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    Monday, February 28, 2000

    Psychological Warfare
    - Zero @ 22:24 pm EST

    For StarCraft, use any of the above strategies. Then take your shuttle or dropship [or overlord] and run it around the enemy's base. I know this caused me to panic, thinking it was something waiting to kill me in there. Or if you want to be really devious, fly your shuttle over select spots that you know the enemy is watching. But make sure it's not over something important. This makes the enemy think he is especially clever and just caught an attack before it reached me. Sneaky, eh?

    At the beginning of the game [about ten minutes in], send a force in and attack him. A small one mind you, one that does not affect your economy. You might catch him powering, and hurt him bad. Or he might fight it off. Either way you win because, he will be paranoid of another attack and build up to it, ditching his last strategy.

    As for Age of Kings, I have learned of some especially mean strategies to use against the opponent. Here's one. Tribute some resources to your opponent. When he asks you why you can either reply, "I want to be your ally," or, "Payment for when I wreck your base," or say nothing at all. This will just annoy the hell out of them and make them wonder what is going to happen.

    When reaching the Imperial Age, where trebuchets come into play, move towards the enemy base. Since trebuchets unpacking look so much like houses that are not yet finished, plop down some unfinished houses while unpacking the trebuchets. This will cause the opponent to panic and run like a chicken with its head cut off.

    At the beginning of the game, take your scout and kill all the doe, boars, and sheep near your opponent. This slows him down significantly, as you just cut off one of his sources for food. Then take your scout and attack the villagers. He must then either take off at least two villagers to attack the scout or use his town center. You have ruined his economy for the cost of nothing [if you did not lose your scout].

    Sometimes this will work. Build a large number of one unit and attack the enemy. After your attack fails, the enemy will build the counter to that unit and wait for another wave. Now counter that counter [yes, that's right], and demolish his base.

    Do not underestimate the power of your villagers. Research sappers and use a huge number of them to attack buildings. Not only does it piss off your opponent, but it humiliates him as well. Another definite plus.

    One more before I leave, take your army and just run randomly through his base. This will bewilder the opponent and make him wonder what kind of drugs you're on. Maybe after that you can follow it up with a stronger attack somewhere else and when he is distracted there, use that small force to attack his other base.

    Alright, so some of these tips are the equivalent of kicking the guy in the groin in a fight. But if you have to be 'noble' then maybe you should watch out for these, because not everyone is like you. Overall, do not underestimate the human mind…and how much you can screw around with it.

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