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    Big Breasts and Little Brains
    by: Lollirot

    I was thinking about how long it had been since I had written anything the other day. I bet many of you thought that I had died or something. Well, I was just in my dark little corner, quietly observing the everyday news posts on various game sites. To much of my dismay there wasn't anything of great interest happening, at least in my opinion. Oh, wait, I'm a female so I guess I'm not allowed to have an opinion on anything dealing with the Internet. Isn't that right Mr. HonestJon? Due to females’ supposed lack of abilities in maintaining web sites we have no right to say what we think about web sites, what news posts are boring and so on. Ah, but there are some of us females that are web savvy. Might that be why there is a female who is the head of the editorial section? Do not judge a hand full on an entire gender dear Jon. We do have brains and we do use them. Obviously more than some of our male friends. Which leads me to my next topic.

    I know that many of you saw this ever predictable response to Butterbrain’s (a. k. a. Butterball) editorial. I guess that my first couple of editorials just didn't seem to get through to some people. What a shame. However, this did give me the wonderful opportunity to once again sit down and write. My dear Paul, or better known as Weird Paul, informed me of the two newest editorials appearing on this very web site. So, I decided to look at what the other editorialists were writing about. Much to my surprise, I saw Butterball's editorial about nudity in games. We all know that girls with large chests and thin waist lines make games sell, but do those same girls actually make the game interesting to play? I'm sure that most of you are thinking, "Hell yeah! I wanna see some chick's boobs bounce around!" Stop for a minute here and think. Is that the ONLY reason that you're playing that game? If so, just let me tell you that you are pathetic. Don't you have the balls to go steal Daddy's or big brother's porno? Come on games are for bettering skill, increasing hand eye coordination, some games are even for FAMILIES. Whoa! What? For the way. I wanna see boobs! Then go look at a porno dumb ass. That's what porno is for. If you get off by looking at a video game you have serious mental problems. The girl on the screen isn't even REAL.

    I'm sure that many of you have seen the movie "Forrest Gump" and are familiar with the line, "You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes...," well, in this case, we can tell a lot about a person by their writing. If someone has to resort to watching a video game's characters instead of a real female, they are truly pathetic. Good luck trying to find a girlfriend Butterball...most of the time, real females don't prance around with guns and skin tight shirts, and if by luck, you did find one, ten bucks says she wouldn't want to have anything to do with you. As for dancing females, go watch some ballet dancers. It might do you some good to visit the finer side of life. Become cultured. It will help you out in the long run. Or, perhaps, if you prefer the sleazy side of life, wait until you're old enough to go to a strip bar. All the bouncing titties you can handle.

    One last thing to discuss. I remembered a particular quote from Butterball's editorial. Well, to be more precise, two words. "Fat bitch." Hmm...what exactly does this mean? Does Butterball have an obsession with large female dogs? Or, does he just have bad judgment when choosing words? One word, thesaurus. You might have found better words to use there. I'm quite sure that Butterball meant a large woman when he wrote "fat bitch." So, does this mean any woman who is large has to be called "bitch"? I don't think so. Or, maybe, she's a "bitch" because she's not attractive to most people? Attractiveness is in the attitude, personality and soul. Looks aren't everything. Maybe looks are everything to game makers, but is that really what's important here? No. We're all young and still finding our places in life. None of us are looking to sell our latest game.

    I suppose this is all leading to one big point. Think before you write. I thought out basically what I wanted to say before I wrote this, then I just let everything flow. I could have made things much worse. I could have even been tacky like HonestJon and Butterball, however, that's not my style. I'm proud of what I write, like any other author should be. I like the fact that there are usually so many diverse responses to my writings. That tells me that most of the people reading my editorials actually thought about what I wrote, instead of simply saying, "You're a chick. You don't understand," or some other narrow minded comment. I hate to have to react in such a manner toward others who work for the same site that I do, however, I refuse to tolerate such doltish behavior and writings. We should all try to act our age here. If we make the decision to maintain, write and post news for a web site, we need to learn that certain behavior just isn't fit. With age, comes the ability to decide between right and wrong, or, in this case, tacky and good taste. All I ask is that you choose to act your age when you decide to write something that many people will view.

    " "

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