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    Internet Idiots

    Imagine, you just sat down in front of your trusty computer. All you want is to relax, browse your favorite web sites and possibly chat with some of your online friends. However, there seems to be one big problem, IDIOTS! There are everywhere. Driving in front of you when you're rushing to get to school or work, behind you at the movies laughing at everything, even when it's not funny, but, worst of all, idiots are online. Believe me, idiots seem to flock to the Internet. Trust me here, I know these things. Whether I'm using AIM or ICQ, I can't escape.

        Now, you're probably wondering why I've decided to write about idiots after I've written two editorials about female gamers...well, let me explain. Whenever I sign on to AOL, within ten minutes I get an Instant Message from some idiot. It's a guarantee. Mind you these idiots are always of the male gender. Ah ha! You see the connection between my first two editorials and this one now no doubt.

        On one such occasion, I was simply minding my own business, keeping Paul company at work and low and behold I got an Instant Message from, you guessed it, an idiot. He informed me that was a sexy 17/m/FL. For those of you unfamiliar with the lingo, that translates to sexy 17 year old male from Florida. Then he proceeded to inquire my "stats" as they are called. Well, needless to say, I knew that this conversation was going to be very short and stupid. So, I told him that I was 19 and that it stated in my profile my gender. Obviously, he had found me by my profile, so he should have known already that I was female. His oh so intelligent response was something along these lines, "Oh, I haven't read your profile in a long time." Okay, so did you look it up a year ago and then finally decide to IM me? Now, I'm sure that you all are waiting with bated breath for my retort. I simply said, "Sure." Of course, this dead end conversation had to lead to something of the idiotic nature. He proceeded to ask if I had a "pic," no doubt Mr. Stud Muffin had this routine down pat. I replied, "No." Then, drum roll please, he asked, "Do you have big tits?" Needless to say, I'm no porn star, therefore I do not have fake 38 ZZZ breasts. In fact I was quite appalled that some sun worshipping moron from Florida would actually lower himself and ask someone who could very well be a male, or be 5,000 pounds if they had "big tits." This same scenario can be applied to ICQ as well. Or there is always the ever popular, "Hey baby you wanna cyber?" With the simple answer of ,"No," I can expect a rude comment such as follows, "F**k you, you stupid whore." I ask you to stop and think for a moment, is all of this necessary? Does anyone in fact benefit from a situation like this? Definitely not. Our dear Mr. Stud Muffin gets no date or the pervert with the sticky keyboard doesn't get any closer to ejaculation by pissing someone of the female gender off.

        This same situation is prevalent in the Starcraft community. Picture this, a female wishes to play on When it becomes known that she is female she will most likely get many different reactions. First, she might get the "ha ha ha that girl is gonna get her ass kicked" attitude. Or, quite possibly she might get the "hey baby you wanna hook up" attitude. Everyone knows that a girl who plays Starcraft is a BABE, and just went on to get a date. Sure, and that's why I go to college. I'm hard up for a date. Uh huh, sure. Sorry boys, that assumption is wrong. A female goes to to play a game and be treated like "one of the guys", if you will, not to be hit on by a bunch of computer geeks. As for the "that girl is gonna get her ass kicked" attitude, I think that I've already covered that situation.

        What I want you, as the reader, to understand after reading this is that females don't want to be put through all that garbage. We like to be noticed, but not for those reasons. If you want to get to know a girl, talk to her like she's a HUMAN BEING, not like she's a sex goddess. Believe me, you're not going to impress her with that type of approach. Nor will she like you any better if you tell her she's not wanted in the SC community. If anything, she'll start openly complaining. Sound familiar? Now, it's just a question of whether you guys will cast you egos aside and play a fair game or just keep pushing females to the edge. Take my word for it, it isn't pretty when a female has finally been pushed to her limit...I know all about it.

    " "

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