balanced as it can be. We shouldn’t try to balance it anymore cuz it would mess up game play.

    So, I guess what this was all about is that we don’t need 3 sites making a patch to try to balance BW. If there is going to be a patch, let there be one only! Plus, you can’t balance BW too much or it would all be messed up. I don’t even think BW is imbalanced. It’s just the people who play with a certain race.
    By Cerberus - 7/7/99

    Any comments? Send them in Here

    " "

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