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    Archive for September 2002

    Monday, September 30, 2002

    Sierra Entertainment, Inc., a studio of the Games division of Vivendi Universal Publishing, today announced that the Casino Empire™ videogame has shipped to retailers nationwide. Brought to you by the team that created Sierra’s award winning Casino games, Casino Empire challenges gamers to build and manage their own Vegas empire.

    Casino Empire is rated “T” for teen audiences by the Entertainment Software Review Board (ESRB) and carries a suggested retail price of $39.99. More information about the game can be found at

    Casino Empire is an in-depth simulation game that delivers the sights and sounds of Vegas. Set against the colorful world of “Sin City,” players build, manage, and compete in an effort to rule the empire. Each level provides players with a new story and an opportunity to win big and increase their wealth and status.

    Along the way, gamers meet a number of humorous characters, host special events, and have access to a wide range of resources to attract and entice their growing clientele. From milking the high rollers to positioning the most popular slot machines near the cash machines and adding décor and ambience to their eight unique casinos, it’s all Vegas, all the time with
    Casino Empire.

    Microsoft Game Studios today announced that the Links 2003 trial version is now available on the game's official site at Cybergolfers will be able to experience the back nine holes of Skeleton Coast, the new fictional golf course designed exclusively for Links 2003.

    With the trial version, gamers will be able to play Sergio Garcia using the new Real Time Swing option. There will be five different modes of play available, and cybergolfers will be able to compete head-to-head online using

    Links 2003 will feature improved photo realistic graphics, six all-new championship courses, a growing list of high-resolution 3-D characters and expanded online capability. With its superior ball physics and unparalleled attention to detail, Links 2003 is the perfect way for golfers to experience true-to-life golf on their PC. For more information visit the official Links 2003 site at

    Microsoft Game Studios is a leading worldwide publisher and developer of games for the PC, Xbox video game system and online platforms. Comprising a network of top developers, Microsoft Game Studios is committed to creating innovative and diverse game portfolios for the PC (, including such franchises as Age of Empires, Flight Simulator and Zoo Tycoon; Xbox (, including such franchises as Halo, Project Gotham Racing and NFL Fever; and (, the official games channel for the MSN network and home to such hits as Bejeweled and OutSmart.

    Strategy First and Monte Cristo are pleased to announce that Micro Commandos has shipped to retail stores nationwide today.

    “This is a great game for those who love a challenge,” says Steve Milburn, Director of Marketing for Strategy First “This RTS will provide hours of gaming fun!”

    "A popular theme in a great RTS game", says Jérôme Gastaldi, CEO for Monte Cristo. "Cheer on your small aliens, they need you!"

    When it comes to conquering the human race, size does matter! Micro Commandos are tiny, little aliens that have big issues with the humans surrounding them. Stuck in a human basement, this mini military is trying to gain control of the Ultimate Weapon that will help them bring the entire planet to its knees. To do so, they will have to explore every corner of the house and look for essential resources (food, energy and furniture). They will also have to develop their own infrastructure and transportation from scratch. But conquering mankind is a big challenge, especially when you are 6 inches tall and another group of micro aliens and the full size family cat are standing in your way!

    Micro Commandos includes some of the following cool features;

    Real-Time Strategy fun on a large-scale.
    Play two distinct races: Lizardians and Roughbacks.
    Fight against two adverse races: Masoneries and Mindscreeds.
    A tutorial with four missions.
    One campaign including two chapters – 12 missions.
    Cheer on your commandos: they need you! Name them, follow them through missions and define their inventory.
    Construct buildings that will help them survive in our world: kitchen, food reserve, dormitory, incubator… keep out House Commandos: cats, spiders, rats, mice, etc.
    Thirteen different ambiances: pizzeria, underground, museum, cabaret, school…
    Three different jobs:
    Collectors: they bring back resources from the world of the big.

    Engineers: they build their village from scratch and drive their homemade vehicles.

    Soldiers: they defend the village and confront enemies.

    Infogrames will exclusively distribute Micro Commandos in North America.

    For more information about the game, log onto

  • Law & Order: Dead on the Money
  • Earth and Beyond
  • Medieval: Total War
  • Battlefield 1942
  • Divine Divinity
  • Cultures 2: The Gates of Asgard

  • ATI Radeon 9700 Pro


  • Another War
  • Starcraft Ghost
  • No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy In H.A.R.M.'s Way
  • Bandits: Phoenix Rising
  • Shadowflare

    Sunday, September 22, 2002


    - Falcon @ 8:11 am PST

  • Unreal Tournament 2003
  • Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom
  • Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom
  • Mafia
  • Desert Storm
  • American Conquest (Preview)

    UT 2003 Gold

    - Falcon @ 7:55 am PST

    Unreal Tournament 2003 has gone gold and will be shipping "soon". Details here:

    Most Blizzard fans would have already heard of this, but for those who havent yet:

    During a press conference today at the Tokyo Game Show, Blizzard Entertainment, a studio of the games division of Vivendi Universal Publishing, unveiled StarCraft: Ghost™, a tactical-action console game set in Blizzard’s epic StarCraft® universe. StarCraft: Ghost is currently under development and is scheduled for a worldwide release on multiple console systems. The game will be co-published by Capcom and Blizzard Entertainment in Japan; further announcements regarding platform/country specifics will be announced in the months to come.

    In StarCraft: Ghost, players take the role of Nova, a lethal Ghost operative skilfully trained in the arts of espionage and tactical combat. Twenty years of ruthless physical conditioning and techno-psychological instruction have made Nova a being of terrifying potential. With the help of a determined group of allies, players follow a series of story-driven missions, engaging in a deadly mix of planetary battles and dangerous solo operations. To complete their mission objectives, players must execute intelligent tactical decisions while mastering an advanced arsenal of sophisticated weaponry.

    “We’re very excited about returning to the StarCraft series,” stated Mike Morhaime, Blizzard Entertainment president and co-founder. “Our roots are based in console gaming, and we look forward to developing this universe for the next-generation console systems.”

    Key features in StarCraft: Ghost include:

    • Revolutionary new style of gameplay featuring enhanced physical and psionic abilities
    • Hostile Environment Suit designed to magnify strength, agility, and speed
    • Over-the-top special effects offer stunning visuals and unparalleled tactical realism
    • Immersive 3D environments showcase rich textures and highly stylised character models
    • Unique Calldown abilities allow players to target large-scale attacks from the ground
    • A deeply evolving storyline set in Blizzard’s gritty sci-fi StarCraft universe

    As the story unravels, players find themselves traversing uncharted terrain and battling adversaries never before seen by followers of the series. Bold 3D graphics give players a new, in-depth perspective on familiar planets and former battlefields from the legendary universe. A dynamic 3rd-person camera view displays dramatic lighting, startling detail, and a blend of realistic and fantastical design. Co-developed by Blizzard Entertainment and Nihilistic Software, Inc.™, StarCraft: Ghost is scheduled for release in late 2003.

    Wednesday, September 18, 2002

    The Themis Group solidified their Marketing Strategy for Lyra Studios’ MMORPG Underlight.

    After several months of research and market analysis, The Themis Group is off and running with the first real Marketing Plan in the history of Underlight. Themis hopes to more than triple the player base of Underlight in the next 12 months with a series of focused ad campaigns and promotions.

    “We currently have a small, but fiercely loyal player base, and I’m excited about the potential new personalities and role-plays that an increased player base will supply.” ~ Lyra-Dagger

    “We have the best players in the industry, I’m convinced of that. Creativity simply oozes from them, and giving them more characters to interact with can only make it better.” ~ Lyra-Zephyr

    "Underlight has one of the richest role-play experiences I've ever seen in a graphical online game, it was a joy coming up with a marketing and advertising campaign that would target the true role-players." ~ Daniel "Savant" Manachi of the Themis Group

    While still in only multi-player demo format Battlefield 1942 jumped into the #2 spot in the August iGames Top 20 poll.

    iGames Centers were part of an exclusive beta test for Battlefield 1942 in July and the game was an instant hit, debuting last month at #4. The games shipped last week and will be featured in an iGames showcase launch at more than 80 iGames Center in September.

    Beyond the Battlefield 1942’s rise there was virtually no change in our top six games this month.
    Medal Of Honor dropped a notch to #4 but remains firmly in the Top 5 as iGames enters the last stages of our Summer Season of MOHAA Tournaments. Cash prizes totaling $3,000 are on the line in the National Finals of our MOHAA Season. MOHAA is also scheduled for league play in September.
    Warcraft III was our top strategy games at #3. Everquest was our top massively multiplayer online game at #6.
    Seventy-Five iGames Centers participated in this month’s survey. They reported on more than 40 games play at Interactive Gaming Centers across North America.

    August 2002
    1 Half-Life: Counter-Strike
    2 Battlefield 1942
    3 Warcraft III
    4 Medal of Honor Allied Assault
    5 Diablo II
    6 EverQuest
    7 Half-Life: Day of Defeat
    8 Soldier of Fortune
    9 Dark Age of Camelot
    10 Halo (Xbox)
    11 Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
    12 Neverwinter Nights
    13 Age of Empires
    14 Starcraft
    15 Unreal
    16 Aliens vs Predator 2
    17 Empire Earth
    18 Command & Conquer: Renegade
    19 Asheron's Call
    20 Quake III

    For more information on iGames top 20 lists visit:
    For more information on iGames please visit:

    BELLEVUE, WA (September 17, 2002) - Sierra Entertainment, Inc., a studio of the Games division of Vivendi Universal Publishing, today announced that Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest(tm) has shipped to retail stores nationwide. Developed by Mad Doc Software, Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest is the official expansion pack for's 2001 "PC Game of the Year," Empire Earth. The real-time strategy game has sold over one million copies worldwide.

    The Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest game is rated "T" for teen audiences by the Entertainment Software Rating Board, and carries a suggested retail price of $29.99. A retail copy of Empire Earth is required to run Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest. More information about the game can be found at

    The Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest game includes three new single-player campaigns set in ancient Rome, the Pacific Theater of World War II, and Asia in the 22nd century. In addition, each of the 21 pre-designed civilizations in the game gains a unique special power, building, or unit. Examples include: the Kingdom of Italy's Metallurgy power, which allows them to pay building costs with gold or iron interchangeably; Great Britain's S.A.S. unit will be able to plant demolitions and swim across water; and the United States' market building will allow that civilization to trade abundant resources for scarce ones.

    The Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest game will also feature significant new multiplayer functionality. The multiplayer improvements will further enhance Empire Earth's wide array of online game play options, and give more flexibility to gamers competing via the Internet. These enhancements will also be available as a free download to Empire Earth owners.

    In the Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest game, gamers can become the greatest conqueror of all time by creating, building, and leading a civilization to transcend the ages - from the discovery of fire, to flight, to the next frontier: space.

    From Prehistory to the Space Age of the 22nd Century, Empire Earth serves up gaming on an epic scale. Empire Earth and Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest cover over 500,000 years of human history, from the discovery of fire to the laser battles of the future. Each player takes control of a fledgling civilization and strives to forge the greatest of all empires.

    Montreal, Quebec. September 17, 2002 – Strategy First, Playnet and Cornered Rat Software announced today that they will be bringing the World War II Online game experience to a new audience: Mac addicts.

    “We are thrilled to be bringing this unique gaming experience to all those Mac gamers out there,” says Steve Milburn, Director of Marketing at Strategy First. “Now a whole new audience will be joining the virtual battlefield, adding even more excitement to the game.”

    World War II Online Mac Edition is an online combined arms simulation set in a relentless, action-packed environment where players can command and crew a variety of accurately modeled vehicles and aircraft, sling weapons, and fight as foot soldiers with and against thousands of other gamers. Set in the early war years, it includes equipment and major battle points: strongholds, fortresses, forests, rivers and more – much as it was on the battlefields of Europe.

    WWII Online is still the first and only massively multiplayer first-person virtual battlefield that covers a ½ scale map of Europe with accurate terrain modeling. It allows thousands of players to fight 24/7 in a persistent world in which character advancement and career paths provide a rich RPG layer, and strategic systems are driven by player missions and command structures. An extensive web-based player services package provided by is integrated with gameplay. Players from around the world can take part in creating new history while fighting on the battlefields and in the skies of Europe.

    “Our development team has worked to ensure that gameplay is identical across all platforms and we’re excited to welcome fresh recruits to the battle,” says Al Corey, Executive Producer at Playnet. “The response by the Mac community to our beta tests showed us that the Mac community has been waiting a long time for a MMOG like WWII Online and we’re ready for them”.

    World War II Online Mac Edition also contains special bonus items, such as a large foldout wall map of the game world, the official music track, and 20 original illustrations and wallpapers inspired by the game.

    World War II Online Mac Edition will be distributed throughout North America exclusively by Infogrames and is set to ship in early November.


    - Falcon @ 5:22 am PST

  • The Thing
  • Mafia
  • Divine Divinity
  • Divine Divinity
  • Arthur's Quest: Battle for the Kingdom

  • Nostromo n50 (Hardware)
  • Aluminum Condor (Hardware - case)

  • Beam Breakers (Preview)
  • American Conquest (preview)
  • Another War (Preview)
  • Shade: Wrath of Angels (Preview)
  • Ghost Recon: Island Thunder (Preview)

    Monday, September 16, 2002


    - Falcon @ 5:14 am PST

  • Divine Divinity
  • Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness (Preview)
  • Worlds of BIlly 2
  • Legion

    Wednesday, September 11, 2002

    Montreal, Quebec. September 11, 2002 – Strategy First, Reality Pump and Zuxxez Entertainment are pleased to announce that Earth 2150: Lost Souls, the third chapter in the award-winning Earth 2150 trilogy, has shipped to stores nationwide.

    “We are extremely pleased to bring the third installment of this highly successful series to the gaming community and fans will surely enjoy the game,” says Steve Milburn, Marketing Director for Strategy First.

    The first two titles, Earth 2150: Escape from the Blue Planet and Earth 2150: The Moon Project were a huge success in the science fiction RTS realm and Earth 2150: Lost Souls brings players back to the same desolate, desperate setting for a new range of nail biting missions.

    The latest chapter includes three new extensive campaigns with 30 missions, a map editor to create your own maps, over 25 multiplayer skirmishes for LAN and internet, stunning graphics that take you on a spectacular voyage through several different countries and environments and a built-in fan base that is eagerly waiting to get back to 2150.

    Infogrames will distribute Earth 2150: Lost Souls exclusively in North America. For more information please visit

    Tuesday, September 10, 2002

    One of the most popular trading card games in the world ‹ The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game (TCG) ‹ is about to go digital! Decipher announced today that it has teamed up with Worlds Apart Productions, widely recognized for its critically acclaimed online roleplaying game, ³The Eternal City,² to develop the online version of the game. The Lord of the Rings Online Trading Card Game will open its virtual doors on the web site to Œround-the-clock' Internet play in early 2003.

    ³The Lord of the Rings TCG is one of the most incredible games Decipher has ever created. We are extremely excited about bringing this game to the expanded audience of players on the Internet," said Decipher's Chairman and CEO Warren Holland.

    The Lord of the Rings Online Trading Card Game will allow players to purchase randomly assorted card packs, build decks, make trades, and play against a multitude of opponents just like they do with the popular paper version of the game. However, the Internet version will allow players to find opponents worldwide 24 hours a day.

    Sunny games has released a new game called Brixout XP:

    It is a 3D fast-action block-smashing game of the Arkanoid and Breakout family. The game features:
    - furious gameplay;
    - 4 worlds with breathtaking 32-bit graphics;
    - 80 unique levels;
    - 20+ different power-ups;
    - advanced 3D engine;
    - multiplayer mode;
    - original soundtrack & sound effects;
    - cheat mode;
    - custom levels.
    and much, much more.

    Demo version of the game can be downloaded for free.

    Homepage of the game:
    Detailed description of the game:
    Direct download link:

    RPG Vault Earth & Beyond Q&A #8
    Creative Direction: Chris Plummer tells us about his role since joining the Westwood Studios team late last year.

    RPG Vault Ryzom Images of the Week
    Developer Nevrax shows a new screenshot and drawing of a basic building that can be built by players. *Exclusives*

    Action Vault SWAT: Urban Justice Developer Diary #13
    Mike Nicolino tells us about Sierra's improved multiplayer matchmaking lobby system that will be implemented.

    Action Vault Battlefield 1942 Multiplayer Demo Impressions
    We invade the demo of Digital Illusions' eagerly awaited game to help you know what kind of action to expect.

    Action Vault Xenus Screenshots of the Week
    Deep Shadows sent us a pair of cool new images from its blend of action and RPG set in contemporary Colombiaxclusives*

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