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    Archive for March, 2000

    Friday, March 31, 2000
    Got News? Comments? Send it in! Help/Info/Contacts | Forum
    Can't find what you're looking for? Send a request!

    Screens - Falcon @ 11:07 pm PST
    And todays dose:

  • Gamespy has just snagged four exclusive shots from Frog City's new Mythic RTS Pantheon. Check them out at

  • SouthPeak Interactive sent GA-Source an extensive features list for Soldier, a third-person action game based on the 1998 film of the same name. 15 screenshots included:

  • Entertainment portal, (eU), has five new screenshots from the Dreamcast version of Third Law Interactive's first-person shooter KISS: Psycho Circus.

  • InterActive Vision has released nine new screenshots from Search and Rescue 2 (SAR 2), a simulator where the player takes control of a Dolphin HH65 helicopter to complete search and rescue missions.

  • Bethesda Softworks sent GA the first screenshots from the recently announced The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, the long awaited sequel to Daggerfall.
  • AOK Game Scenario Contest - Falcon @ 11:04 pm PST
    Hear ye, hear ye! There is one week left in the Game Scenario Contest for the award-winning, real-time strategy game, Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings. Participants are invited to submit a custom game scenario which must be based on the Charlemagne era. The contest takes place on ten Age of Empires fan sites, and the deadline for submissions is April 7, 2000.
    The ten winners (one from each site) will be announced on April 17, and the Grand Prize Winner will be chosen in the first week of May.

    The Grand Prize Winner will get his/her scenario included on the Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion pack CD and will also receive a series
    of limited edition, high-resolution framed Age of Kings prints signed by the game's senior designer, Bruce Shelley. The ten individual winners will
    receive a selection of Microsoft games and gaming devices.

    Age of Empires II, developed by Ensemble Studios, features new and improved design features that quickly engage the casual player while offering more intense and engrossing gameplay to satisfy the hard-core audience.
    For more details and links to each of the fan sites hosting this contest, visit:

    Stomped April Desktop calender - Falcon @ 11:02 pm PST
    Stomped has released their April Desktop Wallpaper Calendar. This months theme (by popular request) is Homeworld. Take a peek.

    Allegiance in shops near you - Falcon @ 11:01 pm PST
    Microsoft today announced that Allegiance, its pulse-pounding online space-action game, is starting to appear on store shelves. There have been several reports of its availability at locations throughout the United States, and full domestic distribution is expected by next week. Allegiance is playable on the MSN Gaming Zone as well as via independent game servers worldwide. The game combines furious space combat with the social challenge of squadron-based combat in a stunning 3D universe.

    Allegiance is available in retail stores for an estimated street price of US$40. Gamers can choose to play on public-domain servers free of charge or access the Allegiance Zone, a subscription service that provides larger-scale games, special events, persistent scoring and rankings, and new exclusive content. Players are eligible for one free month on the Allegiance Zone ($9.95 value) with game purchase.

    The stand-alone server code for Allegiance is available as a free download, as well as in the retail version of the game. The server code, which is a self-extracting, executable file, allows any PC or server to host free multiplayer games of Allegiance. By executing the Allegiance Server Code, sites will be automatically listed among the worldwide free-play servers for Allegiance on the MSN Gaming Zone ( Gamers who are interested in hosting an Allegiance free-play server can download the free file and support manual at:

    In Allegiance, players can pilot and customize many different classes of ships; from scouts and fighters to battle cruisers. They also have the ability to switch between a variety of combat roles, including pilot, turret gunner or base commander. Hundreds of players can engage each other in death-match style arenas or in cooperative play. Gamers will be able to represent their identity, through recorded accomplishments and medals, giving combatants the chance to become part of an ongoing, dynamic universe. Allegiance also features rich strategic elements such as controllable assets, researchable technology and command features.

    More Gamespy Updates - Falcon @ 11:00 pm PST launches the next two exclusive designer diaries from Lionhead Studios with details and screenshots from their upcoming God game Black and White. They are written by Steve Jackson and can be found at Here and Here. In case you missed the first one yesterday, it is at here.

    GameSpy also takes on Star Wars Force Commander. Did the reviewer come back dead or alive? Check out his harrowing experience: Force Commander review.

    And for you Soldier of Fortune fans, Planet Fargo runs wild in the office dressed in fatigues. Check out his hilarious take on the game: SoF Review.

    And in case you missed it, we had the details on Lord British getting thev boot from Origin, along with the text of the internal newsletter citing Origin's direction. Check it out: Click me.

    Rollcage Stage II review - Falcon @ 10:58 pm PST
    The Oxygen Tank has written up a preview of Rollcage Stage II, Attention-to-Detail's forthcoming action/combat racing game, which is the new and improved sequel to the original Rollcage. Here's a bit from his preview which sums up the game nicely:
    Like the first game, Rollcage Stage II will let you drive a gigantic indestructible car anyway you want: along walls, on the roofs of tunnels, through buildings or even upside-down. Your car is packing some serious munitions to trash the landscape and hinder your foes as you speed your way to riches and glory. But this time, the developers of Rollcage Stage II are pulling out all the stops. Rollcage Stage II will feature more of everything, a whole lot more. There will be more tracks (over sixty total), more weapons, more modes of play and new and interesting ways to blow sh!t up.

    Gamer's Press Update - Falcon @ 10:53 pm PST
    This morning, The Gamer's Press has posted the next installment of "Kevin's Kolumn". This week, Kevin predicts some of the more exciting games that will be released directly to the bargain bin in the near future. Here's a quote:
    "3D Ultra NASCAR Trout Hunting Extreme
    Combining elements of some of the most popular games out there this game has it all. You start out by choosing an appropriate weapon. Ak-47 if it's a clear day, box o' dynamite for a cloudy one. Then on to the driver selection process. You can choose such luminaries as Jeff Gordon or Dale Ernardt to be your boat driver/guide. They'll give great tips, such as when to release the dynamite for best finger retention. Where does the extreme portion of the title come from , you ask? This is all done while speeding around the lake at the top speed your trolling motor will allow, up near 6mph at times. All of this rendered with the hot technology of the Build engine. Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl. In anticipation, of course. "

    Site openings - Falcon @ 10:51 pm PST
    First, has opened with over 300MB of SoF content;

    And secondly, Beta World, with info on game betas.

    Fighter Ace News - Falcon @ 10:48 pm PST
    Microsoft announced today that on Saturday, April 1, at 6:00pm PST Fighter Ace II will go topsy-turvy on the MSN Gaming Zone. Nothing will be quite what it seems, but fun is definitely the goal. To participate in Fighter Ace II's night of stupid plane tricks, fighter jocks must be registered players. So, warm up your joystick and join us for the April Fool's event in Special Events Lobbies 7 - 12.

    The Zone has devised a group of totally wacky events! We won't go into too much detail, but should you choose to accept this mission, we will guarantee the fun. If this competition doesn't bring a smile to your face and an occasional belly laugh, then I'm afraid we will have to recommend professional help.

    Fighter Ace II is a massively multiplayer World War II air combat game that allows more than 300 pilots to fight in a single air combat arena from the cockpit of any one of more than 34 World War II vintage fighters and bombers. For more information on the game, visit the official Web for Fighter Ace II at

    Westwood Poll/Contest - Falcon @ 10:47 pm PST
    Westwood Studios wanted to know what we, the gaming community, thought about the Mammoth MkII in Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun: Firestorm. And to get everyone involved, they decided to host a poll. And the site to host that poll is The Dawg Pound! Westwood wants serious answers on this and may consider changing the game to what the poll results too. But with this poll, The Dawg Pound decided to give away a few things, which includes:

  • A copy of Firestorm
  • A Tiberian Sun T-Shirt
  • A copy of the Tiberian Sun soundtrack

    For more details visit the site here

    NFS Porsche Unleashed Review - Falcon @ 10:40 pm PST
    Need we comment the Need For Speed serial at all? After a couple of years since the first part we face the true sequel. Let's hope that Electronic Arts will never repeat the mistake it made with NFS 4: High Stakes expansion pack again. The new game presents all the cars Porsche manufactured from 1948 till today, altogether eighty models, each with specific characteristics....
    Read the full review here

    Sun Soo's Vengence First Look - Falcon @ 10:36 pm PST
    3DActionPlanet has a first look at New Legends: Sun Soo's Vengence. This is a third person action combat game from the Justin Chin, who worked on LucasArt's Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight. Updates - Falcon @ 10:35 pm PST continues its developers tour today with a stop at Shiny, where they corned David Perry about Messiah, which is now in stores, and Sacrifice. Check out the details at

    They also take a look at the Playstation game, SaGa Frontier 2. Was it better than the original? We sure hope so. Find the review at

    They also talk with the guys from Alliance Games, the team formed from the merger of the folks behind Expert Quake and Loki's Minions. Check out the interview at

    PSX 2 Review - Falcon @ 10:31 pm PST
    Digital's Clips has posted an indepth look at the Sony Playstation2, one of the hottest techno goodies launched this year and possibly the most fanatically reveered electronics toy ever. Horace 'Warpdude' Ko manages to get his little paws on one of these blue gems and takes it around the block. Here's a snippet from the review:
    "Since Sony's Playstation 2 was officially announced a year ago in March 1999, this next generation console has been one of the most widely-discussed topics between console and non-console fans. The specifications of the console were, to say the least, mind-boggling. With a CPU running at close to 300 MHz with a 128-bit Emotion Engine (think: SIMD for PS2), a dedicated 150 MHz graphics processor, a new dedicated audio processor, and a 4X DVD-ROM drive, the specs of the Playstation 2 put, when it was announced, those of PCs to shame.
    Sporting two USB ports, and a high-bandwidth, high-speed FireWire port, the PS2 also comes ready for future expansion. The PS2 also comes with a PCMCIA slot, useful for adding new drives and the like"

    3dfx VSA-100 Mini-preview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 1:01 pm PST
    In case you missed it earlier today, Blue's News has whipped up a mini-preview of thr 3Dfx VSA-100 chip, which is the base of the upcoming Voodoo 4 and 5 lines. It even comes complete with some nice screen shots. Check it out right here. Here's a clip:
    It was a brief visit, so I'll share some brief impressions: The full scene 4X anti-aliasing is as cool as I expected, I had a taste of the effect in my first 3D accelerator, the Vérité (of all things) and was already aware of how even lower resolution images can be enhanced by smoothing out the stair-stepping around the edges. The effect is just as impressive on high-resolution scenes, eliminating not only jaggies around the edges of images, but removing all sorts of noise and moiré patterns from textures and such. It does entail a performance hit, and twitch gamers tend to turn off eye candy in favor of performance, but the full-scene AA is awfully sweet, with possibly even greater impact on how some images appear than the use of 32/24-bit color. Nothing screams "computer generated" like jagged edges, and switching between normal views of Falcon 4 and anti-aliased views was like switching between the past and the future.

    SoF FAQ Update - MaD-HaTTeR @ 12:43 pm PST
    Raven Software's official FAQ for their new FPS, Soldier of Fortune, has gone through an update. You can check out the FAQ right here.

    Cash on Q3A Mod Making Bug - MaD-HaTTeR @ 12:37 pm PST
    John Cash from id Software has just slapped up an update to his .plan, with the dirt on a Q3A bug. Read on my Mod making friends:
    There is a bug that may be giving Q3A mod developers some headaches if they are trying to add new holdable items.

    File cg_event.c, function CG_UseItem; the line:
    itemNum = es->event - EV_USE_ITEM0;
    should be:
    itemNum = (es->event & ~EV_EVENT_BITS) - EV_USE_ITEM0;

    This causes itemNum to be invalid about half the time, preventing any client side effect tied to the item from occurring.

    Diablo 2 Closed Beta Shipped! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 12:31 pm PST
    Although I'm not one of the lucky thousand that made it into the Diablo 2 closed beta, all you lucky ones who did should be recieving the game very soon (today even). also has alot of screenshots from the beta up, so check them out.

    More Soldier Screens - the_culture @ 11:34 am PST
    GA-Source posted 15 new screens of the upcoming third-person action game. These shots are awesome.

    More Interviews - the_culture @ 11:29 am PST
    Three more interviews for you. One with Cliff Bleszinski about Unreal and UT. The other one is with Warren Spector (part 1) dealing with his history as a game designer. The last one is with Mike Wilson of Gathering of Developers.

    Final Fantasy VIII Patch - the_culture @ 11:27 am PST
    3DFiles posted word of a patch for FFVIII. The patch itself is nearly 10 megs but fixes crashes, GeForce problems, Yamaha synth problems, and others.

    More Star Wars Online Info - the_culture @ 11:19 am PST
    LucasArts President Simon Jeffery made a few comments about SWO. Here's what he said:
    "Practically all of the massively multiplayer online games at the moment are 'men in tights' games, and Star Wars has the real opportunity to expand online gaming to a more casual gamer," Jeffery says. "I think there's a high degree of intimidation to entry in online gaming. A lot of casual gamers are just put off by the fact that there's newbie-bashing and you have to be pretty hardcore to just know what's going on."

    There will be opportunities for players to hack and slash their way to the next level, Jeffery says, but LucasArts will emphasize the nonviolent aspects of the game. "We want people to be able to go in there and have an experience that might have no killing whatever, where level increasing is gained by doing good, or simply being a successful trader or a good spy."

    You can pick up the whole story here.

    Another Star Wars Game? - the_culture @ 11:14 am PST
    It's not good practice to post rumors but this one appears to be legit and it's Star Wars. Looks like Factor5, the team behind Rogue Squadron, is working on another title exclusive to the N64. Stay tuned for more.

    Obi-Wan Coverage - the_culture @ 11:08 am PST
    Whether you're a subscriber or not, the May edition of PCGamer will have a full-featured look at Obi-Wan, LucasArts' upcoming Jedi FPS. Thanks to for that one.

    Richard Garriott Leaves Origin - the_culture @ 11:04 am PST
    I still can't believe this one. According the reports all over the net, Richard Garriott (Lord British) has left Origin. Maybe Ultima 9 pushed him over the edge? :) More details...

    New Project IGI Screens - the_culture @ 11:00 am PST
    These are the first shots I've seen since that preview in the March edition of PCGamer. There are only three and they don't show much but here they are. This thinking FPS is based off a flight sim engine and will have realistic physics.

    Quick Links II - the_culture @ 10:55 am PST
    Several previews for you this morning from various sources:
  • A hands-on preview of Vampire: The Masquerade by PC.IGN.
  • A preview and three new screens of Independence War 2 at Gamespot UK.
  • There's a preview of Flying Heroes at the AVault.
  • Quick Links - the_culture @ 10:49 am PST
    There are a few interviews out there so let's get started:
  • Jiovanie Velazquez, artist working on Summoner, is interviewed by Summoner Homeland.
  • Gary Stelmack of Red Storm, chatted with SimHQ about Red Storm's upcoming ( as in a week or so) Urban Ops, the mission pack for Rogue Spear.
  • Sam Brown of Legend Entertainment is interviewed by (WTF) regarding Wheel of Time.
  • Couple of Raven Software interviews: One with Gil Gibb discussing the GHOUL system in SoF; the other with Kenn Hoekstra regarding game development.
  • Digital Extremes' lead designer James Schmalz is grilled about their new game Dark Sector.
  • Klipsch Promedia v.2-400 Review - the_culture @ 10:32 am PST
    You still haven't purchased new surround sound speakers because the noise will wake your parents? So what? You're ready to move out. Forget about buying a couch, a dinner table, or even a bed. You need the 400 watt speakers from Klipsch. This 4.1 system rattles the house and your bones, and you know that's the only way to play Quake 3. Sharkyextreme reviews this set.

    Updated Tachyon Demo - the_culture @ 10:20 am PST
    3DFiles has the updated demo for Tachyon: The Fringe (not The Fridge, so all you fat kids can stop getting excited). The update includes enhancements to the single-player game and a few new multiplayer maps. Forgot what this game is about? Read on:
    You are one of the best mercenary space-pilots in the Sol system. Play the beginning five, single-player missions of this intense space-combat adventure, featuring: a free-form mission structure, furious space-fighter warfare, full in-game cinematics, innovative new weapons and the most incredible large-scale objects ever seen in a space game.
    This demo lets gamers try out Base Wars, one of Tachyon's multiplayer game types. Two teams (GalSpan and Bora) advance through ten levels of technology by collecting crystals and defeating enemy players. Each technology level allows the team access to better weapons, hardware, and base defenses. Upon reaching the tenth level, the goal is to destroy the life support systems on the other team's base.

    Deranged Raid Demo - the_culture @ 10:15 am PST
    Rather then try to explain this one to you, I'm going to copy/paste the description. I hope you like this one:
    This is a Flight simulation / RTS genre mix using 3Dfx's Glide and OpenGL. Development of this game is far from finished, but all key parts of the game are included with this demo. Deranged Raid is FREEWARE and OPENSOURCE.
    DERANGED RAID is a team game. Each team consists of one or more pilots who pilot their own vehicles. The goal is to destroy the enemy Command Center, while defending your own. One part of the game consists of flying and fighting with your ship, the other part plays like a normal RTS-game: you build structures and defense systems, harvest resources and try to keep the enemy from doing the same.

    The download page has three screenshots to help you with you decision.

    New Flight Sim 2000 Patch - the_culture @ 10:11 am PST
    Patch 2b is out for MS Flight Simulator 2000. These are the fixes for this patch:
  • With this update, dynamic scenery will work both day and night, whether you have shadows turned ON or OFF.
  • Flight Simulator now includes shadows for aircraft, buildings, and dynamic scenery. The complete redesign of the scenery system in Flight Simulator 2000 made the previous method of displaying shadows obsolete.
  • To view shadows, make sure that the Aircraft Shadows and Ground Scenery Shadows settings are selected in the Image Quality tab of the Display Settings dialog box. To get to this dialog box in Flight Simulator, click the Options menu, point to Settings, and then click Display. Then click the Image Quality tab.
  • The problem with setup failing to rename some files has been solved. The problem was a result of incorrect registry settings.
  • Autopilot-induced oscillations while following the ILS glideslope have been fixed.
  • Displayed ATIS frequencies are now limited to frequencies tunable with the Communication radio.
  • The Learjet 45 and the Boeing 737-400 ADF needles now correct for magnetic variation.
  • Voodoo2 video cards now correctly render gauges.
  • The VSI needle in the Learjet and the 777 move in full scale when metric units of measure are in use.
  • Thursday, March 30, 2000
    Got News? Comments? Send it in! Help/Info/Contacts | Forum
    Can't find what you're looking for? Send a request!

    Mad Hatter's Picks - MystikaL @ 5:56 pm PST
    Mad Hatter, one of our news guys, has written up a page that lets you know his top web site picks. Check it out here.

    UT Patch Issues - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:35 pm PST
    Steven Polge from Epic has just made a quick update to the Unreal Tech Page, with the low down on some known issues with the UT 413 path. Good old cut & paste:
    Several issues with the 413 patch have been pointed out. We will have an updated patch as soon as possible to address these issues. In the meantime, if you are having D3D video performance problems, see Erik's update below. If you are having problems installing UT, or getting an error after installation that "UnrealTournament.exe is not a valid Win32 application" or "UnrealTournament.exe is too big to fit into system memory", try installing into the default directory for UT (c:\UnrealTournament). Our patch installer seems to be occasionally corrupting files when installing into different directory structures. We are still working on the problems of the 413 patch not working with minimum installs, and problems patching the Spanish/Italian version of UT.

    SoF Cheats - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:01 pm PST
    Looks like the kids over at AGN3D have gotten their grubby hands on the cheats for Raven Software's (totally wicked) FPS, Soldier of Fortune. Check them out right here.

    Servers - MystikaL @ 3:33 pm PST
    If anyone has a server, or know someone who has one, please ask them to run a Goldeneye Beta 1 (half-Life mod) server. The mod is great, but currently lacks servers.

    Hitman Screens - the_culture @ 6:15 am PST
    Game Girlz posted three new shots of the upcoming FPS Hitman: Codename 47.

    Deus Ex Development Update - the_culture @ 6:06 am PST
    Unreal Universe has the latest dev update from ION Storm's Bob White. Get your Deus Ex fix right here. I know I am!

    The Sims Patch - the_culture @ 5:59 am PST
    Maxis says they have a patch out for their latest game, The Sims. It fixes a few bugs, improves gameplay, and a few other things. You can pick it up here.

    TRIBES 2 Interview - the_culture @ 5:56 am PST
    Planet Star Siege posted parts two and three of their huge interview with the development team behind Tribes 2. A must read for all fans.

    Blaze & Blade Review - the_culture @ 5:49 am PST
    GA-RPG has a funny, albiet negative, review of the RPG Blaze & Blade. You might want to think twice before purchasing this one.

    Mech 4 Info - the_culture @ 5:45 am PST
    Gamespot says they have new info by way of an interview with lead designer TJ Wagner. It's a good read for those of you awaiting MechWarrior 4. Here's a snip:
    GS: Which single aspect of MechWarrior 4 excites you the most?

    TJ: For me, it's finally being able to bring the multiplayer BattleTech experience we had in the pods to the PC user. The thought of hundreds of dedicated servers running MechWarrior 4 across all different styles of play and multiplayer modes makes me giddy.

    SW: Jedi Power Battles - the_culture @ 5:38 am PST
    That's right, another episode 1 tie-in game. This one is a rather basic side scroller, a trumped up Super Empire Strikes Back. Read the review and judge for yourself. Oh, by the way, it's for the Play Station, if that says anything.

    Martian Gothic Preview - the_culture @ 5:33 am PST
    Gamespot UK has a preview of one clean looking game, Martian Gothic: Unification. This Resident Evil style game is set on Mars in the year 2019. Here's a piece on the story:
    Martian Gothic is a relatively non-linear game. With over 120 locations, it will take the average gamer between 40 and 60 hours to make it through, which translates into more than a few sleepless nights.

    The game is a mixture of puzzle solving - all puzzles are related to real-life object combination and manipulation, according to developer Creative Reality - and combat.

    Check out these shots as well.

    FX4000, Flight Controller Review - Falcon @ 1:05 am PST Review: Dan "Crash" Crenshaw has put together a review of the FX4000 and Flight Controller USB from Suncom. Crash likes the joysticks,
    though he thinks they may not as "hardcore" as he would have preferred.

    Alliegance Server/Hosting Code - Falcon @ 1:04 am PST
    Microsoft today announced the start of its server spawn program for Allegiance, a brand-new multiplayer space combat game, by releasing the stand-alone server code for the game as a free download. The server code, which is a self-extracting, executable file, allows any PC or server to host free multiplayer games of Allegiance. The server code will also be included in the retail shipping version of Allegiance, which is expected to hit store shelves later this week. The game combines furious space combat with the social challenge of squadron-based combat in a stunning 3D universe.

    By executing the Allegiance Server Code, sites will be automatically listed among the worldwide free-play servers for Allegiance on the MSN Gaming Zone. Gamers who are interested in hosting an Allegiance free-play server can download the free file and support manual at:

    Allegiance will be available in retail stores for an anticipated street price of US$40. Gamers can then choose to play on public-domain servers free of charge or access the Allegiance Zone, a subscription service that provides larger-scale games, special events, persistent scoring and rankings, and new exclusive content. Players are eligible for one free month on the Allegiance Zone ($9.95 value) with game purchase.

    In Allegiance, players can pilot and customize many different classes of ships; from scouts and fighters to battle cruisers. They also have the ability to switch between a variety of combat roles, including pilot, turret gunner or base commander. Hundreds of players can engage each other in death-match style arenas or in cooperative play. Gamers will be able to represent their identity, through recorded accomplishments and medals, giving combatants the chance to become part of an ongoing, dynamic universe. Allegiance also features rich strategic elements such as controllable assets, researchable technology and command features.

    Croc2 Review - Falcon @ 1:00 am PST has slapped up a review of that lovable lizard, Croc 2. He got an overall score of 69%. Nevertheless, he would make for a fine leather belt....

    Songs for Deathmatch Interview - Falcon @ 12:54 am PST has posted their latest "Ten Questions" Interview
    They interview James Grote who produced the excellent Songs For Deathmatch albums.

    Q3IDE - Falcon @ 12:46 am PST
    Q3IDE 1.2 with a few new features and many bug fixes has been released at, also, there is a new tutorial there for Q3IDE.
    For those of you that don't know what it is, heres a bit of info:
    Q3IDE was designed as a alternative to Visual C++ to be used for Quake 3 coding. Since the Quake 3 SDK already has the compilers for QVM included, all that is needed is a development environment that acts as a code editor and also a front end for lcc and q3asm. Q3IDE lacks many features that are in Visual C++, but it's also free, and frequently updated to adapt to the changes and the new versions of the Quake3 source code.

    Yahoo Sued!? - Falcon @ 12:45 am PST
    Thanks to the Dawg Pound for this tip:
    It seems that Yahoo! is being sued by Electronic Arts, Sega and Nintendo for selling warez versions of their games on Yahoo! auctions.
    Electronic Arts Inc. (Nasdaq: ERTS) and the U.S. subsidiaries of Sega Enterprises Ltd. and Nintendo Co. filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in San Francisco. They are seeking an injunction to halt sales of counterfeit games on Yahoo! (Nasdaq: YHOO). The suit is the first time the companies have taken on an online retailer. Electronic Arts is based in Redwood City, Calif., while Sega and Nintendo are based in Japan.

    Diane Hunt, a spokeswoman for Yahoo! in San Jose, Calif., said the company hadn't seen the suit yet and couldn't comment on it. She noted that Yahoo! shuts down illegal auctions when it hears about them from buyers or sellers, but so far hasn't found a practical way to search through "millions of listings" for possible illegal items.

    The lawsuit alleges Yahoo! profits from the sales and is aware they are happening. Richard Flamm, general counsel for Nintendo of America in Redmond, Wash., said Yahoo hasn't responded to requests to stop the activity.

    For the full article head over here

    Sims Review - Falcon @ 12:29 am PST
    Crossroads Staffer Atomic has released his review of The Sims giving it 4 stars!!
    Here is some of what he had to say...
    The game is outrageously addicting. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you will even yell at your Sims. Your goal is to keep them happy and make some friends. It’s gigapets meets Dungeon Keeper meets Freud’s worst nightmare meets the Brady Bunch. As the puppetmaster, you pull all the strings and dictate how your Sims will grow (or wither and die) in the environment. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to check in on the Sorority sisters and find out what this game feels about same-sex marriages.

    Screenshots - Falcon @ 12:26 am PST
    And heres your latest dose of Screens:
    Entertainment portal, (eU), has gotten a hold of 2 new screenshots from Third Law Interactive's upcoming LithTech-powered shooter, KISS: Psyco Circus.

    GA-Source has snapped up a 12 new screenshots from the latest MDK2 build, given to them at the recent MDK2 launch party.

    SCi recently released 12 new action-packed screenshots and a development update for their upcoming action racer, Carmageddon TDR 2000.

    A representative for Bethesda Softworks has told GA-Source that tomorrow they will be making an official announcement for the long awaited sequel to Daggerfall - The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. First image included:

    Nox Update Now Available - Falcon @ 12:22 am PST
    March 29th, 2000 -- Westwood's hit action-RPG Nox, which has received rave reviews from press and fans alike, just got even better. A Nox update, which features a slew of enhancements to both the single and multiplayer games, is now available. The upgrade will auto-install once a Nox player logs onto Westwood online. The update can also be downloaded from and installed manually.

    The update includes over 20 character and weapon enhancements, many of which came from fan suggestions. A complete list of improvements can be found at

    3DActionPlanet News - Falcon @ 12:19 am PST
    3DActionPlanet have an interview with Jason Kingsly of Rebellion, where they talk about the company and their latest project, Gunlok.
    The URL for the Jason Kingsly interview is:

    Also, they have a new first look at Hired Guns. This title aims to be a blend of futuristic 3D shooter and tactical game, and it's all powered by a modified version of the Unreal engine.

    Majesty Review - Falcon @ 12:02 am PST
    The Gamer's Press has posted a new review of the game Majesty. Here's a taste:
    "The rewards systems are what set this game apart. Unlike every other real-time strategy you don't have direct control over your heroes. You can't order a group of warriors to lay waste to an enemy castle, or to explore an area. Instead you can place a reward flag on the castle and the warriors, if they see fit, lay waste to the castle in order to collect the bounty. The key here is " if they see fit"

    Gamespy Developer Tour Continues - Falcon @ 12:00 am PST
    Gamespy's Developer Tour continues today with a visit to Loki, the masters of Linux. We chat with Scott Draeker, president of the company, to find out what's up with his "Linux zealots." Check out what he has to say at

    Wednesday, March 29, 2000
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    Rune AVI - Falcon @ 11:59 pm PST
    SCORE! Human Head Studios decided to give its latest peek at RUNE to RAGNAROK. They have an exclusive 29.5 meg AVI for you to check out. Is it worth the download? Hell yes! Get a look at some new creatures, new levels, blood-splattering combat and more. Ah, we knew you couldn't resist.
    AVI Link:

    Q3A on Dreamcast! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 11:08 am PST
    It looks like Quake 3: Arena will indeed be making its way over to the Dreamcast console later this year. You can check out the PR right here. Here's a clip:
    Continuing to build the library of multiplayer titles for the Sega Dreamcast Network, Sega of America announced today a deal with Activision, Inc. to publish id Software's QUAKE III Arena(tm) " for the 128-bit, Internet-ready Sega Dreamcast(tm) videogame console. The title is being developed, under id Software's supervision and direction, by Activision and Raster Productions for Sega Dreamcast and published by Sega of America. QUAKE III Arena is expected to ship later this year.

    Using the Sega Dreamcast Network, Sega Dreamcast gamers will be able to play QUAKE III Arena against both Sega Dreamcast and PC owners. This is the first time that QUAKE III Arena will be available on a videogame console and the first time in history that PC gamers can play against console gamers via real-time networked gameplay. Whether played in multiplayer or single player mode, QUAKE III Arena is sure to give gamers an adrenaline rush and keep them coming back for more.

    "id Software has continually been at the forefront of online games and we are thrilled to have them involved in our efforts to expand the way people play games on Sega Dreamcast," said Charles Bellfield, director of corporate communications, Sega of America. "In 2000, Sega's focus is on online games for Sega Dreamcast and we are pleased to be shipping a proven hit such as QUAKE III Arena."

    Game makers sue Yahoo! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 11:01 am PST
    It seems that Electronic Arts, Sega, and Nintendo are all sueing Yahoo! because of pirated games being sold in Yahoo! actions. Check out the article here. Here's the into:
    Electronic Arts Inc. (Nasdaq: ERTS) and the U.S. subsidiaries of Sega Enterprises Ltd. and Nintendo Co. filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in San Francisco. They are seeking an injunction to halt sales of counterfeit games on Yahoo! (Nasdaq: YHOO). The suit is the first time the companies have taken on an online retailer. Electronic Arts is based in Redwood City, Calif., while Sega and Nintendo are based in Japan.

    Diane Hunt, a spokeswoman for Yahoo! in San Jose, Calif., said the company hadn't seen the suit yet and couldn't comment on it. She noted that Yahoo! shuts down illegal auctions when it hears about them from buyers or sellers, but so far hasn't found a practical way to search through "millions of listings" for possible illegal items.

    The lawsuit alleges Yahoo! profits from the sales and is aware they are happening. Richard Flamm, general counsel for Nintendo of America in Redmond, Wash., said Yahoo hasn't responded to requests to stop the activity.

    Various Sims Tidbits - the_culture @ 8:56 am PST
    The Boston Globe, of all places, has a nice article on The Sims and it's popularity. Also, GameCenter has a brief write up on the expansion pack for The Sims.

    New TWINE Screens - the_culture @ 8:26 am PST posted some new shots of The World is Not Enough, the Quake 3 engine powered FPS.

    Porsche Unleashed Interview - the_culture @ 8:20 am PST
    PC.IGN chatted with EA Product Manager Peter Royea about Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed.
    IGNPC: Just how many models of Porsche will be in there?

    PR: Although the final numbers are still being determined, we anticipate that there will be over 80 models of car available on PC – compared to 50 on PlayStation.

    New Cataclysm Shots - the_culture @ 8:11 am PST
    PC.IGN posted 12 screenshots of Cataclysm, the upcoming stand-alone game set in the Homeworld universe.

    Triple Play 2001 Patch - the_culture @ 8:08 am PST
    This new patch will upgrade your game to v1.0, but will make you unable to play previously saved games. Download it.

    Tuesday, March 28, 2000
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    AOK Add-on - Surebrec @ 7:29 pm PST
    The folks at Ensemble Studios are currently developing an add-on for one of '99's hottest games, AoE II: Age of Kings. The add-on will be entitled The Conquerors. More info on the add-on, such as release date, might be available at E3 in May. For more info, read the full story.

    Rune Interview - Surebrec @ 7:25 pm PST
    I noticed over at Gamespy that Gamespot UK has scored an interview with Timothy Gerritsen, Business Director at Human Head Games on Rune, their upcoming Viking adventure game. Here's great clip on the setting of the game:

    GameSpot UK:
    What's the attraction of setting a game based in Norse era and mythology - how has this fed into the game design?

    Timothy Gerritsen:
    Many of us at Human Head had read stories about the Vikings and their legends, and had read the Norse mythologies about the gods Thor, Odin and Loki as kids. It is a deeply rich culture that has contributed a great deal to our present day literature and cultural psyche. It is also an area often overlooked in games other than in cartoonish ways. We decided the time had come to do an epic adventure fantasy game about Viking mythology. Rune, however, is not a documentary simulation of Viking life, so don't get me wrong. What we've done is taken the legends of the Vikings and combined them with our own takes on the culture to create what is essentially a fantasy legend brought to life in an action game.

    Urban Ops Screens - Surebrec @ 7:19 pm PST
    The folks at Gamespot have smacked up a total of 9 screenshots of Urban Ops, the official expansion pack to Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear. Urban Operations has recently gone gold and should be on shelves within the next 2 weeks.

    D2 Beta Second Chance Winners - Surebrec @ 7:13 pm PST
    If you entered for the Daily Radar D2 Beta Second Chance Contest, better check the winner's list. You just may be on it.

    Thief II Interview - Surebrec @ 7:05 pm PST
    The boys over at have interviewed Associate Producer Lulu Lamer on Thief II, which was recently released. In the interview, they chat it up about how Thief II was improved over Thief, how the exclusion of multiplayer affected the game, and much more.

    Earth 2150 Demo - Surebrec @ 7:00 pm PST
    Speaking of IGN, PC.IGN has also posted the official Earth 2150 demo, which weighs in at a hefty 80 megs. For the dial-up users, you're screwed unless you are very patient.
    Source: Blue's news

    Black and White Movies - Surebrec @ 6:58 pm PST
    I noticed over at 24 Hour Gamer (a.k.a. Tex's Whore House) that PC.IGN has slapped up a bit of video footage of Black and White, where you get to be god. Hmm. The movies are in QuickTime format and can be found here.

    Suck at Quake? - Surebrec @ 6:52 pm PST
    I'm sure everyone that has ever played a Quake game has sucked once in a while. If you're one of those people that unfortunately suck at Quake right now, then The Gamer's Press has your cure! They have posted a great article on taking out those stupid little 7th graders that are beating your ass.

    Tip #9 - Use the crack whore skins. He will see the scantily clad model and be so dismayed that he will hesitate before shooting you.


    Allegiance Server Info - Surebrec @ 6:49 pm PST
    Ever wanted to start your own Allegiance server? Well, now you can, with new server code that Microsoft has released. Here's the full story:

    Microsoft today announced the start of its server spawn program for Allegiance, a brand-new multiplayer space combat game, by releasing the stand-alone server code for the game as a free download. The server code, which is a self-extracting, executable file, allows any PC or server to host free multiplayer games of Allegiance. The server code will also be included in the retail shipping version of Allegiance, which is expected to hit store shelves later this week. The game combines furious space combat with the social challenge of squadron-based combat in a stunning 3D universe.

    By executing the Allegiance Server Code, sites will be automatically listed among the worldwide free-play servers for Allegiance on the MSN Gaming Zone ( Gamers who are interested in hosting an Allegiance free-play server can download the free file and support manual at:

    Allegiance will be available in retail stores for an anticipated street price of US$40. Gamers can then choose to play on public-domain servers free of charge or access the Allegiance Zone, a subscription service that provides larger-scale games, special events, persistent scoring and rankings, and new exclusive content. Players are eligible for one free month on the Allegiance Zone ($9.95 value) with game purchase.

    In Allegiance, players can pilot and customize many different classes of ships; from scouts and fighters to battle cruisers. They also have the ability to switch between a variety of combat roles, including pilot, turret gunner or base commander. Hundreds of players can engage each other in death-match style arenas or in cooperative play. Gamers will be able to represent their identity, through recorded accomplishments and medals, giving combatants the chance to become part of an ongoing, dynamic universe. Allegiance also features rich strategic elements such as controllable assets, researchable technology and command features.

    For more information about Allegiance, visit the game's official site at:

    Need For Speed 4 FPS Hack - MaD-HaTTeR @ 12:37 pm PST
    There is an unofficial hack (use at your own risk) over on Riva 3D, for Need For Speed 4. The hack "boasts tremendous speed increases in frame rates." Check out the post right here.

    SoF Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 12:28 pm PST has done it again, this time with part 2 of an interview of Ken Hoekstra from Raven. Check it out right here. Snippage coming your way:
    Soldier-of-Fortune: Given the chance, what would you change about Soldier of Fortune?

    Kenn Hoekstra (Project Administrator): I wish we had time to add weapon mods to the weapon functionality and outfit menu. Taking a stock weapon and adding a silencer, laser site, flashlight, larger clip or different rounds would have been very cool. User controlled vehicles would have been cool, too. You can never seem to do everything you want to do in a game, it seems. If you could, why would any game have a sequel? =)

    TRIBES 2 Interview - the_culture @ 7:48 am PST
    PlanetStarSiege posted their huge preview of Tribes 2. This sucka's over 12 pages long and is based on over a 100 questions sent to the development team. If only all previews were that way... :(

    Vampire Preview - the_culture @ 7:45 am PST
    Daily Radar sat down with Chris Hewish, producer of Vampire: The Masquerade- Redemption. Here's a piece on your character:
    DR: Explain this half-beast character that you play in Vampire. What's the attraction to playing undead characters -- is this some sort of gothic chic?

    CH: You begin the game as Christof Romuald, a mortal knight fighting for God and greater glory, but soon after the game begins, you are turned into a vampire and must contend with a world that, for you, has turned upside down. All the things you believed in, good and evil, are no longer the same for you as your humanity is subverted. But on the other hand, the attraction of this character change is that you get to play an immortal creature of legend, with strength and powers beyond mortal comprehension. One of my favorite things about this vampire world, called the World of Darkness, is that the character struggles against the beast within to maintain his humanity, providing a sense of the tragic hero.

    Secret LEC Title In Development? - the_culture @ 7:40 am PST
    That's what is saying in their exclusive. Here's the entire quote:
    All Star Wars games that don't have a title at the time that they begin evelopment end up being assigned a code name. Well, we've just landed information about one that is supposed to be amazing in the next generation gaming market. Europa, the code name for the project, is LucasArts' first upcoming effort in the next generation market. TFN has learned that in addition to the N64 title to be released this Christmas and the recently released Star Wars Online, LEC has another really great looking title tighly under wraps possibly for the PC and Playstation 2. While we do expect an official announcement soon, here's your first word about the new TPM game, exclusive to TFN:

    "LucasArts is developing what sounds to be an Episode I related flight simulator type of game. The project is code named "Europa" and is anticipated to run only on the higest end PCs and one of the next generation consoles. From what I've seen it looks like it's shaping up into a very cool game. One source suggested that Europa is, quite simply, the most beautiful flight/simulator/shooter that just has to be seen to be appreciated. More soon."

    MiniGolf Review - the_culture @ 7:28 am PST
    For all you 14-year-olds who can't afford to take your girlfriend out to the real thing: now you can! #2 Games created this little wonder so your and your friends don't have to go out and spend $20 everytime. AVault has a review and several screenshots to help you make up your mind whether or not to spend your parent's hard-earned cash on it.

    Monday, March 27, 2000
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    Daikatana Demo This Week! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:46 pm PST
    I just noticed over on Planet Daikatana, that Noel Stephens, a Daikatana AI programmer, gave out a little info on the upcoming Daikatana demo in a public chat. Dig it:

    [n1NtH] there plans to release a demo sooN?
    [n1NtH] if SOOn
    [Noel_Shadow_Stephens] Yes
    [Noel_Shadow_Stephens] like this week
    Very cool. Daikatana is gonna be sweet :).

    UT Patch - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:36 pm PST
    Epic has just finished a new patch for UT, bringing the game up to version 413. You can grab the patch off of the Unreal Tech Page, right here (the patch weighs in at 5.6 megs). Here's a look at some of the new features:
    New features (Gameplay):

    - D3D uses vertex buffers for all drawing operations - gives overall performance boost.
    - Can now use number and arrow keys to navigate voice menu
    - Random bots picks from all 32 (not first 16) - including the specially configured ones
    - Can summon specific bots: 'AddBotNamed Alarik' adds the bot with the name Alarik (if he's in the list of configured bots)
    - Now shows waiting players on team scoreboards before start of game (players who aren't ready are greyed out)
    - Improved bot AI about triggering pressure zone when player is in it
    - Changed xDSL and cable modem clientspeed to 10000 (and added separate category in netspeed selection)
    - No longer need to type 'iamtheone' for cheats in single player
    - Demos can now play looping - demoplay demofile?loop
    - Turbo/hardcore mode is now shown in UBrowser for team games

    SoF Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:29 pm PST has just slapped up their latest interview, with Brian Raffel of Raven Software, regarding their upcoming FPS, Soldier of Fortune (duh). Check out the interview right here. Here's a little taste:
    S-o-F: What is your favorite weapon in Soldier of Fortune and why? Favorite hit location / enemy body part to dismember and why? >;-)

    Brian: My favorite weapon is the SMG- It is fast and furious and I love the "dance" it puts the enemies into. I think my favorite hit location is a hard one. I have 3 favorites of the throat, the Groin , and finally shooting the head clean off. But that's me I am a little brutal.

    Interview - MystikaL @ 5:30 pm PST
    Gamesurge has conducted an interview with one of the creators of the popular Nato mods for Rainbow Six / Rogue Spear. Check it out here.

    Episode II Sneak Peek? - the_culture @ 10:42 am PST
    According to Access Hollywood, they will have "an exclusive tour of George Lucas' special effects factory and get a sneak peek at the next 'Star Wars' movie!" Tune in to Access Hollywood this Teusday (28th) for the preview. Thanks to for that one.

    Tribes 2 Interview - the_culture @ 10:23 am PST
    Gamelinks interviewed Rick Overman, senior programmer for Tribes 2. Take a peek:
    GAMELINKS.NET: The terrain engine look absolutely incredible and it appears that Tribes 2 will blow away the competition in terms of outdoor environments once again. With this in mind, have there been major performance related issues in trying to incorporate intensive features such as water and fog?

    RICK OVERMAN: Not for fog. Our fog in TRIBES 2 is vertex-based and supported directly by hardware. We’re still considering some other permutations, but it’s safe to say fog isn’t going to be a problem with most hardware.

    Water, on the other hand, could create some issues. Water’s translucency means that the combination of polygons and textures that make up a body of water is essentially drawn over the polygons and textures that make up the "underwater" terrain. So there’s an overdraw issue because your machine has to draw the lake bottom and then draw another layer of translucent water over the top of that terrain, essentially drawing your pixels twice in the same map location. You can scale down your poly count to compensate if you’re having performance problems, but you can’t do much with the doubled textures.

    There are always performance-related issues when introducing new environmental features, but we think we’ve worked out some good solutions for TRIBES 2. The amount of data that makes up TRIBES 2 maps is actually far less than for TRIBES 1 maps, even though our maps in T2 provide the user with larger, vastly more complex landscapes.

    Thief II Review - the_culture @ 10:13 am PST
    Thief II gets the treatment from Gamespot UK. They loved this game, giving it 9.5/10. Here's one of the reasons why:
    The AI has been improved considerably and, as a result, the other characters in the game now react to your presence more realistically. They hear you when you walk across noisy surfaces and hunt you out based on where they last heard your footsteps. They also see you more easily if you have not completely hidden yourself, and they run for help, yelling at the top of their voices if they think they can't handle you alone. When that happens, be very fast on your feet or you'll be killed. Guards now carry bows too, so it's no longer simply a matter of knocking out the opposition from a distance. On the whole, the game is a lot less forgiving than Thief, but more atmospheric because of it.

    Heart Of Stone Preview & Screens - the_culture @ 10:10 am PST
    There is a preview of Heart of Stone from Pyro, creators of Commmandos. They throw in about a dozen shots to warm you up. Here's a sample:
    Tactical combat, however, is the main element of Heart Of Stone, and again this relies on the ability-focused nature of characters. Brother Spencer has an "earthquake" attack, which involves jumping and landing heavily to shake opponents over parapets and ledges. The Norman Princess, the only archer on the team, can make use of torches proffered by other characters to shoot fire arrows, while the Mercenary's pike becomes useful in narrow corridors, allowing him to hold opponents at bay while his colleagues pick them off.

    This game is expected sometime in the Spring of 2001.

    Bag Of Candy - the_culture @ 10:05 am PST
    Gamespot UK has a host of Star Trek goodies for you today. They have a hands-on preview of Star Trek: Armada. They posted their preview of ST Voyager: Elite Force. Gamespot UK also spoke with Haydn Dalton, lead designer of Star Trek Invasion.

    Shattered Galaxy Beta Sign Up - the_culture @ 9:54 am PST
    I noticed over at Daily Radar that Shattered Galaxy is accepting applicants for Phase 2 of their beta testing. Hit the website to sign up for this space combat sim.

    Argosy 2325 Review - the_culture @ 9:40 am PST
    AVault reviews Argosy 2325, an underwater combat game similar to Wing Commander. To give you more of an idea of what's going on:
    Argosy 2325's unique setting recycles traditional dogfighting elements while introducing new ones, bringing with them additional challenges. The presence of the ice ceiling sandwiches the action between it and the seabed, forcing you to ensure that the momentum from your combat maneuvers doesn't propel you into a surface sturdier than your SeaHawk's ceramic-coated hull. There are advantages to the dual-surface area, however. Traveling close the ocean floor considerably lessens your engine noise, thereby making you much harder to detect on enemy sonar. Cruising close the ice makes you much more visible on enemy sonar, but also extends your own sonar range, enabling you to detect your enemies approaching much sooner than you would have at a lower altitude.

    Sunday, March 26, 2000
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    LucasArts On The Ropes? - the_culture @ 10:55 pm PST
    I noticed that was informed by a reliable source that LucasArts is on rocky footing. Here's the quote:

    LucasArts recovery is hopeful, but it is slow going.
    It is still debatable as to whether LEC has hit rock bottom yet. People continue to trickle away with very few new folks coming in to replace them. Programming is the area that is getting hit the worst. Everyone would like to think that the worse is behind everyone.

    I'm sure Force Commander isn't helping the situation either.

    Rogue Wars First Look - the_culture @ 10:37 pm PST
    GA-Strategy has a first look at Rogue Wars, "a first-person arena shooter that combines elements of turn-based strategy." Here's clip from the Gameplay section:
    According to Alex Papasavas, President of ReAllis, it is this mix of first person action and turn-based strategy that promises to keep the gameplay unique, while introducing gameplay elements that gamers are already accustomed to. "Perhaps it can be related to the classic title, Archon; Turn Based Strategy/3rd Person 2D Shooter," he explains.

    He continued, "Archon similarly flipped between strategic moves on the chess-like board and intense arena combat between various characters. Some other great works that influenced the development of Rogue Wars are Tribes, Warcraft II, Doom, Unreal, Quake and Mortal Combat."

    No self-respecting robot warrior would ever wear heals to a combat situation.

    Little Baldy - the_culture @ 10:26 pm PST
    No, I'm not talking about your imaginary friend. I'm talking about the Oscars. I don't really care about that award show but Kevin Spacey (damn fine actor) won Best Actor and American Beauty (damn fine film) won Best Film. You owe it to yourself to see this film.

    Athlon Motherboard Roundup - the_culture @ 10:17 pm PST
    AnandTech looks at eleven Athlon boards and tells you which one comes out on top.

    Expansion Pack For The Sims - the_culture @ 10:13 pm PST
    It was announced a few days ago but I missed it. Maxis announced that there will be an expansion pack full of surprises and user-requested add-ons and fixes. Expect more details at E3. The pack is scheduled for a Fall release.

    On Low-Violence SoF - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:32 pm PST
    Kenn Hoekstra from Raven has updated his .plan with some more info on the 2nd version of Soldier of Fortune, the low violence version. Good old cut & paste:
    There seems to be some confusion over the multiple SKUs of Soldier of Fortune. The standard full version of Soldier of Fortune comes in a green box and the Tactical Low Violence Version comes in a red box. I think that THIS ARTICLE sums up the differences and the reasoning behind it quite well. If you are ordering the game online, odds are you will see two listings: One called "Soldier of Fortune" and another called "Soldier of Fortune Tactical Version" like this listing on

    Of course the best way to make sure that you get the version you are looking for is to go down to your local software retailer and hand pick the version you want. If that's not an option, call the Customer Service department of the website or store that you ordered from and make sure you are getting what you want. That's what the CS people are there for and it will save you a lot of headaches because of the strict software return policies that exist in today's market.

    There is NO WAY to enable the full violence in the tactical version and no patch or hack to do so will ever be released, supported or endorsed by Raven Software or Activision.

    X-Box Article - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:21 pm PST
    FiringSquad has put up an article on the X-Box. Its not a preview, but rather, stating what some big game developers think of the upcoming console from Microsoft. Check it out right here. Here's a little something from Jake Simpson's (From Raven Software) response:
    FS: What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of developing for the X-Box as opposed to other consoles like the Playstation 2?

    Jake: For everyone out there that already supports DirectX it's a godsend. Since we support OpenGL it's not going to be so easy, but such is the life of a games developer :) Obviously we as PC developers will have to get our heads around the idea of not patching games, even though there is an 8meg harddrive included in the package. Since Microsoft has said "Don't expect to use this to patch games" we should use that to get out of this mindset of 'ship now, patch later'.

    Of course being able to use the MS DEV studio set of tools really helps too. All us PC developers are familiar with these, and to be honest, they are the most complete set of development tools out there. The PSX2 has lots of 'little' processors in it, which makes debugging code a touch more complex than just worrying about the one program thread.

    However the PSX2, - because of it's more complex architecture - should present us with more opportunities to squeeze performance out of it. Put it this way. The X-box will be like PC games. Pretty much everyone gets roughly the same sort of performance out of it polygon wise, give or take 15% or so. With the PSX2, if you know what you are doing, the difference could be as much as 50%. The PSX2 I think is really going to sort out the wheat from the chaff programmer wise.

    Downtime - MystikaL @ 10:47 am PST
    We were down for a short period of time, due to some security updates on the server, but were back up and running now, so enjoy!

    Venom Screens - the_culture @ 9:41 am PST
    This is a new one for me. The Nephilims (think Goliath), is developing a new FPS titled Venom using an engine of their own creation called Vital Engine ZL. They have some very impressive images of the game including some breathtaking shots outdoor areas. Be sure to pay them a visit.

    DNF Video & New Shots Soon - the_culture @ 9:16 am PST
    I noticed over at UnrealUniverse that 3DRealms plans on releasing a new screens and a video of the game in action. Whether or not this happens before E3 is anyone's guess.

    Star Trek Online Continues - the_culture @ 9:06 am PST
    As reported ealier this week, Activision does not want to work with Verant on their upcoming MMORPG based on the Star Trek universe, because Verant is also developing a Star Wars MMORPG as well. There's an article at MCV with a little more info on the situation. Thanks to SWVault.

    Warcraft III Preview - the_culture @ 8:48 am PST
    If the previews floating around the web aren't enough to quench your thrist for Warcraft III, the April edition of PC Accelerator has a great 10-page preview with over 20 screenshots. In the preview, among other indepth details, PCXL tells you who one of the mystery races are.

    Diablo II Preview - the_culture @ 8:41 am PST
    Gamespot UK posted their preview of Blizzard's next "This is going to me make filthy rich" game, Diablo II. It includes their usual half-dozen complimentary screens. Here's a small piece:
    Our sources in the US tell us that the main elements of the game are all in place and the beta is in Q&A at the moment. In fact, the whole game can be played right through to the end at this stage. As a result, most of the work which is being done right now involves adjusting the skill levels and AI of the monsters and player characters, along with other play-balancing issues. Bugs related to graphics and sound are also being fixed and the game is being tweaked in the system requirements department to ensure that it works on the maximum number of PCs.

    That seems to jive with what PCXL says in their preview in the April edition. In fact, PCXL says the delay centers around and the move to a client-server set up. D2 fans should pick up that issue of PC Accelerator.

    Shadow Watch Review - the_culture @ 8:27 am PST
    AVault found no delight in Red Storm's turn-based strategy game Shadow Watch. Here's a free sample:
    I can't help but think Shadow Watch would have benefited from a little more time in development. On the surface, the backdrop of syndicate power and political intrigue seem to be right on target, a near perfect setting for a comic book-style game of strategy. While these elements are unique, Shadow Watch misses its mark slightly, mostly due to its simple gameplay mechanics. It has a lot of great components, such as an inventive conversation system, engaging role-playing aspects, and interesting characters, and also features a well told story. Unfortunately, a solid story and interesting characters don't add up to a good product.

    Read the full review.

    X-Box Article - MaD-HaTTeR @ 12:55 am PST
    MSX-Box has just slapped up an article on what to expect from Microsoft's upcoming (and very hush hush) X-Box. You can check the article out right here. Snippage for your viewing pleasure:
    The X-Box will have at its disposal the financial backing of one of the wealthiest companies in the world, Microsoft. Microsoft is more than just a company with money, it is a company of innovation. They are constantly looking to broaden their horizons, grow, and become the best at what they do. Sure, many complain that their Windows Software has too many bugs that lead to constant crashes. While that may be true, those people should realize that without that same software, computers in general would not be used nearly as much as they are. Hardware, Software, and E-Commerce sales would dwarf in comparison to today's numbers. Close to 90% of computer users run some incarnation of Windows which makes life easier for not only the users, but for the developers.

    Q3A Jailbreak Screenies - MaD-HaTTeR @ 12:51 am PST
    I just noticed over on Captured that there are 38 beautiful new screen shots up over on the Q3A Jailbreak site. Check them out right here.

    Microsoft Baseball 2001 in Stores - MaD-HaTTeR @ 12:46 am PST
    Looks like Microsoft's Baseball 2001 has just started showing up in stores, and to celebrate, Microsoft has released 5 new wallpapers of major league baseball stadiums, which you can check out right here. Baseball 2001 features real 1999 MLB season stats, and all 35 ballparks, and comes with a price tag of about $29.99.

    RTS Run Down - MaD-HaTTeR @ 12:31 am PST
    The Strategy Planet has cooked up a real juicey one for us, a guide to "Up-and-coming 3D Real-Time-Strategy Titles", including WarCraft III, Metal Fatigue, Dark Reign II, and more. Check it out right here. Here's some clippage from the WarCraft III report:
    Up until recently, I would not have added this title to this list, but since Blizzard lost 3 of its key developers they have announced that WarCraft III will be returning back to its RTS roots, and somewhat leave behind the ideals of a role-playing game.

    A lot of the details on this game are still in flux, but as it stands right now WarCraft III will remain a full 3D game, but will not offer zoom or camera rotation. The camera view will be pulled back significantly and set to an exact angle. This should make it look more like WarCraft II, only prettier due to the 3D enhancements.

    It has been suggested that there will be far less buildings in this sequel, and the need to produce massive armies will be decreased due to the fact that units will be much more expensive while at the same time being much more powerful. The idea being that this way you spend more time on the strategy aspects of the game instead of trying to bum rush your opponent with the largest army.

    SoF Review - Surebrec @ 12:31 am PST
    The folks over at Gamefan have posted their review of Raven Software's latest shoot-em-up (and we do mean shoot-em-up) game, Soldier of Fortune, giving it a nice score of 91%. Here's what they thought:

    Soldier of Fortune is the best first-person shooter since Half-Life; Unreal Tournament, Quake III Arena and Tribes were also outstanding, but let’s be honest, they have no real single-player element other than some overhyped practice mode with 'bots. Soldier of Fortune's story isn’t the deepest in the world, but it’s on par with just about any action movie. The in-engine rendered cut-scenes, mission briefings and other storytelling elements really convey the feeling that you are John Mullins, and it’s your job to save the world. I was captivated for the full twenty hours it took to play the game, and for those adults looking for extreme action, Soldier of Fortune could be just what the doctor ordered. Come back next week for our full multi-player coverage, featuring a weapons report, deathmatch, capture the flag, assassination mode, and more!

    MDK2 Movie - Surebrec @ 12:26 am PST
    I noticed over at The Dawg Pound that a new MDK2 Movie has been posted on the official MDK2 site. The movie features the Kurt character from BioWare's third-person action sequel in half a minute of franctic in-game footage.

    Theocracy Demo - Surebrec @ 12:23 am PST
    The Adrenaline Vault has posted the Theocracy Demo which weighs in at about 54 megs. Don't know about Theocracy? That's why we're here:

    Theocracy is a real-time strategy game in which you take control of one of the Aztec tribes, develop the tribe to its ultimate destiny, and resist the Spanish conquistadors.

    But before this final fight you will have to:

  • establish trade routes between you and your neighbouring states
  • develop diplomatic relations between you and the others provinces
  • conquer new territories
  • develop your economy and your empire

    After one century, you will have to resist the fierce assault of the Spanish. 400 years of History are in the balance: History is in your hands!

  • Messiah Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 12:21 am PST
    Looks like Shiny-News has done an interview with Stuart Roch, The Producer of Messiah at Shiny Entertainment. Here's a taste:
    Puppet: Messiah is done… Team EGO can now get some rest :), What does it feel like after these nearly three years of development to know that the game is finished?

    Stuart: It’s a bit surreal to be quite honest; ever since I’ve worked at Shiny Messiah has been a part of our daily lives.

    My experience with Messiah all started for me back in early 1998 when I joined Shiny as an assistant designer on Wild 9. While Wild 9 was a cool game, Messiah was clearly leaps and bounds beyond where we were with regard to both technology and gameplay. The Wild 9 team sat on the second floor of Shiny’s building and the Messiah team was on the third floor. I had no reason to ever venture upstairs so finally one day I asked our producer to take me upstairs and introduce me to some of the guys and take a sneak peek at Messiah.

    Put simply, I was blown away! While at that time the AI wasn’t working anywhere near how it does today and there was only one level to really see, I couldn’t believe my eyes at how cool the game was. The technology was unlike anything I had ever seen before at that time and the game mechanic of possessing other characters in the game was really exciting to me as well.

    I left the Messiah team room that day green with envy that there was a team lucky enough to be working on such an advanced project. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to work on such a cool project…

    …Fast-forward two years…

    …and now I look back with wonder at how I moved from being an assistant designer on the Wild 9 team, looking at Messiah in awe, to helping the team produce the title a short two years later.

    It’s going to be very bizarre to see Messiah sitting on the shelves at the local software store.

    Dungeon Siege FAQ - Surebrec @ 12:16 am PST
    The Dungeon Siege Vault has slapped up a FAQ on Dungeon Siege, which is Gas Powered Games' upcoming action fantasy role-playing game.

    UT on PSX2? - MaD-HaTTeR @ 12:14 am PST
    I just noticed over on UTCenter, that they had a quick Q&A with Tim Sweeny from Epic regarding UT and the PSX2. Dig it:
    Officially we have not signed a publishing deal for UT PSX2 so this is just speculative. But we hope to have the game ready as a North American and European PlayStation2 launch title. The game is up and running with full features but still needs a lot of optimization work. We are just getting into taking advantage of the PlayStation2s vector units where most of the machines performance potential lies.

    We will definitely have support for USB networking and split screen multiplayer. We also plan to have support for modems and Sonys broadband networking but since the specifics of those things have not been made available to developers yet I do not know about the timing or exactly how it will work. But obviously Internet support is Unreal Tournaments best feature and we plan to do everything possible to exploit the Internet on the PlayStation2.

    We would love to ship with PlayStation2to PC networking support and that is currently possible because we have not made any game content changes. However I can not promise whether this will happen because we might decide to make significant content or control changes to optimize the UT experience for PlayStation2 which would break network compatibility. We will just have to see.

    I can not comment on timing or media issues since those will depend on our as yet unsigned publishing deal.

    AN News - Falcon @ 12:11 am PST
    Our affiliates, AN are now up and running, and have some exciting new features and columns now in place, with more scheduled to come. Here is what they've had to say:

    • 3 new weekly columns have been started at AN.
      Every Thursday, I write a editorial or column on various subjects in my own section, shivaSite.
      The latest column is "The Truth" volume 5, dealing with the various home console units, why does SEGA always seem to shoot themselves in the foot, and why Sony isn't exactly sweating over the X-Box at the moment.

    • Friday's sees Zero Hour, a weekly column written by staff member Zero. This issue deals with the net trade, and Zero's opinion of ebay and other online auctions.

    • Sunday is the day for Rants and Ravings, where 2 staff members drop by with their own comments about gaming. The latest issue sees Id lose his The Sims addiction, and where did Zero go anyway?

    • More columns are being planned, as well
      as additional viewer editorials will be added in the future.

    As well, several new sections have been started. Our Strategy section has been put up, with over 5000 files for walkthroughs and game manuals for ALL systems. We are proud to be a "all game" site, and are featuring some of the most rarest and toughest to find information on the great game systems of the past. More additions will be added, including a new code section.
    Our arcade section is also now up, with a special section just for the Pinball 2000 series. We also plan to heavily increase the arcade game section over the next few months, especially for the classic arcade games, and will soon be offering manuals, pin settings, technical articles, reviews and information on individual games.

    Warcraft III Preview - Surebrec @ 12:08 am PST
    Gamespot's alter-ego Gamespot UK has slapped up a tight preview of Blizzard's upcoming role-playing strategy title, Warcraft III, which includes handfuls of great new screenshots.

    More info is now trickling through about this enormously exciting and daring project. WarCraft III is what Blizzard describes as a roleplaying strategy game . To quote its own description this means: "A strategy game set heavily within a roleplaying environment. It takes the individual combat and interactive environments found in roleplaying games and combines them within a competitive strategic environment. WarCraft III puts players in command of smaller, potent parties of heroes and troops. They adventure and do battle in a dynamic world of living towns, wandering monsters, characters and quests, while simultaneously devising strategies to defeat their enemies."

    Thief II Review - Surebrec @ 12:04 am PST
    The boys over at Gamespot have posted a review of Eidos' latest stealth-shooter, Thief II: The Metal Age, giving it a well-deserved 8.6. Still, it could've been better.

    Thief II does succeed in taking a great premise and making a good game of it. You get to use a number of interesting thieving tools in environments in which they're all useful. There are very few moments in Thief II where there's a single correct path to take, and the beauty of the mission design is that it's left to your ingenuity to use the tools provided to overcome the obstacles in your path. Do you shoot out the torches and sneak down a hallway? Or should you use a rope arrow to hoist yourself up to the rafters and ambush the guards from above? It's a testament to the quality of the design that when you complete a mission in Thief II, you'll actually feel as if you've accomplished something and not just executed a series of predetermined tasks.

    hitman: Code 47 Screens - Falcon @ 12:02 am PST
    Eidos Interactive just sent Gamespy some new screen shots and the logo look for Hitman: Codename 47, Io Interactive's new 3D action shooter. Check them
    out at

    Saturday, March 25, 2000
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    Soldier of Fortune Dev. Diary - Surebrec @ 11:54 pm PST
    I noticed over at Blue's News that SoF Center has posted the latest edition of the SoF Programmer's Diary. In this edition, which is written by Raven Programmer Keith Fuller, discusses his role on the SoF team and goes into a little bit on the engine technology.

    Black and White Preview - Surebrec @ 11:47 pm PST
    The Oxygen Tank has tossed up a preview of Black and White. Although it doesn't have any new information, it serves as a good read for those who have just heard of the game. Black and White should be out in Q2 2000.

    SWAT 3 Review - Surebrec @ 11:44 pm PST
    Dawg from The Dawg Pound has sent word that they have kicked up their review of Sierra's SWAT 3, giving it a 9/10 stars. Here's the goods:

    Firstly though, I can't fault the graphics. Visually SWAT 3 is absolutely stunning with incredible detail given to every aspect. The terrorist and civilian models are well detailed, though perhaps too repetitive. One complaint is how much some terrorists look like civilians...that was intentional, but a nasty surprise. Trust me - yell at everyone, then cuff them (maybe a little CS tear gas too, completely up to you) and you'll save yourself a lot of grief. Fellow officers, a.k.a. Operation Human Shield, sport excellently detailed uniforms right down to the creases. They also have eerily lifelike facial features, get right in their face and you can even see them blink, probably in annoyance as you're blocking their view of the gorgeous mission environments. The great texture work continues there, as each setting contains detailed and distinct texture sets. A suburban living room looks like just that, is significantly different from other homes you'll "visit", and is completely different from, for example, the church you enter later.

    Tiberiun Sun: Firestorm Review - Surebrec @ 11:42 pm PST
    Action Trip has slapped up their review of Westwood Studios' latest, Tiberiun Sun: Firestorm.

    Westwood realized it wasted all their trumps, and that it can no longer rely on old fame and strong media campaigns, so after somewhat more than half a year after publishing the controversial title, it released an expansion pack called Firestorm. The main goal of this expansion pack was to retrieve the C&C fans that were disappointed with The Tiberian Sun, and it has good chance of succeeding there.

    Aquarius Details, Screenshots - Surebrec @ 11:40 pm PST
    Speaking of the lucky bastards at GA, they have also received details and screenshots of some of the vehicles in Jack in the Box Computing's ambitious action/strategy hybrid.

    Mechwarrior 4 Details - Surebrec @ 11:38 pm PST
    GA-Source has received details on the upcoming Mechwarrior 4 engine from Producer TJ Wagner.

    Daikatana Stuff - MaD-HaTTeR @ 11:24 pm PST
    Daikatana's official page has been updated, with an interview of Will Nevins, ION Storm's director of audio. There is also a new DM soundtrack out on the Daikatana music page, called Face Rake. Some snippage from the interview:
    2pronger: So tell us about the new deathmatch song "Face Rake"

    Will Nevins: Well, "Face Rake" like all of the other deathmatch songs are performed to simulate the actual 'deathmatch' that a player experiences, there are lulls in the music that would be close to a player looking around a map for his next prey, then faster "in your face" parts to simulate the fighting. My motto is "To Rake or be Raked!!" (hense "Face Rake") and music helps enormously to push the gameplay (or rake) along, it keeps the adrenaline flowing!

    Blizzard on Gameplay - MaD-HaTTeR @ 11:17 pm PST
    Max Schaefer, the Vice Prez over at Blizzard Entertainment has just made a post over on the Diablo II message board, with some info on why certain things get left out of games. Heres the dirt:
    As a game company, we have a choice. We can let our customers in on our process as a game is being developed, or we can say nothing to the public until the game ships.

    The first way is our choice because it gives a window to the public into the development of an exciting product. It generates excitement in the community, and lets us share our enthusiasm for what we are doing. However, it also exposes us to criticism when a discussed feature doesn't make it into the final product.

    Every game has features that don't make it into the final product. Every game undergoes an evolution from the concept stage, through development, and until it ships. And no game contains ALL of the good ideas and features dreamed up by the develpment team. There are always compromises that have to be made, especially as the game nears completion. Obviously, we share in the disappointment when this happens.

    So please try to understand that when we talk about a feature in development, we are letting you in on our process, and not promising something that we later may yank out from under you. Please keep in mind that the only alternative is to keep quiet and say nothing of substance until the game ships. But that is not our choice, and not the Blizzard way.

    Nox Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:51 pm PST
    GameSpy has just posted their latest interview, with John Hight, the Executive Producer, and Michael Booth, a Technology Director, from Westwood Studios, regarding Nox. You can check it out right here. Dig the snippage:
    Gamespy: Were there any features that you would have liked to have included in the game but could not due to a lack of time or resources?

    Michael: There were a number of spells we had on the drawing board, but we just didn't have time to create them all. There was a host of other nifty things we also wanted to do, but they will have to remain secret.

    John: We are discussing a possible add-on for Nox. We're paying special attention to what Nox fans want.

    Voodoo 5 Hands On - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:17 pm PST
    GameSpot has cooked up a juicey Hands On article about the upcoming Voodoo 5 from 3Dfx. Alot of great info about the card, so you can check it out right here. Heres a little clip of the intro:
    The board demonstrated to us yesterday was the Voodoo5 5500, an AGP card that has 64 megabytes of SDRAM and is powered by a pair of VSA-100 processors. 3dfx ran through a series of demonstrations to show off the board's anti-aliasing and motion-blur effects. To illustrate these features, we were given the chance to play Microprose's Falcon 4.0 on a Voodoo5 5500 at 800x600. We played first without any anti-aliasing and then again with the effect turned on. While the game did indeed take a performance hit when we enabled anti-aliasing, the drop in frame rate didn't seem all that significant. Besides, the resulting imagery was well worth the sacrifice in performance. Enabling full-scene anti-aliasing not only smoothed all the "jaggies" found along the absolute edges of onscreen polygons but also cleaned up all the swimming and popping artifacts that appeared on the horizon.

    UnrealEd Tutorial - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:01 pm PST
    Daily Radar has just slapped up a bit of info on how to create assualt maps in UnrealEd, for ofcourse Unreal Tournament. You can check it out right here. Heres a little clip:
    A good assault level usually has two characteristics: long playing time and multiple objectives. We'll discuss the latter in a bit; as far as playing time, you want to make your map physically long enough so that it takes a team awhile to reach the objectives.
    Create a basic layout for your assault level. (We suggest starting rooms for each team, and a couple of rooms that you set up for battle areas.) Add plenty of weapons, power-ups, and the occasional automatic cannon to spice things up.

    First Screens of Soldier - the_culture @ 4:45 pm PST
    Whoa- AVault snapped off a dozen or so shots of an alpha build of Soldier, a third-person action based on the 1998 film. The game is being developed by SOUTHPEAK Interactive.

    Quick Links - the_culture @ 11:35 am PST
    I have a few things lined up for you this Saturday morning:
  • 6 new screens of Throne of Darkness, a Japanesse-themed RPG, are up at Gamespot.
  • GameCenter has a preview of Arcanum, a RPG set in a fantasy world upset by the industrial revolution.
  • Daily Radar spoke with Chris Taylor about his upcoming 3D/RPG title Dungeon Siege.
  • Starlancer gets the hands-on treatment by Exxtreme3D.
  • There are 6 new shots of Evolva at DamageGaming.
  • Gamespot UK has a preview and a handful of screens of Black Isle's Icewind Dale.
  • Pool of Radiance Preview - the_culture @ 11:09 am PST
    Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor is previewed at Daily Radar. They cover game play details, what makes it different from Black Isle's upcoming RPGs, and even include new screens. Here's a snip on "class blending":
    Class blending is of particular interest. For example, a player has the ability to start off as a paladin and at each level up, the player can continue as a paladin or choose to be almost anything else. Switching classes will not cause you to lose experience in your first class, and it's possible to switch back and forth between classes. Therefore, you could conceivably end up with a level 6 paladin, a level 4 thief and a level 5 cleric, all in the same character. In Ruins, players are limited to a combined maximum level of 16; i.e., your levels in each class are added together, and that total can't be greater than 16.

    Hitman Screens - the_culture @ 10:28 am PST
    (Wannbe)Gaming site Incite has four new Hitman shots. These screens are less impressive than others I've seen.

    New Gore Shots - the_culture @ 10:22 am PST
    4DRulers posted 5 more shots, this time showing off new weapon models and their facial expressions. I wonder why that forth guy is so happy...?

    Rally Masters Demo - the_culture @ 10:07 am PST
    There's a new demo over at 3DFiles called Rally Masters- Michelin Race of Champions. The description says "Rally Masters will bring a new level of computer racing to your home. Tons of cars and stages cleverly arranged in several different championships and game-modes. Compete against your friends or the computer in this awesome game!" Give the 25 meg demo a try.

    Friday, March 24, 2000
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    TF2, DC: HL, & E3 - the_culture @ 11:15 pm PST
    Yeah, that's a bad subject title. But this sucks even more. According to Stomped @ E3, TF2 will not be at this year's E3, but Half-Life for the Dreamcast will. Here's the quote:

    Sierra will NOT be showing TF2 at this year's E3. The reason given was that developer Valve Software was concentrating on getting the Dreamcast version of Half-Life finished.

    New Obi-Wan Shots - the_culture @ 10:59 pm PST got their hands on [one] [two] new shots of LucasArts' FPS Obi-Wan.

    Warlords: Battlecry Preview - Surebrec @ 10:49 pm PST
    Thresh's Firing Squad has kicked up a preview of SSG's upcoming real-time strategy venture, Warlords: Battlecry. Here's a juicy snippet on the plot:

    The plot comes down to the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy. Without giving too much away, the prophecy foretells of a great evil coming to ravage the world. Now, it's up to you to stop it ... or take control of it and use it for your own devices. You see, instead of making two separate campaigns - one for good, one for evil; SSG has decided to let the player decide which side he shall choose - a guardian or a conqueror. Approximately halfway through the singleplayer game, you will be presented with a choice, and this your decision will decide how the game plays out from there.

    Thief II: The Metal Age Review - Surebrec @ 10:45 pm PST
    PC IGN has posted their review of Eidos' latest game, Thief II: The Metal Age, giving it a well-deserved 9.0.

    If Quake is your universe, then you probably won't get what all the fuss is about with the game, and you certainly won't understand why someone would get off on peeking around corners and creeping around for hours on end without laying so much as a finger on any thugs. But for those of you looking for a complex, unique effort, Thief II continues to shine. The game puts in so much world detail that you can't help but get immersed in Garrett's plight and his adventures. Whether you're creeping up on a guard, or hiding in a dark alleyway listening to an important conversation, it's hard to separate yourself from the tension and tell yourself that you're still just playing a game. Like Half-Life, Thief II is an adventure that leaves resonating impression, and a game that you'll want to return to, often.

    New Giants Screens - the_culture @ 10:45 pm PST
    Gamespot received today 5 new screenshots of Planet Moon Studios' upcoming "acid-trip disguised as a game," Giants. Trippy....

    Force Commander Review - the_culture @ 10:39 pm PST
    For the love of Yoda, why? Why did they screw this game up? Gamespot has a pretty good idea why in their review. Please look:
    Because of its dated graphics, ineffective controls, and flawed gameplay, Force Commander falls short of its ambitious intent.

    Homeworld: Cataclysm Preview - Surebrec @ 10:38 pm PST
    I noticed over at The Dawg Pound that Daily Radar has slapped up a preview of Barking Dog's upcoming Homeworld title, Cataclysm. The preview also sports a few hi-res screens.

    Homeworld: Cataclysm is not a typical Expansion Pack per se; you do not have to own Homeworld to play this game. The usual new features will be found (new ships, new weapons, etc.), but developer Barking Dog has taken the Homeworld universe and given it enough history and background to make it worthy of a miniseries. Players familiar with the original game will feel at home in the new game, and newcomers are given enough history to easily be drawn in.

    Diablo2 Update - Surebrec @ 10:19 pm PST
    According to this post in the D2 Beta Buzz Forum, Guilds will NOT be supported in the final product.

    Q: Do you still plan to support guilds?

    A: Guilds will not be in the final shipping version of Diablo II. During development it became clear that making Guilds bullet-proof, balanced, and completely secure would delay shipping Diablo II. Fundamental, major changes to the Diablo II/ client/server architecture would be required. Testing and all-important balancing would make our fans wait even longer. In the interests of getting the game to our fans -- we had to decide to drop Guilds. We are exploring ways of adding Guilds after Diablo II ships.

    I hope the people who wanted Diablo2 ASAP are happy. Look what you've done! You got Guilds taken out! Now Guilds will have to be included in a patch or something!

    Nox FAQ - Surebrec @ 10:10 pm PST
    Westwood Studios has released a FAQ for their action/RPG game, Nox, which you can access via FTP. The FAQ includes info on technical issues, gameplay questions, even hints.
    Source: Blue's News

    Icewind Dale Preview - Surebrec @ 10:04 pm PST
    I noticed over at the whore house known as 24 Hour Gamer that Gamelinks has smacked up a preview of Black Isle's upcoming RPG, Icewind Dale. Here's a nice little snippet:

    One of the main differences that you should see is that Icewind Dale is more focused on the party rather than one single character. This means that the game will come with the built in ability to allow you to switch who the main spokesman for your party is at any given time. Overall a pretty cool feature as this should allow you to choose the best character with the best reputation to deal with the appropriate NPC or monsters that you encounter. Because of the new focus, your entire six member party will be chosen and customized prior to the game starting. This means that you won't have to recruit NPC's during the course of the game to help you in your quest. No new classes are being introduced to the game so you'll see the usual Thief, Fighter, Wizard etc etc. classes as in any 2nd edition rules AD&D game. The character creation is nearly identical to that of Baldur's Gate.

    Final Fantasy Trailer - Surebrec @ 9:55 pm PST
    eUniverse, an entertainment portal for the "well-rounded gamer", has news that the trailer for the CG-animated Final Fantasy movie has been released by Sony.

    The Sims Review - Surebrec @ 9:52 pm PST
    NWGN has slapped up a review of Maxis' latest Sim title, The Sims, giving it a not-so-bad score of 76/100. Here's a juicy snippet:

    Not to mention that, but often times your sims will somehow manage to kill themselves doing tasks such as using the microwave, or unclogging the toilet. If they manage to not kill themselves, usually a house fire or some other sort of disaster is the result. Honestly, repeatedly having house fires while using the microwave and losing either your life, or several appliances in your kitchen is not only annoying, it's downright enraging. Even worse is when an appliance breaks, and one of your sims attempts to fix it and somehow electrocutes themselves to death, thus ending your game in a ludicrous fashion..

    Exclusive Next Generation R6 Video - the_culture @ 3:02 pm PST
    Hot Damn, this is cool. IGN64 has an exclusive video of a Rainbow Six game coming to the N64. Here are a few screenshots to get you drooling: [Shot1] [Shot2] [Shot3] [Shot4]

    New Epilogue Screens - the_culture @ 2:42 pm PST
    GA-Strategy posted six new shots of Epilogue, their upcoming 3D RTS from Team Sigma.

    AMA Superbike 1.5 Patch - the_culture @ 2:16 pm PST
    3DFiles has the 1.5 patch for AMA Superbike. They have a list of nearly 30 fixes on the page.

    U2Ed Stuff - MaD-HaTTeR @ 11:54 am PST
    Mark Poesch from Legend has just smacked up an update to his .plan, with some word "that Legend won't be able to release the "experimental / pre-Beta" version of U2Ed", but instead it will be integrated into Epic's current build. Heres the smack:
    Sorry for the repeated delays... Once again, I have good news, and I have bad news. The good news is that we'll be integrated with Epic's build within the next week or two (assuming they're ready for our updates within that period). The bad news is that Legend won't be able to release the "experimental / pre-Beta" version of U2Ed. I know from the numerous emails I've received over the past several weeks, that this will come as a huge disappointment to many of you... I'm sorry. I know it sucks to have to wait even longer... Here's what happened: At the beginning (late last month) our intent was to put out a "experimental / pre-Beta" release of U2Ed to give people a taste of the "work in progress" and to get preliminary feedback on the stability of the editor prior to merging with Epic's build. A number of events have come to pass that have shot this plan in the head:

    - Attempting to shrink the patch from a 25MB ZIP down to a 5MB patch took *much* longer than I had anticipated.

    - The delay made it possible for the team to further evaluate the state of U2Ed, and the conclusion was that it still needed a lot of work before it would be ready for public consumption.

    - Then, as you may have read by now, Warren announced that he was migrating from Legend to Epic -- fortunately, we'll still have the benefit of his talents and effort, but we won't have the results as immediately.

    - In addition, the intent of releasing U2Ed prior to synchronizing with Epic's build was to solicit feedback while we waited for the new build from Epic. We have that build now(!), so my top priority (as of today) is to merge our code into that build, and be prepared to merge the result with Epic's build as quickly as possible.

    - I could spend time fixing bugs in U2Ed in order to enable us to follow through with posting a "experimental" version, but at this point, I believe that it's in everyone's best interests to get U2Ed merged with Epic's build as rapidly as possible. And, unfortunately, that means scrapping any effort to publish a version of U2Ed ourselves.

    My apologies for raising your expectations, then dashing them. Hopefully, you'll find (eventually!) that U2Ed was worth the wait.

    Quick Links II - the_culture @ 10:27 am PST
    Here are some previews for your reading pleasure.
  • Daily Radar has a preview of Homeworld: Cataclysm.
  • Gamespot UK posted a preview of Commandos 2.
  • Gamespot UK also has a preview of ST: Voyager- Elite Force.
  • Quick Links - the_culture @ 10:23 am PST
    We got some various screenshots for you. Sit back and enjoy the show:
  • 10 new ST: Conquest Online shots at Telefragged.
  • 9 screens of Motocross Madness at GA-Sports.
  • 3 new shots of Dark Age of Camelot at GA-RPG.
  • 3 new artwork shots of Battle Realms at GA-Strategy.
  • Audio/Video Reviews - the_culture @ 10:08 am PST
    Unlike myself, you probably have money burning a hole in your pocket. But you just don't know what to spend it on. These might help:
  • Aureal's SQ2500 sound card is reviewed at 3AG.
  • Looking for the blazing speed (at least for this month)? Check out the review of GigaByte's GA GF2560 GeForce 32MB SDR card at Guru of 3D. Is that long title really necessary?
  • That $3 mouse you got from Best Buy giving you trouble? How about a Razer Boomslang 2000. reviews this one.
  • DeezTech reviews the DDR version of Elsa's Erazor X. With a name like DeezTech, how can you not trust them?
  • Both 3D Spotlight and got apex? review the Diamond Viper II.
  • I found a couple of reviews of the Linksys DSL/Cable Router, for those of you lucky enough to have highspeed access. Check out the reviews at AnandTech and Boomgames.
  • Still paying money for games and software? Not to worry, my friend. I will hook you up with a review of Plextor's 8/4/32 CD-Burner by Tech Extreme to help you make up your mind. And if that one is too slow, check out the Plextor 12/4/32 CD-Burner review by Gamer's Depot.
  • Ok, I know there are some rich people hitting this site. Now all I'm asking is for you to buy me a digital camera, that's all. Here's a review of one that isn't too bad.
  • New Impact Screens - the_culture @ 9:38 am PST
    The official Impact site, a new FPS/RPG being developed by Genetic 1 Entertainment, has been updated with some new screenshots showing off character models and outdoor areas. Impressive.

    Ground Control Preview - the_culture @ 9:16 am PST
    Gamespot posted their 6-page preview of Ground Control, Massive Entertainment's upcoming 3D RTS that will focus on tactical command and control. Here, it's chewable:
    Ground Control lets you tackle two 15-mission campaigns, first as Field Commander Sarah Parker for the Crayven Corporation and then as Deacon Jarred Stone for the Order. At your command are 13 unit types per side, split into three categories: infantry, armor, and aircraft (sorry, no naval units). Although unit types for each side are roughly comparable, they naturally have their own distinct look and capabilities.

    Die Hard Trilogy 2 Review - the_culture @ 9:09 am PST
    I played the first one in the arcade, but that's as far as it went. I didn't see a need to put out another one, and apparently, neither did Gamespot. "One profoundly awful game, one regular-awful game, and one just slightly awful game for the price of one decent product shouldn't appeal to anyone." If you're looking for a good laugh, read the full review. Poor Bruce Willis, gets no respect on the silverscreen or the monitor screen.

    Superbike 2000 Review - the_culture @ 9:04 am PST
    Gamespot posted their review of EA's Superbike 2000, saying "Superbike 2000 is one of the most realistic and accurate motorcycle racing games out there." Go read the whole review.

    Experience Info - the_culture @ 8:54 am PST
    I know we normally don't "plug" individual websites but my good pal Rick runs, a site that covers all things Experience. This is one clean-looking game. It's being developed by WXP, a small group of talented and dedicated guys. Head on over to to learn more about the game, view many of the screenshots, talk to the developers at the message boards, and even download the "Dagoth Moor Zoological Gardens" demo that they created for nVidia. Also, expect an update real soon regarding the game, and keep your eyes open for a new demo.

    What now officer? - Falcon @ 4:26 am PST
    For those of you who have bad days with the cops (Specifically on the road), we have been sent a little piccy from the developers of Hard Truck 2 that might make you feel a little better. The following screenshot is affectionally titled: "What now officer? Gonna fine me for speeding?"

    Doesn't that pic make you warm and fuzzy all over >:)
    More screenshots of the game can be found here, and our preview is located at this location

    Force Commander Interview - Falcon @ 4:00 am PST has an interview with LucasArts Garry Gaber concerning Force Commander.
    GDR: How does the game address multiplayer? Will the game simply support multiplayer or is it being designed specifically with the intention of making it more multiplayer-friendly (and if so, how?)?

    Garry Gaber: The game will support four players of any affiliation (Rebel or Imperial) playing on the Internet Gaming Zone, over modem, over IPX, over TCP/IP - pretty much all of the flavors of multiplay.

    Source: GH

    New Q3A benchmarking demo - Falcon @ 2:56 am PST
    This one is named Q3crushah, and is said to be even tougher on the system than the origonal demo Q3Crush. The latest Demo inludes 36 players in the arena,
    making it allot tougher on your machine. So want to see how your system measures up? Get Q3Crushah now!


    SC Tournament - Falcon @ 2:47 am PST
    Heres a fairly small tournament that some of you may be interested in:
    "The sign-up for the Supreme Starcraft hosted Tournament has begun! For a small $5.00 Entry fee, we have put the first place prizes at $125.00 and the second place at $35. After we have received payment and sign-up forms, we will begin sketching out the dates. We know as a fact it will be several upcoming Saturday/Sundays. We are putting the finishing touches on our database to run up the the match stats for each player. Hopefully we can get all the bugs worked out before the tournament."
    If you are interested head over there for more information.

    Codename Eagle Review - Falcon @ 2:44 am PST
    The Dawg Pound Network just posted it's Codename Eagle Review. Here's a quick piece:
    Before you start a mission you are given a written de-brief of what your task’s are that you have to perform. Then your taken into the game mode where some bloke with a seriously dodgy tash guides you to the key points of the map pointing out the objectives (very much like Hidden & Dangerous), all very helpful indeed. All in all there are 12 missions for you to guide across and which are all different from each other. One mission will have you taking control of a plane and steering it to safety while another will have you jumping over a bridge whilst being attacked by nasty men in black suites.

    Force Commander Preview - Falcon @ 2:37 am PST
    Actiontrip have posted their first impressions of Force Commander, the recently released 3D RTS game from Lucas Arts, pending a full review in a next week or so... Some nice grabs from the game to be found as well... Read on

    StarLancer Preview - Falcon @ 2:34 am PST
    In GA's StarLancer preview, they take an in-depth look at this upcoming space fighter game from Digital Anvil and Microsoft. We're sure you have many questions, and hope this hands-on preview will answer most of them.

    Thursday, March 23, 2000
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    Can't find what you're looking for? Send a request!

    CounterStrike Beta 6.1 - the_culture @ 11:40 pm PST
    That's right, you wannabe killaz. Here's a list of fixes:

  • Off center shooting fixed
  • Greatly improved nightvision
  • Can buy nightvision using the 'buyequip' command
  • Ammo bugs fixed
  • 120 round limit for the mp5 and tmp
  • Prisoners are notified when someone escapes
  • Draw games eliminated, now scenario specific
  • New TK 1 round "time-out" penalty

  • Grab it, fool.

    All These Days Undone - the_culture @ 11:34 pm PST
    Well, I apologize for the lack of news posts on my part. I lost my job Tuesday and have been "hitting the streets" in search of a new one. So I guess there's good news in this after all. I should be with you, my loyal readers, even more. And yes, I do take showers daily.
    So... what do I have in store for you? Plenty. Prepare to energize:
  • For the crazy europeans who want more bloodshed from their SoF, 3DFiles has a demo patch that will up the violence content for those who have the "lite: version of Soldier Of Soldier.
  • You've got to be a real loser if you're playing Dirt Track Racing, but there is a patch and I will inform all. Gamers and losers alike. :)
  • Man, talk about bad timing. It's bad enough Force Commander is getting mixed reviews at best, but now they have a patch to improve multiplayer stability. Obi-Wan must be rolling over in his grave. Oh wait, he's not really dead...
  • There's a patch for 10Six, a game I know nothing about. Does anyone play this game?
  • Game Reviews - the_culture @ 10:08 am PST
    Quite a few reviews out there. Gamespot has reviews of:
  • Might & Magic VIII
  • Colin McRae Rally
  • Tiberian Sun: Firestorm.

  • PCGamer UK got on the ball and posted reviews of:
  • Ultima IX
  • Tzar: Burden of the Crown
  • Spec Ops II
  • Planescape: Torment
  • Imperium Galactica II
  • SWO Tidbits - the_culture @ 9:47 am PST
    Good morning everyone. On this bright and shiny Thursday we got some things lined up for you. First, some news about Star Wars Online. There's an article on Well Rounded Entertainment about Verant's involvement with Star Wars and Star Trek MMORPGs. Here's a clip:
    Looks like Verant Software can't have its cake and eat it too. Industry trade magazine MCV is reporting that Verant and Activision have ended their previously announced partnership to create a massively multiplayer online Star Trek game. The word comes just days after Verant was named as the developer of LucasArts' massively multiplayer online Star Wars game.

    There other news item is from GameSlice. In their Gist List they cover several games including Star Wars Online.
    What makes the game exciting – besides the fact it's a massive online RPG – is the fact that Verant Interactive (Everquest) will be creating the game. Although details on the game are still few and far between, an article in USA Today last week mentioned that two planets will be featured in the game which will center around the time-period of Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope. It's interesting that LucasArts would decide to move away from the prequel world for the online game, especially considering that Star Wars: Episode II is scheduled for release in May 2002.

    It's commendable that LucasArts has decided to work with a third party to develop the online game, and especially a group as skilled as the team at Verant. The combination of LucasArts' attention to detail with Verant passion for online gaming is no doubt going to create one of the most talked about games of 2001. Still, the game is at least eighteen months away from release, and it's unlikely we will even see the first images from inside the game world until later this year. Nevertheless, it's hard to not get excited about the idea of melding Everquest's play mechanic with Star Wars lore.

    Thanks to SWVault for these.

    Tzar: Burden of The Crown Review - Falcon @ 1:40 am PST
    We have slapped up a review of Haemimont's RTS game, Tzar: Burden of The Crown... Let's see if Bulgarians can make something other than excellent dairy products (yogurt in particular)...
    Talon Soft realized potentials of the new (and probably first) game developed by the Bulgarian group Haemimont, and accepted to publish it. Since the Age of Kings and Tiberian Sun absolutely nothing worth mentioning happened on the RTS stage, As 2D games slowly wither or get another dimension, Tzar is set to continue the great tradition founded by Warcraft and C&C.

    Interview: Jason Hall - Falcon @ 1:36 am PST
    NGNetwork has posted an interview with Monolith's big daddy, Jason Hall. The discussion focuses on LithTech and it's capabilities, as well as answers some questions to things we all want to know. Read it here

    Battlezone II Review - Falcon @ 1:31 am PST
    Gamesxtreme have just posted a review of Battlezone II on the PC and giving it a much deserved 82%.
    The single player continues and updates the story from the original Battlezone. There is still a secret war raging for biometal being fought by soldiers who will never get recognition for their sacrifices. The story continues with a lot of dialogue and detail between missions. Players who dislike the story can skip the extras, but there is an interesting story for those who want it. Nice voice acting and excellent pacing to the story are the two biggest pros. The first few missions unfold at an easy pace and will probably be a little annoying for veterans, but new Battlezone pilots should welcome the slow climb up the learning curve.

    Westwood Studios Interview - Falcon @ 1:26 am PST
    The Dawg Pound Network just posted an exclusive interview with Rade Stojsaviljevic, producer at Westwood Studios. Here's a quick taste:
    DPN: Is Firestorm the last expansion pack for Tiberian
    Rade: Yes, we want to put the team's effort into
    building the next game.

    Star Peace Engines Screens - Falcon @ 1:24 am PST
    3 new shots of the upcoming 3D engine for Star Peace have been published. They have some comments. The URL is

    Dogfighter Network updates - Falcon @ 12:56 am PST
    Comanche/Hokum Preview (03-22-00)
    A preview of Empire Interactive and Razorworks' latest helo sim still in development.

    Saitek X36 Combo USB Review (03-20-00)
    A review of Saitek's latest HOTAS flight control offering.

    44th Fighter Squadron: Vampire Squadron! Part II (03-17-00)
    The second half of an interview with Bill Starke, a veteran P-38 pilot.

    New Shadow Watch Intro soundtrack - Falcon @ 12:53 am PST
    Bill Brown, award winning composer of the Rainbow Six series, Quake II & III cinematics, Trespasser and other titles, has just posted a new music file of his 'Shadow Watch Intro' from the upcoming Redstorm Entertainment game to his web site here:
    Shadow Watch Intro Music

    There are four additional Shadow Watch music samples and streaming realaudio(tm) and MP3 audio files from many other titles. Come give a listen!

    Check his News page for the new RSE Shadow Watch Comic Movie (Flash or non-Flash version) which features additional music by Bill here:
    Shadow Watch Comic Movie

    Interview: Ice Age - Falcon @ 12:36 am PST
    Ice Age is the third game of the Carnivores series, and like its predecessors it is a futuristic hunting simulation. In this exclusive interview, developer Action Forms tells GA-Source about its plans for twenty-first century dino-hunting on the PC - 5 new screenshots included.

    Usenet Article - Falcon @ 12:27 am PST
    The Gamer's Press has taken a look into the most recent goings on in the Usenet newsgroups with a column titled "alt.gaming". This weeks edition feature discussions on Interplay's upcoming space-sim Klingon Academy, LucasArts' much anticipated "Force Commander", and some rumblings from the Usenet frontlines about the upcoming Playstation 2 vs. PC war. So rather than stumble through thousands of newsgroup message, just let The Gamer's Press do the the dirty work - we're there so you don't have to be!
    read on

    Wednesday, March 22, 2000
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    Registration open for Battle of Kursk - Falcon @ 11:43 pm PST
    Microsoft announced today that registration for Fighter Ace II's massively multiplayer Battle of Kursk is now underway on the MSN Gaming Zone. The Battle of Kursk, which takes place on April 9, is the second in a series of semi-historical events taking place on the Zone for Fighter Ace II. With upwards of 1000 registered flyers, these events feature detailed operational plans and player command staffs, making for adrenaline-pumping game play. To take part, flyers must register at this locationby Friday, March 24.
    The Battle of Kursk is a large scale historical scenario, featuring the Germany vs. Russia in the largest tank battle in history. The recent Fighter Ace II Update, released in January 2000, added five new planes to the Fighter Ace arsenal. Two of those planes, the IL-2 Sturmovik (Russia) and Ju-87G Stuka (Germany), are being featured in this event. The Battle commences on April 9, at 11:00am PST, on the MSN Gaming Zone.
    To participate in the Battle of Kursk, fighter jocks must be a registered player of Fighter Ace II. Details are available at

    Screenshots - Falcon @ 11:42 pm PST
    Here is todays daily round:
    Telefragged has been sent a few screenshots from Activision of Raven's Star Trek licensed Q3 powered FPS - Voyager: Elite Force

    Oceanus released 3 new "engine" screenshots from Star Peace, a massive online real-time strategy game that provides persistent and highly graphical worlds where thousands of gamers create entire societies from the ground-up.

    Eidos Interactive's Hitman: Codename 47 is a new third-person action adventure that combines a strong mix of stealth, strategy and shooting. Features and screenshots included.

    Hitman's engine (Glacier) is fully object-oriented, and features support for many extremely advanced functionalities. Developer IO Interactive has released an extensive list of features and new details about their scripting language, plug-ins, editor, and more.

    Genetic 1 Entertainment released 9 new screenshots from their upcoming first-person action/RPG hybrid, Impact.

    PaleStar Development sent the following nine new screenshots from their upcoming real-time 3D space strategy, DeepSpace.

    Air Combat article - Falcon @ 11:31 pm PST
    - Air Combat Corner: The host of the Air Combat Corner, Andy Bush has put together an excellent column titled Air to Ground - Rockets and Guns. This article gets into hardcore information about destroying a target from a fighter. Packed with helpful diagrams to explain his points, this is a must read if you are a Sim Pilot that is doing any Ground attacks in your mission. more:

    Portable Computers article - Falcon @ 11:28 pm PST
    Digital's Clip's Lenoard 'Cheapskate' Chen's posted his newest editorial entitled 'For here or to go?', as he bounces between the beauty of portable computing and more conventional desktop computing, especially for the college-bound high school seniors who are starting to ponder on their next PC purchase.
    "Being the procrastinator that he is, Leonard has decided to get a new system. But what should he get? A top of the line 1GHz Athlon powered alongside a GeForce or should he stick to the port-a-bility of notebooks? Desktops or Laptops is the key issue here in this month's issue of Hardware Au Gratin."

    Treadmarks Review - Falcon @ 11:25 pm PST
    Speedy 3D has just kicked up a review of the tank deathmatch/combat game Treadmarks. Here's a taster:
    "Something had taken my eye that day; it wasn't the sexy women behind the counter [Ed - yeah right!], no, but instead a game calling itself 'Treadmarks' that was being played out in a rather brutal fashion on one of the show monitors. To my sheer dismay I was promptly told that the title was unavailable for another few weeks. Then in some kind of twisted irony I was informed by E-Mail on that very same day that a review copy was going to be sent, "whooo", I screamed with excitement."

    UT Patch Stuff - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:56 pm PST
    While browsing the swank over at VE's house o' love, i noticed that Jack "Mek" Porter from Epic has made some posts with some info on the upcoming UT patch. Dig it:
    >>What happened to 406, 407, 408, 409, and 410? <<

    We made all these versions, but they had problems or bugs. We sent them to the ngStats guys to test the ngStats changes, tested them internally, etc. Last night the server admins were testing 411, and we found a problem - so today we gave them 412. If a big problem is found in 412, we'll release 413.

    We keep incrementing the version number so there's absolutely no confusion about what version a build is. People don't seem to like it when we add letters - last time we got to 405b, but people thought that meant Beta. We should have just called it 406.

    In his second post he let out a little more info:
    We've been fixing bugs for UT and will continue to. We're not adding features to UT or changing UT's gameplay in any way. UT is the game you bought from the store. UT has been "Done" since it went gold in, terms of being feature complete. Features we've been adding in the patches have been things to encourage people to make cool mods for UT, or things which encourage server admins to run more UT servers.

    So while we're continuing to support UT by fixing bugs and keep the community going by encouraging modmakers and server admins, we're also moving towards our next big thing.

    Tribes 2 Screen Shots - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:47 pm PST
    Incite has just slapped up 5 new screen shots from the upcoming Tribes 2. Check them out right here.

    Jason Hall Q&A - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:38 pm PST
    The NGN Network has just posted a short Q&A they held with Jason Hall from Monolith. The Q&A centers around their LithTech engine. Check it out right here.

    Bloodless Soldier of Fortune? - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:23 pm PST
    Acording to a story over on A-Vault, Activision will be shipping two seperate versions of their upcoming FPS, Soldier of Fortune. There will be the normal version, and a "tactical" version, that will have alot of the blood and gore removed from gameplay. Here's the dirt:
    As Activision stresses in each moment of Soldier of Fortune, the world of the modern day mercenary is not a pretty one. The game is filled with the most vivid, over-the-top violence ever seen in a computer release. Heads can be vaporized into red mist with a single, well-placed shot; enemies dance a macabre jitterbug when under a hail of gunfire; and victims grope for missing limbs as blood streams from gaping wounds. But not everyone’s desires for digital violence have reached such pandemic proportions; some gamers prefer a more suggestive approach, while certain parents or guardians might not have a problem with a little gunslinging if the gore factor could be toned down. Most action games, including Soldier of Fortune, therefore contain a password protected violence filter that enables users to turn off the more visceral elements. Activision, however, is going one step further, and releasing a separate retail unit altogether with the violence feature forever disabled.

    Activision has also created two separate versions of Soldier of Fortune--the regular version with a non-violent content installation option, and a modified "tactical" version. The action featured in the modified version is representative of the graphic content found in the regular version with all the violent content disabled. To help differentiate the two on retail shelves, the regular version will come in a green box, and the modified version come in a red box. In addition, the box fronts of both units feature an octagonal burst that explains that the regular version of Soldier of Fortune can be installed with the graphic content barred, and that the bloodier content has been removed from the modified version. Also, in each case of Soldier of Fortune shipped to retail customers, Activision is including a letter that explains the difference between the two versions.

    MDK2 Screen Shots - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:05 pm PST
    Interplay has just slapped up 7 new screen shots of Bioware's upcoming action game, MDK2. They are all pretty sweet shots, so check them out here.

    SimTheme Park announced for PSX 2 - MystikaL @ 2:07 pm PST
    The Dawg Pound got their paws on an early copy of a press release (due out tomorrow) from EA, announcing that SimTheme Park will be made from PSX2. Here's the poop:

    REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - March 22, 2000 - Ten people just threw up on the roller coaster. There are twenty screaming kids waiting for a bathroom. On top of that the Dino Bounce just broke down! It’s just another day of managing the park’s front office when playing SimTheme Park™. Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS), the world’s leading interactive entertainment software company, and Bullfrog™ Productions today announced the release of SimTheme Park for the PlayStation® game console system, a new 3D simulation game in the tradition of SimCity 3000™ and the original Theme Park™.

    In SimTheme Park, players can create and operate the most exciting, attractive and feature-packed amusement parks their imaginations can conjure. Unlike other titles in this category, SimTheme Park allows players to ride their creations and experience them from a first-person perspective. In addition, the PlayStation version offers a redesigned interface to take advantage of the PlayStation controls and several fun “mini-games” that can be enjoyed throughout the park. While building the theme park of their dreams, players can take time out and try their hand at Dino Racing, the Strength Test, Smash ‘Em, Shooting Gallery, Fortune Teller, Giant Puzzle and Coconut Shy.

    Players construct their parks based on one of four different themes: Space Zone, The Lost Kingdom, Land of Wonders and Halloween. Each themed area features a variety of rides, concessions and attractions from which to choose. A simple and intuitive user interface allows players to jump right in and start building. Players can create amazing roller coasters and log flumes with the flexible track-building interface, as well as exciting go-kart tracks and water-rapids complete with crossovers, jumps and tunnels. An advisor gives instant feedback to help create a successful theme park.

    After designing the most gut-wrenching roller coasters imaginable, players can take their thrilling creations for a test drive to judge whether they need more loops, steeper drops or faster turns.

    - more -

    Aside from building fun rides, players must keep their park visitors happy in a number of other ways. They need to make sure admission prices cover operating expenses, staffing is adequate, restroom facilities are sufficient and that rides aren’t too intense to be enjoyed - - all while staying on budget. To supplement park income, players can build shops and kiosks and set up sideshows. Every aspect of running the park is at the player’s fingertips.

    SimTheme Park carries an ESRB rating of “E” for everyone. It is available in stores now for a suggested retail price of US $39.95 or by direct order from the EA StoreSM at or by calling 800-245-4525. More information on SimTheme Park can be found on the Internet at

    Bullfrog Productions Ltd. develops and publishes games that offer original, deep and challenging gameplay. Concentrating on a small number of unique titles, Bullfrog has delighted game-players with hit after hit including Populous, Populous II, Populous™: The Beginning, Theme Park™, SimTheme Park™, Magic Carpet™, Syndicate, Dungeon Keeper™ and Dungeon Keeper™ 2. Bullfrog is based in Chertsey, England. More information on Bullfrog titles is available at

    Electronic Arts, headquartered in Redwood City, California, is the world’s leading interactive entertainment software company. Founded in 1982, Electronic Arts posted revenues of more than $1.2 billion for fiscal 1999. The company develops, publishes and distributes software worldwide for personal computers and video game systems. Electronic Arts markets its products under eight brand names: Electronic Arts, EA SPORTS, Maxis™, ORIGIN™, Bullfrog Productions™, Gonzo Games™, Westwood Studios™ and Jane’s® Combat Simulations. More information about EA’s products and full text of press releases can be found on the Internet at

    SoF Review - Voodoo Glow Skull @ 11:23 am PST
    CGO has published their review of Soldier of Fortune. So head on over there and check out the shizznit.

    UT v411 Fixes - Voodoo Glow Skull @ 11:19 am PST has posted has a nice list of fixes for your UT pleasure. Its to large to paste here so head on over there and check it out.

    Verant Interview - the_culture @ 10:24 am PST
    The Wall Street Journal conducted an interview with John Smedley, CEO of Verant, creators of EverQuest and the recently announced Star Wars Online. There are Star Wars questions sprinkled throughout. Here's one:
    Trump: What aspects of the new Star Wars game will Verant be handling and what aspects will LucasArts will be handling? How will the work be divided up between the two companies?

    JSmedley: Verant will be doing all of the development. LucasArts, as the publisher will be steering the game in a direction they feel is the appropriate one to keep in the spirit of the Star Wars Universe and we will be working with Sony Online Entertainment to make sure the online experience is a good one.

    Force Commander Reviews - the_culture @ 10:18 am PST
    There are a couple of SW: FC reviews floating around. One is at Daily Radar, where they trashed the game. The other is a mixed review at GameFan. Looks as though we might have to wait until Obi-Wan ships to get a really good Star Wars game.

    New Sim City 3000 Unlimited Shots - the_culture @ 10:09 am PST
    GameSpot was sent five new screenshots of Maxis' followup Sim City 3000 Unlimited, due in late May.

    Hitman Interview - the_culture @ 10:04 am PST
    Gamespot UK interviewed Janos Flosser of IO Interactive. They chat about their upcoming game Hitman.
    GameSpot UK: Can you tell us something about the mission structure and design in Hitman?

    Janös Flosser: Hitman is a revolutionary third-person action adventure that combines a strong mix of stealth, strategy and shooting. The player will play through five different chapters, all subdivided into levels representing the given mission. Seemingly, it is all linear storytelling, but the player can accelerate the events, or plan the hits according to his temperament. He has to accomplish the mission, but there are several ways to do it.

    Force Commander First Impressions - the_culture @ 9:57 am PST
    I've never understood the reasoning behind "first impressions." You wouldn't run out half way through a film to tell someone your "impressions" , would you? Whatever. FiringSquad posted their "impressions" of Force Commander, the new 3D RTS from LucasArts. Free sample:
    The plot so far is pretty good. The few bits of storyline that we have seen already hint at a conversion over to the Rebel side. The plot also seems to parallel the original Star Wars storyline.
    Force Commander looks to have a decent two-cents worth in it. So come on back for the full review, coming soon! Enjoy the few bits of eye-candy that we have here - we'll see if this game turns out to be choc full o' gaming goodness in the final review.

    See what I mean?

    Liveware For WIN 2000 - the_culture @ 9:48 am PST
    Cool. This has been one of the things holding me back from upgrading to WIN 2000. Well, that and money. :) Pick up the new drivers.

    Tuesday, March 21, 2000
    Got News? Comments? Send it in! Help/Info/Contacts | Forum
    Can't find what you're looking for? Send a request! opens - Falcon @ 11:56 pm PST
    Heres a lil shameless plug for the guys over at (Formerly Sightless-eye)

    "We would like to invite everyone to come and visit (formarly the Sightless Eye). We have joined with the big doggs of their respective categories, and We will bring you the same quality and professional coverage of Diablo as has become expected of the .ORG network. We look forward to seeing you there."

    New Guy at id - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:47 pm PST
    Todd Hollenshead, the big guy (CEO) of id Software, has just updated his .plan with word of a new face over at id. Im pretty lazy right now, so here's the whole .plan:
    Marty Stratton Joins Legendary Game Shop from Activision

    MESQUITE, Texas ­ March 21, 2000 ­ id Software, a leading independent developer of entertainment software, has named Marty Stratton as director of business development.

    Stratton joins id Software from Activision Inc., where he served as a producer in their StudioX PC group, working on id games including QUAKE II and QUAKE III Arena. Stratton also contributed to the production of QUAKE II Mission Packs Ground Zero and The Reckoning in addition to QUAKE II for the Nintendo64 and Sony PlayStation video game consoles. As director of business development, Stratton will team up with Todd Hollenshead, CEO, to manage strategic partnerships and id Software’s marketing and corporate communications efforts.

    "Marty’s track record at Activision and hands-on experience with id’s games have distinguished him as one of the rising stars in the industry," Hollenshead said. "His background and expertise ensure a seamless transition into our tight-knit group."

    GreenMarine on ZeroPing - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:38 pm PST
    Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart from Epic has just updated his .plan, with his views on the new Unreal Tournament ZeroPing MOD. Here's the .plan yanked in its whole:
    Unreal Tournament server-authoritative netcode is that way for a reason. The author of Zero Ping seems to think that we didn't know what we were doing when we wrote it. :)

    Zero Ping might make a game feel more responsive, but it seriously opens up servers for client side exploitation. Security is a critical part of online gaming and multiplayer fairness.

    Even though Zero Ping makes the game feel more responsive to the
    shooter, it detriments the victim. You might think you got out of the way... hell the server might even agree that you DID get out of the way...but Zero Ping ignores that and empowers the client's machine to make critical gameplay decisions.

    I encourage mod authors to avoid using the Zero Ping Unreal Tournament mod. Finally, realize that ngWorldStats will reject stats reports from servers using the Zero Ping mod.

    MDK2 Golden (for Dreamcast) - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:30 pm PST
    Nothing like a quick and juicey one to get you going on a very slow news day. Anyway, has just reported that MDK2 has gone golden for the Dreamcast. No new info on the PC version, but 1 out of 2 aint bad.

    Q3A Guide - Falcon @ 6:17 pm PST
    Hellhound's new Quake III Arena strategy writer has written a new guide headed: Q3 Guide to best Gameplay and Effectiveness.
    The guide gives a couple scenarios, and situations, and techniques on how to kick some ass :). For this guide Annexx focuses mainly on the DeathMatch aspect of Quake III Arena. So give it a read ;)

    Thief II Preview - Falcon @ 6:16 pm PST
    games xtreme have posted a quick preview of Thief II: The Metal Age, due out soon from Eidos Interactive.
    Unlike the loads of "first person shooters" around, this game focuses on stealth. To an even greater extent than the original Thief (which did contain some straight up action parts to it), this game places great emphasis on strategy. You can't just run out into the open and pull out a rocket launcher, instead you must be careful walking around every corner, making sure nobody is there. You really get the sense of a real thief, not that I would know what that is like =). While carefully listening and waiting, you must progress through the darkness with a variety of "Metal Age" weapons ranging from moss to rope arrows and from gas mines to flash bombs.

    MS Flight Sim 2000 Sweepstakes - Falcon @ 6:14 pm PST
    Microsoft today kicked off the Flight Simulator 2000 Sweepstakes, where one lucky winner will win a trip for two to Seattle, Washington, for the MicroWINGS conference in May 2000. MicroWINGS is a four day conference, May 18-21, targeted at the flight simulation community. The conference attracts the major players in the industry as well as offering attendees the chance to see the latest simulation products and speak with developers.

    To be eligible for the Grand Prize trip, gamers must sign up on the official Flight Simulator 2000 Web site at:

    The MicroWINGS Flight Simulation Conference 2000 is "the event" for flight simulation enthusiasts. Many of the top flight sim titles will be discussed, exhibited, and/or demonstrated. Attendees will get the opportunity to hear, see, and in most cases, actually try out the latest PC-based flight simulations, joysticks, yokes, panels, and even complete cockpits. They will hear about the latest technologies, see demonstrations, learn tips & tricks, find out about cockpit building, and more. Attendees also have the opportunity to meet the "movers and shakers" in the flight simulation market. The 1999 conference attracted the likes of FlightSafety, CH Products, Jeppesen, Abacus, and others.

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 provides desktop pilots with the most realistic flight simulation available for the PC. For the first time, PC pilots can jump inside the cockpit of the Concorde, download real-world weather for their destination and take off to one of more than 21,000 worldwide airports. Flight Simulator 2000 continues Microsoft's tradition of working directly with aircraft manufacturers, pilot organizations, flight training organizations, respected flight instructors, aeronautical engineers, and other leaders in aviation to add authenticity and experience to the product. Key partners include Jeppesen Sanderson, Cessna, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), Flight Safety International, Bell Helicopter Textron Inc., Mooney Aircraft Corp., Systems Management Inc.; and pilots John and Martha King, Rod Machado and Patty Wagstaff. Flight Simulator 2000 is currently available at retail locations around the globe.

    Chat With Patric Sundstrom of Mindark - Falcon @ 6:12 pm PST
    On Tuesday, March 28, Crossroads Gaming Network is hosting an IRC chat withMindark AB. Patric Sundstrom will be present and there is the possibly of asurprise guest or two.

    That chat will take place at 8PM CST and will be available at #entropia on Sorcery.Net IRC. You can connect to by using the server at port6667.

    This chat will be a question and answer discussion with the Mindark representatives. Please feel free to stop by Crossroads of Calypso and place your questions on the Discussions Board before the chat.
    Afterwards be sureto head back to the boards and discuss the chat.

    If you are unfamiliar with IRC we have created a FAQ explaining the basics for your use.

    More Screenshots - Falcon @ 6:07 pm PST
    Volition, Inc. sent 12 new screenshots from their upcoming fantasy role-playing game, Summoner.

    And more...
    Jack in the Box Computing released new screenshots from their upcoming 3D action/strategy hybrid, Aquarius.

    And more...
    Eidos Interactive released the following four new screenshots from Deus Ex, an upcoming Unreal powered role-playing action/adventure.

    And more...
    6 un-seen pictures from Electronic Arts upcoming Formula 1 racing game, F1 2000.

    Preview(s) - MystikaL @ 5:29 pm PST
    We've posted our daily content, this time, two previews. One is on Rune, a game using the Unreal Engine, and based on Vikings. The other is on Wall Street Tycoon, an upcoming strategy game that let's you trade stocks on the stock market. It's not as boring as it sounds, and if you don't believe me, read the preview.

  • Rune Preview

  • Wall Street Tycoon Preview
  • Deus Ex Preview - the_culture @ 9:58 am PST
    When is this game coming out!? I want it now. At least Gamers Central has a preview of the game to read. ION Storm is either going to make a bunch of money this or go out of business. Daikatana, Deus Ex, and Anachronox are all scheduled for this year.

    Obi-Wan News - the_culture @ 9:49 am PST
    I ntoiced on the ObiWan-Network that they posted an article from PCGamer UK about LucasArt's new FPS Obi-Wan. Here's an apprentice-sized sample:
    The new engine also features a physics system never before witnessed by the Jedi Counsil. It allows every object to be affected in realistic ways. For example, were you to destroy a boxwith your lightsaber, it would not explode in a pre-animated way, but instead fly apart according to where you hit it from, as calculated by the physics engine. Hence each explosion, destruction and dismemberment is unique. If you were to knock a bouyant object into the water, it would bob and float in accordance with its weight and the movement of the liquid. Finally, the engine allows for a new element that the FPS has not included before.

    Screenshots Galore - the_culture @ 9:34 am PST
    GA-RPG got their hands on new screenshots for several games.
  • They have three new shots of Divinity: The Sword of Lies.
  • Twelve new shots are available for Volition's impressive 3D RPG Summoner.
  • Arrr. Six new ones for the pirate adventure game Sea Dogs. Ahoy, matey!
  • Monday, March 20, 2000
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    Hard Truck 2 Screens - Falcon @ 11:24 pm PST
    1C, The producers of the upcoming Truck game, Hard Truck 2 has sent us a batch of fresh screenshots from the game, head over here to view them.

    Between the Bits Column - Falcon @ 11:05 pm PST
    The Gamer’s Press is happy to announce Dark Paladin’s inaugural “Between the Bits” column. This week, he talks about how to turn your passion for PC gaming into a successful career in the IT industry. Here’s an excerpt:
    Most "professional" computer guys (network administrators, repair guys, help desk people, the folks who make "Welcome to Windows 98" bitmaps) that I've met, get this, don't like to play computer games. Most of them got into it for the money, or because they like technology, or because their wives made them get jobs. Out of all of them, I'm the only one who went into the world of computers because I dug the games. I'm sure there's more people like me out there. But I've never met them.

    Q3A Tweak Guide - Falcon @ 10:59 pm PST
    Another Tweak Guide for Q3A has popped up, and this one is from 3D Spotlight. Graphics, sound and netplay are the topics getting the tweaks in this one.
    Don't forget our own on site one while you're looking.

    Intel beats out AMD for X-Box Deal - Falcon @ 10:56 pm PST
    There is an interesting article out on how Intel beat out competitor AMD for the deal on the X-Box. Read more here
    Source: The Dawg Pound

    Starlancer preview Program Sign up - Falcon @ 10:50 pm PST
    Microsoft announced today that at an undisclosed time on Wednesday, March 22, gamers will be able to sign up for the chance to win a preview beta copy of StarLancer at or any of the over 15 participating sites around the Web. A futuristic space combat game that combines the action of a first-person space shooter with the drama and intrigue of a classic air combat movie, StarLancer will be available in stores in late April.

    A select group of gamers will win exclusive preview copies for this highly anticipated new game being developed by Erin and Chris Roberts, creators of the popular Wing Commander and Privateer series. Would-be winners will want to check the site frequently, because the form will be posted at an unspecified time in order to give everyone a chance to become part of the program. The official StarLancer site will also list all of the participating sites hosting the sign up form.

    Preview beta winners will be able to experience the extraordinary 3-D detail and gripping missions of StarLancer well before it hits store shelves. The StarLancer preview winners will receive:

    * A complete starter kit for bringing the pulse-pounding StarLancer action to their computer.
    * Access to the StarLancer MSN Gaming Zone beta lobby for multiplayer gaming.
    * Exclusive private chat with the game developers to discuss the game and tips and tricks.

    In StarLancer, countries from around the world, including the United States, Russia, and Great Britain, have formed strategic alliances and now battle for control of Earth, Venus and other planets across the solar system. As part of a newly-formed, ragtag aviation unit called the 45th Volunteers Squadron, players must prove themselves in this struggle for freedom of the solar system.

    StarLancer delivers a level of graphic details and special effects not currently found in space combat games. More than 80 types of spacecraft are rendered in extraordinary 3-D detail adding to the complexity of the dynamic mission structure. Players fly in over 25 gripping missions that range from escorting marine boarding ships to free POWs to leading an assault on space stations built right into an asteroid field. StarLancer will also include some exciting multiplayer features. Players can work together cooperatively throughout the entire story, with up to four players. Gamers can also dogfight in six different deathmatch modes with up to eight players via LAN or the MSN Gaming Zone. StarLancer will be available for an estimated street price of US$49.95.

    For more information on StarLancer, go to:

    Screenshots - Falcon @ 10:43 pm PST
    Here is GA's latest round of screenshots:
    GA-Source has obtained eight new screenshots from Navy SEALs, an Unreal-powered tactical shooter that was recently cancelled by publisher Codemasters USA. (Screenshots of a cancelled game?)

    Bethesda Softworks released 3 new screenshots from the recently announced futuristic flight combat game, Echelon.

    Silicon Dreams is currently working an a very impressive real-time tactical/strategy game and GA-Strategy spoke with Team Leader Chris Satchell to learn more. Screenshots are also included. <More>

    And from GamesXtreme, UBI Soft recently sent them 2 new screenshots from thier upcoming PC 3D regatta simulation game, Virtual Skipper. You can view them here:

    Public Relations and E3 - Falcon @ 10:36 pm PST
    What do public relations people do at E3 and how important do they view working at the expo? Stomped E3 have the answers in the newest E3 behind-the-scenes article. Read on

    Freespace II Review - Falcon @ 10:33 pm PST
    The original Descent: Freespace hit space simulation fans like nothing else had in a long time, but does Freespace 2 add enough to make players feel they're not playing an augmented expansion pack?

    Read on space action simulation fans, because this in-depth review will not only go over the various strengths and weaknesses of Freespace 2, but it will also give those who are thinking of trying it out, a good “getting started lesson” without having to fumble with a rulebook.

    MSN Browser Based Racing Game - Falcon @ 10:31 pm PST
    Tacoma Adrenaline Puts Gamers on the Road to Extreme Prizes

    Microsoft today announced the launch of Tacoma Adrenaline, a free* browser-enabled game on the MSN Gaming Zone. To celebrate the launch of this innovative racing game, the Zone is giving away a variety of extreme sports gear in the Tacoma Adrenaline Tournament. Sponsored by Toyota, Tacoma Adrenaline puts gamers behind of the wheel of a Tacoma 4x4, navigating sharp curves and winding turns at breakneck speeds. Tacoma Adrenaline requires a small download to play, but doesn't require a Zone membership to access the game.

    Created by Redmond-based developer WildTangent, Tacoma Adrenaline is a heart-pounding, single-player driving experience. Players must race up a steep mountainside gathering bags of adrenaline in a battle against the clock. The more bags gamers gather, and the farther up the mountain they go, the higher their score.

    In celebration of the launch of this unique game, the Zone will be giving great prizes including extreme outdoor equipment like a Perception Eclipse Kayak, Kokatat Gore-Tex Front-Entry Drysuit, Arc'Teryx Bora 95-Pack, and a Novara Bonanza AL 2000 Bike, as part of the Tacoma Adrenaline Tournament. To be eligible to win these prizes, players must be registered Zone members. Individual tournaments will be held on certain days, and various prizes will be awarded to winners of each tournament.

    For more information on the Tacoma Adrenaline, including details on the Tournament, visit:

    Soltek SL-77KV (KX133 SLOT-A) Review - Falcon @ 10:29 pm PST
    Speedy 3D hasjust whipped up one of, if not the first ever review of a KX133 Athlon Mainboard, the Soltek SL-77KV (KX133 SLOT-A). Sporting 133MHz FSB and AGP 4x support (without problems) the SL-77KV is set to rock AMD's world. Here's a taster:
    "Now after literally months of waiting, VIA launched it's 'Apollo KX-133' chipset to the public, which was quickly snapped up by motherboard manufacturers the world over. Speedy3D was able to get our hands on one of these swanky new boards from Soltek, so just how does it fare?"

    Black & White Preview - MystikaL @ 6:43 pm PST
    We've slapped up our preview of Black and White, an upcoming God game, which you can check out by heading here.

    Q3A on Dreamcast! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:30 pm PST
    Thats right, acording to an article over at Gaming Age, "Quake 3 Arena will be making it's way to the Dreamcast, with Online play intact, as early as August 2000." Dig it:

    It seems like it's almost official. Quake 3 Arena will be making it's way to the Dreamcast, with Online play intact, as early as August 2000. In a recent WSJ article, Id Software's John Carmack "says he is adapting the hot PC shooting game 'Quake III Arena' for the Sega machine because 'the technology is closest to the PC' -- they use the same 3-D chip. That makes it easier to adapt the PC version of Quake III to run on the Dreamcast. Besides, Quake III is an online game, and the Dreamcast has the same kind of built-in modem as a PC.".
    Later in the article it was mentioned that Sega plans to launch what would be their biggest name online multiplayer title of the year, Q3A for the Dreamcast, in August.

    SOF First Impressions - the_culture @ 9:26 am PST
    FiringSquad posted the "first impressions" (which means they'll probably milk this one and also post a full review later) of Soldier of Fortune. They include a handful of shots from new levels and weapons.

    Enclave Announced - the_culture @ 9:16 am PST
    Starbreeze Studios has just announced their new game Enclave. The official Enclave site has a description, screenshots, and a pair of movies you can download. Here's what they say this game's all about:
    Enter The Dome, and battle yourself toward supremacy in the gladiator arenas. Enclave takes you into a fantasy world that has developed a technology of its own. The Dome lies in the middle of Ark Moor, an island which is isolated from the rest of the world. Crime and gambling has flourished on such an isolated place. The authorities leaves it alone both because it would require a major effort to make an assault on the city, and also, most of the crime is in a single place, kept well under control.. Why try to quell it and cause chaos that may take decades to repair, if at all?

    Rust, dirt, fantasy and primitive machines. The environments are large and moving, with massive machinery that affects the gameplay directly. At some points you will even find yourself inside the machines themselves, to be grinded into pieces between cogwheels, or sucked through enormous ventilation systems.

    The Dome is a complex of arenas and training courses, where gladiators and mercenaries come from all the world to compete, in hopes of winning fame, glory, and of course, wealth. With more wealth, they can develop and buy more efficient and sinister weapons. Through a system of levels, from the most primitive rust and steam, to pristine temples of glorious architecture, you will battle other gladiators, or clans of gladiators, to become the best.

    This game looks amazingly cool. Do check it out.

    BG2 Screens - the_culture @ 9:04 am PST
    GameSpy has two new Baldur's Gate 2 screenshots in their gallery.

    Interview: Cornered Rat Software - Falcon @ 2:41 am PST
    Today, the Gamer's Press has published an interview with Cornered Rat Software, the folks behind the upcoming online war simulation titled "World War II Online".
    WWII Online is an Internet based simulation of WWII combat fought on land, air, and sea where players can captain ships, command tanks, pilot combat aircraft, or fight "down and dirty" in the infantry or marines. Sound interesting? Well, surf on over to The Gamer's Press and get an inside look at this upcoming ambitious online title, as well as finding out how they came up with the name Cornered Rat!

    GeForce Giveaway - Falcon @ 2:40 am PST
    CityofGames are giving away a LeadTek WinFast GeForce 256 DDR video card. (Creative is still better :P) To find our more head over to their page here

    Sunday, March 19, 2000
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    EQ: Ruins of Kunark Preview - Falcon @ 10:27 pm PST
    The Dawg Pound Network has just posted it's EverQuest: Ruins of Kunark Preview! Here's a piece to get you guys going:

    "One of the most needed additions to the expansion will be the increase in level limit. Now, players will be able to go beyond level 50, which is currently the highest attainable level in the game. When it comes to rumors about just how high we'll be able to go, they abound. Many speculate it will be either 60 or 75, but no one can say for sure. Also, keep in mind that Verant has only upped the maximum level for players who have purchased the expansion. Those who choose not to upgrade will still be able to use items from Kunark and interact with the Iksar, however, but cannot access the new continent or gain levels past 50." Opens - Gibb @ 6:45 pm PST, the self proclaimed number one resource for everything Diablo, has officially opened. Check it out!

    The Sims Review - the_culture @ 2:07 pm PST
    SharkyExtreme posted their thoughts, along with about a dozen screenshots, of Maxis' addicting life simulator, The Sims. Sample:
    At times The Sims surprised us with its attention to detail. Couches left too near an open fire can catch alight from a stray spark, a playing radio will wake any Sims sleeping nearby and unpaid bills will result in a tax collector coming round to repossess an item of furniture. We were also rather amused when two women met for a chat and quickly became each other's worst enemies judging by their relationship indicators.

    Team Fortress 2 Preview - MystikaL @ 1:56 pm PST
    We've slapped up a preview on Team Fortress 2 for your viewing pleasure. Although no new information, it's quite large, and is very informative, so check it out!

    Corrinne Yu Leaves 3 Realms - the_culture @ 1:33 pm PST
    I forgot to post this a while back. Corrinne Yu, who was developing future technology at 3D Realms, no longer works there. No details were given regarding her departure, but when asked why she left, Joe Siegler was quoted saying "none of your business."
    This is sad news for us Prey fans, since we were hoping this "future technology" would lead to the development of Prey. Corrinne, if you're reading this, please drop us a line and say hi. :)

    Star Wars Online Info - the_culture @ 10:47 am PST
    I've been searching the web for any tidbits of news regarding Star Wars Online. Here are a few things I've found.
  • The Star Wars Vault received a letter from Verant Interactive President and CEO John Smedley:
    Hello All,
    We're really excited about doing Star Wars Online with LucasArts and Sony Online Entertainment. It's going to be a while before we release any official information, but I wanted to make a couple of comments.

    First of all, nothing related to the amount of game content we will have in the game is remotely final, so things like the number of planets aren't going to be really announced for a while. I will say that we understand clearly the extremely high expectations of Star Wars fans everywhere. I would just urge everyone to wait a while until we are prepared to release more information.

    Second, don't read anything into words like "zones". We've been working onsome truly awesome next-generation technology here at Verant, so terms like "zones" will really end up meaning vastly different things then they have in EverQuest.

    Overall we're going to be keeping our heads down and working hard. From time to time we'll be stopping by here and the other fans sites as they emerge and we'll say what we can, when we can.


    John Smedley
    President and CEO
    Verant Interactive, Inc.

  • They also got word from LucasArts spokesperson Tom Sarris about the time frame of the game's release. "At this point, we're still at least a year-and-a-half away from the release of Star Wars online so there's still much to be determined in terms of gameplay. Therefore, we're holding off on any further discussion beyond today's announcement for the time being. We'll be announcing more about the game within the next few months and will keep you informed when we have more news."
  • USAToday has a quick write-up on SWO featuring a few more details.
  • GameFan has a short editorial on SWO. They raise a few questions about the project and the creators themselves.
  • SWVault wasted no time in putting up an Unofficial FAQ for SWO.
  • GameCenter also got word from Tom Sarris with a few details. "The game, which is being developed under the working title "Star Wars Online," is expected to be released in late 2001 and will involve "literally thousands of players competing against each other at the same time," Sarris said.

    Game play will feature scenarios based on a combination of combat, missions and quests in the "Star Wars" universe.

    "The persistent game universe allows players to create characters in an environment and to live out that role, whether it's as a bounty hunter or a courtesan," Sarris said.

    The game will be developed by Verant Interactive, the San Diego, Calif.-based game developer that created "EverQuest," an online game with 120,000 daily players, the company said."

  • That's it for now. Keep checking here for all the latest updates.

    FF IX Write-Up - the_culture @ 10:05 am PST
    Gamespot UK has a small write-up of Final Fantasy IX, and they include a gallery of 8 screens. It looks as though they've dropped the more mature look of the characters and the sci-fi feel to the game.

    Straight Scoop @ Gamer's Press - the_culture @ 9:55 am PST
    Gamer's Press has their weekly Straight Scoop up for your reading enjoyment. They take a humorous look at the big news from each day last week. If you really don't believe how funny it is, I'm including a small sample:
    The massive migration from Sid Meier’s Firaxis to Brian Reynolds’ Big Huge Games is continuing as industry veteran Douglas Kaufman has jumped ship to help Reynolds create the new company’s line of strategy games. However, in a more staggering blow to Firaxis, veteran janitor “Elbow” Jones has also left for Big Huge Games, citing artistic differences. Jones commented, “At first, I enjoyed cleaning bathrooms at Firaxis, but after a few years of scrubbing the same toilets over and over again it became quite tedious.” He continued, “Mr. Reynolds offered me more money, and offered to have all my missing teeth replaced as well. Plus, Big Huge Games has much more interesting bathrooms, and I’m very much looking forward to cleaning them.”

    Daikatana almost gold - MaD-HaTTeR @ 9:48 am PST
    Well, the A-Vault, which reported yesterday that John Romero's Daikatana has gone gold, has changed their article to say that the game is "Finished," but not gold. Well, the always meant the same thing to me, so thats pretty cool. Anyway, i hope that its true. We appologize to the A-Vault, as their article never accually said that the game had gone gold, but we as many other gaming sites, interpreted it to the "gold" status.

    Flight Sim 2000 Patch 2 - the_culture @ 9:43 am PST
    3DFiles has patch 2 for Flight Simulator 2000. Here is the list of fixes:
  • Flight Simulator now includes shadows for aircraft, buildings, and dynamic scenery. The complete redesign of the scenery system in Flight Simulator 2000 made the previous method of displaying shadows obsolete.
  • To view shadows, make sure that the Aircraft Shadows and Ground Scenery Shadows settings are selected in the Image Quality tab of the Display Settings dialog box. To get to this dialog box in Flight Simulator, click the Options menu, point to Settings, and then click Display. Then click the Image Quality tab.
  • The problem with setup failing to rename some files has been solved. The problem was a result of incorrect registry settings.
  • Autopilot-induced oscillations while following the ILS glideslope have been fixed.
  • Displayed ATIS frequencies are now limited to frequencies tunable with the Communication radio.
  • The Learjet 45 and the Boeing 737-300 ADF needles now correct for magnetic variation.
  • Voodoo2 video cards now correctly render gauges.

  • Saturday, March 18, 2000
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    AHHH! Daikatana NOT gold - MaD-HaTTeR @ 11:41 pm PST
    I knew it was too good to be true. Right after posting my last post saying that Daikatana has gone gold, i checked over at VoodooExtreme, only to find that they have recieved word from John Romero that the game has not gone gold. damn.

    Daikatana Gold? - MaD-HaTTeR @ 11:35 pm PST
    Could it possibly be true? Well, the A-Vault is reporting that sources close to Ion Storm have said that the game is done, and that "creator John Romero and map designer Stevie Case are off Sunday to a well-deserved vacation." Could Daikatana, the game that people have said would never be finished, accually be gold? Damn, I hope so.

    Codename Eagle Review - Euro Release - Falcon @ 3:31 pm PST
    Pending the US release of the game, Actiontrip have decided to review the European version published by Take2, just to give you an idea of what to expect. In all fairness, it is safe to assume that the US version has gone through a lot of bug-ironing, and spit-shining, and we'll be sure to do an updated review as soon as the US version becomes available...
    Some ideas used here (especially the use of vehicles) might have provided a far better game. Unfortunately, publishing a half-assed product with poor graphics and lousy atmosphere blew this opportunity. I'm getting some strange flashbacks after playing this game... Mortyr anybody?

    X-Box Q&A - Falcon @ 3:27 pm PST
    Phil Cowles, Director of Business Development for Pipeworks Software, has given GA-Source an exclusive look inside the team that developed those jaw-dropping X-Box demos previewed recently at the Game Developer's mConference. More:

    StarLancer Beta Sign-Up - Falcon @ 3:25 pm PST
    GA-Source and Microsoft have joined forces to give you the chance to participate in the upcoming StarLancer preview program sign-up contest! head over here for more.

    Flight Sim 2k Update - Falcon @ 3:24 pm PST
    Microsoft today announced the release of the second update for Flight Simulator 2000. This new update makes shadows possible for aircraft, buildings, and dynamic scenery within Flight Simulator 2000. The Flight Simulator 2000 Update is available for download on the official Web site at

    In addition to shadows, the Flight Simulator Update includes corrections for autopilot-induced oscillations while following the ILS glideslope. In addition, ATIS frequencies are now limited to frequencies tunable with the communication radios and the Learjet 45 and Boeing 737-300 ADF needles correct for magnetic variation.

    After downloading and installing the update, players must make sure that the Aircraft Shadows and Ground Scenery Shadows settings are selected in the Image Quality tab of the Display Settings dialog box in order to view shadows in Flight Simulator 2000.

    New Horizons Unofficial FAQ - Falcon @ 3:24 pm PST
    The Horizons MMORPG Network has just released the next revision of the Horizons Unofficial FAQ. It now has a lot more info in it than before, as well as a new style that is a bit easier to navigate. You can check it out here.

    Test Drive Le Mans Demo - the_culture @ 2:00 pm PST
    3DFiles got their hands on the demo of Test Drive Le Mans. They have three screensshots (which can't be enlarged) and a description (which I'm stealing):
    "Test Drive Le Mans" roars to the virtual race course this fall, delivering a realistic racing sensation of 200 mph heart-stopping action on the PC and Sony PlayStation. Gamers compete on official Le Mans sanctioned courses including locations in the French Alps and landmarks like the famous Dunlop Bridge. Players choose from over 50 cars and over 25 racing teams, each with multiple styles, individual engine sounds and set-up routines allowing players to maximize performance. With vintage Le Mans around-the-clock racing, day-to-night-to-day lighting conditions and realistic night time effects, "Test Drive Le Mans" promises intense racing action.

    Friday, March 17, 2000
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    Neverwinter Nights Previews - the_culture @ 10:51 pm PST
    VE just posted their preview of BioWare's upcoming RPG Neverwinter Nights. So you're not overwhelmed, here's a small morsel:

    DMs can be either human controlled, or if everyone wants to adventure together, controlled by the computer. The Dungeon Master can be whatever you would like it to be. If you want the DM to just throw Orcs and Trolls your way, then they can do that. However, the DM may also possess any NPC, monster, or wildlife, control their dialogue, drops hints, and make the world of Forgotten Realms much less static. DMs are in-charge of making sure the players are having a fun time, and all the power that is available in the pen-and-paper version will be present in this game.

    Not in the mood to read? Then stare at these screens: [shot 1] [shot 2] [shot 3]

    New Gore Screens - the_culture @ 7:36 pm PST
    4DRulers released three more screenshots today. They show off some multiplayer action and the true power of the engine itself: sticking a chainsaw through someone's skull. Wow, their mothers must be so proud.

    Flight Sim 2000 Update - the_culture @ 7:08 pm PST
    I noticed at Gone Gold that Microsoft released a press release regarding their update for Flight Simulator 2000. Here's the entire thing, stolen from GG:

    Microsoft today announced the release of the second update for Flight Simulator 2000. This new update makes shadows possible for aircraft, buildings, and dynamic scenery within Flight Simulator 2000. The Flight Simulator 2000 Update is available for download on the official Web site.

    In addition to shadows, the Flight Simulator Update includes corrections for autopilot-induced oscillations while following the ILS glideslope. In addition, ATIS frequencies are now limited to frequencies tunable with the communication radios and the Learjet 45 and Boeing 737-300 ADF needles correct for magnetic variation.

    After downloading and installing the update, players must make sure that the Aircraft Shadows and Ground Scenery Shadows settings are selected in the Image Quality tab of the Display Settings dialog box in order to view shadows in Flight Simulator 2000.

    Sudden Strike Demo Out - MystikaL @ 6:19 pm PST
    CDV Software Entertainment notified that they have released the Sudden Strike Demo. Go get it!!
    Source: 3d News.Net

    PSX2 vs. X-Box - MaD-HaTTeR @ 3:27 pm PST
    Daily Radar has cooked up an article on why the X-Box will be better than the PSX2, entitled "5 Reasons Why X-Box Will Kick The PlayStation 2's Ass." I think that the PSX2 is gonna majorly rock, but thats just my opinion. Check out the article right here. Good old CTRL-C CTRL-V:
    2. The X-Box is Easier to Develop for Than PS2

    Maybe to gamers this doesn't seem like a big deal. But believe me, it is. Writing games on the PC platform is a dream compared to writing games on other platforms. The bar has only gotten higher on the PlayStation2. Much like the Saturn and the Jaguar, the PS2 requires an exceptional amount of jumping through hoops to get titles running smoothly. The reality is that many developers are either lazy, stupid or really f**king busy, and don't get around to making the title's performance the best in can be on a system that is really hard.

    I am sure the X-Box, in the beginning, is going to have a ton of ports. That's because to port a game to the X-Box and have it look great is easy. To port a game to a platform like the PS2 and have it look great is a big pain in the ass.

    Urban Terror Mod Interview - the_culture @ 10:59 am PST
    I noticed over at The Oxygen Tank that they have an interview with the team behind the Q3A mod Urban Terror. It's being billed as on a "real life theme similar to ActionQuake2 - with the exception of more realism, better graphics, technically correct weapons and sounds, better physics, and more."

    Army Men: Air Tactics Review - Death~rider @ 10:43 am PST
    GameLinks has a review of Army Men: Air Tactics. Yea, those games where you have little army men destroy each other, and who can't resist that? So go check it out.

    Gunship Gold - Death~rider @ 10:40 am PST
    GoneGold has it announced they were sent the official word that Gunship is now Gold! So if you like helicopter flight simulators, go out and buy this one.

    Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft? - the_culture @ 10:38 am PST
    Maybe, according to this article I saw. It looks as though she is in final negotiations for the role. Here's a little something to celebrate!

    Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed Preview - Death~rider @ 10:36 am PST
    The Adrenaline Vault has posted up their preview of the upcoming driving game, Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed. Check it out here.

    More Alone in the Dark 4 info. - Death~rider @ 10:33 am PST
    GA-Source has some new dirt on the upcoming super scary RPG/mystery type game, Alone in the Dark 4. Get all the gory little details right here.

    BattleZone 2 Review - Death~rider @ 10:25 am PST
    The boys over at Thresh's Firing Squad have pumped out a review for BattleZone 2, and you can check it out here.

    RCTUK Stuff - MystikaL @ 10:22 am PST
    Got Rollercoaster Tycoon? Want Trainers, extra tracks, etc, or want to make your own scenerio? This handy little site, RollerCoaster Tycoon UK has all you need. Featuring over 2000 rides, tons of scenerios, interviews, and much more, it's your scource for Rollercoaster Tycoon.

    Expect a brand new section for Rollercoaster Tycoon coming soon to GameSurge!

    Mechwarrior 4 Q&A - MystikaL @ 10:19 am PST
    GameSpot UK has slapped up a Q&A with Jordan Weisman of FASA Interactive which discusses their upcoming addition to the Mechwarrior Series, Mechwarrior 4.

    Summoner Preview - the_culture @ 10:14 am PST
    Gamespot posted a big seven page preview of Summoner, a RPG using a brand-new engine. They include several in-game and concept screens. Here's a small piece, so you don't choke:
    Even though the game has an extensive storyline, the team is anxious to make the world itself as believable as possible. The main city, Linele, has dozens of different potential encounters, each of which can give clues about the story or flesh out the general environment in which the game takes place. "One thing about the Linele," explains Holt, "is that players will come back at various points throughout the game as the story is developed, and the city itself changes." Not satisfied with a static (even if beautiful) gameworld, the Volition team sees a changing environment as central to the role-playing experience. "One of our design goals was to create a world that was more dynamic, and that changed as the game went on," says Holt.

    Check out that crazy two-headed skeleton.

    Starlancer Preview - the_culture @ 9:56 am PST
    FiringSquad just posted their preview of Starlancer where they actually got to play it. What a novel concept. Here's a sample about gameplay mechanics:
    Missile selection at the moment requires more thought, as each weapon is very specialized. No longer is it the kind of lock that the weapon uses, but its effect that determines your choices. There are dumb fires that just fly straight but you have many of them, standard lock-on explosive missiles, the Havoc missile which releases an EMP-like blast to fry electronics, and the Jackhammer, a big mofo of a missile that does lots of damage, but is very slow and cumbersome. Obviously, each of these weapons has a use that's very specific, and you'll be sure to choose it in the appropriate situation.

    Anachronox Interview - the_culture @ 9:49 am PST
    Ooh, I can't wait for this game. (I think I might apply there) conducted a couple of interviews, one with ION Storm co-founder Tom Hall; the other is with Lead Programmer Andrew Megowan. They discuss their upcoming 3rd person sci-fi RPG Anachronox, of course with that certain womanly touch. Here's sample from the one with Tom hall:
    Q: Do you think there is a difference between selling a game to a female gamer rather than a male gamer?

    A: In a very general sense, guys tend to want to know what you get to do, and women tend to want to know what happens and what characters are in the game. But I think generalizations are dangerous. I just make stuff I think is fun and interests me, with a bit of attention paid to having different viewpoints or characters the player can enjoy the game through. I mean, the most famous woman gamer would be our Killcreek, and she is a hardcore Deathmatcher. So there go anyone's generalizations! I did learn from her to not wade into fights--to always back off and go get health. I'm a bit of a wade-in-there kind of guy, which is a nice way of saying I suck.

    Black Isle Happenings - the_culture @ 9:38 am PST
    It's the day for Black Isle Studios, what with the new shots of BG2. CGO posted part of their look at Baldur's Gate 2. Daily Radar chatted with a few members of Black Isle about Icewind Dale.

    New Baldur's Gate 2 Shots - the_culture @ 9:26 am PST
    I noticed over at BGChronicles that they have 5 new screens of Baldur's Gate 2. The five shots show off the nifty spell effects. Very nice indeed.

    GlobalWIN VGS-08/VGS-08++ Reviews - Falcon @ 6:04 am PST
    Speedy 3D has just kicked up a review of both the GlobalWIN VGS-08 and the VGS-08++. These 2 CPU coolers performed quite well in the tests making them worth the $20 some dollars they cost.

    GDC 2k Video - Falcon @ 6:02 am PST
    Steve "Gateway" Tietze of Nihilistic was kind enough to send Stomped an exclusive video from GDC 2000. They come in ASF, MPEG, and Quicktime formats. The big ASF file is the one recommended to most people. You can find the files here

    Rollcage Stage 2 Review - Falcon @ 6:00 am PST
    Games Xtreme have uploaded a review of Rollcage Stage 2 on the PC, giving it very impressive 93%. You can grab it here:
    The whole point of Rollcage is that you're in a vehicle that can flip upside-down and still drive, taking away all the crashes seen in other racing games. Its also designed to be very fast so that you can drive on the ceiling of tunnels. To this end many of the tracks are designed so that you can drive up tunnel walls and collect more power-ups but doing this also means that when the tunnel ends and your suddenly in mid air you fall to the ground and are still moving forward. Neat idea that's works well, you do of course still get the 'wrong way' problem, but you can't have it all easy can you?

    Battle Realms Announced - Falcon @ 5:58 am PST
    In late February GA-Strategy broke the news about Liquid's upcoming RTS, Battle Realms. Today, Crave Entertainment officially announced the title, which is being developed by veterans formerly from the Command & Conquer team. Read More

    The Sims Review - Falcon @ 5:56 am PST
    3DGF is back again, this time with a review of the real-time game developed by Maxis, The Sims! The review is very in-depth and explains what The Sims is all about! Although the review is only 2 pages (second page features some screenshots) it is very detailed and hits the nail right on the head! Here's a snip:
    Wake up early, use the restroom, take a shower, feed the gold fish, go to work, and fall in love. Sounds normal enough right? Not if its Maxis's newest release "The Sims" The latest and greatest installment into the world renowned Will Wright created SIM series. Now, you take all the excitement from running a large city, and turn your creativity to heading the every-day life of people you create. Nearly every aspect of real life is gathered together and crammed onto this single cd-rom, putting together a smash hit in the SIM gaming world.

    Oni Preview - Falcon @ 5:54 am PST
    NGNetwork has posted a preview of Bungie's upcoming FPS beauty, Oni:
    The dytopia is also an aural experience. Bungie has brought in the music of the Power of Seven. If you missed their last performance with Bungie (Marathon: Infinity theme), check out the mp3s Bungie has released from Oni. The music completes the atmosphere, a propelling techno-alternative that fits both the futurist and the dark elements of the vision of the game. The two mp3s promise a solid musical score for the game.

    Hellhound Q3A BD - Falcon @ 5:52 am PST
    Hellhound has a new Quake III Arena benchmarking demo available for download. The demo should take approximetly 1.5 minutes to run and includes a total of 24 bots. Any pc that can run the demo with an average FPS of 20 or more, is quite acceptable for competitive gaming!

    So all Quake III Arena fans wanting to see how their pc's "measure up" download Q3Crush! The best Q3Arena
    benchmarkign demo to date!

    David Allen (Demise) Interview - Falcon @ 5:50 am PST
    Weekly Column: Investor Insight, Issue #13

    In this weeks article Bo Andersson, GA's Industry Analyst, takes a look into the gaming distribution business, specifically the on-line publishing business.

    As a start in a series of articles about the distribution situation Bo turns his attention to David Allen, CEO of Artifact Entertainment L.L.C., and lead programmer/developer of DEMISE, a large-scale fantasy role-playing game.

    This issue features an in-depth interview with David, which I am sure those of you who are interested in self-publishing your own title(s), will find of much interest. <more>

    Thursday, March 16, 2000
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    Gone Gold - the_culture @ 10:14 pm PST
    Every time I say gold I think of Heather Graham painted in gold for that photo shoot she did! Yeow! Ah, anyway. Two more games have gone gold this month: Star Trek: Armada and Codename Eagle.

    Messiah Screens - the_culture @ 10:09 pm PST
    Looks like some sites won't give up. Both Gamespot UK and VE have Messiah shots up. This game has gone gold and should be in stores soon.

    Hitman: Codename 47 Preview - the_culture @ 9:59 pm PST
    3DRage posted their thoughts on the game Hitman: Codename 47. Yeah, that's a menacing codename.

    Planet PS2 Launches - MystikaL @ 9:48 pm PST
    Planet Playstation 2 has launched by the Gamespy Network. Wow, thats a really l33t design!!! Gotta check this one out, folks!

    Summoner Thursday - MystikaL @ 9:39 pm PST
    PC.IGN has slapped up another episode of Summoner Thursday, in which the level designer John Enrico explains how important dramatic lighting is in level design. Here is another one of those l33t chunks.

    Create atmosphere and mood

    If the player is entering a spooky area, you want it to look musty, dank, and foreboding. Textures of course play a key role, but lighting and its coloring can really define the mood and bring an area to life. A good example of this is a shot from the Entrance to the Catacombs. As you can see the white light illuminates the room harshly. The opening to the catacombs is in darkness to portray danger and the unknown.

    Along with that, check out the screenshots of the article, which were posted here.

    Die Hard Review - MystikaL @ 9:36 pm PST
    The boys over at PC.IGN have smacked up an interesting review of Fox's Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Los Vegas. Here is the chunk:

    John McClane has got to be the most paranoid man in the world. A terrorist attack once is one thing -- twice and you've got to believe that he's wondering about bad coincidences. Three times and you figure that McClane must have been a high-ranking member of the Spanish Inquisition in a previous life, and is still paying off some heavy karmic debts. Die Hard Trilogy 2 is yet another glance into the life of a catastrophe magnet, and the venue for an unfortunate sequel that takes a good concept and drives it straight into the dumpster.

    Tech Reviews - the_culture @ 9:18 pm PST
    It's time for a quick roundup of hardware reviews for you. Sit still, this won't hurt a bit:
  • Can't afford those new GeForces? Active-Hardware posted a review of the new Abit Siluro GT2 Ultra TNT2 graphics card. What's up with these long names?
  • Ooh, I wish I had that review job. Planet Hardware reviewed three high-end speakers sets.
  • Dan's Data looks at the Diamond MX400, based on the ESS Canyon3D chipset.
  • 10six Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:32 pm PST has come through, with an interiew with SegaSoft's Producer Al Rivera, covering SegaSoft's recently released Massive Multiplayer game, 10six. You can check out the info right here. Dig the snippage:
    We recently had the opportunity to speak with Al Rivera, Producer from SegaSoft Networks Inc., about their new massively multiplayer game 10Six.
    U : You mentioned that you hope to introduced new objects on a regular basis. When you speak of new objects, are you referring to new weapons and base options? If so, can you give us a glimpse at some possible upcoming ideas?

    AR : Yes. It is very easy for us to add new guns and rovers into the game. We will not be adding anything right now, as we want to let the dust settle before we throw anything new into the mix. Some objects we are toying with include an orbital laser cannon, cloaking rovers and armor, more rover modifiers like weapons class modifiers and speed modifiers, teleport beacons, and more. I have already said too much :)

    U : Is there an option to build a defensive moat? I am guessing that your graphic engine does not allow terrain modification of that kind.

    AR : No. Although the graphics engine does allow terrain deformation, this becomes a bit of a problem for a persistent world. Any permanent changes to the hightmap of the terrain would have to be stored in the database and sent to every user that visited the region. We looked into it, but sadly was one those 'wish list' things that drifted away. Thats no to say it wont happen, but we rather concentrate on introducing new objects first.

    Voodoo 5 Preview - MystikaL @ 7:06 pm PST
    GameFan has posted part 4 of their preview on the upcoming video card by 3dfx, the Voodoo 5. Some sweet sounding stuff is in here, so make sure you check it out! Yes, now!

    Quake 3 Fast DLL's - MystikaL @ 7:03 pm PST
    Stomped has released the latest version of the Quake 3 DLL's, the new DLL files that are supposed to boost your performance. You can expect a 5% - 10% boost in performance by downloading and installing these. The file size is only 314kb, so it's a rather quick download.

    Action Half-Life Beta 3 - MystikaL @ 6:58 pm PST
    Beta 3 for Action Half-Life, a popular Half-Life mod, has been released. Along with many new features, bug fixes, etc, map/model packs are planned in the upcoming months.

    Star Trek: Armada Interview & Screens - MystikaL @ 6:55 pm PST
    GameProWorld has put up an interview they conducted with Erik Gewirtz, which discusses their space-based RTS game that went gold earlier today. Along with that, the official site has another screenshot of the week.

    Screenshots - MystikaL @ 6:49 pm PST
  • Larian Studios have released 51 new screenshots from Divinity: The Sword of Lies, their upcoming RPG. The Screenshots are only available in two zip files, instead of in regular old browser view.
  • A Talent For War has posted seven new screenshots of Starshatter, an upcoming Space-Sim.
  • AVault has posted new screenshots of Gunship!, which are included in their preview.
  • Daily Telefrag has put up their ten page gallery of screenshots at the upcoming WWII Flight sim titled IL2 Sturmovik from Maddox Games.
  • Starlancer Movie - MystikaL @ 6:47 pm PST
    Incite Games has posted another MPEG movie that features footage of Starlancer, an upcoming space epic by Digital Anvil. The movie shows off various projectiles, along with the l33t music.

    X-Tensions Demo - MystikaL @ 6:45 pm PST
    EgoSoft has announced that they have released their self-running demo of X-Tension, a space sim sequal to X: Beyond the Frontier universe. The demo comes in both English and Germany versions as well.

    Messiah has gone gold! - MystikaL @ 6:44 pm PST
    Gone Gold has announced that the upcoming action game by Shiny, Messiah, has gone gold. Check out our preview for more info on the game, or head to Shiny.

    GDC 2000 Footage - MystikaL @ 6:41 pm PST
    Some footage has been posted from last week's GDC 2000 by Stomped, which shows various demoes. Some of these included Shiny's action/strategy game Sacrafice, and possibly a game in the Oddworld series. The download comes in 4 download sizes as well, and was filmed by Steve "Gateway" Tietze of Nihilistic.

    UT PS2 Clarification - MystikaL @ 6:37 pm PST
    Saw over at Blues News, that the Unreal Universe has posted a letter they received from Epic's Mark Reign, clearing up some details about the Playstation 2 Platform. Here is the chunk.

    I would definitely like to set the story straight on PS2. First of all any of the stories who say UT is definitely coming to PlayStation2 are premature. Epic is a tools and middleware licensee only. We are not currently a licensed game developer for PS2.

    We tried to make it very clear that the reason people were seeing Unreal Tournament on PlayStation2 was to demonstrate the progress we're making in porting the Unreal Engine to PlayStation2. We definitely plan on making a game for PlayStation2 but whether Unreal Tournament is released on PS2 or not depends solely on our next publisher deciding they want it, submitting it for approval to Sony, and receiving approval from Sony. Although we think UT would make a great game on PS2, we're anxious to release it on that platform and there's no question it could have it ready for launch - it is NOT a foregone conclusion that it will be released on PS2.

    Another incorrect assumption is that if we did release it on PS2 as a launch title it would be single player. That's ludicrous. First of all Sony announced at their keynote that a 3rd-party USB modem was coming soon. We WILL support 3rd party modems in our engine and use UT's multiplayer to demonstrate that support. Likewise Sony says that their broadband internet solution, with a hard drive, is coming next year. That would be great for providing awesome DSL/Cable modem play with downloading of maps, mods, meshes, skins, and other new content. We will definitely be supporting that as well and we will definitely use UT to demonstrate how our engine supports that when the time comes.

    If UT were going to be released as a launch title for PS2 then it would most certainly include modem support if modems are going to be available to support.

    Thief II Preview - MystikaL @ 6:35 pm PST
    As you may have already noticed, Thief II: The Metal Age has gone gold already. GamesMania has taken a last peak at the beta build, as well as taking some screenshots of unseen areas of the game in their Thief II Preview.

    RUNE RPG - MystikaL @ 6:33 pm PST
    Human Head and Atlas Games have announced they will be doing an RPG version of the upcoming 3d action game RUNE. The game will be released in November of 2000, and use the mechanics of the medieval role-playing game Ars Magica.
    Source: Blues News

    Rollcage Stage II demo - MystikaL @ 6:30 pm PST
    PC Zone UK has posted a demo of Rollcage Stage II, an arcade racer. I've already downloaded and tested the demo on my old computer, it seems to run quite well, and it's pretty fun for a while.

    Septerra Core Patch - MystikaL @ 6:28 pm PST
    Monolith has released v.1.02 of the patch for Septerra Core. The patch adds new config options, as well as fixing a lot of bugs in the documentation. Using a different version of the game, i.e., German, or Spanish? No problem! The official site states that the patch works for all versions of the game! Wish all games were like that, don't ya :)

    Notice anything? - MystikaL @ 6:23 pm PST
    Head on over to The Sims Shack and take a look around. Notice anything? You bet, he stole our layout. 'Nuff Said. Ahh, didn't think the layout was THAT good :p.

    Where the hell I have been :) - MystikaL @ 6:14 pm PST
    Okay, let me explain why we haven't had as much content lately. The reason(s) for this is because:

    1) My cat chewed through my new intellimouse explorer, along with my backup mouse in one day. Since it hasn't even been 30 days, I get a free replacement. If you ever order anything on-line, get it from, they ship so darn fast!

    2) My dad's company recently (Wednesday to be in fact) held their annual food show. I had to help with it, as well as design the official Mid States Web Site (My mom's fundraising company). This took around 15-20 hours of my time up, but I got paid 1500+ for it.

    3) Were moving servers, as well as getting a new facelift to the site. This should all be complete by Sunday (hopefully). More details about what's coming will be announced at a later date.

    Star Wars Online Official! - the_culture @ 10:10 am PST
    Yeah! Though the official press release does not contain any gaming details, it's nice to see the statement in print. Here's what the press release did say:
    "The Star Wars online game will be developed by Verant, distributed and sold at retail by LucasArts, and available for play exclusively online at The Station."

    I can already feel my lightsaber humming. :)

    Previews - the_culture @ 10:05 am PST
    Came across a few previews for you this morning.
  • There is a preview of Imperium Galactica 2 at Games Domain.
  • We are so close to seeing this game. SimHQ posted their preview of Urban Ops, the mission pack for Rogue Spear.
  • CGO has part 1 of their preview of Baldur's Gate 2 for you to read. Very good.
  • There are a couple of space game previews out there. First, PC.IGN looks at Homeworld: Cataclysm. Second, Starlancer get the treatment from Well Rounded.
  • Star Trek Q&A and Screens - the_culture @ 9:55 am PST
    Gamespot UK posted their interview with Raphael Hernandez Klingon Academy Producer. They also some new screenshots of Star Trek: Elite Force.

    Interview With Mark Rein - the_culture @ 9:50 am PST
    Epic Vice President Mark Rein sat down and chatted with about various aspects of the company, his life, and his plans for the future. Here's interresting bit:
    stonewall: In 1993 you made a proposal for the Build engine on behalf of Epic Games. At the time Epic was releasing pinball games and a year later research began on Unreal. What were your plans for Build and how did not getting that engine affect Epic?

    Mark: I'd say we came out way ahead the way things worked out. With Ken Silverman (creator of the Build engine) on board we might not have been as motivated to make our own technology. Build was good tech and of course Duke Nukem got made with it, but it wasn't a long-term technology play like the Unreal Engine. So both Epic and 3DRealms ended up better off for the way things worked out. 3DRealms produced the monster hit Duke Nukem 3D and, by complete coincedence, we went on to produce the engine that they will use for the sequel to it.

    Check out the 4-page interview.

    NFS: High Stakes Patch - the_culture @ 9:41 am PST
    3DFiles got their hands on the new 4.43 patch for Need for Speed: High Stakes.
    Changes in the version 4.43 patch include:
  • Bug fixes to car restriction
  • Improved AI
  • Patching now works if you've got an HTTP proxy server.
  • New Viper 2 Drivers - the_culture @ 9:38 am PST
    Well the Win 95/98 drivers for the Diamond Viper 2 have pasted the beta stage and are ready for downloading.

    Wednesday, March 15, 2000
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    Article: 1 gHz Processors - Falcon @ 10:06 pm PST
    NGNetwork has posted an article entitled 'One Gigahertz and Gamers', which delves into the battle of the 1gHz processors.

    "We've seen the hype all over the net: AMD Athlon first to 1 Ghz, P3 1 Ghz 6% faster than Athlon, 1 Ghz machines now available at, and so on. Is 1 Ghz a revolution? Is it even worth noticing?"

    Voodoo 3 3500 Win2k drivers - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:00 pm PST
    3Dfx has just slapped up beta drivers for their Voodoo 3 3500, for Windows 2000. Remember, Beta means not supported! Anyway, check them out right here.

    On DNF Bots - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:56 pm PST
    As some of you might know, im always down with the latest Duke Nukem Forever news, so all you DNF fans, read on. Although 3D Realm's official DNF message board is down (oh no, what will i do!), Charlie Wiederhold has made a post in the forum, regarding bots in DNF. Check out the thread right here.

    Diablo II Beta Announced!! - Gibb @ 6:55 pm PST
    Blizzard has finally announced the signups for the Diablo II beta test. The signup will run all day Monday, March 20. Check out this press release to get more info.

    Diablo 2 Beta Update - the_culture @ 6:40 pm PST
    Listen up, all you Diablo freaks. New info regarding the D2 beta sign-up has been released.
    "Starting at 12:01am PST on Monday, March 20th, Blizzard will be accepting on-line applications for people interested in beta-testing Diablo II over The signup period will last for a 24 hour period until 11:59pm PST on Monday, March 20th. Following the registration period, Blizzard will randomly select 1,000 testers based on a variety of system configurations and locations.

    Only one submission per person will be accepted. Selected testers will be notified within a week of registration, and a complete list of testers will be posted on

    There. I hope your happy now! :)

    Hardware Reviews - the_culture @ 6:31 pm PST
    I know some of you out there don't use the PC just to play games. Here's a list of some hardware reviews from today:
  • Looking for a CD burner to, ah, "back-up" your stuff? How about the 12x4x32 SCSI RW from Plextor. GamePC reviews it, so you can trust them. :)
  • Here's an interesting package: a four point surround speaker and sound card combo from Gallant Computer. 3D Hardware reviews this one.
  • The Tech Report looks at the Matrox Millennium 32MB card (based on the G400 chipset).
  • The Creative Annihilator Pro gets reviewed, this time by 3D Spotlight.
  • Demise Review - Surebrec @ 5:25 pm PST
    The girlies over at Gamespy has kicked up a review of Demise, Artifact Entertainment's latest dungeon-slaying RPG. So what did Gamespy say?

    Overall, Demise has much to offer someone looking for an old-school dungeon romp. There are tons of items, spells, creatures and levels to explore. If you can learn the interface's many options, and get past the lack of a save game feature, you won't easily run out of things to do. After all, how many games out there enable you to level your character to level 999? If this type of game interests you at all, I urge you to try the demo at, you've got nothing to lose and a lot of demise to gain.

    NOX Game Guide - Surebrec @ 5:18 pm PST
    Stuck in the world of Nox? Evil Queen Hecubah making you f*$%ing mad? Well help is on the way! Gamespot has slapped up a game guide for everyone's favorite game, NOX! This baby will help you out with strategies for each class, walkthrough's for each class, multi-player strategies, and even cheat codes if you're insanely stuck.

    Ground Control Preview - Surebrec @ 5:13 pm PST
    I noticed over at Blue's News that GameProWorld has smakced up a preview of Ground Control, Massive Entertainment's upcoming 3D action RTS. The preview sports several nifty screenshots of the gameplay and game interface.

    Urban Operations Preview - Surebrec @ 5:09 pm PST
    PC IGN has slapped up a swank preview of Red Storm's upcoming tactical shooter expansion, Rogue Spear: Urban Operations. Here's a juicy little snippet of the weapons:

    And it wouldn't be a new Rainbow Six game without at least some new weapons, right? Urban Operations won't disappoint on this score I'm glad to say. Most popular right now is the HK 21E3, a light machine gun that carries 100 rounds. It isn't very accurate, especially on the run, but it can lay down a whole lot of bullets in a very short amount of time. You can set the ROF to single shot or three round burst or fully automatic. The M249 SAW, the standard US Army squad support weapon, is a much more powerful, much less accurate light machine gun that can only fire in fully automatic mode. The RPD is a Russian made light machine gun that seems to be a big hit with the terrorists. This weapon is in fact, only available to the player during multiplay. While the weapons are great, I question the addition of automatic weapons given the whole concept behind the game. If my job is not to shoot the dozens of "civilians" wandering around in the middle of the firefight, then shouldn't the new weapons contribute to that end? In either case the new weapons are a blast in multiplay, so I guess I shouldn't complain.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Screens - Surebrec @ 4:56 pm PST
    Fox Interactive has recently released screenshots, as well as gameplay/engine details, of their upcoming 3D action/adventure game, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which is based on the sweet TV show. Hmm, something I've noticed a lot from upcoming games is that game developers are taking advantage of, umm, "poke-thru" technology :). This game should be "graphically-appealing".

    Along with those screenshots, there are 2 more screenshots that show-off some in-game action. Sweet.

    MDK2 Chat Tonight! - Surebrec @ 4:53 pm PST
    If you see this within the next 15 minutes of posting, get your ass moving! Dreamcast and BioWare have teamed up to bring you a MDK2 chat tonite, which will be (publicly) on IRC, on IRC server in #MDK2. It starts in 15 minutes (8 pm EST)! Go!

    UK CPU Price Update - Surebrec @ 4:50 pm PST
    GamesXTREME has updated their UK CPU Price List. According to this list, prices have taken a sharp drop, along with the 1GHz processor(s) arriving on the list soon. I wonder how much those will be...

    Starting a game development company? - Surebrec @ 4:47 pm PST
    I'm sure every gamer out there has always wanted to start their own game development company. But maybe you weren't too sure on how to go about doing this. That's what The Gamer's Press is here for! They have slapped up an article on How to start your own game development company. Here's a small clip from it:

    "...your young and naïve audience most likely has a built-in dislike for anyone wearing a suit. Take advantage of this by using every opportunity to insult folks with positions such as "Marketing Director" or "Vice President". Blame these people for absolutely everything that goes wrong with your company, even if it only takes the brain power of a poinsettia to figure out that it’s actually you who are at fault. Actually, you can also blame "the suits" for non-work related stuff like the AIDS virus and the dinosaurs becoming extinct."

    Jumpgate Screens - Surebrec @ 4:42 pm PST
    The guys over at GA-Source have received 12 new screenshots and an update on NetDevil's upcoming massively mutli-player space combay game, Jumpgate.

    Golden March? - the_culture @ 3:27 pm PST
    Looks like March is turning into a "Gone Gold" month, with both Urbans Ops and Force Commander making their way into the hands of us gamers. I noticed over at Gone Gold that both Messiah and MDK2 should go gold this month. Looks like you're going to have to dig up those old babysitting flyers and start passing them out again.

    Screenshots Galore - the_culture @ 3:13 pm PST
    Since visual images don't translate well into brail, I guess I'll throw up some links to various screenshots out there.
  • Gamespot scored some screenshots of Red Storm's (Rainbow 6 and Rogue Spear creators) next game.
  • Looking for new TRIBES 2 screenshots? Check out the 3 shots has. I dig that middle one.
  • GameSpy has gotten hold of some slick-looking screens of Sacrifice, Shiny's intriquing new RPG.
  • Still hungering for EverQuest expansion shots? Check these out these 10 shots.
  • Fox Interactive has opened the official Buffy site with some info on the game and some screenshots.
  • GDC 2000 Wrap-ups - the_culture @ 2:39 pm PST
    Weren't able to attend the Game Developers Conference this year? Forgot where San Jose was? No need to fret, SharkyExtreme and FiringSquad posted their coverage of the gathering. Mighty fine stuff contained there in. Do yourself a favor and get informed.

    Quake III Arena Version 1.16n Final - Storm @ 1:01 pm PST
    If you have Quake III then you probably want the newest patch out. Today it has been released. The 1.16 point release features some new id designer player models and also has some 3D Studio Max files. The 3D Studio Max files are a seperate downloadable file. Here are the download pages:

    20 New Messiah Shots - MystikaL @ 11:39 am PST
    There are 20 new messiah screenshots up on over at the official Messiah web site. Also, for more information on the game, make sure you check out our Messiah preview, located here.

    Review This, Punk - the_culture @ 9:42 am PST
    Ah, I don't know what I'm talking about really. So here are some reviews to educate your buying self:
  • GameSpy reviews Demise, a new RPG developed by Horizon's creators, Artifact Entertainment.
  • The Sims gets the treatment from both 3D-Unlimited and Gamershome.
  • Undecided about Battlezone 2? Then check out AussieGamer's take on it.
  • New Demos - the_culture @ 9:33 am PST
    3DFiles has a couple of new demos for you to try. The first is the 40meg X-Plane 5.23, a comprehensive flight sim. The other is the 2.2meg Millennium 3, an open ended space trader/shooter.

    Tuesday, March 14, 2000
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    Can't find what you're looking for? Send a request!

    Halo Preview - Falcon @ 9:50 pm PST
    NGNetwork has slapped together a preview of Bungie Software's Halo.

    "One thing is pretty much certain: the weaponry is going to look good and maybe even behave well. With deformable terrain backing up the stellar graphics we've seen released so far, there's real potential for interesting weapon damage and effects in the game. Most of the effects in the game: real-time shadows, 3D positional audio and so on, are familiar and no more or less than gamers expect. Others, such as richly scalable models, offer to make this graphics masterpiece within the reach of a broader gaming audience. Technically, with au courant features building into an open and dynamic world environment, Halo is a step forward. Combine the wide-open gameplay promised with an apparent focus on sound enemy individual and co-operative AI (operating simultaneously) and the engine seems to have the right stuff to back up the sweet graphics and the solid story. Bungie is even including AI morale - a nice touch."

    Q3A News - Falcon @ 9:48 pm PST
    Hellhound has a new Quake III Arena Model Of The Week up, which can be found from here

    And another bit:
    For Women Only! Are you a level designer or artist looking to break into the gaming industry? Artemis Software, an all-female software development team, seeks level designers and artists to work on non-commercial Quake 3 modification. Send resume and url's of work samples to

    F.A.K.K. 2 Preview - Falcon @ 9:46 pm PST
    Actiontrip have a preview of FAKK2 up;
    This preview of Ritual's upcoming 3rd person action title, based on the famous Heavy Metal universe is not for the fainthearted. If you are underage, don't even think about it! Featuring Julie Strain's curves, Heavy Metal F.A.K.K.2 is the sexiest game around! And for a good reason I might add...

    AOK Scenario Design Contest - Falcon @ 9:44 pm PST
    Microsoft today announced a Scenario Design Contest for their award-winning, real-time strategy game, Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings. Participants are invited to submit a custom game scenario which must be based on the Charlemagne era. The contest will take place on ten Age of Empires fan sites, and the deadline for submissions is April 7, 2000. The ten winners (one from each site) will be announced on April 17, and the Grand Prize Winner will be chosen in the first week of May.

    The Grand Prize Winner will get his/her scenario included on the Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion pack CD and will also receive a series of limited edition, high-resolution framed Age of Kings prints signed by the game's senior designer, Bruce Shelley. The ten individual winners will receive a selection of Microsoft games and gaming devices.

    Age of Empires II, developed by Ensemble Studios, features new and improved design features that quickly engage the casual player while offering more intense and engrossing gameplay to satisfy the hard-core audience. Beginning with minimal resources, players are challenged to build their nations into great civilizations and defeat the enemy by making strategic decisions throughout the game. Each of the 13 civilizations represented in Age of Empires II, including the Mongols, Celts, Vikings and Japanese, features distinctive attributes, buildings and technologies and a unique combat unit based on its historical counterpart. In addition, Age of Empires II features five campaigns based on the adventures of prominent historical figures, including Joan of Arc, William Wallace and Ghengis Khan, that draw players deeper into the game as they march alongside the hero to victory.

    For more details about the scenario contest, and links to each of the fan sites hosting this contest, please reference:

    The Ensemble Studios Web site is located at

    (Another) Nox review - Falcon @ 9:42 pm PST
    These come in droves with new games dont they... Anyway, here is the latest one from GamesXtreme
    This game is the rare one I've seen where both single and multiplayer are fun. In single player, u are put up against creatures of Nox and have to complete certain missions. Multiplayer, however, is something which is a quite amazing experience. Multiplayer is played on the prominent WESTWOOD ONLINE servers, and includes many new modes never seen before in RPG's. These modes of gameplay include: Arena, King of the Realm, Elimination, Capture the Flag, and NOX ball.

    AvP Fragfinder - Falcon @ 9:40 pm PST
    Heres the official announcement:
    Due to a huge response to FragFinder, a multiplayer tool for Aliens Versus Predator, we have decided to move it to it's own site of

    FragFinder can be downloaded from the site and all multiplayer games can be found and posted using this client. The client is now on it's latest build, and if all goes well with this rev we will go to the full release probably found on the Aliens Versus Predator Gold Edition CD in some form or another.

    Messiah Preview - MystikaL @ 6:38 pm PST
    We've slapped up our latest preview, this time by Intrepid and on Messiah. You can check it out here.

    Palm DOOM? - the_culture @ 1:12 pm PST
    Now I’ve seen everything. I noticed over at Blue’s News a post regarding DOOM for the Palm Pilot. Check it.

    Messiah Screens - the_culture @ 1:11 pm PST
    Three new screenshots of Messiah can be found at The Oxygen Tank.

    Quick Links - the_culture @ 1:09 pm PST
    Here are some reviews from around the Internet for your reading pleasure:
  • The Sims continues to be a hot item. Gamer’s Voice, Gamer’s Depot, loonygames, and Nikeotronik all review the “life simulator” from Maxis.
  • AVault posted their feelings about Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey.
  • 3Dgaming posted two reviews, one of Q3: and one for Shadow Company: Left for Dead.
  • TWINE Interview - the_culture @ 1:04 pm PST
    Rust posted their interview with Level Designer Alex Mayberry, who is working on The World Is Not Enough. Check out this piece:
    Rust: Because you’ve licensed the Quake 3 engine, I assume that you are using Q3Radiant as well. What kinds of modifications have been made to the level editor, and will it be released with the game?

    Alex: We have a programmer dedicated solely to improving the functionality of Radiant, so we are definitely making some heavy modifications to the editor. This, in conjunction with major changes to the editor made by Robert Duffy at id Software, as well as modifications made by the guys at Ritual and Rogue, has gone a long way to giving us a more robust tool. There are far too many things for me to list though, so I’ll just provide a few samples of items that have either already been added, or that we are currently working on:

  • Multiple cameras for improved navigation
  • Improved mouse navigation in the 3D window
  • Multiple face selection, as well as easy cycling through individual brush faces
  • User defined brush groupings with hierarchical relationships
  • Improved filtering
  • Surface based material properties
  • Lighting Preview
  • MechCommander 2 Interview - the_culture @ 1:00 pm PST
    The MechCommander 2 team gets intervewed by Games Weekly. Here's a snip:
    4. It seems that the 3D component of the game engine has been greatly enhanced. What can you tell us about this?

    First, it rocks. Frank Savage (Lead Programmer of Wing Commander 3) made our jaws drop at the speed he was able to move MC to full 3D. We can now play the game at an epic scale and zoom in to a very personal level. We’re working hard to ensure that new players find it easy to control the camera. The results have been positive. But forget that stuff-the bells and whistles are there. The weapon effects light the terrain as they fly. They cast shadows as they pass the 'Mechs. 'Mechs walk through water, and if you zoom in you can see their legs under the waves. Pulse lasers pulse and sparks fly when they hit their target.

    X: Beyond the Frontier Review - Falcon @ 1:00 am PST
    Actiontrip has slapped up a review of Ego Soft's X: Beyond the Frontier, a space sim that is banging heavily on the Elite nostalgia in all of us... Did they quite get it right? - Falcon @ 12:51 am PST
    I have been informed of a new a new site called The site dedicated to maintaining an up-to-date list of Games played on the MSN Gaming Zone along with a list of fan sites, tournament sites and of course news. In a sense, they are something of a search engine, combination resource index

    The site is just getting started and is open to the public to start adding resources and browsing the site.

    Allegiance Gold - Falcon @ 12:45 am PST
    Official Press release:
    Microsoft today announced that Allegiance, its pulse-pounding online space-action game, has gone gold. This means the product is completed and is expected to start showing up on store shelves in the U.S. in early April. Allegiance will be playable on the MSN Gaming Zone as well as via independent game servers worldwide. The game combines furious space combat with the social challenge of squadron-based combat in a stunning 3D universe.

    Allegiance will be available in retail stores for an anticipated street price of US$40. Gamers can then choose to play on public-domain servers free of charge or access the Allegiance Zone, a subscription service that provides larger-scale games, special events, persistent scoring and rankings, and new exclusive content such as the Belters faction. Players are eligible for one free month on the Allegiance Zone ($9.95 value) with game purchase. The MSN Gaming Zone will host the Allegiance Zone as well as a continuously updated list of free game servers worldwide. The Allegiance Server Code will be also be made available as a free download to parties interested in hosting game servers.

    Gamers are invited to take advantage of the exclusive Allegiance pre-order programs with Electronic Boutique and Babbages & Software Etc. By pre-ordering Allegiance at store locations, or online at EB World or Gamestop, gamers will receive an additional month of free Allegiance Zone membership ($9.95 value), plus either a Limited Edition Strategy Guide (for pre-orders from Electronic Boutique) or 16 Microsoft Allegiance Collector Cards (for pre-orders from Babbages & Software Etc.). Combine this offer with the one month of free Allegiance Zone membership already available with the retail purchase of the game, and players receive two free months of larger-scale games, special events, persistent scoring and rankings, and exclusive new content. Microsoft encourages gamers to place their pre-orders early, as all offers are based on limited quantities.

    In Allegiance, players can pilot and customize many different classes of ships; from scouts and fighters to battle cruisers. They also have the ability to switch between a variety of combat roles, including pilot, turret gunner or base commander. Hundreds of players can engage each other in death-match style arenas or in cooperative play. Gamers will be able to represent their identity, through recorded accomplishments and medals, giving combatants the chance to become part of an ongoing, dynamic universe. Allegiance also features rich strategic elements such as controllable assets, researchable technology and command features.

    For more information about Allegiance, visit the game's official site at:

    MDK2 Interview: Greg Zeschuk - Falcon @ 12:43 am PST
    Gamesxtreme have put up an interview about MDK2 with Greg Zeschuk, Joint CEO of BioWare, regarding the game, its features and a few other minor things, including what they are up to next!
    GX: Although everyone likes a sequal to have it's own originality, do you think that you will have managed to keep the fans of the original happy?

    GZ: I think so - a number of MDK fans have tried out the game and most have been impressed by our ability to stay true to the original while breaking new ground. It's a careful balance, but we take it very seriously.

    Nox Review - Falcon @ 12:41 am PST
    The Dawg Pound have put up their review of Nox,
    "No major advancements have been made in sound when compared to Diablo (which had excellent music to begin with), but we are talking some sweet graphics. The graphics are very sharp with a variety of textures, and settings range from forests to lava, caves to undead dungeons, human towns to ogre forts. Little niceties are included all over, such as your cape flapping when you run, with the shadow changing realistically with the movement of your cape. Unfortunately, probably in the interest of keeping the CPU load down, multiple light sources are not considered when drawing the shadows. For instance, if you stand in the middle of a room with 4 torches in each corner, each torch spaced equally from each other and from you, only one strong black shadow will be drawn pointing to the top left corner of your screen. This is only a minor annoyance, however, and it is hardly noticed when you are being attacked by several ogres and are in the heat of battle! Another little bug was a little bit of a clipping problem when running over bridges, but it's really very minor, and nothing I even cared about while playing."

    Obi-Wan Shots - the_culture @ 12:38 am PST
    Those crazy Germans at GamesZone have three more new shots of the upcoming FPS Obi-Wan.

    Interview: David Allen - Falcon @ 12:37 am PST
    Gameznet have an interview with David Allen regarding Horizons:
    Elaborate a bit on the Trade Skills .

    The trade skills are actually broken down skills upon a base. For example, a blacksmith isn't just a 'blacksmith'. There's a base Blacksmith skill, then there's different skills under blacksmithing (weapons, armor, repair, modification, etc).

    New StarLancer Shots - the_culture @ 12:32 am PST
    Those lucky fools at GA-Source got a hold of 12 new screenshots of StarLancer. This one's my favorite.

    Reach For The Stars Interview - the_culture @ 12:28 am PST
    GA-Strategy just posted their interview with Gregor Whiley, Executive Producer for the remake of Reach for the Stars. Free sample, sir:
    What will make Reach for the Stars stand out from its crowd of competitors? Which titles do you view as your closest rivals, and how do you better them?

    Our closest competitor is probably the Master of Orion series that ended with Birth of the Federation, and we believe we have a number of advantages. Firstly in the area of graphics and interface, not just because they look better but because we’ve put so much work into the problem of managing large empires. Secondly, in the combat, AI and diplomacy sections of the game, where have long experience and a great reputation for excellence. Lastly, in the overall flexibility of the game. We have sixteen different species, with variable tech trees and victory conditions, and we weren’t constrained by licensing restrictions in creating them. We’ve also included an editor which lets you create anything in the game, including new species.

    It's a great read with six crazed-looking shots.

    AMD vs Intel Article - Falcon @ 12:25 am PST
    Speedy 3D has just kicked up an article entitled 'AMD Vs. INTEL'. This article is truly a well thought out, in depth article on the true differences between INTEL and AMD. Here's a taste on what the article has to offer:

    "Despite the casual consumer now having more technology at lower prices on offer to them, we are still just as confused as we were before as to which is better. So Speedy 3D decided to take a far less technical look at the differences between AMD and Intel, avoiding the technical jargon and hitting strait at the core concerns. What are the core concerns? Simply, Speed, Cost, Stability, Compatibility and Choices/Options."

    Inside Ground Control - Falcon @ 12:23 am PST
    Ground Control Center is striving to provide the masses as much information as possible regarding Massive Entertainments hot new game. Erik Heinemark was given a great chance to see the game and meet up with the masters behind it when he travelled to Massive entertainment's Head office in Sweden. Drop into Ground Control Center and read part 1 in a 3 part series to get all the latest up to date info on this highly anticipated game. Read on

    TWINE Q&A with Creative Director - Falcon @ 12:22 am PST
    What’s the word on EA's latest Quake III powered action/shooter, The World is Not Enough? GA-Source knows... and in a 1-on-1 interview with David
    Luoto, Creative Director for the TWINE team, he reveals information about the game's design, gameplay, and more.

    SimCity 3000 Unlimited - the_culture @ 12:16 am PST
    Ah yeah. I love this game. GameSpot got word that Maxis will release an add-on for SimCity 3000 that will include "European and Asian building sets, weather effects, new disasters, 13 new scenarios, and a scenario creator that lets players make and trade their own mission-based levels." Don't believe me? Check out the three screenshots they have.

    Pompei Preview - the_culture @ 12:11 am PST
    GameSpot UK just posted their preview of Pompei, a 3D adventure game from Arxel Tribe. Here's a sample to clue you in:
    This is the latest adventure from Arxel Tribe, and Pompei is the first game in a historical trilogy which features Scotsman Adrian Blake, an Indiana Jones-style explorer who shares his life between exotic adventuring in far-flung places and exotic adventuring with his wife, Sophia.


    At the start of the game we discover that after returning from one of his adventures, Blake finds his wife has disappeared. The grief-stricken hero immerses himself in some ancient manuscripts he has brought back from one of his expeditions, and discovers that they contain a spell of the goddess Ishtar. If he travels in time to three different eras and saves the woman who is the personification of his wife in each one, Sophia will be restored to him. So the plot is perfectly plausible, then.

    They also have a huge 51-pic gallery and a movie.

    Monday, March 13, 2000
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    SOF Gone (light) Gold - the_culture @ 11:08 pm PST
    Rick Johnson updated his .plan today regarding two funny shots of player model scaling, then updated again regarding the game. I'll just copy the whole thing. There:

    Waiting around, twiddling your thumbs can yield some interesting results. Take for example, these screen shots
    for Midget of Fortune: Pic 1 and Pic 2.

    Actually, there is a server side option which controls the player model's scaling. Yes, this is a joke, but it
    is kinda neat. Makes DM extremely hard. This one's for you, TomServo!

    *** UPDATE ***

    Unofficially, SoF has been baked to a light GOLD! We are code released! Masters have been sent off to duplication.
    Technically, the head of QA has to sign off on the paper work tomorrow to make it official, but we are done! All 5 versions (US Full Violence, US Low Violence, UK Full, French Full, and German Low) have made it through QA. At this time, we are not aware when it will hit the stores, other than it will be this month.

    Rune Preview - the_culture @ 11:02 pm PST
    Well looky here. I was just thinking about axe-wielding vikings and how I wish I could learn more about it. posted a preview of Rune, developed by Human Head Studios and fueled by the Unreal engine.

    And I thought I had to rent The 13th Warrior. Whew!

    Ultra ATA 66 HDD Roundup - the_culture @ 10:49 pm PST
    Thinking about upgrading that old 40meg Conner hard drive? You are? Do you know where to start? Well, AnandTech just posted their ATA 66 HDD roundup. They test six different hard drives: IBM Deskstar 25 GP, IBM Deskstar 34GXP, Maxtor Diamond Max 6400, Quantum Fireball Plus KX, Seagate Barracuda ATA, and the WD Expert WD273BA.

    TRIBES 2 Interview - Intrepid @ 8:05 pm PST
    Over at I had the chance to inteview the TRIBES dev team at dynamix. Read it here. A juicy taste, regarding a possible TRIBES 3 even:
    5. Since TRIBES 2 production began right after TRIBES was released, is it possible that there might even be a TRIBES 3?

    Yes. It's certainly possible. We've started talking about it, but right now we're focused on finishing TRIBES 2. Scott Rudi, our peerless lead designer, is frothing at the mouth to build a combined arms game complete with Hercs, so we'll look at that for TRIBES 3.

    Interviews & Previews - the_culture @ 7:51 pm PST
    I'm sorry but this post is going to be HUGE. That stupid jury duty thing threw my whole day off and I'm just catching up. Whatever:
  • GameFan reviewed Westwood’s C&C Firestorm, the official add-on for Tiberian Sun.
  • The MMORPG Horizons is sure receiving a lot of attention these days. Horizons Compendium posted a chat log and an interview with David Allen, CEO of Artifact Entertainment.
  • GA-RPG interviewed Lead Producer Niklas Weidel regarding Archaean, a second generation MMORPG.
  • Starlancer, the mighty fine looking space combat sim, is previewed at Gamer’s Voice.
  • Avault put together a nice preview of Microsoft Baseball 2001.
  • Still like to know more about the Q3-powered James Bond game The World is not Enough? Just read the interview with Creative Director David Luoto over at GA-Source.
  • In the mood for a more technical read? Then try this interview on Vortex Of Sound with Aureal's Technology Consultant David Gasior. They discuss quite a bit in the lengthy chat. One thing that caught my eye was the Play Station 2 will implement A3D 3.0. Very cool, indeed.
  • Games Xtreme interviewed Greg Zeschuk regarding MDK2. They also six screenshots, but they all read (and look) 20%.
  • Alloy Gaming put together a nice four-page preview of Black & White. They include 10 in-game shots and 8 artist renderings.
  • Gore, the FPS that refuses to look like Quake, gets the preview treatment over at The Oxygen Tank.
  • Ah yeah, this game will rock. Incite Games (gulp) sat down with Steve Baier of Rewolf Software. They talk briefly about Gunman, his total conversion for Half-Life.
  • Still wondering what the world will be like in 2150? Computer Games Online knows. They put together a preview of Earth 2150, Topware’s upcoming RTS in full 3D.
  • Evil Avatar played five questions with Feargus Urquart (that’s a crazy name!), Division Director of Black Isle Studios. They talk about their recent licensing of the LithTech engine.
  • And finally, I’ve saved the best for last! IGN posted their preview of Urban Ops, the mission pack for Rogue Spear.
  • "You're funny looking" - the_culture @ 7:45 pm PST
    I don't know why but I was thinking about Baldur's Gate. Anyway, here are some new screenshots out on the 'net:
  • You war-gamers might dig this. Flash Point, a new “tactical combat action war game” from Bohemia Interactive, has three new shots on their official page.
  • Digital updated their page with four new screenshots of Starlancer. Sweet looking!

  • Daikatana Screenies - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:27 pm PST
    Well, on the Daikatana note, it looks like their were a whole sh*t load of new screen shots released today, and it is looking like you could be seeing the game in stores in just a few weeks! Well, its a huge selection of screen shots released (and their all amazing), and Thresh's FiringSquad made a nice neat table for them, and since im lazy, ill just send you over to that. Ok, so sheck out the screen shots right here.

    Daikatana Textures Q&A - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:27 pm PST
    John Romero, the man behind Daikatana, has held a Q&A with FiringSquad, with most of the focus on textures in the game. You can check it out (its only a few questions), right here. Heres a little something something from the Q&A:
    FS: What was the largest texture size?
    JR: Largest texture size was 256x256 but we almost never use them that big. Mostly 64x64, 128x128.

    FS: Which video card was used for the screenshots?
    JR: The video card used.... was either a GeForce 256 or TNT2 Ultra.

    FS: How much texture memory did each one of those scenes take up on average, using the exact same settings that were used for the screenshots?
    JR: Texture memory -- not sure about that, but all the world geometry textures are 8-bit paletted textures. Most of our scenes are below the 2MB range.

    Reviews - the_culture @ 3:28 pm PST
    Well, it's Monday and I had jury duty. Yuck. There's nothing like sitting in a hot room with 150 other strangers for 3 1/2 hours. At least I won't have jury duty again for a whole year. Oh, here are some reviews:
  • In the market for a good set of 5.1 speakers? The Tech Zone posted a review of the S4 MidiLand 7100.
  • Though not gaming related, digital cameras are becoming increaingly popular with gamers. With that in mind, Fast-Mhz reviewed the CoolPix 950 from Nikon. According to the reviewer, the camera comes with a 64MB card that can hold "870 photos at 1024x768 (fine) resolution." Whoa!
  • The Elsa Erazor X2 (a GeForce DDR card) gets the treatment from 3D-Unlimited.
  • Sharky Extreme reviews LeadTek's entry into the GeForce market (DDR version), the WinFast GeForce 256.
  • Nox Review - Raven @ 4:19 am PST
    GlideUnderground has put up a detailed review of the new Westwood title Nox. The review is fairly positive and not a bad place to go, for anyone who thinking about buying this RPG game. Heres a quote:
    "Some of the more unique factors about Nox are the special features such as setting traps, manipulation of the environment, and the TrueSight system. Setting traps is almost exactly as it sounds. Players will receive control of their spells and will be able to set booby traps that will be triggered by another player walking over or crossing some sort of threshold."
    Check out the review at

    Ancient Nation back - Raven @ 4:14 am PST
    Our affiliate AN is now back in business with new content, new staff and a new page layout. Their page has undergone some major changes over the last few weeks and it's good to see that they are finally getting back on track. AN is one of the best game news sites around and it would definately be a good idea for viewers to keep an eye out on them.

    Thief 2 goes gold - Raven @ 4:14 am PST
    Well they've finally finished tinkering with the source code for Looking Glass' Thief II: The Metal Age. Production of the game is now under way and Thief 2 is expected to hit store shelves by March 20th.

    Ultima Online 2 - Raven @ 4:09 am PST
    Who knew that Origin was working on a second title in the Ultima Online series... well I certainly didn't, not until now that is. Anyway the official UO2 site has just been updated with some very serious and very funky new information conerning this up and coming online multi-player game. Want to know a little more about Ultima Online 2 and the storyline concerning UO2, well then here's a very good quote that sums up the new game:
    "What is bigger and more epic than a war? Not just any war, but a Grand Crusade. A conflict of this proportion offers a massive amount of depth and texture for players to build upon. It provides a natural role for soldiers, heroes, and villains. It offers a strong avenue of meaningful events, such as unforeseen raids and fallen cities. It paints an interesting backdrop for the other inhabitants, and its very nature offers the potential for deep philosophical discussions and roleplaying. The limits of loyalty. The line between necessity and war crimes. The paranoia of infiltration. Compassion towards a fallen foe. The limits of trust. One conflict offers the potential for hundreds of stories - and we need the room for hundreds of you to be able to tell your stories.

    The problem, of course, was that we needed two sides. I don’t think anyone would find it credible if we had simply claimed that some upstart Duke in Jhelom no one ever heard of appeared out of nowhere and tried to take down the Venerable Lord British. Besides, if the conflict is merely a land dispute, it’s still something that players can watch without getting involved in. We needed something bigger - a fight between two sides that was not merely about right and wrong, or good and evil, but something that was deep and meaningful to the core.

    About here, technology entered the picture. Technology provides something visually compelling and unique. It is a visible change that can affect the world of Britannia without totally disrupting it. It is something that can stand against magic without being evil, and yet still offer a threat to the way of life that Britannians know. It provides an interesting new context to explore the Ultima virtues in. It invites fear of the unknown in some, and hope for a better tomorrow in others. And most importantly, it is a worthy adversary to magic."

    I must say, UO2 looks very good and any online RPG fan should definately go and check out their website.

    View it here

    Sunday, March 12, 2000
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    Evolva Demo - the_culture @ 10:53 pm PST
    3DFiles posted the Evolva demo. Head over there and download the 30 meg file. They also have three smart-looking shots.

    WarCraft 3 Stuff - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:56 pm PST
    Well theres nothing like a nice juicey chunk of news to get you going on a slow news day. Anyway, its seems that Blizzard's Lead Designer Rob Pardo has made a few comments over on AGN3D about Blizz's upcoming RTS, WarCraft III. Dig the snippage:
    When asked by GameSpot about Blizzard's decision to change WarCraft III's view to a further-back, more isometric view than had been on display at ECTS in London last September, Pardo replied, "It really came down to a team decision. Did we want to take this game even further away from [the games] we've done in the past? We are calling the game WarCraft III. We felt that while we could make it more RPG-like, there was a limit to that. A lot of the team just wanted to see more of an RTS. So, that was the reason behind the decision to change direction. And it was pretty unanimous, too. It wasn't like a close vote."
    Pardo described how the regressive camera approach will increase gameplay quality, as he said, "It allows us free scrolling. It lets us start talking about how you build again, such as whether or not you can freeform build. There are a lot of things that we're actually solving, but we haven't completely decided on. But there are a lot of areas that open up that [we can't discuss yet].
    You can check out the rest right here.

    X: Beyond the Frontier Review - MystikaL @ 12:58 pm PST
    Action Trip has slapped up a review of Ego Soft's X: Beyond the Frontier, a space sim that is banging heavily on the Elite nostalgia in all of us.

    SoF Screenies - MaD-HaTTeR @ 11:32 am PST
    Well its a pretty dry news day, but heres a little spice for ya. It seems that has somehow gotten Raven to send them a few new screen shots from the upcoming (totally kickin FPS), Soldier of Fortune. You can check out the two new shots here: Shot 1, Shot 2.

    PowerPlay Version of TFC? - the_culture @ 11:09 am PST
    In the April issue of PCGamer, they talked to Gabe Newell (co-founder and managing director at Valve) about PowerPlay, a set of new standards and protocols designed to improve Internet gaming. Here's what Gabe had to say:
    "Latency is only one part of the whole QOS (Quality Of Service) issue (which is why we are releasing a QOS benchmark as part of the free, stand-alone version of Team Fortress Classic)."

    Diablo 2 Beta Signup This Week - the_culture @ 10:39 am PST
    I noticed over at GA-RPG that Blizzard said at the GDC that they will post signup info on their official site this week for the beta testing of Diablo 2.

    New Mortyr Project Screens - the_culture @ 10:25 am PST has posted three new shots from an upcoming as-yet-unannounced project. Shot 1, Shot 2, Shot 3.

    New Urban Ops Screens - the_culture @ 9:48 am PST
    Ah yeah. We are so close to the release. Pie's Tactics just posted 8 screenshots of Urban Ops, the mission pack for Rogue Spear.

    Force Commander Interview - the_culture @ 9:40 am PST
    GamesDomain had a chance to sit down and chat with Project Leader Garry Graber about Force Commander (release date March 20). The interview has five clean-looking shots as well. Snip:
    GDR: Force Commander is supposed to be a 3D game. How does the team see 3D in terms of the overall design? Are there specific gameplay issues that they feel can be better done in 3D or is it more for visual effects or because people "expect" something like 3D?

    Garry Gaber: There are very compelling reasons for integrating 3D into an RTS game. What it gives the player is more cool options. How many times have you played StarCraft and wanted to get a little closer to the action? Or further away? Or down on the battlefield with your units? Or even more simply, on the other side of the action for a different point of view? In a traditional 2D game, this just doesn't exist. But you can do all of those and more with Force Commander.

    New DeepSpace Shots - the_culture @ 9:31 am PST (official site) updated their screenshot page with 16 new shots of DeepSpace, a action/strategy game developed by the three-man team PaleStar. DeepSpace uses the Medusa engine, an in-house engine written in C++ that is also available for license. Here's the list of features that are planned:
  • Featuring 3D accelerated graphics using the Medusa engine, DEEPSPACE puts you in command of over 18 unique spacecraft and installations from the three warring factions of the United Worlds, the Confederation of Free Worlds, and the enigmatic race of aliens, the K’ Luth.
  • Dynamic sound rendered in stereo immerse the player in the world of DEEPSPACE, ranging from the crackling hum of alien particle beams splitting 5 kilometer capital ships in half to the frantic radio distress calls from allied ships on the verge of destruction.
  • Massive planets, asteroid fields, orbiting moons, brilliant stars, wormholes, and black holes rendered in beautiful detail. Real time particle systems showing ship damage, torpedo impacts, nebulas, and various other gorgeous effects will startle the senses.
  • Players can set up local servers or subscribe to DEEPSPACE NET and participate in massively multiplayer world shattering campaigns, receive dynamic content updates of new ship types, new races, technology, and strategies that will make the game virtually replayable infinitely. DEEPSPACE NET will also keep an active career report on players which will keep track of ranks, achievements, kills, campaign wins, and a host of other statistics and accolades, such as Merit badges, medals, and commendations. All of this information will be displayed on the global ranking boards that can be viewed by all players that subscribe to DEEPSPACE NET.
  • Team play capability supporting anywhere from 1 on 1 skirmishes to an all out 500 player grand scale war with a full host of capital ships, frigates, interceptors, multi-atmospheric bomber squadrons, orbiting battle platforms, stealth craft, marines boarding ships and assaulting planets, Zero- G commando units, and over 25 unique weapons systems with each faction having its own specialized weapons.
  • The gameplay in DEEPSPACE supports a variety of skill levels. Players that are just starting will be commissioned on a smaller, less complicated craft learning how to handle basic tasks and eventually gaining prestige and rank to take on more responsibility and command.
  • Various victory conditions in different scenarios will challenge even the most skilled players allowing a multitude of strategies and attacks. Intuitive control allows players to set waypoints, pre plot hyperspace travel routes, and move fluidly through the universe. DEEPSPACE also feature a unique clan/ unit creation and control system never seen before.

  • So Many Games, So Little Time - the_culture @ 8:49 am PST
    Still wondering which game is good? Is the money from your paper route burning a hole in your pocket? Take a look at these reviews:
  • PCParadox reviews the life simulator The Sims.
  • The beautiful looking Battlezone 2:Combat Commander is reviewed at Hollow Pursuits.
  • Pharaoh, the interesting micro-management game from Sierra, is reviewed by Exxtreme3D.
  • Saturday, March 11, 2000
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    Horizons Interview - the_culture @ 11:24 pm PST
    The official Horizons website posted word of an interview with David Allen of Artifact Entertainment. 16 questions and answers (that's more than mine!). Very good stuff. Free sample, my boy:

    "HM: Will Horizons have the ability for large scale battles? I am talking LARGE scale with hundreds of people taking part.

    DA: Yes. As a matter of fact, we are planning some incredible events around this.


    HM: It has been mentioned before that Horizons will allow for more players than any other MMORPG out there right now. You could say that Horizons will bring the Massive in MMORPG to new grounds. Will this effect the average modem user? Will there be large amounts of lag in an area with a lot of people around?

    DA: We are going to be using a new MP system that the entertainment industry has not yet seen. Our goal is not to affect the 56K modem user, and, of course, cut down on lag for highly active areas."

    SoF Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:35 pm PST
    Sorry bout the lack of news today guys, but i was partying all night long (WOOHOO!). Anyway, on with your regulary scheduled news.

    It looks like WarCentral has just smacked up their latest interview, this one with Kenn Hoekstra, the project manager on Raven Softwares upcoming (totally amazing FPS), Soldier of Fortune. Theres some great new info on the game, so make sure to check it out, right here. Clippage:

    [Rob 'Fenix' Waters] Why did Raven Software decide to postpone the release at Christmas time?
    [Kenn Hoekstra] Quite simply put: the game wasn't done. There were a number of factors at work, though. Competition is much higher during the holidays and the game didn't have the polish that we wanted the final retail release to have. Because we waited, the market is a bit more "release friendly" right now and we didn't have to cut anything or sacrifice the polish to rush the game out the door. The extra time we took was very much worth it.

    [RW] At heart, you are using the Quake II engine. However you've also implemented many new technologies. How does SoF's 'engine' compare to the rest?
    [KH] Soldier of Fortune's engine stands up to anything on the market today. From a technology standpoint, we can do just about anything the so-called "top shelf" engines can do and a few things they can't do. We're very happy with the Soldier engine.

    New Poll Question - Falcon @ 6:20 pm PST
    Well its about time for a new poll here at Gamesurge, and this tiem it's for an on-site one. The question is short and sharp, "Do we need a new layout?" This is a serious question, so we haven't included answers like "uh?" or "Whats a layout?"Head over there to vote.

    Raven's Picks - MystikaL @ 5:39 pm PST
    Sorry for the lack of updates today, we've been having problems with our FTP. I think it may have been that too many people were downloading beta 6. Oh well.

    Anyway, Raven, has written a list of his favorite web sites, all with nice descriptions. You can check them out here.

    Pharoah Review - Falcon @ 3:21 pm PST
    Exxtreme3D has just whipped up a review of Sierra Studio's Pharaoh. This article could quite possibly be the very last article that Exxtreme3D will be getting from Palladin. Here's a little bit from the article:
    "You ever wished that you could be in charge of your own Egyptian city? (Come on admit it! I said admit it! Oh, you never thought of it? Oh well, there goes my point…). Using the Caesar III engine, Pharaoh is going to give you one of the best experiences in Egyptian empire building that you have ever thought of. From building your own city to complex economy micro-management, Pharaoh will suffice."
    To catch the rest, walk like an Egyptian over to

    Rune Preview - Falcon @ 3:18 pm PST
    Actiontrip has put together a preview on Rune, Human Head's upcoming Viking 3rd person action game. They've managed to squeeze some fresh info out of Ted Halsted, mapper/conceptual artist and co-owner at Human Head and put it all together for a preview. So head over there to check it out!

    Project IGI Preview - the_culture @ 3:09 pm PST
    The April issue of PCGamer has a exciting two-page preview of "Project IGI" (I'm Going In), developed by Innerloop and published by Eidos. It's a FPS with tactical elements. But what makes this game really stand out is it will be powered by a flight sim engine. The preview includes six screenshots as well. Here's a free sample for you:
    "Projectiles are modeled accurately based upon real world data. Elements such as air resistance and material density are factored into the equation. This means bullets penetrate wood, building bricks, and light metal in different ways."

    X-Box versus The Hillbillies - Falcon @ 3:09 pm PST
    The official announcement from Microsoft on the development of the 'X-Box' is now public knowledge. Many people have been publishing articles about
    MS's first foray into the world of console gaming, with the vast majority gasping in dismay at what they perceive to be "The Evil Empire" trying to move in on yet another market... now, is that entirely fair? John at MaximumMSGames examines the issue and comments on some of the X-Box articles currently floating around on the 'net in 'X-Box versus The Hillbillies':
    "Tomorrow, March 10th of the year 2000 a product that is now known as X-Box will be officially announced, or so the rumour mongers tell us.
    Microsoft, it seems, is ready to enter the console game market. Good for them, hurray, hurrah!
    Wait a minute, I just cheered for Microsoft? I can feel my mail server already straining under the load of whisky-encouraged hate-mail and death threats. How dare I encourage these evil demons in their quest to roll out a new product?"
    Read the rest of the article here

    Earth 2150 Preview - Falcon @ 3:04 pm PST
    The Dawg Pound Network just posted it's Earth 2150
    Preview. Here's a bit to get you going:
    "Another new addition to the RTS world in Earth 2150 is the introduction of subterranean warfare. You can now build tunnels between your bases and you can even fight battles underground, adding a whole new element of surprise and tactical warfare. In terms of gameplay, Earth 2150 is full of new innovative idea and well thought out modifications to the standard RTS grind. The necessary strategy involved should make Earth 2150 one of the best RTS games of all time."

    Gunship! Preview - Falcon @ 2:58 pm PST
    SimHQ has put together a preview of Gunship, heres a little taste:
    You think a helo versus tank battle is easy? In this terrain it is respect or die. In open terrain with sparse cultural furniture, the story is quite different; the clear line-of-sight and lack of cover for ground forces makes them easy meat for an Apache Longbow with full anti-armor complement of 16 Hellfire radar guided missiles. But there still exist areas in Europe where intensive farming has not yet reduced woodland to small pockets of tax deductible shrubbery. And Gunship appears to be set in them, so you will need to exploit good positioning or you will be slamming much of your expensive ordnance into the surrounding countryside.

    MDK2 Screens - the_culture @ 2:55 pm PST
    VE got their hands on three new screenshots of MDK2. Awesome! Shot 1, Shot 2, Shot 3.

    Deus Ex Interview - the_culture @ 2:48 pm PST
    UnrealUniverse posted a nine question interview with Chris Norden of ION Storm. They chat about Deus Ex. Wondering about multiplayer:
    "Let's say that ION had a multi-player expansion planned for Deus Ex. How much work would it take to make Deus Ex a good multi-player/ co-op game?

    Probably a fair bit of work...we've been spending all of our effort on making a cool single player experience, and that's what we're going to ship. Any multiplayer plans are still way up in the air."

    ID4 Online? - the_culture @ 2:31 pm PST
    Man, everyone wants to develop a MMORPG game now. GA-Source got word that a massive multi-player online game is being developed for ID4. Here's the whole thing:
    "Mythic Entertainment and Centropolis Interactive, the media arm of film and television production company Centropolis Entertainment, are currently working on ID4, a massively-multiplayer online game based on the movie Independence Day.
    Incorporating Numerical Design LTD's advanced NetImmerse 3D engine, ID4 promises to support the latest in advanced 3D acceleration technology. The massively-multiplayer online game is currently only four months into development, so no more details were available at press time, but an announcement is expected in the near future."

    Anarchy Online Interview - the_culture @ 2:25 pm PST
    Marius Enge of Funcom was interviewed by regarding their upcoming MMORPG Anarchy Online.

    Star Trek: Bridge Commander - the_culture @ 2:19 pm PST
    Man, how different Star Trek games can there be? Gamespot UK has learned that Totally Games is developing the new Star Trek title for Activision. The two companies will make the official annoucement later today.

    New Screens - the_culture @ 2:14 pm PST
    Here are some of the new screenshots released in the past day or so. Some of these are quite nice:
  • There is a new screenshot of Halo over at
  • The official Alice site update their character section with a shot of a Boojum.
  • For those of you who can't get enough of Gore, 4DRulers released two more shots.
  • Gamer's Voice has nine new screenshots of Thief 2.
  • AVault has six full color stills of SWAT 3: Battle Plan.
  • Warcraft 3 Screen Shots - Raven @ 7:58 am PST have gotten their hands on seven brand new screenshots of Warcraft3. The screenshots were ripped off from the upcoming April edition of PC Acceleration. They look great, and showoff some of the new features in WC3. View them here.

    Gameplay vs Realism: The RTS Dilemma - Raven @ 7:46 am PST
    The Inforceptor has come up with a very interesting editorial, Gameplay vs Realism. This editorial covers alot of Real Time Strategy issues; from Command and Conqour vs Starcraft to questions about general ethics. Its a good read especially if you are an SC fan. The Inforceptor is a StarCraft based site and as such is bound to stick up for Starcraft, so as you can imagine the article is fairly biased. Heres a quote:
    "One of the major mistakes made by the gaming industry today is compensating balance and gameplay for realism. What they fail to realize is that Real Time Strategy was never based on been real, and it’ll never will. From the fundamentals of simply ‘training’ a unit in little more than a dozen seconds, and the ‘harvesting’ of on site resources, we see that it’s purpose is not in simulating a war. It’s true that is real life a Battlecruiser will destroy no less than a few thousand marines, but it’s also true that the same Battlecruiser should take up your view screen and a few years of game time to build."
    View it here.

    Everquest Scam - Raven @ 7:36 am PST
    This comes off the official Everquest Site.
    "This morning, we became aware that someone is sending out email to EQ Customers directing them to change their password to one provided in the email, then instructing the customer to email their station name back to an address in the domain. Evidence suggests that the party sending this mail is taking email addresses from fan site Web Boards and the EverQuest Usenet newsgroups.

    Please be aware that this is a scam perpetuated by someone who is attempting to fraudulently gain access to your account. It was NOT sent by Verant Interactive nor The Official Representatives for EverQuest will never ask you for your password, and though we may instruct you to change your it, we will not instruct you to change it to something specified by us.

    Any official email correspondence in regards to EverQuest will come from either or Please be aware that it is very easy to make an email appear official, and then have replies sent to an outside fraudulent address when you hit the "Reply" button. You should double-check the return address of any correspondence that appears official to insure that it goes to the or domains.

    Please remember to keep your account information safe and private. If you have any questions about the authenticity of any email correspondence you receive, please send inquiries to

    Thank you,
    The EverQuest Team"

    Apparently afew hundred people have been scammed, hopefully now people will be a little more careful and use a little more common sence. Thanks to Alpha for this piece of news.

    Trailers for Final Fantasy The Movie - Raven @ 7:29 am PST
    There are two new Final Fantasy- The Movie trailers out. The trailers are in QuickTime format and run for about 5 second. I've downloaded them and THEY LOOK GREAT, easily worth the download.
    Trailer 1

    NEW X-BOX CONSOLE - Raven @ 7:25 am PST
    Another topic that has got gaming sites talking is Microsofts' new gaming console the X-Box. The X-Box was annouced by Bill Gates yesterday, and since then has attracted a huge ammount of interest and support. Just about every website is talking about the X-Box. I've found afew original articles on the X-Box I'll put up here.

    Firstly though the official X-Box site has been updated over at The update brings to light afew more details about Microsofts' console and the games that will feature on the console.

    Secondly Gamefans-Online have gone and put together a quick list of all of the Devolopers that will be creating titles for the X-Box. The list is very comphensive and is a very positive sign for the X-Box. View it here.

    Also GameRevolution have done up a quick preview/summary of the X-Box on their webpage. A rather short article, but considering the fact that most of the details about the X-Box have been kept secret, thats no surprise. Good read check it out at

    Finally PC.IGN have added a Questions and Answers section for the X-Box on their webpage. You can view it here or otherwise read this quote:

    What price can we expect to see the X-Box at when it hits shelves next fall?
    “We know we need to be competitive with consoles,” says Coyner about the price (while deftly avoiding actually quoting specific numbers). Donald and Kevin were both confidant that the cost will be similar to current console launch prices, so we assume that you won’t have to worry about shelling out $400-500 for the new console perks like the 8GB hard drive.
    Let me say this now, I would hate to be a developer working on the Sony Playstation 2 right about now! Damn the X-Box looks good!!

    Pokemon Stadium - Raven @ 7:01 am PST
    Well the new Pokemon N64 game, Pokemon Stadium is out, and alot of the websites are talking about it. So far the responce for this new title is mixed, with critics finding both good and bad points for PS. are definately talking about PS, they have just put up a review of this new N64 game. The review is indepth and very well done, anyone curious, or interested in buying Pokemon Stadium should definately read the review.

    In other Pokemon Stadium news, RPG Gamers have gone and uploaded 6 movies, 20 screenshots, propagande photo's and information concerning PS. You can get this online treasure trove of Pokemon Stadium resources here.

    Shogun Screenshots - Storm @ 3:01 am PST

    There are 18 new Shogun screenshots. You can find those 18 screenshots of Shogun, a new RTS game which has been speculated to be a very good game, right here.

    Guide To Installing A Home Ethernet Network - Storm @ 3:00 am PST

    If you are planning on linking a few computers together for some gaming goodness or you just want to share your broadband modem then you will need to do that via a networking system. You can find a guide to installing a home ethernet network right here.

    UT vs. Q3... Again! - Storm @ 2:58 am PST

    If you just can't get enough FPS goodness or you are really slow at making decisions then maybe this will help your decision on whether to choose Unreal Tournament or Quake III. My recommendation is get both. They both are really good games. Otherwise you can check out a review of Unreal Tournament vs. Quake III. That is found here.

    Friday, March 10, 2000
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    ST: New Worlds Screens - the_culture @ 9:44 pm PST posted two new shots of Star Trek: New Worlds.

    Beta's Uploaded - MystikaL @ 9:13 pm PST
    The Beta's of Counterstrike are Here! Grab them here!

    Argh - MystikaL @ 6:01 pm PST
    Okay, the beta is out, but we don't have it uploaded yet. It's in the process of downloading now, and should be uploaded in the next hour or two. Stay tuned, I will have the page up aSAP!

    Spamfest III Tonight - MystikaL @ 2:30 pm PST
    Tonight at 7pm, on #Counterstrike on the Gamesnet Server, via IRC, Spamfest III will be hosted by the CS Team. While this is happening, Counter-Strike Beta 6.0 will be released, and we will have it for download! Yes, that's right, you can download it from us the second it comes out! Cool, huh? You Bet! Check out the Counterstrike Downloads page (May not be up for a bit, though definately before 6:00 pm EST, 3pm PST). If you are a server admin (running Linux), then you can alraedy download the beta 6 server port, right here. Remember, this is only for Server Administrators!

    For more details, mirrors, head on over to Counter-Strike.NET, the official CSTRIKE Site!

    AoW Patch - MaD-HaTTeR @ 1:12 pm PST
    Looks like GOD (Gathering of Developers) has cooked up a new patch for Age of Wonders. You can grab the patch off of GOD's site (that sounds so werid, hehe), right here. Heres the lowdown on the new patch:


    - Some races' Hero faces were missing


    - Casting Anarchy or Fire Mastery while in Low Detail mode crashed
    - Spanish version had an error when rescuing units

    Tactical Combat:

    - AI units sometimes moved incorrectly

    DNF Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 12:48 pm PST
    Looks like sCary has come through, with an interview 3DR's big man himself, George Broussard. It covers tons of great info on Duke Nukem Forever, so you Duke fans out there make sure to check it out. Snippage for your viewing pleasure:
    Shack: With the major focus primarily on single player (which I totally like), how will the replayability factor of the game be? What I mean is, if I play the game with an awesome story line, what will make me want to go back and play single player again when I know how the story turns out? (Will there be multiple endings?)

    Broussard: Multiple endings are something we are playing around with. We certainly love how good console games like Resident Evil reward the player for finishing the game twice. But the ending has to be worth the effort of seeing it in the first place, or it shouldn't be there.

    As for replayability: What makes you play any game over and over? DNF will be very interactive and there will be a lot to do and play with, so I'm sure that will be a factor in replayability. I'm not sure many people (other than the die hards) will play the game from beginning to end multiple times, but I do expect almost everyone to re-load maps and look at specific cool things they saw or did. Strippers come to mind. And the goal is for every single map to have visual or gameplay things that make you say "Wow" and want to see then again.

    If you don't load parts of the game to show your friends when they come over, then we've failed.

    Iron Strategy Demo - the_culture @ 8:19 am PST
    3DFiles also posted a demo of Iron Strategy, a mix of warbot sim and real time strategy. They also have three shots to help you make up your mind.

    Shogun Movies - the_culture @ 8:15 am PST
    3DFiles got their hands on two Shogun movies, one of a successful assassination, the other a failed attempt.

    PC.IGN Top 10 Games - Raven @ 4:22 am PST
    PC.IGN have put up their list of the ten best selling games for the week of Febuary 20-26. Afew surprises on the list, but mostly what people should expect, the top ten are:

    1) The Sims (Electronic Arts)

    2) Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (Disney Interactive)

    3) Roller Coaster Tycoon (Hasbro Interactive)

    4) Nox (Electronic Arts)

    5) Age of Empires II: Age of Kings (Microsoft)

    6) Roller Coaster Tycoon: Corkscrew Follies (Hasbro Interactive)

    7) Half-Life (Havas Interactive)

    8) PBA Bowling 2 (Bethesda)

    9) Hoyle Board Games 2000 (Havas Interactive)

    10) Unreal Tournament (GT Interactive)

    For more information on any of these games you can visit PC.IGN here.

    Final Fantasy News - Raven @ 4:18 am PST
    This news comes from over at Club Squaresoft.

    Firstly new details about the Final Fantasy movie have been released. If you would like to know about the FF-Movie you can view our preview in the Hot Topics section on this page. Anyway here are the new details.

    "In addition to FInal Fantasy IX, X and XI, the Final Fantasy Movie also made an appearance, revealing some new plot details. The movie trailer shown revealed an alien threat similar to Starcraft's Protoss race. The female in the movie is infested with an alien parasite, possibally similar to the Go'auld in Stargate SG1, and may be a traitor to the human race. As already demonstrated with prliminary shots, the movie is incredibally life-like.

    In addition to the details, it has been announced that this May, a Final Fantasy Movie web site will go online offering new plot details and media. No word on anything beyond that. The FInal Fantasy Movie is set for a summer 2001 release and will hit America first, only later to be dubed of into Japanese. How's that for a change?"

    In other Final Fantasy news Squaresoft president Hironobu Sakaguchi has been interview. The interview discusses "Final Fantasy IX, X, XI and the Play Online Network". A great read with heaps of new information, all FF can check out the interview here.

    FFA SC Tournament - Raven @ 4:09 am PST
    Kush from Gamefoolz, is hosting a 16 player FFA tournament later on this week. You can get all the details about the tournament over at his webpage,

    Mech Commander 2 Preview - Raven @ 4:05 am PST
    The more I hear about this game, the more I like about this game!

    Singapore Gameceneter, have just put up a preview of Microsofts strategy game, Mech Commander 2. Mech Commander is based on the Battle-Tech universe. In this futuristic universe men and woman pilot 20tonne Mechs -Heavily armed robots that move fast and cause immense ammounts of distruction. The preview features a quick summary of MC2, and has plenty of great screenshots. Heres a quote:
    "The sequel to the critically acclaimed MechCommander, MechCommander 2, takes the real-time-strategy world of FASA's flagship genre into full 3D. Like its predecessor, the game gives players the opportunity to command "lances" of Mechs in combat in their bid for control. But now it's in full 3D, and MechCommander has never looked so good. The game also features a more logical application of "fog of war"; true terrain modifications, including building and landscape destruction; middle-of-scenario reinforcements; an expanded multiplayer suite; and a mission editor that ships on the CD. Look for MechCommander 2 in the first quarter of 2001."

    Thief2 Movie - Raven @ 2:25 am PST
    Insane gamers have come up with some exclusive movie footage of Thief2. Thief2 is a First Person Shooter thats combines strategy with action and forces players to use stealth aswell as weapon skills. There are no details on the actual size of the movie, and I haven't downloaded it yet so I don't know what it's like, but all the reports I've seen on news site say that the movie looks great and is a worthy download. Theif and Theif2 fans go and DOWNLOAD IT NOW, before I beat you.

    New Warcraft3 Race - Raven @ 2:14 am PST
    April's issue of PC Accelerator was surposed to have the scoop on the mysterious forth Warcraft3 race. Thankfully however, some (very nice) people got a sneak peak at the PC-AC article and have given the community the answer to the WC3 race mystery. The forth WC3 is the Undead. No these arn't the puny skeletons you destroyed in Diablo, these guys are a King Leoric, Death Knight combo from Hell *pardon the pun*. THESE GUYS ARE FUNKY. Don't believe me, well check out some of the new Undead units, such as
    • Abomination: Variation of the Zombie, it'll use wip as a weapon, slow movement.
    • Anti-Paladin: Name has not yet been finalized by Blizzard. It'll ride a chariot and will be much similar to the inverse of a Paladin, with spells to kill the living.
    • Banshee: Flying undead with the ability to sound a deathly wail.
    • Cold Wraith: Melee attacker, who has the ability to freeze enemie's with his icy touch.
    • Dread Lord: Similar to the Dread lords featured in Diablo II. Featuring a large black cape and life draining abilities.
    • Ghoul: A basic Undead footman, comes with four different variations.
    • Crypt Fiend: Undead Archnid Spellcaster, featuring an arsenal of curses.
    • Lich: Spellcasting Undead with an arsenal of offensive magic.
    • Death Knight: Leaders of the undead, from the Death Knights of Warcraft 2. (Hero unit
    • Necromancer: A sect of humans who now worship death. Having the ability to control and raise undead.
    For more information, and some of the new facts known about Warcraft3, go and visit The Infoceptor.

    If you dont know much about Warcraft3 heres a summary. Blizzard, the creators of the Real Time Strategy Warcraft series, are presently working on a new edition to the series, WarCraft3. Warcraft three boasts some very impressive features. Such as 6 unique teams; huge variety of spells and spell casters; the ability for hero's to lead parties and a beautiful 3D graphics engine. Warcraft3 is surposed to be released late this year, but following the trend of delays that plague Blizzard game it will most likely be released in mid 2001.

    Dungeon Siege Screens - Raven @ 1:49 am PST
    Earlier on in the week, I mentioned an up and coming Role Playing Game, titled Dungeon Siege. DS is designed by Gas Powered Games and is set to be published by Microsoft. The game so far looks very impressive, and is bound to caugh the interest of RPG fans. RPG-Gamers have put up 7 detailed screen shots and 2 concept art pictures of DS. All of the images look very impressive and if you're curious about the game; then I strongly urge you to view them.

    Also we are trying to organise a Dungeon Siege interview on Gamesurge, so expect to see more information about DS on our site soon.

    MS Virtual Golf Association - Falcon @ 1:05 am PST
    Microsoft today announced that the first tournament in the Virtual Golf Association Tour will get underway this weekend on the MSN Gaming Zone, with participants teeing off on the virtual Bay Hill Club course from March 10 to 19. The Zone and Links LS 2000 have joined forces to offer the largest, most authentic golfing event in the history of the Internet with the WingspanBank Virtual Golf Association Tour. The VGA Tour offers the highest prize of any online golf tournament -- $100,000 in cash. To participate in the first Bay Hill event and be part of the Virtual Golf Association Tour, players must first register at There is no fee to participate in the VGA Tour.

    Starting tomorrow, PC golf gamers will compete using Microsoft's Links LS 2000 in a series of monthly multiplayer golf tournaments that map to the real-world's best golf events, including the British Open at St. Andrews and Western Open at Cog Hill. Players will accumulate money board earnings based on their performances in these monthly tournaments. In October, the top 70 money board leaders will compete in an online semi-finals tournament. The outcome of this event will determine the top four players who will be flown, all expenses paid, to Hawaii to compete in-person for the $100,000 grand prize at a world-class Hawaiian course in November.

    To play in the VGA Tour, gamers must have a copy of Links LS 2000 and the VGA courses. The Links VGA courses are available for free download at this location. The VGA courses are also included in the Links LS 2000 10-Course Pack enhancement, or are available from http://www.ebworld.comEB World for a nominal cost.

    Modeled after the real-world golf tournaments of the PGA Tour, PGA of America, and USGA, the VGA Tour offers a series of sponsored online golf tournaments that are comparable in size, scope, and visual appeal to the actual professional golfers' tour. The VGA features realistic tour conditions from golf simulation Links LS 2000, major corporate sponsors including flagship sponsor, and the involvement of golf legend Arnold Palmer as well as other pro golfers.

    Devil Inside Screens - Falcon @ 1:00 am PST
    Actiontrip has four hi-res screenshots that haven't been seen before, even by the publisher, Cryo (???). They feature the latest version of the game, showing off the newest effects like "virtual blood splashes" and a new Deva (she-devil) spell -- "Lighting Boomerang", that actually cuts off the heads of all the enemies unlucky enough to find themselves near Deva at the time... Ouch!

    Further more, the game is reported to be practically done and that it should be available in France, UK and Germany at the end of March/beginning of April.

    Q3A, Flight Sim2k Reviews - Falcon @ 12:54 am PST
    NGNetwork has posted two new reviews for the viewing public.
    Quake 3 Arena:
    Quake III Arena features a Single Player version, which works much like Unreal Tournament's system (gee...what a coincidence). You have to fight through 7 tiers, if you wish to become the grand champion. The first fight is kind of a Practice match. You are treated to a 1 on 1 battle, with a frag limit of 5. So, I went through that in about a minute, and was treated to a rather rushed FMV bit. What didn't I like about you ask? It was extremely blurry, and looked like it had been ripped off the TV. The characters didn't move at all, it was just a camera roll around them. It looked to me like no time was put into the FMV. It's only purpose is to inform you that you have reached the next tier, and who your new opponents are. Yippy...who cares? I myself would have suggested a sweet FMV bit where somebody is getting fragged or something. Something with actual movement!
    Flight Simulator 2000:

    FS2k features more stuff that I can even tell you. First off, let's talk a bit about the weather. Let's say there's an airport not to far away from you (the closest local airport to me is Tillsonburg). You can go into FS2k, load up that Airport, and go to a new feature called Real Time Weather. It connects to the Jeppesen server, and downloads the current satellite weather for your area, and actually loads it into the game. I decided to give this a try myself...
    I loaded up the Tillsonburg Airport (which is just one runaway in a field), and loaded up the Real Time Weather. Currently, we were having a bit of a nasty snow storm outside. When it gets back to the game, it's snowing like a bastard outside my airplane window. I nearly fell out of my chair. The weather was extremely true to life.

    Dogfighter Updates - Falcon @ 12:51 am PST
    WWII Online: pre-Beta interview (03-09-00)
    An interview with Chris "Mo" Sherland of Playnet / Cornered Rat Software about WWIIOL, a massively mulitplayer on-line sim in development with an historical setting and including four military branches: air, navy, armour and infantry.

    Air Warrior 3 Beta (03-05-00)
    An interview by Dogfighter's Air Warrior correspondent of Steve "Mage" Lackey, Air Warrior Product Support Lead, Kesmai about the changes introduced in Air Warrior 3's latest open Beta.

    Interview: World is Not Enough - Falcon @ 12:32 am PST
    Stomped has an exclusive interview with Alex Mayberry, the lead level designer for EA's new James Bond first person shooter, The World is Not Enough. We also have two screenshots from the game..including one screenshot that has NEVER been seen before in public, until now.
    Go check it out at

    Thursday, March 09, 2000
    Got News? Comments? Send it in! Help/Info/Contacts | Forum
    Can't find what you're looking for? Send a request!

    Bi-weekly Column by Balseraph - Falcon @ 10:15 pm PST
    Here's an announcement regarding the newest addition to the Crossroads of Shadowbane.

    The premier Shadowbane fansite, the Crossroads of Shadowbane, is very proud to announce the opening of a bi-weekly column with Brian "Balseraph" Urbanek, an outspoken programmer at Wolfpack Studios creators of the highly watched MMORPG, Shadowbane. The column, titled Apocrypha, will be Balseraph's soapbox to speak his mind on numerous topics of various origins. So kick back, grab a coke, and listen to what he has to say. If you wish to join in the discussion, head over to the Apocrypha board and respond to Balseraph yourself!

    The Sims: A Critical Look - Falcon @ 10:11 pm PST
    Digital-Clips have written a rather unflattering review of The Sims, here is a blurb:
    "Viewing The Sims as a simulation of life violates my very notion of humanity. Surely, I feel that our lives are more important that making friends, courting a member of the opposite sex, having and raising a family and advancing in ones career. The very selfish nature of human beings is portrayed perfectly here ladies and gentlemen."

    Interview: Patric Sundstrom - Falcon @ 10:03 pm PST
    Crossroads Staffer Aureus has just released his detailed and very interesting interview with Patric Sundstrom of Mindark. Patric is the marketing manager for the Project Entropia project. You can check out the whole interview which is located here and you can see 6 pieces of exclusive concept art located on our Crossroads of Calypso site located here.

    What is Project Entropia? According to Mindarks site the official reply is:
    "Project Entropia is an on-line multiplayer game in an expanding 3D-world. by using a flexible RPG system it allows free personal character development by means of skills,experience and including character appearance and life styles by active social interaction in an evolving internet communty. The game world is set in the distant future, on man´s first off-world colony. The concept of the game will provide the players with an advanced array of technological tools and exciting native creatures from difference environments."

    Nerf ArenaBlast Patches - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:15 pm PST
    Looks like Visionary Media has just slapped up the latest patch for their Unreal-engine shooter Nerf ArenaBlast. The new patch, version 1.2, weighs in at 4.1 MB if your upgrading from v1.1, or 11.3 MB if your upgrading from v1.0.

    Evolva Preview - Storm @ 7:11 pm PST

    Gamespot UK has done a hands-on preview of an original upcoming game known as Evolva. I don't know much about the game right now but I plan to read the preview as you should. You can find it right here.

    Warcraft III Revisited - Storm @ 7:05 pm PST

    There is an new Warcraft III Interview with Blizzard's Rob Pardo up at Gamespot. It covers lots of things about Warcraft III. Check out some of it:

    What we wanted to do, at the most basic level, was to take a game - a fun RTS game - like the Warcraft series and add in the concept of heroes, quests, items, and a more interactive environment.

    Once we had that as our vision, we had to decide what technology supported that and what user interface to use, and that's where we started going down a different road. Since we had a 3D engine, we talked about different viewpoints and different angles, and we chose one that was fairly flat. You could see a lot of the horizon, and it was almost more of a first-person perspective.

    It really showed off the engine at a beautiful angle, but what eventually ended up happening to us was that we got to a point where we had to take the design in one of two different directions. We either had to make it even more RPG-like and cut back on the scale of units, how many characters there were, and things of that nature, or we had to go the other direction and move the camera up, allow free scrolling, and go more toward what we've done previously in our real-time strategy games. That's the easiest way to explain the difference between the two [directions].

    Yes, we are moving back toward more of an isometric view. You can still see a lot of the 3D terrain. You still get the sense of the 3D engine. We're using all that. But we wanted to get the camera up high enough, where free scrolling becomes an option for us.

    Everglide vs 3M Precise Mouse Surface - MystikaL @ 5:50 pm PST
    Chaps has posted his latest review, this time of both the Everglide and 3m Precise Mouse Surface Mouse pads, in a comparison style review. Check it out!

    X-Box confirmed! - MystikaL @ 5:29 pm PST
    Microsoft's Bill Gates has officially confirmed the release of the X-Box in this ZDNet story. Here is the l33t chunk.

    Scheduled to release in the fall of 2001, the console will be supported by a number of video and computer game developers and boast performance greater than any previous game system.

    "We're taking the time today to announce the breakthrough game console known as X-Box," said Gates during the feed. "The X-box provides performance better than twice that of any previous platform."

    The feed was meant for news agencies to extract audio and video excerpts from, and as such, didn't reveal any concrete details behind the system, its capabilities, or its lineup.

    Source: Voodoo Extreme

    The Driver Index - MystikaL @ 5:27 pm PST
    The Driver Index is up, and has been updated! The Driver Index is a page where you can find all the latest reference drivers for the top graphic/sound chipsets.

    David Allen Interview - MystikaL @ 5:26 pm PST
    The_culture has done an interview with David Allen, the CEO of Artifact entertainment. Check it out here.

    Blisters and Burns - MaD-HaTTeR @ 3:25 pm PST
    Huh? Yeah, well its not really a killer, but Nintendo has just agreed to give out protective gloves with its game, Mario Party. It seems that people playing Mario Party are getting blisters and cuts on their hands, from rapid controler movement. There have been over a million of the games sold, while there have been about 90 complaints, now stop me if my math is wrong, but wouldnt that be something like, less than 1 out of every 10,000 people have problems with it. Still think its stupid, then check out the article on You will still think its stupid, but check it out anyway. Dig the snippage:
    ALBANY, New York (AP) -- Nintendo of America has agreed to provide protective gloves to owners of a video game blamed for cuts, blisters and other hand injuries.

    The "Mario Party" game on the Nintendo 64 home game system can cause hand injury because players are encouraged to rapidly rotate a joy stick with a grooved tip, state Attorney General Eliot Spitzer said Wednesday.

    Consumers report having to use the palms of their hands to rotate the joystick, he said.

    Nintendo agreed to provide up to four protective gloves to each household of consumers owning the video game, Spitzer said.

    The fingerless gloves have padded palms.

    Metal Fatigue preview - Raven @ 2:44 am PST
    Damn I like this quote:
    Killer robots blowing lots of things up... Boy that sounds like alot of fun, but back to the news post.

    EP have put a preview of Psygnosis up and coming title Metal Fatigue. MF is a futurist Real Time Strategy game, thats allows players to command legions of re-configurable, enormous, heavily armed robots called "Combots." Think of it as Mech Commander meets Starcraft. Very positive preview, and a very interesting read... I think I have another game to add to my list of presents from Santa. View the Preview here.

    Duke Nukem Forever Interview - Raven @ 2:35 am PST
    DukeWorld has gone and interviewed 3D Realms President and Duke Nukem Forever mastermind George Broussard.

    The interview is centered around 3D Realms latest project Duke Nukem Forever. DNF is a long awaited edition to the Duke series. Powered by the latest Unreal Tournament engine, and packed with a load of addition features DNF already has the Duke community excited. The interview is indepth and very well done, a great read, and a MUST READ for any Duke fan, view it here.

    Legacy of Kain 3 - Raven @ 2:21 am PST
    This little piece of news comes from Club Squaresoft

    In a recent press conference for Tomb Raider: The Last Revolution, Eidos Interactive announced plans to release the 3rd Legacy of Kain title. The original Legacy of Kain was an action-packed RPG that turned more then afew heads. All information about this new addition to the LoK series is being kept secret. However we do know the game is being devoloped for multiple platforms namely PC, Dreamcast, and Playstation2.

    New Affiliate -Fall Of Order - Raven @ 2:08 am PST
    Fall of Order are the latest edition to our Affiliates list. This relatively new site is a dedicated news provider that combines great content with regular updates. The site focuses on games associated with Westwoood, but also has information on the other big titles in the gaming world. Fall of Order are definately an up and coming site and a worthy addition to your favourites list. You can view FoO at Definately check them out + Groove Alliance partnership - Falcon @ 1:50 am PST
    GAME DEVELOPERS CONFERENCE, San Jose, CA - today announced a partnership with The Groove Alliance to develop six new 3D games. The games
    include Tank Warz, Sky Racer, High Roller, World War I Ace, Alien X and Star Battalion and will be available at

    Due for release in Spring 2000, Tank Warz features tank combat amidst city streets using machine guns, rockets and missiles to clear out enemies. Also due this Spring, Sky Racer offers state-of-the-art hovercars racing at top speeds through a futuristic racetrack. All of the games will feature the 3D Groove Xtra, Groove Alliance's compelling proprietary authoring and playback technology for running 3D on the Internet.

    "Our relationship with is like the best dessert you've ever had. A good recipe -- The right ingredients -- 3DGroove.
    Bake it and serve it up," said Chris Kantrowitz, CEO, The Groove Alliance. "The next series of games is going to blow everyone away."

    "3D Groove revolutionizes gaming on the Internet. The rendering quality and ease of use make it the killer gaming app for the Web," said Rob Burgess, chairman of "In developing 3D Groove, The Groove Alliance has pushed the envelope far beyond the limits reached by any who have tried before. Real Pool is a runaway success. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Groove Alliance"

    Q1 -> Q3A maps - Falcon @ 1:46 am PST
    The three Quake 1 DM maps converted to Quake III have been put up at for those ever faitful Quake fans.

    Vid Card Buyers Guide - Falcon @ 1:44 am PST
    Cityofgames has posted a Video Card Buyers Guide, which can be found from their main page

    Starlancer Site Updated - Falcon @ 1:42 am PST
    Microsoft today unveiled new content on the official StarLancer Web site. The site now provides even more detailed information on the game, including new screen shots and AVIs. StarLancer is the highly anticipated new game being developed by Erin and Chris Roberts, creators of the popular Wing Commander and Privateer series. A futuristic space combat game that combines the action of a first-person space shooter with the drama and intrigue of a classic air combat movie, StarLancer will be available in stores this April.

    The StarLancer Web site now offers detailed information on the 45th Volunteers Squadron, including an in-depth look at the characters that make up this team; and new screen shots of the interior of the ANS Reliant, the obsolete carrier ship that they call home. The site also provides a look at the power structure of the high command of the Western Alliance as well as renders of the cinematics found in the game.

    In StarLancer, countries from around the world, including the United States, Russia, and Great Britain, have formed strategic alliances and now battle for control of Earth, Venus and other planets across the solar system. As part of a newly-formed, ragtag aviation unit called the 45th Volunteers Squadron, players must prove themselves in this struggle for freedom of the solar system.

    StarLancer delivers a level of graphic details and special effects not currently found in space combat games. More than 80 types of spacecraft are rendered in extraordinary 3-D detail adding to the complexity of the dynamic mission structure. Players fly in over 25 gripping missions that range from escorting marine boarding ships to free POWs to leading an assault on space stations built right into an asteroid field. StarLancer will also include some exciting multiplayer features. Players can work together cooperatively throughout the entire story, with up to four players. Gamers can also dogfight in six different deathmatch modes with up to eight players via LAN or the MSN Gaming Zone. StarLancer will be available for an estimated street price of US$49.95.

    Screens - Falcon @ 1:09 am PST
    And here's your daily dose of screenshots from GA:

    Westka Entetainment released the following six new screenshots from Arcatera, an upcoming real-time adventure/RPG set in the heroic-fantasy world of Arcatera.

    LucasArts Entertainment released the following 4 new screenshots from their recently gone gold 3D accelerator real-time strategy, Star Wars Force Commander.

    Action Forms sent us the following five new screenshots from their upcoming dinosaur hunting game, Carnivores: the Ice Age.

    Not quite screens, but Criterion Studios, creators of Sub Culture and Redline Racer, have released an AVI (15Mb) for their upcoming underwater action title, Deep

    Everglide Giganta Mouse Pad Review - Falcon @ 12:41 am PST
    Gamesxtreme have reviewed the Everglide Giganta Mouse Pad.
    "When I saw the Giganta, it was love at first sight. Dark colored to work better with the Microsoft optical mice then my original white Attack Pad. Same slick surface as my old one, only larger. And bigger is ALWAYS better, right? Well, for the most part that's correct. When I went to try out the Giganta, I found out it's 11½ inch wide by 9½ inch high (292mm x 241mm) dimensions wouldn't fit on my table! Now to be perfectly fair, although my computer station takes up a large corner of the room, the actual keyboard/mouse area is rather small. That and my keyboard with the 12 extra programmable keys on it is larger then most. I'm sure most people have room for a mouse surface this size, but it might be a good idea to check, just to make sure."

    Hardware Reviews @ Dapound - Falcon @ 12:39 am PST
    The Dawg Pound Network just posted three short but
    sweet reviews of three products. They are...

  • Microsoft IntelliMouse Review

  • Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro Review

  • HP DeskJet 970Cxi Review

    Euro2000 Screens - Falcon @ 12:35 am PST
    Cyber Soccer has just posted a press release from EA Sports and a load of screenshots that they have released. there are new being added screens to the preview all the time, there are 8 on there at the moment, but by the end of the day there will be over 70.

    Wednesday, March 08, 2000
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    P3D-5030 CPU Cooler Review - Falcon @ 11:58 pm PST
    Speedy 3D we has just kicked up a review of the P3D-5030 CPU Cooler. (Hmm, reviewing a fan?) Here's a taste:

    Unlike most other coolers, the fans on this particular unit aren't just screwed on the heatsink. In this unit a plastic cover holds them in place. This cover is also used as a fan guard making it impossible for loose wires to get shredded in the fans. The unit fits on my BE6-2 (barely) so there shouldn't be any major problems with the size, though some of you with smaller mainboards may experience problems.

    Quick Links - the_culture @ 9:33 pm PST
    Some of news from around the web:
  • Evil Avatar has three new shots of Soldier of Fortune.
  • Four new shots are up at (a Dutch site) of Black & White. Clean, man.
  • The Klipsch ProMedia v2-400 THX speakers are reviewed at GamePC. Man, I want those speakers. Maybe I can convince Dyson to get me a "review" set. :)
  • AVault has a write up on Harn: Bloodline. The game is being touted as a RTE game, "Real Time Environment."
  • PSX2 Memory Card Recalled - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:51 pm PST
    Props go out to Nuller for the wire on this one. It seems that just after being released in Japan, there is a recall of the new 8MB memory cards. It seems there have been some major problems with them. Check out more info over at Gaming-Age. Heres some clippage:
    According to NCS, it appears that the first batch of Japanese PS2's have been experiencing various problems with the new 8MB memory cards, saved data, DVD playback, and some freezing/overheating. Sony has actually issued a recall of all PS2 memory cards, so those with problems should most likely find a way to return them from where it was purchased from.
    Im not really sure how all these problems could get past testing, oh well.

    Obi-Wan Preview - the_culture @ 6:34 pm PST
    But it's in German! Heheh. Anyway, you can still go there just to look at the cool screenshots.

    New SEED Info - the_culture @ 6:27 pm PST
    It's been so long since I read something on this game. I noticed over at VE that they got word from Human Soft regarding their upcoming FPS SEED. Looks like this game just might happen. In fact, they were chosen by the judges to be a finalist in the Second Independent Game Festival and should have a demo at the GDC in San Jose. Click here to learn more about it. They also have 10 screenshots to look at.

    I'd also like to take this opportunity to say hi to GameSurge's newest scrub, MaDhATter.

    Homeworld: Cataclysm Preview - MystikaL @ 6:11 pm PST
    We've posted our preview on Homeworld: Cataclysm, which you can check out here.

    3dfx VSA-100 shots - MystikaL @ 6:00 pm PST
    Voodoo Extreme has gotten their hands on screenshots of Homeworld and Quake 3 Arean running on the new Voodoo 4/5's. Check out the post. These are elite my friends, elite. This is something you have to get!

    Reporting for duty - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:46 pm PST
    Well i just wanted to introduce myself, as i will be helping bring you guys your dose of daily gaming goodness. Anyway, on with the news...

    Counter-Strike Beta 6 Release Date - MystikaL @ 3:23 pm PST
    Counter-Strike Beta v.6 will be released this Friday, March 10th. The CS team will be holding Spamfest III in their IRC channel (#counterstrike on Gamesnet) at 7pm Eastern Standard Time. Many team CS team members will be there, as well as some of the Gamesurge staff. We will have [GS] at the end of our names, so look for us! Can't wait.

    So, what do I think about this? Counterstrike Beta 6 is the longest beta in development besides the 1st, something that tells me this is going to be a great beta version.

    You can expect new models, weapons, maps, and I believe 2 more gameplay modes. Hopefully the download isn't too large, as the full version of Beta 5.2 is over 30 megs.
    Source: Counter-Strike.NET

    Quake III Camera - MystikaL @ 12:40 pm PST
    A new Quake III Camera has been released today, which allows you to watch and or record games to be viewed later. The latest release also brings 3rd person viewing to the game.

    Urban Operations Gold - MystikaL @ 12:38 pm PST
    The official mission pack to Red Storm's Rogue Spear, Urban Operations, has gone gold. You should see the game in stores in the next few weeks.

    Gamespy Engine Week - MystikaL @ 11:40 am PST's Engine Week continue's with a look at BioWare's Infinity Engine, the engine used in Baldur's Gate. Here is a chunk:

    GameSpy: What would you define as the "primary benefits" of licensing a preexisting engine, from a general non-engine-specific standpoint?

    Bioware: We can think of a couple of benefits. First of all, licensing a pre-existing engine allows you to use an established technology base. As a result the development time and development costs (and concurrent risks) should be lower than if you had to develop the engine as well as the game. Second, it's always hard to focus on simultaneous development of an engine and a game, so licensing the engine is a great way to simplify development and allow a team to focus on game play and story. As well, licensing an engine from a major game is a way to link the product in development to the game that used the engine originally.

    CueClub demo - MystikaL @ 11:37 am PST
    AGN 3d has posted a 4.5MB demo of CueClub by Midas Interactive. Check out the description of the game, along with screenshots, right here.

    Kingdom Under Fire Screens - MystikaL @ 11:34 am PST
    AGN 3d has posted 12 screenshots on the upcoming RPG, Kingdom Under Fire. You can check them out here.

    Full Color Images - the_culture @ 10:25 am PST
    That's right, no black & white one here. Whatever:
  • Two new shots of Divinity: The Sword Of Lies are up at the official site today.
  • GA-RPG posted one preview shot of Dark Age of Camelot.
  • Blade-Universe updated their page with a new screenshot of Blade.
  • GA-Source has 5 screenshots of Carnivores: Ice Age. Does anyone else think this game looks hot? (I can't believe I just used the word "hot". *sigh*)
  • New Conquest: Frontier Wars Shots - the_culture @ 10:09 am PST
    GameSpot UK just posted 10 new screens of Digital Anvil's upcoming 3D RTS game Conquest: Frontier Wars. Here's a brief descrption of the game:
    "With its emphasis on exploration, resource gathering and building, Conquest follows the standard RTS model. In the game, four different races (the Terrans, the insectoid Mantis, the high-tech Solarians and the bruising Vyrium) are battling for space supremacy, with the two single-player campaigns telling the game's story from the unique perspectives of the Terran and Mantis races. Don't worry about being limited though - alliances will be struck that will allow you to employ the units of all four races through the course of the game, and all races will be available for multiplayer contests."

    Previews - the_culture @ 10:00 am PST
    Can't wait for the game? Maybe these previews will hold you over:
  • GameSpot received some new info and some screenshots of Creative Assembly's Shogun.
  • GameSpot also got their hands on a month-old build of Terminus, a 3D space combat sim by Vicarious Visions. Here's the small preview and a few screens.
  • Digital Anvil's upcoming action game Loose Cannon gets a preview IGN style. They also include about 15 current images.
  • Computer Games Online put up Part 1 of their preview of Starlancer, developed by Digital Anvil. They include 6 clean-looking shots as well.
  • AVault went crazy and built a Thief 2 Feature which includes an in-depth hands-on account based on the most recent build, an interview with Looking Glass designer Emil (don't call me Elmo) Pagliarulo, and an awesome 21 screenshot gallery.
  • Star Trek: New Worlds Screen - the_culture @ 9:51 am PST
    Interplay has been posting screenshots of their upcoming 3D RTS ST: New Worlds since July and they posted four more new ones yesterday.

    Quick Links - the_culture @ 9:31 am PST
    Man, I want one of those new NV15s from nVidia. They should be hitting the stores come April or so. Not that any of this matters. Here are some reviews:
  • Game Link has a review of the Vortex 2 SQ2500 sound card from Aureal. System Logic posted a a review as well.
  • PENSTAR Systems posted their review of those DDT Digital Desktop Theater 5.1 speakers from Cambridge Soundworks.
  • The Tech Zone put together a well-received review of the Altec Lancing ATP3 speaker set.
  • got their hands on the Hercules 3D Prophet DDR DVI and ran it through the standard tests. This is what they had to say.
  • The Everglide Giganta (my current mousing surface) gets reviewed by PCGN and 3D GameForce.
  • New Oddworld Title - Raven @ 4:01 am PST
    The staff over at PC.IGN have put together an indepth preview of the new Oddworld Title, Munch's Oddysee. Oddworld titles can best be described as unique; they are a rare cross between Strategy, Action, RPG, Adventure and abit of horror (To much genocide *shivers*) Above all however Oddworld titles are fun and extremely addictive. In this new addition to the Oddworld series, Abe teams up with his new partner Munch, and continues his ongoing quest to free his people. Looks very good, but if you want more information on this game you are just going to have to go and read it.

    View it here

    RPG Preview -Dungeon Siege - Raven @ 3:48 am PST
    The Floodgate has done a very interesting preview on an up and coming Role Playing Game titled Dungeon Siege. This game comes from the skilled hands of Total Annihilation designer, Chris Taylor. All in all the game looks very interesting and I think I'm going to have to keep my eye on it. Heres a general quote about the game:
    "In Dungeon Siege you will start with a single player and travel the world building up a party of up to 10 unique characters. As you make your way through the game fighting battle after battle, the overall plot of the game will be slowly revealed."
    Good article which you can read here.

    Also Dungeon Siege Vault have done up an interview with Chris Taylor that is a MUST READ for anyone interested in Dungeon Siege. You can read the interview over at

    C&C Firestorm Patch - Raven @ 3:32 am PST
    Following the release of the Firestorm -The expansion pack for Command and Conqeur II: Tiberian Sun-, have just updated their webpage with a version 2.02 patch. This patch corrects alot of original errors associated with Firestorm, and includes afew new features such as:
    • Skirmish games may now be saved
    • Ability to select all units of a type or types on screen that are currently selected
    • Ability to select all units of a type or types on screen that
      are currently selected
    • Included the ability to browse Battleclan and Firestorm ladders

    For more details on the patch, or to download the patch head over to

    Also, I was looking around for a good review to help explain Firestorm to newbees to the C&C world, but to my disapointment the 6 or so reviews I came across used so many acronyms that no-one but I diehard C&C fan would have been able to understand them. What I did find however was a little article of at Gamefans-Online detailing Firestorm. The article is very small and doesn't have much information in it, but its still useful for anyone curious about the game. The article is over at, heres a quote

    "First off, you'll notice that the expansion's very similar to the original game, with the same rules, engine, interface and control system. Basically, what you get is a healthy dose of the same old C & C 2 with a few new units, maps and, of course, two new single-player campaigns, sporting new story lines and even a few new faces in the outstanding full-motion video cut-scenes."

    Tuesday, March 07, 2000
    Got News? Comments? Send it in! Help/Info/Contacts | Forum
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    New Staff required - Falcon @ 10:32 pm PST
    We at Gamesurge are in need of one or two more dedicated news posters.
    This position would require that you can constantly post a minimum of 5 posts a day, (Not 10 the first day, 3 the next and fade away after a week), in return you will become part of a growing gaming site, and gain notoriety in the gaming community. Additionally, we can equip you with your very own pop or forwarding email address.
    Sound good? Then send in an email to us with your resume and we'll get back in touch with you asap!

    New Investor Insight, Cyber Terrorism - Falcon @ 10:15 pm PST
    In this weeks article Bo Andersson, GA's Industry Analyst, takes an extensive look into the issue of hacking and its effects on the industry today.

    As a follow up on the many news articles on the hacker issues around the globe today, Bo sheds some light over how this is done and brings you a few thoughts and speculations from the “other” side of the issue.

    This is a thorough and timely issue, which I am sure those of you who are involved in e-commerce and own online sites, will find of much interest.

    Personalised Stomped Hostname - Falcon @ 10:13 pm PST
    Stomped is giving away personalized Stomped hostnames to point to a users computer. Their new site for serious gamers; At Stomped is launching with a Dynamic IP Updater service. This service allows a user to register for a hostname like that will point to their computer. Then when serving games or whatever, they can give out the hostname instead of their IP address. The hostname is much easier to remember and doesn't change. Users with a dynamic IP can set their browser to auto-update their IP address so their hostname always points to the right place.
    Read the news article here, or the AT Stomped site here

    Darkness Ascendant begins today - Falcon @ 10:08 pm PST
    Microsoft today announced that the "Darkness Ascendant" event is now underway in the dynamic world of Asheron's Call. "Darkness Ascendant" is the next major event planned in this monthly series.

    There are reports that the floating Crystals and Shadow creatures, which until recently had stood guard in the wilderness of Dereth, are now on the move. Strange, twisted citadels are also rumored to have emerged from the earth and hover ominously over the land near several towns. A vast, bat-winged figure has been spotted, flickering like dark lightning amid the storm clouds. Many are speculating about what these recent changes in Dereth could mean? Do these frightening apparitions signal the beginning of a much darker conflict?

    Additionally, Turbine Games, the developers of Asheron's Call, are in the process of refining the graphics engine, introducing colored lighting effects and amazing new Drudges and Golems. The world of Asheron's Call will come into even sharper focus over the coming months. For full details on the extensive changes made with this update, see Build Notes for March 2000 and the new State of the Code.

    Asheron's Call is a massively multiplayer role-playing game playableexclusively on the MSN Gaming Zone that draws together thousands of players within a dynamic, 3-D online world. Players can create truly unique characters by choosing between extensive combinations of visual appearance, attributes and skill sets. Asheron's Call immerses players in an intense role-playing environment where they must compete or cooperate with thousands of other online players. An extensive system of allegiance and influence greatly enhances social interaction. The online nature of the game facilitates an evolving and dynamic adventure inside a consistent universe. The game will never be solved because there will always be more areas to explore and quests to complete.

    For more information about Asheron's Call, please visit:

    Sims article - Falcon @ 10:03 pm PST
    The Dawg Pound have written up an article titled: "Simulation Builds Sadism." It's talks about
    the various effects sim games have on a human. Here's
    a quick piece:

    "I never appreciated some little computer person called a SIM bitch to me about what I can and cannot do and what they want, when they want it, and everything else. It completely pissed me off. I couldn’t go for more than five minutes without a SIM bitching. I fulfilled his request only to find 3 more had the same reasons to bitch at me. I eventually gave up and decided to punish my miserable little slaves, err…SIMS. Yes folks, that’s right. I had discovered the disaster button. Mwahahahaha. To watch the little SIMS jump up and down and cry and scream as their new home burnt to the ground. I looked down from my godly position as mayor, and I smiled…and wondered if all mayors in the big cities had a little button on their desk to unleash a devastating natural disaster. The thought still perplexes me to this day. So, if you’re a mayor, I want an email from you. I want you to tell me all about your little disaster button."

    Covert Ops FMV Clarification - Falcon @ 9:56 pm PST
    There has been some confusion to the recent announcement of Red Storm's Covert Ops as to whether it would be a completely FMV game. GA-Source has
    been in contact with a Red Storm representative to clear up any misconceptions. Read on here

    Firestorm Ships - Falcon @ 9:55 pm PST
    Here is the official Press release:
    Official expansion pack to mega-hit due on shelves worldwide March 8

    LAS VEGAS, NV, March 7, 2000 - Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun Firestorm, the expansion pack to the two-million-selling real-time strategy game, is shipping
    and will be on sale in North America on March 8 and around the world with two weeks.

    Firestorm continues the epic story of Tiberian Sun with 18 new single-player missions and more than 30 minutes of live-action filmed sequences. The story
    picks up with the notorious NOD leader Kane apparently dead and a new, even more deadly enemy emerging.

    Firestorm energizes Tiberian Sun multiplay with 15 new multiplayer maps, new options for the Battle Map creator, and new units like the Juggernaut, the
    Mobile War Factory, the Mobile Stealth Generator, and the Cyborg Reaper.

    There's also a new way to play over Westwood Online. Called World Domination, it allows gamers from around the world battle for the control of the world. Gamers
    will struggle for their chosen side, GDI or Nod, as they compete against thousands of other commanders. Eventually, either Nod or GDI will control more
    than 30 territories and claim the globe as their own.

    More information about Firestorm's new units and features can be found at

    The Firestorm expansion pack requires a copy of Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun to run. Tiberian Sun's minimum system requirements are a Pentium 166 MHz with 32 MB of RAM, a quad-speed CD drive, a 16-bit sound card, and a Direct X(tm) compatible video card.

    Earth 2150 Preview - MystikaL @ 5:55 pm PST
    We've posted our preview on the upcoming 3d RTS, Earth 2150. Check it out!

    GeForce DDR Roundup - the_culture @ 11:26 am PST
    Yesterday I posted word of a low-end video roundup. Now the big boys get a chance. For those of you with a constant and ample cash flow, AnandTech posted their GeForce DDR Roundup. They review five cards. Here's a sample from the Annihilator Pro 3D section:
    "One aspect that separates the 3D Blaster Annihilator Pro from the rest of the pack are the drivers used by Creative Labs. Rather than repackage the reference drivers or copy them fully, Creative Labs created their own driver set named the "Blaster Control." Having useful features on hand, the Blaster Control center also includes some items that are not found on the reference driver set, such as virtual desktop and a memory overclocking utility."

    Demise Review - MystikaL @ 10:47 am PST
    Crossroads Staffer Virgil has released his review of the smash hit Demise by Artifact Entertainment. Here is a snippet from his concluding paragragh:

    "If you're into long adventures and atmosphere, this is a game to turn
    the lights off, turn the speakers on, and start exploring. It's as
    addictive as Nethack, and will last just as long once you get hooked.
    And you will get hooked. Demise is an incredible released from Artifact
    Entertainment, and I can't wait to see what they turn up next. Until
    then, I have a dungeon to explore…"

    Win a copy of SOF - Falcon @ 2:53 am PST
    NGNetwork is giving gamers the opportunity to win an Autographed copy of Soldier of Fortune. All that you need to do is sign up for an account on the NGNetwork Forums, and post why you think you deserve Soldier of Fortune, and what you would change/keep/add to the site. Once a week for 8 weeks, we'll be selecting the best entry and add their name to the hit with which we'll draw from for the grand prize.

    Message Board - Falcon @ 2:46 am PST
    I have been informed about a new Blizzard site -, who are trying to develop a large community of Blizzard fans, where they can interact and discuss active topics.

    RS: Urban Ops Screens - Falcon @ 2:15 am PST
    SimHQ has uploaded their latest batch of screenshots of Red Storm Entertainment's Rogue Spear: Urban Ops. These focus on the multiplayer maps and two more of the original
    Rainbow Six maps.

    Game petition - Falcon @ 2:13 am PST
    There is a dedicated group of gamers that are trying to get a sequel made to the original first person western shooter, Outlaws. Outlaws was made by Lucas Arts and hit the stores in early '97. It still has a strong online following. The Zone often has more than a hundred fans playing online on any given afternoon. This is just one of many congregating points for Outlaws players. These dedicated fans have been signing a petition to get a sequel to this great game. This effort is being spearheaded by a small site, "Paleface's Opinionated! Outlaws Site".
    The petition has received over 1600 signatures.
    So if you are among the group of people wanting a sequel head over there and get your name on the petition!

    GamesXtreme news - Falcon @ 2:09 am PST
    Gamesxtreme recently added a review of Fifa 2000 on the Gameboy colour.
    Fifa 2000 has an absolute plethora of options, in game and out of game. The biggest difference between this game and others such as Total Soccer (apart from the view that is), was the ability to play indoor matches. In this mode normal indoor rules apply, so it was a five a side where you were able to bounce the ball of the wall and such. This was easily my favourite part of Fifa 2000. In addition to the indoor and outdoor modes, other things such as the ability to play with/against over 60 international teams and being able to change your teams tactics and strategies.
    They have also just updated their UK CPU price guide. The trend shows a slight drop on both the AMD and Intel prices at the higher end with the odd price incread in the mid range processors.

    Interview: Project Overdrive - Falcon @ 2:07 am PST
    Project Overdrive is an ambitious combination of first-person shooting, action/adventure, and a good dose of driving, that promises complete freedom "to live your life as you see fit".

    Check out GA's in-depth interview with project manager, Kenneth Morton, to find out more about this unique action game - includes five new screenshots.

    MaximumMSGames Covers GameStock - Falcon @ 2:04 am PST
    Here's some news hot off the press:
    The Go2TheMax Network and are pleased to announce the launch of our newest affiliate, MaximumMSGames! We've started off with a
    bang on the heels of Microsoft's big GameStock 2000 exposition, with an article entitled 'Sleepless in Seattle'. Here's an excerpt from the feature:
    "Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed is a wonderful description of the Microsoft gaming division. It is also a very surprising description given the amount of work that has been put into their games over the last 12 months. The developers are animated, happy, and most of all excited about their jobs.

    GameStock 1999 impressed me. The titles were innovative. Games like Midtown Madness were getting their legs. Freelancer was unveiled. Age of
    Empires 2: The Age of Kings was in the spotlight."

    At GameStock 2000 there was even more exciting hardware and awesome game titles on display than the previous year, but five items in particular stood
    out from the crowd - check out the full story for extensive details on the Five Must-Haves of GameStock!

    VIce Xtreme Video Coolers Reviewed - Falcon @ 2:00 am PST
    Speedy 3D has just kicked up a review of whole line (includes 3) of VIce Xtreme video card coolers. Here's a quote from the review: offers 3 models in the VIce product line. Included are the VIce I, VIce I Xtreme and finally the biggest and badest of all, the VIce II extreme. All three models can be upgraded with a copper plate for better heat transfer. They all use the same heatsink witch is pretty big, 46x46x9mm. What changes from a model to the next is the fan type used.

    TS Patch Available - Falcon @ 1:43 am PST
    Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun upgrade adds new features

    Download now available at

    LAS VEGAS, NV, March 6, 2000 -- Westwood Studios(tm) today announced an upgrade for Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun(tm) that adds many features fans have

    The upgrade will add these enhancements:

    The ability to save skirmish games.
    The ability to select all units of a type or types on the screen
    Location and server selection integrated into Westwood Online login screen.
    User locations are displayed in the Westwood Online user list tooltips.
    Battleclan and Firestorm ladders are now browsable in the Westwood Online ladder screen.
    Host location filter added to Westwood Online find game screen.

    The upgrade is automatically installed into the game when a player starts the Tiberian Sun program and logs onto Westwood Online, the free multiplayer game
    service. The upgrade is also available for download at in the File Updates Section of Tech Support.

    Set in the early 21st century, Tiberian Sun once again pits the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) against the Brotherhood of NOD in an epic struggle for control
    of the planet. With an engaging storyline that unfolds as play progresses, players will learn the reason for the outbreak of Tiberium that has poisoned the Earth, and what happened to the notorious NOD leader Kane, who was presumed dead at the end of Command & Conquer.

    For the latest news and information about Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun, visit

    Monday, March 06, 2000
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    "That's What Reviews Are For..." - the_culture @ 10:06 pm PST
    I know all you kids out there have your parent's money just burning a hole in your pocket. Don't know what to spend it on? Try these:

  • The Abit Siluro (mmm, sounds like a frosty drink) gets reviewed by t-break. This is Abit’s entry into the GeForce market.
  • 3DsoundSurge and System Logic review the ABV Sonix S-2000 Flat Panel Speakers.
  • Elsa’s Erazor X2, their 32MB DDR GeForce card, is reviewed by BoomGames.
  • If you’re like some people and don’t like paying for software, check thesereviews of the Plextor’s PlexWriter 12/4/32 Damage Hardware and Hardware Central. Yeah yeah, I know. You use burners to back up your junk. Sure….
  • The Guillemont Maxi Sound Fortissimo (say that 22 times fast) is reviewed by GameCenter. This is a decent sound card for under $50.
  • My Hands Are Numb! - the_culture @ 10:01 pm PST
    Well, now you've done it. You crazy GameSurge fans are so hungrey for news, you've forced me to scour the web looking for news. I hope you appreciate it. Here are 6 interviews from around the web, all brought to your screen. Whatever:
  • Want to know more about the man behind Anachronox? Hypothermia conducted an interview with ION Storm’s main man (sorry Romero) Tom Hall.
  • Lum The Mad (he certainly is insane. There’s a picture of the geek on the page) interviewed Brian Urbanek, programmer for Wolfpack Studios, regarding the MMORPG Shadowbane.
  • Glide Underground played “8 questions” with Peter Binazeski, Publicity Director of Simon & Schuster, regarding DS9: The Fallen.
  • SirTech, makers of Jagged Alliance 1 & 2, will be releasing Wizardry 8 sometime this year. With this in mind, GA-RPG interviewed Project Leader Linda Currie. It’s a good read with 5 exclusive shots and a handful of older shots.
  • UTWorld posted a quick Q&A with Epic level designer Cliff Bleszinski. Incite tried to do the same, but with less than stellar results. :)
  • Gamespot UK posted their preview of XCOM: Alliance. They also have an interview with three members of the development team.

  • The Conquerors Chat - the_culture @ 9:46 pm PST
    Saturday we posted word of Age of Kings: The Conquerors, the official expansion pack for AoK. Today, Gamespot UK decided to discuss this very topic with Bruce Shelley of Ensemble Studios.

    KISS: Psycho Circus Preview - the_culture @ 9:10 pm PST
    This game looks extremely gay, but it's my job to report the news. So it's with great displeasure (a little TOO dramatic) that I tell you 3DActionPlanet put together a preview of KISS: Psycho Circus from Third Law.

    Half-Duke? - the_culture @ 8:49 pm PST
    I saw over at PlanetDuke that someone is making a Half-Life TC of Duke3D. I don't know what will become of this, but here's to trying.

    "That's gold, Jerry. Gold!" - the_culture @ 8:42 pm PST
    I noticed over at Gone Gold that Force Commander has gone gold. Now maybe those geeks at the local comic book shop will clear out while I'm looking for Twin Peaks memorabilia.

    Low-End Video Card Round-up - the_culture @ 8:32 pm PST
    Even poor gamers (like myself) need attention. I noticed over at AnandTech that iXBT Hardware has posted a Low-End Video Card Roundup. They review the nVidia RIVA TNT, TNT M64, TNT2-A 16MB, ATI RAGE 128 PRO, Voodoo3 2000, Velocity 100, Savage 4 32MB, and the SiS300. Try and guess which one scored the best (and it wasn't the SiS300).

    Brian Raffel Interview - MystikaL @ 8:01 pm PST
    We've posted our interview with the Head of Raven Software, Brian Raffel, which you can check out by heading here.

    "Previews? I don't need no stinkin' previews..." - the_culture @ 6:07 pm PST
    Well, you should. Then you can impress your friends with your great knowledge of upcoming games. Whatever:
  • NFS: Porsche Unleashed gets the preview treatment from
  • Incite (gulp) posted a preview of Commandos 2.
  • 3DGaming whipped up a preview of Halo, one of the best looking games in development.
  • Unreal Tournament Review - the_culture @ 5:47 pm PST
    Better late then never. 3DGFN slapped together a two-page review of Unreal Tournament, including 10 shots. They give it 9.4 stars out of 10. Here's a comment regarding level design:
    "Unreal Tournament blows away all previous FPS offerings when it comes to level design. Some examples of this are levels in which you battle on a clipper ship, a spaceship, inside a castle atop a mountain, as well as your standard indoor futuristic arenas. Hard-to-navigate areas are common, in which one sidestep to the left or right can send you either plummeting to your death or falling into a pit of slime or liquid goop, which will slowly harm you."

    Deus Ex Interview - the_culture @ 5:37 pm PST
    Harvey "Witchboy" Smith has been in the hot seat lately talking about his project Deus Ex. Unreal Universe got a hold of him for a gentlemenly chat. Here's your free sample:
    Can you give examples of how you can interact with the enviroment?

    You can open the cabinets and drawers in some offices. Some might be locked. You can pick the lock, find the key, ask an NPC for the key, blow up the door with a small explosive charge. Inside the cabinet, there might be a bottle of wine, which you can either drink or throw. If you throw the bottle and it breaks, a guard will look that way, then run over to check it out. (Allowing you to sneak past.)

    You can fire a flamethrower at an NPC until he catches on fire. Then, if he bumps a trash bag while running and screaming, it will ignite. And if it burns long enough, the trash bag will be destroyed, busting open. A rat will often run from the ruins of the trash bag.You can drink from the water cooler.

    Deus Ex is definetely one of the games to watch for this year!

    Strategy Guide For The Sims - the_culture @ 5:13 pm PST
    Having problems controlling your virtual Denise Richards? Can't can't get your Sims to love each other? Gamespot whipped together a strategy guide for those of you lacking social skills.

    New Quake III Point Release - Gibb @ 4:49 pm PST
    iD Software has released a new Quake III Arena point Release, v116m on their FTP. It's also available on FilePlanet. Here's the Win32 version, the Linux flavor, and the yummy Mac variety.

    Something To Look At... - the_culture @ 4:45 pm PST
    Here are some quick links to screenshots for the reading impaired. Though if you're reading this, then it's useless. Whatever:
  • GA-Source put up a few screenshots of the 3D action/adventure game Martian Gothic: Unification. Hmmm, sounds French.
  • Unreal Universe has one screenshot of Shadows of Reality, an upcoming Unreal-engine powered sci-fi RPG.
  • SimHQ posted another handfull of screenshots of Urban Ops. This time, they highlight multiplayer.
  • More Urban Ops Shots - the_culture @ 3:42 pm PST
    SimHQ got their hands on Rogue Spear: Urban Operations and posted a grip of screenshots. They promise to have a review up soon. Pure gold, baby!

    Beetle Buggin' Preview - MystikaL @ 6:34 am PST
    GA Sports have posted a preview on the upcoming Arcade style racing game, Beetle Buggin'. Here is a taste:

    Looking back upon the history of gaming, you'll find that when you base a game on a specific singular object or brand you would see that they didn't have the amount of variety to make it fun. Beetle Buggin', which is being published by Infogrames and developed by Xpiral, will be changing all of that. History is being rewritten, by a game that focuses solely on Volkswagon Beetles. You'll also find that Xpiral is dead set on redefining the word "fun". It's about time, I say!

    While you won't find no Herbie the Love Bug here, or Evil Dead's Bruce Campbell behind the wheel; what you will find though is an immense amount of fun, a spectacular graphics engine, great music, and more variety than you can shake a stick at (is that possible?)

    AMD CPU Reviews - MystikaL @ 6:31 am PST
    Anandtech has gone over the AMD 900Mhz, 950Mhz, and the 1GHZ AMD Athlon Processors. Here is a taste:

    The OEMs bet quite a bit on the success of the Athlon, and luckily, they put their money on the right product, as the Athlon has quickly excelled to the point of becoming a direct threat to Intel’s stronghold in the performance desktop segment. Now with the Athlon dropping in price as the clock speeds continue to increase, AMD is slowly making their way into the low-cost market segment and will further increase their exposure there by releasing a low-cost version of the Athlon in the coming months. If Intel says that they do not feel the least bit threatened, then they’re telling you a lie.

    You can head here to check out the review(s).

    Gamespot MW4 Impressions - Raven @ 12:45 am PST has done a preview for Microsofts' Mech Warrior 4. This game is the 5'th title in the modern Mech Warrior series; and contains a load of new features guarenteed to make it as popular as others in the series. In Mech Warrior 4 you are a pilot controlling a 20 tone robotic monster. This monster has the destructive capabilities to level entire cities in but afew minutes *evil smile*. The article includes 6 unseen screen shots and has alot of positive comments about MW4.

    View the preview here.

    Rainbow Six: Urban Operations Previewed - Raven @ 12:35 am PST
    Urban Operations is the official expansion for Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear. Rainbow Six is a bestselling shooter game that mixes strategy with action, whilst at the same time forcing players to enter an indepth playing world. Singapore GameCenter has recently put up a preview for this soon to be released title. Heres a quote from their preview.
    "Urban Operations brings a host of new goodies to the table, such as civilians, terrorists who throw grenades, and some great multiplayer maps. Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my face"
    A great read, any Rainbow fan should definately check this out.

    Ancient Nations R&R - Raven @ 12:24 am PST
    Ancient Nation -our affiliate- have added a new section to their page called R&R. This new features is a cross between a weekly summary of the gaming world and a rant about staff problems over at AN. Fairly interesting read, funny in a sad thought of way and it does have some decent information. If your bored, and well lets face it if you wern't board then you wouldn't be at this site, its worth reading. Check it out here.

    TeamKaos -anime site - Raven @ 12:17 am PST
    One of our hosted site TeamKaos has recently undergone some major updates. The site has just redone their layout and have added some more features to their already comprehensive list. TeamKaos is your complete anime resource, with detailed information on most of the popular animes, lots of interesting trivia and PLENTY of great downloads. Any anime fan should definately give this site a visit.

    View them here

    Sunday, March 05, 2000
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    Poll - Falcon @ 9:50 pm PST
    Well, its about time for a new poll here at Gamesurge, and we've decided to let you, the viewers decide what question you'd like to be asked. Please send a short question, followed by not more than 10 possibe responses to

    Hellhound Q3A Map reviews - Falcon @ 9:40 pm PST
    Hellhound has written a couple of detailed map reviews;
    The first one is for the Quake III Arena Deathmatch map Further Away, and the second is for Zoid's Quake III Arena DeathMatch/Team DeathMatch Antilogic.

    The Straight Scoop - Falcon @ 9:36 pm PST
    This morning, The Gamer's Press has posted their weekly installment of "The Straight Scoop" where we take a humorous look at the past week in the gaming industry. Here's a quote:

    "Sierra announced that they have begun development on a Pharoah expansion disk called "Cleopatra". Although we can't confirm these rumors, sources have told us that the title will contain a new set of single-player missions based on the "Cleopatra Jones" series of "blaxpoitation" films. Gamers will take on the persona of Ms. Jones as she uses her undercover spy skills in her never ending struggle to "stick it to da man." This will no doubt lead to Sierra releasing yet another "shovelware" package titled "Pharoah: Too Black, Too Strong," which will certainly contain the original game and the expansion pack all for about half of what you suckers are going to pay for it the first time around"

    Noble Armada Details + Screens - Falcon @ 9:33 pm PST
    Holistic Design sent GA the following 4 new screenshots and descriptions from their upcoming 3D tactical-level space strategy wargame (based on the popular Fading Suns role-playing universe), Noble Armada.

    Qtracker v2.6 Beta 16 Released! - Falcon @ 9:31 pm PST
    Qtracker v2.3 Beta 16 Released @

    Qtracker is server browser, server launcher, MP3 streaming audio browser, and HTML server list generator for Windows 95/98/NT/2000.

    This new release adds a cool looking "Find Internet Games" wizard to make finding servers extremely easy, and visually appealing. Pings are now ICMP-based. Searching for servers is now several times faster. Quake III Arena IPX & password support has been added, as well as support for Soldier of Fortune*. There are now more filters, and filters can specify command-lines when connecting to a game.

    *no public server listing's available at this time. support is limited to LAN-play or user entered IP addresses.

    Alice Preview - MystikaL @ 6:53 pm PST
    We've posted our Alice Preview, which you can check out by heading here.

    Warcraft III Preview - MystikaL @ 8:30 am PST
    That's right, we've posted our preview on Blizzard's upcoming RPS game, Warcraft III. You can head here to check it out.

    Superbike 2000 Review - Intrepid @ 7:28 am PST
    Also at Snipersalley is a review of Superbike 2000. They rated it a 9 out of 10, and have a lot of screenshots for your viewing pleasure as well.

    SoF Preview - Intrepid @ 7:25 am PST
    Games Xtreme have posted a preview of the anticipated upcoming title Soldier of Fortune. Here's a taste:
    From the starting movie sequence this looked like quite a good game but as soon as I started playing the game my initial excitement turned to "what on earth is this!" I thought it was going to be a decent first person perspective walk around adventure game but it wasn't even a poor first person perspective walk around game. You navigate around the game by clicking an area on the screen then the game redraws the surrounding area from the point you just clicked on there is no walking around! I mean how dull is that!
    If you want more info on SoF you can check out our own preview.

    Hellhound Q3A Map Review - Intrepid @ 7:23 am PST
    Hellhound has posted their first Q3A map review. This one is of Further Away, and hopefully they will have more to come. Give it a look!

    Black and White Shots - Intrepid @ 7:21 am PST
    Shaggy from Snipersalley has posted 20+ screenshots of EA's upcoming Black and White. You can see them here.

    Carmack on Atari Jaguar - Gibb @ 6:08 am PST
    John Carmack of iD Software made some posts to a thread on Slashdot entitled "New Atari Jaguar Game Running $1,225 on eBay". Here's what he had to say:
    I actually dug up all my old jaguar development hardware to give to these guys a year or two ago.

    Unfortunately, it turned out that I had lost the C compiler that I had retargeted to the jaguar RISC engines, so DOOM was no longer buildable.

    There is something noble about developing on a dead platform -- it is so completely for the joy of the development, without any commercial motivation.

    The quick recap on the jaguar:

    The memory, bus, blitter and video processor were 64 bits wide, but the processors (68k and two custom risc processors) were 32 bit.

    The blitter could do basic texture mapping of horizontal and vertical spans, but because there wasn't any caching involved, every pixel caused two ram page misses and only used 1/4 of the 64 bit bus. Two 64 bit buffers would have easily trippled texture mapping performance. Unfortunate.

    It could make better use of the 64 bit bus with Z buffered, shaded triangles, but that didn't make for compelling games.

    It offered a usefull color space option that allowed you to do lighting effects based on a single channel, isntead of RGB.

    The video compositing engine was the most innovative part of the console. All of the characters in Wolf3D were done with just the back end scalar instead of blitting. Still, the experience with the limitations and hard failure cases of that gave me good amunition to rail against microsoft's (thankfully aborted) talisman project.

    The little risc engined were decent processors. I was surprised that they didn't use off the shelf designs, but they basically worked ok. They had some design hazards (write after write) that didn't get fixed, but the only thing truly wrong with them was that they had scratchpad memory instead of caches, and couldn't execute code from main memory. I had to chunk the DOOM renderer into nine sequentially loaded overlays to get it working (with hindsight, I would have done it differently in about three...).

    The 68k was slow. This was the primary problem of the system. You options were either taking it easy, running everything on the 68k, and going slow, or sweating over lots of overlayed parallel asm chunks to make something go fast on the risc processors.

    That is why playstation kicked so much ass for development -- it was programmed like a single serial processor with a single fast accelerator.

    If the jaguar had dumped the 68k and offered a dynamic cache on the risc processors and had a tiny bit of buffering on the blitter, it could have put up a reasonable fight against sony.

    Now the LYNX, on the other hand, was very much The Right Thing from a programming standpoint. A fast little processor (for its niche), a good color bitmapped display, and a general purpose blitter.

    Price and form factor weighed too heavily against it.

    John Carmack

    Check it out here.

    Saturday, March 04, 2000
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    Reviews - MystikaL @ 9:35 pm PST
    We've posted our latest pair of reviews, this time they include:

  • Marvel vs. Capcom - Dreamcast - Dyson
  • Turok: Rage Wars - N64 - Deadeye

    Two more Previews! - MystikaL @ 6:20 pm PST
    Storm has whipped up two previews for your enjoyment, one of Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption, and the other of Arcanum.

    AvP Server Listing Program - Falcon @ 5:08 pm PST
    Tthe Official AvP Site has released the first working beta copy of FragFinder. A server listing client for AvP. Fans can now submit and find a realtime list of servers. The client can be found at If any of you have any questions or comments about any of the information or need information to post on AvP or AvP Gold Edition feel free to email

    Keep in mind that Fox's .plans are offered off of http://finger.stomped.comunder the Fox Interactive listing.

    Nox Giveaway - Falcon @ 3:18 pm PST
    The Gamer's Press is giving away a copy of Nox !

    The details are as follows (From the front page of Gamers press:

    Here’s the deal… Our own RPG guru Jaster recently wrote up a great review of Westwood’s newest Action/RPG title Nox. The rest of us here at Gamer’s Press wanted to give you ­ our loyal audience ­ the chance to win a copy of Nox to enjoy for yourself. The problem was that Jaster refused to let us have it, locked himself in his palatial Hollywood estate and surrounded himself with his personal elite guard and a pack of trained attack dogs. Fortunately, our fearless Editor-in-Chief and myself decided to storm the grounds with the intent on recovering the stolen game and returning it to our readers. We brought along with us Stinger ­ a Marketing professional by trade ­ and used him to bait the dogs and attract the gunfire of the armed guards. While three German Shepards were mauling Stinger, the Chief and I were able to shoot Jaster with an elephant tranquilizer, successfully retrieve the copy of Nox, and make our escape with the game intact. Tragically, Stinger’s whereabouts are unknown ­ he was last seen trying to sell “broadband digital architecture” to one of the attack dogs.

    Since our thoughts are all with our fallen Marketer friend, we figured our Nox giveaway should be dedicated to him. So here’s what you need to do to enter the contest…

    Send us a detailed description of how you would use medieval weaponry to kill or maim a suit-wearing Marketing Executive, and you may win a copy of the Westwood’s fun new Action/RPG “Nox”. Send all entries to, and we’ll select a winner ­ based on what we think is funny ­ at the end of next week.

    New Gore Shots - the_culture @ 1:41 pm PST
    The game that won't quit (looking like Quake) has three new shots showing off some models in multiplayer mode. Here's what the official site has to say about Gore:
    "Gore is a first person 3D Action Shooter with a compelling plot, intelligent NPCs, and state-of-the-art technology.

    Gore's involved storyline moves the player through three different episodes: post-apocalyptic Earth, medieval Earth, and an alien homeworld. Each environment has it's own style and content, including new monsters, weapons, and abilities. Gore has indoor, outdoor, low-gravity environments, and more."

    Reviews - the_culture @ 1:30 pm PST
    Here's what everyone's talking about:
  • GameCenter has a review of the ATi Rage Fury MAXX.
  • The Diamond Viper II got the royal treatment from Cole3D.
  • Midiland's S4/7100 speaker system was reviewed by Hardware Central and Gamer's Depot.
  • New Demos Released - the_culture @ 1:17 pm PST
    Two new demos were released today over at 3D Files. First up, an updated demo of High Heat Baseball 2001. The other is X-Plane 5.22. Each weighs in near 40 megs.

    BG2 Chat Log - the_culture @ 1:03 pm PST
    If you weren't able to attend, BG Chronicles have posted the Baldur's Gate chat log from last night. Quite a party. There were seven members of BioWare and three from Interplay. Head on over and take a gander>/a>.

    Snow Terrorist Model at CS - MystikaL @ 7:58 am PST
    The Official Counterstrike MOD Site, which features the Counterstrike Mod (of course) for Half-Life, has updated it's main page with a juicy new screenshot. That's right folks, Beta 6 will indeed feature the snow terrorist.

    AoE II Expansion Pack Details - Gibb @ 6:54 am PST
    Microsoft has released the initial detials of The Conquerers, the add on pack for Age of Empires II. There is a preview up at Gamecenter, available right here.

    Invictus Demo - Gibb @ 6:50 am PST
    Interplay has released a demo for Invictus, their strategic RPG set in a mythological time. It weighs it at a whopping 103.5 megs(!) and is available for downlaod here.
    Source: Blues News

    OpForce Demo Available - Gibb @ 6:47 am PST
    Landon Montgomery of Gearbox updated his .plan informing the public of an Opposing Force demo available here. There is a small version, (30 megs) if you have Half-Life, and a stand alone version (70 megs) if you don't have Half-Life.

    Interview: Raven Software: Kenn Hoekstra - Falcon @ 1:18 am PST
    Hypothermia has posted an interview with Raven Software's Kenn Hoekstra.
    Since we are old friends, and hang out together all the time, share a little something with us that many people might be surprised to know about you.

    I have a KISS tattoo on my left arm up near my shoulder. (Imagine my dismay when they announced their farewell tour recently) Ten years from now my kids will point at my arm and say, "What does that mean, Daddy?" and I’ll have to say "Nothing, kids...and no, you can’t get a tattoo until you’re 35!" =)

    (Betcha didnt know that)

    Gunship Preview - Falcon @ 1:13 am PST has posted a preview of Hasbro Interactive's upcoming rotor sim, Gunship!
    The player is able to fly four different helo's in Gunship!. The AH-64D Apache, WAH-64D Apache, UHT-2 Tiger, and the Mi-28N Havoc are available in both single player and campaign missions. Each of these choppers has a unique suite of armament.

    $100,000 - Falcon @ 12:45 am PST
    That should have gotten your attention... no not some scam or whatever, but rather the grand prize of the Microsoft Virtual Gold Association Tour. Read on for more details.

    Microsoft today announced that the, and the first tournament on the tour starts March 10. There is no fee to participate in the VGA Tour.

    Beginning on March 10, PC golf gamers will compete using Microsoft's Links LS 2000 in a series of monthly multiplayer golf tournaments that map to the real-world's best golf events, including the British Open at St. Andrews, Bay Hill Invitational and Western Open at Cog Hill. Players will accumulate money board earnings based on their performances in these monthly tournaments. In October, the top 70 money board leaders will compete in an online semi-finals tournament. The outcome of this event will determine the top four players who will be flown, all expenses paid, to Hawaii to compete in-person for the $100,000 grand prize at a world-class Hawaiian course in November.

    To participate in the VGA, players must be registered and have a copy of Links LS 2000 and the VGA courses. The Links VGA courses are available for download at The VGA courses are also included in the Links LS 2000 10-Course Pack enhancement, or are available from EB World for a nominal cost.

    Modeled after the real-world golf tournaments of the PGA Tour, PGA of America, and USGA, the VGA Tour offers a series of sponsored online golf tournaments that are comparable in size, scope, and visual appeal to the actual professional golfers' tour. The VGA features realistic tour conditions from golf simulation Links LS 2000, major corporate sponsors including flagship sponsor, and the involvement of golf legend Arnold Palmer as well as other pro golfers.

    The VGA Tour schedule is as follows:

    * March: Bay Hill
    * April: Harbor Town
    * May: Mauna Kea
    * June: Cog Hill
    * July: St. Andrews
    * August: Firestone
    * September: Covered Bridge
    * October -- SEMI-FINALS: Innisbrook
    * November - FINALS: To Be Announced (Hawaii)

    Build-a-Bot Giveaway! - Falcon @ 12:27 am PST
    Psygnosis and Gamer's Alliance have teamed up to give away some awesome prizes in anticipation of the upcoming launch of Metal Fatigue! Check out their contest page for rules and our exclusive contest Combot part.

    Stomped Win the Future Contenst - Falcon @ 12:23 am PST
    Stomped has a Win The Future contest, where the winner will receive a copy of Diablo II, Halo, and Team Fortress II once they are released. Details are found at this location
    Also, Raven Software's Bob Love gives Stomped @ E3 his memories and expectations of the event. Catch it at

    GamesXtreme news - Falcon @ 12:03 am PST
    Games Xtreme have put up a lengthy Preview of Soldier of Fortune detailing all the multiplayer features, the weapons and a major feature.

    They have also put up a Review of Altantis 2 on the PC:

    From the starting movie sequence this looked like quite a good game but as soon as I started playing the game my initial excitement turned to "what on earth is this!" I thought it was going to be a decent first person perspective walk around adventure game but it wasn't even a poor first person perspective walk around game. You navigate around the game by clicking an area on the screen then the game redraws the surrounding area from the point you just clicked on - there is no walking around! I mean how dull is that!
    And last but not least a review of the excellent Resident Evil 2 on the N64:
    This is the kind of game where you kill, or be killed! In Resident Evil 2, You basically run around Killing zombies, monsters, and all sorts of creatures! you also need to solve quite a lot of puzzles/tasks in order to get further into the game. This really is an edge of your seat kind of a game! I think that the team behind resident Evil 2 have perfectly combined the Graphics music and sound effects to bring you a game which should make you jump right out of your skin! ...quite a lot!

    Friday, March 03, 2000
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    Leadtek Winfast S320 II Pro Article - Falcon @ 11:56 pm PST
    Digital Clips has just published an article on Leadtek's Winfast S320II Pro graphics card. Despite the advent of speedy GeForce SDR/DDR cards, the TNT2 Pro-equipped S320II Pro fares exceptionally well in their benchmarks and makes for one hell of a low-end graphics card, combining a slim price with impressive performance. The article can be found here

    Crimson Skies Preview - MystikaL @ 7:17 pm PST
    Storm, has written up yet another preview, this time on Crimson Skies. You can check out the preview, along with the screenshots, here.

    Mech Commander2 Preview - Raven @ 6:33 pm PST
    Mech Commander2 is the second Real Time Strategy game in the battle-tech universe. (well 3rd if you include Revenge) The game is under devolopment over at Microsoft, and so far MC2 is looking wonderful. Gamespot have done up a preview of MC2, and in the preview have some new screenshots of the game. Everything mentioned in the preview is positive, and they mention a load of improvements that will make the game even more popular then the original was.
    MC2 Shot

    View the preview here.

    Collectors Edition Diablo2 set - Raven @ 6:21 pm PST
    This one comes from Susan Wooly of Blizzard Entertainment has sent world that Blizzard is working on a limited edition collectors set for Diablo2. Heres the quote:
    "Blizzard Entertainment announces a one-time production run of Diablo II Collector's Edition. Available only during Diablo II's initial launch, this special edition will be offered in limited quantities. The Collector's Edition will include Diablo II on four CD-ROMs, a 24-minute Diablo II cinematic on DVD in wide-screen letter box format, the Diablo II soundtrack with 70 minutes of music, the Wizards of the Coast pencil-and-paper role-playing game based on the AD&D rule set and a Diablo II manual signed by the development team. Diablo II Collector's Edition will be available exclusively at Babbages, Electronics Boutique and direct from Blizzard. The expected price for the product will be $60 - $70."
    A great game and a great package, now all we need is for Blizzard to release Diablo2.

    Motocross Madness 2 Preview - MystikaL @ 6:11 pm PST
    Storm, our newest preview guru, has slapped up his latest. The preview takes a look at Motocross Madness 2, Microsofts sequal to their explosive hit, Motocross Madness.

    PC Gamers Top 50 - Gibb @ 5:06 pm PST
    In April's issue of PC Gamer they released their version of the top 50 games of all time. Kudos to Blizzard with Starcraft coming in 2nd, Diable in 3rd, and WarCraft II in 5th. I'm sure it's no surprise to anyway that Valve's Half-Life came in first.

    GameSpot Galore - Death~rider @ 3:26 pm PST
    The guys over at GameSpot have been working overtime. We have 3 things to throw at ya. First off is a Preview of the upcoming Star Wars RTS, Force Commander. Secondly, they have a Q&A up of an invterview with Verant Producer, Brad McQuaid, about the upcoming Everquest expansion, Ruins of Kunark. And last but not least, they've gotten their hands on 2 very nice demos. One of Shadow Watch and another of Metal Fatigue. Go grab em!

    Nanosaur for Linux - MystikaL @ 6:53 am PST
    Three Axis Interactive announced that it will be porting the incredibly popular Macintosh game, Nanosaur, for Linux. Here is a taste:

    "Originally released as ``charity-ware'' by Pangea, the game was available for download from the web and was bundled on all new iMacs by Apple Computer, Inc. Though Pangea now sells Nanosaur as shareware because of the server costs incurred, Three Axis will be keeping with the spirit of the original ``charity-ware'' concept. Charity-ware encourages users to donate to charities in lieu of paying for games. ``We are very excited to be porting such a visually-stunning game from the Mac,'' said Kyle Albert, the company's President and CEO. ``Nanosaur is an extraordinary game, and we can't wait to make it available to Linux users at no cost."
    Source: Agn 3d

    "And the band played on..." - the_culture @ 1:20 am PST
    I noticed over at 3DFiles that Nullsoft has released Winamp 2.61. This MP3 (and everything else) player is awesome and I urge you to download it.

    New 3D Realms Site Design - the_culture @ 1:11 am PST
    Well, Joe finally put up the new site and it looks good. But I am severely depressed. Programmer Corrinne Yu, who was working on future engine technology for 3D Realms, is not listed under the "Bios" section. What gives? Does she no longer work there? Poor little Prey, I guess he was never meant to be.

    Thursday, March 02, 2000
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    Interviews @ WGL - Falcon @ 11:19 pm PST
    Our affiliates, WGL have just conducted 4 new interviews.
    They include a short interview with GX staff member and former BW player D22-Soso and three interviews with WGL participants, Atlas (Imports), The Drunken Monkeys and BlackDeath-[DX].
    these can be reached from here

    Screenshots - Falcon @ 11:14 pm PST
    Heres the latest round of Screenshots that the guys over at GA have been sent:

    Nine new hi-res (1024x768) 5 new screenshots from Epic's recently released the Unreal Tournament bonus pack.

    Two following screenshots from Rebellion on upcoming futuristic 3D action RPG.

    The following six new screenshots for Digital Anvil's upcoming space combat game, Starlancer.

    Three new screenshots from Rage Software about their upcoming 3D action/strategy title, Hostile Waters.

    Some exclusive screenshots from Croteam's (a Croatian developer) upcoming 3D action shooter, Serious Sam.

    Dogfighter Updates - Falcon @ 11:02 pm PST
    The links i made on this post previously were wrong, so here they are again.
    (Repost) The Dogfighter network has had quite a few updates over the past week, here is a list of a couple:

    Rock'n'Ride Review
    A review of a personal motion simulator manufactured by Cyberspace Gmbh

    WarBirds and the Real Deal -- Part II
    The second half of the interview by David Williams with James "Stocky" Edwards, DFC DFM CDpublish it.

    Flight Sim 2k SDK#2 Released - Falcon @ 10:52 pm PST
    Microsoft today announced the release of the second section of the Flight Simulator 2000 Software Development Kit (SDK). The Flight Simulator 2000 SDK is available for download on the Flight Simulator 2000 page

    The second in a series of downloadable sections, the Flight Simulator 2000 SDK contains all the information needed for flight sim enthusiasts to modify aircraft and write add-on products to take advantage of the title's built-in multiplayer functionality. The Flight Simulator 2000 APL SDK is intended for experienced software developers familiar with a high level programming language such as C++. (Microsoft Product Support cannot offer assistance in using the SDK or for developers creating add-on products)

    Future releases of the Flight Simulator 2000 Software Development Kit will provide information on topics such as Panels & Gauges and Scenery. The first section of the SDK, released last month, contains all the information needed for flight sim enthusiasts to create their own adventures and lessons for Flight Simulator 2000. To learn more about the Flight Simulator 2000 APL SDK, visit the title's official site here

    Flight Simulator 2000 continues Microsoft's tradition of working directly with aircraft manufacturers, pilot organizations, flight training organizations, respected flight instructors, aeronautical engineers, and other leaders in aviation to add authenticity and experience to the product. Key partners include Jeppesen Sanderson, Cessna, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), Flight Safety International, Bell Helicopter Textron Inc., Mooney Aircraft Corp., Systems Management Inc.; and pilots John and Martha King, Rod Machado and Patty Wagstaff. Flight Simulator 2000 is currently available at retail locations around the globe.

    Alien Legion Shots - the_culture @ 10:50 pm PST
    I don't know about you, but I can't get enough of Unreal engine-based games. That engine is clean! Need proof? Check out UnrealKingdom. They received one, two, three, four, five exclusive shots of Alien Legion. Visit NexsInteractive for more info on this good-looking game.

    AOE2, Revenant Reviews - Falcon @ 10:49 pm PST
    NGNetwork has released two new reviews tonight. The first is for Microsoft's Age of Empire's 2, and the second is for Cinematix' Revenant.

  • AOE2
  • Revenant

    Sims Review - Falcon @ 10:42 pm PST
    (Will these never stop?) The Dawg Pound Network has posted it's very own review of The Sims. Here's a tasty piece to get you started:
    "As you probably already know, Maxis is the acclaimed developer of the hit SimCity line of games, so it’s only natural that this extraordinarily qualified sim-developer would take their ideas one step further. The Sims is similar to SimCity, but the premise has radically changed. Instead of controlling an entire city, you control only one small neighborhood, and you do it one house at a time. Now this may not sound very appealing at first, especially if you’re mostly interested in action games and first-person shooters. However, the Sims doesn’t rely on edge-of-your-seat action or the decapitation of your friends over the internet, but instead relies on immersing the player into the role of a god, letting you control every aspect of an entire family’s daily routine. The game is relaxing, and you’ll be very surprised when you see how the hours just slip by while playing."

    Interviews @ Stomped - Falcon @ 10:37 pm PST
    Stomped is on a roll today with not one but two new interviews.

    On the Stomped @ E3 site, they have a talk with Douglas Lowenstein, the head of the Interactive Digital Software Association, the organisation that actually owns the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

    On the main Stomped site, they chat with Brian Zucker, Dell Computers's Dimension Engineering Manager, on Dell's recent launch of their unique (for now) NVidia GeForce 256 card with 64 MB of RAM.

    Also, we continue our E3 memories and expectations posting with Tom Kudirka, the president of 2015, at our main Stomped @ E3 page at

    AvP Gold edition news - Falcon @ 10:34 pm PST
    Avpnews has an exclusive reveiling of AvP Gold Edition up right now. The news post is found at this page and the page with the exclusive screenshots and level names is located here. There is also the official date of release for the Gold Edition to stores. This news is hot and no one has any definte information about the Gold Edition except for this page. Thanks for your time

    Interview: Gunlok - Falcon @ 10:32 pm PST
    Gunlok is a futuristic 3D action RPG being developed by Oxford-based developer, Rebellion (Aliens vs Predator).

    The following is an in-depth interview with Jason Kingsley, Creative Director on Gunlok - includes a new exclusive screenshot.

    Daikatana Preview - Death~rider @ 7:37 pm PST
    GameLinks has a preview of the loooooooong awaited Daikatana. So check out the preview of this awesome game.

    Vampire: Masquerade - Death~rider @ 7:16 pm PST
    GameSpot has their second part of their character preview for Vampire: The Masquerade Redemption up. In this part, they focus on Serena, a mysterious vampire ally of our main character, Christof. You can read all about her and the game right here.

    Action UT Shots - Intrepid @ 6:56 pm PST
    Action UT is a popular mod which will be coming to UT soon. They've recently updated their site with a few shots, so check them out.

    Nox Review - Intrepid @ 6:54 pm PST
    GibWorld has slapped up a review of Westwood's Nox. Here's a snippet:
    Each character starts off with a campaign tailored to their own specific abilities. The warrior, for example, has to become a 'fire knight' by running the local gauntlet, but the mage starts off entirely differently, helping an elderly wizard find his apprentice. As the game develops the missions eventually become the same, but with different sub-plots and character interactions. NPCs that are helpful with one kind of character may be very hostile towards another. Progression through the game is not easy - along with the troubles associated with fighting enemies, your equipment will also suffer wear and tear and need repairing. The damage incurred on your armor is also directly proportional to the force of the enemy hitting it. During the final boss encounter, for example, I went through over 2 whole suits of enchanted heavy metal armor - something that normally lasts for ages!

    Heart of Stone Preview - Intrepid @ 6:44 pm PST
    CGO is featuring a preview of Heart of Stone. This upcoming title from Pyro Studios is a "3D strategic adventure", and conept art/screen shots are in the preview as well.

    Elite Force Preview - Intrepid @ 6:42 pm PST
    AVault has a preview of Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, giving alot of details on the upcoming Q3 Engine-powered action title.

    BGII Interview - Intrepid @ 6:39 pm PST
    James Ohlen spoke with Baldur's Gate Chronicles in an interview regarding the upcoming sequel to the RPG.

    PHL Pic of the Day - MystikaL @ 6:38 pm PST
    Planet Half-Life, a Gamespy Network Site, has a really cool looking pic of the day that seems inspired by the Matrix, but Counterstrike Style. Check it out!

    GeForce Reviews - the_culture @ 6:18 pm PST
    I was talking to my cat, Titus, today and we both agree GeForce’s are cool. Now I just need to get my hands one on. Would any of you fine readers like to send my one? I didn’t think so… :(
  • GameFan whipped up a review of the Creative Labs Annihilator Pro.
  • The ASUS V6800 Deluxe DDR was reviewed by Firing Squad.
  • And Gamers Depot threw together a review of the Annihilator Pro.

  • Hard Truck 2 Preview - MystikaL @ 5:18 pm PST
    Our newest member, Storm, has slapped up his preview of Hard Truck 2, which you can check out here!

    Urban Ops Interview - the_culture @ 3:33 pm PST
    We’re getting ever closer to its release. Rogue Spear Recon’s played 10 questions with Steve Cotton, Producer for Urban Ops. They also have an impressive screen gallery.

    Ground Control Screenshots - MystikaL @ 2:41 pm PST
    Massive Entertainment, the creators of Ground Control, have sent 2 exclusive screenshots our way, which you can check out at the screenshots page. Also, make sure you check out our Ground Control preview while your here.

    Previews For Your Enjoyment - the_culture @ 10:03 am PST
    Looks like all you Vanilla Ice fans will get a new album… ah, sorry. Wrong post. I’ve got a few previews for you lovely GameSurge fans:

  • AVault put together a preview of Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, a FPS powered by the almighty Quake III engine. Sorry, no new screenshots.
  • Another FPS, XCOM: Alliance, gets a short preview from Gamspot UK. They have nine shots to look at. Gamespot UK says they will have more screenshots and information next week.
  • Computer Games Online just whipped up two previews. One of Heart of Stone, a 3D "strategic adventure." The other is of Praetorians, a realtime strategy game. Both have screenshots to help you decipher what’s going on.

  • Dues Ex demo - Raven @ 1:01 am PST
    Dues Ex is one of the hottest titles, awaiting release, in the PC world. This First Person Shooter, is powered by the Unreal Tournament graphics engine and fits somewhere inbetween the gaming genres of RPG and Action. Pretty impressive!

    Sadly however, those of you who were expecting a pre-release demo for Dues Ex are going to be very disapointed. GA Source has, in a recent article reported that a demo for DE will not be completed until about the same time the game is. Read the full article for more details.

    Quick Links: This Time It's Personal - the_culture @ 12:41 am PST
    Boy, I'm on a lame streak. Blame on the food. In fact, listen to this. I order four hard tacos, no lettuce. They give four of the wimpiest looking tacos(?) you've ever seen. Feel sorry for me? I hope so...

  • I’m not sure what this game’s about but EuroGamer got two screenshots of The Dreamland Chronicles: Freedom Ridge from Virgin. Shot 1. Shot 2.
  • GameSpot UK received 12 new screenshots of The Devil Inside. I believe this game is under French development, which would explain these shots.
  • A fan of madcap racing? Neither am I. But AVault has six new screenshots of Midtown Madness 2. And GA-Sports (won’t touch that one) has a their own first look with eight screenshots to boot.
  • Ok, how about this one? Seven new full color stills of MechCommander 2.
  • What a coincidence! I was just telling my friend that I am a Loose Cannon. Evil Avatar has posted 15(!) new screenshots of the action game, Loose Cannon.

  • FF12-15 Likely - Raven @ 12:37 am PST
    This little stories comes from Final Fantasy Online.
    "Square today made it apparent that they are not going to be stopping the Final Fantasy series after number 11 hits stores next year. They have purchased 12 domain names pertaining to Final Fantasy titles 12-15"
    Those of you who have been keeping up with Squaresoft would knew that they have recently been working on FF9 FF10 and FF11. So the addition of those new domains, ontop of their present workload, shows that Squaresoft is definately looking ahead, and more importantly that Squaresoft has every intention on continuing the FF universe for a while yet. Final Fantasy games have captured the minds of audiences all over the world and both FF7 and FF8 have been smash hits on multiple platforms, the addition on new titles to this universe is definately a good thing.

    If you would like some more details about the new domains head here.

    More Previews Than A Disney Film - the_culture @ 12:36 am PST
    Ah, sorry. I just had Del Taco. Oh well, on with the previews.

  • I’m not sure if this is a preview or an exercise in schizophrenia, but Future Gamer has one (take your pick) of Take 2’s up-coming RTS Dogs of War. They also include a few screenshots for those who are frightened of the written form of media.
  • Both Firing Squad and Daily Radar posted reviews of Microsoft’s Crimson Skies. Don’t know about you, but this game looks lame.
  • Ever wonder what the earth will be like in 2150? GameCenter knows because they did a preview of Topware’s new game, Earth 2150. Da-dun! *cue dramatic music*
  • After I made that crack about Star Trek, I guess I should follow up with some good news. GameSpot UK claims to have a preview of Star Trek: Armada. You better check that out, ensign.
  • The best racing series ever keeps getting better. GameSpot UK put another preview, this one covering NFS: Porsche Unleashed. Also, The Sports Gaming Network (sounds like someone’s been watching way too much ESPN) got behind the wheel and posted a hands-on preview of NFS: PU. I wonder if you’ll be able to drive Fords…
  • Incite Games put together another damn fine *wink wink* preview w/ screenshots. This involves Star Trek: Armada. Yes, you’ll have to click the link to read it. Sorry.
  • PC.IGN, the only gaming site on-par with Incite, threw together a preview of Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee. I’m not sure what people see in this game, but here you go.
  • Mech Warrior4 screens - Raven @ 12:20 am PST
    Well come on, I don't know about you, but in my case Mech Warrior 3 certainly didn't quench my thirst for moving round in 40foot robots and leveling entire cities... Mech Warrior4 however just might!

    The Adrenaline Vault in its usual fasion has come up with 6 high res screen shots of Mech Warrior4. The Shots look.... AMAZING! I am definately going to hang out for this game! There is very little actually actual information about MW4 on Avault, however the screenshots are definately worth seeing. Check the shots here.

    Dark Reign 2 Box - Raven @ 12:10 am PST
    The realease date for DR2 is definately drawing nearer.. Strategy fans only have a little longer left to wait until they can play this hyped up title, and see if it can do a little better then its predecessor did (I was a bit of a Dark Reign critic). Listed below is a possible cover for the game, not to bad IMO. Why don't some of you give your opinions on our forum?

    Wizards and Warriors RPG - Raven @ 12:01 am PST
    Gamespot has just done up a preview of "Wizards and Warriors", a new Role Playing Game title from Activision. At first glance this game looks like another Everquest spawn, however Gamespot were impressed by the game and have given it quite a wrap. The game has been four years in the making and bosts a ton of features. All the RPG fans will probabaly want to check this out as W&W could be an upcoming BIG THING in the RPG world. Check the preview here.

    Wednesday, March 01, 2000
    Got News? Comments? Send it in! Help/Info/Contacts | Forum
    Can't find what you're looking for? Send a request!

    Stomped news - Falcon @ 11:03 pm PST
    Stomped has sent word that they've begun giving ad revenue out to hosted sites. Here is what they had to say about it:

    We've been wanting to give back even more to them for a long time and now we're doing it. Not only do we give free hosting with a bang up squad of people, more features than most other hosting programs, and a stomped e-mail address, but now we offer money too! And sorry, but we are not currently hosting clan sites. We are looking at doing this in the near future. Really :)

    Also from Stomped E3, Ritual Entertainment programmer Jack Mathews has written his memories and expectations of the E3.

    Thirdly Stomped has released their first monthly desktop calendar, you can view the wallpaper page here

    Rising Sun Review - Falcon @ 10:53 pm PST
    The Dawg Pound Network- just posted a review of the recently released Rising Sun by Talonsoft. To get you fellas started, here's a tasty chunk:
    "The game contains 5 scenarios to help you learn the game, 4 Bootcamp scenarios and a Tutorial scenario entitled Storming Wakde Island. To help you jump into the game the Player's Guide contains a Tutorial by Glenn Saunders and Doug Bevard that is even more extensive then previous ones found in the EF or WF manuals, somewhere in the length of 15000 words. Added to that are the BOOTCAMP Docs which add another 15,000 words or more then twice the size of what was written for EF2. Together the two provide for a powerful learning experience - better than any of the games on both counts. Along with instructions and the tutorial, the Player's Guide contains Unit and Weapon Data on every piece of man or materiel in the game. It is also worth noting the numerous designer notes that are scattered throughout the Players Guide which help explain why something is done this way or that. Also, Eddy Avecdo wrote one hell of a good tactic article in the players guide too. Well worth a read."

    Q3Q1DM2 Map Strat guide - Falcon @ 10:47 pm PST
    Hellhound has a new strategy guide up, this one is for the Q3 conversion Claustrophobopolis (Q1dm2) map, that was one of the best Quake maps ever. The strategy guide gives tips on how to successfully dominate the map, what strategies to use in what areas of the map and on how to avoid opponents taking over the RL areas. It should help Quake 3 Players new, or experienced.

    They have recently put up a new Skin of the month, this one being the Disco skin X-Patriot.

    Dogfighter updates - Falcon @ 10:45 pm PST
    The Dogfighter network has had quite a few updates over the past week, here is a list of a couple:

    Rock'n'Ride Review
    A review of a personal motion simulator manufactured by Cyberspace Gmbh

    WarBirds and the Real Deal -- Part II
    The second half of the interview by David Williams with James "Stocky" Edwards, DFC DFM CDpublish it.

    Interview: O.R.B. - Falcon @ 10:40 pm PST
    O.R.B., an acronym for Off World Resource Base, is a 3D real-time space strategy game that weaves the tale of an epic struggle between two planets vying for control of a vast asteroid belt.

    Check out the interview with Jamie McNeely, Executive Producer and Phil O'Connor, Producer, to find out more about this ambitious strategy offering. This interview also includes 6 new hi-res screenshots (1024x768).

    Bubble, Bubble, toil and trouble - Falcon @ 10:39 pm PST
    Digital-clips has launched their latest editorial column: Paperview. Their newest writer Phillip "Froggie" Wei will delve into the latest issues surrounding technology and the internet and the impact that it has on our society and the way we live.

    In his first column, Phillip claws around the "bubble economy" and the over inflated prices of technology stocks. Needless to say, we all think we have an answer. The question is, do you agree with Phillip?

    Here's a blurb from the column:
    "Economics, the scientific study of managing, distributing and consuming goods dictates that for something to be worth something, it has to – well – be worth something. Following similar deductive reasoning, it would seem worthwhile to buy something only if you were gaining an advantage of some sort. Clearly it seems illogical to sell a twenty-dollar bill for a hundred dollars. Not unless you are Earl Deng. But then again, that can be another whole editorial by itself, which, I might supply if there is a demand. =)"

    Win a copy of Q3A - Falcon @ 10:36 pm PST
    NorthShire Gamers is giving away a free copy of Q3A, so if you havent got the dough to dish out to buy it (if you havent already), make sure to enter. Click hereto enter. Good Luck!

    "Obi-Wan never told you who your father was..." - the_culture @ 10:14 pm PST
    Ah yeah, Jedi. GameSpot posted a preview of Force Commander. This 3D RTS from LucasArts is looking pretty good, I might add. I sure hope this game owns. Now I can purge my system of those Star Trek shots. :)

    Mmm, Quick Links - the_culture @ 7:13 pm PST
    That's right. I'm serving them hot, so get them while you can.

  • AVault got their hands on four new shots of the up-coming game, MechWarrior 4.
  • It's nice to see Chris Taylor (of Total Annihilation fame) back in the news. put up nine smart-looking screens of his new 3D action/RPG Dugeon Siege.
  • Not to be outdone by Star Trek:, FederationHQ posted 12 new screenshots of ST: Armada. Those shots look clean. I think this game just might give Force Commander a run for its money.
  • Official Urban Ops Site - the_culture @ 6:55 pm PST
    I can't wait for this game! The official Urban Operations site is up and has links to Features, Screenshots, and Designer Logs. This is the mission pack for Rogue Spear from Red Storm.

    The Sims Review - MystikaL @ 6:15 pm PST
    I've posted my latest review, this time of The Sims, a life simulator by good old Maxis. Check it out here!

    Ground Control Preview - MystikaL @ 5:17 pm PST
    Gamesurge has whipped up a preview of Ground Control, Sierra's upcoming 3d RTS. You can check out the preview here.

    The Poll - MystikaL @ 1:56 pm PST
    I believe the Poll has already been reset for some odd reason. The results before it had been reset were around 1200 votes with TF2 in the lead, and Diablo II following.

    SOF Preview at DaPound - MystikaL @ 1:54 pm PST
    The Dawg Pound has posted a completely revised preview of Soldier of Fortune which you can check out here. First, here is a taste:

    The graphics are top-notch. If they were focusing on realism in this aspect, they did a great job. The characters look fairly human, though…heh…the main character is a joke. After seeing all these thugs, working along side your big-ass partner, and decapitating every bad guy in site, you'd expect your character, John Mullins, to be a sly military undercover agent, dressed in black, with a pair of tinted shades to seal his identity, right? Well, this guy looks more like the dude from Walker Texas Ranger than anything. It's pretty funny, to say the least. Now, ahh having said that, the environments themselves are very nice. The train is kinda, boring, but hey, there's only so much you can do to the top of a train to make it look interesting. As I said previously, the gore factor is up there, so really hope you like the color red, as it will be present throughout the entire game. The explosions and special effects are decent, but still leave a little something desired. I mean, come on, if you can decapitate someone in about 15 different ways, I'd think we could expect a realistic explosion when blowing a gas container. A minor letdown, but we shall see how it turns out.

    More Content - MystikaL @ 8:28 am PST
    We should have a review up of The Sims later today, along with a preview of Ground Control, so stay tuned.

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