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    Archive for May, 2000

    Wednesday, May 31, 2000
    Got News? Comments? Send it in! Help/Info/Contacts | Forum
    Can't find what you're looking for? Send a request!

    Plethora of Previews - sim @ 9:39 pm PST
    Yes, I've got a plethora of previews for ya! I'm getting lazier and lazier (sp?) as summer approaches and that means that you'll be getting everything in bunches from now on. Here we go...

  • GameSpot has two good previews. They've got impressions of Vampire: The Masquerade that include lots of new screenshots.

  • There's also a "best of E3" article at GameSpot which features a preview of Commandos 2. It's their Editors' Choice.

  • IGN PC has a large preview of Republic. Here's a snip:
    The game promises to have you ruling a Russian republic of one million different residents, all living within a city that packs around, oh, five million polygons a building.

    Be sure to read the rest of it along with their initial interview.

  • There's more previews out there, but I'm getting tired. At least it's the last day of school for me tommorow! Yay!

    Press release - MystikaL @ 6:19 pm PST
    Okay, I'm a bit confused on this one, but anyhow, here it goes. I got an e-mail from the PR person at TopWare Interactive concerning Two Worlds, an upcoming 3rd person RPG.

    "Two Worlds Homepage
    A dark, mystical, larger-than-life role-playing world is the scene of Topware Interactive's
    3rd person RPG - Two Worlds."

    "The inhabitants of the Kroth Universe live a dream-like existence – until one day in the year
    3001 a violent space-time collision changes things for good. When the dust settles, only two
    races have survived. Their people hardened by the bitter experience, they engage in climactic battle – to the death. And that's where you come in. You must decide which side has what it
    takes to emerge victorious - and cast your lot accordingly."

    "TopWare Interactive has created a special web site just for this project. Press, distributors and
    end users can find the latest detailed information on Two Worlds under"

    LGS Survey - MagicBoy @ 1:39 pm PST
    DXDOT has posted the opinions of Harvey Smith, Scott Martin and Chris Norden, three of ION Storm Austin's developers, concerning the recent break-up of Looking Glass Studios. Click here to have a look.

    Half-Life Mod Update - sim @ 6:52 am PST
    As you can see, I haven't started "Half-Life Mod Week" here at GameSurge yet. Why am I so late do you ask? Let's just call it technical difficulties. But no matter what the reason, the fact remains that I have seven previews and interviews of various Half-Life modifications just waiting to see the light of day.

    I think I'll wait till next week to start it, since I'm so far behind now. So sorry about the delay, but you can count on it all being up by next week.

    Gamespy Updates - Falcon @ 5:18 am PST
    Not that they really need the plugs, but anyway:

    More great stuff at GameSpy. Today they review Tachyon: The Fringe, a huge space RTS that looks promising. Check out the review at

    They also interview Andrew Brazier, an assistant designe ron the upcoming adventure game, Simon the Sorcerer 3D:

    Tim Cain Dev. Profile - Falcon @ 5:16 am PST
    Arcanum Developer Profile: Tim Cain
    RPG Vault introduces another co-founder of Troika Games.
    Although he is always quick to give credit to everyone who worked on the game, Tim Cain's name will probably always be the one most closely associated Fallout, an unheralded title that became 1997's RPG of the Year.
    After working on the initial design of the sequel, he and fellow team members Jason Anderson and Leonard Boyarsky set out on their own, opening up shop as Troika Games to create Arcanum, a new game that is attracting considerable attention as it moves towards its targeted fall release. In the third installment of our Arcanum Developer Profile series, we introduce
    Tim Cain who tells us about a range of topics including his background as a game player and game maker, his role on the Arcanum team, his favorite
    games and more.

    Rune Key features + weapons - Falcon @ 5:11 am PST
    RAGNAROK has been updated with the most current info Human Head Studios has given me on RUNE. First up, check out The key features for details about the RUNE Combat System. Then click over to weapons to get the skinny on what the game will include, how weapons will be used, and "bloodlust" in Ragnar.

    Review AIWars - Falcon @ 5:08 am PST
    In AIWars: The Awakening, you play the part of a cyber-avatar cruising through cyberspace on one of several missions. There are three goals in AI Wars: Achieve Sentience, Transfer Intelligence (become immortal), or
    take control of the Net. How does one achieve such lofty goals? Read this review and find out.

    Leadtek Geforce2 GTS Rev. - Falcon @ 5:07 am PST
    Speedy 3D has just kicked up a review of the Leadtek GeForce2 GTS 32MB (wow long name) video card. Overall, this was one FAST video card, and is definitely a step forward from the original GeForce. Here's a quote:
    The layout of the Winfast GeForce2 GTS board seems to be very close to the Nvidia reference design. My review unit came without the optional TV-Out, but Leadtek tells me this should change very shortly. The board is also fitted with an unusually large fan/heatsink combo overtop of the GeForce2 chip. Combine this with the more efficient .18-micron manufacturing process and the 6ns DDR SGRAM that the GeForce2 uses and this board should make for some good Overclocking.

    Evola Review - Falcon @ 5:00 am PST
    Actiontrip has posted a review of Computer Artwork's excellent squad-based action game, Evolva. Go check out the review here:

    Battle Realms Interview - Falcon @ 4:58 am PST
    Liquid Entertainment is currently working on an ambitious 3D real-time strategy and GA-Strategy goes in-depth with President Ed Del Castillo to learn more - includes new concept artwork. More here:

    O.R.B Interview - Falcon @ 4:57 am PST
    Damage Gaming has thrown up an interview with Strategy First's Jamie McNeely, who is the executive producer on O.R.B., their upcoming real-time strategy game set out in space. It includes five tasty new screenshots of the game, which is looking pretty nice.

    Imperium Galactica II Review - Falcon @ 4:56 am PST
    Its a tad late, but better late than never. Today games xtreme have posted a review of Imperium Galactica II on the PC giving it 93% and a 'games xtreme essential' award.
    Once you have gone through the tutorials, which can take a few hours to do, then you can proceed to the game. Single player lets you choose one of 3 races, the Solarians who are decadents from the humans. The Kra’hen, a brutal warlike race from another galaxy or the Shinari, a diplomatic race who feel that diplomacy & trade is the success to everything. Multiplayer allows you to choose even more races, you get the 3 in single player plus 5 others, the Antari, Iberon, Godan, Cheblon & Tuolen, up to 6 of these may be computer controlled.

    Tuesday, May 30, 2000
    Got News? Comments? Send it in! Help/Info/Contacts | Forum
    Can't find what you're looking for? Send a request!

    Leaving On A Jet Plane - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:56 pm PST
    Yep, yours truly, is leaving on a jet plane at 4am tommorow morning on a school trip to disney world. How awsome is it that my whole grade is going to disney world? Anyway, this means that tragically, i will not be slapping up any news this week (i get back on friday). Hopefully you will be able to survive without my wonderful posts.



    Soulbringer Preview - MagicBoy @ 9:26 am PST
    AVault has posted a preview of Soulbringer, the upcoming 3D RPG from Interplay. Here's an excerpt:
    What has happened to RPGs? For the last couple of years, we have witnessed a huge RPG explosion thanks nonetheless to titles like Diablo and Baldur's Gate. I've played those games and enjoyed them, but I was still left with a sour taste in my mouth when they were over. Is that it? I have often asked myself, and waited patiently for the next big thing. There are a number of items I can put my finger on that I feel are lacking. Meaningful interaction with NPCs, a true sense of accomplishment when you level up or obtain that hard to find artifact, and a real connection with your character and party members. I will never forget Minsc and his wonderful pet, and his great one-liners, but after his side quest was over there was little much he offered except being extra firepower. In Diablo, the character I played wasn't an extension of myself, but a zombie I controlled to hack and slash my way to the end. When RPGs have tried to bridge the gap between player and central character, the often feel less like an RPG, and more like an adventure game with stats. However, offerings like Vampire have created great central characters that are a pleasure to play and direct. It is a hard balance to find, giving the player a real sense of control and self -- something that pen and paper games have been doing for a long time. There are some interesting RPGs on the horizon for release this year that seem to offer hope for the genre, some are hybrids like Deus Ex, and others like Soulbringer have such fiendishly addictive gameplay that is sure to keep people coming back for more. For the past two weeks, I haven't slept. Soulbringer has had me glued to the monitor with a lopsided grin on my face.
    It's quite an interesting preview so go take a look.

    Project IGI Preview - MagicBoy @ 9:17 am PST
    A very brief preview of Eidos' upcoming "realistic" FPS, I'm Going In, has appeared over at PCGameWorld. By the way, I think this game is being called Project IGI in the UK and I'm Going In here is the US. Head on over and give it a read. There are a few screenshots at the end of the article to further entice you.

    Matrix Mod Released - MagicBoy @ 9:13 am PST
    That's right, folks. The Matrix Mod for Half-Life has been released. You can download it here.

    Deus Ex Screenshots - MagicBoy @ 9:11 am PST
    Two new screenshots of Deus Ex has appeared over at VE. They are:
  • Let the robots fight in peace
  • Yeah! Go for the scientists!
  • Ground Control Internet Demo - MystikaL @ 9:11 am PST
    The Ground Control Internet demo (no, it doesn't have multiplayer capabilities), is due out in a few days according to a letter I got from Annie over at Massive (the makers of the game).

    Regarding your questions, the Internet demo will be out in a few days, but it won't have any multiplayer features.

    Also stated is that Ground Control will be in stores sometime during the first few days of June.

    In terms of a release date, I can say that GC will be out in the stores during the first days of June, so June 1st is probably a little too optimistic..:)

    As for our quote, "To say that this game is a milestone for RTS to come is an understatement", I'm not yet sure if it's on the box, although since there are only 3 quotes on the Massive page, and Sierra asked us permission to use it, It may well be. I guess we will have to wait and see.

    For more information about Ground Control, check out the MGO site, Ground Control Center.

    Second Look at STV: Elite Force - MagicBoy @ 9:05 am PST
    In continuing with their Space Sim Week, 3DActionPlanet has posted a Second Look at the upcoming Star Trek FPS, ST Voyager: Elite Force.

    Top 10 List - MagicBoy @ 9:02 am PST
    Also at GameSpy, a list titled "Top Ten Diablo Memorial Day Barbeque Diasasters", has been posted. Well, it looks like the guys genuinely tried to be funny, so head on over and view their efforts.

    Tachyon Review - MagicBoy @ 8:59 am PST
    GameSpy has posted a review of Novalogic's Tachyon: The Fringe. Here's more:
    So how does it all go? Without revealing much, you do all the flight instructing, ring-course, and combat training to get paid. You then take the jobs offered and if you fail, you are given a chance to re-play or continue. If you continue, you won't get a second chance at that failed job. If you succeed, you will get paid, hear useful information, and be privy to ship new upgrades.
    Go take a look at the entire review to find out the overall score.

    Monday, May 29, 2000
    Got News? Comments? Send it in! Help/Info/Contacts | Forum
    Can't find what you're looking for? Send a request!

    New Ways to Cheat - MaD-HaTTeR @ 9:04 pm PST
    Those crazy cats over at the A-Vault have whipped up an update to their cheat section, including cheats for Motocross Madness 2, and some updated sections. Check it out right here.

    JAS Petition - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:50 pm PST
    Although Looking Glass Studios may be gone, a former member, Darren Lafreniere, has started up an online petition to try to get EA to keep the development of Jane's Attack Squadron going. Here's his message to everyone:
    JAS is very close to being complete. However, it is currently up to our publisher, Electronic Arts, to decide whether or not we can wrap it up. After 2.5+ years in the making, it'd be a shame to see this game turn into vaporware, when the end is just within reach.

    Sincere thanks for your support and interest,

    Darren Lafreniere
    Janes Attack Squadron programmer

    So, if you want to try to save JAS, add your name to the list, right here.

    Dark Zion Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:39 pm PST
    Yeah, these interviews just never stop flowing. The next one on my list is over on CheckOut Games, where they have sat down with Wambat Games, and talked about their upcoming game, Dark Zion. Check it out right here. Have a taste:
    What type of world is Dark Zion? Fantasy? Science-fiction? A hybrid? Can you explain a little of the backstory?

    Dark Zion is a hostile world that has been ravaged and mutated by some unknown events in the past. The story of Dark Zion is mostly science fiction. The starting premise of Dark Zion is that the players, as descendants of a long-forgotten crew of intergalactic colonists, are awakened in the subterranean machinery of a desolate and nearly inhospitable world. The resultant theme of Dark Zion becomes the players' attempts to reclaim the surface, and in doing so, to learn how and why Zion became the hostile world that it is. Beyond that is the conflict of keeping surface civilization viable with or against the knowledge of Zion's past.

    Gooseman Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:34 pm PST has just smacked up an interview with everyone's faveriot mod author, Gooseman, regarding his Counter-Strike HL mod. Check it out right here. Here's a little taste:
    Wezer: When can we expect the release of b 6.5?
    Gooseman: 1 week, give or take, with the new patch.

    Wezer: Why was the words on changed?
    Gooseman: Valve had to add a few new features, just small things, but they took time.

    Wezer: Will cs ever become version 1.0?
    Gooseman: Yes in the future but things are still concentrated on 6.5 and eventually beta 7.

    Icewind Dale Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:30 pm PST
    GA-RPG has just kicked up an interview with Designer J.E. Sawyer from Black Isle Studios. Check it out right here. Good old snippage:
    1.) I guess the obvious first question should be how close is Icewind Dale to going gold, and are there any features announced for the game that might not make the final version?

    We’re getting very close, I can say that. The team has found and crushed a large number of bugs in the past few weeks. As always, we’re not at liberty to give a specific date for release, but we hope to be done very, very soon. As for features in the game, it wouldn’t be wise or truthful to comment about the status of any of our features before the game ships.

    2.) Icewind Dale has had a very quick turnaround for a computer game, what features do you think might have made there way into the Icewind if you had had about 6 more months for development?

    It’s hard to say. Perhaps we could have made GUI artwork and code for 800x600 mode. That’s an oft-requested feature. We might have had time to tweak some of the class-related abilities a bit more as well. However, for people used to Baldur’s Gate, our implementation of the ruleset will definitely be a step forward.

    SoF Fortress Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:27 pm PST has just tossed up an interview with Saint_Proverbius, one of the members of the SoF Fortress team. Check ito out right here. Clippage for your viewing pleasure:
    Irwin: How many maps does the team hope to include in the initial release?

    Saint_Proverbius: Hopefully more than 10.

    Irwin: I see the team plans a few new game types, currently which one looks the most promising? Which one is the team’s favorite?

    Saint_Proverbius: They’re more scenario ideas right now. We’re planning on allowing the mappers to script their own maps and hopefully we’ll make the scripting customizable enough that the mappers will be the ones who can make scenarios for themselves. This is similar to how Quake Team Fortress did their maps with brush entities, only SoF has that nice DS script we can use.

    Irwin: Data thief sounds quite interesting, will there be a limit to how many spies a team can have?

    Saint_Proverbius: That will most likely depend on the mappers themselves or how we decide to do it. A feature such as allowing a limit to classes should be left up to the mapper.

    Thief 2 Walkthrough - MagicBoy @ 8:23 pm PST
    GamersPress has prepared a walkthrough of the recently released Thief 2 from the now defunct Looking Glass Studios. Head on over and get some hints.

    More From E3 RPGs - MagicBoy @ 8:14 pm PST
    RPGVault has posted four more impressions of RPGs shown at E3. They are:
  • Warcraft III
  • Summoner
  • Gunlok
  • Evil Islands
  • Atriarch E3 Diaries - MagicBoy @ 8:08 pm PST
    GA-RPG has been able to procure three E3 Diaries, written by Atriarch development team members Joseph Murray, Lauren and TJ. They each describe their adventures at this year's E3 event. Thanks to RPGVault for the info.

    Soulbringer Screenshots - MagicBoy @ 8:01 pm PST
    BetaBites has posted eight new screenshots of the upcoming RPG, Soulbringer.

    MDK2 Review - MagicBoy @ 7:59 pm PST
    A review of MDK2, the recent release from Bioware, has appeared over at GamersPress. Read more:
    MDK2 is like playing three separate games in one nice package. With Kurt, you play a sniper, trying not to engage the enemy directly. His puzzles focus on "hit the little blue sphere" type that gradually grow in difficulty (though you learn to hate the bouncing targets...). Max is like playing Quake III with a character that can go super-akimbo style, with four weapons. His puzzles deal with platform jumping, and figuring out what wall to blow up so he can go on.
    Head on over to find out the overall rating.

    Deus Ex Interview - MagicBoy @ 7:50 pm PST
    Harvey 'witchboy' Smith, lead designer on Deus Ex has been interviewed by the people at In The Trenches. Here's an excerpt:
    [witchboy] Imagine if every conspiracy theory you've every heard were true...not true in a wacky sort of way, but true within the framework of a very plausible near-future world. The player plays an agent with the code name JC Denton. (Though the player can choose JC's 'real name' which is used throughout the game in non-prerecored-speech elements, JC's ethnic background and appearance, his nanotech augmentations and perhaps most importantly his skills. Set in what we've described as a Blade Runner meets X-Files world, Deus Ex tells a complex story and allows the player to solve each problem in multiple ways. (Stealth, diplomacy, combat, demolitions, hacking, etc.) The "objective" as it were is somewhat up to the player: we have 3 different endgames based on how you play.
    Head on over and give it a read.

    Half-Life Week - sim @ 6:45 pm PST
    Seeing as how GameSurge has been a little bland as of late (no content), I've decided to spice things up a little. Monday will be the first day to kick off Half-Life Mod Week, featuring previews of seven modifications for Half-Life, one for everyday of the week. I have plenty of exclusive screenshots, videos, and interviews to go with it, so stay tuned...

    E3 Revisited - sim @ 6:38 pm PST
    Yes, I know that E3 is over. But there are plenty of cool "E3 Wrapups" all over the net, especially meant for all us poor saps that didn't attend. Here are my favorite ones:
  • The official Something Awful E3 Report is chock full of electronic entertainment goodness. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll gain a fear of video game mascots.

  • Old Man Murray's E3 Wrapup is another report that'll keep you laughing for awhile. It's got babes, beer, games, and China. What more can you ask for?

  • And finally, Scott Kurtz has kicked up his official PvP E3 Journal. He talks about Warcraft 3, EverQuest, and breaking into parking garages.
  • I'm Going In Preview - sim @ 6:25 pm PST
    There's a preview of Project: IGI (I'm Going In) over at CombatWorld. Here's the ctrl+c:
    Lets just start with the Graphics and the engine. For a twist Innerloop decided to use a Fly Sim engine for a 1st person shooter and everyone thought it was crazy. As crazy as it may seem, WOW, is all I can say. The Graphics are incredible.

    Well, if you just ignore the title then this looks to be a pretty damn cool game. Read the rest of the preview here.

    Sunday, May 28, 2000
    Got News? Comments? Send it in! Help/Info/Contacts | Forum
    Can't find what you're looking for? Send a request!

    WinME Screenies - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:59 pm PST
    Adding on the the never ending news of today (ugh), are some nice screenies of Microsoft's upcoming OS, Windows Millenium [WinMe], on PCBasement. Check them out right here. I must say, the screenies look pretty damn nice :)

    Hellgoat Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:49 pm PST
    Action UT Mapper Rich "Holy Goat" Newman, has just been interviewed by UT Web. They cover the usual stuff, about him and the upcoming Action UT. Check it out right here. And of course, if you cant read English, it comes in Dutch also (wait, then how are you reading this...).

    New Q3A Requiem - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:34 pm PST
    Tonight brings along a new version of the Requiem Beta for Q3A. The new version, v0.6 Beta 3, now has bot support, a new flamethrower, and more.

    New Q3A Jailbreak - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:29 pm PST
    The official page for the Q3A' Jailbreak mod, not sports Stage 2 of Beta 2. Stage 2 contains 5 maps (3 new ones), and when combined with the stage one maps, you have 11 maps in all. Check it out right here.

    Final Fantasy IX Info - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:25 pm PST
    RPGamer has just smacked up some more details on SquareSoft's upcoming game, Final Fantasy IX. Check them out right here. Clippage:
    With only six short weeks until Final Fantasy IX's Japanese launch, more game details have emerged. The game will feature mini-games galore, although most of these are still unknown. One mini-game that has been announced, however, is a version of Final Fantasy VIII's popular "Triple Triad" card game, which will feature a new set of rules and a new look.

    C&C Renegade preview - Falcon @ 10:09 pm PST have just completed a preview on Westwood's C&C: Renegade.
    Westwood are hard at work on Command and Conquer: Renegade. Which wont be RTS, this one is... how can I put it... umm Rambo in a Tomb Raider World. You ride around on rocket bikes, flame tanks and you can even fly an orca. Sounds pretty sweet to me. It’s not an original idea, but it will be fun doing all the things you did in C&C but from the first person perspective. I can’t wait to plant some C4 on a building, and snipe some troopers off.

    Included are some screenies of the armoury available.

    LGS Interview - Falcon @ 10:05 pm PST
    GameSpy tracked down Tim Stellmach, a game designer with the recently closed Looking Glass Studios. We asked him about the closing, how games in production were left and who actually owns the rights to the Thief and System Shock franchises. Check out his in-depth responses at this location.

    Screenies - Falcon @ 10:04 pm PST
    Vampire Vault has posted six more newscreenshots from Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption. The images are from the Prague and Vienna environements in the game.

    Camelot Vault has a new featured screenshot from the Norse realm in Dark Age of Camelot. The Camelot Screenshot Archive has also been updated to include the latest images available.
    Dark Age of Camelot is a 3D massively multiplayer RPG being developed by Mythic Entertainment and is due out mid-2001.

    GA-Strategy has been updated with nine new screenshots from WizCom Entertainment's upcoming real-time mecha strategy title, TRANS.

    Digital Fusion is currently developing Beach Head 2000, a full 3D arcade-like shooter that promises the addictive gameplay of Atari's classic Missile
    Command. More info and screens here

    Shiny Entertainment sent GA-Strategy a pair of new screenshots from their upcoming real-time strategy hybrid, Sacrifice.

    Slovakian developer Cauldron (Battle Isle 4) has release new details and screenshots from their upcoming first-person action title, Chaser.

    Nox Developer Profile - Falcon @ 9:59 pm PST
    On the subject of Nox, a bit of BG info:
    Released in the early part of this year by the Westwood Studios division of Electronic Arts, target="_new">Nox chronicles the exploits of an ordinary character who is mysteriously transported to a fantasy world filled with monsters, magic and mayhem. The Cinderella story behind Nox is an equally interesting one, involving the extraordinary exploits of Michael Booth who conceived the game in the spare bedroom of his home. With Nox having become one of this year's early hits, we thought it would be a good time to introduce Michael Booth and to learn more about the man behind this hit title. Read on here

    Nox World Cup - Falcon @ 9:57 pm PST
    A day late, but in case you missed it:

    Westwood Studios Announces Nox World Cup
    LAS VEGAS, May 26, 2000 - Thousands of dollars in prizes are at stake in the Nox (tm) World Cup, a worldwide tournament sponsored by Westwood Studios(tm)
    with the support of EBWORLD.COM and Prima Games. The competition will begin June 1 on Westwood Online(sm), Westwood's online gaming service. The Nox Grand Championship will bring the finalists to sunny Las Vegas to battle for the title of best Nox player in the world.

    Nox players over the age of 18 in the United States, Canada (excluding Quebec) and other selected countries are eligible to compete. Each eligible country is holding its own contest with its own set off rules.

    To qualify in North America, the players must play Nox on the official Westwood Online tournament ranking system between June 1 and June 30 and be one of the top two players to get the highest score of all the players listed for their country's Nox players.

    The top two players at the top of each participating country's list of highest scoring players will be flown to Las Vegas for four days and three nights to compete in the Grand Championship. The winner of the Grand Championship will take home a computer system worth close to $2,500, and the official Nox World Cup trophy.

    The official Nox World Cup rules and other information can be found at .

    Nox is a game of savage combat and sneaky tactics set in a mystical land filled with discovery and deceit. Nox's lightning-fast action is fueled by a combat system that's easy to use yet gives players tremendous gameplay depth and infinite possibilities. With more than 100 unique spells and weapons, players must use their wits to create devious combinations and tricky

    BG2: Shadows of Amn Artilce - Falcon @ 9:53 pm PST
    GameSpy delves into fantasy RPGs today and tomorrow with a look at the Dungeons & Dragons games in the works for the PC. Today we look at Ice Wind Dale and Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn. Check it out here.

    Mechs Action Gaming test - Falcon @ 9:51 pm PST
    3DActionPlanet's Action Gaming Test (AGT) series tests your knowledge of action gaming trivia and appears every Saturday. Last week it was the Quake DM test AGT. This week we get bigger: giant robots, big Mechs! Can you hold your own against one of these giants of steel? Link:

    Deep Fighter Details, Screens - Falcon @ 9:49 pm PST
    Criterion Studios' upcoming action/adventure game "Deep Fighter" utilizes the powerful RenderWare3 engine, and GA-Source talks to Project Manager
    Griff Jenkins to learn more.

    Anarchy Online Dev. Journal - Falcon @ 9:48 pm PST
    In their first Anarchy Online Developer Journal shortly before he left for E3, Producer and Lead Designer Tommy Strand told AO Vault about the game from its initial conception right through to the scramble to get it ready for the show. A quick glance at the omnipresent mass of people in the demo area of developer Funcom's booth was enough to tell even a casual observer that Anarchy Online made
    a very successful showing indeed. In its highly anticipated public debut, the game not only drew a great deal of attention, it also won a number of awards and nominations including Best Online Game from our learned colleagues at IGN PC.

    Although the show is now over, work hasn't exactly slowed down for Tommy or the rest of the development team as they move forward towards beta testing, which is expected to begin this summer. Nonetheless, he somehow, he found enough time to write a new Anarchy Online Developer Journal. This time, his topic is an extremely interesting one and one of Anarchy Online's core design principles, making the game accessible and enjoyable for both hardcore and non-hardcore gamers. Enjoy!

    New WCPUID - MaD-HaTTeR @ 9:31 pm PST
    Tonight also brings with it, a new WCPUID, which you can grab right here. This brings the program up to v2.7e. WTF is WCPUID?
    WCPUID is the program that displays the CPU information of your personal computer. Shows Internal / External Clock, Multiplier, Cach info., AGP Info. etc ...

    Thresh In the Headlines - Recoil @ 9:25 pm PST
    Here is a quote:
    Dennis Fong's rivals are still awed by the time the computer-game champion known as "Thresh" won a red Ferrari in a Quake competition.

    Now that Fong has launched an Internet portal for gaming enthusiasts in Point Richmond, business competitors marvel at his ability to score points with new recruits.

    Recruiting is not a game to Fong. But he does apply his game skills -- a lethal combination of quick reflexes and mental agility known to gamers as "Thresh ESP" -- to winning over the five to 10 people a week who join

    "This company is all about the people," he said. "It's all about talent."

    [full story]

    Source: locked Target

    D16-Makaveli has now come to and end - Recoil @ 9:21 pm PST
    Here at Cached they have interviewed Makaveli from DeathRow has now decided to leave the clan. For the full interview goto Cached.
    Source: Cached

    George B. On DNF Diary - MaD-HaTTeR @ 9:20 pm PST
    3DRealms's main man, George Broussard has kicked up a post on the DNF web forums, stating that he plans to open up a DNF Diary on 3DR's web site in the future, and of course he comments on their hush hush policy for DNF. Dig it:
    >>I don't mean to complain, but has anyone else noticed that we never get healthy text updates from George anymore? Back in the day, we would get a meaningful .plan update every couple months that actually let us in on how the game was progressing.

    It'a all part of learning. It's just not a good idea to do all that stuff too early in a game's development. We've backed off because in the long run it's better this way.

    Yes, in the short term the loyal fans miss out on some info, but by doing this we manage to keep hype down a little bit and that's a good thing.

    I would maybe expect a DNF Diary to open up in the future on the 3DR site, where we can post progress that we think you would find interesting.

    We haven't forgotten about you guys at all, we're just re-focusing on what's important. Working on the game and eliminating too much hype too early.

    George Broussard, 3D Realms

    FSAA Fight - MaD-HaTTeR @ 9:01 pm PST
    FiringSquad has just smacked up part 3 of their FSAA (Full Scene Anti-Aliasing) comparison between the GeForce II GTS and the Voodoo 5 5500 AGP. This once comes with some nice benchmarks for your viewing pleasure :). Check it out right here. Here's a taste:
    As we promised in the previous article, here is our update to this great and wonderful topic of FSAA. We have a few benchmarks of the new Detonator 5.22 and Voodoo5 5500 V1.1drivers in action as well as the necessary FSAA comparisons. As usual, the Detonators are in various stages of beta so the standard disclaimers of performance and all that stuff have to be said. I doubt the Voodoo drivers are complete either, so I guess the same would apply there too. Chances are we won't give a rats ass as to how either of these cards function by the time any of these drivers are complete and need no further updating. Something new and shiny will have caught our eye by then.

    SoF Designers Diary - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:57 pm PST
    SoF Center has just kicked up a new Designers Diary, from Raven's Keith Fuller. You can check it out right here. Clippage for your viewing pleasure:
    I should begin by making sure we're all on the same page (little website joke there. Get it? Same page? I kill me.) regarding some useful terms. For starters, let's look at "poly." Now, I know that most of you understand what I mean when I talk about a poly, but I'm sure that amongst the countless millions of my readers there are probably a few people who aren't aware of the connection between parrots and game development. No, no, no…just kidding. A poly is not, in fact, a reference to a talking bird…it's short for polygon, meaning a 2-dimensional shape composed of any number of sides (triangles, rectangles, etc.). Another important and closely related term is "mesh." A mesh is a collection of connected polys, potentially 2D but usually 3D. For example, a poly could be one side of a cube, but a mesh might refer to the entire cube. Speaking of cubes, a "bounding box" (or bbox, for short) is basically a large, invisible cube or box surrounding an entity in the game. The player never sees it, but the g ame code uses it as an indication of how big an entity is. Another important term here is a "trace." This isn't so much an object, like a mesh or poly, but an action. When we perform a trace in the code, we're starting from a given point in 3D space (like, say, the muzzle of a player's gun) and "trace"ing a line in a certain direction from that point (like, say, in the direction of a bullet). The purpose of a trace is to determine what exists in the game world along that line. There. Those are pretty much all of the high-tech, multi-syllable words we need to discuss SOF's hit detection system and how Ghoul fits into it.

    Descent 3 Auto-update : Update - Recoil @ 8:18 pm PST
    Descent 3 has now got the new patch online. While is it not available to download straight from your browser, is it no available from the auto-update feature in the game. The new version is now 1.4. If you would like to find out more on what this update does to you system(whats new and been changed) then goto Descent3D's 1.4 Patch Fixes page
    Source: BluesNews

    New Q3Radiant - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:31 pm PST
    Tonight brings with it, a new version of my favriot program, Q3Radiant. The new version, v199, can be grabbed off of the Official Site. Dig it:
    There's a brand new build of Q3Radiant available in the files section. This full setup contains the latest binaries from Id software and contributions from the community. Thanks to everyone who got involved in this release! You'll find several ready-to-use plugins in the setup. Check the plugin section for updates. A plugin SDK is also available. Q3Radiant source code will be released soon, more info about writing plugins and getting involved will come later.

    Screenies (and Movies) for You - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:27 pm PST
    Thats right, its time to wrap up today's screen shot (and movie)scene. Here's your daily fix:
  • TRANS Shots on GA-Strategy
  • Summoner Shots on Daily Radar
  • Cataclysm Shots on IGN
  • Dark Reign II Shots and Movie on Daily Radar
  • Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption shots on RPGamer
  • Tribes II Shots on PCGameWorld
  • Sanity Video on GameFan
  • OpFor Shot on VoodooExtreme
  • Midtown Madness Shots on Operation Sports
  • Vampire Shots on Vampire Vault
  • MechWarrior 4 Shots on SteelCommand
  • Dark Age of Camelot Shot on Camelot Vault
  • Titanium Angels Movie on Titanium Tech
  • Giants Shots on IGN PC
  • LGS Chat Log - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:11 pm PST
    Yeah, more on LGS's clossing. You can now check out the log of a chat with ex-LGS designer, Tim Stellmach. Check it out right here. Here's a taste: (Tim is TikTok)
    Tim, what are your plans now? Any job oppurtunities?

    Oh, Lord yes. Got two job offers before I left the office this afternoon, and four calls from headhunters. That's not even counting the LG folks who are thinking about forming companies. It's a feeding frenzy.

    so who gets money for Thief 2 sales now, Tim?

    T2 royalties go to LGS' creditors.

    Can a company that makes games as innovative and intelligent as LGS survive?

    ShadowJack: I think so. Those things aren't necessarily incompatible with making games more or less on schedule and budget, which was really always a big part of the problem. And which we were actually finally getting pretty good at, ironically.

    LGS Q&A - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:59 pm PST
    Remember Looking Glass Studios? Well, if you dont you have a pretty short memory. Anyway, GameSpy has inteviewed ex-LGS employee, Tim Stellmach. Check out "Once more through the Looking Glass" right here. Dig the snippage
    GameSpy: What did Paul (Neurath) and Bill (Carlson) tell you about the closing?

    Tim Stellmach: In a nutshell, that Looking Glass was closing down effective immediately, that they had done everything they could to prevent that, but that ultimately it didn't work out. There were lots more details, but I think they're mostly covered in your other questions.

    GameSpy: Is there anything about the finances of Looking Glass and/or about the deal with Eidos that fell through that you can tell us?

    TS: Looking Glass was stuck in a position of trying to run a couple of projects that weren't bringing in much money up front. Jane's Attack Squadron was slipping its schedule significantly due (at least in part) to a major redesign of the game partway through, at the insistence of the publisher. We also had an action/espionage title in early development, originally contracted out to Irrational Games. When they pulled out of the project, so did its publisher (Microsoft), along with a lot of expected advances.

    This put Looking Glass in a very bad position in terms of cash. The Thief line was bringing in profits, and in the end JAS was only about a quarter out from shipping, but we weren't due to receive royalty payments on Thief II yet and were basically faced with the prospect of running out of money.

    Q3A FAQ - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:51 pm PST
    GameFAQ'a has just slapped up a new Quake III: Arena FAQ, which you can check out right here. Though, if you dont know what Q3A is, your not much of a gamer :).

    The Freak Show: A Defense of Ultraviolence - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:42 pm PST
    I just got word from Garrett Kenyon, an ex-PCXL staffer, that he has a new article up on, defending violent video games. Although he is specifically talking about console games, its the exact same idea on the PC. Its a good read, so check it out right here. Have a little taste:
    In defense of ultraviolence...

    Ultraviolence. Violence for violence's sake. It isn't brutish, it isn't sick, and it most certainly isn't stupid. For some of us, it is quite natural. Sex, violence, music -- these things have been around since the dawn of humankind. They have entertained, inspired and sometimes delivered man from the constrictive hell he's created for himself. Violence is in our blood. To deny what we feel in our instincts, to bend our will to that of the larger society... that is unnatural. That is unhealthy.

    F.A.K.K. 2 Movie - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:25 pm PST
    Thats right folks, De Spelletjesgarnaal, a Dutch gaming site, has just kicked up a Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2 movie, which Ritual showed backstage at this years E3. The 15min long movie shows off alot of the games features. Check it out right here.

    Dark Zion Info - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:18 pm PST
    GA-RPG has just tossed up some new info on Wombat Game's upcoming massive multiplayer game, Dark Zion, that they recieved from Wombat's programmer, Todd McKinney. Check it out right here. Here's a taste:
    According to McKimmey, players will control everything in Dark Zion. From the constructs of civilization, to social order, economy, the shape of the world, everything will be able to be manipulated and changed by the players. "The world will not be static at all," stresses McKimmey. "Anything the player can get his or her hands on will be able to be used, abused, or disposed of." In addition, GA-RPG has also been informed that Dark Zion will not have NPCs, therefore eliminating the repetitive and often canned dialogue of most role-playing games.

    MDK2 In Stores - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:15 pm PST
    I already posted about the demo (see below), but i forget to mention that BioWare's MDK2 is now waiting for you patiently on your local computer stores shelf. So, what are you waiting for?

    MDK2 Demo - MaD-HaTTeR @ 1:14 pm PST
    PC.IGN has just kicked up a demo of BioWare's MDK2. You can grab the 82meg demo right here.

    More D2 Stress Test Mirrors - MaD-HaTTeR @ 1:12 pm PST
    If you were picked for the D2 Stress Test and havent downloaded the demo yet (besides for me not understanding why you dont have it yet), you can now get the test off of, GameCenter, FiringSquad, or PC.IGN. If you werent picked, dont bother with the download, you wont be able to play it.

    New Q3Post - MaD-HaTTeR @ 1:08 pm PST
    Missed this one yesterday :(.. Anyway, there is a new version of Q3Pot out, bringing the program up to version 2.0. Check it out right here. Now, WTF is Q3Post?
    Q3Post is an mIRC script that lets you:

  • Automatically post in mIRC a server's IP address and description, whenever you connect to a Quake 3 Arena server, while you play.

  • Quickly get the stats from, or connect to, Quake 3 Arena servers in a customizable favorites list, all from mIRC.

  • Automatically respond to questions in IRC while you are playing that contain your nickname, or other keywords you can set. The response will let the person know what server you last connected to. These responses turn on when you connect to a new server, and off when you say something in mIRC, or you can control them through Q3Post's menu.

  • Choose which IRC channels it will post messages in, and which types of messages will be posted.
  • Formula One 99 Review - MagicBoy @ 10:13 am PST
    A review of Formula One 99 has been posted over at AVault. Here's a snippet:
    Although there are several options available to aid the less experienced, veterans might recognize and appreciate Formula One 99's use of some tried-and-true genre standbys. Weather, for example, can greatly affect the dynamic of a particular race. A bright, sunny day might strike you as the ideal condition for racing, but this is not always the case. Dark, rainy days can occur at any given racing "weekend," forcing you to re-think your vehicular setup as well as your racing tactics. For example, having to face a rain-drenched track might urge you to shorten your gear ratios, giving you better acceleration while sacrificing the high speeds that cause your car to aquaplane and spin off the track. Weather doesn't necessarily stay consistent throughout a race, however, and may cause you to make some changes mid-stream. If the clouds disperse before the competition is over, the track may dry up which in turn will overheat your rain tires. In such cases, making a pit-stop is not only a good idea; it's practically necessary. Your pit crew can implement any number of changes that you request, whether it's changing your tires or adjusting your suspension. They are invaluable during particularly lengthy races, although the speed limit within the pit area will cost you quite a bit of time, rendering your choice of entries a very strategic one. Despite their importance to your success, your pit crew are hardly done justice in terms of visuals, and are but one of many elements which are found to be graphically regrettable.
    Head on over to read the rest of the review and see the overall score.

    Daikatana: A Look Back - MagicBoy @ 9:56 am PST
    GameSpot has written up a huge article titled Knee Deep In A Dream: The Story of Daikatana. I must say, it's quite interesting and, after reading it, you may get the feeling that you now possess way too much information about any one game.

    By the way, here are some recent reviews of Daikatana:

  • Game Revolution
  • Maximum PC
  • GameFan
  • Mech AGT - MagicBoy @ 9:49 am PST
    3DActionPlanet has posted its weekly Action Gaming Test. This week they test your knowledge of Giant Robots. Head on over and see how much you don't know.

    Q & A Session With Randy Pitchford - Recoil @ 6:26 am PST
    Here at GearBox's Randy Pitchford, whom has taken the time to reply to each of the questions. These questions are regarding the new Half-life:CTF.
    Read more from here

    Source: Planet Half-life

    Interview with Hideo Kojima - Recoil @ 12:41 am PST
    Here at GameCritics they have managed to interview the creative driving force behind the the famous Metal Gear Solid series.

    Source: GameCritics

    Saturday, May 27, 2000
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    GeForce GTS - budget version - Recoil @ 6:58 pm PST
    nVidia have anounced that they are sending out the full GeForce range of cards. They are going to release some GeForce GTS cards for the low-end/budget gamer. These cards will have lower clock rates, and less on-board memory than its bigger brother.
    Release date has yet to be confirmed.
    Source: E3 Coverage - nVidia

    On the V5 Delay - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:57 pm PST
    Looks like 3Dfx has found whatever problem it was that they were looking for on their Voodoo 5 5500. 3Dfx's Alf Covey has kicked up a post on the 3Dfx forums:
    We have identified the problem. Yes, there IS a problem. We have isolated it and have a test in place to catch all the boards with the problem. As expected, this problem only affects a small percentage of the boards so we expect to be able to resolve this very quickly.

    3dfx Interactive, Inc.

    MCM2 Stuff - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:51 pm PST
    SportPlanet has just kicked up one of the first reviews of Rainbow Studio's just released (yesterday) game, Motocross Madness 2. They have also scored an interview with Rainbow's Robb Rinard. Clippage from the interview:
    SportPlanet: The original MCM proved to earn its keep and stick around in the community for quite some time; what was done with MCM2 to add extendibility and replay value to the game?

    Robb: Our new environments are truly breathtaking when you first see them. The game is just beautiful. The artists did a fabulous job with every aspect of the games content. The physics are funner than ever. The new wheelies are very addictive. The sounds are totally immersive and give a great sense of being in a pack of dirt bikes.
    From an extensibility stand-point we are shipping are new terrain editor called Armadillo. It will allow users to create terrains for every event type in the game including: Baja, Stunts, Enduro, Nationals, Supercross. This tool will certainly help keep MCM2 alive in the multi-player community over the coming year.

    Rocket Arena 3 : code complete - Recoil @ 6:50 pm PST
    Over here at RA they have completed the base of the whole Rocket Arena 3. This is a mod for Quake 3 Arena. This code/beta has majority of the features that will be in the final release version, which is still yet to come.

    Now that the code is complete, there are two major steps left before release: content completion and beta testing. The mapping is coming along quite well, and many of the mappers are putting the finishing touches on their arenas. Several are ready for beta already, or will be by the end of the week. I'll also be working this week to finalize the selections for the soundtrack. Tons of awesome music has been submitted, and it's been difficult to narrow the selection. If you sent in music, rest assured I've heard it and will get back to you soon. No predictions on release yet -- we want to make sure the first RA3 release is as solid as RA2 was -- but everything is starting to come together.

    If you wanna read more bout this, wonder over to the official RA site
    Source: Rocket Arena

    Black Isle Q&A - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:46 pm PST
    Black Island's official Icewind Dale site has just been updated, with an interview of Black Isle designer John Deiley. Check it out right here. Dig the snippage:
    5. What do you like best about being a designer?

    [Deiley, John] The thing that attracts me the most is the creativity you get to express. You run a dozen or so ideas through your head, flesh them out, and then put them in a game engine to come to life. You then see what does and does not work. You take things apart, put them back together again in different ways, and you learn. You then use what you learn to create again and again... I love that process. You never feel stagnant or that you're going nowhere in your job. And, you get to entertain others with your finished product. What more could you ask for.

    Rogue Spear Entertainment Booth :: Covert Ops [preview] - Recoil @ 6:32 am PST
    Wanna read up on this preview, and maybe even download the footage, then read here (COE E3 Video Footage ( 4 minutes, 34megs; Magic Lantern developer giving the scoop on Covert Ops Essentials)
    Source: 3D Retreat

    VPro Graphics (SGI) - Recoil @ 6:15 am PST
    SGI have released news that there will be a new family of graphics, named as "VPro graphics" for windows NT, Linux and IRIX desktop workstations.
    Some SGI systems have been released featuring these VPro graphics(SG 230,SG 330 & SG 550).

    With VPro graphics on the Intel processor-based workstations, customers gain up to 64 MB of high-speed double data rate (DDR) graphics memory. These systems deliver geometry performance over 17 million triangles* per second and up to 540 megapixels per second, allowing for improved realism and interactivity of large 3D models.
    Source: press-release

    Red Alert 2: The Movie - Recoil @ 5:02 am PST
    PC.IGN have posted some screenshots and movie clips of the up-comming Red Alert 2. These are not the ordinary "in-game" clips, these are clips of the actuall movies which will be in the story.
    Also Kari Wuhrer is said to be playing the role of the C&C favourite, Tanya.
    wanna read more?
    and if you wanna see a clip with Tanya.
    [d o w n l o a d] (quicktime 11.2MB)

    Source: BluesNews

    Mech Commander 2 Preview - Raven @ 3:07 am PST
    Gamespot has been very busy lately. As part of a recent set up updates, Gamespot have put together a hands on preview of the Mech strategy game sequel, Mech Commander 2. The preview is filled with compliments and information about positive features that are contained within the game. Heres a quote:
    "Utilizing a new unfolding story line style campaign, MechCommander 2 adds true line of sight combat variables to battle engagements, and also offers combat bonuses and penalties depending upon whether or not the player's units are at a higher or lower altitude than their enemies. The traditional fog of war that most RTS games adhere to has been removed in MechCommander 2, instead players will rely on scouts, sensors, and probes to determine enemy strength and location.

    The graphics engine in MechCommander 2 is vastly improved versus its predecessor, and features missiles that arc along real-world ballistic trajectories to their targets as well as laser and PPC fire that crackles and gleams with raw energy when fired."

    Looks pretty good, I am going to have to add this game to my christmas list. The preview is about 500 words and comes with 22 new screenshots. Read it here.

    Official Tribes 2 Webpage - Raven @ 2:40 am PST
    In anticipation of the upcoming Online Multiplayer, First Person Shooter Sequal, Tribes 2, Sierra has put up the Official Tribes 2 Webpage. The page contains interesting news and a detailed discription of all the information associated with Tribes 2. Anyone who is considering buying Tribes 2 *which is just about anyone* should definately view this site.

    New DR2 Shipping Date - Raven @ 2:32 am PST
    This is good news for Dark Reign 2 fans. It appears that the DR2 will now ship on June 30 instead of late August, as previously announced. Pandemic Studios' 3D and Activisions surprise (new) release date means that Dark Reign 2 fans will now get to the play the game 2 months earlier then they would have previously. Bumping up a release date, who would have thought that was possible. Maybe Blizzard should learn from this example.

    The Sims2 - Raven @ 2:23 am PST
    Well thanx goes to our affliate Ancient Nation for this piece of news on SimVille, The Sims2. It appears that that the newly annouced sequal to The Sims will be slightly different to the original. As AN states, SimVille will be a:

    "Half Sim game and half SimCity game. It's not going to be like "The Sims" but you'll need to satisfy some sim's basic needs like looking for job and others. The player must assure that the families he controls (yes, it's more than one at a time) obtain their income to acomplish their essencial needs."

    Looks pretty good but unfortunately most of the details about this upcoming strategy game are still secret. Stay tuned though for more info.

    Daikatana Review - Falcon @ 2:18 am PST
    New on today is a review of Daikatana from Ion Storm. Highs :
    Solid single player experience, weapons are unique in each episode which gives a distinctive feel, overall it's actually a good and solid single player FPS if you don't mind outdated graphics.
    Lows : Outdated graphics, multiplayer part of the game feels incomplete, a 56ker would have problems playing. Save germs and map loading in the middle of a level are annoying, no EAX or A3D support yet, feels like an outdated game overall.
    Final score was 72 out of 100.

    FFIX Info Galore - Raven @ 2:08 am PST
    SquareGamers have been busy lately. They have just put up three new articles detailing the upcoming Role Playing Game, Final Fantasy IX. FF9 is looking great and is likely to become the next gaming hit in Squaresofts long list of Bestsellers.

    View new FF IX images here
    View new FF IX Soundtrack info here
    View new information regarding FFIX here

    FF Fans enjoy

    Elite Force for Mac - Raven @ 2:02 am PST
    The upcoming First Person Shooter Star Trek Voyager: Elite Forces will now be devoloped on Mac aswell as PC. Elite Forces is a 3D action, adventure game that is built using the Quake3 Arena graphics engine. The announcement was made on Gamecenter Alliance, and you can view it here.

    Red Alert 2 Preview - Raven @ 1:51 am PST
    Sample ShotOur Affiliates and good buddies Fall of Order have put together a detailed preview of Westwoods most anticipated title Red Alert 2. It's a great article that goes over 2 pages and covers ALOT of information. Even if you know absolutely nothing about Red Alert 2, this article is well worth your read and easy to understand. How can I say this simply... IF YOU LIKE ANYTHING WESTWOOD, GO READ IT!!!

    Here is a nice little quote from the preview describing the storyline for RA2:

    "Romanov and his Alliance allies covertly plot to overthrow the Alliance. When a civil war erupts in Mexico, the Alliance moves in to stop it. But disguised by the cover afforded by that operation, Romanov brings in specially trained psychic troops and psychic beacons that not only disable the Allies nuclear defence and warning systems, but also start to forment unrest between the citizens. Why ? Like any good comic strip villian, Romanov wants complete and total world domination and will stop at nothing to get it."

    PVP goes to E3 - Raven @ 1:40 am PST
    Scott Kurtz the creator and webmaster of the extremely funny Player vs Player online comic has writen a report on his visit to E3. His report gives an unique insite into the people at E3 aswell as the games. Its funny and interesting; easily worth a read if you have some time to burn. You can check it out here.

    Looking Glass Studios, closes eyes for good - Raven @ 1:14 am PST
    Well its official, LG Studios, the people who brought you wonderful games such as the Tribes, Tribes 2 and System Shock have gone out of business and closed up. Looking Glass has always delivered great titles and was considered to be one of the best and most creative names in the industry. Apparently LG studios has been suffering financial hardship for the past 3 years. However it wasn't until recently when a partnership deal fell through with Edios Interactive, that LG was forced to finally close up shop. LG was presently working on afew upcoming titles -that now will never see the light of day- such as Thief II Gold and Thief III. Its disturbing to see LG vanish and the gaming world is now a sadder place because of it.

    Friday, May 26, 2000
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    Tonight's Screens - sim @ 6:09 pm PST
    Got some screenshots for ya tonight. Here's the lowdown:

  • GA-RPG has some Soulbringer impressions and screenshots from a recent build of the upcoming
    real-time role-playing adventure game.

  • There are some Deus Ex impressions and screenshots over at GA-RPG also.

  • GA-Strategy has been updated with new concept artwork from Liquid's upcoming asian-inspired real-time strategy game, Battle Realms.

  • And finally, Vampire Vault has posted six more screenshots from Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption. The images are once again from the game's Dark Ages portion with locales including a mine and a cathedral.
  • That's all for now. There might be more later tonight, so stay tuned!

    No Daikatana in UK yet... - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:18 pm PST
    Bad news for all you UK Gamers out there, Eidos has delayed the release of Daikatana in the UK until June 16th. Actually, its not such bad news, as who wanted Daikatana anyway?

    Mechanical Frogs anyone?

    Tribes 2 Shots - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:14 pm PST
    The A-Vault has just slapped up a few (ok, nine) brand spankin new screenies from Tribes 2. Check them out right here. They look pretty damn sweet too.

    On LGS Closing - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:09 pm PST
    Looks like a few of the game developers out there have updated their .plans, with some sad words on the closing of Looking Glass Studios. Jake Simpson has made a pretty big update about it, which you can check it out right here. Clippage:
    Looking Glass Gone? What is going on with the world? Bill Gates is going to win the Humanitarian of the year award next.

    Seriously, I personally am extremely sad to see this high quality house close it's doors. Thief was something new in the FPS genre, and it's a shame that sales weren't as good as they obviously needed to be. I don't think there's a software house out there that hasn't been in a close situation like that themselves. Raven is no stranger to barely making ends meet before we became a part of Activision.

    Cliff B. also put up some words on it, right here.

    Linux Q3A SDK - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:02 pm PST
    Looks lke i missed this one yesterday :). Loki Entertainment has just tossed up the Linux SDK for id's Q3A. Check it all ouot right here.

    DC Half-Life Shots - MaD-HaTTeR @ 3:59 pm PST
    GameSpot UK has just kicked up a few (ok, nine) new shots from the Dreamcast version of Half-Life. Go check them out, right here.

    MCM2 In Stores - MaD-HaTTeR @ 3:57 pm PST
    Thats right, Rainboow Studios dirt bike racing gaming, Motocross Madness 2, is now waiting for you patiently on your local computer store's shelf.

    The Voodoo 5 Delay - MaD-HaTTeR @ 3:55 pm PST
    Looks like 3DSpotlight has recieved some word on the continued delay of the Voodoo 5. It looks like 3Dfx is bringing all the boards that they have already shipped back. Fromm 3Dfx's Alf:
    After careful consideration, 3dfx has made the decision to bring back the Voodoo5 AGP products that have been shipped. 3dfx has a business model that allows us to maintain a limited number of direct customers, while still being able to maximize availability points to the end user.
    This means that the boards we have shipped were sent to less than a half dozen distributors, who we maintain a very close working relationship with. We are bringing the boards back to determine if those boards exhibit the same problem. We believe that the overwhelming majority of those boards will test out fine. We are taking this step to minimize any consumer returns through our retailers & to ensure that the products we ship will be of the highest quality.

    Dogs of War Review - MagicBoy @ 8:04 am PST
    The GameDen has written up a review of The Game Formerly Known As War Monkeys, Dogs of War, a recently released 3DRTS from Silicon Dreams which features 3 playable races and loads of units to choose from. But don't take my word for it. Have a look:
    The game includes a total of 60 single-player missions and a choice of more than 40 different units to control with up to 200 in the field all at the same time. At first you can only choose to play one of the 2 sides, either the WarMonkeys or the Imperial Order, and later in the game when you beat the single-player using either of the two you could get the honor of playing the Mantai race. The game includes a tutorial which I recommend that you play first before heading on to battle. The tutorial includes the basics which teaches you to control your units and to get a hang on how to use the direct control mode to your units. Afterwards, taking on the single-player mission part of the game treats you to a detailed mission briefing. The game does not make use of gathering resources and building bases (resource management) instead after listening to the briefing you are allowed to access the unit interface wherein you buy vehicles and assign your troops unto what role they will take and what vehicle to use. And right then you can get on to battle. Remember to take great care of the troops you command for your troops will be handed over to the next mission, and as such these troops earn a higher rank based on their experiences. Units then becomes more agile, more accurate, etc. One of the complains I have regarding this game is the scaling they used. In order for them to provoke a sense of realism, the developers chose to make the size of your infantry tiny to make it look like they will fit in the vehicles they use. This made it worse in selecting your specialized unit, as you'll be having a hard time telling apart the different infantries you have during battle.. Another complain would be the unit design. The APC/Friendly Protector looks more like a shoebox than a vehicle.
    Head on over for the full read and overall score.

    Crimson Skies Preview - MagicBoy @ 7:51 am PST
    A preview of the alpha build of Zipper Interactive's upcoming action flight sim, Crimson Skies, has been posted over at Gamers Central. An excerpt:
    The settings for the game are quite astonishing, in one of the Hawaii missions you have to go look for a treasure, after flying through a cave there is an English convoy which talks nasty to you, but they're all on a bridge, so if you shoot that bridge, they're out of the picture... for now that is...
    Included are 32 screenshots for you viewing pleasure.

    Tim Sweeney Interview - MagicBoy @ 7:45 am PST
    The boys at VE have managed to interview Tim Sweeney, discussing all sorts of interesting things, including "GreenMarine"'s departure from Epic, Duke Nukem Forever and the future of Epic. It's quite an interesting read so head on over and give it a look.

    Peek At Return to Castle Wolfenstein - MagicBoy @ 7:37 am PST
    3DActionPlanet has posted another of its famous "First Looks" article, this time featuring a quick look at developer Gray Matter's Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Here's more:
    There will be many more weapons besides the aforementioned flamethrower for B.J. to use as he battles the Nazi army. All of the game's weapons of destruction will be true to the World War II era, and will include lugers, grenades, rifles, and more. Agent Blazkowicz can even man larger, stationary guns and turrets. In the demo I played I got to take control of a stationary heavy machine gun behind a wall of sandbags and mow down a courtyard full of enemy troops. This was, of course, only after I had relieved its former owner by politely filling him with bullets. You have to be careful about firing upon enemies manning weapons that you want to comandeer, though, since the weapons can be broken and become worthless if you simply pitch a grenade at them.

    Wednesday, May 24, 2000
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    Shiny Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:12 pm PST
    Stomped has just slapped up a new interview, with Dave Perry from Shiny. They discuss the usual: Shiny's goals, Messiah, blah..blah..blah. Check it out right here. Dig the snippage:

    The gaming industry is finally starting to gain some respect from those "anti-nerds" out there. Whats your opinion on the stereotype that has existed over the years?

    - It's simply that games were not inviting to the general public, they did not 'get' them. It's already changing as the games get more and more inviting (Soccer games look and sound nearly real now) vs the blobs you used to have to pretend were players 15 years ago.

    - As games get more like movies, this trend will only continue to get more comfortable.

    What were you hoping to achieve when you started Shiny? What were your personal goals? Women and money?

    - I just wanted to learn new things and take on big challenges... I learn things EVERY day in this job... I learn how to do things better... The business is moving at light-speed and you gotta hold on tight to stay in it. The fact that I am still here after all this time shows that I must love what I am doing.

    Diablo II Stress Test Mirror - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:05 pm PST
    Yep, all you poor souls who have been going through hell trying to download the D2 Alpha demo, have no fear, for MaD-HaTTeR is here. Ummm, well what i mean to say is that 3DFiles has put up a mirror right here. Download away :)

    George B. on UT Engine - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:01 pm PST
    3DR's Big man, George B. has kicked up a post over on the DNF web forums with a little lovin on what their doing with the UT engine. Dig it:
    >>Also.... is the DNF team going ot use all the latest UT patches??? like do u guess update your code base stuff??? because the new UT patch is out and it helps so much with crashes and such...

    We may bring over bits and pieces, or fix some things ourselves, but we are never, ever patching to a full new version of UT again.

    We had to patch to UT because it was a quantum leap over the stock Unreal codebase, but we are not patching to each and every full new version of UT. We simply have made too many changes and it takes too long.

    George Broussard, 3D Realms

    Quickies - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:01 pm PST
    Thats right folks, its time for a Quickie...

    One thing i wana say is that as Daikatana is now out, it seems to really be getting some major shit, and i have to say that most of it is legit, as reports are coming in from all over with news that the full game is worse than the demo, which was terrible to start with..

    Mechanical Frogs anyone?

    Game Reviews:
  • Daikatana on Speedy3D and incite
  • Star Trek: Armada on GamePen
  • Star Wars: Force Commander on
  • Triple Play 2001 on Operation Sports
  • Max Payne Preview on GameTarget
  • F1 World Grand Prix on GameTarget
  • Tachyon: The Fringe on GamesFirst and NeoSeeker

    Hardware Reviews:

  • Intel Pentium III 933EB on FiringSquad and Sharky Extreme
  • 3Dfx Voodoo 5 5500 AGP on GamersDepot
  • ELSA Gladiac GeForce 2 GTS on GotApex?
  • Aureal SQ2500 Sound Card on iXBT-Labs
  • Diamond MX 400 Sound Card on GamingIn3D
  • SOYO SY-7VCA Mobo on iXBT-Labs
  • Looking Glass Shutting Down? - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:22 pm PST
    The A-Vault has just slipped up a post, stating that due to financial problems. It looks like there will be no Theif II Gold or Theif III. Damn, LGS made some good games...

    Here's what A-Vault said:

    In stunning news, the Adrenaline Vault has learned that LOOKING GLASS Studios, creators of the Thief and Flight Unlimited series of games, is in the process of closing down and has cancelled all future projects, including unannounced titles Thief II Gold and Thief III. A source at the studio indicated the company is in dire financial straights despite robust sales of Thief II. In a message received from the source moments following the conclusion of a company meeting, the Adrenaline Vault was told, “LGS no longer exists. We are done. Everyone is out of a job tomorrow.” Eidos was slated to be LGS’s senior partner, but it is speculated at this time that the deal fell through due to their own financial problems. Eidos had not commented on the situation prior to this news brief going to press.

    No Voodoo 5 Yet - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:05 pm PST
    3Dfx has just kicked out a new PR, with word that their Voodoo 5 5500's debut has been delayed. DOH!! Here's the smack:
    3dfx Interactive® Inc. (Nasdaq: TDFX - news) today announced that it has temporarily delayed the release of its Voodoo5(TM) 5500 AGP. The company is taking this action to ensure that it meets its own high standards for product quality.

    The company discovered that the Voodoo5 may be experiencing field failure rates at very low levels in certain configurations. The company is conducting further tests to determine whether a problem actually exists. 3dfx anticipates this action will delay product availability between seven and 14 days.

    "We believe that this affects only a small number of configurations, but we feel that this is the safest thing to do," said Randy Schussler, vice president of operations at 3dfx Interactive. "We're taking this action to ensure that our customers receive a high quality product that exceeds their expectations."

    Daikatana Patch - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:03 pm PST
    ION Storm's Noel Stephens has just tossed up a .plan update with some lovin on the first Daikatana patch (no, its not out yet). Dig it:
    Daikatana has hit the shelves! Along with this comes the inevitable... the dreaded patch. However, never fear too much regarding this. ChalreZ, Shawn, and of course myself have been working on fixes for things that we have come to discover since the demo release on the code side, and I know the mappers have been adding some fixes and a few extra goodies to make the patch that much more welcome when it is released.

    As far as Shawn and Charles are concerned, I know they have both been working in their 'areas' as I have been working on AI, World, and of course Sidekick related issues. Some of the windows 2000 issues that have been solved are relating to level transitions and I know Shawn is working on one particular load game issue under Win2k. So, if you are running 2000 and have had some crashes when transitioning from one level to the next, don't freak too much... the fix is coming soon. As for things relating to the Sidekicks, well one of the additions that I have added is the ability for them to use those nifty health trees, medical kits (episode 4), and of course the various forms of the hosportal (in episode 2 it is the fountain of life).

    On another note, things have been quite a change in pace and I think everyone is just 'adjusting' back to a normal schedule. It is times like these that make me understand the whole game developer's cycle and why there are times of complete chaos and then there are times of nice peaceful bliss. Either way, it is one fantastic ride.

    I am sure there will be a good handful of bugs sent our way once Daikatana gets into full circulation. As for when the patch is going to be released? Can't say... because it is really a matter of how many more bugs pop up between now and the next few weeks.

    Also, I would like to send out a special thanks to the entire Daikatana community for being so patient in waiting for Daikatana. I hope that we have made all of your waiting worth while. Enjoy!

    Diablo II Stress Test Open - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:01 pm PST
    All you lucky peeps out there who got into Blizz's Diablo II Open Stress Test, you should have recieved your email today, with a link to download the 100MB demo. Diablo has a copy of the letter in case you want to see it for some reason...

    Updated AO Preview - the_culture @ 9:40 am PST
    IGN-PC posted an updated preview of Anarchy Online. In it they discuss the amount of content, zones, and races, among other thngs. Here's a clip on PKing:
  • We were also interested to know how player killing would be handled in Anarchy Online. Martin told us that the urban areas would be completely safe, and there would be no player killing in the cities. How do they explain it? Well, it is a sci-fi RPG, and there's a very scientific reason. The Omni-Tek Corporation have flooded the cities with a calming gas that keeps aggressions down inside the metropolitan regions. However, the gas begins to thin out as you go away from the city, so when you're a fair distance away, rebels can attack Omni-Tek characters and vice-versa. And if you're extremely far away from the cities, you can take on anyone. So how do you travel from town to town without being accosted by a player who gets off on slaying others for absolutely no reason? Well, they've figured out a way to counteract this problem as well. There will be an underground subway system filled with the "love gas" that connects the cities of Anarchy Online. Brilliant!
  • PA Update - sim @ 7:16 am PST
    The PA I refer to is Penny Arcade of course! Gabe and Tycho have had a sport gaming revelation. Quick ctrl+c:
    We saw it there on the shelf - and we thought, hey! Maybe these sports games are like the other games we play, just with different rules! Suffice it to say, we're hooked on this "football" thing - in fact, not a day goes by without Gabe calling me up asking whether or not I am "Ready for" said football.

    Read the rest here and read the funny-ass comic strip here. Enjoy!

    Daikatana Review - sim @ 6:52 am PST
    Speedy 3D has been quoted to have "One of the First IN-DEPTH Daikatana Reviews". Here's the ctrl+c:
    As hard as it may be to believe, Daikatana is finally here! After some four years of waiting we can finally find out if the finished product is all the master 'John Romero' proclaimed it to be, or just a big pile of pish. So far, most people who have based their initial impressions off demos and press code have gone for the latter. In an effort to be fair, Speedy3D avoided playing and reviewing any of the demos and decided to wait for the final product, so here it is.

    Read the rest here.

    Morning Screens - sim @ 6:49 am PST
    I've got a round-up of this mornings screenshots. Here we go:
  • Nine new screenshots of Tribes 2 over at Tribal War.

  • GA-Source got their hands on eight new screenshots from the upcoming Unreal-powered futuristic, first-person strategic/shooter, Hired Guns.

  • Plenty of Starship Troopers screenshots over at Hollow Pursuits. They show off the re-released 3D squad based action game.

  • Voodoo Extreme has one Deus Ex screenshot this morning.
  • Tuesday, May 23, 2000
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    Daikatana In Stores - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:39 pm PST
    Aight, the long awaited FPS from Ion Storm, Daikatana, is now up on shelves, so if your looking for it.. go get it now.

    Todd H. Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:31 pm PST
    id Software's big man (CEO, im not talking bout Carmack this time) Todd Hollenshead is up in a video interview over on AGN3D. To sweeten the pot, they also tossed in two gameplay clips from Team Arena (the upcoming Q3A Add on). Dig it:
    Low Bandwith
    High Bandwith

    Video 1

    Video 2 in
    Low Bandwith
    High Bandwith.

    3DRealms should take notes on this one.

    Freelancer Preview - sim @ 5:01 pm PST
    Dethstryk has gotten a good preview of Freelancer up at Damage Gaming. Here's the ctrl+c:
    You, depending on what fits you best, can choose the ship you control in the game. You can fix up your ship to what you need, such as bounty hunting, trading, piracy, or just exploration. The ship can even be upgraded throughout the game how you want it to be, and then take the hunk of metal online to fight other players' spaceships.

    Read the rest here.

    Anarchy Online Info - the_culture @ 10:08 am PST
    There are a few things "AO" floating around the web today.
  • GA-Source has 4 new screenshots.
  • Gamespy posted their preview of Anarchy Online based on their coverage of it at E3.
  • has an interview with AO producer, Tommy Strand. They discuss E3, other MMORPGs, and what's left for Anarchy Online.
  • DragonRiders Preview - MagicBoy @ 9:53 am PST
    A preview of DragonRiders: Chronicles of Pern, has been posted over at Games-Central. Miller time:
    DragonRiders: Chronicles of Pern comes from her award winning series DragonRiders of Pern. In those books, a group of people who have fled the Earth after a series of wars arrive on the planet they name Pern. What they do not know and what never has shown up on any survey made by space faring scouts, was that every two- three hundred years there is a planetoid that sweeps past Pern, and when it comes close debris from a nearby asteroid field falls to the planet surface.

    This debris contains organic matter that consumes everything that comes on its path. This debris came down in threads and that how it they named it amongst the population. The threads can only be destroyed by fire and nitric acid. The colonists face certain annihilation if they do nothing against this threat.

    While exploring the surroundings of the landing site some of the children chance upon some flying fire breathing lizards with an ability to jump to other location within seconds. These are immediately associated with dragons and those names stuck to them.

    Incidently, another of McCafferey's series of books is also slated for release as a PC title. Click here to find out more.

    SoF Review - MagicBoy @ 8:42 am PST
    EuroGamer.Net has written up a review of Raven Software's hit FPS, Soldier of Fortune. More to slake your thrist:
    The violence does have you wondering whether you should be playing this game though. Indeed, you have to question your own ethics when you quite gleefully blow apart an already fallen soldier, just for him having the cheek to shoot back at you! If you thought Kingpin was too violent, then I'm afraid SoF isn't for you...

    Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2 Preview - MagicBoy @ 8:07 am PST
    GameSpy has posted a preview of Ritual Entertainment's upcoming 3rd person action romp, Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2. Here's more to wet your whistle:
    The one feature of the game that stands out the most and that Ritual is heavily promoting is the combat system. Unlike most games in which characters can fight with one weapon only at a time, Julie has a two-handed fighting system. She can use any combination of two weapons or shields at a time, as in the example above where she might be fighting with both a sword and a gun. This gives the player a LOT of flexibility in how he or she chooses to fight Julie's enemies, using either a projectile weapon, a melee weapon, or both. And while the prospect of a two-handed combat system might lead you to believe that managing it will be difficult, Ritual has made the interface simple to use so that it's really just a matter of a mouse-click or two.

    Ground Control Gold! - MystikaL @ 7:07 am PST
    Ground Control has gone gold and should be on store shelves in the next few weeks!

    Gooseman Interview - sim @ 6:48 am PST
    Just got word that the Cold-Ice Network has gotten an interview with Gooseman of Counter-Strike up. Here's a snip:
    Q: What does he think the new Valve SDK 2.0 will be able to do for Counter-strike? And how does he think it will effect the game whether it be gameplay, graphics, communication, whatever.

    A: I think the new SDK 2.0 will allow me to improve some of the special f/x in CS without adding any extra bandwidth requirements. In fact, the amount of network traffic going on in CS should be reduced by quite a margin in CS BETA 6.5, thanks to the new features available in SDK 2.0

    Read the rest here.

    Test Drive Le Mans - MagicBoy @ 12:14 am PST
    Continuing with their rash of recent racing reviews, AVault has posted, you guessed it, a review of Infogrames' racing sim, Test Drive Le Mans. An excerpt:
    Detail is an important aspect of creating an immersive experience, and while Test Drive Le Mans fails to provide as many options as some of its competitors, there are certainly enough to make a difference to gameplay. Altering your car's physical setup is one way to delve into this particular aspect, as it offers several different choices in terms of customization. Like most any car, your vehicle needs fuel to run, and it's up to you to decide just how much to take with you onto the track. However, it's important to keep in mind that fuel is rather heavy, and will reduce your top speed if you're carrying too much. Along the same lines, you have to concern yourself with your car's downforce, which affects overall speed and handling. Increase the downforce, and you'll find the turns a lot easier to take, although you probably won't be passing anyone on the straightaways. Conversely, reducing it will allow you to achieve higher speeds but will land you in the gravel more often. If on the other hand you find the races a tad daunting, you can activate several assistants, including traction control, automatic transmission, as well as brake assist. These options leave matters open for different styles of play, although whether they're varied enough to satisfy everyone is a different story altogether.
    Head on over for the whole article and overall score.

    Monday, May 22, 2000
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    Deus Ex Site Updated - MagicBoy @ 11:21 pm PST
    Speaking of upcoming Games of the Year, the official Deus Ex site has been updated with four new screenshots and wallpaper for you to download. Here's the announcement from the Eidos Newsletter:

    You know they're out there. You can feel them watching you.
    They know that you know, and they will make you pay for that
    knowledge with your life. Coming soon from Ion Storm you are
    the only one who can uncover the conspiracy before it's too late
    in Deus Ex. Check out all the hot new screenshots...
    Still here?

    Neverwinter Nights Preview - MagicBoy @ 10:17 pm PST
    IGNPC has previewed Bioware's highly anticipated 3D AD&D RPG, Neverwinter Nights:
    During E3, we made our way into a hot, cramped room in the back of Kentia Hall (the lower level, dimly lit scrub hall for those of you who aren’t familiar with the layout at E3), and laid our eyes on one of the best games of the show–so good in fact it captured our Best RPG of E3 award. Considering the shear number of quality RPGs coming out in the next few years from Activision, Mattel Interactive, and Sierra, this was a tall feat, but NWN impressed us so much at the show it was really a no-brainer to bestow such a high honor on what looks to be a finely-crafted, incredibly in-depth RPG.

    New Deus Ex Report - MagicBoy @ 10:10 pm PST
    TruthSword has written up his impressions of Deus Ex and posted them at RPGVault. More goodness:
    After giving us a tour through the various controls and systems, Bob White starting playing the game, and the non-linear design structure for each mission became clearly evident. Entering a highly guarded facility that was practically loaded with security checks and precautions, Bob attempted to lockpick a gate with an appropriate tool being visible in the character's hand. This method proved unsuccessful, so he searched a nearby guard who was unconscious and found the keys in his possession. He then decided to act a little more carefree by purposely tripping a trio of lasers, which alerted the entire area to his presence.
    Head on over and read the rest of the article.

    Earth 2150 Gold - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:36 pm PST
    A-Vault has just kicked up a news post, with the news that Mattel Interactive's (i didnt know Mattel made anything but Barbie Games?) Earth 2150 has gone gold, and will hit on June 2nd. Dig it:
    Mattel Interactive has informed the Adrenaline Vault that the U.S. version of Earth 2150, its 3D real-time strategy game, has gone gold and will hit retail stores June 2. The game features a 3D engine that introduces numerous new strategic elements, including true 3D terrain deformation, construction units that can dig trenches near bodies of water, units that dig tunnels for surprise assaults or to establish transportation routes, realistic fog of war, changing weather patterns and real-time day to night.

    Unreal Tournament v420 - sim @ 5:14 pm PST
    The latest patch for Unreal Tournament is out, which updates the game to version 420. Here's a list of fixes and features:
    Bug fixes
    - fixed actorlinecheck() crash
    - fixed findrandomdest()
    - fixed D3D driver - combined best performance with widest compatibility of previous iterations, improved Voodoo 4 D3D support
    - fixed installer problem with certain directory structures
    - fixed security holes with ServerRestartGame() SwitchLevel() and SwitchCoopLevel()
    - removed ability to use bad skins
    - fixed ADDINI for editing .ini files for patch and umod installation

    New features (thanks to Legend)
    - New editor! - note that the editor is still called unrealed.exe
    - various other under the covers features and fixes merged in by Mark Poesch of Legend

    Get the file from FilePlanet, BluesNews, Stomped, or ShugaShack.

    Morrowind Q&A - sim @ 4:29 pm PST is running a special fan based Q&A with various members of the Morrowind team. Here's the idea:
    If you've been following the development of Morrowind at all, I'm sure there's a question nagging in the back of your head that just refuses to go away. You've never seen the answer on any website, and would love to ask somebody from Bethesda just to get it off your mind.

    Well, now you have a chance to get that question answered, in the TESGurus contest: "Ask Bethesda". Fill out this form with your question, and each week we'll pick one question at random to be answered by a member of the Morrowind development team. You'll be emailed the reponse personally, and it will be posted on this site for all the fans to read.

    The first question is up today and look for plenty more in the weeks to come.

    Newbie's Guide to EQ - sim @ 4:05 pm PST
    For all you newbies out there, check out Something Awful's latest article entitled: "The Newbie's Guide to EverQuest". It'll get you "in the know" as Rikki Lake so cleverly phrased. Here's a snip:
    When choosing a name, try to use the letters "a", "e", and "h" as much as possible. Feel free to take your name and "roleplayify" it. For example, "Jason" turns into "Jahsaen", "Steve" can become "Staevah", and "Rob" is easily "Raehbeaahhea'aeah".

    Funny stuff. Read the rest of it here.

    Tribes Station Open - sim @ 7:17 am PST
    The latest Telenation is now open for business, so check out Tribes Station for all your Tribes 2 needs. To accompany the launch there are 3 brand spanking new screenshots from Tribes 2 available for your viewing.

    MCM2 Review - sim @ 7:15 am PST
    The guys over at have gotten a nice pre-release review of Motorcross Madness 2. Check the clip:
    Buildings, vehicles, trees, and other atmospheric graphics are added to each level in order to match its particular theme. For example, in the Munchberry Farms level, you will see vineyards, barns, and even functioning tractors. All these things really add to the environment and further engross you into the gameplay.

    Read the rest here.

    Penny Arcade Update - sim @ 7:06 am PST
    The whimsical Penny Arcade has been updated with a huge news post by Tycho conerning the PS2 vs. DC. Here's a snip:
    Gabe and I took a look at Ready to Rumble 2 for the PSX2 and the Dreamcast (they were near enough to each other that one could make an accurate comparison.) On Page 5, Frost claims that the aliasing in this game is worse on the Dreamcast - "Can you believe that?" I want you to print out this next sentence, FrostMan - put it between two slices of bread, and eat it like there's a gun to your head:

    You are a big, fat liar.

    Read the rest of it here and take a look at the comic strip that goes hand in hand. If you're wondering, he's talking about this article by Stephen Frost.

    Cataclysm Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:06 am PST
    VE has hit it again this morning, this time with an interview with some of the peeps from Barking Dog Studios. And this ofcourse means were gonna be talking about Homeworld: Cataclysm. Check it out right here. Clippage for your viewing pleasure:
    Homeworld: Cataclysm is obviously a sequel of sorts to Homeworld. What is Barking Dog Studios doing to make sure that Homeworld: Cataclysm is worthy of the Homeworld name?

    Daily purification rituals and prayers in the direction of Relic's offices. Har har. Seriously, we've worked very closely with Relic to make sure that our story, the Homeworld story, and any possible future Homeworld stories, all blend into a larger, well-realized epic. We've also tried to remain close to the original game flavor of Homeworld. While we have made some additions to the game, anyone who played Homeworld will feel right at home. No pun intended.

    Barking Dog worked on Counter-Strike, correct? What aspect did the team work on? What do you think makes Counter-Strike so addicting and fun?

    A second team here at the dog worked on CS Beta-5 with Gooseman, so to answer your question, the Cataclysm team didn't work on any aspect of the game (though we were always more than happy to help test when we could). We were busy working on Cataclysm all through the CS B5 development.

    CliffyB Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:03 am PST
    VoodooExtreme has just tossed up a quick interview with CliffyB, on his thoughts of E3. Check it out right here. Dig the snippage:
    Question #1) So now that E3 is over, can you tell us what you thought of it?

    CliffyB: It was insane, as usual. I was impressed by the level of support that Infogrames had for Tournament. The enormous banners outside the convention center rocked and the game had a great presence on the show floor. Even the Microsoft booth was running UT on a big lan setup. I was able to jump in there for a bit and whup some newbie ass!

    C) The thing that impressed you the most?

    CliffyB: Metal Gear Solid 2, of course. I have a copy of the movie on my hard drive and I watch it every hour on the hour to remind myself of the potential of our medium as both an entertainment tool and an art form. Oh, and Space Channel 5 looks like great fun. I love those games!

    Vampire Interview - Falcon @ 4:14 am PST
    PlanetVampire ( is pleased to announce the release of an exclusive interview with Kevin Manthei, The Man behind the
    music in Vampire: The Masquerade. He has previously worked on such projects as Scream 2 and 3, The Faculty, Majesty, and Kings Quest: Mask of Eternity (his list of projects is way too long to list here, more info in the interview). His current projects include Shiny's Sacrifice and Infinite Machine's New Legends.
    The interview can be found here:

    Strifeshadow Dev Diary - Falcon @ 4:12 am PST
    Gamespy has its second installment of Ethermoon's Dev Diary for its upcoming fantasy RTS, Strifeshadow. Check it out here.

    Allegathon Interview - Falcon @ 4:11 am PST
    Onveric the creator of the 24 hours of insanity, also known as the Allegathon is interviewed on the MS Games Allegiance site. He played Allegiance for more than 24 hours straight. Read the interview with him here

    Sunday, May 21, 2000
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    Voodoo 5 5500 on Friday? - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:54 pm PST
    God, i hope so! Bubba Wolford, 3Dfx's PR honcho, has kicked up a post the the 3DfxGamers message board with the good stuff.

    "For the last time!!!


    How many $4 an hour idiots are you going to allow fool you into thinking that the boards won't be out until mid June? Your getting the scoop from the horses mouth!!! Stop talking to $4 an hour kids at K-Mart reagarding your Voodoo5!! ;)


    Guys....DEEP BREATH PLEASE....'s 9:39 here in Houston right now on a Saturday night... holy cow, what am I doing home answering this stuff...anyway, in SIX (6) days (That is Friday for you giuys who cannot count -May 26th) all stores are released to put the boards on the shelves.

    Chris- Often the computers at the store don't know they have crap until it's AT the store. Relax bro. May 26th is all you need to know...

    Are we clear now?

    Bubba Wolford
    3dfx Interactive"

    Thanx Bubba!

    New x11Spy - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:43 pm PST
    A new version of the Linux server browser, x11Spy, has just been released, bringing the program up to v0.3-5. Check it out right here. Here's the new and fixed stuff:
    New: Game Rules
    a toolbar
    a right click menu.
    Fixed: Game launching had problems with the mouse.
    Fixed a few segfaults lurking in the code.
    Rewrote my file storage technique.
    Rewrote my qstat parsing technique.

    On DNF Demo - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:34 pm PST
    While cruising the DNF web forums, i noticed a post by the main man of 3DR, George B., with a little info on the upcoming (ok, not for a while) Duke Nukem Forever. Read on:
    >>Will there be a demo like Half-Life ay One demo? That demo was LONG.. and really got me hooked on half-life...

    The OEM for Half-Life was for people that bought hardware, not downloaded off the net. As such it is a little longer than a typical demo.

    We intend on giving out the first couple of levels or so, so people are introduced to the story in progress.

    But bear in mind, this issue is still some time off :)

    Some time off? waaaaaahhhhh!

    Homeland Gold - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:22 pm PST
    Beta Bites has just gotten word that Spiderweb Software's Homeland: the Stone of Night, has gone gold. For all those people out there, like me, who have never heard of this, dig it (ofcourse, this was ripped right from Beta Bites):
    Homeland is a A New Fantasy Role-Playing Game for Windows 95/98. Homeland features beautiful 16-bit 3-D graphics, an intricate plot, and a huge world filled with cunning towns, forests, caves, islands, and dungeons. Its party-based system allows extensive control over character development, and the real-time combat keeps the game moving swiftly.

    Homeland: The Stone of Night is available on CD-ROM. It requires a PC or 100% compatible running Windows 95/98 and DirectX3.0 or newer. Minimum system requirements for demo: 16 bit color, 32 MB free RAM, 30 MB hard drive space.

    SoF Fortress Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:19 pm PST
    PlanetSoF has just kicked up an interview with Saint Proverbius, the lead programming director for SoF Fortress, and MudBoy, a designer for this mod. Check it out right here. Dig the snippage:
    Omega: With the screenshots of maps that you have released and the screenshots that are on your site, will these maps have different objectives or regular capture the flag? Any specific scenarios you can let us in on?

    Saint Proverbius: As far as I know, there are no CTF maps in the works at this time. The doesn't mean we won't have one eventually. I also won't rule out compatability with standard SoF CTF maps.

    MudBoy: We're trying to come up with more than regular CTF. We'll be adding many variations of CTF, with more realistic goals, and while creating new game modes. Our levels will also be based on scenarios/theme where each team will be given mission objectives, and so on.

    Omega: It's always interesting to see what kind of things are helping you to keep you sane while working countless of hours on this mod, do you guys have the TV roaring in the background or Winamp blaring in your ears, or possibly something that I have missed?

    Saint Proverbius: I usually have's "Vintage Rock" station playing in the background. I also like listening to Dr. Science once a day through RealPlayer.

    MudBoy: I mainly concentrate on my map ideas when working.

    TDR 2000 Demo Stuff - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:41 pm PST
    Carmageddon City has just tossed up a few goodies for the TDR 2000 demo, like a TimeCrack, All Cars Hack, and Blood Patch. Check it out right here.

    New Powerstrip - MaD-HaTTeR @ 3:55 pm PST
    Quick one here. EnTech Taiwan has just shipped out a new version of PowerStrip, v2.67. Check it out right here.

    X-Box Shots - MaD-HaTTeR @ 3:53 pm PST
    MSXBox has just kicked up some tasty screenies of Microsoft's upcoming [kick ass] console, the X-Box. You can check out the "Remake of Robot Demo shown at E3 running on the Geforce2" shots right here.

    GreenMarine update - MystikaL @ 1:45 pm PST
    Apperently, a lot of people had thought Green Marine had been fired, which wasn't the case. Mark Rein made a statement to clear things up:

    There has been some speculation that we fired Brandon. This is completely untrue. We were very happy with Brandon's work. He made a big contribution to the success of Unreal Tournament and laid the majority of the groundwork that got our engine up and running on PlayStation 2 in so little time. At Epic he was part of a 4-man programming team working on the technology side of our PlayStation 2 efforts and I know he longed to be doing more challenging gameplay-specific programming similar to what Steve Polge does at Epic. Brandon was very professional about his departure choosing to leave after the E3 "crunch" and with no unfinished tasks. If he was going to leave he chose the best possible time with the least possible impact to our current projects and for that we're grateful. We'll miss Brandon but we wish him great success at 3D Realms and our already high expectations for Duke Nukem Forever will now be raised even higher!

    Quake 3 Jailbreak - MystikaL @ 1:42 pm PST
    The Quake III Arena Jailbreak web site has been updated with a public beta 2 of the Jailbreak mod. The new beta is going to be released through stages, with certain parts containing new maps, fixes, and more.

    Oh yeah, and I'm back :)

    Neverwinter Nights Preview - sim @ 10:49 am PST
    The over-billed (on phone calls) EuroGamer has a nice 2 page preview of Neverwinter Nights. Here's a clip:
    They had better bring some friends with them, however. Although Neverwinter Nights is fully playable as a single player game, its true vocation is as an online multiplayer game, and each server can house up to 64 players!

    Read the rest here.

    Anachronox Preview - sim @ 10:43 am PST
    The RPG Vault has an Anachronox preview up. It goes over what they saw at E3. Here's a snip:
    Another impressive aspect shown to us by Thomas was the complexity of the facial animation system. In one of the many in-game cutscenes, Sly credibly conveyed a full range of emotions as his expression changed from one of sheer surprise to confusion. His brows rose and creased, he squinted his eyes and even spoke through lip synching technology. Such small details really seem to make a difference, breathing life into these characters so that players might become better attached to them. It needs to be seen first hand to appreciate the full effect. Undoubtedly, there are several powerful tools created by the development team to convincingly express emotions.

    Read the rest here.

    Mod Updates - sim @ 10:37 am PST
    I decided to bunch these couple news items together since a) I'm lazy and b) they're the same subject anyway. Here we go...

  • The official Counter-Strike website was updated with more 6.5 news and a screenshot to boot. You know what cliffe said? He said "in Narby's new map you can get struck and killed by lightning." That's right, he said lightning.

  • Version 1.2 of the FireArms mod is out. There's a big list of fixes and features on the website.

  • I'm cooking up a little thing I like to call Half-Life Mod Week that'll feature a mod preview for every day of the week. Hopefully I'll bring some promising mods out of the woodwork for you Half-Life fanatics.

    Saturday, May 20, 2000
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    ST: Armada Review - MagicBoy @ 11:53 am PST
    EuroGamer.Net has written up a review of Star Trek: Armada, developed by Activision. Want more?

    Strangely the game is divided up between four major races - the Federation, the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire, and The Borg. This makes for a unique system of play where each race only gets about six or seven missions, but with four races this does work out to be about 25 single player levels in total, which is about right for the average RTS game. There is also an extra episode which appears after the end of the Borg campaign, and must be completed in order to see the story through to its conclusion.

    Armada is well put together, and despite only having a few missions for each race, they are all engrossing. The cut scenes are well written and even quite entertaining on occasions.

    Head on over to read the rest of the review.

    Alone In The Dark 4 Preview - MagicBoy @ 11:46 am PST
    A preview of Alone in the Dark 4 has appeared over at GameSpy. As you all know, the Alone in the Dark series has been highly praised as being the definitive titles in the action/horror/fixed-camera angle genre. Here's more to convince you:
    Unlike games like "Resident Evil," "Silent Hill," and even "Parasite Eve," "Alone in the Dark 4" is based on terror, not grotesque gore. "We wanted to work in the spirit of the first Alone in the Dark," says co-Founder Antonine Villette, "the element of surprise combined with a great storyline and terrifying monsters is what makes you feel scared. "Resident Evil" was a great title, but what's the fun in killing zombies? They're already dead! With "Alone in the Dark 4" we want to develop an action/adventure game that pushes technology to produce the experience."

    Action Gaming Test - MagicBoy @ 11:34 am PST
    3DActionPlanet's weekly Action Gaming Test is up. This one questions your knowledge of Quake/Quake Deathmatch, so head on over and give it a go.

    Friday, May 19, 2000
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    MDK 2 Gold - MagicBoy @ 9:47 pm PST
    I just noticed this over at GoneGold:

    I just got the Official word from Interplay that this one has been approved for duplication!
    Head on over and check out the rest of the article, which is really a nice, long list of features.

    Freelancer Interview - MagicBoy @ 9:39 pm PST
    PC.IGN has held an interview with Chris Roberts, co-Headman over at Digial Anvil, and also the guy responsible for Wing Commander, a game thought by many to be the finest example of a space combat simulator. The interview covers Roberts' upcoming title, Freelancer:
    IGNPC: The player's actions also have an effect on the way the game world behaves, right?

    Chris Roberts: Yeah. One of the big things that we're really happy with on Freelancer is that the universe runs independently of whatever the player's. Trade goes on between planets whether you're there or not, piracy goes on whether you're there or not, exploration and mining go on whether you're there or not. Basically when we build a system, we build it like you would build a real world -- we need someone to supply this, we need someone to consume this -- and we build that as a full rule set, populate it, step back and it runs itself. So it's kind of interesting cause we're actually demoing a lot of that this year where last year it was hand waving and promising. And when I demo it, since it's not scripted, sometimes we'll show up at a place and we'll say "Okay, there're merchant ships showing up here and they're not showing up just now but they show up a little later on." Sometimes pirates are attacking the merchant ships in the trade route, sometimes they're not.

    And it's really cool because there's a living, breathing world and it has nothing to do with whether I just walked into that area or not. We actually show in our demo we can move the camera to the other side of the system and see merchant ships coming and going from a space depot that's a long way away from where the player's ship is. I think it's going to have a texture that people haven't felt before and it's built so that your actions have a ripple. If you're there and you start to be a pirate and start attacking merchant ships, the computer will start, by its set of rules, sending bounty hunters after the pirate problem in that area. That's really interesting.

    Good stuff, indeed.

    Ultima Worlds Preview - sim @ 9:29 pm PST
    IGN has thrown up another preview, this time of Origin's latest RPG: Ultima Worlds Online. Here's a little something I pasted:
    It's not just the monsters who have gotten an overhaul this time around; player characters will also have a tremendous amount of new motions to help them to stand out in a world of thousands. There are already loads of different fighting actions, from simple swipes to spinning strikes that have been added for players to use in combat. According to Long, characters will get access to new movements based on which skills they have managed to acquire.

    I'm itching for a really good MMORPG and this just might hit the spot. Read the rest of the preview here.

    CNET E3 Awards - MaD-HaTTeR @ 9:26 pm PST
    CNET has just slapped up their Best of Show awards (for all platforms). Check it out right here. I'll just go ahead and spoil it all for you.. MechWarrior came in first for the PC Platform, SSX won the PSX2 platform, Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 won for PSX, and Space Channel 5 came in on top in the Dreamcast category.

    Red Faction Preview - sim @ 9:22 pm PST
    IGN has got up a nice little preview of Volition's new shooter, Red Faction. Here's a snip:
    Why should you be excited about the Geo-Mod technology that Volition has cooked up? Because it should add a lot of new graphical and strategic elements to a genre that has been growing a little stale as of late. The technology is real-time, arbitrary geometry modification, which means that if you hit a surface in the game that has been programmed to deform, it will take into account the weapon you are using and actually reform the surface by drawing tons of new polygons to make the shape of a hole or crater.

    Geo-BlowSh*tUp is what I call it! Read the rest of the preview here.

    Caeron 3000 Update - the_culture @ 6:37 pm PST
    The MMORPG formerly known as Infinium has now received a name change, due to a conflict with another company's trademark. The game will now be known as Caeron (pronounced SEER-on) 3000. The official site has been updated with a few tidbits of info, including the type of game engine being used, races, concept art and more. Here's a sample of the backstory of Caeron 3000:
    The year was 2999 and a great technological war laid waste to most of the planet Andraeus. The 3rd millenium of intelligent life in the Caeron system marked the dawn of a new era. A hundred years of rebuilding was followed by the invasion of the Hawkeens and a cosmic struggle has been raging ever since.

    Dark Zion Interview - the_culture @ 6:23 pm PST posted an interview with Jason Spangler, programmer and designer on Wombat Games' upcoming sci-fi MMORPG, Dark Zion. Take a look:
    The realm of massively multiplayer games is about to explode with a ton of new entries. What are a few of the elements in Dark Zion that you believe help it stand apart?
    It is player driven: players will create the story of the world by their actions in the game. The dynamic, self-generating world will create new lands to explore and take advantage of while recycling older less used areas. Characters can change over time so you can learn skills, unlearn them, and learn other skills without starting a new character. The world of Dark Zion has a very interesting fiction and backstory to discover, much different from existing online RPGs.

    UWO:O Update - the_culture @ 6:08 pm PST
    Ultima World Online: Origin's (UO2) official site has been updated with 3 new questions to the FAQ section, new Development Team comments in the Team Comments sections, and Part 3 of the Meer Serial in the Legends sections.

    Neverwinter Nights Concepts - the_culture @ 6:03 pm PST posted 4 new concept images of, what else, Neverwinter Nights, Black Isle's upcoming RPG.

    TDR 2000 Demo - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:30 pm PST
    Carmageddon City has just gotten thier hands on SCi's Alpha Demo of The Death Race 2000 (Carmageddon III). The demo, which weighs in at a hefty 121 megs, and can be downloaded off of 3DFiles. Im downloading... Are you?

    Daily Screenies - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:58 pm PST
    Here's the nice and neat version of all the screenies (and movies) floating around the net today.
  • Undying shots on 3DAP
  • Titanium Angles shots on GameSpy.
  • Divinity Shots on 3DGN.
  • Age of Sail II Shots on IGN PC.
  • Homeworld: Cataclysm shots and Movie, on GameSpot UK.
  • Independence War II movie on ATFW.
  • ORB Shots on
  • Out Force Shots on GA Strategy.
  • IL-2 Sturmovik Shots on Sim
  • Neverwinter Nights movie on GameCenter.
  • BG2 Shots on
  • Anarchy Online Preview - the_culture @ 4:28 pm PST
    Asheron's Lore posted a preview (based on his observations at E3) on the upcoming sci-fi online RPG, Anarchy Online. Here's bit to get you started:
    "1st person? 3rd person what's the deal?"
    I asked this question because it's an important one to many gamers. Ultima Online and Asheron's Call people like 3rd person. Everquest enthusiasts typically prefer the 1st person. Tommy and the other guys at the booth refused to be pigeonholed as one or the other. Their answer is that it handles both. Now while I can see how that can be a true statement it can also be a misleading statement. Asheron's Call and Everquest support 1st person and 3rd person modes. But it is obvious that the developers in both of these games favored one or the other of the view modes. In the case of Asheron's call it was 3rd person in the case of Everquest it was 1st person.

    According to my sidekick Bryan Reynolds aka Eldwin, who was lucky to see a demonstration of the game. The Funcom guys aren't dissembling at all. He says that you can do a true 3d camera movement like in Asheron's call and with a keystroke snap yourself back into 1st person.

    Getting The Most From Windows 98 - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:28 pm PST
    Thats the name of a new article over on, on how to tweak Win98 just the right way (for all us unlucky ones, still without Win2k.) Check it out right here.

    TF2 Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:16 pm PST
    Looks like Robin Walker from valve has been though another interview, this time by a fan. Cassutt~ posted his interview over on the TF2 message boards, right here. Clippage:
    1. What state is the game in?? Beta?? Alpha?

    We're still working on lots of the pieces. Balancing the classes takes a long time. TF 1.5 will be out shortly as well, and the lessons we'll learn from it's networking will be rolled back into TF2. We're also planning on putting a few of TF2's features into TFC so we can better understand their repercussions on gameplay.

    2. What is this "spyder grenade?" And could you maybe shed a little light on some of the other grenades?

    The spider grenade's a recon and offensive tool that allows the Spy to scope out enemy areas before entering them. It's useful to see what enemies are waiting around the next few corners, and it allows the Spy to make better disguise decisions.

    PC Buyers Guide - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:12 pm PST
    Sharky Extreme has just tossed up an updated "High-End Gaming PC Buyer's Guide." So if your in the market for building a new rig, make sure to check this out.

    Broussard on GreenMarine - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:09 pm PST
    3DR's big man, George Broussard, has just kicked up a .plan update, confirming that Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart will indeed be joining the DNF team. Dig it:
    May 19th, 2000 - 4:00pm

    Brandon Reinhart will be joining us next week as a programmer on
    Duke Nukem Forever.

    Previously Brandon worked at Epic for two years and on such projects
    as Unreal Tournament. We're very pleased to welcome him as a new
    member to the DNF team and his Unreal experience will allow him to
    be immediately productive here.

    We will not be doing further interviews or plan updates on this, as
    there really is nothing more to say at this time.

    Thanks for understanding.

    GreenMarine on his way to 3DR? - MaD-HaTTeR @ 1:24 pm PST
    Although there has been no official word yet of Brandon "Greemarine" Reinhart leaving Epic, he has been put up on the staff page of the 3DRealms web site... hmmm....

    I guess the GreenMarine is on his way to 3DR...

    Half Life Movie Making - MaD-HaTTeR @ 12:58 pm PST has just tossed up a new article, on how to create movies in Half-Life. Check it out right here. cLiPaGe:
    If you're wondering why anybody would want to write a movie in Half-life rather than in the Unreal Tournament engine, say, or that of the Quake series, then read on. Probably the most useful and widely known advantage of using HL is that it uses full skeletal animation (animation using a "skeleton", a rigid structure within a character or other model, rather than point-by-point animation). This can save huge amounts of time- in fact, I cannot convey how much simpler designing a model is when the animation is already done for you can be.

    Although some of the animation will need tweaking the overall time saved would probably allow the use of double the number of custom models within a movie, which can be very important for movies where new characters may need adding. Of course the advantages don't stop there- for example, adding in additional animations for a model later on do not require redoing the whole model to incorporate the changes, only the addition of the extra animation files for the skeleton. Did I mention that there is a really good shareware modelling package available for HL in the form of "Milkshape 3D" from Chumbalumsoft ($30, I think)? Suffice to say skeletal animation makes things a lot easier, but that alone does not make a good platform for film making. What other features does HL have that would help?

    The Best and Worst of E3 - MaD-HaTTeR @ 12:53 pm PST
    GameSpy has just kicked up a new article, entitled "The Best and Worst of E3." This ofcourse, brings you the highs and lows of the show. Check it out right here. Clippage:
    If you have never been to an E3 before, then your first reaction is that of a deer in the headlights. But when you have covered as much news as we have, some things don't phase you any more.

    But many things did impress us (or depress us as the case may be):

    We saw sure hits and misses, and misses with very little clothes. We saw boobs and tubes, stars and bars, lights and frights and even the Quake and bake. There were hearty parties, lame games, tons of buns, noise and toys and apes in capes. A little KISS here and little Viking there, here a babe, there a Duke, everywhere a loud crowd! And you can't forget the licky-licky!

    Through it all, we brought you a browser full of coverage every day and the week leading up to these awards. Our staff covered every major publisher and all the developers who could remember us after our great GameSpy E3 party.

    And having seen it all, we proudly present our first ever "GameSpy: Best of E3 Awards."

    A Look at Original War - MagicBoy @ 11:34 am PST
    Ever heard of this title? Me neither, but as a gamer who started off with strategy titles, this one caught my eye. Apparently, hidden among the throngs of flashy E3 booths, was a title named Original War and Games-Central has the scoop on this non-3D RTS. Take a look:
    I think the name needs a bit of an explanation and the storyline does just that. In Original War, three factions strive to gain control over a newly discovered mineral called Siberite (It's basically Tiberium but different). Depending on which faction you choose, your goals for the Siberite are different. As the mineral was discovered in Siberia, the Russians quickly take control of all the regions where it was found leaving the Americans without. The mineral however, is an extremely good power source and Russian control over it is simply unacceptable to the Americans. In the mean time, the Arabs feel their position as the World's power supplier endangered and also want the matter 'resolved'.

    With the invention of a time machine, the American see a brilliant solution to their precarious situation: travel back in time and take control over the Siberite before the Russians can. Of course the Russians and the Arabs gain access to time travelling technology as well and the battle in the past can begin in full. Playing the Americans, your main task is to mine the Siberite before it can be discovered. The Russian objective is to stop the Americans while the Arabs goal is to destroy the Siberite altogether.

    So far, it sounds like your regular RTS with a background story. It gets interesting when I tell you that you will only get a limited number of people to work with and that these people, each with their own skill, will have to operate factories, drive and repair vehicles as well as do their own research for new technologies. If someone dies, he or she stays dead and there are no replacements. However, you can build as many vehicles as resources will permit and leaving the vehicle before it gets destroyed will have you live to fight another day.

    Well, it's not a particularly unique story-line but I do like the thought of non-replaceable soldiers. Afterall, where do all those soldiers that you train in a typical RTS come from? Along with training, does the barracks (or some deviation) in a RTS also provide a breeding or cloning facility?

    Second Look at C&C:Renegade - MagicBoy @ 11:23 am PST
    3DActionPlanet has written up a Second Look at Westwood's upcoming 3rd person shooter set in the Command & Conquer world, Renegade. Here's more:
    Command and Conquer Renegade is set right around the time of the original real-time strategy game. You take control of the Captain Nick "Havoc" Parker, the Commando from the original C&C. Fans may remember him as a super powerful character with an itchy trigger finger and a pocket full of C-4 explosives. Havok is trying to rescue Dr. Mobius from the Brotherhood of NOD and its rather unpleasant leader, Kane. Problem is, he's got a war going on around him with air strikes, missile attacks, and tank rushes going on all around him. He's alone behind enemy lines and up to his ears in hostile forces, but that's just the way Havoc likes it.
    Judging from the quality of several of Westwood's previous titles, this one could well be something worth keeping an eye out for.

    O.R.B. Preview and Martian Gothic Review - MagicBoy @ 8:52 am PST
    A preview of O.R.B., an upcoming space strategy title form Strategy First, has been posted over at Daily Radar.

    They've also posted a review of the recently released, Resident Evil/Alone in the Dark styled Martian Gothic: Unification. This pretty much sums up the review:

    Martian? Gothic? How about: Tedious? Lifeless?

    Independence War 2 Movie - MagicBoy @ 8:35 am PST
    A Talent For War, a site devoted to space combat and sims, has gotten a hold of a 29.7 MB Independence War 2 QT movie, taken from an Infogrames E3 press kit. Download this's quite neat.

    War in Heaven Review - sim @ 7:36 am PST
    Good ol' Lowtax of Something Awful has posted his latest game review... this time of the latest Christian FPS: The War in Heaven. Here's a snip:
    I knew it was a bad sign when I went to purchase the game, and the undead dreg at the checkout counter picked up the game, looked at it, stared at me for a few seconds, and then remarked in a condescending voice, "The War In Heaven?" I assured him, in a confident tone, that I was perfectly sane and the credit card which I was using to buy this game actually belonged to me, and not a corpse floating around in the creek by the meat rendering plant. He seemed skeptical of both claims. Only after bringing this title home and playing it did I realize his reaction was justified.

    Read the rest here.

    Comic Updates - sim @ 7:33 am PST
    I've got a little comic update for all you gamers lookin' for some humor. Here's today's installment:
  • Penny Arcade has tons of news today courtesy of the one and only Tycho Brahe. Not only that, but they've got this thing called a 'comic strip' and it's supposed to be pretty damn funny.

  • PvP Online has one funny ass comic strip up today, plus some more hinting at a weekend update on his E3 journal thingy.
  • Okay, that's all right now!

    Red Faction Interview - sim @ 7:29 am PST
    Stomped has thrown up a little Q&A with Volition's president, Mike Kulas. They get down and dirty on the subject of Red Faction. Here's a little snip:
    Stomped: Some people have wondered if the game's Geo-Mod Engine is just a "one-trick pony". Can you talk about other game features that will set Red Faction apart from other first person shooters other than the geometry modification?

    Kulas: Well, better a one-trick pony than a zero-trick pony. :) Seriously, I think we have several very interesting things going on. The geomods, of course are the main hook. They are integrated into gameplay so the other cool features, such as drivable vehicles, water and lava effects and the infrared rocket launcher are all augmented by them. For example, it's cool to have any old rocket launcher, but it's a lot cooler when you can use it to blast a camper through a fortification. I think the geomods allow to innovate all the cool aspects of shooters that people love, but of which they've grown jaded.

    Read the rest here.

    The Longest Journey Review - Falcon @ 3:32 am PST
    Cro has written up a review of The Longest Journey, the latest adventure game from FunCom. It`s been a while in production, and was released in several languages before Empire took the decision to publish it in the UK. Here`s a snip:
    This adventure game is intended for an adult audience. Whilst the puzzles early on are fairly easy, the difficulty level does increase the further into the game you get. Sometimes the solution to a puzzle can seem obscure, but with a little bit of thought, the answer becomes clear. The dialogue is also appropriate for the characters. Yes, there is swearing, but there is much less swearing in the course of this game than there is in every day life.

    Screenies - Falcon @ 3:11 am PST
    O3 Games sent GA-Strategy a development update and new screenshots from their upcoming real-time space strategy game, The Outforce.

    Eidos Interactive sent GA-RPG new screenshots from Warren Spector's upcoming action/RPG, Deus Ex.

    GA-RPG has been updated with eight new screenshots from Ronin Entertainment's upcoming 3D action/RPG, Legend of the BladeMasters.

    VR-1 released 12 new screenshots from their Unreal-powered futuristic, first-person strategic/shooter, Hired Guns.

    Pandemic Studios' Director, Greg Borrud, has given GA-Strategy a detailed explanation of what new features Dark Reign 2 will bring to the strategy genre.

    SW: Force Commander review - Falcon @ 2:28 am PST
    Neoseeker has just posted a review of Lucas Arts' Star Wars Force Commander for your viewing pleasure. As most reviews have depicted, there are several areas where Force Commander falls short. The idea is there but the presentation is lacking. It got an overall score of 67%.
    "All the ingredients are there for a successful title. But the designers of Force Commander put too much emphasis on having a 3D rotatable, zoomable camera at the expense of having a playable game. As much as I'd like to recommend this title to RTS players, it is best reserved for devoted Star Wars fans, or anyone who collects Star Wars merchandise."

    Metal Gear Solid PC Q&A - Falcon @ 2:12 am PST has just smacked up a short Q&A with Microsoft PR on their recently announce PC port of Metal Gear Solid. MGS was, and still is, one of the best damn games for the PlayStation and will, in the authors opinion, be a hit on the PC. You can check out the full spiel here:

    Valve interview - Falcon @ 2:11 am PST
    The Cold-ice Network posted a interview with Gabe from Valve Software. I features questions about the new netcode, Roger wilco in Half-life. You can read it here

    MS Internet Keyboard Pro Review - Falcon @ 2:07 am PST
    games xtreme have just uploaded a review of Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro on the PC.
    The first Thing that you notice about the keyboard is the fact that it is a lot larger than your normal run of the mill keyboards, then again, any keyboard that’s ‘a Pro’ has to be special. It’s got a lot of space around the actual keyboard area, it’s a lot wider than normal and with the hand rest is possible the widest keyboard around. The other thing you notice is the number of buttons it has, an additional row of nicely rounded buttons above the F key buttons and the numpad provide you with quick access to your calculator, Internet navigation & your mail program.

    Thursday, May 18, 2000
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    Missing Machinegun - sim @ 10:25 pm PST
    Okay, which crazy gamer did this? Just because John Mullins had one, Firearms have them, and Gooseman made one doesn't mean you ought to have one too. Heckler and Koch MP5s looks really neat in computer games, but now you're taking it too far. So return it to the police... please.

    Actually, go ahead and shoot John Romero before he makes another game, but then you better return it.

    OpFor and More - sim @ 9:46 pm PST
    I was checking out the latest PC Gamer demo disc today and came across the Opposing Force Half-Life expansion pack demo and decided to finally give it a try. Wow. That's what I said, a couple times... it kicks ass, in everyway. If you've been looking for something to rekindle your Half-Life, or general FPS single player experience, definitely check out OpFor for Half-Life.

    Speaking of Half-Life, I'd just like to hint at a little something I've got cooking for hopefully all of next week. Let's just say that I might be calling it 'Half-Life Mod Week' or something like that. Stay tuned...

    New AMD Chips for June - MaD-HaTTeR @ 3:50 pm PST
    ZDNet has just kicked up a new story, stating that AMD will be shipping out [b]10[/b] new processor's, including the Duron series, which was codenamed "spitfire", and its new Athlon, codenamed "thunderbird". Check out the article right here. Clippage:
    Advanced Micro Devices Inc. is planning what could be its largest processor launch ever.
    The company could launch 10 new processors as soon as June 5, sources said. AMD (NYSE: AMD) has said it will launch its new Duron processor, code-named Spitfire, along with its forthcoming Athlon chip, code-named Thunderbird, in June. It now appears the chips will debut on the same day.

    The new chips target both the high-end and low-cost PC markets. The Thunderbird chips will raise the bar for top-end performance, whereas the Duron will offer AMD's first Athlon-based processor as a lower-cost alternative.

    Sources said the Duron chip will begin shipping at 600MHz, 650MHz and 700MHz in early June -- possibly as soon June 5. A 750MHz version of the chip will come later, sources said.

    The Thunderbird chip, meanwhile, will be available in 50MHz increments, ranging from 700MHz to 1GHz (1,000MHz), sources said. The chips, which retain AMD's current 200MHz system bus, are currently being evaluated by PC makers.

    Ground Control Demo - MagicBoy @ 9:43 am PST
    The demo for Massive Entertainments upcoming 3D RTS, Ground Control, has appeared over at AVault. It's a 104MB download, which is kinda big unless you have cable modem, like me...

    F1 2000 Review - MagicBoy @ 9:21 am PST
    AVault has posted a review of EA Sports latest racing simulation, F1 2000, giving it an overall score of Four and a half Stars. Not bad, huh? Here's more:
    F1 2000's realistic physics are an incredibly important element of its execution. As an example, poring through the manual's section on vehicular setup will provide you with a cohesive description of downforce, drag, and other aerodynamically related terms. Instead of simply being manual filler, these factors have an obvious presence in the game, and greatly affect your performance on the course. As such, fiddling idly with your vehicle's packers and ride height could see you bottoming out more often than you'd care to see. The physics extend to other areas as well, the most obvious of which being the speed. Trying to execute powerslides or turns while travelling at 185 mph won't see you skidding; rather, you'll most likely end up nose-first in the barrier. Vehicles react to their velocity, and so it's not unusual to see a careless driver spinning out, breaking off wings or even flipping over. F1 2000 is, above all, a simulation, and as such the laws of physics must be fully understood if one hopes to absorb its engaging nuances.
    Wow, I've heard of games requiring a 3D accelerator or a certain amount of memory, but I've never heard of a game requiring a college degree!

    A Look at Giants: Citizen Kabuto - MagicBoy @ 9:12 am PST
    3DActionPlanet" has taken a "Second Look" at what looks to be a potentially cool action/strategy title from Planet Moon Studios, Giants: Citizen Kabuto. Here's more to entice you:
    What impressed me greatly about Giants was the fact that the three races played very differently. The Meccaryn, for example, rely on technology to defend and attack. This gives them a lot of ranged attacks with rifles and other artillery, as well as a jetpack to give them unparalleled mobility. During my E3 presentation I saw a Meccaryn drop a huge bomb literally caused the earth to ripple and quake underfoot, wiping out anything in the general area. At another point one of the Meccaryns activated a camouflaging device that disguised him as an ordinary bush. Well, a bush that walked around and shot at things, but the illusion was pretty complete as long as you stood still. There are also vehicles, such as helicopters, that the Meccaryns can fly to aid them further in their fight for domination of the planet. These are the guys that most run-and-gun players will likely be most comfortable with.

    Hired Guns Screenshots - MagicBoy @ 9:05 am PST
    12 screenshots of the Hired Guns, the upcoming Unreal-powered FPS from VR-1, have been posted over at GA-Source

    Wednesday, May 17, 2000
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    Desslock News - MagicBoy @ 6:51 pm PST
    Desslock's RPG News has been updated with promises of more E3 RPG coverage to come:

    But RPGs generally had a good showing at this year's E3. Over the next few days we'll be posting impressions and some feature length preview (or updates) on Arcanum, Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate 2, Icewind Dale, Vampire the Masquerade – Redemption, Anachronox, Deus Ex, Pool of Radiance – Ruins of Myth Drannor, Summoner, Wizards and Warriors and Ultima Online 2, as well as a few other games, such as Fallout Tactics, from other genres. Look for some pretty frank opinions on how all of these games are looking – I'm not going to pull any punches, and I won't hesitate to announce which upcoming RPGs I believe are the most promising. All starting as of tomorrow, so stay tuned.

    Some Reviews - MagicBoy @ 6:13 pm PST
    I've just noticed, over at Telefragged that PCGameWorld has posted a few reviews including:

  • Rogue Spear: Urban Operation
  • Triple Play 2001
  • Formula One Championship
  • Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Shadow of Death
  • 3Dfx Settlement - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:35 pm PST
    3Dfx has just released a PR, stating that they are going to be settling in their shareholder class action suit with STB Systems. Check out the PR right here. Snippage:
    SAN JOSE, Calif., May 17 /PRNewswire/ -- 3dfx Interactive® Inc. (Nasdaq: TDFX - news), a global leader in enabling the emerging age of visual communications, today announced that it has reached an agreement in principle and entered into a memorandum of understanding with plaintiffs to settle three related shareholder class action lawsuits against STB Systems, Inc. and certain of its officers and directors. STB was acquired by 3dfx last May. The settlement, which is subject to final documentation and Court approval, does not reflect any admission of liability by STB and there has been no finding of any violation of federal or state securities laws. The principal terms of the agreement call for the establishment of a settlement fund consisting of $4.7 million to be paid by insurance.

    ``The closure of these inter-related lawsuits represents the end of a complex, multi-year legal process,'' said Bryan Keyes, vice president and general counsel of 3dfx. ``Although we were prepared to defend the litigation vigorously, we concluded that it was in the best interests of the Company and its shareholders to resolve the litigation by agreement in light of the inherent uncertainties of complex litigation and to avoid substantial legal fees and unnecessary demands on management's time.''

    Carmack on Video Cards - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:24 pm PST
    id Software's code monkey, John Carmack, has just slapped up a massive update to his .plan, with his thoughts on whats going on with video cards today, talking about 3Dfx, Nvidia, and ATI. Check it out right here. Here's some of his part on 3Dfx:
    Marketing silliness: Implying that a voodoo 5 is of a different class than a voodoo 4 isn't right. Voodoo 4 max / ultra / SLI / dual / quad or something would have been more forthright.

    Rasterization feature wise, voodoo4 is just catching up to the original TNT. We finally have 32 bit color and stencil. Yeah. There aren't any geometry features.

    The T buffer is really nothing more than an accumulation buffer that is averaged together during video scanout. This same combining of separate buffers can be done by any modern graphics card if they are set up for it (although they will lose two bits of color precision in the process). At around 60 fps there is a slight performance win by doing it at video scannout time, but at 30 fps it is actually less memory traffic to do it explicitly. Video scan tricks also usually don't work in windowed modes.

    The real unique feature of the voodoo5 is subpixel jittering during
    rasterization, which can't reasonably be emulated by other hardware. This does indeed improve the quality of anti-aliasing, although I think 3dfx might be pushing it a bit by saying their 4 sample jittering is as good as 16 sample unjittered.

    I haven't been able to honestly recommend a voodoo3 to people for a long time, unless they had a favorite glide game or wanted early linux Xfree 4.0 3D support. Now (well, soon), a Voodoo5 6000 should make all of today's games look better than any other card. You can get over twice as many pixel samples, and have them jittered and blended together for anti-aliasing.

    Player Profiles in DNF - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:09 pm PST
    3DRealm's big man, George Broussard, has just kicked up a quick post on the DNF web forums. He explains that DNF will use player profiles, making it possible for more than one person to save their settings on a single computer, which is always a great feature. Check it out right here. Dig it:
    >>It would be great if Duke Nukem Forever had profiles, so different people using the same computer can have their own configuration and save game directory.
    I agree, and we plan on doing this. It's really nice for multiple people to be able to play the same installed game.

    New Deus Ex Screenshots! - MagicBoy @ 4:56 pm PST
    A whole mess load of new Deus Ex screenshots have appeared over at GA-RPG. Head on over and check 'em out. Now. You still here?

    Volition Mystery FPS - sim @ 7:05 am PST
    If you've been wondering about Volitions mystery FPS, then don't fret any more. They announced the game at E3 and it's called Red Faction and the people over at Volition have TONS of stuff on their webpage. Check out their news for Red Faction interviews, screenshots, videos, and more.

    Penny Arcade Update - sim @ 6:59 am PST
    The boys over at Penny Arcade have finally gotten a news archive in the flesh, but still under construction. They've got lots of E3 tidbits and a funny-ass comic to boot. Check it out.

    Counter-Strike Update - sim @ 6:43 am PST
    The official Counter-Strike website has been updated with some news and a screenshot. Here's a clip:
    Testing of beta6.5 continues. Meanwhile, Gooseman has put something new into the game that you may find very useful. You'll be setting smoke screens in 6.5 to outwit your enemies.

    Read the rest here.

    The Crest of Dharim Details - Falcon @ 5:05 am PST
    GA-RPG recently spoke to OMG-Games' President to learn more about their 3DGE-powered action/role playing game, The Crest of Dharim. Read more here

    E3 - Falcon @ 5:03 am PST
    It's getting late so you're going to have to live with cut n pasting the URLs instead of links for tthis post >:)

    Game developers give Stomped @ E3 their views on which games they thought were the best at last week's expo. Check it out at

    GameSpy's got the new Black and White movie from Lionhead Studios, which they showed off at E3. Now's your chance to see what everybody's been talking about. In addition, there a little interview with Jamie Durrant of Lionhead which you can find with the download link here:

    Over the course of three extremely hectic days at E3, RPGvault spoke with a lot of developers and publishers, saw numerous games and received a pile of press kits. These contain various media such as screenshots, concept art, movies et al. To let you see at least part of this bounty, they've created a
    number of E3 Galleries showing the materials that were provided for various titles that were at the show. here are six of them for your viewing pleasure today:

  • Legends of Might and Magic E3 Gallery
  • Neverwinter Nights E3 Gallery
  • Shadowbane E3 Gallery
  • Throne of Darkness E3 Gallery
  • Vampire E3 Gallery
  • Wizards & Warriors E3 Gallery

    Gamespy had a chance to sit and chat with Peter Molyneux about his new god game Black & White, his inspiration and how he formed the team. You can read it at
    A preview is available at :

    3D Blaster Annihilator2 Review - Falcon @ 3:59 am PST
    New on today is a review of Creative 3D Blaster Annihilator2 based on nVidia's GeForce2 GTS chipset.
    They talk about the GeForce2 GTS chipset, the installation and software bundle of the specific card; and also do some nenchmark on Quake 3 Arena and 3D Mark 2000 comparing Annihilator2 to Annihilator PRO. "The Conclusion : Should I get it?" part is a must read for gamers looking to upgrade their gaming machines.

    Epilogue Interview - Falcon @ 3:51 am PST
    Team Sigma is currently working on an impressive 3D real-time strategy game and GA-Strategy goes in-depth with Lead Programmer Daan Nusman and Lead Game Artist Marcus de Jong to learn more - icludes a pair of
    exclusive screenshots. Read the interview here.

    Dungeon Siege Preview - Falcon @ 3:49 am PST
    Damage Gaming has just posted a preview of Gas Powered Games' upcoming role-playing game, Dungeon Siege. They talk about the possible parties you can control in the game, the environment, multiplayer, elements of action and real-time strategy games that are in Dungeon Siege, and more.

    Tuesday, May 16, 2000
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    Hitman: Codename 47 Preview - MagicBoy @ 10:50 pm PST
    PC.IGN has written up a preview of Eidos Interactive's upcoming third person shooter/thinker. Read on:

    There are five major hits that you’ll have to accomplish in locations like Chinatown, on boat in Rotterdam Harbor, a jungle location, and some gritty urban cityscapes. Each major mission is broken up into three or four sub-levels filled with tasks, and you’ll have to use your money and your brain to do everything from finding and purchasing a gun to bribing a contact to find out key information. A lot of time is actually spent preparing for the hit as well, casing the area and figuring out the best way to handle the hit. As the designers said, it’s 90% preparation for 10% execution. Does this mean stealth, sneaking sniper action and a little subterfuge? We can’t wait.
    Me neither.

    SimCity 3000 Unlimited Preview - MagicBoy @ 10:46 pm PST
    AVault has posted a preview of Maxis' upcoming stand- alone/add-on, SimCity 3000 Unlimited, which features more levels of customization for the player as well as European and Asian architecture. Here's a brief look:
    The SimCity environment, such as it is, lends itself very well to scenario-based challenges, a fact that SimCity 2000 players will remember well. The series' transition to 3000 saw this particular option missing, however, leaving players without any additional challenges. This fact has been mended in SimCity 3000 Unlimited, as a total of 13 different scenarios have been included. These range in type and feel, as each requires a very different strategy to meet its goal. For instance, one scenario sees you as the Mayor of Frankfurt during its annual Oktoberfest, and it's up to you to ensure that the partygoers are looked after. This involves upping police coverage to look after the drunks, selecting the official Oktoberfest locations and ensuring that the local water supply is enough to meet the areas' needs. Another scenario sets you in control of a town that has been divided into four islands through minor earthquakes, although each island still shares a central bureaucratic and energy system. As a much more severe earthquake is forthcoming, it's your job to localize system resources on each island, else the entire city be crippled by the disaster. This variety of challenges should satisfy most any scenario craving player while providing an interesting series of experiences.
    I'm still waiting for the "city swamped by rampant pre-teen girls due to N'Sync playing in town" disaster.

    Joe Siegler .plan update - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:18 pm PST
    Joe Siegler has just kicked up a big .plan update, with his views on E3. Check it out right here. Now, if you only take one thing away from this update, remeber this, "The Duke girls were by far and away the best girls on the floor." Here's a little lovin':
    2) My E3 commentary:

    E3 was it's usual loud, boisterous self. I personally was interested in only a few games, both of which were the Sims addon pack ("The Sims - Livin' Large"), and the Sims sequel (due out next year called "Simsville"). I told the people at the EA booth that if they were for sale on the floor, I'd buy 'em, and go home - screw the rest of the show. :) Some other games I saw that looked really awesome were Ritual's FAKK II (I watched their back room demo twice), Tom Hall's Anachonox (I spent a lot of time looking at this one, I can't wait - it's very "Tom"), and the aforementioned Sims games from EA. I also caught up with 3DO to talk to 'em about their High Heat baseball game (yes - there's a new version due next year, too ). I also got a peek at the Wolfenstein sequel, which looked pretty good. Since Wolfenstein was what really got me into the industry (after this game was released, I contacted Scott Miller about the infamous "porn 1.3 version", and soon after became an Apogee beta tester, leading to me getting hired), I'm really interested in seeing a sequel - hopefully it doesn't stray too far from what made the original work in the first place. Duke Nukem: Planet of the Babes looked hot, I hadn't seen it in awhile, and if you've got a PSX, you should check it out. Max Payne looked really sweet - I hadn't seen it personally since the last batch of "photo-realistic" screen shots were released. Oh my! You're gonna love this one when it comes out - the Remedy guys are doing some totally awesome work.

    There were the usual trips to "Planet Failure" at E3 too, but I won't get into that.

    John Romero Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:14 pm PST
    GamesDomain has just slapped up a quick interview they had with John Romero, at E3. Romero mostly talks about how the game is being recieved by the public, ie. the games "bad reception". Overall, he says he has no regets. Check it out right here. Snipp.. Snip..:
    The mass market out there, the millions of people that buy games, they don't know anything about those sites. Those people will walk into the stores, see the box, and say, "Oh, this is from the guy that did Doom, and Quake, and Heretic, and all that. Those were cool games, so I'm going to get this one, even though I haven't heard about it." There are way more people out there than the few thousand hard-core gamers who write their negative opinions on-line all day long. People can't wait to rip on Daikatana just because of all the hype and PR. I'm going to be happy when the real reviews come out because the full version is just awesome, so much better."

    Why does he think Daikatana had such a bad reception? "People are getting into the Rogue Spear slow, snipey kind of gameplay. This is nothing like it. Daikatana is a super-fast, Doom-style blast-a-thon. If people don't like it, they don't need to buy it."

    Dreamcast Half-Life Video - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:06 pm PST
    Fortress Center has just tossed up a the movie that wa shown at E3 (if i wasnt 2000 miles away, i would have gone for myself. ugh.). Anyway, the movie is the DC version of Half-Life. Check it out right here.

    3D Realms Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:02 pm PST
    GameWeek has just kicked up a big interview with Scott Miller of 3D Realms. They discus why Duke Nukem Forever and Max Payne are lieing low, compare the PC and console systems, and the "Apogee model" of shareware distribution. You can check it out right here. Clippage for your viewing pleasure
    GW: The low-profile strategy of DNF and Max Payne seems to be the antithesis of modern entertainment marketing-why do you see it as advantageous?

    SM: We think it's actually similar to modern entertainment marketing, like TV shows, movies, concerts, etc.

    GW: Do you feel that this low-profile approach will gain popularity among other developers? Is it better suited for larger companies, or can small companies prosper with it?

    SM: I doubt it'll gain popularity soon, because in general our industry is very, very poor at marketing and promotions-in fact, we're still a laughably clueless industry in this area.

    SoF Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:56 pm PST
    ModCentral of has jsut slapped up a quick interview with Eric Biessman of Raven. Mostly general SoF questions, but hey, its an interview. You can check it out right here. Dig the snippage:
    Are you also working on Elite Force?
    Now that SoF has shipped, things have settled down for a little bit. I’m currently working with Jim Hughes (the Design Director on SoF) and discussing ideas for our next game but I am also back to designing levels again by helping out with Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. The entire Soldier team is helping out Voyager and we are focusing on finishing up the multiplayer aspects of the game. The entire game is looking very cool, and I feel very privileged to be working on it.

    And just between the two of us :) what's the word on SoF 2?
    Still no decision. We are exploring several options at the moment, but nothing is set in stone yet.

    X-Box Upgrade - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:49 pm PST
    GameCenter has just kicked up an article, confirming that Microsoft has upped the X-Box CPU, from a 600mhz, to an amazing speed of 733mhz! You can peek the article right here. Clippage:
    It's official: Microsoft has upped the CPU on its X-Box video game system from 600 MHz to 733 MHz. Microsoft has also upped the X-Box's capabilities; previously, the company said the X-Box would be capable of a trillion operations a second, and now it claims the system is capable of 1.2 trillion operations per second.

    The X-Box is Microsoft's initial foray into the video game industry, and the system was demonstrated behind closed doors at last week's Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

    The X-Box has three processors: an Intel CPU running at 733 MHz, a custom-made Nvidia graphics processor running at 300 MHz, and a custom 3D audio processor capable of supporting 256 hardware voices. The X-Box also has an 8GB hard drive, an Ethernet connection, and a DVD-ROM drive capable of playing both games and movies.

    A First Look at Crimson Skies - MagicBoy @ 9:53 am PST
    3DActionPlanet has posted another "First Looks" article, this time featuring Crimson Skies, developed by Zipper Interactive and published by Microsoft. An excerpt:
    In Crimson Skies, you take the role of Nathan Zachary, "notorious air buccaneer and ladies' man" (which is just like me, without the plane or the ladies). Of course, Nathan is no ordinary air buccaneer; this guy is crazy enough to bail out of his airborne plane to steal blueprints. No wonder he's a ladies' man (lucky punk).

    So what kind of planes will Nathan be jumping out of? Well, lots of em. Zipper promises a variety of fantasy planes, based on or inspired by conceptual designs and experimental craft. Of course, nitro boosters weren't part of the experiments, but they will be a part of some CS planes. And yes, the Spruce Goose will make an appearance, although it hasn't been announced if we'll be able to fly it (if they do let us fly it, though, I promise to lay off the Microsoft insults!).

    Deus Ex Preview - MagicBoy @ 9:16 am PST
    The AVault has posted quite a lenghty preview based on the beta version of Deus Ex. The article features quite a lot of discussion on gameplay:
    Starting over, I came across a number of tools, which I blatantly overlooked the first time around, that allow you to dispatch your enemies without killing them. For example, gas grenades, wonderful toys when you have a swarm of angry soldiers running toward you and you need to make a quick and fast ninja-vanish. The enemy will rub their eyes in pain, allowing you to disappear in the chaos. There are tasers, which are highly effective if you can shock your enemy from behind in the torso. The infamous baton is one of the more frustrating non-lethal weapons, as it requires those with a low-tech skill rating to nail the enemy from behind in the head. At the highest skill level, one whack from any angle will leave the poor guys napping on the ground. There are also tranquilizer darts: silent, swift and highly effective. Nailing a bad guy with one of these sleep aids is a humorous sight to behold. They run around in panic for a bit, twitching in pain, then, with a final gasp, collapse onto the ground.
    Ummmm, tranquilizer darts...

    Ask Jeff K. - sim @ 7:05 am PST
    The famous Jeff K. has finally updated his Ask Jeff K. column. Here's what Something Awful has to say about it:
    Today's feature deals with Cliffy B. in various articles of clothing, big breasts, Powerplay, Team Fortress 2, dance clubs, the best Quake player, LAN parties, haX0ring, "I LOVE YUO" virus, the stock trade, women relationships, Levelord wanting to be interviewed, and some lecture from a fellow smarty man. It's three pages of highly compressed and archived l33tness, so check out the column and get "into da know" (I heard that phrase on "The Rikki Lake Show" once)!

    Read the column or view the rest of Something Awful.

    New PvP - sim @ 6:54 am PST
    I am laughing my ass off right now... okay, I'm done. I just saw today's PvP strip and man is it funny. I won't give it away, so just go now!

    Red Faction - sim @ 6:49 am PST
    The mystery FPS, that got everyone excited by the tantilizing screenshots over at Volition, was announced at E3. It's called Red Faction and it has it's own website now. You can check that out here. All the previous teaser screenshots are there, along with a E3 preview movie and plenty of info. on the game.

    Rift Screnshots - Falcon @ 4:52 am PST
    Gamesurge has 4 new exclusive screenshots of ThrushWaves upcoming 3D Space RTS game: The Rift. Head over here to see them.

    Tim Gerritsen interview - Falcon @ 4:37 am PST
    Ragnarok shot off a quick email to our Human Heads asking for info on what happened with RUNE at E3. We just wanted their POV on how people reacted to this awesome game.

    Of course, Tim Gerritsen, business director elite, sent a reply back faster than they could post it! Check out his response to the query, as well as a couple shots of the Viking Battle Axe Ragnarok had commissioned for the guys to give away at the show!

    Gravis Game Pad Reviews - Falcon @ 4:36 am PST
    Exxtreme3D.Com Just kicked up a review on both the Gravis Duel Control, and the Digital Game pad. You can check out these reviews here

    Motocross Madness 2 Gold - Falcon @ 4:32 am PST
    Microsoft today announced that Motocross Madness 2, the award-winning sequel to Motocross Madness, has gone gold. This means that the product is completed and expected to hit store shelves in the U.S. later this month. An adrenaline-pumping racing game developed by Rainbow Studios, Motocross Madness 2 delivers all of the unbridled competition and freestyle stunts of true motocross competition.

    Motocross Madness 2 represents the ultimate experience in racing and competitive realism, utilizing cutting-edge graphics and a state-of-the-art physics engine. And, continuing the tradition started with the first Motocross Madness, Motocross Madness 2 has all the multiplayer mayhem that gamers have come to rely on. The game will feature a ranking system called the Internet Top 100. Players will be able to race online at the MSN Gaming Zone and have the points from their career wins tracked nightly. Gamers who earn enough points will then have their in-game number plates automatically updated with their current ranking in the top 100. Motocross Madness 2 will also allow players to design their own racing tracks with a free, downloadable 3D track editor that will be made available at the game's launch.

    Motocross Madness 2 will be available domestically for an anticipated street price of US$39.95. For more information on the game, visit: here.

    ST: Armada Review - Falcon @ 4:30 am PST
    Neoseeker has just posted a review of the Star Trek strategy title from Activision, Star Trek: Armada. See how this game ranks up:
    "If you are a Star Trek fan and can get past the numerous errors in the game ­some so big that they prevented thousands of people from even being
    able to play ­ then you should like Star Trek: Armada. For the most part, I found it enjoyable, yet at the same time, a tad short. The game consists of only 4 levels per race, with four races total, adding up to a grand total of 16 levels. An experienced RTS player will be able to make short work of this game in a day or two. In addition, there was nothing in this game that really sets it apart from all of the other RTS’s out there. The Star Trek theme was nice, and it undoubtedly added to my enjoyment of the game, for I
    was able to indulge my fantasies about controlling Defiant and Sovereign class starships. In conclusion, Star Trek: Armada does a satisfactory job, but on the whole, it’s just your average RTS."

    Tachyon : The Fringe Review - Falcon @ 4:29 am PST
    New on today is a review of Tachyon : The Fringe from NovaLogic.
    "NovaLogic's first entry to space combat simulation looks terrific. There are a lot of ships that you can play with, and whether you are going through a wrap gate or raising pyrotechnic hell in the Fringe..."

    E3 news - Falcon @ 2:12 am PST
    Too many around, so be prepared for a barrage of E3 content:

    Dungeon Siege Vault has updated their Image Gallery and Concept Art section with loads of new material from E3. Included are pictures of never-before-seen monsters as well as a shot of the Siege Editor tool in action. has received some e3 shots of

  • Red Alert 2
  • AOK: Conquerors
  • Warcraft 3

    Star Trek Deep Space Nine actress Nana Visitor talks to Stomped @ E3 briefly on the upcoming game DSP The Fallen. More here:

    The Neverwinter Vault ( has just posted it's Neverwinter Nights E3 2000 Preview. Included in the preview are several screenshots from the new engine. You can find it at here

    Over the course of three extremely hectic days at E3, we spoke with a lot of developers and publishers, saw numerous games and received a pile of press kits. These contain various media such as screenshots, concept art, movies et al. To let you see at least part of this bounty, we've created a number of E3 Galleries showing the materials that were provided for various titles we saw at the show:

  • Anachronox E3 Gallery
  • Arcanum E3 Gallery
  • Baldur's Gate 2 E3 Gallery
  • href="" target="_new">Death Dealer E3 Gallery
  • Deus Ex E3 Gallery
  • Icewind Dale E3 Gallery
  • Ultima Online Worlds: Origin E3 Gallery

    Gamespy has had some steady news from E3: Some of the things in their news stream include:

    Quick Looks:
    No One Lives Forever
    Legends of Might and Magic
    Warlords: Battlecry
    Empire Earth
    Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask on Nintendo
    F.A.K.K. 2
    Dino Crisis 2 for PS2
    Metal Gear Solid 2
    Diablo II
    Updates on the new Unreal Engine


  • Mech Warrior 4 digital camera screen shots:

  • Baldur's Gate 2 digital camera screen shots:
  • General show shots:
  • Developer shots (ever wonder what some of the big names look like?):

    And even while at E3, they still took time to post a review of Star Trek: Armada.

    A Few Previews - MagicBoy @ 1:02 am PST
    GameSpy has really outdone itself this time, posting eight articles, including:
  • a first look at American McGee's Alice, including screenshots:
    The game is a third person action/adventure with a variety of puzzles that fit right into the Wonderland theme. For example, in one scene Alice finds herself on what looks to be a giant chess board. The only way she can proceed is by moving just like a chess piece and actually becoming one herself.

  • a quick look at Halo:
    Halo is a third person action shooter that emphasizes online teamplay. In the single player game two races, humans and Covenant, are facing off on a planet ringed by a gigantic purple halo. The Covenant seem bent on destroying the human race entirely, and your shipwrecked military outfit is doing its best to not only survive, but eventually take the battle to them.

  • a preview of MechWarrior 4:
    You play the role of a citizen of the Commonwealth who's family was murdered by Katherine Steiner for rebelling against her. After being approached by the resistance force, you join up with them to take revenge for the death of your family. Throughout the game you will advance in rank and experience, moving from a lowly wingman to the commander of a whole squad of mechs.

  • a look at I'm Going In:
    IGI will feature 15 missions, over 10 weapons and time-based actions such as hacking, alarm deactivation and lock picking. The missions are set in both large, expansive landscapes and claustrophobic enemy bases. Along the way players will be ambushed, face armored strikes and engage in sniper duels. There will also be battles atop cable cars and knife-only assassinations. Keep an eye out for this one, as it looks like loads of fun for fans of 3D action.

  • a quick look at Startopia:
    In a cozy section amidst the bedlam that was the Eidos booth, Mucky Foot Productions showed off their "Spaceship Life" simulator, "StarTopia." StarTopia transports gamers to a once-thriving galactic network of starships, space stations and planets left lifeless by a past apocalypse. Gamers will take control of rebuilding the network of space stations that once served the commerce and communication of a past galactic empire. Players will attempt to unite different races under one rule.

  • a quick look at O.R.B.:
    The game will offer two unique campaigns, one for each race. The surprise is that once you finish off the opposition, a new alien race comes in to try to kick your butt, McNeely said.
    The engine allows for movement in 3D but can be plotted in 2D if you so choose. it also is based on Newtonian physics, so forget any ideas about turning your ships on a dime.

  • four new screenshots of Warlords: Battlecry
  • And last, but not least, a preview of Warcraft III, including a movie clip and this small paragraph:
    A good place to start is to look at the WarCraft III engine. This will be Blizzard's first strategy game to use a 3D engine, but it seems to fit their game like a glove. The terrain has gentle curves and valleys and ridges that affect movement. Units themselves are all 3D rendered, with significant detail and superb animation -- certainly if you were to pick out any one thing that sets WarCraft apart from anything else like it, it would be the amazing animations. Units run with urgency, swinging their arms and moving along as though actually propelled by their legs (not just scrolling smoothly along like a sprite.)

    Monday, May 15, 2000
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    Sumo Wrestling - sim @ 9:10 pm PST
    EA has announced Sumo Wrestling 2000 today! Ha ha, just kidding. This post isn't really about gaming... it's about why I never watch sumo wrestling. This right here is why I never watch.

    E3 Wrap-ups - sim @ 7:57 pm PST
    Now that E3 is officially over, all the net denizens that attended are getting sober, resting up, and thankfully writing reports for everyone who wasn't lucky enough to make it. Here's a round-up of my favorite places for E3 coverage:
  • Stomped has tons of coverage, so much that they had to make a whole site for it. Check out Stomped @ E3 for all your news, reviews, and booth model needs.

  • Gamecenter has not only got tons of E3 coverage, but they've got megatons. That's right, I said megatons!

  • E3 News, courtesy of GameSpot has enough coverage to compete with Gamecenter's megatons.

  • Something Awful brought us back an 11 page writeup covering all the exciting events he witnessed at the gaming mecca. Check it out here.

  • Penny Arcade aka Gabe and Tycho have the last of their E3 sketches titled Unauthorized!. I think you'll like it.

  • PvP has a pretty cool new E3 strip today along with promises of a more thought out PvP Awards Page.

  • Fantasy v. Sci-Fi Gaming Article - MagicBoy @ 10:56 am PST
    3DActionPlanet has posted another one of its informative editorials, this time comparing two popular themes in gaming: Fantasy v. Sci-Fi. Here's a sample:
    When I started, I was most sure that both fantasy and futuristic had both advantages and disadvantages, but soon more questions arised. Could setting be a mere matter of aesthetics? Are futuristic and fantasy the only choices? Are they, as a matter of fact, equals or is there a better one? And better for whom and which games?

    I was a bit confused, and so I set on to analyze these differents settings. After asking a pair of demi-god developers, I was able to answer most of those questions and formulate a more informed opinion.
    So let's begin: what better way than to resort to my (however limited) noveling skills, and create a short introduction to both genres?

    The article further discusses the author's preferences as well as getting the opinions of Tim Stellmach (Looking Glass Studios) and Micheal Raymond-Judy (Raven Software).

    Daikatana In Stores May 22nd - MagicBoy @ 10:45 am PST
    I just noticed this over at AVault:
    Eidos has made it official: John Romero’s long-awaited 3D action game will be in stores May 22, the publisher’s current newsletter indicates.
    Still a few more days to screw it up, though.

    Deus Ex News - MagicBoy @ 7:50 am PST
    A ton of information regarding Deus Ex has appeared over at DXDOT, the site for all of your DX needs, including:

  • a short glance over at CGO
  • impressions of the game over at UU
  • an E3 Awards section over at Evil Avatar
  • There's more stuff so, go on...take a look.

    Obi-Wan Preview - MagicBoy @ 7:39 am PST
    A preview of LucasGames upcoming Star Wars Episode I title, has been posted over at the LucasGames Network.

    Two More Impressions - MagicBoy @ 7:36 am PST
    A couple of write-ups have been postd over at PCArena, including their impressions of Freelancer and Crimson Skies at E3.

    Screenshots Everywhere - MagicBoy @ 7:31 am PST
    GA-Source has managed to post a a ton of screenshots from E3 on their opening page. Head on over and check them out.

    Sunday, May 14, 2000
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    Epic Dropping OpenGL - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:05 pm PST
    Well, it seems that Epic will be completly dropping OpenGL support, from their next title, which will use a new engine. Blue's seems to have all the info, like always, so listen to them:

    Chalk up another surprise to E3 2000...Epic's Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart informed us yesterday (during a demonstration of the new Unreal-engine features) that the next iteration of the Unreal engine (which will be used for Epic's next title as well as Unreal 2) will be dropping OpenGL and Glide support entirely in favor of Direct3D (one of the reasons for this is the fact that they have direct input to Microsoft as to the development of the API). A major side effect of this is that any future ports of Unreal-engine titles that use the new technology will need to have a completely rewritten rendering system, making Mac and Linux ports significantly more difficult. This also signifies a major switch for Epic, as they move away from the Mac and Linux ports, and embrace console systems more directly, with their Playstation 2 port of Unreal Tournament, and a port planned for the X-Box as well.

    E3 Awards - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:00 pm PST
    Ok, heres the run down of the sites that have already kicked up their awards for this years E3. Dig it:
  • EvilAvatar
  • PvP Online
  • I expect to add on to these as the night goes on. If your just looking for E3 coverage, just go to any big gaming site, they all have it, hehe.

    New Freeze Tag for Q3A - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:31 pm PST
    Looks like i missed this one yesterday, but their is a new version of the Freeze Tag mod out for Q3A. You can grab the newest version, v1.3, right here. You dont need the client download to play, but you wont have the great freeze effects, so get it :).

    New GameIDE - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:16 pm PST
    Another version of GameIDE has just been released, bringing the program up to v2.6. You can grab it over on the GameIDE official site. The new version mainly fixs some compiling bugs.

    UT Add-on Confirmed - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:12 pm PST
    I just noticed over on Blue's, that Epic has confirmed that there is an add-on for Unreal Tournament in the works now. The [so far] nameless add-on, is being put together by Digitala Studios.

    Final E3 Coverage - sim @ 7:09 am PST
    Looks like E3 is coming to a close. For all you poor saps like me, who couldn't get there this year, here's plenty of stuff to keep you content:
  • GamePro's E3 Homepage has tons of previews, tons of screenshots, and lots more.

  • Game Fan has awards for E3 games in every category. They like to call it 'Hot Info'.

  • PvP Online not only has some pre-E3 comics in the archive, but Scott Kurtz has his own set of E3 awards.
  • Also, look forward to E3 wrap-ups over at Penny Arcade and Something Awful, which are two of my favorite websites :)

    Saturday, May 13, 2000
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    Editorialists - Falcon @ 6:45 pm PST
    Our hosted site, Dooms Day Gaming is in need editorialists. If you'd like to apply head over here.

    Soldier Preview - Falcon @ 6:24 pm PST
    Damage Gaming has posted a preview of Sinister Games' upcoming third-person twitch arcade shooter, Soldier. Unlike the movie of the same name (which the game is based off of) it is actually fun!

    Shadow Watch Review - Falcon @ 6:21 pm PST
    GS-RPG has just posted a review for Red Storm Entertainments' Shadow Watch.
    "Shadow Company is a game that calls to mind the turn based squad play of X-Com, yet fails to turn it into an equally enthralling experience. There is something about this game. Maybe it’s a Batman-esque graphics. Anyway, it feels like it was made for the 13 and under demographic. Character-advancement is almost a no-show. The turn-based combat quickly becomes a chore."

    More E3 Coverage - sim @ 10:00 am PST
    It's time for Saturday's edition of Sim's E3 coverage! This one is for all you poor saps, who just like me, could not attend this year. Enough with the intro though, here's the dirt:
  • TeleFragged has plenty of E3 coverage in form of a daily journal type thingy. Check out yesterdays here. Read em all here.

  • Stomped has posted over 100 pictures from E3, including a bunch of celeb pics like Regis Philbin, Kate Mulgrew, Ice-T and more, and close to 100 booth model pics.

  • GameSpot have posted a few more previews from E3, all featured at E3 News. Here's the list thus far: Magic & Mayhem: Art of Magic, Diablo II, Echelon, The Dreamland Chronicles: Freedom Ridge, and The Blair Witch Project Games.
  • That's all for now kiddies. Hopefully I'll get something up later today or tommorow for ya. Stay tuned!

    Friday, May 12, 2000
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    Half-Life MOD Pack - sim @ 5:22 pm PST
    The Adrenaline Vault has an announcement that Valve and Sierra will be making a 'mod bundle' for Half-Life. It's a short little article, so here's all of it, clipped and pasted for your conveniance:

    Sierra Studios has announced their continued support of the mod community through offering endowments to premiere development teams creating Half-Life mods. Developer Valve and publisher Sierra will be awarding grants to multiple groups of mod development teams over the next few months for a MOD bundle to be published through Sierra. Several Half-Life MODs are being showcased at E3. Later this summer, Valve and Sierra will also be hosting the second annual Half-Life MOD Expo in San Francisco. Half-Life MOD Expo 2000 is a follow up to last year's successful event that showcased some of the best mods being developed at independent developers. Half-Life MOD Expo 2000 will be open to the public. Additional information is forthcoming.

    If you really want to, go to the source right here

    E3 Coverage - sim @ 7:10 am PST
    Couldn't attend E3? Neither could I. But here's plenty of fresh coverage that'll keep both of us happy:
  • GA-Source has tons of screenshots, including Deus Ex, Anachronox, Hitman, and Halo just to name a few. Check out the whole list here.

  • Shugashack has booth babes galore. Plus there's something I think he calls 'news'.

  • Stomped @ E3 has their news page up and running as usual. It's sorta like a running E3 diary you could say.

  • Penny Arcade faces the funny side of E3 with their sketchbook and tantalizing news posts. And you can check out their forum cause people actually post there.

  • Something Awful has posted news that Jeff K. is attending E3 and is writing a daily journal.
  • That's all folks. Hope you liked it.

    Thursday, May 11, 2000
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    Delta Force: Land Warrior Announced - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:38 pm PST
    Another game announcement for tonight. The A-Vault is now reporting that NovaLogic has just announced its latest game, the follow up to its Delta Force series, Delta Force: Land Warrior. Check out the A-Vaults post right here. Ripped right from the A-Vault:

    Land Warrior also incorporates lessons learned from NovaLogic's collaboration with military customers. The company has entered into a contract to modify Delta Force 2 for use in the U.S. Army's next-generation Land Warrior program, which equips the foot soldier with technology once reserved for advanced combat vehicles, including integrated video sights, head-mounted displays, laser range-finders and GPS navigation. A character-driven story will introduce a squad of five veteran Delta Force soldiers. People will step into the boots of each squad member as the team carries out special operations ranging from hostage rescue to sabotage to direct assaults on terrorist compounds. The game will also feature new weapons and equipment, plus more of the large-scale online action that made the original titles popular, complete with speech communication via Voice-Over-Net and free gaming on Novaworld. Delta Force: Land Warrior is scheduled for release in Quarter 3 2000.

    Red Faction Announced - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:34 pm PST
    THQ has just announced there upcoming FPS, Red Faction. Here's the smack:
    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: From the creators of the award-winning Descent and FreeSpace series comes Red Faction, the first person shooter that will put an end to the clones and stagnant technology plaguing the genre. Every fps gamer has wondered what it would be like to unleash his weapons not just on unworthy opponents, but on the very walls that constrain them. With that in mind, Red Faction
    introduces Geo-Mod technology – real-time, arbitrary geometry modification capability that drastically enhances realism and diversity of gameplay. Framed by impressive features including an astonishing physics engine, controllable vehicles, intense graphics, kick-ass
    weapons, unique natural environments and a hugely involving storyline, Red Faction is the next must-have title for serious gamers.

    OVERVIEW: Genre: FPS Platform: PlayStation 2/PC Projected Ship Date: Winter 2001 Target Audience: FPS/Action fans Players: TBD
    Developer: Volition, Inc. Website: FEATURES:

    Geo-Mod Engine – the only FPS with real-time, arbitrary geometry modification
    Advanced physics simulation - supports falling geometry, particles and liquid Land, sea and air vehicles to commandeer and control
    A completely immersive and compelling storyline
    Stealth and action driven objectives
    Varied environments including natural settings unique to the genre
    Object shadow casting and other cutting-edge lighting effects
    Advanced AI behavior in 20 dynamic 3D levels
    Real-time skeletal deformation and interpolation for silky smooth animations
    Location-based damage system
    Proprietary level editor that is faster, easier and more advanced than any on the market
    Multi-player support for LAN and TCP-IP

    UT PSX2 Shots! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:31 pm PST
    Spicy one here folks... GameSpot UK has just tossed up 10 new screenies from the upcoming PlayStation 2 port of Unreal Tourney. Check them all out right here.

    Quake III: Team Arena Previews - MaD-HaTTeR @ 9:41 am PST
    Its about that time, when the first previews for the upcoming Q3A mission pack (Team Arena) are being posted. The first two previews come from GameSpy and [the already posted] Planet Quake. Overall, i that the mission pack is gonna be damn amazing, i mean, what id game hasnt been?

    UT 418 Release Notes - MaD-HaTTeR @ 9:37 am PST
    PlanetUnreal has just kicked up the release notes that will come along with the upcoming UT patch, v418. You can check them out right here. Here are the bug fixs in the new patch:
    -fixed actorlinecheck() crash
    - fixed findrandomdest()
    - fixed D3D driver - combined best performance with widest compatibility of previous iterations, improved
    Voodoo 4 D3D support
    - fixed installer problem with certain directory structures
    - fixed security holes with ServerRestartGame() SwitchLevel() and SwitchCoopLevel()
    - removed ability to use bad skins
    - fixed ADDINI for editing .ini files for patch and umod installation

    Screenshots, Wallpapers - Falcon @ 5:52 am PST
    Gamespy just posted 27 new screens shots from Strategy First's new RTS Submarine Titans:

    They also have 18 shots from EA's upcoming PSX game Medal of Honour:

    In anticipation of the Ground Control demo that should be hitting retail stores today, Damage Gaming has posted eleven new screenshots of Massive Entertainment and Sierra's upcoming 3D real-time strategy title.

    And the wallpapers:
    The Red Alert Power Plant has posted 2 exclusive wallpapers from the recently announced real-time strategy game, Red Alert 2. posted 5 high-res rendered wallpapers from Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed. Images courtesy of Electronic Arts. (They look like normal high res SS's?)

    Spellbiner Review - Falcon @ 5:49 am PST
    Multiplayer action in first person shooters tends to be fast and furious, but what if your character could improve certain skills and powers over time, and then harness that power against opponents, as in RPGs? Mythic Entertainment has brought this idea to fruition by developing a title that fuses several elements from these two genres into a team-style format.

    Based on the Rolemaster tabletop environment from Iron Crown Enterprises, Spellbinder: The Nexus Conflict is a game of magical combat which is included in Centropolis Interactive's Mothership Games' regular monthly fee. While it may not necessarily cater to the tastes of pure shooter or RPG fans, Spellbinder does provide an experience tantamount to a thinking
    person's deathmatch game, strengthened by a character advancement system.
    Find out if this hybrid offers an appealing experience in this Spellbinder Review.

    X-Box @ E3 - Falcon @ 5:45 am PST
    The gamers have spoken! In an unusual move, Microsoft asked the gaming public at large how big of a splash -- if any at all -- the company should make with their future-generation video-game console at the Electronic Expo (E3) in Los Angeles this year. With well over a year before release of the console, Microsoft had not planned to attend this year's E3 with great fanfare. With the show a scant few days away, gamers overwhelming voted for Microsoft to bring Xbox to E3 -- and to do so in a big way.

    The Xbox poll ran over this past weekend on gaming news sites and Xbox fan sites alike. With the votes counted, the outcome was clear: an overwhelming 86% of fans demanded that Microsoft go whole hog and bring the Xbox to E3. Honoring the fans' request, Microsoft made emergency preparations and delivered the Xbox to the Los Angeles Convention Center this morning. Raven was on hand to ensure the safe arrival of Xbox, and downloadable AVIs and images of the event, including action shots of Raven, will be available later today on the official Xbox site at

    Two weeks ago, top Xbox fan sites rallied together and asked readers to name Microsoft's animated "Two to Tango" demo diva, which was unveiled along with Xbox at the March Game Developers Conference. Based on that poll's overwhelming response, and with a curiosity for how gamers would react to a sneak peek at the system this early in the game, Microsoft launched its Xbox at E3 poll.

    Q3A News - Falcon @ 5:43 am PST
    So many little tidbits I might as well combine them:

    1) Q3A ToA (Tier of Admiration) Servers.

    The Beta3 version of the Tier of Admiration for Quake III Arena was released the other day. If anyone is interested in running a Quake III Arena Tier of Admiration server, mail More info can be found here in the Admiration section. There's a link to the ToA page on the left hand sidebar. (Frames wont work otherwise)
    ToA Download(4300 KB)
    Mirror Download

    2) The guys from id software came by and gave 3DAP a personal and hands on demonstration of the new quake 3 expansion pack. Surprise, they got some SS's!
    3DActionPlanet now has 32 unique screenshots of Quake 3: Team Arena, featuring all the new weapons, gameplay modes, and powerups. These are unique shots, and aren't the ones PlanetQuake and are showing.

    On the subject of Q3A: TA, Planetquake has an exclusive preview of the Q3A mission pack, Quake III: Team Arena. A few of the guys from id stopped by the PQ/GameSpy offices on their way to E3 and gave them a complete, exclusive showing. Guess what, More SS's.

    One guess what the next tidbit is about... Yep, and this time with Gamespy: The guys at id stopped by the Gamespy offices today and and showed off the Q3 Team Arena Mission Pack and they have news and 10 exclusive shots to prove it.

    Majesty: The Final Kingdom Review - Falcon @ 5:29 am PST
    Damage Gaming has now kicked up a review of Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim. The reviewer didn't find the game to be exceptionally good at all, and gave it a two out of five.

    Wednesday, May 10, 2000
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    Counter-Strike Updates - sim @ 10:51 pm PST
    There's some worthwile news concerning beta 6.5 on the official Counter-Strike website. Here's a nibble:

    We're working SUPER hard on BETA 6.5 right now and we ask that people stop asking us for interviews at this time. It's crunch mode for the CS Team and we're aiming to have BETA 6.5 ready in a couple weeks time. The new network code is in place and all of our testers have reported a decrease in latency and a much smoother playing experience.

    There's also some screenshots of the new maps: as_evacuation and de_cobble.

    Randy Pitchford .plan Update - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:21 pm PST
    Randy Pitchford, the Lead Game Designer at Gearbox, has just cooked up a .plan update, with word that they will be displaying OpFor CTF at E3. Here's the smack:
    It turns out that we'll be playing OpFor CTF on the floor of E3. Come by the Half-Life display at the Sierra / Havas booth to see (and maybe even play) the soon-to-be-released official Gearbox Capture The Flag before anyone else on the planet. Also being shown are a number of other excellent Half-Life mods that have helped Half-Life be the most played game on the internet.

    So, if you're at E3, stop by, say hello and check out the CTF action.

    **MaD-HaTTeR starts crying because he wants to go. sniff, sniff.

    New 3Dfx VP - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:16 pm PST
    There is a new PR up on, with word of a new Vice Prez over at 3Dfx. Read on:
    SAN JOSE, Calif., May 10 -3dfx Interactive(R) Inc. (Nasdaq: TDFX), today named Stephen A. Lapinski, 49, as senior vice president of worldwide marketing. Lapinski brings over 25 years of high-technology marketing experience to further enhance the senior executive management staff. He will be responsible for all marketing aspects including brand, product, channel, corporate and international marketing.

    "Stephen has a track record of great success, so we believe he will advance our brand by building a strong team and initiating a worldwide marketing infrastructure that effectively leads 3dfx into the 21st century," said Dr. Alex Leupp, President and CEO of 3dfx Interactive. "At AMD the Athlon product strategy under his direction was a triumphant accomplishment. Stephen's savvy marketing tactics and skillful execution management will propel the entire Voodoo brand, particularly as we prepare to launch our Voodoo4(TM) and Voodoo5(TM) products globally."

    "3dfx Interactive delivers unparalleled products and services to a technology-savvy market," said Lapinski. "My challenge will be to position 3dfx, along with our most recent acquisition of GigaPixel, as the one and only true global leader in 3D graphics, 3D gaming and the entire 3D experience. My vision includes implementing a worldwide marketing plan that builds upon the current and future team raising the stakes for doing business in the 3D technology market."

    First Undying Shots - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:13 pm PST
    Voodoo Extreme has just slapped up the first shots ever of the upcoming (ok, it wont even be announced until tommorow) Unreal Tournament engine powered FPS, Clive Barker's Undying. You can check out the shots here: Shot 1, Shot 2, and Shot 3.

    MechWarrior 4 Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:03 pm PST has just tossed up part 5 (does the madness ever stop?), of their MechWarrior 4 Interview. This new part, covers the AI of the game. Check it out right here. Clippage for your viewing pleasure:
    1. What kind of communication features can we look forward to for ‘MechWarrior 4? Will we see the standard auto-command keys or will MW4 extend to a higher level with customizable commands or voice command programs?

    [TJ.]I am assuming you are talking about lancemate commands and we will have the standard hit a key to select a lancemate and hit another key to give a command. We are working on supporting voice communications for multiplayer where it needs it the most. The hardware group is coming out with a great device that will allow you to map any game command to a voice prompt. When I heard about this I immediately signed up to Beta test and have one here on my desk.

    Swat 3 Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:59 pm PST has just kicked up a new interview, with Rod Fung, the Producer of SWAT3 and the upcoming Battle Plan add-on. Its a pretty short interview, but it has some good points. Check it out right here. Dig the snippage:
    There's no shortage of tactical sims these days. What separates both SWAT3 and now Battle Plan from your competitors?

    I think what separates SWAT 3 from the competition is our commitment to realism. If you look at our environments, they really give you the sense that you are part of the world that our artists created. The textures are realistic, the interior spaces are well laid out, and there is a great attention to detail. Our artificial intelligence system also separates us from the rest of the tactical sims out there. For SWAT 3 we wanted to create the most realistic close quarters battle experience possible, this involved creating a very complicated AI system that could handle the tactics in realistic SWAT situations. The reason why you haven't seen AI of this type in other games of this type is because it is very complex and difficult to implement.

    New Q3A Nightbreed CTF - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:55 pm PST
    Tonight brings a new version of Nightbreed CTF for Quake 3. The new version, v117, fixs some old bugs. Check it out right here.

    Win 2K Gaming Fixs - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:51 pm PST
    If you go check out the Windows Update Page, Win 2000 users will find a new windows update to download. This new update, is designed mostly to fix many bugs Win 2000 has with running games. Here's a list of the fixed games (and other apps):

    The May 2000 package addresses the following software titles:

    1) 1602 A.D. 1.0 (GT Interactive)
    2) Access 97 (Microsoft)
    3) Art Explosion T-Shirt Factory 1.0 (Nova Development)
    4) Demolition Racer 1.0 (Infogrames Multimedia)
    5) Encarta Reference Suite 98 (Microsoft)
    6) Gabriel Knight 3 1.0 (Sierra On-line/Dynamix)
    7) Half-Life: Game of the Year Edition 1.0 (Sierra On-line/Dynamix)
    8) iF-22 Raptor 1.0 (Interactive Magic)
    9) Outlook 98 (Microsoft)
    10) Panzer Commander 1.0 (Strategic Simulations)
    11) PhotoDeluxe Home Edition 3.0 (Adobe)
    12) PhotoDeluxe Home Edition 3.1 (Adobe)
    13) Pokemon Project Studio Blue Version 1.0 (Mattel Interactive)
    14) Pokemon Project Studio Red Version 1.0 (Mattel Interactive)
    15) Powerslide 1.0 (GT Interactive)
    16) Resume Maker Deluxe Edition 7.0 (Individual Software)
    17) Rising Sun 1.0 (TalonSoft)
    18) Sonic & Knuckles Collection 1.0 (Sega Enterprise)
    19) Streets & Trips 2000 (Microsoft)
    20) Stuart Little: Big City Adventures 1.0 (Hasbro Interactive)
    21) Thief-The Dark Project 1.0 (Eidos Interactive)
    22) X Games Pro Boarder 1.0 (Electronic Arts)

    PSX 2 Release Date! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:45 pm PST
    Sony has just picked a date for the official launch of the PlayStation 2, in the US. Cnet said it best, so just listen to them:
    Sony said today that its PlayStation2 will hit U.S. stores Oct. 26 with a suggested price tag of $299.

    The U.S. launch of the PlayStation2 should help rekindle the console wars, as the new machine competes head-to-head against Sega's Dreamcast. Nintendo's Dolphin and Microsoft's X-Box are expected in 2001.

    Sony plans to crank out 1 million PlayStation2 units for the launch, with 2 million more units to ship through March 31, 2001.

    The machine also will work, as shipped, to play DVD movies and audio CDs. Sony announced the launch in Los Angeles in advance of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) trade show there.

    As expected, the PlayStation does not include a built-in hard drive but can connect to one through the console's USB (universal serial bus) and "iLink" ports.

    The PlayStation2 will not ship with a built-in modem, as many had expected, but it will contain an expansion bay designed to handle the modem. The modems will be sold separately and will not be available at the launch. A company representative said they should be available shortly thereafter, however.

    "The overwhelming success of the product launch proves that the market is ready for PlayStation2, as we chart a path toward the future of networked digital entertainment," Sony Computer Entertainment chief executive Ken Kutaragi said in a statement.

    Something Awful: EQ - sim @ 7:02 pm PST
    There's a new EQ article up at Something Awful. It's titled "The Top 10 Failed Ways to Discourage Camping in Everquest". Here's a snip:
    7) All items and weapons taken out of game and replaced with "large rocks". The coveted "very, very large rock", which was dropped by a dragon in Veeshan's Peak, weighed over seven tons and could not be used by any class or race.

    If you're an EQ fan or not, it's still funny. Read the rest of it here. Speaking of EQ, why not talk about it in the forum? (Getting tired of these hints? Then just visit the forum and be over with it!)

    Penny Arcade - sim @ 6:54 pm PST
    Don't pass up today's Penny Arcade strip. If you like E3 and sex, you'll like the strip. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll read the archives. I did and now it's my favorite comic.

    Do you have a favorite comic? Tell me about it in the forum.

    Warcraft 3 Screens - sim @ 6:47 pm PST
    Check out the new Warcraft III screenshots on the official Blizzard site. There are six new shots showing off lots of units and the sleek new interface. And the pigs are back!

    Even More Q3A Mission Pack Shots - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:58 pm PST
    Well, i have come across even more shots from id's upcoming Q3A mission pack. So, go check out the 10 new shots at GameSpy, and the 3 news shots over on PlanetQuake (Shot 1, Shot 2, and Shot 3)

    Q3A Mission Pack Screenies Galore! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:50 pm PST
    Thats right, 3DActionPlanet has just kicked up 32 brand spankin new screenies from id's upcoming Quake 3: Arena mission pack. These shots are absolutely amazing, and if you play any FPS at all, take a peek. You can check them out right here.

    And i thought deathmatch couldnt get any better...

    3D Prophet II Drivers - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:10 pm PST
    Looks like has gotten their hands on some drivers for the 3D Prophet II GTS. The drivers, v5.6, can be grabbed right here.

    Rage Software Licenses Unreal Engine - MagicBoy @ 10:04 am PST
    VE has posted the entire press release announcing Rage Software's licensing of the Unreal engine. This includes the updated features found in the Unreal Tournament engine plus a host of other features. Head on over and check it out.

    Pre-e3 Article - MagicBoy @ 8:44 am PST
    OnlyOne, of DXNation fame, has written up an article describing his experiences during last year's e3. Included are sections dicussing the show, the games and, of course, the booth babes. The article also mentions Deus Ex at last year's e3 as well as what to expect from the Eidos booth this year:
    If I could say just one thing about E3, it would be this: thank god Eidos brings in Playboy Bunnies!
    Yes, praise be unto Allah, indeed.

    A First Look at Soldier - MagicBoy @ 8:35 am PST
    3DActionPlanet has posted another one of its "First Looks" articles, this time dealing with Soldier, an upcoming shooter based on the 1998 movie of the same name:
    Many people may or may not remember the 1998 movie Soldier staring Kurt Russell as an outdated soldier in a dark and not altogether pleasant future. Kurt's character got the snot beat out of him by a newly bio engineered supersoldier, then got dumped on a backwater garbage planet. There he befriended (sorta) the other surviving refugees, and eventually shot the bad guys full of holes. Everyone was happy, despite the fact that they were still living in garbage.
    Just as long as the bad guys were full of holes...

    C&C: Renegade Preview - MagicBoy @ 8:23 am PST
    Gamespot has posted a preview of Westwood's upcoming 3rd person shooter, Renegade. Here's an excerpt:
    It was only a matter of time before the Command & Conquer series eschewed the shackles of 2D graphics for the more robust and modern 3D world. While voxel technology was adopted by Westwood for Tiberian Sun, Firestorm, and Red Alert 2, the Command & Conquer series was, for the most part, still mired by two-dimensional tiles and units. It's somewhat poetic, then, that the first C&C game to fully embrace 3D graphics isn't a typical Command & Conquer game at all: It's Renegade, a 3D game that's light on strategy and heavy on action. Don't misunderstand, though. Renegade is still very much a Command & Conquer game, complete with Global Defense Initiative and Brotherhood of NOD units, structures, and soldiers. All the established C&C rules still apply. Instead of taking control of hordes of tanks and infantrymen, however, you assume the role of a single foot soldier named Nick Parker.
    "I got a present for ya'!"

    MM2 Interview - sim @ 7:18 am PST
    GameSpy, in another exclusive from Microsoft for Gamespy, they talk about Midtown Madness 2 and get a few nice screen shots in the bargain. Check the clip and paste:
    Gamespy: Midtown Madness featured the player driving through the virtual city of Chicago, with landmarks in various parts of the city all true to their location. When gamers played they actually felt like they were in a virtual city, with all landmarks and roads in place. Will Midtown Madness 2 feature as realistic cities now that you are working with two cities rather then the previous one?

    John Rodman: Absolutely! We have gone to great lengths to make sure that both San Francisco and London are accurately depicted in Midtown Madness 2. You'll experience familiar landmarks such as Coit Tower and Lombard Street in San Francisco; to the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace in London. While both cities will be highly realistic, we've taken creative license with some of the routes to insure that the drive will experience a wide variety of fun and challenging maps and races.

    Read the rest of it here.

    HL Matrix Interview - sim @ 7:11 am PST
    Half-Life Center recently had the opportunity to interview Manuel Llamas (aka ~A.U.S.T.I.N.) of the Half-Life Matrix modification for Half-Life. The HL Matrix modification is currently in the works, but one can safely conclude that it will be one of the most extraordinary HL mods out there. The interview is aimed at identifying one of the men behind this marvel project and to get to know a little more about the inner workings of the mod itself. Here's a snip:
    HLC: How was it like utilizing Half-Life's skeletal animation system for the models? What type of innovative "moves" has it allowed you to create for the close-range, hand-to-hand combat?

    ML: Well the skeletal animation system is great, it really allows you to bend human joints realistically, and moves like rolls, flips, etc look great. Hand to hand combat is not made yet, however I do have planned to have a kung fu system included in the 2nd or 3rd beta. It will have really neat animations.

    Read the rest of it here. Or to conduct your own little interview, head on over to the forum and question anyone on the GameSurge staff! "Stickiest site on the net" - Falcon @ 2:21 am PST
    Heres an interesting little bit of info:
    REDMOND, Wash. - May 9, 2000 - Microsoft Corp. today announced that, according to Media Metrix Inc.'s March 2000 data, people are spending an average of four hours per month playing games on the MSN™ Gaming Zone (Applications), more time per month, on average, than is being spent on any other single activity on the Internet*. That means people are spending more time playing Spades, "Asheron's Call®" and "Age of Empires®" than they are on the leading auction, stock-trading and e-mail sites. In addition, is one of the fastest-growing sites on the Internet. In March of this year alone, grew 23 percent in unique users and over 40 percent in usage minutes per month, according to Media Metrix**. Featuring a wide selection of single-player and multiplayer games, has become the No. 1 multiplayer gaming site on the Internet with 14 million registered members and 125 available games.

    "We've guided to unprecedented success by offering a huge variety of single and multiplayer games that appeal to casual and hard-core gamers alike," said Ed Fries, vice president of the Games Division at Microsoft. "The fact that our users are spending more time playing games on than the average Web user is spending doing popular things like checking e-mail and shopping is a testament to the tremendous popularity of online gaming and the Zone's leadership in this industry."

    Screenshots - Falcon @ 2:19 am PST
    A couple for today:
    GA-RPG has been updated with new screenshots from Soulbringer, an upcoming real-time role-playing adventure game.

    Gamespy has just posted 20 exclusive shots of Zono's new mech RTS Metal Fatigue.

    MS @ E3 - Falcon @ 2:15 am PST
    Microsoft will be flying into this years E3 with a range of games to show, which include:

    - Combat Flight Simulator 2: WWII Pacific Theater

    - Mechwarror

    For the first time in the 16-year-old BattleTech universe, the player isn't a grunt private, but rather the commanding hero in the center of a complex story of betrayal, revenge and honor. Tearing through tundra forests and icy arctic worlds are more than 20 giant 80-ton war machines, all of which can be customized with new weapons, armor and sensors. More than 30 unique missions keep the tactical thinking and adrenaline flowing. Scheduled availability: 2000 holiday season.
    - Crimson Skies

    - Age of Empires® II: The Conquerors
    ." With five new civilizations, four new historically based campaigns and 25 new technologies, the latest in the "Age of Empires" series offers a worthy descendent to the best-selling PC game of the 1999 holiday season. The richest, deepest Age of Empires expansion pack ever created, "The Conquerors" lets players turn a tiny village into a mighty empire in a real-time strategy game set in the Middle Ages. Players relive the epic reigns of Attila the Hun, Montezuma, El Cid and other well-known rulers. Scheduled availability: September 2000.
    - Links LS 2001."

    - Motocross Madness II

    Icewind Dale Preview - Falcon @ 2:10 am PST
    Damage Gaming has posted a fairly lengthy preview of Black Isle Studios' upcoming Icewind Dale, which is full of information and is also dotted with the screenshots and artwork they posted last week.

    Tuesday, May 09, 2000
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    UT Inoxx Pack Released! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:00 pm PST
    The long awaited Unreal Tournament Inoxx map pack has now been released! You can grab the map pack, which weighs in at 4.8megs, off of GameCenter. Here's the smack:

    Download six Deathmatch and Capture the Flag mods designed by Cedric "Inoxx" Fiorentino, the Unreal Tournament developer best known for his Capture the Flag level, Facing Worlds. He has been designing levels for Epic for five years, creating fan favorites such as UT's Phobos Moon, Hyperblast, and Metaldream levels. The levels in the Inoxx pack were originally created for Unreal Tournament but were not completed by the time of the game's launch (see screen shots).

    The Inoxx Pack includes:

    Facing Worlds 2 (CTF): The follow-up to the infamous Capture the Flag map that helped make Unreal Tournament a household name. Two flags. Two towers floating in space. Two teams. Too much mayhem!
    Crane (DM): A construction site is an insurance company's nightmare; it is filled to the brim with hazards. What a perfect place for deathmatch action! Players can camp out on top of enormous work cranes while sniping at the battles below, or hide behind piles of girders to ambush foes. The view is breathtaking, but try to avoid falling...
    High Towers (CTF): This baby takes place in the same city environment as Crane. The main difference is that each team base is located in a separate building. Like the other levels, it's huge!
    Nucleus (CTF): This map is a standard Capture the Flag level with two symmetric bases, except it looks beautiful and it's very disorienting.
    Kosov Valley (CTF): This is very big and designed for a large number of players. There are two bases: the blue base is a military outpost, the red base is an ancient temple. Players are forced to walk on a path on the edge of a big lake, or in a long underground cave.
    SpaceNoxx (DM): This is a hard-core arena. Be ready to fight in low gravity on this floating platform. It's made for a small number of players. But you can thin them out when you get there.

    New TFC 1.5 Screens - sim @ 7:05 am PST
    Valve Sector just posted 5 'exclusive' screenshots of TFC 1.5! Check 'em all out here.

    Speaking of uh, exclusive, why not take a gander at the GameSurge Forum? Heck, why not make a post or two? You could talk about TFC 1.5 on the Half-Life board!

    Bioware @ E3 - Falcon @ 12:22 am PST
    They can't seem to have enough of thi can they?
    Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Neverwinter Nights are two titles that are certain to attract a lot of attention from RPG fans at E3 this week. In advance of their showing, we were fortunate enough to find out what some of the team members at developer BioWare will be doing in their official roles, and what they're hoping to see: Check out the main news page at RPG Vault for their complete replies.

    Stomped E3 News - Falcon @ 12:21 am PST
    If you think having a 16 year old as the offical model for Lara Croft is somewhat suspect, get this. UGO will have a drag queen at their booth who will also be protraying Lara Croft at E3.
    Also, The official E3 media events list has both Kate (Star Trek Voyager) Mulgrew and Antonio ("Huggy Bear" from Starsky and Hutch) Vargas listed as making appearances during E3. For more info on either head to the site here.

    Screenshots - Falcon @ 12:10 am PST
    Some screenshots from a couple of games available below:

    The Anarchy Online Vault received several exclusive screenshots from Funcom's upcoming MMORPG Anarchy Online.
    You can find them at: here, here, and here.

    Stomped has posted a couple of exclusive new FAKK2 screenshots. One shows a never before publicly shown weapon. Head over here for it.

    Submarine Titans Demo Review - Falcon @ 12:03 am PST
    StrategyPlanet has posted a review of the Submarine Titans DEMO. Here is a taste...
    "The game has a wealth of interesting buildings that allow you to do various things, such as "hack" enemy computers to find out their resources, number of ships, etc... There is a delicate balance of repairing ships, arming them, researching new technology and general mayhem."

    Hidden+Dangerous Review - Falcon @ 12:02 am PST
    Neoseeker has a review of the Hidden & Dangerous Action Pack. This package is designed for the gamer who hasn't played H&D before. It comes with H&D and its expansion pack, Devil's Bridge.
    "Hidden & Dangerous Action Pack is an exciting, yet serious portrayal of WWII combat. Both games included with the Action Pack provide many hours of intense, and sometimes frustrating, gameplay. There are some bugs still
    lingering in the game code, but H&D Action Pack comes with the latest patch, which makes it more stable than previous versions of the game. If you’re prepared to spend some time possibly updating video drivers, and have the patience to do a little trouble-shooting if necessary, you will be rewarded with one of the most realistic WWII combat games to date.

    Monday, May 08, 2000
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    Creatures 3 Review - Falcon @ 11:50 pm PST is back up with a review of Mindscape's Creatures 3.
    "The goal of the game is for you to successfully breed a population of Norns. Norns are created by an advanced race called the Shee. Norns live in a spaceship and has a lifespan of seven hours..." Final Score was 88 out of 100.

    Dungeon Siege preview - Falcon @ 11:46 pm PST goes in to E3 mode a little early with a behind the scenes look at Dungeon Siege, a chat with Chris Taylor and 3 exclusive new screens shots, one showing the popular pack mule. Check out what Taylor had to say here

    PvP Online - sim @ 10:21 pm PST
    If you're looking for a good laugh, take a look at today's PvP comic. It's loads of fun and it's even fat free! What more do you need?

    Speaking of loads of fun, take a look at our forum! There's plenty of fat free fun to be had there! Start a discussion on any of the boards and invite your friends... and tell them to bring some food, cause I'm hungry.

    Morrowind Interview - sim @ 9:56 pm PST
    Kathode of Destination: Morrowind conducted an short interview(and I mean short! 2 questions only) with Ken Rolston of Bethesda Software. I'd do a little cut and paste, but that'd be more than half the interview and I don't want to steal their thunder, so why don't you just go read it here?

    Cliffe Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:53 pm PST
    Cold Ice Network has just kicked up a new interview, with Cliffe, one of the guys behind the HL mod, Counter Strike. Check it out right here. Clippage for your viewing pleasure:
    GuarddoG: How come people get so pissed off when they play CS, but barely get pissed when they play TFC?

    Cliffe: In TFC you don't have to wait a few minutes to respawn when you die.

    GuarddoG: What can we expect to see in Beta 6.5/7?

    Cliffe: Well for 6.5 you'll see new net code integrated, redone weapon models, a new Little Rizzuh player model, etc.

    GuarddoG: Which are better: ring dings or ho ho's?

    Cliffe: Hey wait, this was my question on the forums -- so in essence I'm asking this to myself. A: I can't decide.

    New GameIDE - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:49 pm PST
    Looks like tonight brings with it, yet another version of the game source editor, GameIDE. The newest version, v2.5 R2, can be grabbed right here. Dig it:
    Well, since version 2.4, the text editor kinda sucked when it came to find, auto indent, etc. Version 2.5 R2 is an update to version 2.5 (Full or Upgrade with the same download links) that provide a brand new text editor that adds and fixes most of the features in the GameIDE text editor, so grab a copy of the updated 2.5 release now!

    Updated: Please Download GameIDE after 8:00PM CST to ensure that you have the latest version.

    John Cash Leaves id - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:46 pm PST
    Graeme Devine from id has just kicked up a quick update to his .plan, with the word that John Cash has left id software, and moved on to Blizzard. Here's the smack:
    Well, E3 is coming right on up!

    John Cash departed from id last Friday to a new position at Blizzard. I'll let him
    fill you in on what he's doing there, but we miss his CTF skills already! We wish
    John all the best, and id looks forward to the forthcoming Diablo II beta copies..

    Had to throw that in.

    InoxxPack tomorrow - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:42 pm PST
    Smack! Thats what im talking about!

    Oh, whoops, thinking out load again. Anyway, GameCenter is gonna be putting up the Inoxx Map Pack tommorow (tuesday), for Unreal Tourny. Dig it:

    Gamecenter and Epic Games plan to debut the Inoxx Pack for Unreal Tournament on Tuesday, May 9. The pack consists of six new levels, including the long-awaited Facing Worlds 2.

    Anarchy Online Shot - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:37 pm PST
    Anarchy Online Vault has just kicked up a new sceenie that they got their hand on. its pretty crazy, go check it out, right here.

    Gabe Newell Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:32 pm PST
    Planet Fortress has just tossed up an interview with Gabe Newell of Valve, regarding TFC and TF2. You can check it out right here. Dig the Snippage:
    [PlanetFortress] Will there be any more patches released after 1.5?
    [Gabe Newell] Yes. We will continue to be releasing new technology, games, and content.

    [PlanetFortress] In TF2, would vehicle moving create any more lag in the game?
    [Gabe Newell] No.

    [PlanetFortress] Will the commander function give a the gamer a RTS type view over the battle field?
    [Gabe Newell] Yes.

    [PlanetFortress] How many people will there be on a team who can issue orders?
    [Gabe Newell] There is one commander per team, although there will be officers as well on a team.

    [PlanetFortress] Just to suit the public, although we all know the answer - "When will TF2 be released?"
    [Gabe Newell] I don't know.

    Counter-Strike Updates - sim @ 6:22 pm PST
    There's a new screenshot of the redone M3 Super 90 Combat over at the official Counter-Strike website. Cliffe also posted some information on the upcoming patch that will feature Valve's new netcode. Read all about it over at HalfLife Central.

    Freelancer First Look - MagicBoy @ 9:32 am PST
    Have you noticed the number of high quality space sims out on the market at the moment (Starlancer and Allegiance to name a couple)? Freelancer, developed by Digital Anvil, will be upon us in the near future and 3DActionPlanet has prepared a new "First Looks" article to give you a taste of what's to come. Here's another taste:
    Chris Roberts has said from day 1 that Freelancer is to be the game that Privateer could not have been due to technology restraints. With the technology available to Chris Roberts and the rest of the Freelancer team the game is able to be much more open and dynamic than games that have come out in the past. The sense of scale in Freelancer should be rivaled by no other game to date. The gigantic space stations and capital ships will effectively dwarf your fighter ship in comparison. Players will be able to form allegiances with pirates, trade, attack trade routes, go to battle, explore and more all in a large 3D universe set in space. The game will react to the players actions so if you attacking trade routes do not be too surprised when the prices of goods skyrocket. The goal of Freelancer team is to make the universe as real is possible with a lot of interaction and a compelling storyline.

    Unlike many space-simulation titles Freelancer will be moving away from a joystick oriented game to an interface entirely driven my the mouse in cooperation with the NeuroNet. The NeuroNet aides in the control of navigation, combat, and the flight system. Like other parts of your ship, such as the engine and weapons, the NeuroNet can be upgraded at a cost. When engaging in battles players will be able to set the ship to auto-pilot and zoom in on the target for a more effective attack. With this use of the NeuroNet the player will be able to begin an attack on a target in sight while carrying out preset combat maneuvers.

    So, you didn't get into space sims because you didn't have a joystick? No more excuses now!

    Dungeon Siege Preveiw - MagicBoy @ 9:14 am PST
    A new preview of Dungeon Siege, the latest from Chris Taylor of Total Annihilation fame, has appeared on GameSpy:
    Dungeon Siege is an action fantasy RPG that melds the best elements of role-playing game with the in-your-face intensity of an RTS. Using a Siege Engine specifically created for the game, the team has created a continuous, fully 3D fantasy environment that allows players to move freely about the world without having to worry about load screens. The world includes the traditional castles and dungeons, but in such detail that the player can almost smell the mustiness and decay.

    Tribes 2 Screenshots - MagicBoy @ 8:55 am PST
    GA-Source has put up some new screenshots of Dynamix's upcoming squad-based, tactical shooter sequel, Tribes 2. The shots showcase the improvements in environment graphics as well as player models and weapon models.

    Arcanum Preview - MagicBoy @ 8:48 am PST
    CGO has obtained more info regarding Troika's upcoming isometeric RPG, Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, which they promptly incorporated into a new preview. A snippet for the "click-the-link-impaired":

    With Arcanum , Troika has created a society in which an industrial revolution has stolen a lot of the thunder from the arts of magic, which are on the decline. The temples at the center of some towns have fallen into disrepair from lack of use; they’re used to house giant steam engines that power the town. It makes an interesting analog to the role of religion in our world after the Industrial Revolution and the rise of rationalism. As our increasingly secular society has relied more and more on science, there’s less room for religion. Something similar is happening in the world of Arcanum.

    Urban Operations Review - MagicBoy @ 8:34 am PST
    PCGameWorld has posted a review of the Rogue Spear expansion pack, Urban Operations, giving it an overall score of 92%. Here's more:

    Besides the campaigns you get eight new multiplayer maps and a host of game enhancements and additions. The add-on also patches Rogue Spear to version 2.05, and makes incorporating user mods a very friendly affair.

    The two best enhancements come in the form of a better interface for setting up quick games (called custom missions) like assault, lone wolf, terrorist hunt, et cetera, and the ability to order your team through hotkeys. Custom missions are pretty easy to set up. All you do is choose the type of game, the map (which must be unlocked by attempting to play through it at least once), the difficulty level, and the number of terrorists to battle. New to Urban Operations is the "defend" custom mission. This mission has a solo operative defending a location from an onslaught of terrorists. While it sounds fun, in practice it leaves a lot to be desired, primarily because you're in control of only one guy.

    SoF Interview - sim @ 6:47 am PST
    Twisted of recently talked with Dan Kramer in this little interview. Dig the clippage:
    twisted: There has been a ton of buzz that Soldier of Fortune 2 may be the next project for Raven Software. Can you give us any information to tease our appetite for more Mullins?

    Dan Kramer: I wish I could. At this point, it's still dependent on continued strong sales of SoF. We've already had meetings on cool stuff we plan on putting into SoF 2 if we get to do it. If we end up doing it, I assure you, there will be much coolness.

    Read the rest of it here.

    Starlancer Review - Falcon @ 6:06 am PST
    Damage Gaming have offered up our latest review, this time taking a look at Microsoft and Digital Anvil's recently released 3D first-person space shooter, Starlancer. They thought the game was so good it deserved a five out of five and a Editor's Choice Award.

    Q3A v1.17 Game source - Falcon @ 12:29 am PST
    Jack Mathews of GameSpy/Quakeworld fame was kind enough to compile the Quake 3 Arena v1.17 game source into Win32 x86 DLLs. These can offer a performance improvement on most systems, Intel and Athlon. These are not endorsed by id Software and people that use them do so at their own risk. Head over here to find out more.

    SoF Review - Falcon @ 12:03 am PST
    games xtreme have just uploaded a review of Soldier of Fortune on the PC. Giving it a very good 90% it got a games xtreme essential award:
    The sound in SoF stands out. Imagine the sound of a dying soldier in the background, while you take out another guard with you 9mm silenced submachine gun. The sound weapons are quite satifying and even the languages in different parts of the world are different. For example, the Russians speak a different language than the people in Iraq, and I’ve been told that they are actually speaking their native language. The amount of effort taken to integrate this shows you the commitment of the Raven team to producing a good, solid game that people will enjoy.

    Ken Levine (SS2) @ E3 - Falcon @ 12:02 am PST
    Amidst the noise and the hype surrounding various titles at last year's E3, System Shock 2 was shown but seemed to draw only a relatively modest amount of attention. This changed significantly when it was released, with the game going on to win numerous accolades from the gaming press. Ken Levine, the game's Lead Designer at co-developer Irrational Games, let us know what he'll be doing this year and what he's interested in seeing:
    Check out the main news page at RPG Vault to see what he said.

    Sunday, May 07, 2000
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    Enemy Engaged - Falcon @ 11:55 pm PST
    Following on from the ever productive MikeyBear`s foray into helicopter sims, barrysworld has managed to drag 5 copies of Enemy Engaged: RAH-66 Commanche versus KA-52 Hokum out of Empire to give away. All you have to do is answer one simple question

    This offer is open to UK residents only.

    AvP Review - Falcon @ 11:53 pm PST
    Gamespy gets between Alien and Predator today to look at AvP Gold. Did the reviewer survive the encounter? Check out the review here.

    Deus Ex Sites Relaunch - MagicBoy @ 9:40 pm PST
    So, what are the chances that two government conspiracy game sites would relauch at the same time? I'm speaking, of course, about Deus Ex and its community fansites: DXDOT, The Site Formerly Known As Deus Ex Zone, and DXNation. And what site relaunches without imparting new information? DXDOT was able to interview both Scott Martin and Bob White, of ION Storm fame. Meanwhile, DXNation also conducted an interview with Bob White and managed to get 3 new screenshots:
    [Skills menu] [Health menu] [Missile silo]

    Enough said. Head on over and check out the new sites!

    Warlords Battlecry Preview - MagicBoy @ 5:02 pm PST
    Gestalt, over at EuroGamer.Net, has posted a new preview of Warlords Battlecry. The latest in a line of fantasy, turn-based titles, WB has defected to the real-time camp.

    Ok. Time for The Simpson's.

    KenLevine at e3 - MagicBoy @ 4:55 pm PST
    Ken Levine, the man responsible for some of the development of the seminal System Shock 2, has briefly revealed his plans for the upcoming e3.

    Dark Sector Preview - MagicBoy @ 4:50 pm PST
    A new "First Looks" article based on Digital Extreme's upcoming sci-fi MMORPG, Dark Sector, has appeared at 3DActionPlanet. Here's a brief look:

    Some fifty years from now our solar system has become totally devastated and most of the survivors have taken refuge in the rundown outposts and space stations that are scattered throughout the solar system. Small but vicious gangs battle over the dwindling resources and kill for what fuel, food and water they can find. In a last ditch effort to regain some form of control the remaining world political leaders must look to bounty hunters to help re-establish the law and bring about some level of peace. As the player you will assume the role of one of the bounty hunters who will travel through out the solar system to bring in your assigned bounty. But if you choose you may deviate from the land of order to the land of chaos and become an assassin, As an assassin, however, the more successful you become the bigger the price on your head. So everyone will be gunning for you much like the quickest draw in the old west always had some young punk trying to best him.
    Those damn young punks with their long hair and their rock and roll.

    SoF Fortress Screens - sim @ 3:30 pm PST
    Yep, this is yet another Fortress post. Planet SoF got their hands on 4 exclusive screenshots of SoF-Fortress. Here's the lowdown:
    The first one is a prototype sketches of their 5 classes. The other 3 shots are of a team assault level called The Lost Island. Also, if you'd like to chat with the team, you can join #sof-fortress on . I'm sure they'd love to answer any questions you have.

    Neocron Movie - sim @ 10:32 am PST
    Neocron Central has posted a Neocron movie. There are two parts that you can get from the files section of the site. If you've got no idea what the hell I'm talking about (which I'm sure is many of you), here's a little description of the game I ripped from the official Neocron site.
    Neocron is an online RPG / e-Community hybrid set in a 27th century metropolis. The user becomes a citizen of Neocron and it`s up to him whether he wants to experience exciting adventures or just live a normal life in this virtual world. The game can also be described as a 3D massively multiplayer online RPG (MMORPG). Another equally accurate way of describing Neocron is to call it a graphical MUD.

    Keep reading the FAQ for more info.

    Unreal Fortress Interview - sim @ 10:17 am PST
    The Catacombs has snagged an interview with BrainFreeze of Unreal Fortress, which is just one more Team Fortress mod. Here's what I pasted:
    Leet: What effects will we see in UnF with the use of the Unreal Engine that otherwise wouldn't be achievable with another engine?

    BrainFreeze: The UT engine offers gorgeous and sophisticated graphics with some amazing lighting effects, effective rendering of huge areas, efficient net code, and excellent bot AI. (We're including full bot support so you can play without any other human players). For TF/C players who haven't played UT yet, they'll be in for a very pleasant shock!

    Read the rest here.

    Q3F Beta1c Released - sim @ 10:11 am PST
    Beta1c of Quake 3 Fortress has been released! Here's a snip of what's new:
    The Beta-1c update (4.4mb) includes three new beta dueling maps, lots of new features, new commands, entities and dozens of gameplay adjustments and fixed bugs, not to mention improvements to the HUD and scoreboard plus new rifle and dartgun models/skins AND new effects like realistic napalm fire and atmospheric rain.

    For a complete list of 'what's new' click here. Or go to the Q3F homepage for more news.

    Saturday, May 06, 2000
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    Can't find what you're looking for? Send a request!

    Staff - Falcon @ 11:23 pm PST
    We are greatly in need of new staff members here at Gamesurge.
    Specifically, we require reviewers, and a Head Editor. Both will require dedication to Gamesurge, which means that you must not work at any other gaming sites, and that you posess excellent grammar and literacy skills. If you think you would qualify for such a position send me an me and I will get in touch with you.
    If you have any other questions or comments about a job here @ Gamesurge don't hesitate to drop in any questions.

    New Poll - Falcon @ 11:08 pm PST
    About time for a new poll here at GS, This time it is "Most annoying things about Online games?" (Thanks to Kulutus for this poll question). Note that we don't mean offense to any particular parties within the answers but are just stating choices that would reflect a gamer's thoughts. Head over Here to vote.

    Results of Previous Poll:
    What speed is your Internet Connection?

    < 56k        63     12.30 %

    56k           146    28.52 %

    ISDN        23     4.49 %

    Cable        160   31.25 %

    DSL          83     16.21 %

    T1+           37     7.23 %

    TOTAL     512    100.00 %


    Interviews Galore - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:56 pm PST
    As i cant get my lazy self to make a seperate post on each of todays interviews, ill just through them all together in a nice neat list. Dig it:
  • LucasArts interview on XtremeNetwork
  • Anarchy Online interview on AO Basher
  • Terminal Reality Interview on A-Vault
  • Dark Zion Interview on GameSpy
  • Icewind Dale interview on Ice Winds of Dale
  • Tactic (webmaster of Interview on Cold Ice Network
  • Tribes 2 Interview on GA-Source
  • GT Interactive Going Bye-Bye? - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:44 pm PST has just kicked up a news post reporting that GT Interactive will be going bye-bye, after June 1. Read on:
    GT Interactive - as a brand at least - might be about to fade into the sunset. Industry trade MCV is reporting that as of June 1, Infogrames will discontinue using the brand, to further focus attention on the Infogrames name. The move will mean the demise of one of the industry's best known names, but doesn't come as a complete surprise. Infogrames stopped using GT in Europe immediately after buying a majority stake in the company last year. An announcement on the new branding is expected next week at E3.

    Die Hard Trilogy 2 Demo - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:38 pm PST
    The A-Vault has just gotten their hands on a playable demo of the upcoming sequal to the Die Hard Trilogy, Die Hard Trilogy 2 (funny how that works out). The demo weighs in at a modest 33megs. Check it out right here. Here's da smack:
    In Vegas the odds are against John McClane. But then again, they always are.
    Yippie-kie-yay! Blast into non-stop action as feature film and game hero John McClane, who once again finds the chips stacked against him as he faces a new legion of hi-tech terrorists in a race against time. The bright lights and vast landscape of Las Vegas provide the backdrop for an all-new story line that incorporates the three white-knuckle game styles of the original best-selling Die Hard Trilogy. Try to beat the odds as you match wits with the meanest, smartest villains in the most explosive adventure John McClane has ever faced.

    The payoff is the hottest action in town!

    Building Computers 101 - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:34 pm PST
    SharkyExtreme has just tossed up a great new article / tutorial, on how to build that new computer you have always wanted. They bring you step by step though selecting the components, and then slapping them all together into a computer. Check it out right here. Clippage for your viewing pleasure:
    Building your own homegrown computer is not only a valuable skill to posses, but it is also a very simple one to learn and understand. Think of today's modern computer parts like Legos. Remember how one piece would fit nicely into another, and before you knew it you were looking at your homemade masterpiece and marveling in its sleek design and ingenuity.

    Well, the days of building spaceships and robots from the simple interconnecting Lego blocks are over (well for most of us), but our own simple design ethics yet remain. What hard-core techies and companies like Dell and Compaq have been doing for years is what any computer user can learn how to do - build a computer from scratch.

    Probably one of the most fun (and most painstaking) aspects of building your own computer is buying the right components. Needs differ from one person to the next and price pays a critical role in the equipment you choose.

    The general rule of thumb for buying computer equipment is to buy the fastest components you can afford, and why wouldn't you? Over the past six months fierce competition between Intel and AMD have driven CPU prices so low that you can currently pick up an AMD Athlon @ 700MHz for only $186 and that's a steal. For a more in-depth discussion on choosing the right components try our monthly PC Hardware Buyers Guide.

    3D Prophet II Stats - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:29 pm PST
    Riva Station has just kicked up a preview of the Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS, with all the details you could ever want on the board. Clippage:
    Guillemot sells their new GeForce2 card 3D Prophet II GTS under the label of Hercules. Hercules was bought by Guillemot last year. The card design is an own development done by Hercules. The card runs with the default NVIDIA specs of 200Mhz core and 333MHz (DDR) memclock. A short look on the card let´s you anticipate for what kind of users it was made: hardcore gamers and overclocking fans! Besides of a powerfull fan Hercules has equipped the memory chips on the card with heatsinks. The board itself has a nice turquoise color - another point that differs the card from the competitors. Apple was first to design computerhardware in an aesthetical way and now Hercules shows us that a graphics card can look nice.

    Half-Life Update - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:24 pm PST has just slapped up an update to their site, regarding a problem with finding Half-Life servers. Read on:
    All primed to play Half-Life, only to discover that no game servers are showing up for you to join? We've identified the problem (it's a load-related problem with the Master Server), and Valve has provided a temporary fix — but the fix limits the number of servers shown to 2,000. If your favorite game server is no longer showing up, add it directly to your favorites — and look for the problem to be fully resolved with the next Half-Life update, coming soon!

    New GameIDE - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:18 pm PST
    Tonight brings a new version of GameIDE, bring the program up to v2.5. Check it out right here. Dig it:
    Version 2.5 of GameIDE is done, this version should be much more stable than the previous versions and it also adds more customizable properties. The new release comes in two different packages, full or upgrade. The new version should support most games, but other than Quake3, other games have not been tested, if you could make a game work using build exe/dll, drop me a line about it and I'll post it here, the new release also fixes many bugs and allows better support for other compilers such as gcc. So grab a copy today in the files section!

    Gibstats 3 Released - Falcon @ 9:00 pm PST
    GibStats III has been released. Adding support for Quake 3 Arena client and dedicated server logs. GibStats has been around for some three years now as the most versatile stats and analysing tool for Quake games.
    It reads logs of quake games into a database. Data is can then be desplayed by player, map, weapon, etc. Tables include matrix, ranking, player vs. player, single player analysis displays.
    Calculations of GibStats include efficiency, skill, rank, etc. All data can also be displayed as line or 3D bar charts (weapon data). Up to 4 graphs can be displayed similultanously. You can add average or
    moving average to your line graphs.
    The tables and graphs can be exported to HTML. GibStats is expecially well suited to find the strengths and weeknesses in your opponents and your own game play. It will clearly show you how a player is achieving his score.

    Starlancer Review, Dark Zion Interview - Falcon @ 8:56 pm PST
    Today Gamespy hops into the cockpit of our starfighter and take Stralnacer out for a spin. Does it meet up to expectations of an Erin Roberts game? Find
    out here

    They also talk with Wombat Games' Rick Delashmit about his company's massively-multiplayer RPG Dark Zion. How will it be different? Check out here.

    New Cataclysm Shots - Falcon @ 8:55 pm PST
    Following up from the opening of the official Homeworld: Cataclysm site, GA have gotten hold of 30 new "action-packed" screenshots from the game.
    View them here.

    Quick Note - Falcon @ 8:29 pm PST
    My apologies for the brief posting hiatus on my part, which most of you who submit news would have noticed. Things should be back on track from now on, so Mail away!

    Homeworld: Cataclysm Site - Falcon @ 8:28 pm PST
    Today the Homeworld: Cataclysm website launched with all the information you'll want to know about the next episode in the award-winning Homeworld series.
    The redesigned site showcases an overview of Homeworld: Cataclysm's features, an in-depth look at the back-story, developer information, a FAQ, movies, screenshots and concept art.

    Homeworld: Cataclysm continues the saga from the original Homeworld game and introduces a new threat from a techno-organic entity known as "The Beast." In addition to the seventeen new single player missions, Homeworld: Cataclysm will feature an improved multiplayer mode that allows for multiplayer games of up to eight players via, along with support for's enhanced ladder ranking system.

    Homeworld: Cataclysm extends Homeworld's revolutionary gameplay with entirely new fleets of ships, each with the ability to upgrade their capabilities, new research, fog-of-war, interface enhancements,
    mothership modules, damage control and way points.

    Homeworld: Cataclysm is scheduled for a September 1st, 2000 release.

    New Wallpapers - sim @ 4:13 pm PST
    Looroll Wallpapers has put up a bunch of nice new... can you guess what? That's right, wallpapers! They've got new ones in the Abstract, Games, and Illustration sections. I personally enjoy Gravity Well for my desktop.

    Camelot Screen - sim @ 3:57 pm PST
    There's a new Camelot screenshot over at Camelot Vault. It's the second Featured Screenshot from the Norse lands series, this showing more mountainous terrain and Norse style architecture. Check out the full size version here.

    SoF Mod Shop 2 - sim @ 12:58 pm PST
    In the Trenches has put up part duex of their SoF mod previews. This one talks about Nam and Soldier of Fortune Fortress. Read it here or start from part one here.

    Baldur's Gate II Movie - MagicBoy @ 11:52 am PST
    Incite has posted a new BGII movie showing one and a half minutes of in-game footage.

    New Action GamingTest - MagicBoy @ 11:48 am PST
    3DActionPlanet has once again posted its Action Gaming Test(AGT). This weeks AGT tests your knowledge of Raven Soft's "fantasy saga", Heretic and Hexen. Head on over and find out all the things you don't know.

    Cataclysm Screenshots - MagicBoy @ 11:42 am PST
    Thirty, count 'em, thirty new screenshots of Homeworld: Cataclysm, the upcoming 3D RTS stand alone mission pack from Barking Dog Studio have magically appeared over at GA-Strategy.

    Starlance Review - MagicBoy @ 11:33 am PST
    Also at GameSpy, a new review of Starlancer has been posted. Another infobit:

    Recipe for Starlancer:
    3 quarts Allegiance
    2 cups Wing Commander
    ½ tablespoon TIE Fighter
    4 lbs raw Bad Ass®
    Dash of Attitude®
    Put CD in, will preheat and cook in it's own. Serves millions.
    They give it an overall score of 92 with this quote:

    Game of the Year? Possibly Game of All Time contender, and it's a heavyweight.

    Dark Zion Interview - MagicBoy @ 11:29 am PST
    GameSpy has posted an interview with Wombat Games' Rick Delashmit, discussing their upcoming MMORPG, Dark Zion. Here's more:

    Rick Delashmit: Here's a little blurb from the FAQ: "You awaken in the bowels of Hell, a subterranean prison locking you in faltering suspended animation. The infernal machinery of your cell is grinding to a halt, and your freedom comes with a price. . . fatigue, confusion, loneliness. You force your way out to find other lost souls, pressing questions. Should you break out onto the tortured surface, or cower in the toxic miasma of the underworld? You decide. You and your companions build a society, a seed of civilization, and as you grow, you ask more questions. Who are we? Why are we here? What is the purpose of Hell, and what ravaged the surface? What is our history... and will we survive?" There definitely is a background story to the game, but figuring it out is part of the fun of the game. We'll release more details as time goes on, but the meat of the background the players will have to find out.

    Tribes 2 Sneak Peek - sim @ 3:21 am PST
    Gamecenter has a "tribal" Tribes 2 preview filled with screenshots and plenty of info. Dig the clip and paste:
    According to designer Mark Frohnmayer, the Tribes 2 team is attacking the sequel from three different directions: enhanced community, improved graphics, and easier accessibility. "The first thing we're doing is pushing the team-based game in new directions. We made a good start with Tribes 1, but we're going to go way past that with Tribes 2," he explained. "For Tribes 2 that's going to include not just things in the game that enhance team play, but also outside of the game in the way that people interact in the community at large."

    Read the rest of it here.

    Anarchy Online Screen - sim @ 3:15 am PST
    Anarchy Online Vault's celebration of Anarchy Online Week ends today with a new screenshot showing some rather unusual creatures that some might find reminiscent of Star Wars. In any case, a thumbnail image can be seen on the Anarchy Online Vault front page, or you can hop straight to the image itself right here.

    Source: GameSpy News

    Deus Ex Screens - sim @ 3:13 am PST
    GA-RPG recently posted three exclusive screenshots that can be found here. Excited? I thought so.

    Friday, May 05, 2000
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    New Diablo II Site - MagicBoy @ 8:49 pm PST
    I just got word that Diablo Haven, a new Diablo II website has officially launched as of right now. Here's a bit from the email:

    Furthermore, we had done an interview with Mike Selinker, Wizards of the Coast's creative director for licensed roleplaying games and an author of the Diablo II/D&D crossovers about the new game of Diablo II/Ad&d game Wizard of the Coast is making, Diablo II: Awakening.
    They promise the latest news updates and info concerning Diablo II so head on over and check it out!

    Interview with Warren Marshall - MagicBoy @ 8:41 pm PST
    Epic's Warren Marshall has been interviewed over at EuroGamer.Net. The results have tastefully been incorporated into quite an informative article. Here's a bit:

    Meanwhile Tim Sweeney, lead programmer at Epic, had been working on a new version of their level editor, UnrealEd. The idea was to recode it in C++ to improve speed and stability, while adding new features to make it more flexible and easy to use for level designers. But with a new engine to design time was running out, and soon after Wheel of Time's release Tim revealed that he had stopped work on the project.

    "When Tim announced that he was not going to take the C++ editor any further, I asked Mark Poesch if I could take a shot at finishing it up. He checked with Tim, who had no problem with it, and since we were just getting started on Unreal 2 .. off I went. It took several months, but it finally started to resemble an editor."

    By the end of February the editor (now dubbed UnrealEd 2.0) was apparently nearing release, although there were still some teething problems getting it to work with Unreal Tournament.

    Ground Control Screenshots - MagicBoy @ 8:35 pm PST
    9 new screenshots of Massive Entertainment's upcoming 3D RTS, Ground Control, have been posted over at GamersDepot.

    Reach for the Stars Preview - MagicBoy @ 8:03 am PST
    A preview of Strategic Studies Group's upcoming turn-based, 4X(explore, expand, exploit, exterminate) space strategy game, Reach For the Stars, has been posted over at AVault:

    As the title would imply, Reach For the Stars' campaign goal is to oversee humanity's expansion into the vast blackness of space. Beginning only with Earth and a small colony on Mars, you must establish a number of stations and colonies throughout various planets across the galaxy, balancing your resources as you explore and deal with other challenges that you encounter on the way. Your first step is to investigate nearby solar systems for compatible living conditions for your settlers. This is accomplished via a simplistic grid-based starmap, on which are highlighted the numerous bright, shining stars that symbolize the planetary systems that you are seeking to inhabit. Using a straightforward keypad-like interface, you can send your ships to scout out these areas and to establish their inherent conditions. If the different planets within a given system possess unbreathable atmospheres, global temperatures that are too low or too high, or gravitational forces that are too oppressive, then your hunt must go on and your ships must continue the search. Once a system is found to contain a planet with compatible living conditions, then all you need is to send forth a colonization vessel and your expansion is effectively underway.

    Warcraft III Interview - MagicBoy @ 7:55 am PST
    The DailyRadar has posted an interview they conducted with Rob Pardo, lead designer over at Blizzard, who are currently working on the 3D RTS/RPG, Warcraft III. Here's an excerpt:

    Rob Pardo: I guess the best way to characterize WCIII is that it's a real time strategy game with the merging of a lot of Role Playing elements. The term I've always used is that it's a Real Time Strategy game set heavily in a role playing environment.

    Thursday, May 04, 2000
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    Sexy Games - sim @ 10:26 pm PST
    Hoping to corner the market on websites that combine cleavage and gaming, Daily Radar has put up the Celebrity Chest Match. Here's a little something I clipped and then I... uh, well I pasted it! Duh!:

    The contest is painfully simple: Correctly match the cleavage of the beauty who's posed for Playboy to its owner and you could very well win a handheld DVD player, the collection of DVDs and a bevy of Playboy DVDs. It's just that simple. So put on your thinking cap, your glasses, that feather boa and get to work.

    While we're on the subject of sexy picture games, Old Man Murray has posted their own version of Daily Radar's game. It's called the Gut Match. Here's a snip:

    If there's one thing better than sexy pictures, it's sexy picture games. Daily Radar recently hosted a contest in which readers were asked to match a notable woman's head with her breasts. It was fun, and it was erotic. But other than being somewhat derivative of the Daikatana strategy guide, it didn't have much to do with games. I mean besides the fact that it was a game. We decided to take Daily Radar's idea and make it our own by stealing it, smooshing a picture of Paul Steed's pie-filled torso on top of it, and replacing the hot chicks with game designers.

    You know, usually I post stuff that you should go to... but this case is different. Do not view the rest of this, or you just might puke.

    Harvey Smith Interview - MagicBoy @ 10:23 pm PST
    Harvey "witchboy" Smith, lead designer over at ION Storm Austin, has been interviewed via a two part Q&A by the folks over at 3D-Unlimited. Section one discusses Deus Ex while section two focuses mainly on witchboy:

    3DU: Technologically speaking, what new things does Deus Ex bring?

    HS: Lots of secret stuff from Chris Norden (Lead Programmer/Assistant Director) and Al Yarusso. Really interesting AI from Scott Martin. (Specifically, there are some RPG-heavy, user-creativity features from Al Yarusso that, while I wish I could talk about, I should keep mum about...things that I believe RPG fans will just love.


    3DU: How is the atmosphere at Ion Storm?

    HS: I'm not sure, really. I work at ION Storm Austin. ;)

    3DU: How did you get to work there?

    HS: My wife gave me a ride this morning.

    TF2 "Top Secret Info." - sim @ 9:53 pm PST
    The sneaky people at Valve Sector have gotten their hands on some "top secret info." regarding Team Fortress 2. Here's some clippage:
    "When you start the tutorial you'll be a ranger. A voice will guide you through the basics of running, jumping, crouching ETC... Then you will be presented with info on the ranger, speed, special ablilitys, weapons etc. Then you get to go into a target room and a bot walks out and shows you the fire rate, accuracy and damage, penatration value of each weapon. Then it goes over how all that classes grenades work."

    Read the rest of it here.

    Tribes 2 Giveaway - sim @ 9:45 pm PST
    The Guardians of Dahak, +GoD+, are happy to announce a much improved - but continually growing - website. Along with our revised site, we are bringing back our Tribes 2 Giveaway contest.

    Five luck winners wil be chosen Halloween 2000 to receive a free copy of Tribes 2. Our site will also be soon featuring the most extensive databse of Tribes 2 related information anywhere and we currently have well over 95 screenshots from the games plus three upcoming videos.

    Take a moment and check us out at and enter today...
    Good Luck to all!

    Trent Reznor interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:50 pm PST
    Incite has just tossed up a great new interview with Trent Reznor, the man behind the Nine Inch Nails. This ofcourse, is also connected with Quake, as he did the music for the game. check it out right here. Good ol' clippage:
    incite: When you were distracting yourself, were you playing Quake, Quake II, or Quake III: Arena?

    Reznor: That depends on what era we're talking about. I'll tell you a little history. Video games have always been a soft spot for me. I remember when the first arcade machines came out. One of the most fun times I had was stealing quarters out of grandmother's jar to go play Space Invaders.

    Now I always stayed interested in it, but I got kind of rekindled in it when I saw Wolfenstein 3D. I'd never gone near a PC — that's a bad word around the studio, 'cause we're all Mac people. But Macs always had shitty games, never had an open architecture, though I was never aware of what was going on in the PC world until someone showed me Wolfenstein. So I went out and bought whatever it was at the time, 386, 486, and we got hooked hardcore. That sense being immersed in the game really struck a chord with me. And when Doom came out, we were rehearsing for the downward spiral tour, and I was like, "Oh my god. It's politically incorrect, it's gory, it's satanic — this company is pretty cool." I just appreciated the fact that a game had come out and changed the industry but hadn't come from Microsoft. In fact, it couldn't have come from Microsoft, it had to come from a kind of rag-tag, not-a-hundred-people-to-approve it, kind of company.

    Q3A Mission Pack Details - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:30 pm PST
    GA-Source has just kicked up a new article with tons of great info on the upcoming Quake 3: Arena mission pack from id software. It even comes along with some [oh so sweet...] screen shots. Q3A Fans, check this out right here now! Uh oh, im starting to drool. Clip, Clip, Clip:
    GA-Source has learned new details and the official name for id Software's recently revealed Quake III mission pack. Quake III: Team Arena, the first mission pack to be developed by id Software since the Master Levels for DOOM, promises to bring advanced team play to Quake III Arena’s fast-paced deathmatch experience.

    Beyond classic team deathmatch and capture the flag, Quake III: Team Arena blends id’s hallmark visceral frag fests with strategic cooperative team play. The pack will feature multiple gameplay modes where players will jockey for control of strategic areas and resources within the new maps designed specifically for team and tournament play. In one of the new game modes, "Harvester," teams compete for skulls that appear in the center of the arena when a player gets fragged. To claim victory, players must collect the skulls of fallen opponents and battle their way into the enemy stronghold. Team coordination and communication is critical in this delicate balance of offensive and defensive supremacy.

    G.O.D.'s Complete lot plans for E3 - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:23 pm PST has just gotten their hands on Gathering of Developers plans for E3, which you can check out right here. Dig the snippage:
    Although a lot of the exhibits at E3 have somewhat of a carnival atomosphere to them, none of them should be able to come close to what the Gathering of Developers will be doing at their second annual "Promised Lot" situated outside the Los Angeles Convention Center. G.O.D. head man Mike Wilson just emailed us the full list of all the celebs, bands, and activities planned for the lot this year, and from all indications it will make last year's lot look like a children's school yard.

    How to Clean your Computer - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:16 pm PST
    Yeah, thats right, your comps dirty.

    Ok, anyway, Gaming in 3D, has just kicked up a new article, entitled "How to clean your Computer." Check it out right here. Dig it:

    Okay, I admit it folks. It might not be entertaining and it might not be long, but hell, it's damn original! Today at G3D, their article writer, Alien Cow, has been bored as hell again, so he's written up his latest article entitled "How To Clean Your Computer"

    "So you just bought a brand new computer with all the goodies DVD, gefoce2, flat screen monitor, CD writer, gobs of ram. But you want it to last right but need a few tips? Then read on to learn some important tricks on how to keep your computer in a healthy condition."

    "I Love You" Really Doesnt - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:09 pm PST
    While its not gaming related, if your comp goes crazy you cant play games (god forbid), so im gonna post this.

    There seems to be a clone of the Mellissa virus that swept the nation last year, going around today. The new virus has spread all over the word today, amazingly fast, swamping huge networks. The virus, which is really more of a trojen horse, comes in email titled "ILOVEYOU," is, umm, very bad. The email after proclaiming how much it loves you, asks you to open its attachment (the love letter), but when [dont do this] you open it, it sends itself to everyone on your contact list (in outlook express), and then starts deleting stuff off your hard drive. has slapped up a quick fix to this bad virus, but it requires registry hacking, so you computer newbies out there, dont even try it. Check it out right here.

    Deus Ex Development Update - MagicBoy @ 1:43 pm PST
    Bob White, one of the designers over at ION Storm has updated the Deus Ex development journal over at Unreal Universe. It's kind of short but contains this nugget of information:

    This will probably be the last report, because we are that close to finishing...Next week a few of us will be at E3. Be sure to drop by and see the game in its final will leave impressed.
    Included are five screenshots to further intice you.

    Tribes 2 First Look - MagicBoy @ 8:56 am PST
    3DActionPlanet has put together another "First Looks" article, this time featuring Tribes 2, the upcoming squad-based, tactical shooter from Dynamix. Here's a brief quote:

    Dynamix is also trying to make the terrain more than just eye-candy; it will play a large part in team strategy in Tribes 2. Expect to use the terrain for tactical approaches, positioning, and cover. The terrain will also make using Tribes 2's included vehicles not just a "cool feature," but a necessity. Don't expect to play the "lone wolf" in Tribes 2 and be effective. Dynamix is carefully balancing the weapons, vehicles, and terrain elements in an effort to truly promote teamwork. Several of the included vehicles will require two players to operate, so grab a cohort and double your firepower.

    ST: New Worlds Short Film - MagicBoy @ 8:51 am PST
    Interplay has released a 4 second .AVI showing off an APC from their soon-to-be-released 3D RTS, Star Trek: New Worlds.

    Dogs of War Preview - MagicBoy @ 8:45 am PST
    AVault has a new preview of Silicon Dreams' 3D RTS, Dogs of War, formerly known as War Monkeys:

    In Dogs of War, you get to play all three sides of the conflict: The Imperial Order, WarMonkeys, and the Mantai. The units are distinct and greatly vary from team to team. The Imperial Order is a toned military machine, as such their units take a form reminiscent of our modern day notions of an army with heavy weapons platforms like tanks and artillery. The WarMonkeys, being a rag-tag group of mercenaries that take what they can and make the most of it, have a lot of converted civilian vehicles such as jeeps and rely heavily on infantry manpower for guerrilla tactics. Lastly, the Mantai reptoids consist of specialized organic alien life forms that can perform specific tasks.

    Shogun Preview - MagicBoy @ 8:36 am PST
    CGO has posted Part 1 of their ongoing coverage of Creative Assembly's nearly completed Feudal Japan RTS, Shogun: Total War.

    C&C: Red Alert 2 Preview - MagicBoy @ 8:29 am PST
    GameSpy has slapped together a preview of Westwood Studio's RTS sequel, Red Alert 2. The article discusses such things as units and multiplayer capabilities. Here's a bit:

    We wanted to capture the feel of the original Red Alert, but exaggerate our fantastic alternate universe even more with a lot of pop culture stuff," he said. "We really play up the Soviets' dabbling in psychic phenomena, for instance. They've even got psychically-controlled giant squids as part of their navy. We did a lot of military research for weapons and actually found some pretty kooky things. This research influenced the weapons we created. Many of our weapons are based in conspiracy myths of the 20th century. I've got two big binders of stuff that's pretty wild. Would you believe that at one point the U.S. was working on a weapon called HAARP that would heat up the ionosphere and use it as weapon? Then again, that doesn't hold a candle to the stuff we've got cooking in Red Alert 2."

    Grom Interview - MagicBoy @ 8:24 am PST
    An interview with Darek Rusin of Rebelmind, the company involved with developing the WWII action/adventure title, Grom has been posted over at DamageGaming:

    Darek: It’s a story-based game, named after the main hero - colonel Grom. He’s a character shaped like Indiana Jones or James Bond – a hard, brave and charismatic man standing against all the evil of the world. No compromises. Story events take place in the period of World War II. During the time of the Nazis’ offensive, Colonel was a military man trying to stop them in Poland, but when his family got murdered, he quit the army, left the country and became a freelance fighter. Now he’s traveling between India and Tibet, looking for vengeance for the deaths of his relatives.

    As for the game play style expectations; it’s a mix of genres – adventure games (storyline, dialogues, characters and overall feeling), with RPG features (statistics, character development, non linear approach), and real-time strategy and tactics elements.

    Circle A Online Screenshots - MagicBoy @ 8:20 am PST
    Anarchy Online Vault has put up a new screenshot and some information concerning the massively multiplayer sci-fi RPG, Anarchy Online.

    Dakaitana Versis Daimakaimura - sim @ 8:00 am PST
    The famous Jeff K. has posted his latest "Good Video Gaem Comparison", which places Daikatana vs. Daimakaimura. Here's the (clipped and pasted) start:
    I was ovar at Jerrys house yesrtarday and I told him, "I playaed Daykaitena yestarday and it was a vary good gaem!" and he says "JEFF, that gaem has been out vary long tiem!" and I was saying "NO, IT JUST CAME OUT YUO STUPID FAGOT!" and I threw a shoe at his head. Then Jerry showed me on his Gaem emulaetor that ther was a gaem caled "DAIMAKAIMURA", and it was teh Japanese name for "GHOULES AND GHOSTS!""!!! I WAS SHOCKED AND APPALED!!!! so me and Jerry decieded to maek a game comparisone between Dakaitantia and Daimakamuriaia becuase they are both god gaems but NOT AS GOOD AS YUO MAY THINK ONCE YUO HAVE READ THIS ARTICAL!!!

    Read the rest of it here.

    Soldier Details/Screens - sim @ 7:51 am PST
    There are some new details/screens of Soldier over at GA-Source. Take a whif:
    "Without giving the game away - there are a number of different soldier types and a variety of creatures," explains Roby. "We try to play on natural human fears. People are naturally afraid of certain animals and some of our creatures play to those fears. Scale can be used to our advantage also. As you have seen, some of our levels are epic in proportion. Imagine the types of creatures that live in those environments."

    Wednesday, May 03, 2000
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    Deus Ex Preview: Part 3 - sim @ 11:11 pm PST
    GameSpot has the third part of their Deus Ex preview up. It consists of a lengthy interview with Warren Spector, the master of great games such as System Shock and Thief: The Metal Age. Dig the clip (and paste):

    GS: You've said that Half-Life reaffirmed your faith in gaming. What effect did the game have on Deus Ex?

    WS: Well, Half-Life just seemed so convincing, so believable (despite some obviously fantastic elements). It wasn't set in some goofy game space. It seemed like the real world. And though it didn't do a lot in the way of character development, the fact that it had all these people around and you felt something for them as you played, well, that was a powerful bit of affirmation, too. Half-Life convinced me that we weren't completely insane to try this! The fact that it was so superbly balanced and polished to a level most games don't dare dream of, and that players really seemed to notice and care... how could anyone not find that exciting? In the end, Half-Life proved you don't have to do quickie sequels or licensed products to succeed in this business. Go, Valve!

    Don't forget to check out parts one, two, three and the movie.

    GameSpy v2.20 - sim @ 11:01 pm PST
    The shareware version of GameSpy 3D v2.20 is now available for your downloading pleasure! Get it now from good ol' FilePlanet.

    In addition to Codename: Eagle and Rogue Spear: Urban Operations support from the registered release, we've also added support for Daikatana (both demo and full game) and Soldier of Fortune! GameSpy 3D now supports over 30 games! There are also a handful of new features and fixes that registered users have let us know they love. Among them are:

  • Auto-favorites - add a server to your favorites list automatically after playing on it 5 times (the number is configurable, of course)
  • Periodic updates - automatically refresh your favorites list at set time intervals
  • Rescan for games - GameSpy 3D automatically detects new games
  • All Windows 2000 issues resolved! (the Win2k/NT lockup on refresh was a nightmare!)
  • Auto-Hopcount - hopcount low ping servers automatically
  • Half-life player profile - choose models/skins & colors, scripts right from inside GameSpy.
  • Added Filter on hop count to custom tabs.
  • Quake 3: Arena mod support improved!
  • Grab the new release from FilePlanet and let the fragging begin!

    Source: GameSpy News

    Warren Spector Interview - MagicBoy @ 7:29 pm PST
    Gamespot has wrapped up three weeks of coverage by interviewing Warren Spector, head man at ION Storm Austin. Here's more:

    GS: If you could single out one feature in Deus Ex that you're especially proud of, what would it be?

    WS: Well, to follow up the last question, I guess I'd have to say I'm most proud of the fact that the game seems to allow a high degree of player expression, as we hoped it would. I mean, it's not perfect by any means, but I routinely hear people describing things they did in their play-throughs that take place in locations I never even bother exploring. Similarly, testers are always talking about "ideal" player-development choices that don't match in any way what I like to do with my character. And some people think certain weapons are unbalancingly powerful, while other people think those weapons are useless. You have no idea how cool I find that (or how frightening). What it tells me is that the choices you make in Deus Ex really make a difference, and the game is robust enough to support a really diverse set of choices.

    OpFor CTF - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:32 pm PST
    Valve's Randy Pitchford has just kicked up an update to his .plan regarding the release date of CTF for Half Life: OpFor. Dig it:
    I've gotten some mail asking about OpFor CTF's release date so here's the official word:

    OpFor CTF will be released either on the day or very shortly after the
    new Half-Life update is released.

    He talks about some other stuff in his .plan, so go check that out too.

    X Patch - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:27 pm PST
    Damn, that sounds cool :)

    Anyway, EgoSoft has just released a new patch, v1.96, for X - Beyond the Frontier. It seems as the only thing that v1.96 does is fix a bug in v1.95 regarding loading saved games. Check it out right here.

    MotoCross Madness 2 Golden! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:22 pm PST
    MCM2 Central has just announced that Microsoft's MotoCross Madness 2 has just gone gold (its done). sweet.

    GeForce 256 GTS Now Available! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:18 pm PST
    Thats right boys and girls, nVidia has just kicked up a PR announcing the availability of their new GeForce 256 GTS cards. Dig it:
    NVIDIA(tm) Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA) announced today that the first GeForce2 GTS*-based graphics boards areavailable for consumer purchase at Fry's Electronics, Electronics Boutiqueand Best Buy. The ELSA Gladiac add-in card was on store shelves on April 28, 2000, just three days after NVIDIA's GeForce2 GTS announcement.

    This immediate availability sets a new standard for the PC graphics industry. In addition, desktop PC OEMs Gateway and are now shipping high-end systems complete with the new GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). Creative Labs, Leadtek, Guillemot, ASUSTeK, as well as Dell, Compaq, Quantex and Hewlett-Packard will announce GeForce2 GTS-based solutions and shipping dates during the upcoming weeks.

    New Q3A+ - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:14 pm PST
    It seems tonight brings a new version, v1.05, of the Quake 3 mod, Q3A+. For those of you who have never heard of it, basically, Q3A+ is designed to make Q3A even better than it is, adding a few new things, and playing around with others. You can grab the new version right here. Here's da smack:
    + Tidied up a lot of code, preWar & oneGun now much more solid.
    * Updated oneGun mode::
    -> Weapons & Ammo not spawned in maps.
    -> Start with selected gun & 999 ammo.
    * New 'oneHit' mode:: (only available in oneGun mode)
    -> One (direct) hit kills.
    -> combine with oneGun-Rail for some instaGib action.
    -> Best used with noItems switched on.
    * New 'noItems' mode:: (only available in oneGun mode)
    -> Health, armor or powerups not spawned in maps.
    + Pre-defined teams named 'Red' & 'Blue' will be loaded into the bot selection screen in the Start Server menu by default.
    -> The value of 'q3la_defaultTeamSize' is used to decide how many bots to initially display.
    -> Increased selection slots from 12 to 16 to allow 8 vs 8 teams.
    + Example .team file provided.
    + Fixed save player name input box not accepting input.
    + Fixed falling damage causing instant death in oneHit mode.
    + Demo menu enhancement by Coriolis.

    TDR 2000 Shots - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:07 pm PST
    GA-Source has just slapped up 6 brand spankin new screenies from SCi's upcoming car crashing, slaughtering, killing, destroying, and overall violent mayhem game, The Death Race 2000, the third installment of the [kick-ass] Carmageddon series. take a peek at the new screenies right here.

    Gamer Essentials - sim @ 4:57 pm PST
    Bored? Well I sure am. Since staring at my wallpaper started getting monotonous, I decided to do a news post, even if there wasn't any news worth posting. So here we go. The Gamer Essentials List:
  • Computer - You just have to have it. If all you have is a console, or even worse, just a Game Boy *shudder*, then you're not a true gamer. Consoles may be your roots, but a computer is your future.
  • Half-Life - I'd go far out on a limb to say that Half-Life is the best game, ever. I really don't have to say anything more about this game. If you don't have it, get it.
  • Hot Pockets - You have to have at least one box of these in your freezer at all times! Pizza flavored Croissant Pockets are my favorite.
  • Game Skins - These are good, oh so good. A gamer does need clothes right? So why not go in style?
  • Penny Arcade - Go here. Read the comics. Enjoy being a gamer/nerd. I sure do.
  • PC Gamer - In my opinion, this is the best computer gaming magazine out there. Get a subscription now.
  • I think that's all for this edition of Gamer Essentials! If you want to comment or think there's something I've missed, feel free to post on the forum.

    Quake 3: Arena 1.17 Point Release - MaD-HaTTeR @ 3:16 pm PST
    id software has just kicked up a new patch for the ultimate deathmatch game, Q3A. The new point release, which brings the game up to v1.17, fixs some security concerns. You can grab the patch off of Stomped, right here. Dig the readme file:
    This patch fixes a fairly serious security flaw in Quake 3 Arena. Internet Security Systems identified the flaw and notified us with reproduction details as well as an overview of the exploit. The basic nature of the exploit is that malicious server operators could overwrite any file on a client system. This type of thing is always possible with DLL based mods (which is why we strongly recommend VM based mods ) but with this exploit, it was possible within the VM system.

    To help facilitate a rapid transition to the new codebase we have also bumped the network protocol version. This means 1.17 is not network compatibile with any prior version.

    The install also includes all 3 PK3 files, because the original "pak1.pk3" was not included in the final 1.16 release for Mac and Win32 builds. This will address some pure server connection issues. You will have to have all 3 pak files present to connect to a pure server.

    In addition to this security fix, we have also fixed the following:

    - Callvote to single player game type causes the server to crash.
    - Crash in bot initialization on some systems.

    Ruins of Kunark Review - MagicBoy @ 9:55 am PST
    GameSpy has posted a review of Ruins of Kunark, the addon to the massively addictive, massively multiplayer RPG, Everquest. Here's an excerpt:

    I have been playing EverQuest since Beta4 of last year and I haven't been this excited about anything Verant has done since they lowered the amount of experience you lose when you die. It will take players many weeks of gameplay to fully explore all of the twenty new zones, and the new race adds more color to an already rich world. The Ruins of Kunark is already fueling the fire of addictiveness that EverQuest started a year ago. The expansion was well-timed: Many players that left that game are returning to join their friends and investigate the new graphics and new areas. If you're a fan of online gaming or roleplaying, and if you've passed EverQuest by before, you should look into buying the bundle. For dedicated EverQuest fans, it's simply a no-brainer.
    They gave it a very respectable score of 86/100.

    Ground Control Screenshots - MagicBoy @ 9:43 am PST
    The Daily Telefrag has posted some new screenshots of the soon to be released 3D RTS, Ground Control.

    ST: Voyager - Elite Force Screenshots - MagicBoy @ 9:38 am PST
    Nine new screenshots of Raven Soft's upcoming Star Trek shooter, Elite Force, has been posted at GameSpot

    Shogun Shots - MagicBoy @ 9:34 am PST
    GameSpot UK has posted a bunch of new screenshots of the upcoming strategic/tactical wargame, Shogun: Total War.

    Dark Reign 2 Movie - MagicBoy @ 9:28 am PST
    A new movie (4.2Mb) of the upcoming 3D RTS sequel by Pandemic Studios, Dark Reign 2, has been posted over at GA-Strategy.

    First Look At Deus Ex - MagicBoy @ 9:19 am PST
    As promised, the people over at 3DActionPlanet have come up with a "First Looks" article on Deus Ex, the upcoming sci-fi, first person, RPG of the year. Here's more:

    Deus Ex will feature a total of 13 missions; each comprised of several different maps. It will be up to the players to determine how J.C. will progress through these missions. The emphasis will definitely not be on moving through map one in a linear fashion, finding the key, and moving through to map 2, ad infinitum. The game's involved and twisting story will reveal itself through conversations, carried out in standard RPG tree-form, with computer-controlled characters. In a nice touch, computer-controlled characters will converse using animation lip-synched to their words. The environments themselves are going for ambience and realism. Park settings will feature benches, plants, basketballs, trash and other assorted detritus on the ground.
    Deus Ex is under development by the ION Storm team in Austin and is headed by Warren Spector.

    Screens ala Gamespy - sim @ 7:12 am PST
    GameSpy just posted "Todays Screenshots and Movies", but I'm sure you don't wanna go to that site, so I've copied and pasted them here for your enjoyment:
  • RPG Vault has posted screenshots from Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption
  • GameSpot News has posted screenshots from Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force
  • GA-Strategy has posted a movie from Dark Reign 2
  • GA-Source has posted screenshots from X-Com: Alliance
  • GA-RPG has posted screenshots and details on Throne of Darkness
  • GA-Source has posted screenshots and details on Soldier
  • Damage Gaming has posted a character art gallery from Icewind Dale

  • Tuesday, May 02, 2000
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    AoK: The Conquerors Screen - sim @ 10:34 pm PST
    Strategy Gaming Online did a little scan job from a mag. (insert clip and paste reference here):

    I just posted a scan of Age of Empires 2 Expansion: The Conquerors from the June issue of Computer Games Magazine. It shows off the new Meso-America building set along with some new unit graphics.

    Wireless LAN - sim @ 10:24 pm PST
    Sharky Extreme got their flesh-ripping teeth on another hardware review, this time it's the Dell Wireless LAN. Here's some clippage:
    If you have ever been to a LAN party, you will know how frightfully chaotic they are. Crowds of gamers lug in their 60 pound 19" monitors, 45 pound tower cases, keyboards and mice, then wire them all together in a chaotic spaghetti of LAN fun. Multiply that by 10 players and you have a logistical nightmare.

    Now imagine a different sort of LAN party. Ten bloodthirsty gamers calmly walk into a room, sit down, open their notebooks, and proceed to dismember each other virtually. No wires, no monitors and no chaos, other than the virtual kind.

    I'm imagining it right now... but you don't have to, you can just click here.

    Interview Madness! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:42 pm PST
    Ok, its not really an Interview madness, but i wanted to get your attention. Anyway, im lazy tonight, so ill just cram all the days interviews into one post. Dig it:
  • Gothic Inteview over on Daily Radar
  • Third Law Interview over on FragLand
  • B17 Interview over on GA-Source. Its along with a few tasty screenies too.
  • Duke Nukem: Endanged Species Interview over on GameSpy Daily
  • Valve Interview over on Voltron's Map Workshop
  • Dungeon Siege Interview over on Dungeon Siege Vault
  • Another Valve Interview on The Catacombs. This ones on TFC and TF2.
  • GOD Interview over on The Mushroom
  • Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force Interview over on Sharky Extreme

    And of course, JeffK has kicked up an interview with "Kenn Hoerkstra of Raven Software".

  • It just wouldnt be the same without JeffK would it? lol, anyway, that about does it for interviews so far today. Now i just know that another 10 are gonna pop up as soon as i post this.

    Game Skins - sim @ 5:41 pm PST
    Isn't it hard being a gamer? I mean, for the longest time we haven't been able to purchase quality gaming apparel. Well times have changed, 'cause now you can! Check out Game Skins for all your gaming t-shirt needs! I just happened to receive my roots shirt in the mail today and I've never seen such quality in a gaming t-shirt. I now feel qualified to go out into public and represent gamers everywhere. Ontop of that, it's 100% preshrunk cotton!

    Half-Life SDK 2.0 Soon - sim @ 5:35 pm PST
    The good people at Valve gave the good people at Planet Half-Life an update on the soon to be released SDK 2.0 which in turn will help the good people at Counter-Strike and other such mods make even better mods. Aren't they all such good people? Anyway... don't be bothered by the clip and paste. In fact, why don't you just read it?
    Kirkland, WA (May 2, 2000) -Valve, L.L.C. today announced the upcoming release of the Half-Life SDK 2.0, an updated suite of authoring tools for its award-winning game, Half-Life. The release is part of an ongoing effort to support those creating Half-Life game modifications (MODs) and keep them current with the code base Valve is using to author its latest creations.
    "The new SDK allows MOD authors to create a much wider variety of games, such as isometric RPGs, fighting games, and real-time strategy games, in addition to new styles of action games," said Gabe Newell, managing director of Valve L.L.C. "Half-Life is currently generating over 350 million player-minutes per month on the Internet and is the most popular multiplayer game played online, and part of that success was made possible by the amazing content created by the MOD community. We have every intention of continuing our support for that community."

    "MODs such as Counter-Strike will benefit enormously from the new SDK," said Counter-Strike co-developer Minh Le. "Half-Life is far and away the best development environment for MOD authors, in addition to having the largest on-line community. With Half-Life, you can build a better MOD and have it played by a lot more people."

    This release of the Half-Life SDK includes all the assets available in the "ProSDK," previously only available under NDA, plus many new features, including access to Valve's new networking system, and new user interface toolkit (V-GUI). Half-Life SDK 2.0 will be made available free of charge on gaming Web sites and CDs everywhere in the coming weeks.

    For a complete list of highlights and specific features of the new SDK you can check out this page right here.

    Hidebot Nearing Completion - sim @ 5:28 pm PST
    Rich (TheFatal), the man with a plan, and a few good bots under his belt just posted some news on HideBot, for SoF. Here's the low-down:
    I now have the bot working in all modes of play (CTF included), and the AI has been tweaked a good amount for each mode (they even guard base/do flag running/escort flag carriers/etc. in CTF). I have three items left on the constantly-expanding "to-do" list. Then after that's done I'll need to merge my changes with the latest SoF game code base so that the bot will be able to work with newer versions of SoF, and I suppose it'll be pretty much ready for a release after that (I still need to route some levels and write up documentation, but I don't expect that to take long).

    Take a look at his site by clicking right here.

    Diablo II Test Sign-Up - MagicBoy @ 9:29 am PST
    The Diablo II Stress Test has begun, in case you missed the official annoucement last week. GameSpot has a sign-up sheet for all of those who are interested.

    O.R.B. Development Diary - MagicBoy @ 9:25 am PST
    GameSpy has posted the development diary of Jamie McNeely, Executive Producer at Strategy First, the company responsible for developing O.R.B., a real-time space strategy game.

    Divinity Preview - MagicBoy @ 9:14 am PST
    PC.IGN has posted a preview of Divinity: The Sword of Lies, an RPG currently in development by Belgian game company, Larian Studios:

    Larian Studios and Swen Vincke are relying on Divinity to place them on the map of respected RPG developers of today. So they must have a few tricks up their sleeves for making Divinity stand out amongst other titles. As far as the game’s storyline goes, the developers are being rather secretive. From what we could gather so far, Larian Studios released some movie-trailer-like tidbits of info, just to spark our imagination and give us a few pointers on the game’s backdrop. As you might have expected Divinity deals with the classical fantasy world of humans, dwarfs, elves, wizards, orcs and all the other creatures that are widely familiar to RPG population. What we know so far of the plot is that there is a prophecy, and an eerie feeling of war floating throughout the fantasy world. The player is cast in a role of an apprentice in service of the great wizard Zandalor, who urgently needs to visit an old friend of his. He sends you off to Stormfist castle, where the old duke has been murdered. Why Divinity? Why The Sword of Lies for that matter? We can't tell you yet, as that information is being kept secure in Larian Studios offices. "Part of the fun for the player is uncovering the storyline, and we plan to release as little information as possible on that, except how it starts and what the basic ingredients are," says Vincke about the mystery. "Let's just say that the bad guys are not that obvious, and that there is no real appearance of bad guys in Divinity. The foe is very subtle in Divinity, though the chaos is very apparent ((wars, pestilence, corruption, racial hatred...), and dealing with that chaos forms a large part of the story.”

    Ken Hoekstra Interview - MagicBoy @ 8:54 am PST
    SharkyExtreme has posted an interview with Ken Hoekstra, Project Administrator over at Raven Soft, who are currnetly busy developing Star Trek: Voyager-Elite Force. Here's a bit:

    Kenn Hoekstra: FPS gamers are at heart like all gamers; they generally just want good games that are fun to play. In that sense, I think they'll be very happy with Elite Force. There's a good mix of combat and exploration to go along with a strong, overarching storyline. Recently, the shooter genre has moved a bit closer to the story driven/adventure side of things. Elite Force is right on target with these genre changes.

    Starlancer Review - MagicBoy @ 8:41 am PST
    A Talent For War has reviewed Digital Anvil's space sim, Starlancer. There doesn't seem to be any form of numerical rating. Rather, it was rated as being a "slightly above-average titile that brings nothing new to the genre". There are loads of screenshots to boot.

    SoF Reviews - sim @ 7:06 am PST
    Looking for more Soldier of Fortune reviews? Hell ya! Well here they are, on Game Power, ESC Mag, Game Over, and Full On 3D.

    Baldurs Gate 2 Preview - sim @ 6:59 am PST
    Thresh's Firing Squad has the second edition of their Baldur's Gate 2 preview. Here's the cut and paste:
    Speaking of monsters, they looked fantastic. These things range from downright tiny to the ultra-massive. Golems and beholders were quite a sight to see. We didn't quite get to see the very large animals, but rest assured some of them will be B I G. Magical attacks look pretty darn good now. The pics we have should show some off some pretty fancy stuff. Even the locales are pretty spruced up. Check out those chompers in one of the pictures.

    Monday, May 01, 2000
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    Lethal Doses - sim @ 10:59 pm PST
    If you haven't seen it yet, check out Lethal Doses. It's a pretty damn funny comic strip that usually focuses on the gamer lifestyle. Check out the latest strip on the topic of EQ.

    Tribes Voodoo 5 Shots - sim @ 10:55 pm PST
    The good folks over at Planet Starsiege snagged some screenshots of Tribes running with Full Screen Anti-Aliasing (FSAA) on a new Voodoo5 card. Click here, I dare ya!

    Duke's Going Hunting - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:40 pm PST
    Thats right, Duke Nukem's going hunting. The A-Vault has just posted some more info on Dukes recently announced hunting game, Endangered Species. I can see it now... pipe bomb and ducks... Oh, whoops, thinking out loud again. Anyway, check it out right here. Good old Cut 'n Paste:
    Titled DUKE NUKEM: Endangered Species, the game is being developed for the PC at Russian-based Action Forms, creators of the dinosaur hunting titles Carnivores and Carnivores 2, and the first-person shooter Chasm. For all the genre’s low budget posturing, this is good news for fans of the character, whose ever-present shades should prove useful in the hot sun of the Serengeti. Broussard said the team has a super-fast, high-tech landscape engine he calls impressive. “The team also believes in photo realistic art, so count on great visuals,” Broussard added.

    Broussard told the Adrenaline Vault the product will be out--and we saw this coming--“when it’s done.” Before fans get downhearted, 3D Realms’ co-founder promised Endangered Species is not planned as a massive 24-month project, nor is the Gathering targeting the product to be a full-priced release. “It will be a high quality, fun, budget level DUKE game with all the edge fans have come to expect. It will surprise a lot of people what designers can do with a good idea and [a reasonable budget],” Broussard said.

    Our hero will of course bring his well-branded humor to the genre, which has been cloned to the point of self-satire. Indeed, Broussard confirmed with the Adrenaline Vault that DUKE would be his usual loquacious self, and that a number of parodies would figure into the action. Even more interesting was Broussard's statement that a few components from DUKE NUKEM FOREVER would be implemented in Action Forms’ game for consistency.

    New Nox Map - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:35 pm PST
    Westwood Studios has just tossed up a new multiplayer DM map for their recently released RPG, Nox. The new map, DeathTrap, comes along with a new interview with the maps creator, Bryan Hansen. Check it all out right here.

    Mac 413 Patch - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:31 pm PST
    Westlake Interactive has just kicked up their latest patch for Epic's Unreal Tourny, the mac version of the 413 patch. Check it out right here. Here's the smack:
    The 413 update contains all the fixes from the PC 413 (including adding HTTP downloads, fixing green player skins, most "invalid actor class" errors, and several others), as well as some Mac specific changes - better dedicated server stability, better cached download naming, faster load times, 32 bit Rave textures, and a few more.

    413 is not needed to play on any existing UT servers (PC or Mac), although a few mods have started requiring 413. If you don't play those mods, and don't have any trouble with UT Mac, you don't need to update.

    Todd H. Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 3:39 pm PST
    The big man (well, the other big man) over at id software, Todd Hollenstead has just been run through a short interview over on Fragland, covering the Q3A mission pack, id's next game, daikatana, and other misc. stuff. Check it out right here. Dig the snippage:
    Quake 3 : Arena has been released. The Mission Pack will be arriving soon. What are you going to be doing after the mission pack will be released ?

    We have a number of things we're working on currently that we'll have more time for and we'll also start work on the next game. Some of the announced projects that we will continue to work on are Q3A for Dreamcast with Raster Productions and Return to Castle Wolfenstein with Gray Matter.

    ID Software is known for its 3D FPS, but a little while ago there's was talk about ID's next game being another genre. Any idea allready on what ID's next step will be ?

    We have some good idea about where we'll be going, but I don't want to get into specifics because it's just too early to talk about. It won't be another deathmatch game like Q3A because we believe we've done the best that can be done in that sub-genre. Whatever we do, it will almost certainly be a 3D first person game.

    Diablo 2 Open Beta Signups! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 3:06 pm PST
    Thats right folks, its that time again. Time to sign up for the next round of Diablo 2 testing. This time however, you might accually be picked! YAY!

    Anyway, the signups for the stress test have started, as of this morning. Check out more info on how to signup right here. Heres some lovin from the beta overview:

    The beta will include the Barbarian character class and portions of the game's first act. The beta is expected to be approximately 100MB and playable only over by selected testers using access codes. The beta is being exclusively offered for download through ZDNet in partnership with Mirror Image.

    The purpose of the beta test is to ensure the stability of servers worldwide. In preparation for this final phase of beta testing, Blizzard will end the current on-going closed beta test a few days prior to the start of the stress test. Participants in the closed beta will automatically be included in the group that is selected to participate in the stress test.

    Counter-Strike Review - sim @ 7:08 am PST
    There's a new Counter-Strike review out, courtesy of Snipers Alley. Click here to go to it. Here's a preview:
    Running for your life around bend after bend, all your bodyguards are dead and its just you against the terrorists. Hiding in a dark corner you see one of them walk past you. Thinking quickly you slip out behind him and run for the escape zone. Only feet left when you feel a sharp pain in your shoulder, and then the ring of a bullet flies through the air. You know that they have you. No its not some strange movie its Counter Strike beta 6.1.

    Counter-Strike Interview - sim @ 6:58 am PST
    3D Action Plantet has snagged an interview with cliffe, the 'jack of all trades' of the Counter-Strike team. Check out the clippage:
    3DActionPlanet: Does Counter-Strike interfere with your schoolwork? Have you ever had to tell your English teacher, "I'm sorry I don't have my paper, but I was up all last night finishing up beta 6" ?

    cliffe: Well, yes, I've been getting increasingly less sleep as the year has gone on. I'm averaging about 3 hours of sleep per night but I usually fall asleep during the day. I've always been like that though, I procrastinate and play games until it's finally time to do homework at 1 am.

    Huh, so it appears he is human, like the rest of us! Except he has 'mad' modding skills...

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