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    Archive for July, 2000

    Monday, July 31, 2000

    Nox Quest Available Tomorrow - Falcon @ 6:24 pm PST
    Westwood Studios' Nox Quest ready for worldwide release

    Cooperative adventuring enhancement to be released Aug. 1

    LAS VEGAS, July 31, 2000 - Nox Quest, the free game enhancement Nox(tm) fans around the world have been waiting for, is finished and will be available for download, between 5 and 8pm, Tuesday, August 1, at

    Nox, the worldwide best-selling action-RPG, was released by Westwood Studios and Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:ERTS) in February to huge critical and fan
    acclaim. A copy of Nox is required to play Nox Quest, the free enhancement.

    The enhancement will allow 1 to 6 players to adventure together through a variety of exotic settings, fighting a menagerie of bizarre creatures and collecting powerful magical items. The Nox Quest game never ends, but continues to challenge players with ever more difficult adventures. Once the party survives one quest, the next will contain tougher monsters who deal more damage than the last.

    Players will adventure through intricately designed maps such as the Castle of Pain, the Dark Crypts, the Bandit's Forest, the Underworld, the Dismal Swamp, the Mana Mines, the Land of the Dead, and the Ancient Ruins.

    Each of these maps contain many hidden and secret areas. In addition, all of the items found on these maps are randomly distributed, including spells, warrior skills, weapons, armor, and magical artifacts. Players will collect these items and become more powerful as they continue to adventure.

    Players make their way through Quest maps fighting hordes of monsters, avoiding hazards, solving puzzles, and searching for secret areas. In Nox Quest, the evil sorceress Hecubah has constructed Summoning Obelisks throughout the world, which spawn a ceaseless horde of fiendish beasts. Your group must destroy each obelisk to end the invasion of bloodthirsty creatures.

    Also, Hecubah and her Necromancer minions may make cameo appearances from time to time, if she thinks the adventuring party is getting a little too confident.

    Nox is a game of savage combat and sneaky tactics set in a mystical land filled with discovery and deceit. Nox's lightning-fast action is fueled by a combat system that's easy to use yet gives players tremendous gameplay depth and infinite possibilities. With more than 100 unique spells and weapons, players must use their wits to create devious combinations and tricky

    The battle happens in the world of Nox, which Westwood's game designers have filled with intricate detail. The top down viewpoint gives players an expansive view of the world. True line of sight means never knowing what's around the next corner, creating an intense level of suspense.

    The single player game will take gamers through the three lands of Nox, pitting you against vicious monsters and powerful wizards. Driven by an epic story, you'll progress up skill levels and learn three schools of combat: the way of the Warrior, the knowledge of Conjurer, and the disciplines of the Wizard.

    Even before the Nox Quest cooperative enhancement add-on, the game offered an intense multiplayer experience with five multiplayer options: death matches (teams and free-for all melees), Capture the Flag, King of the Realm and Flag Ball. Multiplay is supported through Westwood Online, an online gaming service with more than a million members.

    MS XDK's Shiped - Falcon @ 6:22 pm PST
    Microsoft Ignites Xbox Game Development Worldwide

    REDMOND, Wash. - Microsoft Corp. today announced that it has shipped its first Xbox software developer kits (XDKs) to game designers worldwide, enabling them to create great games for the future-generation Xbox video game system that is scheduled to ship in fall 2001. The company estimates that by the end of this summer, more than 1,000 XDKs will be deployed to more than 100 companies developing Microsoft-approved Xbox games.

    "Microsoft is committed to working with the best game developers and publishers to ensure a highly successful Xbox launch next fall," said Robbie Bach, senior vice president of Microsoft's Games Division. "Reaching this major milestone more than 15 months before availability gives developers the resources and information they need to create rich Xbox launch titles.

    The XDK is a high-performance, easy-to-use development platform that allows developers to focus on the art of game design without wrestling with the technology. Like Xbox, the XDK is based on familiar Intel and NVIDIA chip design and Microsoft's popular DirectX® 8 API development tools, which enable movie-quality rendering, superior audio and action-packed game play.

    The three-phase, XDK programbegins with an upgradeable PC-based development system available today and culminates with customized console units delivered to developers in early 2001. Throughout the Xbox development process, designers will receive instant access to updated software and tools as they mature.

    Today's PC-based XDK system is designed to provide developers with maximum freedom to create. It includes early graphics hardware, a large hard drive, a beta version of DirectX 8, technical documentation, and off-the shelf game pads that simulate Xbox functionality.

    Cheating In D2 - Falcon @ 6:16 pm PST
    Now that Diablo II has been out for a month, and the Macintosh version is available, there are several character editing programs for the game, referred to as "trainers" and "hacks."
    PlanetDiablo's first article delves into the subject of cheating in not only Diablo II, but briefly discusses the history of cheating throughout the Diablo series. Since the time when trainers spread all over Battle.Net in the first Diablo, often ruining the experience of many players who were seeking fun and legitimate multi-player gameplay, cheating has been a hot topic.
    The article also covers the innovative, new types of characters that Blizzard North created for Diablo II, one of them to provide a completely safe haven for legitimate gamers: Open characters and Realm characters. But which of these types is for you? This article debates them, providing the positive and negative points of each type. Lastly, the editorial discusses the ethics of cheating, and how the use of trainers can sometimes prove to be fun and useful in several ways, as long as they aren't abused.

    D2 Giveaway - Falcon @ 6:13 pm PST
    Over at Espudd is a giveaway a full copy of Diablo II.
    This is a five day event that will begin on Monday July 31st.

    HoM&M Chronicles Preview - Falcon @ 6:11 pm PST
    This weekend's preview on EuroGamer takes a look at the "Heroes of Might & Magic Chronicles", a quartet of new games in the long-running turn-based strategy / role-playing series.

    "The "Heroes of Might & Magic" series is something of an enigma - despite an increasingly outdated graphics engine, sticking resolutely to its turn-based roots in this age of real time strategy, and being based in a distinctly unfashionable fantasy world of elves, dwarves and dragons, somehow the yearly additions to the series still manage to sell by the bucket-of-never-ending-water full."
    "And with good reason. Behind the stats and the at-time bewildering array of units, shamelessly pilfered from the mythology and fiction of a dozen different cultures, there is an addictive and compelling game."

    The preview also includes a pair of exclusive new screenshots of the third episode of the Chronicles in action.

    Exclusive Sanity Cards - Falcon @ 6:08 pm PST
    The official release:

    I wanted to take a moment to tell you that ( The official Fansite of Sanity: Aiken's Artifact) has scored the exclusive sanity talent cards for the Fire and Sun totem.

    What does this mean in english? It means that if you want to know what talents are available in the final game you go to: www.ragesofsanity.comand you read the top news post. We have added every talent known to the public, plus the complete sun and fire totem. The link to the actual totem cards is:

    If you could run this through your news engines I would appricate it. In the upcomming months we will be featuring much more information about Sanity, and the community around the game on site so keep posted for more details.

    Chris Taylor 20 questions - Falcon @ 6:02 pm PST
    GameSpy tracks down Chris Taylor and asks him 20 questions NOT about his new game Dungeon Siege. Here's a sample:

    GameSpy: Let's get this out of the way here and now: After Dungeon Siege, do you envision a Total Annihilation 2 in your future? Has the subject been broached to you at all, or is it all just rumor and hearsay?

    Chris Taylor: We have always planned to do an RTS game along the same line as Total Annihilation. The question that has been put to me is, are you going to buy the franchise? The answer is no, but that doesn't mean we can't make another 3D RTS game that has tanks and jets!

    Creature Movie - Falcon @ 5:59 pm PST
    Serafina was kind enough to send another creature animation, this time it's a "Tree Dweller!" This strange looking creature swings through the trees with ease and looks to be a non-hostile creature of Atriana.

    Windows 2000 Service Pack - VulTure @ 7:33 am PST
    Well, kids, Microsoft has finally released the service pack. If you have been waiting to update your Windows 2000 installation, the wait is over. Wininfo has some more info and download sites for ya!

    If you would like to read a review, before downloading this 83mb behemoth, check out the SuperSite!

    The Pentium III at 1133 MHz - VulTure @ 7:27 am PST
    Due to the recent release of the gigahertz chips by AMD, Intel is starting to feel some pressure. Well, they have now struck back with a 1.13Ghz chip. But, does AMD have a reason to be worried? Apparently not, according to this article on Tom's Hardware.

    "The very worst thing in terms of prestige damage happened back in Spring 2000, when AMD was the first x86-processor maker to introduce a CPU that runs at 1 GHz = 1000 MHz clock speed. Big Chipzilla countered with the release of the Pentium III at 1 GHz two days later, but this CPU was so unavailable that not even the press was equipped with any samples. Today, some four months later, the Giga-Pentium III is still hardly available anywhere and now Intel considered it a particularly smart move to go ahead and introduce another Pentium III version that hardly anyone will be able to get, the Pentium III at 1.133 GHz."

    Tim Sweeney Interview - VulTure @ 7:20 am PST
    VoodooExtreme has conducted a short interview with Tim Sweeney of Epic Games to try and break the recent silence of the company.

    Diablo II Guides - VulTure @ 7:16 am PST has put up their guide for building that ever-popular character...the Necromancer. Go and visit them to read about The Art of Necreation.

    Diablo II Guides - VulTure @ 7:10 am PST
    DamageGaming has put up two new guides that should breath some new life into your Diablo II characters.

    They now have a Paladin Guide and a new Sorceress Guide!

    FAKK2 Gold - VulTure @ 7:00 am PST
    News is in from Redwood, over at Stomped, that FAKK2 has gone gold and should hit stores by Wednesday. He also mentions having a gold build that he will review shortly.

    FFIX Prepares for America - Raven @ 5:30 am PST
    This comes from Its only a short article, and here are the key points:

    Now that Final Fantasy IX's completely taken Japan by storm (as was expected), the next section of the world to be graced by its appearance will be the United States. What can we expect to change in the game before IX-mania hits America?

    Probably the highest hurdle to jump in the leap from Japan to America will be the translating. The Japanese language is extensive and complex; even though the words come out the same, a simple phoentic change of tone could completely change the meaning of a phrase. With that, Square has to word every dialogue to work concretely for each language; it's not simply some guy at a table with a copy of the script and a Japanese-to-English dictionary. Translating as such would almost completely twist up and ruin any game, and Square is well aware of this. They've done a considerably good job in the past with previous Final Fantasy titles, even when you figure in little boo boos such as "This guy are sick" here and there.

    Nice read, and fairly interesting. You can get the rest of the article here.

    FF XI Details - Raven @ 5:27 am PST
    Again this comes off

    "According to the latest sales charts from Japan, it appears as though Final Fantasy IX has lost its top spot, dropping to #2, after holding it for a solid week. For the week of June 10 through July 16 the title sold 275,306 units, bring its 2 week total (including preorders) up to 2,226,406 units sold. This is an excellent sales figure, considering Square didnt advertise FFIX like it did its predecessor, FFVIII. This shows the strength of the Final Fantasy namesake, being as it can generate 110 million dollars plus of sales in 2 weeks; a figure which Hollywood is envious of.

    In other news, Square has released the sales figures for their upcoming online gaming project, PlayOnline. Their broadband network is expected to launch next fall in both Japan and the US simultaneously, and is expected to have a fanbase of 2 million users. The proposed fee is approximately $8 per month, which may make some fans fret. But, when you think of it rationally, it equates to the price of two video games over an entire year. If you don't have the cash, there is always a few weeks of summer left. Plenty of time to pull out the juicer and fire up the lemonade stand to afford your little gaming fetish."

    Starwars RPG Info - Raven @ 5:23 am PST
    This is one of the few sources where I have found any details at all concerning the upcomgin Starwars RPG from Bioware. Whilst there isn't much detail here, it is still alot better then nothing :P. PC.IGN have a short little news story commenting on the Starwars RPG. Nice... but way to short :(, hopefully more details will surface soon.

    Mech Warrior 4 Information - Raven @ 5:19 am PST
    Gamespy has posted up a movie.trailer and 5 exclusive screenshots for Microsofts upcoming Strat/RPG/Sim game Mech Warrior 4. All in all the stuff looks great, and I am very confident that the finished Mech Warrior 4 will look just as great. Caugh the stuff over here.

    AOE 2 The Conquerors preview - Raven @ 5:14 am PST
    Age of Empires II: The Conquerors is an upcoming expansion pack from Ensemble Studios and Microsoft. The game itself similar to the original, transports players into a new world, filled with the savergy of pre-medievil life. The game is eagerly anticipated, and so far all the pre-lim media has been positive. Singapore.gamecenter have a quick article up looking at this game. Its a good read, and you can view it at

    Heroes Chronicles - Raven @ 5:09 am PST
    Everyone loves the Heroes series. I mean its got so much magic, and killing and magic... and killing. Whats not to like about it? Eurogamers differently agrees with me on this matter as their article gives off some very positive comments concerning Heroes Chronicles. Heroes Chronicles is the new game in the Heroes series, heres a quote explaining the game.

    "Now publisher 3DO is trying to bring that classic gameplay to a whole new audience with its "Heroes Chronicles" games, a series of four titles due for release this Autumn, each selling at a budget price of around £15.

    The four games each follow a hero with the unlikely name of Tarnum, who must "earn redemption from the gods" by carrying out a series of quests. This equates to a single story-driven campaign of around eight missions for each of the four episodes, and these bite-sized chunks may prove a little less overwhelming than the seemingly endless missions of a full Heroes game"

    Looks good read the rest of the article here.

    D2 Expansion Info - Raven @ 5:00 am PST
    Planet Diablo have a great little article up looking at what we can expect in Blizzard up and coming expansion to Diablo2. As we already know Blizzard has told us that they long planned to do an expansion and we have been told that the expansion will feature two new characters the Assassin and the Druid. However PlanetDiablo goes and gives us afew more juicy treats about the CD. The article looks at a possible storyline, items, monsters, skills and much more. Its a great read and a must read for any Diablo2 fan. Caugh it here.

    Baldurs Gate 2 - Raven @ 4:56 am PST

    "BioWare has been working on Baldur's Gate II: The Shadows of Amn for less than two years, during the course of which it's created one of the single biggest role-playing games to date. Now, the sequel is nearly finished and is presently scheduled to ship in the middle of September, barring any last-minute delays that might occur during the final testing phase. In addition to being such a large game, Baldur's Gate II is also mostly nonlinear, which makes the important process of thoroughly testing the game especially difficult. BioWare co-founder Ray Muzyka described testing the game as "taking two steps forward, one step back.""

    Gamespot has some great info up about the current status of Baldurs Gate 2. Whilst I won't go and give out any details, anyone who is curious about this great up and comer should definately read this article. Caugh the article here.

    Another Diablo2 Review - Raven @ 4:53 am PST
    Over at the gang have put up a nice indepth review of the RPG hit Diablo 2. The review has afew pictures and some interesting comments. If you are still considering Diablo2, then maybe this article is for you. Take the link here.

    Sunday, July 30, 2000

    RA : UT realeased - Recoil @ 4:15 am PST
    recently with the of RA3, the RA:UT is now in progress download from here

    Homeworld Nation Pic of the Week. - Thundra @ 3:16 am PST
    A new Pic of the Week as been added to the Homeworld Nation main page. Check it here.

    Saturday, July 29, 2000

    Linux Games - Falcon @ 11:42 pm PST
    Linux goodness abounds with a new Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri demo for Linux users. We also have a Linux patch for Soldier of Fortune. Check them
    out at

    Bioware Trip - Falcon @ 11:41 pm PST
    Heres what they had to say:

    A week ago, I found myself there again, this time to see the eagerly awaited Baldur's Gate II and the company's other exciting Dungeons & Dragons-based project, the potentially ground-breaking Neverwinter Nights. Our BioWare Trip Report offers a look at the company, the current status of two of its major projects, and lots of new screenshots and photos.

    Allegiance Promotion - Falcon @ 11:37 pm PST

    Microsoft today announced that Allegiance, its pulse-pounding online space-action game, will be available from now until August 25, 2000 for only US$19.95 plus shipping and handling at The game combines furious space combat with the social challenge of squadron-based combat in a stunning 3D universe.

    Players are eligible for one free month on the Allegiance Zone when they purchase the game. Gamers can choose to play on public domain servers free of charge, or via the subscription-based Allegiance Zone. This month, the Allegiance Zone expanded with the addition of a new civilization, the Rixiaans, which is only available to its members.

    Allegiance is one of the highest-rated games of the year, averaging nearly a 90% review rating. It has scored three Editor's Choice awards from major publications and online gaming sites as well as several perfect 5-star reviews. The game is being praised for its innovation and engrossing team-based space combat action. With thousands of registered players on and scores of free-play servers available worldwide, Allegiance is taking the genre to the next level.

    In Allegiance, players can pilot and customize many different classes of ships; from scouts and fighters to battle cruisers. They also have the ability to switch between a variety of combat roles, including pilot, turret gunner or base commander. Hundreds of players can engage each other in death-match style arenas or in cooperative play. Gamers will be able to represent their identity, through recorded accomplishments and medals, giving combatants the chance to become part of an ongoing, dynamic universe. Allegiance also features rich strategic elements such as controllable assets, researchable technology and command features. For more information about Allegiance, visit the game's official site at:

    Mech4 Preview Trailer - Falcon @ 11:36 pm PST

    Microsoft today announced that a downloadable preview trailer for MechWarrior 4: Vengeance, the highly anticipated sequel being developed by Microsoft's FASA Interactive group, is now available at MechWarrior 4 weaves heart-pounding BattleMech action with the continuing drama and unfolding storyline of the perpetual BattleTech universe.

    Shot in the style of a Hollywood sci-fi feature, the MechWarrior 4: Vengeance preview trailer sets the stage for the epic conflict that is the heart of the game's story. Intensely action-oriented, the trailer introduces gamers to their role in the game -- their struggle to reclaim their birthright, which was savagely taken away by the murder of their father and the oppression of their people by enemy forces. In MechWarrior 4, players are thrust into a sweeping saga of honor and revenge, with the fate of a world hanging in the balance.

    Download the MechWarrior 4: Vengeance preview trailer at:

    In MechWarrior 4: Vengeance gamers command an awesomely armed 40-foot tall, 80-ton, 90-mile per hour war machine across the remote battlefields of a hostile world. Instead of desolate, sparsely populated battlefields, MechWarrior 4 takes place in a rich and dynamic universe inhabited by armed allies, noncombatants and deadly antagonists. High-energy lasers pierce the night; rockets flare with blazing fire; and buildings and vehicles crumble into smoldering rubble. Day missions, night missions, fog, rain, snow, blizzards and lightning provide atmosphere and add to the intensity and realism.

    Players can command 21 different 'Mechs, seven of which have never been seen on the battlefield. 'Mechs can be customized with brand-new weapons, armor and sensors including the devastating Long-Tom artillery piece. Each 'Mech and MechWarrior exhibits unique strengths and weaknesses, so gamers must carefully evaluate each mission and plan accordingly.

    MechWarrior 4: Vengeance includes a variety of new and compelling multiplayer features, including those designed specifically to support networked multiplay in the BattleTech Universe. For the first time, players will be able to create their own missions, host their own MechWarrior servers, and participate in missions cooperatively. MechWarrior 4 will also include full support for Internet play, with matchmaking available on ( The game will be available at retail locations throughout North America this winter.

    RA2 Movie Shoot - Falcon @ 11:35 pm PST
    Product: Command & Conquer Red Alert 2
    Publisher: Westwood Studios
    Developer: Westwood Studios
    Release Date: October 2000


    Hollywood stars heat up Cold War during Red Alert 2 movie shoot

    Filming wraps, post-production continues on Westwood's latest strategy game

    LAS VEGAS, JULY 28, 2000 - Hollywood stars worked in Las Vegas' summer sun for two weeks while filming one the year's most highly anticipated sequels. However, don't look for this action-packed thriller in theaters; look for Westwood Studios' (tm) Command & Conquer Red Alert (tm) 2 in software stores. Electronics Arts® (NASDAQ:ERTS), Westwood's parent company, will ship the game to stores around the world in mid-October.

    The CD-ROM game is the sequel to Command & Conquer Red Alert, one of the best selling PC games in history with more than 3 million sold.

    The talented cast includes Kari Wurher (Sliders, Beverly Hills 90210), Ray Wise (Twin Peaks), Barry Corbin (Northern Exposure, WarGames), and Udo Kier (Blade, Armageddon).

    "I kicked in doors, played with guns, punched guys in the face and had more fun than really should be legal," says Kari Wuhrer, who plays Tanya, a beautiful-yet-deadly commando. "I don't get many roles where I get to, literally, kick ass."

    The film production was more elaborate than many movies with a cast of more than 20, a crew of more than 30, extensive special effects make up, and 17 full sets (including the Oval Office, Einstein's laboratory, and the Pentagon). Filming took place earlier this summer, with editing and post-production happening over the next two months.

    Emmy winner Ron Wild, a special effects make-up genius who worked on Godzilla, Battlefield Earth and Babylon 5, performed his magic on everything from Einstein's bushy hair and wizened face to Yuri the Psychic's elongated skull, tastefully accented with flashing red diodes.

    "I love working on games because you get to create a huge variety of unusual characters," Wilde says. "After five different Westwood games, I've done everything from demonic witches to cyborgs to full-body space suits. On every project, I'm always impressed with how high the production values are."

    The real-time strategy game has a plot ready for the silver screen. The Russians, still smarting after a Cold War defeat, invade America using old favorites (Nuclear bombs, throngs of tanks) and a few new friends like Yuri the Psychic Warrior and giant mind-controlled squids. The Americans fight back, with a little help from Einstein, time travel devices and trained dolphins.

    The war rages across American cities, including Washington, D.C., Chicago, New York City, Key West, and Pearl Harbor. The war then spreads to Mexico, Germany, France and Siberia.

    The Red Alert 2 film sequences serve as motivation for Red Alert 2 players who will command vast armies over large battlefields. With each successful mission, the player sees the results of his good work, a film clip that tells another chapter in the story.

    "The story is definitely fun, but at the same time, we're taking creative liberties with some sensitive areas: patriotism, communist aggression, and the invasion of your home," says Donny Miele, executive director of dramatic assets for Westwood Studios. "The idea that America can be invaded, and would have to plea with the rest of the world for help, makes the blood boil just a little, which is why it makes for a great story."

    The gameplay of Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 gives players an onslaught of new units, tactics and strategies. As in the original, gamers can choose to lead Soviet or Allied forces. Soviet commanders will invade North America and try to claim it for mother Russia. Allied commanders will fight to push back the invaders and save liberty.

    Both sides are well-armed with conventional weapons and experimental technology. The Soviets can engage in psychic warfare, wield nuclear weapons and fry all they survey with Tesla technology. Allied forces can teleport with chrono technology, conduct covert operations with the help of gap generators, and rain down lightening bolts through weather control. Supporting these high-powered, advanced weapons are massive conventional forces, including armies, air power and navies.

    Red Alert 2 will feature enhanced Local Area Network and Internet play. Players can engage in fierce combat over a LAN and battle via the Internet and Westwood Online. A built-in worldwide ranking system allows players to track their victories and defeats against other Internet gamers. The Worldwide Domination mode let's players compete in an ongoing war for global control.

    More information about Red Alert 2 can be found at

    Stupid Invaders - Falcon @ 11:33 pm PST
    Actiontrip takes a look at the Stupid Invaders, that lovely, little 3D adventure from Gaumont Multimedia.

    Ok, what have we got? Stupid Invaders… We seem to be in for another remake of a classical shoot-em-up in full 3D, with dynamic lighting, and smoke effects… Funny how everyone keeps doing the remakes of old games trying to implement something new and interesting and systematically failing… Hey, wait!?! There's not too many of these invaders about! In fact, there are only five of them. And they seem too dangerous either; they look like they could use some protection. Have things changed over the last couple of years?

    Card Cooler XT Review - Falcon @ 11:30 pm PST
    Speedy 3D has just put together a review of The Card Cooler's newest cooling masterpiece, TheCardCooler XT. They have their usual gruesome temperature tests and everything. Overall we thought this was an excellent product awarding it with a fairly high score of 9/10. Here's a clip from the review: has been well recognized for its effective and well-priced cardinal product, “The Original Card Cooler”. Proving that they do not follow trends, but create them, they have released a new design of Card Cooler dubbed the “XT”. This new product mimics its daughter product by cooling your important cards, but ventures a step beyond by cooling heat the prone CPU, Chipset, and RAM.

    Icewind Dale sound gurus Interview - Falcon @ 11:27 pm PST
    Two sound gurus from Interplay who were working on the game Icewind Dale, Charles Deenen and Craig Duman, were kind enough to give Creative Labs an interview.

    Find out what these sound gurus told them at this site:

    First Look: Mafia - Falcon @ 11:25 pm PST
    Being a mobster has certain perks. You eat for free in all the best restaurants, everybody either respects or fears you, and you get to play with guns. Lots of guns.

    The 3DActionPlanet takes a closer look at Mafia, a third-person shoot-'em up from Illusion Softworks. Check it out here:

    Imagine you are a regular cab driver in 1930's America. You're happy with your job and you wouldn't do anything to jeopardize it, since you're barely making ends meet in the post-Depression era. One day, all of a sudden, you hear the crack of bullets splitting the air. Three burly men throw open the door to your parked cab and being shouting at you to drive as fast as you can. Not being one to question large ugly men with guns, you step on the accelerator and peel out, wondering when you'll get shot by your mysterious passengers.
    A mobster cases a room, perhaps looking for a place to sit down after a hard day of crime.
    This is exactly what happens to the game's main character, Tony. Apparently he has just saved the lives of three members of the Salieri family from being massacred by the Morelli family who, incidentally, harbor a vengeful streak for anyone who crosses their path. The Salieri family, being grateful to this cab driver for saving the lives of three of their members, extends a job offer to Tony. He isn't sure if he wants to hustle for the mob for a living, but when the Morellis locate and incinerate Tony's cab (that darn vengeful streak), he realizes he has to accept the offer or risk turning into a professional soup-kitchen attendant. Fortunately for us gamers, he chooses the position in the Mafia.

    Wilco Publishing News - Falcon @ 11:19 pm PST

    Free Patch for Downloadable Version Also at

    DROGENBOS, BELGIUM (July 28, 2000) -- Wilco Publishing is set to release the CD-ROM version of its Boeing 737-500 Airliner for FLY!, the add-on that debuted last month for Terminal Reality’s critically acclaimed flight sim.

    The $29.95 (U.S.) CD will be available on July 28 at, giving FLY! fans a virtual 737 with a true 3D control panel, moving control surfaces, 14 different liveries, a you-are-there flight experience with both pre-defined and free flights, and the first weight-adjusted flight model in the cyber-skies.

    As of today, the site will also offer a patch for the downloadable version of the Boeing 737-500 Airliner for FLY! add-on in a 6MB file for both Windows and Macs. (All fixes are included in the CD-ROM version.)

    Wilco’s Boeing 737-500 Airliner for FLY! delivers faithfully reproduced 3D replicas of the airliner’s front, overhead, FMC, throttle quadrant and floor panels, with true 3D effects like shadows. All switches and buttons are clickable and animated. All gears, flaps, spoilers and other controls are fully operational. And armchair pilots get a 180-degree view of the cockpit and genuine sound effects recorded in a real 737 flight deck.

    The main enhancement of the patch is a tweak of the program’s fuel/weight simulation system enabling the jet to adjust its behavior according to the fuel level and passenger load. The weight of the aircraft affects the speed of takeoff, landing and in-flight cruising, just like the real thing.

    The fix also adds a 40-degree flap position, activates an anti-icing feature on the wings, enhances the climb and cruise performances, fixes the VMO on the airspeed indicator, clarifies the seat assignment process for the pilot and co-pilot, and ensures that textures can be displayed on all video cards without blurriness.

    Minimum requirements include a Pentium 200 or a Power Macintosh G3 with 32MB RAM, a 22MB hard disk drive for a minimum install, 40MB drive for full install, and FLY! v1.01.87 or higher.

    Wilco is the publisher of the Airport 2000 Volumes 1 and 2, Tahiti Scenery and Grand Canyon add-ons to Microsoft Flight Simulator as well as Hangsim, a PC-based glider simulation. The company takes its name from the aeronautical abbreviation for “Will Comply.” Wilco is based in Belgium and can be reached at or via phone at 011 32 2 331 32 90.

    Tribes 2 interview - Falcon @ 11:12 pm PST
    Gamespy has conducted a chat with Dave Georgeson of Dynamix about their upcoming sequel, Tribes 2. Read the interview at this site:

    GameSpy: Are details available yet for the point-blank weapon?

    Dave Georgeson: Sure. It's a "Shock Lance." Thrust it at an enemy and do massive damage at close range. Damage is increased from the rear of the target, and lessened from in front. This makes it a great weapon to use in combination with the Cloaking Pack...

    Games Price Guide - Falcon @ 11:09 pm PST
    Damage gaming has a price guide of the more popular gaming titles out currently, this includes the game prices and the cheapest available source (online). Check it out here:

    OGA responds to ASUS drivers - Falcon @ 11:04 pm PST
    As most of you no doubt already know, early last week it was revealed that ASUS were working on something that they called "3D SeeThrough Technologies", which would be added to future versions of the drivers for their GeForce 2 based graphics cards, allowing players using their hardware to see through walls.

    Although ASUS decided not to release them in their latest set of drivers, the features still exist and have NOT been abandoned yet. ASUS have said that they would be making a final decision on whether or not to release them soon, based on feedback from the gaming community.

    As part of this, the Online Gamers Assocation has been polling its 4000 members throughout this week on whether or not the 3D SeeThrough drivers should be released. Unsurprisingly, 90% of our members voted that they should never see the light of day.

    Today the OGA sent an open letter to ASUS based on these results, explaining why the new driver features would be bad for online gaming, and offering the feedback of our members. You can find the full text of the letter here -

    "In some games (notably Counter-Strike) you can even shoot through walls to some extent. With 3D SeeThrough, players of these games would be able to see and accurately shoot at other players through walls and doors, giving them an unfair advantage which will make a mockery of the whole game, ruining it for tens of thousands of players worldwide, as well as making it impossible to run fair and professional online competitions or leagues using the game."

    Absence - Falcon @ 4:47 pm PST
    My apologies for the absence from on my part lately, several days ago my (cable) modem decided that being on for 24/7 for 2 months was too much and decided to give way. Only a day after getting a replacement the whole service decided to go down for 3 days, until we found out that the IP address had become stale.
    Anyway, be prepared for a flood of news later today, and new content in the near future.

    Painkeep! - VulTure @ 9:51 am PST
    If you've ever played Painkeep for Quake, you know how addicting it was. Now Painkeep is being updated to use the Quake 3 engine. Check out an interview with Team Evolve and then go to Hellhound for some pics...number 1, and number 2.

    FAKK2 Gold - VulTure @ 9:46 am PST
    I saw this at the ShugaShack...according to an email from Levelord to VGames, FAKK2 will be going gold on Monday...

    "not yet, Monday it looks to be, yippeeeeee, there's light at the end of the tunnel!"

    "Top Ten Reasons Why Diablo II Sucks" - Thundra @ 5:23 am PST
    It seems that because of this article the guys over at Strategy Planet can't handle all the mails they're getting.

    Here's what a Srategy Planet staff member writes:

    Our original intention was to answer them all, but when the number of e-mails approached the hundreds, it became far too much for visitors to handle. Most of the kudos/issues/questions/clarifications that were brought to our attention were repeated in many of the e-mails. We will make our best attempt to address the issues and display at least one example e-mail for each that called them to our attention.

    And here is a quote from the article. It starts like this:

    "It has recently come to my attention that despite the release of some totally sweet Strategy games lately, that Diablo II has outsold all of them put together. So, in defense of the Genre, I would like to take a moment to give you the top 10 reasons why Diablo II sucks... from a Strategy Gaming Perspective."

    And it ends like this:

    "While Diablo II is a popular game, it is obviously no strategy game. So for the sake of the genre, go out there and load up on some hot Strategy titles and start some REAL gaming fun. I know I will (as soon as my Paladin reaches level 30)."

    Check the entire article here and maybe you will also send in your comment...

    Friday, July 28, 2000

    Napster wins Appeal - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:20 pm PST
    Two federal appeals judges have just granted Napster a stay, which will allow it to stay up during the rest of the trial. Looks like Napster will be able to stay online after midnight tonight. More info is right here. Snippage:

    Even though the Recording Industry Association of America could still appeal Friday's decision - either to the full 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals or the U.S. Supreme Court - Napster employees screamed jubilantly at hearing a stay had been issued, a company spokeswoman said.

    Friday's ruling means Napster can remain in operation at least until the lawsuit goes to trial; no trial date has been set.

    ``I am happy and grateful that we do not have to turn away our 20 million users and that we can continue to help artists,'' said Napster founder Shawn Fanning. ``We'll keep working and hoping for the best.''

    RIAA President Hilary Rosen was disappointed with the last-minute reprieve but issued a statement saying: ``We remain confident that the court will ultimately affirm once it has had an opportunity to review the facts and the law.''

    Starcraft Map of the Week - Hobbes @ 4:21 pm PST
    The newest Starcraft Map of the Week is called Haleidoscope. It is a 256x256 map, using the space tileset, and is designed for 4-8 players.

    "All things change, nothing is extinguished. . . . There is nothing in the whole world which is permanent. Everything flows onward; all things are brought into being with a changing nature; the ages themselves glide by in constant movement."


    You can download the map here.

    Napster's Buy-cott - MaD-HaTTeR @ 11:19 am PST
    Although i have already seen a few petitions going up across the net, mostly which plan to boycott the RIAA and CD's during Napster's downtime, Napster has just asked everyone to do a buy-cott. Napster wants to show their users buying power by having everyone buy RIAA label CD's during their downtime. Check out more info here.

    System Builder Interrogation - VulTure @ 7:39 am PST
    MaximumPC has put together some of the top builders in the industry to grill them on their methodologies for building systems. The included guests are Brian Zucker, Technology Evangelist for Dell Computer, Lewie Newcomb, Director of Desktop Engineering for Compaq, Eric Bone, Senior Worldwide Product Manager for Hewlett-Packard, and Nelson Gonzalez, proprietor of Alienware. It's a good read, be sure to check it out!

    Red Alert 2! - VulTure @ 7:14 am PST
    According to the DailyRadar, the next game in the Command and Conquer series is ready to go...

    "C&C Red Alert 2 Producer, Harvard Bonin, has told Daily Radar that the next installment of the popular C&C series is complete. Bonin revealed that the game is slated to go gold on September 15, with EA publishing not too long after."

    Napster Appeals! - VulTure @ 7:02 am PST
    Napster has filed an emergency appeal to delay the shutdown of their internet music sharing service.

    "Saying jobs and the company's future are at stake, Napster filed an emergency motion Thursday seeking to delay a federal order that could bring its song-swapping service to a grinding halt Friday at midnight Pacific Time."

    Check out the complete story at ZDNet.

    Adrenaline Vault Cheats - VulTure @ 6:56 am PST
    The Adrenaline Vault has updated their cheats page to include some of the hottest new games. New to the lineup...Kiss Psycho Circus, Icewind Dale, Tachyon: The Fringe, Diablo II, Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force (Demo)...Be sure to get your fix!

    Unreal Tournament mods - VulTure @ 6:49 am PST
    There have been a couple of updates of your favorite Unreal Tournament mods...

    The UnrealFortress page has been updated with some new screenshots from their mod...

    Infiltration has updated their page to show some of the new skins that the designers have been working on...

    Conquest Preview! - VulTure @ 6:39 am PST
    GameSpot has a preview of the upcoming space-based game, Conquest: Frontier Wars. This game was originally announced in 1998 as one of the first games from Digital Anvil, the company started by Chris Roberts of Wing Commander fame.

    EverQuest: The Ruins of Kunark - VulTure @ 6:28 am PST
    If you've decided to take the plunge and enter into this new world, but don't know were to start, Gamespot may have the answer for you. They've put up a guide that you can check out online, or you can pay $5.95 to download a .pdf version of the file.

    Thursday, July 27, 2000

    Pretty As A Picture II - the_culture @ 9:03 pm PST
    Here's another round of screenshots for your nightly viewing pleasure.

  • RPGPlanet has 18(!) screenshots of BioWare's Baldur's Gate II.
  • If you've already beaten the demo and are hungering for more DS9: The Fallen shots, has two new shots taken from the full version.
  • GameSpy posted four new screens of the potentially doomed project, Warcraft III.
  • For those who have played Age of Kings six ways to Sunday, you can check out ten new images of the up-coming expansion pack, The Conquerors, over at Gamecenter.
  • Ascension Bug Patch - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:25 pm PST
    The just released GF2: Ascension mod for everyones favorite game (ok, mayby just mine), Quake III: Arena, has just been upgraded to v2.3 Beta. The new version brings with it a fix for the invulnerable player bug. You can grab this one right here.

    Pretty As A Picture - the_culture @ 2:28 pm PST
    The screenshots just keep pouring in from around the web. Let's get started:

  • posted several new screenshots of Raven's Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, as well as an interview with the sound director.
  • GA-Source conducted an interview with Soldier designer Chris Roby. They have several new of the third-person game that loosely follows the Kurt Russell film of the same name.
  • Well Rounded posted Part II of their preview of Alice. The preview contain three more new images of the delirious-looking game.
  • GA-Source also has two new shots of No One Lives Forever, Monolith's LithTech 2.0-powered, story-driven FPS.
  • No still images here. Gamespot France has a one-minute movie trailer of Baldur's Gate II.

    KISS Collector's Edition - the_culture @ 12:54 pm PST
    Blue's News is reporting that Babbages, EB, and Best Buy will be the only retailers to carry the Collector's Edition of KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child. The CE of the game will feature different box art and might acually contain an entertaining game.

    ST: The Fallen Demo Released - the_culture @ 10:12 am PST
    3DFiles posted the 93 meg demo of Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Fallen, a third-person action game utilizing the strength of the Unreal engine. A few clues to fill you in:

    "The Pah-wraiths - a race of exiled, all-powerful aliens - are on the verge of returning. The keys to unleashing and harnessing their power are three archaic Red Orbs.

    The race to find the Orbs is on between you - playing as either Captain Sisko, Major Kira, or Lt. Commander Worf - and a host of opposing forces that would use the ultimate power to dominate the Alpha Quadrant and all of its inhabitants."

    If DL 93 megs is not your idea of afternoon fun, go out and buy a copy of PCGamer. They have the demo on their CD.

    Max Payne Previews - Magicboy @ 10:06 am PST
    Well folks, it seems that 3DRealm's upcoming third person action title, Max Payne has gotten quite a bit of coverage today. Here are some previews:

  • Gamers Central: In essence, Max Payne will have a real feel to it. Say goodbye to aliens, mutants, and the like. Along with the graffiti, neon signs, police lines and vehicles, you'll have a nice armoury of weapons modelled on real-life guns throughout the globe. That's not even half of it though. Each weapon will look drop-dead gorgeous and the engine calculates the movements of each projectile. So if you're running around with a shotgun in the game, you'll be able to see each pellet make its way towards the baddie once you unload that vengeance. In addition, projectiles will ricochet and penetrate particular surfaces, and the weapons themselves will have realistic animations. Got you excited yet?

  • NeoSeeker: One feature that gamers will notice is the use of slow motion. When a target is hit with a bullet from Max’s gun, the shot will be slowed down and examined in a replay fashion. Actually, a 360-degree panning approximating a screenplay camera view will be seen when a player nullifies his/her objective. Petri commented on this stating that Remedy is “trying to set the camera work closer to screenplay in action movies.” This effect was exceedingly similar to a certain scene in the Matrix.

  • VoodooExtreme: What makes the visuals so outstanding you ask? Well, that’s not an easy question to answer. The camera views in Max Payne do play a major part though. When Remedy was zooming the camera up-close to Max’s face, you could literally see the blemishes on his skin. Panning over to his gun, then zooming in – the frankly better than real life™ textures on the gun looked like actual metal; the weapon model was flawless in every detail. Squeezing off a .45 caliber round the pistol’s muzzle flashed in the dark city street, illuminating and reflecting off of Max’s angry blue eyes; the bullet stops in mid air. The camera centers on the discharged slug, looking closer you could see the actual bullet suspended in mid-air, perfect in every way. The attention to detail doesn’t stop at the weapons or characters; it permeates throughout the entire game.
  • Go take a look.

    nVidia Responds! - VulTure @ 8:57 am PST
    In a story on HardOCP, nVidia is accused of forcing a website to play by it's rules...Now, nVidia has responded back to Hypothermia in an effort to resolve the situation.

    Blair Witch Project Interview - VulTure @ 8:43 am PST
    Stomped has landed an interview with Timothy Gerritsen of Human Head Studios, the group that broke away from Raven Software. Tim talks about the status of Blair Witch, along with Rune, an upcoming action title from them.

    A look at the offices of BioWare - VulTure @ 8:35 am PST
    GameSpy has gone up to Edmonton to visit the offices of BioWare, the makers of the upcoming sequel to Baldurs Gate, Shadows of Amn, and the "highly anticipated 3D RPG" Neverwinter Nights.

    Drop in and take a look at the behind the scenes action!

    Napster Shut Down! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:29 am PST
    I only saw this in the news a few minutes ago, though it happened yesterday. "Federal judge grants injunction barring Napster from trading music online, pending trial. Details to come" was the headlione on Straight from Napster:

    A Message to the Napster Community from Hank Barry, CEO and Shawn Fanning, Founder: You have probably heard in the news about the recording industry's lawsuit against Napster. The RIAA has asked a federal judge to shut Napster down, and an important hearing will be held at 2:00 p.m. PDT Wednesday, July 26 at the U.S. District Court in San Francisco. Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. PDT we will give the Napster community a brief update of what happened in the courtroom via a live webcast that you can view at
    I guess we will have to find other ways to grab MP3's... I suggest Scour (Make sure to get the real program, not just browse the site).

    Freedom Force Interview - VulTure @ 8:24 am PST
    If you've ever wanted to become a comic-book superhero, here's your chance.

    "Fortunately there is a game in development that will give us--and you--the power to lead a team of superheroes on missions to save the world. And if you destroy a few buildings along the way, well, that's just a job hazard (or perk depending on how you look at it)."

    IGNPC conducted an interview with Creative Director Ken Levine about the game...

    "I grew up reading Marvel and I actually worked for Marvel for a brief period of time. I've also read everything from DC to Marvel to Charlton comics...Really we're just influenced by the period of time where it was a little more wide eyed and a little more naïve they are today."

    Be sure to check it out!

    American McGee Interview - VulTure @ 7:58 am PST
    American McGee, the creative director of Electronic Arts, talks about the new love of his life, Alice. This is the game based on Lewis Carrol's world, with a twist that only American could think up! Here's a quote from 'Da Man...

    "You will see all of the original characters. The White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Caterpillar and a few others play roles in which they help Alice on her quest. The Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts and Jabberwock play the part of evil, along with an entire army of bad guys brought from the book and inspired by it...The variety of the environments and characters will compel people to take multiple trips through Wonderland. The sheer beauty of these locations would give me enough reason."

    Wednesday, July 26, 2000

    10 Best Quake 3; Arena Mods - MaD-HaTTeR @ 11:43 pm PST
    You a Quake 3 player (i know i am)? Well, if you are check this out right now, Gamecenter has just slapped up a new article, listing the 10 best Q3A mods. I guess ill just kill the suspense and tell you that Weapons Factory Arena won, and what a convient time (check previous post if you can figure out why). Read the article right here. Dig the snippage:

    Although Valve dithers and tweaks its class-based cooperative multiplayer game Team Fortress, it gets more and more redundant with every passing day. Choosing the number-one Quake III mod has made us keenly aware of this--Weapons Factory Arena is a superb class-based CTF mod that takes full advantage of the capabilities of the Quake III engine. Because of efforts like this, there won't be anything left for Team Fortress to do. Perhaps one day we'll call Team Fortress a Weapons Factory clone.

    When you join a Weapons Factory Arena game, you select a team and then one of eight classes. The class you select will determine the weapons you get; there's no running around to pick up guns and ammo. There are all-new weapons and items available, such as flamethrowers, napalm rocket launchers, grenades that function like floating turrets or proximity mines, and even tripwires that will sound alarms so you know which way the enemy is coming.

    Weapons Factory Arena 1.0 Released! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 11:22 pm PST
    Thats right my kiddies, Version 1.0 of the Weapons Factory Arena mod for Q3A has just been released. The new version isnt a beta, and fixs tons of bugs, and adds tons of features. It comes with 10 official maps along with 2 more freelance map packs. The new version is even on this months PC Gamer CD, but you can also grab it right here.

    Thermaltake Socket 462 Recall - MaD-HaTTeR @ 11:16 pm PST

    "WARNING! If you purchased a Thermaltake socket 462 version for Duron/Thunderbird here or anywhere else DO NOT USE IT and return it immediately, where you purchased it, for replacement with the new version or a different cooler. Thermaltake totally screwed up and it is reported on the web that it is breaking K7's and does not fit correctly."

    New Diablo II MP3 - Hobbes @ 10:14 pm PST
    Blizzard released the newest Diablo II MP3 today, entitled "Caves."

    You can download it here.

    Daikatana Patch Info - MaD-HaTTeR @ 2:33 pm PST
    Noel Stphens from Ion Storm has just updated his .plan, with the latest word on the testing of the foriegn version 1.2 patch for Daikatana. Check it out right here. Dig it:

    I have been working on the foreign version of the patches. We are next to complete on these as they need to be tested and approved. Once this is done they should be posted for download. Along these same lines, the 1.1 English version to the 1.2 English version patch should come out around the same time... perhaps a little earlier due to the fact that the differences between 1.1 to 1.2 are so minor it shouldn't take as long to test.

    Terminus Patches - MaD-HaTTeR @ 1:36 pm PST
    Vicarious Visions has just released a new set of Terminus Patches, which bring their space sim up to v1.6. You can grab either an updater patch from v1.5 or one that brings the game up from v1.1 (both which some in either Linux, Mac, or PC flavors). It looks like the new patch makes a ton of new changes, so make sure to grab it. Check it out right here.

    Titanium Angels Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 1:24 pm PST
    Titanium Technology has just kicked up a new interview wih Justin Johnson from Mobius Entertainment, regarding their upcoming third person action game, Titanium Angels. Johnson lets out alot of great info, and also that a Playstation 2 version of the game will appear before the PC version. Check it out here. Snippage:

    From all the screenshots we've seen so far, and the movies too, the game shows to run on a pretty advanced engine, showing vast spaces to explore and to interact with. Can you give me any specifications on the engine?

    First of all, the engine is called 'Revelation'. It represents in total at least 4 years of development time. The whole system is actually a game system - not just a rendering engine. We anticipate using it for some time to come while keeping it up to date with technological advancements. Rendering wise, it uses variable size lightmaps and projected textures for lighting. We have an advanced shader system which is similar to the Quake3 one but takes things a little further, a procedural texture system and a scripted particle system. Models are skinned and some, such as Titan, feature IK and other forms of refined bone control. The philosophy is to put as much as possible in the hands of our artists in terms of effects and polish. We have also developed our own editor to create levels, cut sequences and game content

    How long has Titanium Angels been in developement? For a game thats far from release, it seems that loads has been done so far.

    Although the engine has been in development for quite a while, we have been working with SCi for around a year. So I guess the game has been really worked on for about a year. Lots has been done but there's plenty more to cram in yet.

    Dreamcast Half-Life Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 1:18 pm PST
    Half-Life World has just tossed up a brand spankin new interview with Randy Pitchford from Gearbox Software. The interview discuss's the upcoming Dreamcast port of Half-Life. The big question everyone's been asking, "Will it have Multiplayer" gets answered in there too, so check it out. Point that big ol' browser of yours right here to check it out. Clippage:

    First off, thanks for answering a few questions for us, and I'd like to start by asking you about the release of HL on the Dreamcast. News (true or not) has leaked recently that in order to maintain a September release, multiplayer via the Internet has been scrapped, what can you tell me about this?

    Since the beginning of this project, we've been very conservative about commitments with the multiplayer game and, as such, we've made no official announcements one way or the other. It's been no secret that most of the focus for the Dreamcast version of Half-Life has been in enhancing the original game as well as providing an extra entirely new single player episode (called Half-Life: Guard Duty). But, as has been discussed before, everyone involved in this project is taking a lot of time and care to determine what the best presentation of the Half-Life multiplayer game will be on the console.

    F.A.K.K.2 Screenshots - Magicboy @ 8:03 am PST
    The folks at Actu Jeux have posted 6 new screenshots of Ritual Entertainment's upcomning Q3 engine-powered action title, Heavy Metal F.A.K.K.2. Go have a look.

    The Best Cinematics in a PC Game. - VulTure @ 8:00 am PST
    Check out this poll of the best cinematics in a PC game...The choices are Starcraft, Brood War, Diablo II, Thief, Final Liberation, and Command and Conquer. So, far, Diablo II is winning. If you disagree with this, go cast your vote!

    Tropico Interview and Screenshots - Magicboy @ 7:57 am PST
    TheCorporation has posted an interview with the CEO of PopTop, the developers of the upcoming strategy title, Tropico. If you don't know, you play the role of a dictator on a small tropical island. But don't take my word for it. Have a look:

    Well actually Tropico is not evil by nature. It's more light hearted and something of a spoof of the regimes of the Latin American governments of the pre-1990's. We allow the player to determine if they will be "evil" or not, we make no demands on the player in the realm of ethics. We provide the player with the tools to rule and they take care of the HOW.
    Make sure to check out the screenshots by the side of the page.

    Blade for the Playstation - VulTure @ 7:50 am PST
    Check out a preview of this upcoming game...

    "Blade is a fairly deadly character, armed with an array of weapons and attacks. There are different buttons for kicks and punches, which can be unleashed in combination attacks. Also present are a handful of firearms, from shotguns to chainguns and almost everything in between.

    The action occurs in a third-person perspective, and, for the most part, the pacing is rather deliberate. The reported 34-plus enemies generally lumber in your direction, acting as decent shell-fodder."

    There are plenty of screenshots to check out, along with a movie that you can view!

    Dark Reign II Review - Magicboy @ 7:48 am PST
    Head on over to VE to read their short review of Dark Reign 2, the recently released 3D RTS from Pandemic Studios and published by Activision. Here's a quick look:

    There's a nice mix of missions, which keeps the game fresh throughout. Most missions involve building a base and destroying the enemy, but there are a few puzzle-type missions where you have a limited number of units, and you must complete a certain objective. Mission objectives will often change after certain revelations during the mission, or after previous objectives are met. By the end of any given mission, you may have five or more objectives that you completed. The good thing about this is that is pushes the story during the game, not just in-between missions. After most objectives are met, a short in game cinematic is shown, which usually leads to your next objective or the completion of the mission.
    The overall score given is 83%.

    Sony slips into the red! - VulTure @ 7:14 am PST
    Because of the high costs associated with the launch of the Playstation2, Sony has slipped slightly, in the financial sense. Due to the high costs of the March launch and poor sales of the software, along with a shortage in the PS2 processing chips, Sony has experienced a slight loss in profits. This should disappear, however, when they expand out their software line in October.

    ICQ Ads! - VulTure @ 6:59 am PST
    If you recently started using ICQ2000, you may have noticed some ad banners in the program. If you haven't seen them yet, be sure to go to BetaNews to find out how to disable them. You must do this before ICQ autoupdates itself. For more info, go here!

    Intel to go with SDRAM on the Pentium IV - VulTure @ 6:45 am PST
    In the initial announcement of the Pentium IV, Intel proclaimed that they would be using Rambus RAM for all Pentium IV systems. Now, they have gone back on that decision. They have decided to support PC133 SDRAM for one specific reason...Price. Intel officials are saying that Rambus will be used in higher-end systems, and that SDRAM will stay around until, at least, the end of 2001.

    Unreal Tournament comes to the Dreamcast! - VulTure @ 6:35 am PST
    It's finally happening...Infogrames and Epic are working to port Unreal Tournament to the Dreamcast console. The port is being put together by a San Francisco-based developer, Secret Level. It should be ready in early 2001.

    UT Strike Force - VulTure @ 6:29 am PST
    If you are hooked on Counter-Strike (CS), you may want to check out Strike-Force for Unreal Tournament! This mod is very similiar to CS, but different enough to grant it a look-see. The mod is still in development, but you may want to keep an eye out for it. Here a quote to get you going...

    "Where Counter-Strike allows players to literally run around like marathon runners, Strike Force introduces the notion of actually getting tired, forcing the player to rest for awhile before another sprint session. Additionally, Counter-Strike allows a player to get slammed with bullets with no effect on movement, whereas Strike Force slows down your movement based on how many times you've been hit and the severity of the damage."

    Check out the complete preview on!

    Diablo II Expansion - VulTure @ 6:22 am PST
    According to an article on Infoceptor...Blizzard already has plans for an expansion pack for Diablo II. How do they know this? Well, it sounds like someone over there did a little hacking themselves, but not in the game. They hacked the 'd2data.mpq' file. Check it out...

    "While there were rumors about an expansion for Diablo 2 since the stress test, there were no confirming evidence. Our staff member, Peak Man has managed to extract an interesting input txt file which not only confirms that Blizzard is planning an expansion, but also the new classes, skills and monsters that are featured within."

    Is it possible? Do you want more Diablo II? Be sure to check out the whole story...

    Tuesday, July 25, 2000

    Dawg Pound Reopens - Falcon @ 6:46 pm PST
    Our affiliates, the Dawg Pound have reopened after a lengthy downtime. Go check em out :)

    Screens - Falcon @ 6:39 pm PST
    The UO2 is pleased to present the latest in a series of exclusive fansite screenshots of Origin. This week's shot depicts an audience with Lord Blackthorn, his first in-game appearance.

    The third and final batch of exclusive new If you missed any of our earlier shots last week, you can find the whole lot starting here:

    Also from them are some Infestation shots, available from here:

    WFA v1.0 Announced - Falcon @ 6:36 pm PST
    Heres the actual release:
    Please surf on over to the WFA site for information on the latest developments of this Fast Paced, Action oriented, Quake3 Teamplay Mod. (in case you have very little time, I have posted the exact news posts that I posted on the website, today and yesterday)

    WFA v1.0 Announcement Out of the Beta
    There has been a lot of work going on in the realm of maps, art, and code fixes the past few weeks. The preparation is all for the v1.0 release of WFA. This is the first official version and also contains some important differences. For example, if you are playing nurse regularly, there is a new indicator on the hud to tell you what drug powerup you have loaded. As well, we took the feedback from the players and made the alt-fire on the dartgun the delivery method for drug powerups. So no longer will you have to chase after teammates with the gauntlet. The flag disappearance bug and weapon 0 bug have been beaten we think, and its time for v1.0 to be unleashed.

    PC GAMER with WFA v1.0 hitting mailboxes now...
    If you are a PC GAMER ( reader and you are here to looking for info on WFA, hold on tight. In about 24 hours, we plan to have small download available so that you can install WFA. Remember, WFA only works with the full version of Quake 3, and you must have patched Q3A to the latest version, which is 117. You can get all the patches for q3 from For the WFA 1.0 patch, we were expecting to have until August 1st for a deadline, but people are working right now on getting a v1.0 upgrade package together right now. I will be updating you all week with WFA information to celebrate the new 1.0 version!! Stay tuned.

    Overall we are very excited that WFA will be hitting over 300,000 PC Gamer subscribers over the next 2-3 weeks. Any assistance in getting the word out on this is appreciated!

    Dogfighter Updates - Falcon @ 6:34 pm PST
    A recent update of items appearing on

    Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs Havoc Review (07-24-00)
    Dusty "Redwolf" Rhodes examines Razorworks' helicopter sim recently released on American shores.

    News You Can't Use (07-23-00)
    The irreverent Scharmers looks at the happenings in the flight sim industry with his usual flare for provocation.

    Puma's Log - Cheetah 1 Flight (07-21-00)
    An ongoing diary of a Falcon 4.0 player.

    The Great Games - Falcon @ 6:31 pm PST
    Ben of kicks off their new historical retrospective column, The Great Games, by covering the classic NES platform shooter Blaster Master. Here's an excerpt from the article:

    "Among the many NES classics we've all played and forgotten about, Blaster Master is one that still manages to amaze today. I remember marveling at the game's remarkable special effects when it came out 12 years ago, and even as I play it now, I'm astonished at how cool the shots and explosions look. Even the sound effects and music hold up well in an age where video game audio is so good that it's not even worth talking about anymore."

    MS Train Sim - Falcon @ 6:30 pm PST

    Microsoft to Debut Train Simulation Software at National Model Railroad Association's National Train Show

    REDMOND, Wash. - July 25, 2000 - Microsoft Corp. today announced that it will release "Microsoft® Train Simulator," a software program designed to simulate the thrills of the railways on the personal computer, in the spring of 2001. Attendees at the National Model Railroad Association's (NMRA) National Train Show next week in San Jose, Calif., will be the first to see an early version of the software and experience the excitement and adventure of "Microsoft Train Simulator."

    "Train Simulator" aims to bring the most true-to-life virtual train experience to the PC. Working in cooperation with six of the world's leading railroads, Microsoft is re-creating hundreds of miles of routes with realistic scenery, equipment and operations. Using multiple camera angles, players can take on the role of an engineer, passenger or bystander.

    Lifelike engineer's control panels, scenery and weather; and accurate elevations and terrain data mirror real-world train travel. Player activities can include anything from keeping passenger time schedules while managing unforeseen barriers and negotiating freight through mountain passes in winter storms to navigating some of the world's busiest commuter lines.

    "Microsoft Train Simulator" comes from the simulations group at Microsoft, distinguished for developing the world's best-selling PC-game software, "Microsoft Flight Simulator." Long synonymous with exacting standards of quality and realism, the simulations group at Microsoft is dedicated to providing both flight and rail fans with experiences that are "as real as it gets."

    "Our 18-year commitment to simulations continues with 'Microsoft Train Simulator,'" said Mike Geertsen, product planner in the simulations product unit at Microsoft. "We are excited to create a product that brings the thrill of trains and railroading to the general public and allows train enthusiasts and modelers to extend their hobby onto their personal computers."

    Players can operate nine different trains, ranging from steam locomotives and modern diesels to high-speed electric "bullet trains," as they travel any of six famous rail routes from around the globe. These routes include both historic and contemporary rail operations.

    The six railroads included in "Microsoft Train Simulator" are listed below:

    · Amtrak. Players can race up and down the busy northeastern corridor of the United States as the "bullet train" comes to America with Amtrak's new Acela high-speed train.

    · Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway. Users experience the challenges and awesome power of moving today's freight through the spectacular Marias Pass and along the southern border of Glacier National Park in Montana.

    · The Flying Scotsman Railways. Enthusiasts chug along some of England's most beautiful countryside in the late 1920s in what is arguably the world's most famous steam locomotive.

    · Kyushu Railway Co. Users explore the mountainous Hisatsu line on Japan's southern island of Kyushu.

    · Odakyu Electric Railway. Players navigate one of the busiest commuter lines out of Tokyo or take in the breathtaking scenery of Mt. Fuji.

    · The Venice-Simplon Orient Express. Participants visit the Austrian Alps in the 1930s for the ultimate in romantic European steam train travel.

    As it did with the "Flight Simulator" series, Microsoft developed "Microsoft Train Simulator" with open architecture and tools, and designed it as a train-simulation platform for home entertainment. These features enable enthusiasts and third-party developers to customize and extend the product by creating new trains, routes, scenery, world objects and challenges.

    ELSA Gladiac Review - Falcon @ 6:28 pm PST
    Games xtreme have posted a review of the ELSA GLADIAC, the latest graphics card from ELSa to use the GeForce 2 chipset.

    Selecting your monitor via the ELSA monitor utility is a pain, It is a lot easier to sort out 20,000 pins and needles. You need to find your monitor in a list (ours isn't there) and select that to use as your monitor, the ELSA utility then knows the refresh rates for your monitor and can use them to work out the screen sizes you can have. Not having a monitor means that you can select one of the standard monitors or if your feeling brave set up your monitor yourself by setting the refresh rates yourself. Not knowing anything about the monitor I am using I just selected a default one and proceeded to test the bugger!

    F.A.K.K 2 Preview - Falcon @ 6:24 pm PST
    Today on 3DActionPlanet is a preview of Heavy Metal FAKK2 based on a visit to Ritual and a hands on demonstration of the game. The article also features all new screenshots that have never been seen before.

    I've done the midnight viewing of the original Heavy Metal movie several times, and being an action gamer as well, it appears to me that the game will appeal to both camps. And in the spirit of Heavy Metal, Ritual is also striving to make the game heavily story-driven while still giving as much control as possible to the player. "In F.A.K.K. 2, we want the player to drive the plot," Atkins said, "not the plot to drive the player."

    Modifying Your Case - Falcon @ 6:21 pm PST
    Speedy 3D has just kicked up part three of their case moding article, this time taking you through the steps on how to install a second power supply. Here's a quote:

    While the average user doesn’t need a second power supply, power users and overclockers alike (that’s us) tend to use gadgets that require a lot of power, much more than the ordinary power supply can handle. Fans, TEC units, water pumps (some of them), and more recently lights or neon are all things witch you can plug on your power supply. If you system require more power then your power supply can give, your system will be highly unstable.

    D2 Review - Falcon @ 6:17 pm PST
    Today's review on EuroGamer takes a look at Diablo II, the recently released million selling RPG from Blizzard and Sierra.

    "Diablo 2 retains the old isometric display system of the original, but the overall look is much smarter and infinitely more detailed. Enemies writhe as they fall to the ground, while the sounds created by assorted nasties lurking in the dungeon alerts you to their presence, their spine-chilling groans allowing you to make good your escape orb close in for the kill."

    Racing Game Peripherals - Falcon @ 6:14 pm PST Feature: SimHQ's Vic "CLUTCH" DiCosola takes some of the top racing wheels on the market and puts them through their paces. Read up on what wheels are the best bang for the buck and more about the world of racing peripherals. More here:

    Official WW RA:2 Site Launced - Falcon @ 6:11 pm PST
    Westwood Studios Launches Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 Website Official Red Alert 2 News, Information, Screen Shots and Artwork Now Available on the Web.

    LAS VEGAS, NV - July 24, 2000 -- More information about the imminent Soviet invasion of North America can be found at today when the official web site for Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 launches.

    The Red Alert 2 web site gives an advance look at the battle between the Soviets and Allies. The site will feature:

    *An array of never-before-seen art including new
    in-game screen shots, scenes from the film sequences, high-res rendered art and more.
    *Exclusive info about all the new units and
    *The story behind the Soviet's latest plan for world
    domination and the Allies' strategy to stop them.
    *A frequently updated news section that will keep
    fans up to date on everything Red Alert 2.
    *Discussion forums where fans can ask questions of
    the design team.
    *A download page with everything from movies to
    music. Future downloads will theme packs, interviews and music tracks.
    Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 gives player an onslaught of new units, tactics and strategies. As in the original, gamers can choose to lead Soviet or Allied forces. Soviet commanders will invade North America and try to claim it for mother Russia. Allied commanders will fight to push back the invaders and save liberty.

    Both sides are well-armed with conventional weapons and experimental technology. The Soviets can engage in psychic warfare, wield nuclear weapons and fry all they survey with Tesla technology. Allied forces can teleport with chrono technology, conduct covert operations with the help of gap generators, and rain down lightening bolts through weather control. Supporting these high-powered, advanced weapons are massive conventional forces, including armies, air power and navies.

    Red Alert 2 will feature enhanced Local Area Network and Internet play. Players can engage in fierce combat over a LAN and battle via the Internet and Westwood Online. A built-in worldwide ranking system allows players to track their victories and defeats against other Internet gamers. The Worldwide Domination mode let's players compete in an ongoing war for global

    Wizards & Warriors - Falcon @ 6:09 pm PST
    Wizards & Warriors is a classic-style 3D RPG in development at Heuristic Park by a team under the leadership of acclaimed designer D.W. Bradley. It features 100 or more spells in six schools of magic: Sun, Moon, Spirit, Vine, Fiend and Stone. We will be introducing new spells every week, beginning with today's screenshots and descriptions of three Sun spells. Find out more here

    Ask AE: Q+A - Falcon @ 6:08 pm PST
    Each week Artifact Entertainment answers questions submitted by the fans through Horizons Vault and the answers are posted there. Check out this week's questions and answers at:

    DirectSound / DirectMusic article - Falcon @ 6:07 pm PST
    As part of EuroGamer's on-going coverage of the Windows
    Game Developers Conference which took place in London a
    few weeks ago, today they have an article looking at Microsoft's plans for the audio side of things in DirectX 8.
    The article looks at audio effects, dynamic music, randomised non-looping sound effects, audio scripting and much more, with a new screenshot of the DirectMusic Producer tool in action, as well as MP3s of a few of the demonstrations used at the event.

    "The example which Brian gave was of a helicopter, with a noise made up of a high pitch whine, the whirling of the blades, and the low throbbing of the engine. DirectX can treat each of these sounds as a seperate audio stream and, using an audio script getting information from the game, apply various effects to each stream depending on factors such as the engine throttle and the movement of the vehicle."

    "The seperate streamsare then mixed together by DirectSound, and the result can have any environmental effects (such as reverb) added to it, and finally a 3D positional audio effect so that the noise of the helicopter seems to come from the right direction. It all helps add to the realism, and should help make game sound less repetitive."

    Freedom Force Interview - Falcon @ 6:04 pm PST
    Can System Shock 2 developer Irrational Games do what other companies could not and create a good super-hero PC game? Stomped chats with Jonathan Chey, the project director for their upcoming super-hero RPG Freedom Force to see what they have planned. Check out the exclusive interview at

    New Webvoid Column - Falcon @ 6:04 pm PST
    A new webvoid column has been posted. The unofficial coverage of the AOL-CPL. This is part one of two. For those that don't know, webvoid is a comedy/spoof column at Stomped. Check it out here.

    Souldbringer Review - Falcon @ 6:00 pm PST
    Gamespy reviews the newest RPG from Interplay, Soulbringer. How does it stack up to other RPGs on the market?

    Soulbringer's gameplay follows the time-honored "roll the cursor over things you want to interact with" approach, which is fine. A problem exists, however, with the actual interaction. Moving around is an exercise in itself, as things as simple as changing direction stop characters cold. Clicking far away from a character causes them to run (slowly) to their destination, but regardless of whether they are running or walking, they'll change their heading, often stop, realign themselves, and then start again. Strange.

    Kiss Preview - Falcon @ 5:57 pm PST
    In their latest article on BarrysWorld, Cro takes a look round a preview copy of Kiss: Psycho Circus, surely one of the oddest licenses for a game ever.

    One other thing that has been accomplished in this game is vertigo. Does anyone remember Jedi Knight and the sense of enormous heights that that game engendered? Well, it`s been replicated in this game through clever use of map design and the distance fogging effect. Episode Three, on the docks - down is a looooong way down...

    You can read the full preview over here.

    Sanity Demo Released - the_culture @ 1:15 pm PST
    3DFiles has the 62.7 meg demo of Monolith's Sanity: Aiken's Artifact. The 3D strategy game is powered by their own LithTech (1.5?) engine. This demo offers two single-player and two multiplayer levels. Here's what the description has to say:

    Thirty years in the future, the unused portion of the human brain will finally be unlocked and the full destructive potential of the mind unleashed upon the world. Experimental drugs will grant ordinary people the ability to generate and focus immense energy emissions with their minds. Labeled as Psionic for their ability to manipulate this energy, these gifted humans become overwhelmed by their complex new powers and often succumb to insane, destructive rages.
    As Special Agent Cain of the Department of National Psionic Control, players will undertake a perilous mission to protect the world from powerful Psionic criminals. The most dangerous of these is a dark and shadowing figure known only as Golgotham who has a devious plan to destroy all of humanity.

    Pick up the demo. Also, if you're in the mood for a good laugh, check out this press release, which says "Ice T has been cast to record the voice of Agent Nathaniel Cain, the lead character in Fox Interactive’s latest science-fiction fantasy adventure game, Sanity, Aiken’s Artifact."

    Star Wars RPG Tidbits - the_culture @ 12:09 pm PST
    I'm sure everyone by now has heard the news about the Star Wars RPG in development by BioWare(if not, read the annoucement). Now, Gamespot is reporting that BioWare will use a modified version of their Neverwinter Nights engine and work has already begun. Well, I sent off an email to Brag Grier (Communication Manager of BioWare) asking if they're really using the Neverwinter Nights engine. Here's what he had to say:

    Any word on what game engine will be used?

    The game engine for the Star Wars RPG will be a brand new, state of the art engine, designed to take full advantage of next generation hardware.

    Gamespot is reporting that a modified version of the Neverwinter Nights engine will be used. Is this true, or will a new engine be created for this?

    I just read that Gamespot piece, and it's wrong... I'm
    working to correct that now. The info you have is correct.

    This is just an update for those of you who have already read the Gamespot piece. I checked their site, and it has been corrected.

    Diablo II Sucks! - VulTure @ 8:14 am PST
    StrategyPlanet, defends the strategy genre by giving us ten reasons why Diablo II sucks. (It has outsold all recent strategy games)'s one for ya...

    "8. No Oversized Click Finger

    Diablo II is a click fest. I haven't clicked buttons so fast since I played Track and field on the original Nintendo. In fact, I strapped a set of battery powered chattering teeth across the left button on my mouse and, by the time I got back from seeing X-Men at the local cineplex, my system had already completed the first two scenarios.

    In a Strategy game, clicking is set to a minimum, and every now and then it lets you click AND drag!"

    Although, near the end, it is sounding like they are hooked also...

    "While Diablo II is a popular game, it is obviously no strategy game. So for the sake of the genre, go out there and load up on some hot Strategy titles and start some REAL gaming fun. I know I will (as soon as my Paladin reaches level 30)."

    Icewind Dale Walkthrough - VulTure @ 8:06 am PST
    If you are having problems with this game, or are stuck on a particular section, and it is driving you crazy, you now have some relief! Check out the Sorcerer's Place for the goods!

    The Next-Gen Nintendo console - VulTure @ 7:56 am PST
    So, how many of you have lost countless hours playing those Nintendo games late at night? Count me in...Well, according to sources, Nintendo's next-generation console, code-named, Dolphin, has been officially retitled Starcube. It has also been confirmed that there will be an online component, dubbed Star Road, which will allow players to compete with each other from across the world!

    Diablo II Amazon guide - VulTure @ 7:39 am PST
    GamePro has released a guide for all of you Amazon-playing Diablo II heads. Here's a quick tip for you...

    "The best ways to counter the Amazon's natural weakness of poor melee defense is to stock up on items that steal hit points from enemies or slowly heal, and to acquire the Avoid (level 12) and Dodge (level 6) skills, greatly reducing the chance of getting hit during melee. (Evade, at level 24, helps you while moving, but by that time you'll have more important skills to invest those points in.) Avoid and Dodge will help you survive those boss monsters that can run as fast, or faster, than you."

    BioWare to develop a Star Wars RPG! - VulTure @ 7:34 am PST
    In a press release, seen on VoodooExtreme, BioWare has announced a partnership with LucasArts to develop a new Star Wars role-playing game. The game is expected to be released in 2002, and will be set four thousand years before Star Wars: Episode I.

    Team Fortress 2: Brotherhood Of Arms - VulTure @ 7:21 am PST
    The Adrenaline Vault has put up a question and answer session with the senior engineer of Valve software, Yahn Bernier. Here's a quote from Yahn, talking about a new element of persistence, similiar to the online RPG's, that they are adding to the game...

    "Persistence is something we have been considering for quite some time. It will permit a whole new approach to the game because a person's actions will have ongoing consequences. The main force behind the persistence API was Dussault's belief that this would enable a whole new class of mods for the Half-Life platform...This would allow, for instance, storing experience points on the server, unique items the person has in their possession and other things."

    Check out the complete interview here!

    An Ozzy Osbourne Game! - VulTure @ 7:12 am PST
    This is starting to sound like a new wave in gaming. First, we had a game based on the band KISS, and now we have one, Savage Skies, from Virtus Entertainment that will be a collaboration with music icon Ozzy Osbourne. Here's a quote from the developer's website about the game...

    "Savage Skies transports players to a dark fantasy world inspired by the music of Ozzy himself. Savage Skies showcases intense action, furious, fast-paced gameplay, and stunning visuals. Through it all, the music of Ozzy drives the pace and mood, empowered by interactive music technology."

    For more information, check out the Adrenaline Vault.

    Monday, July 24, 2000

    Back for a while - shiva @ 5:22 pm PST
    Many of you may have noticed I have been missing from the site for the last little while. The reason is actually simple. I threw out my back, and have been forced to be very careful with my activities. That meant I couldn't sit in my computer chair for any period of time.

    Yeap, my old health problems from last year came back in the form of a bad back. So now, I have to go twice a week to get my back corrected and fixed, starting this week. :(

    By all appearances, this will go on for a while, so my work here on the site will be limited. On top of that, my family life is taking a more important place in my activities, especially when it comes to the internet, as I have started the SSP, and am activily engaged in a web site design for pay. (Actually, I just fixed the code. Something I will do here one of these days)

    Still, I will try and get new stuff up every once in a while, just don't expect me to put in 8 hour days anymore. It was no doubt the reason I am having back problems in the first place, trying to get everything done by myself, so I'm sorry to say, you will just have to put up with it for a while.

    I am just starting on the PlayStation section, which is kind of small, and then I will tackle the N64. Hopefully, the rest of the CGI will be in place soon, and that means we can get our strategy section fully up, as well as the forum and links page. And of course, I will still be handing the new content sent by to me by the staff and viewers.

    In the meanwhile, keep a eye out for the PlayStation section coming shortly. Now it's back to work....

    New Unreal4Ever - MaD-HaTTeR @ 2:32 pm PST
    A new version of the UT mod, Unreal4Ever has just been released, bringing the mod up to v.6. It comes in 2 flavors, a patch for v.5, or a full version download. Check it out right here.

    OpFor CTF Patch - MaD-HaTTeR @ 2:15 pm PST
    Sierra Studios has just released a new patch for Half-Life: Opposing Force. The new patch brings with it, two new CTF maps, along with many other CTF enhancements. Check it out right here.

    Psycho Circus Patch Info - MaD-HaTTeR @ 2:12 pm PST
    D.'s Kiss: Pyscho Circus - The Nightmare Child page now has a list of changes for the beta patch that should be coming out this evening. Check it out right here.

    Second Deus Ex Demo - VulTure @ 7:58 am PST
    The DailyRadar has an exclusive second demo of Deus Ex, from Ion Storm! Check out what the 'Radar has to say about it...

    "We gave Deus Ex a Direct Hit when we reviewed it a few weeks ago with absolutely no hesitation. If you still haven't given the game a spin, you're going to have another chance to try before you buy. Daily Radar is happy to present the new, second Deus Ex demo. We urge you to download this new 32MB baby and check it out. You'll need the first demo in order to get the new one to run, so grab 'em both."

    3dfx and GigaPixel merger - VulTure @ 6:59 am PST
    3dfx and GigaPixel have merged their respective companies in order to bring together their technologies...

    "The merger marks an important step in enhancing the 3dfx technology leadership and expanding our business for the future, said Alex Leupp, president and CEO of 3dfx. We believe we have acquired not only a breakthrough 3D technology and core expertise, but also a proven design team which will lead to the success of the combined companies."

    Check out the complete press release on Yahoo!

    Rocket Arena 3 Interview - VulTure @ 6:52 am PST
    The author of Rocket Arena 3 gives it up in an interview with Gamespy. Check out some backround info about this soon-to-be-popular mod while you are downloading it!

    Also, be sure to get the full soundtrack for the mod right here!

    Diablo II Tips! - VulTure @ 6:40 am PST has put up a guide for all of you Paladin playin' Diablo II maniacs.

    Here are some quick tips for ya...

    "I quickly found Prayer to be useful, but most of all, Zeal was the number one skill. My paladin went from an 'okay' melee fighter to something the Barbarians dropped their jaws to...The Paladin especially uses many skills, so +1 to all his skills is more beneficial to him than the Amazon or Sorceress..."

    Check out the rest of it on

    Rocket Arena 3! - VulTure @ 6:30 am PST
    A lot of free time is about to be lost. Rocket Arena 3 for Quake 3 is finally out. Those of you that have played the Quake 2 version will remember how addicting it was. Now, get it for Quake 3!

    Here are some download links...Win32 Client, Win32 & Linux Servers, and Linux Client.

    Sunday, July 23, 2000

    Elite Force Preview - Magicboy @ 9:53 am PST
    The upcoming Quake3 engined Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force has been previewed by VE. Here's a clip:

    Using id Software's state-of-the-art Quake III engine, Elite Force's graphics are simply stunning. From the expertly modeled and skinned crewmembers and aliens to the impressive lighting and special effects, the visuals are in many cases, more impressive than its 'real world' television counterpart. In-engine rendered cut scenes play an important role in Elite Force, as do scripted sequences and special story events. Raven takes full advantage of Quake III Arena's curved surfaces in the levels, plus offers highly detailed original texture and artwork, which abounds throughout Elite Force's environments.
    If you haven't had a chance to, download the demo and take a look for yourselves.

    Pretty As A Picture - the_culture @ 9:23 am PST
    There are plenty of new screenshots floating around the web this morning, so let's get started:

  • GA-Strategy has five new images of the upcoming 3D RTS Battle Realms from Liquid Entertainment.
  • Four new screenshots are available @ showing off scenes of Ritual's upcoming game Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2.
  • posted it's second round of screens of the vehicle-based combat game Infestation from Frontier Developments.
  • VE posted a high-res screenshot of the amazing-looking Sacrifice, Shiny's upcoming masterpiece. This shot has to be seen to be believed!
  • One Must Fall Screenshots - Magicboy @ 9:23 am PST
    What could be better than giant robots going at it with each other? Well, if this is your cup of tea, head on over to GA-Source and take a look at the new screenshots of Diversions Entertainment's upcoming giant robot shooter, One Must Fall: Battlegrounds.

    Sanity Demo - Magicboy @ 9:18 am PST
    Blue's reports that Jason Hall of Monolith has updated his .plan file with news of a Sanity demo possibly being released this Tuesday or Wednesday. Head on over and have a look.

    Saturday, July 22, 2000

    Starcraft Map of the Week - Hobbes @ 7:09 pm PST
    The newest Starcraft Map of the Week is called Permafrost. It is a 128x128 map, using the ice tileset, and is designed for 2-4 players.

    For Immediate Distribution To All Personnel

    From the Office of the Colonel:

    There have been numerous complaints during the course of the campaign on Braxis concerning the indigenous environmental conditions. The vast majority of these are petty issues that have obviously been initiated by individuals who do not have the stomach, or the will, to be called Terran Marines. Further complaints will result in the personal dispensing of immediate and extreme disciplinary action. That being said, one notable issue has been raised. Many squads are having difficulty properly burying the dead in the rock-hard tundra. Until such time as portable heating units can be made available from the Quartermaster General, Firebat squads will be tasked with the duty of melting the permafrost with their Perdition flamethrowers to allow excavation of burial pits for our fallen comrades. That is all.

    You can download the map here.

    Move Over Hercules - the_culture @ 3:44 pm PST
    Gamer's Depot posted their review of Elsa's new Gladiac GeForce2 GTS 64MB retailing for the astronomical price of $429.99! Here's a list of it's specifications:

    Graphics Controller: NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS GPU
    RAMDAC/Pixel Cycle: 350 MHz
    Memory: 64MB DDR RAM
    Bus Systems: AGP 2x/4x (including fast writes and execute mode)
    Standards: DPMS, DDC2B, Plug & Play
    Optional Video Module: 1x Video-In & 1x Video-Out
    BIOS: VESA BIOS 3.0 support
    API Support: DirectX 6, DirectX 7, OpenGL
    Internal/Memory Interface Clock: 200MHz/166MHz
    Horizontal SYNC Signals: 31.5Hz - 108.5Hz
    Vertical Refresh Rate: 60Hz - 200Hz

    Weekly AGT Is Up - Magicboy @ 10:11 am PST
    3DActionPlanet has posted its weekly AGT, this time featuring a variety of questions on a variety of games. Head on over and find out how much you don't know.

    Battle Realms Preview - Magicboy @ 10:07 am PST
    A preview of Liquid Entertainment's upcoming RTS, Battle Realm, has been posted at GameSpy. Take a look:

    As mentioned above, Battle Realms takes place in the ancient Orient in a fantasy world filled with ninjas, samurai, geisha warriors, and werewolves. Players take control of Kenji, the prince of a fallen Serpent Empire. After being exiled for seven years, Kenji returns to his war torn land. Players must make a choice, whether to liberate Kenji's land or take on the parties who have taken it over.
    Just as long as there's no time-travelling super sword to contend with...

    Starship Troopers Preview - Magicboy @ 10:01 am PST
    Ever want to join the MI and kill bugs? Here's your chance to find out some info. GameSpot Australia has posted a preview of Starship Troopers, the upcoming 3D RTS in development by Blue Tongue and based on the excellent military sci-fi novel of the same name by legendary Robert Heinlein. Here's a dollop:

    Because Starship Troopers is about the marines of the MI, unit types are limited to infantry. However, there are several different types of units, and they can all be outfitted with a variety of personal weapons and armor. While there was no powered armor in the film, the game makes sure to represent the different classes of suits, including scout, command, and marauder-class powered armor. Each trooper has room for armor and up to eight other items, although some slots are restricted to specialists. For every six troopers (or fraction thereof), a squad leader slot is available. The MI arsenal includes plasma guns, chain cannons, light rifles, flamethrowers, and more, which are all carried separately.
    Head over and give it a look and make sure to pick up the book for an entertaining read.

    Arcatera Screenshots - Magicboy @ 9:52 am PST
    Eurogamer.Net has managed to get a few new screenshots of the upcoming 3D RPG from Ubisoft, Arcatera. Go take a look.

    Serious Sam Preview - Magicboy @ 9:48 am PST
    A new preview of Croteam's upcoming FPS, Serious Sam, has been posted up at PC.IGN. Here's a taste:

    According to Roman, "Serious Sam is a high-adrenaline shooter heavily focused on frantic arcade-style single player action." In a world where cyberpunk meets fantasy-fiction and advanced technology is mixed with black magic and psycho-powers, Sam travels through the beautiful world of ancient Egypt and several diverse planets, confronting countless Mental's minions on his way to the Mental's base.
    Here's the demo if you still haven't given it a whirl.

    Elite Force Preview - Magicboy @ 9:41 am PST
    Head on over to 3DGameForce and check out their preview of Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, the upcoming Q3-powered shooter from Raven Software. Here's a morsel:

    Using the Quake III engine has allowed the Raven designers to create many beautiful and elaborate environments. From the Borg ships, to the recreation of many parts of the Voyager into a 3D environment, such as the bridge, holodeck, engine room, sickbay, hallways, jeffries tubes, and much more, which is created with amazing detail. Now as for the sound, this is not expectation. Raven was able to get all the true sounds from Star Trek, from phaser shots, to the voices from the Voyager crew themselves. With the combination of all this, it gives gamers some A+ quality to look forward to.
    Also, make sure to check out the demo if you haven't already.

    A First Look at Sacrifice - Magicboy @ 9:34 am PST
    A very quick first look of Shiny Entertainment's upcoming 3D RPG title, Sacrifice, has been posted over at PCGamePro. It's a little brief but features some very nice screens to look at, so head over and take a gander.

    Friday, July 21, 2000

    Deus Ex Demo Add-On Available - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:54 pm PST
    Well, it looks like the Deus Ex Demo add-on is a little early, but who can complain? The new add-on to the already huge 140meg Deus Ex demo, wieghs in at 32megs. As i said before, a 172meg demo? Woah...

    Anyway, the add-on, adds a new demo mission for everyone to play. Remember you need the origional demo to play this... You can grab the add-on on any of these fine mirrors:

  • 3DGamers
  • 3D Downloads
  • Gameaholic
  • Oops! New Deus Ex Demo Info - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:48 pm PST
    Oops! Well, ION Storm has sent along some clarification on the new Deus Ex demo set for release later tonight. Daily Radar reported earlier that it would be a stand alone 32meg demo (which sounds kinda fishy on its own, just 32megs?), but Ion Storm is now reporting that this will be a 32meg add-on to the origional 140meg demo. A 172meg demo? Woah...

    New Voodoo 5 Drivers - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:41 pm PST
    3Dfx has just kicked up some new Windows 9x drivers for their Voodoo 5 AGP and PCI cards. You can grab the new drivers, v1.01.00, right here. Oh, they weigh in at a chunky size of 9.03MB.

    New NFS: Porshe Unleashed Car - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:30 am PST
    Thats right, EA has just slapped up a new car for you to wreak havok in (oops, im thinking Carmageddon), for their newest Need For Speed, Porshe Unleashed. Grab the new car here.

    GeForce Price Guide - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:25 am PST
    Thats right folks, whether your in the market looking for the $121 Vision Tek GeForce or the $429 Elsa Gladiac 64MB DDR board (or anything inbetween), has just tossed up a new priceguide, showing you the places with the best price on every GeForce card out there. Check it out right here.

    New Deus Ex Demo Tonight - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:20 am PST
    Good ol' Daily Radar has just posted word, that a new Deus Ex Demo (Yes, the 2nd demo) will be out toinght. This one also weighs in at a featherweight of 32 megs, as opposed to the 140meg first demo.

    Steel Beast's Golden Date - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:12 am PST
    Shrapnel Games has just put out a new PR, with the new Golden date for their upcoming war game, Steel Beast's. Dig it:

    Shrapnel Games and developer eSim Games announced the updated Gold date for Steel Beasts as August 4th. The new Gold will incorporate additional features including new vehicle models such as variations on the M113 and BRDM3.

    Steel Beasts is a tank simulation set in modern times that allows you to take it to the former Warsaw Pact forces in either the M1A1 or the Leopard 2A4. Included with this are modeling for artillery, smoke, mine fields, and much more. To round out the package you will be able to play the game versus others with full multiplayer support and design your own maps and missions with the included editors.

    Shrapnel Games plans on shipping the final version starting on August 21st.

    Steel Beasts is available for pre-release ordering at Shrapnel Games' website at and through Chips & Bits. In addition, there is a demo available for download at the Shrapnel Games' website.

    IBM to sell new Supercomputer! - VulTure @ 7:32 am PST
    IBM is now planning on selling their new supercomputer, "ASCI White," to the general public. The U.S. Department of Energy recently bought one for $110 million dollars. Check out some of these specs...

    "The potential maximum horsepower --12.3 teraflops, or 12.3 trillion floating operations per second -- the RS/6000 SP system offers is breathtaking...Each of the 16 processors per node boasts better floating-point performance for scientific or statistical computations...a system capable of scaling up to more than 8,100 microprocessors."

    8100 processors? 12.3 teraflops? Sign me up! All you have to do is throw in a Voodoo5 6000 and I'll be set!

    nVidia responds to criticisms - VulTure @ 6:50 am PST
    In response to all of the outcries that nVidia has received concerning censoring of the press, they have released a statement declaring that it was all a matter of miscommunication. Read more about it at the 'Shack!

    Tools of the Trade - Part V - VulTure @ 6:43 am PST
    Today is the last day in the GameSpy series, Tools of the Trade. They look at the gaming systems of Greg Borrud and Nic Punt of Pandemic Studios, Anoop Shekar of Volition, Inc., Brian Reynolds of Big Huge Games (and formerly of Firaxis), Mark Skaggs of Westwood Studios, Will Wright of Maxis, and from Bioware: Trent Oster. If you ever wanted an insight into what your favorite developer uses, now is your chance to read about it.

    Diablo II Love! - VulTure @ 6:29 am PST
    DamageGaming has put up a new section containing tips for various parts of Diablo II...Whether you need some hints on playing the Barbarian effectively, or whether you prefer using the Necromancer, there is something for you.

    If neither one of these appeal to you, there is also a general hints section that would be a help to everyone!

    Tribes Screenshots - VulTure @ 6:20 am PST
    Sierra Studios has released some new screenshots from Dynamix's, in-progress, multiplayer action game, Tribes2. Check 'em out now!

    Echelon Screenshots - VulTure @ 6:02 am PST
    Here are some screenshots from Bethesda's Echelon. An incredible looking flight-simulator from Russian developer, Buka. Here's a quote from the DailyRadar..."Echelon is a sci-fi flight simulation that takes place over the colorful landscapes of alien worlds. The emphasis is on close-combat dogfighting as players guide several different kinds of aircraft through trenches and over lakes...While most of the vehicles in the game are futuristic and new, the weapons are the familiar guns and rockets. The final version will feature a rich, single-player branching campaign; a variety of weather effects; day and night conditions; a ranking system; and a huge selection of weapons, crafts and buildings..."

    The Chaos Sanctuary - Hobbes @ 1:37 am PST
    As of yesterday, Blizzard officialy opened the Chaos Sanctuary, the resource for strategy and items and a place to mix and mingle with other players. You can go to it here.

    GoodBye Tech Support Forum - Hobbes @ 1:05 am PST
    Blizzard has decided to stop allowing public posters to post in tech support, and only allow Blizzard reps to post. Althought the reps do post more frequently, I think the main idea behind doing it was to cut down on all the flames Blizzard was getting (more flames than technical questions). Also, what about SC/BW and Diablo 1 players that need help? Unless I wasn't told, "General Tech Support" was not plaqued with the name "Diablo II Takes All The Tech Support." Blizzard says they do not have time to cover both games...but, we'll see how things go. You can see the Tech Support forum here.

    In an even further extension, Blizzard now offers live tech support in the infamous Blizzard Support Channel on from the hours of 10am-12pm PT, and 2pm-6pm PT.

    Thursday, July 20, 2000

    London Racer Demo - the_culture @ 12:32 pm PST
    3DFiles has a demo of London Racer, an "illegal street racing" game for all you limeys out there. The description reads:

    You’re entering an illegal street race organization as a rookie. This organization organizes illegal races on the m25 and in London and Oxford. In this hierarchic organization you’ll have to start in the small league. When you’re good enough, they let you enter the ‘Luxury sports car’ league but at the end, you’ll be trying to reach the ultimate league: the ‘GT Racer’ League. During the leagues, you’ ll be trying to go faster and faster through buying extra’s for your car to tune it up.

    Download the 37 meg demo.

    More gaming censorship! - VulTure @ 6:38 am PST
    According to this article on CNN, Mayor Bart Peterson of Indianapolis, signed a new law restricting violence in video games.

    "The law requires coin-operated games featuring graphic violence or strong sexual content to have warning labels and be kept at least 10 feet from nonviolent game machines. They must also be separated by a curtain or wall so minors cannot view them. The law bars people under age 18 from such games unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

    Peterson called the law -- believed to be the first of its kind in a major U.S. city -- a necessary first step.

    'The importance of it is that it's an effort to begin to attack the culture of violence that I believe surrounds our young people these days virtually from the day they're born,' the mayor said."

    Someone please Stop the Insanity!

    Tools of the Trade - Part IV - VulTure @ 6:22 am PST
    Today, GameSpy talks to Brandon Reinhart of 3DRealms, Gabe Newell of Valve Software, Chris Taylor of Gas Powered Games, David Perry of Shiny, Rantz Hoseley of Quicksilver, and the duo from Bioware: Trent Oster and Dr. Ray Muzyka. They talk about the high-powered systems that these developers use at home to play games!

    ASUS does a turn around - VulTure @ 6:16 am PST
    According to a post from RivaStation, ASUS has decided to NOT release the see-through drivers that have been causing a major controversy ever since their announcement. A full announcement is pending from ASUS, but check out the email from ASUS, in the meantime.

    Is nVidia censoring the press? - VulTure @ 6:08 am PST
    nVidia is not acting very ethically. Riva3D, a site devoted to nVidia products, recently reviewed a competitors product and was subsequently slapped by nVidia. Here is a summary of the whole situation on HardOCP..."Riva3D basically pulls down a favorable article on the Voodoo 5 5500 from 3dfx at the 'suggestion' of nVidia. It is also hinted that nVidia will stop supporting Riva 3D in the future if they do not do this. Ross at Riva 3D puts the open letter up and spills the beans on nVidia. Now at this point in time, today, Ross is back all buddy-buddy with nVidia and the Open Letter has been taken down and a 'It was all a big misunderstanding' letter is in it's place."

    For the whole scoop, check out HardOCP.

    FAKK2 Screenshots - VulTure @ 5:55 am PST
    The ShugaShack has scored some high-res screenshots of FAKK2, Ritual's hot new game! Check 'em out while you can!

    Rambus memory dying? - VulTure @ 5:46 am PST
    According to an article on GamersDepot, Rambus memory technology may be fighting a losing battle. With the upcoming release of the Pentium IV from Intel, it sounds like Intel may be dropping the technology. For all of the dark details, check out this editorial...

    Rocket Arena 3! - VulTure @ 5:37 am PST
    It is finally done! The mod that rocked the Quake2 world is getting the finishing touches put on it. The planned release date for this very popular Quake2 modification is going to be Sunday, 7/23.

    "...It includes 8 Multi-Arena maps with 32 arenas to play in, 4 different game types, and a 14 track soundtrack by a number of notable artists including DJ Pill, Sonic Mayhem, and Silent Warrior.

    The first release will be available natively for both Win32 and Linux, and will be 50-60mb in size. The full soundtrack will be available as a separate 60-70mb download (highly recommended!)."

    For some incredible screenshots, go to PlanetQuake!

    MS Games on MAC - Falcon @ 2:45 am PST
    And heres the press release:


    NEW YORK - July 19, 2000 - Microsoft Corp. today announced its intent to form a games publishing alliance with a new startup company headed by Peter Tamte, who was the founder of MacSoft, former senior director of worldwide consumer marketing for Apple Computer Inc. and former executive vice president of Bungie Software Products Corp.

    The proposal, announced at the MACWORLD Conference & Expo, enables the new company to bring select Microsoft® games to the Macintosh platform.

    Among the first titles expected to be published for the Macintosh include the best-selling real-time strategy game "Age of Empires® II: The Age of Kings®," as well as new versions of "Links™ LS" and "Flight Simulator." These award-winning, well-established franchises have collectively sold approximately 10 million licensed units worldwide. In addition, the highly anticipated action game "Halo," currently in development at Bungie Studios, is scheduled to appear on the Macintosh as well as being published by Microsoft on the PC and Xbox.

    "As a multiplatform entertainment company, Microsoft is committed to making its world-class games available for the PC, Xbox and other platforms through strategic relationships," said Ed Fries, vice president of games publishing at Microsoft. "We are particularly pleased to honor Bungie's commitment to make ground-breaking games like 'Halo' available to gamers on all platforms, including the Macintosh."

    "These are some of the most culturally significant games ever created," Tamte said. "We look forward to working with Microsoft to make these and many other of its other upcoming games available to Mac OS 8, Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X users."

    "The Macintosh is an excellent gaming platform for both casual and hard-core gamers," said Clent Richardson, vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations at Apple. "We are thrilled that Microsoft and Bungie are bringing Halo and a host of other top-selling games to the Mac platform."

    Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq "MSFT") is the worldwide leader in software, services and Internet technologies for personal and business computing. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to empower people through great software -- any time, any place and on any device.

    BG2 Dev Profile: Brent Knowles - Falcon @ 2:43 am PST
    In Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, players will face over twice as many different monster types and will have access to more than twice as many spells. In RPG Vault's latest Baldur's Gate II Developer Profile, we meet one of the BioWare designers charged with creating this new content. More here:

    Halo News - Falcon @ 2:41 am PST
    In regards to the announcement of Halo coming to the Mac, PlanetXbox has learned the title will also be making an appearance on the PC platform as well! *Phew*

    Throne of Darkness Interview - Falcon @ 2:39 am PST
    Founded by former Blizzard Entertainment employees, Click Entertainment aims to bring the same type of game play as Diablo to a Japanese-themed world in Throne of Darkness. RPG Planet talks with the Ben Haas, Doron Gartner and Koji Goto of Click Entertainment to find out the lastest on the game. More here:

    Win a copy of Combat Mission - Falcon @ 2:38 am PST Contest. and are teaming up to offer seven copies of Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord up for grabs. All you have to do is show your knowledge of WWII in our contest...answer 8 out of 10 trivia questions correct and you'll be entered into a drawing for a copy of this innovative WWII tactical strategy game! The contest runs until 12 AM ET, July 24, 2000.

    Fifa 2001 News - Falcon @ 2:36 am PST
    Cyber Soccer have gotten hold of a press release from EA sports regarding FIFA 2001; A major bit of news has arisen from this press release, FIFA 2001 on PC WILL include online multiplayer capabilities, it's the first in the series to do so. Read the full press release at Additionally, they have a load of screens from the PSX2 version of the game up on their site.

    D2, Evola Review - Falcon @ 2:33 am PST
    Damage Gaming has posted their review of Diablo2, giving it a 9/10. Nothing new really, unless you've been living in a hole the last 3 weeks... You can read it here:

    They have also posted a review of Interplay and Computer Artworks' action game of mutating fun, Evolva. They scored it an eight out of ten, so just head on over to find out why.

    No One Lives Forever week - Falcon @ 2:24 am PST
    Today, Stomped begins its No One Lives Forever week as they interview many of the developers behind this upcoming 60's spy FPS game from Monolith and Fox Interactive. They begin with a chat with the producer of NOLF, Fox Interactive's Chris Miller. Check out the exclusive interview here:

    New Firearms .FGD - Falcon @ 1:50 am PST
    The official Firearms Half-Life website has been with a new .fgd file for their level designers, as well as a prefab package contain things from Tyler Munden most popular Firearms levels, such as ps_sand, ps_invasion and tp_wartorn.

    Strike Force FULL - Falcon @ 1:47 am PST has a full install of Strike Force 1.27. This version uses our own ini files as well as our own starter.

    You no longer have to switch back and forth from UT and SF. Also there are no longer any problems with SF doing anything to UT.

    Also a server bat has been included so that anyone can get a server up and running with a click of a button. Grab the fule here:

    Lame Side Issue 4 released! - Falcon @ 1:44 am PST
    The long-awaited 4th issue of "The Lame Side Gallery" has been released. Lame Side is a Quake-based single-panel comic strip, or basically a "Far Side meets Quake" spinoff. Pretty funny stuff if you want a quick laugh. You can check out the new issue, along with the three previous issues, right here:

    Wednesday, July 19, 2000

    Asus is making 3D See-Through Drivers? - Recoil @ 11:46 pm PST
    ASUS announced a new tool called 3D SeeThrough (TM). This tools allows you to make walls transparent or play in a wireframe more. A present for cheaters !?!

  • Taiwan, Taipei July 18, 2000: ASUSTeK Computer, Inc. announces its new secrete weapon for AGP-V7700 and AGP-V7100 series graphics cards – the 3D SeeThrough TM technologies. “ASUS always provides the best value for our customers.” said Jonathan Tsang, vice president of marketing and sales division of ASUSTeK Computer Inc. “The ASUS 3D SeeThrough TM technologies are developed for users to be a constant winner in the adventure or action 3D games. There are three special weapons for ASUS VGA cards’ users – Transparent View, Wireframe View, and Extra Light. If you do not have an ASUS VGA card – be careful! Never compete in the 3D games with anyone who has an ASUS VGA card. Because the only result is to loose”

    This new set of drivers would really be damaging to the FPS gamming community.

    Warcraft III For Mac Announced - Hobbes @ 10:19 pm PST
    Yes! There will be a Warcraft III for Mac. Blizzard announced it today at the MacWorld expo. Here's a snip from the press released

    NEW YORK - July 19, 2000 - At MacWorld starting today, Blizzard Entertainment® announced plans for a Macintosh version of Warcraft® III, the latest title under development in the company's number-one selling Warcraft series. Departing from the current generation of real-time strategy games, Blizzard is developing Warcraft III as a 3D role-playing strategy game.

    The Mac version will be released soon after the PC version.

    Newest Diablo II MP3 - Hobbes @ 10:15 pm PST
    The newest MP3 of the Week, "Tristram," is now available for download. It includes the original Tristram music from the first Diablo, plus the new parts added for Diablo II.

    You can visit Blizzard's MP3 collection here, or you can download the MP3 directly here.

    Diablo 3? - Mystikal @ 8:41 pm PST
    Yes, it may be coming, too early to tell, but if you notice on page 77 of the instruction manual, it says Diabo 3 in very fancy letters/numbers. Take a look for yourself!

    Doom III Article - MaD-HaTTeR @ 3:01 pm PST has just slapped up a great article, which interviews 8 people who have helped make the Doom name what it is today, including John Romero, Sverre Kvernmo, Ola Björling, and more. Check it out right here. Here's a taste:

    Will the recently announced DOOM3 break the classic DOOM franchise?

    Ola Björling:

    Both yes and no. It will not be another DOOM to us that have stayed with the original game throughout the years, but it won't "break" anything. I think it'll get a new group of followers. When Quake came only a handful of the successful DOOM mappers made a name for themselves with the new game and that will probably go on. DOOM is DOOM and this DOOM 3 thing will be a brand new game with some resemblance to the old games only in its name and perhaps some weapons/foes.

    Mattrim Dixon:

    By resurrecting the DOOM series, id has some very powerful expectations to live up to. Remember, DOOM was the game that initially launched id Software into the spotlight, propelling them from being an upstart company to being the 'messiah' of first-person shooters. To try to re-capture the magic of their most successful game is...dangerous.

    I hope all goes well.

    Voodoo 5 5500! - VulTure @ 6:24 am PST
    Are you still trying to decide between a GeForce and a Voodoo 5? Well, let the Duke of Url help you make your decision. He is an avid lover of the nVidia series of cards, but he does give praise to the 3dfx Voodoo 5.

    "Face it, FSAA looks great in games. While 3dfx may not have the fastest card around, it does quite well against the GeForce 2 on Full-Screen Anti-Aliasing...The Voodoo5 gives you a ton of memory. For a 64 MB card, the Voodoo5 is very reasonably-priced...the Voodoo5 still performs excellently..."

    Not another bug! - VulTure @ 6:07 am PST
    A newly discovered hole in Outlook and Outlook Express has the potential to be very devastating. Check out this quote from Security Focus...

    "The bug, which is known to affect Windows 95, 98 and NT, is a classic 'buffer overflow' error in the section of Outlook that parses the Date field of each incoming email...the bug could likely be used to launch massive attacks on vast numbers of machines at a time. What if you had a mail list with thousands of people and you posted to that? One well-placed email and you can probably infect thousands of people with a Back Orifice or a NetBus."

    Women Gamers? - VulTure @ 5:58 am PST
    Once they were a very lonely minority, but now they are all over the scene. PlanetQuake's Hellchick has a story about the state of sexism in the gaming industry.

    "Women gamers were once considered a rarity. Now they're all over the scene, and yet people still insist on treating them as if they're a precious commodity and should be singled out for special treatment - and QuakeCon 2000 has an entire day devoted to women-only events. This is not only ridiculous, but demeaning."

    Tools of the Trade - Part III - VulTure @ 5:49 am PST
    Here is part three of the GameSpy series. Today they focus on Mark Skaggs of Westwood Studios, Greg Borrud and Nick Punt of Pandemic Studios, Randy Pitchford of Gearbox, and Scott Draeker of Loki -- who's working to port popular PC games to the Linux Platform. Today is the last day that they focus on at-work systems. Tomorrow begins the at-home systems!

    Bang! Gunship Elite screenshots - VulTure @ 5:41 am PST
    Are you trying to decide on which new space sim to buy? After taking a look at some screen shots from Bang! Gunship Elite, I think your decision will be made. The graphics and in-game effects are some of the best of the sims currently out. You also don't have to wait. The game has already gone gold and should be in stores today.

    Diablo II Patch 1.02 for MAC! - VulTure @ 5:32 am PST
    Hot on the heels of the release of the game is this patch from Blizzard to bring the MAC version up to the PC version. The link is a direct link to the file on their ftp site.

    Tuesday, July 18, 2000

    Homeworld Nation's Newbie Guide! - Thundra @ 1:45 pm PST
    I finally managed to put up this guide. After long hard work, I am, now, pleased enough with it. I hope it would be a good info resource and that would help those that are more inexperienced. However don't forget that even the biggest Homeworld pro had to start from scratch and once was a newbie too... :P

    Check out our Newbie Guide at Homeworld Nation.

    Diablo II for Mac Released - Hobbes @ 11:44 am PST
    Diablo II has begun shipping for the Macintosh platform. Here's a snip from the press release by Blizzard:

    Blizzard Entertainment® announced today that Diablo™ II, its highly anticipated real-time action role-playing game, has started shipping in Macintosh format. Shipping less than one month after the PC version of the game, this marks the fastest conversion of a game in the history of Blizzard Entertainment.

    It should go on sale in stores within the day or tomorrow.

    Planet(Insert name here).com - VulTure @ 6:35 am PST
    Mood lightening hour! Check out this this funny rant from 3d Alpha about the overload of the sites. To think it all started with the now infamous

    "Originality, people. Come on. My fat-ass calico cat could come up with better if I stepped on her tail. I kid you not...Just my simple mention of PlanetLamers.Com will probably drive someone to register it in about a day or two.

    Gaming Goodness!!! - VulTure @ 6:21 am PST
    From the DailyRadar...

    "Maxtor announced three new hard drives in its DiamondMax family. The DiamondMax 80 is a 80GB drive, running at 5400rpm with 100 MB transfer speed. Maxtor also announced the DiamondMax VL 40, the 40GB value-priced cousin of the 80. Maxtor has also announced the 7200rpm , Ultra ATA/100 compatible DiamondMax Plus 45, a high performance 45GB drive."

    Methinks, that an 80GB drive would be just what the doctor ordered!

    Microsoft Media Player 7 - VulTure @ 6:08 am PST
    Yes, it is finally, officially done. So, if you've been using the beta version for some time now, go and get the final version!

    Before you do though, read this line from the Microsoft website - "Note Windows Media Player 7 should NOT be installed on computers running Windows® 95 or Windows NT® 4!" Got that? Good! Now, go and get it!

    Canadian Rating System - VulTure @ 6:00 am PST
    British Columbia has stated that it will now develop its own rating system for games. This is all in the wake of last weeks story of the banning of Soldier of Fortune, due to adult violence in the game. A quote from the Attorney General...

    "The system will be similar to that used to rate the content of movies and is intended to guide parents in buying or renting computer and video games and limit children's access to violent material, Andrew Petter told reporters.

    'This is not an attempt at censorship. This is not an attempt to ruin people's day and take away from them the video game they want,' said Petter, who admitted he also plays video games for fun."

    Be careful out there! - VulTure @ 5:44 am PST
    This is a story that broke a couple of days ago, and was also seen at Ars Technica, but I thought that I should put it up for anyone that missed it. Check out this quote from

    "...if you use the RealNetworks RealDownload, Netscape/AOL Smart Download, or NetZip Download Demon utilities . . .

    EVERY TIME you use one of these utilities to download ANY FILE from ANYWHERE on the Internet, the complete 'URL address' of the file, along with YOUR computer's individual Internet IP address, and a UNIQUE ID TAG that has been assigned to YOUR machine, is immediately (and secretly) transmitted to the program's publisher.

    This allows a database of your entire, personal, file download history to be assembled and uniquely associated with your individual computer . . . for whatever purpose the program's publishers may have today, or tomorrow."

    RealNetworks is denying the accusation, but the jury is still out on this. In any case, this is very scary stuff if you are on-line, so be careful out there...for more info go to

    The Horadric Cube - VulTure @ 5:31 am PST
    If you've arrived at Act 2 in Diablo II and have found the Horadric cube, PlanetDiablo has a guide for you. In many people's opinions, it's the most useful object in the game, but you must be sure that you know how to use it, or strange things may start happening! Check out the guide to get an insight!

    Nascar 4 Preview - VulTure @ 5:24 am PST
    Nascar 4 is very close to being finished! Are you ready?

    "Ladies and gentleman, the Holy Grail of racing sims is a mere four months away—so mark those calendars, clear your schedule and send the family to Florida (Disney vacation packages should be running budget rates by then). Then you can sit yourself down in peace and quiet and prepare yourself for some white-knuckled action that will take your breath away. It looks like NASCAR 4 is going to be simply that good.

    NASCAR 4 is a very highly anticipated title because it will be a totally different game than its predecessors in the award-winning series from Papyrus. The title will utilize the first class physics engine that has successfully powered another Papyrus title, Grand Prix Legends..."

    It's time to start saving those pennies...

    Tools of the Trade - Part II - VulTure @ 5:12 am PST
    In part 2 of this ongoing series, the guys and gals of GameSpy look at the at-work systems of Rantz Hoseley of QuickSilver Software, Anoop Shekar of Volition, Trent Oster and Dr. Ray Muzyka of Bioware, Brian Reynolds (formerly of Firaxis and now heading up Big Huge Games), and Will Wright of Maxis. Do the words 'computer envy' sound familiar?

    Delta Force 3 Preview - Falcon @ 3:22 am PST
    Speedy 3D has just kicked up a preview of Delta Force 3, a.k.a Delta Force: Land Warrior written by our own Mark Jackson. The preview includes screenshots.

    Ask yourself the question, why would a developer put so much effort into churning out sequels for a game that has had such poor sales and similar reviews? Simple, because if nothing else, the Delta Force series has always shown great potential for what it portrays, yet never the ability to use it.

    Screenies - Falcon @ 3:20 am PST
    Today's visual treat from the EuroGamer eye candy store is the third and final batch of eight exclusive new screenshots of "KISS : Psycho Circus", taken from a review version provided by publisher Take 2.

    Earlier shots are available from here:

    GameSpy has just posted nine new exclusive shots from Innerloop's upcoming action game, I'm Going In. Check them out at

    Today on GA-RPG is a first look article on Anarchy Online that includes two brand new screenshots.
    "Massively multi-player online role-playing games, MMORPGs for short, are becoming as common to gaming language as 3D accelerated, or first person shooter (FPS). One of the most promising of the soon to be released MMORPGs is Anarchy Online, which is being developed by Norwegian based Funcom. What seperates Anarchy Online from all prior large scale games of this type is the sci-fi futuristic setting the game will unfold in."

    4x4 Evolution preview - Falcon @ 3:12 am PST
    This weekend's (ok i'm a lil behind with news)preview on EuroGamer takes a big sweaty hands-on look at "4x4 Evolution", the 4x4 off-road racing game due from Terminal Reality and the Gathering of Developers this September. They took an early preview version for a spin to find out more.

    "The proceedings can be viewed from various camera angles, and I often found myself adopting the view of in-front and above, unusable in driving terms, just to peer down on my Land Cruiser and admire its intricate replication. If you don't want to waste valuable race time, it is often fun to throw your vehicle around, over barriers and into the air off of ramps, and then admire yourself in your own time with the Replay mode at the end of the race."
    The preview also includes five exclusive new screenshots of the game in action.

    Wingman Extreme Gamepad Review - Falcon @ 3:06 am PST
    Exxtreme3D just kicked out a review on Logitech's Wingman Extreme Gamepad. This isn't just any old gamepad, this one uses "G-Force Tilt" motion sensing for proportional control. You can check out the review here

    sUrface 1030 Mousepad Interview - Falcon @ 2:06 am PST
    Stomped interviews Kerry Plipott of fUnc, a company which has created a new gaming mouse pad called the sUrface 1030. Check out the exclusive interview at

    Licensed to kill me please - Falcon @ 2:03 am PST
    What do you get when you mix a hot movie title and a Strategy Game? Well, to find out you'll have to check out NikNak's latest "Gaming is Life" column on StrategyPlanet entitled "Licensed to Kill Me Please."

    Earth 2150 Review - Falcon @ 2:00 am PST
    Neoseeker have posted a review of Topware/SSI's Earth 2150. Apparently the sequence of the Sun rising & setting in this game really caught the reviewers attention. They feel that this game includes all the RTS features that would be contained in a RTS Encyclopedia, if one existed...

    "Earth 2150 is a very ambitious strategy game that boasts an entire slew of features found in other games, but never packed into one. The game comes with a very simple but powerful map editor, and there are already user-created maps available on the internet. Additionally, the developers have released a program called Earth that includes all the game code needed to effectively create a whole new game using Earth’s base code. Earth 2150 is admittedly not easy to jump into and enjoy. It can be extremely frustrating at times. However, with some sweet graphics, lots of gameplay, and a plethora of options, it’s bound to have a strong following within the RTS gaming community."

    Chris Taylor Interview - Falcon @ 1:55 am PST has conducted an interview with Chris Taylor of Gas Powered Games regarding Dungeon Siege and the Xbox. Read more here:

    Asuscom ISDN TA drivers - Falcon @ 1:53 am PST
    Durzel, one of the BarrysWorld columnists has identified a workaround to the current problem with Windows 2000 and ASUSCOM ISDN Terminal Adaptor Drivers. Here`s a quote

    "If like me you`re one of those people who are using an Asuscom ISDN TA, their latest drivers and Windows 2000, and have been experiencing problems like the following "bluescreen of death":

    *** STOP: 0x000000D1 (0x000000B8, 0x00000007, 0x00000000, 0xED0A1787)
    *** Address ED0A1787 base at ED0A0000, DateStamp 3824a3c8 WANLINK.SYS"

    He`s identified a set of drivers that currently work, you can find links to the drivers and more information here -

    Auran Jet Interview - Falcon @ 1:32 am PST
    AURAN Jet is the Australian studio's game authoring system. It will power the company's upcoming Hârn: Bloodline, and is also being positioned as a development tool for other developers, especially independents. Find out more about this multi-million dollar project in the new interview with Auran CEO Greg Lane.

    Monday, July 17, 2000

    Starcraft Map of the Week - Hobbes @ 6:38 pm PST
    The newest Starcraft Map of the Week is called Pinnacle. It is a 128x128 map, using the jungle tileset, and is designed for 2-3 people.

    "The Gheilia Plateau is one of the most unique land formations on the planet of Ullalah II. Surrounded for hundreds of kilometers by some of the least seismically active flatlands on the planet, the existance of the small plateau has remained a mystery to geologic survey teams for years. Core samples of the earth appeared to indicate that the plateau has always been a feature of the landscape. This is baffling to say the least. Further investigation of the site has unfortunately become impossible, since the vantage point that the Gheilia Plateau provides makes the location of prime military importance to all three sides in the Ullalahian civil war. I am monitoring the military situation on the surface of the planet, and I hope to gain access to the Plateau soon and solve this mystery once and for all."

    - Dr. Oswald Connor

    You can download the map here.
    Source: SCC Map Archives

    So, you want to develop games? - VulTure @ 1:10 pm PST
    Did you ever want to program a game? Maybe, become the next John Carmack? It's easy, right?

    "So you wanna be a software startup? From the news stories, you would think that the first step would be to drop out of school, get a few friends, buy lots of cola, and start coding."

    GameDev has an article that makes some sense.

    New top level domains - VulTure @ 6:24 am PST
    We all know and love the current domains, .com, .edu, and .org, don't we? Well, now the mighty have fallen. Later this year, new suffixes will be added to our beloved Internet. Please welcome in - .shop, .tel, and .news. Check out the complete story at Altavista, and for a second view of this issue, go to CNET!

    RPG Spoof - VulTure @ 6:10 am PST
    Volition, the creators of FreeSpace2 and the upcoming, Summoner, for the Playstation2, have come up with a spoof about Role Playing games...If you've ever sat around a table playing Dungeon and Dragons, you HAVE to check out this movie!

    Developer machines... - VulTure @ 5:56 am PST
    GameSpy has a five day series on developer machines. Today they look at the machines of John Romero, Brandon Reinhart, Dave Perry, Joby Otero, Gabe Newell, and Chris Taylor. Check out Day 1, right here!

    Game Engine Smackdown! - VulTure @ 5:52 am PST
    Can game engines get any better? Quake and Unreal were extremely advanced in their day, but the quality has been improving ever since. Will it ever end? 3DActionPlanet may have an answer for you...Here a quick quote...

    "Either way, though, it's clear that the evolvement of our gaming engines is far from over. And even though it's been said before, I feel it's only appropriate to say it again: it's a good time to be a gamer!"

    Diablo II tops the charts! - VulTure @ 5:46 am PST
    According to Gamecenter, Diablo II has debuted at number 1 and will most likely stay there for some time.

    "It was no surprise to anyone that Diablo II debuted at number 1 on PC Data's latest list of best-selling games. It was a mild surprise that Icewind Dale came in fourth. PC Data was kind enough to furnish me with the numbers: for the week of June 25, Diablo II sold 308,923 units for a gross of $17,246,333. Icewind Dale sold 39,285 units for a gross of $1,719,868."

    KISS Demo! - VulTure @ 5:05 am PST
    The demo is finally out. Now you can try the game that everyone is talking about! Included in the demo are 5 levels: 2 from the Water Realm, 1 from the Earth Realm, 1 from the Air Realm and 1 from the Fire Realm. The full game includes 47 full maps. Get it at GameSpy!

    Sunday, July 16, 2000 Servers Back Up - Hobbes @ 10:20 pm PST
    Earlier today, Blizzard posted that the East and West servers for the US were back up. Well guess what, the Asia and Europe servers are back up too! You can see the two newest posts here.

    Soldier of Fortune Banned - Hobbes @ 10:17 pm PST
    The FiringSquad has informed us that British Columbia in Canada has banned Soldier of Fortune because the attorney general believes the violence is way out of hand. He is treating the game just like pornography. All sales have stopped of shipments to B.C. have halted.

    Clusterball Preview - sim @ 5:47 pm PST
    3D GameForce has their very own preview of the online Action/Simulation game, Clusterball. Clusterball is an online sport, designed to invoke the same adrenaline rush as Quake and Unreal, but replacing the spatter and gore with pure gameplay. By combining the feel and gaming experience from ball, flight and racing games, Clusterball is totally unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Anyway, here's a snip:

    The idea behind Clusterball, which seamlessly combines aspects of an action game, a flight simulation and a sports sim, is simple: fly around in your ship, collect balls, then redeem them for points at the stadium. The gameplay supporting this simple idea is solid. As you collect more balls, they trail behind your ship making you more vulnerable to attack from other players. The more balls you collect, the more visible you are and the slower your ship will travel. The group of weapons is fun, ranging from smoke puffs, which will knock an opposing player's balls off their chain to the most fiendish device, reverse controls, which as the name implies, causes the victim's controls to reverse making steering rather difficult. Clusterball also offers two modes of online play: free for all and team.

    Read the rest of the preview or check out the official Clusterball website for more information, screenshots, and to download the demo (Hurry! You've only got a day to try it!).

    New Darkstalkers Titled Revealed! - Id @ 2:30 pm PST
    Capcom has recently given their newest Darkstalkers title a name. The newest addition to the series, entitled Vampire Chronicles, is due out in August for the Dreamcast and will include Vampire, Vampire Hunter and Vampire Savior all in one package. The game will have internet support as well, for online DC gaming.
    Source: Consoledomain

    Bleemcast FAQ - Id @ 2:23 pm PST
    Recently posted at IGN was the new Bleemcast FAQ, presented by bleem! As many of your remember, bleem was the software program that allowed PC users to play playstation games on their PC. Now, with the introduction of the Dreamcast, the bleemcast software will allow Dreamcast users to play over 400 playstation titles on their Dreamcasts. In a nutshell, Dreamcast users will basically have two systems in one. I'm sure many of you still have alot of questions about bleemcast, so need not worry. The FAQ will answer all your questions. Find it here.

    Dolphin (Star Cube) Info - Id @ 2:13 pm PST
    IGN has recently decided to take a closer look into the newest Nintendo system, initially entitled the Dolphin, now called the Star Cube. Though nothing has actually been confirmed with the Star Cube, early prototypes and demos have already shown the power and maturity of Nintendo's new console. All I'm thinking is, why doesn't the controller have a D-Pad? Check out the article for yourself here.

    Cable vs DSL - MaD-HaTTeR @ 11:30 am PST
    Planet Hardware has just slapped up a new article, comparing Cable Modems and DSL. Check it out right here. Dig it:

    We remember that day like it was yesterday; sitting, waiting for Quake1 test to download. That file took longer than any file in the world to finish downloading, or at least it seemed that way on the 9600 baud modem we were using at the time. Back then, a 9600 baud modem was considered pretty standard, while the top of the line was a smoking 28.8 baud unit. Leaving the connection on overnight to download files from off a local bulletin board (BBS) was fairly common - as were insanely high long distance bills.
    Those days are gone now, with the advent of high speed connections such as Cable Modems and DSL technology, regular analog modems pale in comparison. They just can't offer the superior speed and latency times that DSL and Cable can offer. But, you've heard about problems related to Cable and DSL - will they work for you? And how does each technology fare in comparisons to download speeds and server ping times? Perhaps you're wondering which technology is the best, overall? Read on to find out the gory details.

    New Q3Build - MaD-HaTTeR @ 11:27 am PST
    A new build of the Quake III level compiler, Q3Build out. Grab it right here.

    John Romero Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 11:25 am PST
    Evil Ed has just kicked up a new interview with ION Storm's John Romero. He comments on the rumors that he is leaving ION Storm (he's not), and describes sex with Stevie "Killcreek" Case. Check it out right here. Here's a taste:

    Q: What games are you currently playing?

    JR: I'm in Deus Ex and MDK2 right now -- both are just awesome games. So I'm playing those two games and some pocket pool.

    Q: What upcoming games are you looking forward to getting your hands on once they release?

    JR: My #1 pick, for which I've been waiting five years, is Chrono Cross. Other than that, I really want to see some Coat Technology(tm) in action again!

    Diablo II Realm Status - MaD-HaTTeR @ 11:14 am PST
    Blizz has just smacked up a post on their message boards, with the current status of the Diablo II Realm servers, which have no gone through a couple days of downtime. Currently, they are back for all US East and West players. European and Asian servers should hopefully be up later today, as they are taking longer to service, becuase of their distance from Blizzards offices. You can check out the post right here, but ill just smack up the whole thing anyway:

    The US-West and US-East Realms are back in service.

    As a result of the distance between California and our European
    and Asian Realms, our automated tests are taking longer than
    anticipated to complete. Based on our calculations, we do not
    expect to have these Realms back in service until Sunday evening
    PDT (GMT-8).

    We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you, and we
    appreciate your patience and support.

    - Blizzard Entertainment

    ATI Petition - MaD-HaTTeR @ 11:05 am PST
    A new petition has been started asking ATI to release new drivers for their Rage Pro/Mobility/LT chipsets. Check it out right here. Here's the info:

    Hello, this is the official petition for ATI Rage Pro users who would like ATI to release new drivers for the Rage Pro/Mobility/LT chipsets. Please post here with any and all comments that would relate. ATI, when you (or rather one of your representatives) read this, please take heed. We're not kidding, you've gone beyond bad customer support now, address these issues please.

    (added 7/14/00) ATI, now that you've recieved a letter that's being publicized, would you please at least respond to this thread if you've got anyone reading it? If you dont, you should, these are your customers.

    Windows.NET Screenies - MaD-HaTTeR @ 11:00 am PST has just gotten their hands on some screenies from Microsoft's upcoming (Septemeber) OS, Windows.NET (Codenamed: Whistler). The shots look like they come from the OS's installation. Check them out right here.

    Siege of Avalon is released! - VulTure @ 9:09 am PST
    From the Siege website...

    "Episodic Game Novels are about the immersion of a progressive story told over time through an engaging interactive gaming environment. Each game 'Chapter' is a complete adventure full of story, quests, challenges, and character development. However, when the Chapters are combined they form a larger whole, a complete experience centered around an evolving plot, like Chapters in a Novel.

    Seige of Avalon is a 'traditional' medieval fantasy RPG in the flavor of the first Fallout game (but ours is real-time combat more like Diablo). The player is a young human male who just arrived on the scene at the culmination of a 12-year-long war. His skills and specialized capabilities will evolve throughout the game as the player decides, instead of being fixed by a 'class' or 'race' selection at the start of the game. Siege is a single-player game, with up to 5 concurrent NPC Party members who can be added and dropped from the Party throughout the game. The Player can 'assume full control' of any Party member at will, and can issue a series of 'prioritized standing orders' to each member to define their self-directing conduct during combat and non-combat situations. The game's AI system and varied fighting movements provide more realistic, and fun to play, battle scenes and scenarios; with actions ranging from hacks and stabs, to some really awesome spell castings."

    This is sounding excellent. The first chapter is free, but because it also contains the main game executable it is an 89MB download...

    Each subsequent chapter will be released a couple of weeks after the previous chapter...For a release schedule of each chapter, check out the Orders page.

    Kiss Screenshots! - VulTure @ 8:45 am PST
    There are 22 new screenshots from the recently gold shooter - Kiss Psycho Circus, on The game is looking very sweet...Check 'em out!

    Diablo II Server Downtime - VulTure @ 8:41 am PST
    This post on gives the status of the Diablo II Realm, after it had been down for a couple of days for maintenance. Everything seems to be fine now. (At least for the moment.)

    Myst III concept art - VulTure @ 8:33 am PST
    BigKid has posted some concept art from the upcoming Myst III: Exile. Check it out while you can.

    More Diablo II Tips - VulTure @ 8:28 am PST has sifted through the Diablo II forum on to come up with a short list of the best and most informative items about the game that you may want to check out...

    GameSpot Diablo II Guide - Hobbes @ 6:59 am PST
    GameSpot has completed their official Diablo II game guide, and I've glanced over it, and it is pretty well in-depth and has great detail on quests. If you are stuck in Diablo II, and don't want to buy the official strategy guide, then this is what you need! See it here.

    Saturday, July 15, 2000

    Dungeon Siege Q&A - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:30 pm PST
    Dungeon Siege Vault has just slapped up a new Q&A, with Chris Taylor from Gas Powered Games. The interview is based on Gas Powered Games' upcoming RPG, Dungeon Siege. Here's the single weekly Q&A:

    Q: Does the Siege Engine support flight?

    A: Some creatures fly, but Player-controlled characters will not be able to.

    FAQ-O-Rama - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:24 pm PST
    GameFAQ's has just cooked up a load a updates to some of their FAQ's, including Diablo II, Pharaoh, Homeworld, Rollercoaster Tycoon, and Resident Evil 2. Check them out right here.

    Gaming on Linux - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:19 pm PST
    GameSpy has just tossed up an article which basically gives an overview on using Linux for gaming. Check it out right here. Here's a taste:

    Linux has made great inroads over the past few years. Though mostly in the corporate server market and the advances have slowly trickled down to the end users as well. However, while Linux gaming is a hot topic today, several issues plague the gamer that wishes to try out this Avalon of operating systems.

    I first learned about Linux one evening in a dark dorm room, lit by more computer monitors than was probably safe to have running from a single power outlet. When I first heard the word Linux, all that I could see was some wacky little OS that sort of looked like DOS. I kept thinking to myself back in that that cold fall evening in 1996, "Why should I dump my comfortable, yet bug plagued reliance on Windows?"

    Over that year, and up until 1998 I followed Linux, but was more often on the preached to side of the conversations, rather than the side of the Linux faithful. However, in the fall of 1998 I began to see how far the renegade OS had come, and that several companies (notably id Software, 3Dfx, and were whole-heartedly supporting it.

    SOF Guides - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:02 pm PST
    SOF Center has just posted some new guides for all you Soldier of Fortune players out there. The First game guide covers various items in SOF (health, armor, etc..), while the second covers all the different weapons in the game. Check out the Item guide here, and the Weapon guide here.

    Deus Ex Guide - MaD-HaTTeR @ 9:58 pm PST has just slapped up a new game guide for ION Storm's just released RPG, Deus Ex. Check it out right here.

    Blizzard talks about the X-Box - VulTure @ 8:15 pm PST
    Daily Radar talk to Bill Roper, Senior Director of Developer Relations at Blizzard, about Microsoft's upcoming cash cow...

    "DR: First things first, are you guys going to be developing for the Xbox?

    Bill Roper: While we would love to get back to our roots and do some console games, we simply don't have enough development teams to delve into Xbox development. The new platforms that are coming out have everyone very excited and we so intend to keep abreast of what they have to offer us as game creators."

    To check out the rest of the interview, go to the Daily Radar!

    X-Box counsel gains new member - VulTure @ 8:02 pm PST
    John Carmack, programming maniac of id Software has officially joined the advisory board for the upcoming Microsoft X-Box. Here's a quote from the man...

    "At last years CGDC, Tim Sweeny and I had a meeting with Bill Gates about the X-Box. It was not handled well. For weeks ahead of time, I had been pressing for technical information so I could have something useful to comment on at the meeting. A couple days before the meeting, I finally got an email directing me to 'look at this EETimes article, they are pretty close'. Yeah. Ok. So, we just wound up just talking about generalities.

    A while later, I was contacted about being on the formal advisory board, with a promise that it wouldn't be like that 'trophy meeting' at CGDC, but would be making critiques of real documents. I am on a lot of advisory boards, and they vary quite a bit in level of participation."

    Check out the original story on BluesNews, and the complete quote from Carmack on Slashdot.

    Deus Ex Giveaway - Magicboy @ 12:32 pm PST
    In celebration of its upcoming one year anniversary with the gaming community, Unrealism is giving away four copies of ION Storm's recently released first-person RPG, Deus Ex. Click here to go straight to the sign-up form. And good luck.

    SoF Article - Magicboy @ 11:32 am PST
    An article looking at the recent decision by British Columbia to rate Soldier of Fortune as "adult material" has been posted by AVault. It's definitely worth the read, as are most articles posted by AVault, and poses several questions we may all need to ask ourselves in the coming months.

    Jagged Alliance 2 Developer Profile - Magicboy @ 11:20 am PST
    RPGVault has posted another one of its Developers Profiles, this time discussing some things with Eric Cheng, one of the artists of the Jagged Alliance 2 crew. Take a look:

    RPGVault: Which games have you played and enjoyed recently? Which games are you currently looking forward to playing and why?

    EC: With my work schedule, I haven't been able to play many games, let alone finish them. However, I did invest a lot of my free time on Planescape: Torment as I loved the freedom to choose your character's alignment and the character interaction between your party members.

    The games I'm looking forward to are Neverwinter Nights, Black & White, and Halo - and an updated Sid Meier's Pirates! if Firaxis ever plans to do that.

    I found JA2 to be quite engrossing and any fan of the fabled X-COM series would agree, I'm sure. Included in this interview are a few examples of Eric's artistic talents. Be sure to check it out.

    More NOLF Screenshots - Magicboy @ 10:51 am PST
    GA-Source has posted a bunch of new screenshots of Monolith Studios' upcoming Lithtech 2.5 powered, retro-spy/shooter, No One Lives Forever. Check 'em out.

    Anarchy Online Preview - Magicboy @ 10:45 am PST
    The folks at GA-RPG have taken a look at Funcom's upcoming online RPG, Anarchy Online. Here's a snippet:

    Since its initial announcement, Anarchy Online has really taken shape. The game is looking better and better as it draws toward completion, and has attracted a huge fanbase already. There is no doubt in my mind that Anarchy will attract not only fans of current MMORPGs, but also those who might find a Science Fiction based game more appealing than traditional fantasy. Those who have been waiting for a MMORPG that is more RPG than hack n'slash should find themselves a new home with Anarchy Online if Funcom can deliver on what they promise. Time will tell, and the beta should begin later this year. We will be sure to let you know what we find out then.
    This game, in my opinion, has some real potential. After all, some people would prefer to take out a bad guy with an assualt rifle rather than a sword of enchantment...

    Deus Ex D3D Tweak Guide - Magicboy @ 10:28 am PST
    I just got an email informing me of a new Deus Ex D3D guide, brought to you by the folks at Inside, you'll find a step-by-step walkthrough of installing the recently released beta patch as well as detailed information for setting up your DeusEx.ini file. If you're having problems running this excellent game, make sure to give 'em a look.

    Warcraft III Preview - Magicboy @ 8:58 am PST
    A preview of Blizzard's eagerly anticipated title, Warcraft III, has been posted at GameSpot UK. Here's more:

    While it's a fully-3D world with gorgeous terrain and weather effects, don't expect the game to reflect what we've come to think of as a 3D tactical-strategy game, for example, Myth. WarCraft III will provide bonuses for exploiting elevation and so on in combat, but it's nowhere near as military in its battle approach. Instead of a traditional real-time strategy where you churn out hordes of expendable units to throw at your enemies, the goal here is to encourage players to micro-manage their battles, hurling spells and counterspells, special attacks and unique defences at each other. To encourage Hero use further, slain Heroes can be resurrected back in town for a hefty price.
    Go take a look.

    Daikatana Patch - Magicboy @ 8:51 am PST
    VE sends word that ION Storm Dallas has released the v1.1 patch, which weighs in at 44.3MB. The link provided is a mirror site. You can also get the patch here.

    Hands-On Articles - Magicboy @ 8:46 am PST
    The folks at VE recently got to visit Monolith Studios during a Fox Interactive's Editor Day special. While there, they got to spend some time looking at a few upcoming titles, including:

  • NOLF
  • Sanity
  • AvP 2
  • They're brief looks and each includes some screenshots or conceptual art, so what are you waiting for?

    Official Vampire 3D Models for d/l - Falcon @ 3:14 am PST
    Activision has released 7 Maya 3D models from Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption to aid the efforts of the mod community in creating custom content for the game. They also released a correction for the Prague Maps which were released on Thursday night. Both of these files are available at Vampire Vault's Downloads page.

    Register for Fighter Ace2 Event - Falcon @ 3:04 am PST
    Microsoft today announced that registration for Fighter Ace II's massively multiplayer "The Thriller for Manila" is now underway on "The Thriller for Manila," which takes place on July 30, is the latest in a series of semi-historical events taking place on for Fighter Ace II. With upwards of 1000 registered flyers, these events feature detailed operational plans and player command staffs, making for adrenaline-pumping game play. To take part, flyers must register by July 23 at

    "The Thriller for Manila" is set in January 1945. The United States Sixth Army, under General Krueger, has landed at Lingayen Bay on Luzon Island of the Philippines. Supported by the Fifth Air Force of the United States Army Air Force and units of the United States Navy, they are driving southward toward Manila. The Japanese Fourteenth Army, under Lieutenant General Tomoyuki Yamashita (the "Tiger of Malaya") is composed of over 152,000 men, and they are supported by the smaller Kembu group to the north of the capital city. The Japanese hold the major base at Clark Airfield, which sits astride the U.S. route of advance. Two massive armies and air forces are poised for the battle that will determine the final outcome of the war. Gamers are invited to see if they can change history. The battle commences on July 30, 2000 at 12:00pm PDT on

    In Fighter Ace II, players battle for airborne supremacy by coordinating battle plans with their wingmen and squad mates. Fighter aces must defend their territory, secure new strategic positions, and blast bogies in an on-going war between British, German, United States, Russian, and Japanese aircraft. Fighter Ace II's accurately modeled World War II aircraft include such planes as the DeHavilland Mosquito, the F4U-4 Corsair and the legendary Zero. Players can completely customize the ordnance load-out of their planes including auxiliary fuel, bombs and rockets. With an entirely new physics, flight and damage model, along with aircraft mounted rockets and territorial combat with player triggered tanks, Fighter Ace II brings a level of realism never before experienced in an online-only air combat game. For more information on the game, visit the official Web for Fighter Ace II at

    Bleem for Dreamcast FAQ - Falcon @ 3:00 am PST
    Following is an FAQ for your review on bleem's upcoming bleem! for Dreamcast title that allows you to play Sony PlayStation games on the Sega Dreamcast.

    bleem inc.--bleem! for Dreamcast ("bleemcast!") FAQ

    (Long read ahead!):
    Q - How does bleem! for Dreamcast work?
    A - It's easy - you put the bleem! for Dreamcast disc into your Dreamcast console and close the lid. bleemcast! loads into local memory and then prompts you to insert a compatible PSX disc. You remove the bleemcast! disc, insert the PSX disc, close the lid and press the start button.

    Q - When will bleem! for Dreamcast be available?
    A - We do not have a definitive date for when the first bleempak will be released, but expect it to be available late this summer in the U.S. and Internationally in the fall.

    Q - Where can I buy bleem! for Dreamcast?
    A - You will be able to buy it at most gaming stores, as well as online.

    Q - Are you taking pre-orders?
    A - No. However there are a number of online retailers that are accepting pre-orders for the first bleempak, as well as the bleempod and bleempad.

    Q - What is bleemcast!?
    A - bleemcast! is our internal name for bleem! for Dreamcast!

    Q - When will the list of titles for the first bleempak be announced?
    A - We will announce the list just before bleem! for Dreamcast ships to retail.

    Q - Will game (insert title here) be compatible with bleem! for Dreamcast?
    A - Although we are in the process of extensively testing hundreds of games, there is no way to tell if a title will be fully compatible and supported in the release versions of bleem! for Dreamcast at this time. When this list is available it will be prominently posted on the front page of our website.

    Q - How much will bleem! for Dreamcast cost?
    A - The suggested retail price is $19.99 U.S. for each bleempak. International pricing has not been finalized, but we expect the paks to be comparably priced in Europe and Asia.

    Q - Will titles be released alphabetically?
    A - No. A mix of titles across the genres will be supported by each bleempak.

    Q - Will each bleempak feature a variety of genres or be genre specific?
    A - Each pak will include support for games across the different genres.

    Q - I've already seen a list of the 100 titles for the first bleempak, is it real?
    A - No. There is a rumor that we released a list of titles in alphabetical order. Unfortunately, someone wasted their time copying the titles from the back of our mock-ups at E3. If you look closely at the list, you can see it's actually the bleem! 1.5 compatibility list (in alphabetical order) that was used for the mock-ups.

    Q - If I buy the first bleem! for Dreamcast pak and a game isn't listed on it, will it play?
    A - No. Each pak will play only the 100 titles listed on the back of the package.

    Q - What about games that are not in any of the bleempaks, will they just not play?
    A - We may create more than four paks, however that is the number we have planned for the initial launch.

    Q - Is it possible to play back-ups of PSX games with bleem! for Dreamcast?
    A - We can't prevent it since the technology that verifies that a disc is an original PSX title, is patented by Sony and if we used it, we would be in violation of that.

    You're allowed by law to make a backup "archival" copy of any software you own. But the PlayStation hardware isn't designed to play anything but their specially-mastered CDs. So even if you make a backup, you can't use it. And since you only get a 30-day warranty, if your original CD is ever damaged, you're out of luck.

    For these reasons (and others that are not-so-legal), you can buy "mod chips" and "game enhancers" just about anywhere -- some require soldering 4 wires, others just plug right into the back of the console. For as little as $4.00, your PlayStation can play CD-Rs and imports, too.

    So if Sony can't stop people from playing CD-backups on the PlayStation HARDWARE, how can we do it in SOFTWARE? bleem! is designed to play legitimately-owned PlayStation games, and we detest piracy in all its forms.

    It's ridiculous to blame the makers of a program that simply PLAYS recorded media. It would make more sense to go after the devices that make the copies in the first place - the company that created the CD format (Sony), makes the recorders (Sony), and sells the media (you guessed it, Sony).

    It doesn't make any more sense than this: Say some criminal uses a Sony VCR to make bootleg copies of "I Know What You Did Last Summer" (a Sony release) on hundreds of Sony-manufactured video cassettes. He then sells one of these tapes to another fellow who takes it home to play on his RCA player.

    Sony gets wind of this activity - what do they do? If their response to bleem! is any indication, Sony would sue RCA for "contributing to piracy!" Doesn't make any sense, does it?

    However, we do not condone the use of our products with "pirated" copies of any PlayStation game. We firmly believe that developers deserve the royalties they are due for creating every game and piracy is both wrong and illegal.

    Q - Will I be able to play PAL games?
    A - The bleempaks will include PAL support, however in the future we may create versions specifically for Europe and Asia that support the most popular titles in each region.

    Q - Will bleemcast! work with the VGA-box?
    A - Yes.

    Q - The Dreamcast Controller has less buttons than the PSX one, how will I be able to play games that require those extra buttons?
    A - We're mapping multiple button combinations for the Dreamcast controller to make up for the fewer buttons. The bleempod, PSX to Dreamcast controller adapter will also allow you to use a PSX controller with the Dreamcast. We are also launching the bleempad, a PSX style controller that plugs directly into the Dreamcast.

    Q - Who is for bleemcast! primarily aimed at, PlayStation or Dreamcast owners?
    A - Both. Dreamcast owners that want access to more games on the system now have it, and PlayStation owners that may be on the fence waiting for the PS2 to come out now have 400 more reasons to upgrade to a Dreamcast with bleem! for Dreamcast.

    Q - Will support continue as PlayStation games are released?
    A - We are looking at possibly incorporating newer titles into later bleempaks as they are introduced.

    Q- How does bleemcast! compare to PlayStation 2's backwards compatibility?
    A - bleem! for Dreamcast uses the Dreamcast hardware's processing power, along with full-scene anti-aliasing and bi-linear filtering, to enhance the resolution of PlayStation games up to 640x480. PlayStation 2 does some filtering effects, as part of its backwards compatibility, but PlayStation games still play at 320x240 resolution, one quarter that of games running with bleem! for Dreamcast.

    YES - People Have Asked These Questions:

    Q - Does it make Dreamcast games look better too?
    A - No. It doesn't work with Dreamcast titles.

    Q - Do I get all 100 PSX games with each bleempak?
    A - No. PlayStation titles are sold separately.

    Baldur's Gate II IRC Chat - Falcon @ 2:54 am PST
    Black Isle Studios, BioWare Corp. and the IGN Vault Network are pleased to announce an IRC chat next Thursday with members of the team developing Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, the eagerly-awaited sequel to 1998's hugely popular RPG of the Year.

    Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn is an epic tale continuing the much-loved storyline from the million-selling Baldur's Gate. The AD&D-based adventure takes place in the fabled Forgotten Realms, along the southern portion of the Sword Coast in the merchant kingdom of Amn.

    WHO: You and members of the Baldur's Gate II team.

    WHAT: Baldur's Gate II IRC Chat

    WHERE: RPG Vault Chat channel #ignvault

    WHEN: Thursday, July 20, 2000
    6:00 pm Pacific Time (9:00 pm Eastern)

    WHY: A million happy fans can't be wrong!

    Additional information on Baldur's Gate II is available from the official website located at

    AMC Creation Interview - Falcon @ 2:51 am PST
    This week's interview on EuroGamer is with Cristina Neamtu of AMC Creation, a Romanian developer currently working on an innovative looking real time strategy game called "No Name War". The interview also includes two exclusive new screenshots of the game in action. Here's un petit soupcon to give you a taste -

    One of the unique features of No Name War is that it is based around a handful of massive battlefields, rather than the usual series of small mission-focused maps that most real time strategy games feature.
    The standard single player game will be housed in nine maps, each "as large as 100 by 100 screens", giving the game a truly epic feel. "We're trying to provide complex strategic patterns, some real challenges to the players", Cristina told us. "It is about a war, not a mere battle."

    HL Test Server - Falcon @ 2:49 am PST
    Valve has released another Test Server for Half Life. They also state as long as everything goes smoothly with this update it'll become the formal update on Monday. This patch fixes the bug where servers couldn't hold more than 24 players.

    You can find the full details along with copies of both Linux & Win32 Server files at

    To Raise a Banner of Flame - Falcon @ 2:47 am PST

    Microsoft announced today that the "To Raise a Banner of Flame" event is now underway in the dynamic world of Asheron's Call. Veteran and new players alike are being called upon to take up arms against a slew of hideous new creatures. Players are encouraged to utilize new weapons, including strong variations of maces and spears, as they battle the latest threat to the land of Dereth.

    These days in Dereth have grown dark indeed with the sun's light filtering through motes of ash in the air. Along with these darkened skies and the orange burning sun, the threat of impending danger fills the realm. High-level heroes have been seen staggering back to safer towns, claiming to have come from a hereto unseen land. Their claims have been questioned, however, since none of these survivors seem able, or willing, to map this land's location. They vehemently warn all listeners against retracing their steps, and warn that it's not a land for the novice. According to their tales, new and stronger monstrous kin have surfaced in Dereth. Whatever beasts these men allude to, true evidence of fearsome monsters has surfaced just east of the Direlands. The areas of the northern and southern mountains, as well as deep in some forests, have become flooded with more vile creatures. The challenge awaits!

    Asheron's Call is a massively multiplayer role-playing game playable exclusively on ( that draws together thousands of players within a dynamic, 3-D online world. Players can create truly unique characters by choosing between extensive combinations of visual appearance, attributes and skill sets. Asheron's Call immerses players in an intense role-playing environment where they must compete or cooperate with thousands of other online players. An extensive system of allegiance and influence greatly enhances social interaction. The online nature of the game facilitates an evolving and dynamic adventure inside a consistent universe. The game will never be solved because there will always be more areas to explore and quests to complete.

    For more information about Asheron's Call, please visit:

    Strike Force News - Falcon @ 2:40 am PST
    Gamespy did an interview that talks about what Strike Force is working on for V2.0. What is being done with the Tribes 2 engine and what they have going on for the future...

    Also, their expert skin designer Ian "Threaders" Threadgold sent a few alpha faces to post on the site. These will be faces used on the new player models featured in SF 2.0. More here:

    KISS Shots - Falcon @ 2:37 am PST
    Today's eye candy treat on EuroGamer is a second batch of eight new screenshots of "KISS : Psycho Circus", taken from a review copy of the LithTech powered first person shooter given to them by publisher Take 2 Interactive. View them here:

    GameSpy has gotten six exclusive screens shots of KISS: Psycho Circus from Third Law and Gathering of Developers.

    Totally Games Xbox Interview - Falcon @ 1:56 am PST
    Stomped got to chat briefly with Larry Holland of Totally Games as he talks as much as he can about why he and his team are making a game for the Microsoft Xbox game console. Check out the exclusive interview here:

    Stomped: What does the Xbox have to offer that make it an attractive platform to make games?

    Holland: It offers quite a bit. First, the Xbox is an impressive piece of hardware well suited for great 3D gaming. Second, as is the case with any console, the Xbox should be a stable technology platform which provides reliability for users and developers alike. Third, Microsoft knows how to support developers like no one else. Fourth, we can utilize the tools and technologies we have already been using for years. Fifth, we know Microsoft is motivated and serious about having a successful launch -- they are a fierce competitor, and when they see themselves as underdogs, they are even more dedicated to winning.

    Anarchy Online Preview; Dev Journal - Falcon @ 1:55 am PST
    Actiontrip cought up with Tommy Strand of Funcom to talk a bit about their upcoming MMORPG, Anarchy Online. As a result, we've they've slapped together an AO preview, covering certain issues of interest... Read it here:

    Once connected, you become a part of the 30000 years distant future. The Nano technology occupied all aspects of life, and it can only be sustained by Notum, a rare substance found on the fringe-world of Ruba-Ka. (Frank Herbert's "Dune"? Well here's a chance to get to it). Omni Tech is a corporation with more than two billion employees (age and background - unknown), and it controls a great number of planets, but all its power actually comes from mining Notum. On the other hand the natives of Ruba-Ka are less than happy with the way their home planet is exploited, and the antagonism is rather obvious.

    On the subject of AO, Anarchy Online producer Tommy Strand updated his Developer Journal at the AO
    Vault today with a look into some of the world building
    tools the team is using to create the world of Rubi-Ka. You can find the full entry at Q3A Depot opens - Falcon @ 1:51 am PST
    The Quake3 Depot has recently opened and is now available to gamers. This site offers an online search engine created to provide a central source for Quake3 players to locate the hundreds of add-ons produced by third party Quake3 developers. The Quake3 Depot also presents background information on the developers of Quake3 add-ons as well as providing an easy to use interface for locating anything and everything Quake3. They are accepting submissions for servers, mods, maps, models, and skins.

    Elite Force Demo Review - Falcon @ 1:49 am PST
    Today on 3DActionPlanet is a review of the Quake3-powered Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force demo. Like everyone else, we wondered if this would be the first Star Trek game to NOT suck:

    "However, while the gameplay is always frantic and furious, I do have a few gripes. First of all, the levels load extremely slowly. I sincerely hope that the level load time will be significantly improved upon release time, because as of now it is simply unacceptable. And, since there are many, many levels (Half-Life style), this puts a noticeable and painful
    strain on the otherwise lightning-fast gameplay."

    Summoner/Red Faction Movie - sim @ 12:42 am PST
    Heard of the upcoming games Summoner and Red Faction by Volition Software? Well it doesn't matter cause this video doesn't really have anything to do with the games, but it's hella funny. It's definitely worth your time, in my opinion. I'm serious... this is a damn good movie! Funniest thing I've seen in awhile and has sweet graphics too :) You can grab it off PS2.IGN or just click here. Don't delay, do it now!

    Friday, July 14, 2000

    Preview-A-Rama Day 3 - shiva @ 11:29 pm PST
    Another day, and another new addition to our Previews Section, this time its Ground Control. Here's a slice...

    "Ground Control's engine has been built from scratch, and similar to TRIBES, will feature huge battlefields without tapping game performance. One of the other main features of this new engine is a camera than can rotate 360 degrees. Others are, less notable features include fog, realtime shadows, particle explosions, and dynamic lighting. You will be carrying your battle units across beautifully rendered forests, deserts, ice lands, and jungles."
    You can find the preview right here, and view the stunning images from the game in the Gallery Page.

    The Future of Windows - VulTure @ 8:28 am PST
    As I reported yesterday, Microsoft is quickly cranking up the beta machine. They have released the beta version of Windows Whistler to testers, and it should be a big change for the company. This version will bring together Win9x, and the WinNT systems into one operating system. Wininfo has a small article describing it...

    "Whistler build 2250 includes a simple new 'skinning' feature called 'Visual Styles' that allows you to apply a 'personal' or 'professional' look and feel to the user interface. But the interface changes are relatively mild compared to what Microsoft has in store further down the road: There are color changes here and there and a much simpler Control Panel applet than was previously available."

    This skinning feature alone is long overdue. Let's just hope that they don't forget us gamers in the process...

    Serious Sam Q&A - VulTure @ 8:13 am PST
    If you haven't seen Serious Sam yet, do yourself a favor and check it out! This game brings back the old glory days of Doom, with a very bright colorful look and very fast, frantic action.

    Gamespot has a question and answer session with the CEO of Croteam. This is a game that deserves some attention! Here's a quote...

    "GameSpot: Why do you think the gaming community has been so excited about Serious Sam since Croteam publicly released the compatibility test in late May?

    Roman Ribaric: I would guess they are pleased with our effort to provide fast, frantic action and bright environments combined with good technology."

    Raider Retreat officialy announced! - Thundra @ 8:11 am PST
    The news update in the Homeworld official page says:

    "Sierra Studios and Relic are proud to announce the release of Raider Retreat, the lost Homeworld mission. This new CD includes the original training mission, the first four HW missions, and a special fifth mission that has never been released to the public, called "Raider Retreat." Created by Relic, this "lost mission" was fully developed and tested but never included in the full version of Homeworld. It is now available to the public exclusively through Electronics Boutique if you reserve your copy of Homeworld: Cataclysm today.

    This demo has full multiplayer LAN game capabilities with all ships available as well as a multiplayer skirmish game (played against a CPU player) with all ships available. In the new mission, you must enter Turanic Raider space and eliminate the Turanic Raider pirate threat in a deadly race against time."

    Sci-Fi games are dead? - VulTure @ 7:46 am PST
    Are you sick and tired of all of the Sci-Fi games that are out? Do you want something more realistic like Counter Strike? Well, the Fragpipe has an article right up your alley!

    "When I go to a website to see the latest greatest games to come, all I see are Sci-Fi games, this genre has been over done in the gaming business and I think a change should come or we will all be bored out of our minds."

    Hell just froze over! - VulTure @ 7:35 am PST
    The latest and FINAL patch for Unreal has been released.

    "Yes - hell froze over, allowing the cows to skid home - we released the final Unreal 1 patch. Based on version 226 from July last year, it includes the latest Direct3D and sound code from Unreal Tournament."

    Get it now!

    SoF Gets 18+ rating in Canada - Recoil @ 6:09 am PST
    It is the first time in Canada that a computer game has received the adults-only rating and could trigger further efforts to limit availability of computer games with violent themes. "Depending on which weapon is used, the participant can enact gory violence that results in the horror of evisceration, decapitation, dismemberment and victims burning to death," the report said. Companies that wish to distribute "Soldier of Fortune" must become licensed distributors of adult products and the game must carry prominent adults-only labels, McCausland said.

    Source: Fox News

    Thursday, July 13, 2000

    Testing FAKK 2 - MaD-HaTTeR @ 11:11 pm PST
    Ritual's Mark Dochtermann has just tossed up a .plan update, with the news that Ritual is looking for 15 lucky people to play test Heavy Metal FAKK 2 this weekend. Here's what he had to say:

    Calling on all Heavy Metal fans…

    Have you ever wanted to play test a game before it came out? Now is your chance. This weekend we will be play testing Heavy Metal FAKK 2 in our offices and we would like to have 15 volunteers come in to put their hands on our baby.

    To qualify:

    - you must live within 30 miles of downtown Dallas
    - you must be 21 years of age or older
    - you must love to play games
    - you must have patience
    - you must be available for any of these 3 hour time periods
    - Saturday 10 AM - 1 PM
    - Saturday 1 PM - 4 PM
    - Saturday 4 PM - 7 PM
    - Sunday 11 AM - 2 PM
    - Sunday 2 PM - 5 PM

    If you meet all these requirements and are available, then please send us your name, phone number and email address to Refreshments will be served.

    If we do not get back to you tomorrow, we apologize but we can only accommodate 15 people and will not be able to reply to everyone.

    Kenn Hoekstra Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 11:05 pm PST
    Daily Radar has just kicked up a new interview with Kenn Hoekstra from Raven. The interview hovers around Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force. Check it out right here. Spinnage for your optical pleasure:

    DR: Can you condense Elite Force's storyline into a tasty nugget for us?

    KH: You are Ensign Munro, security officer and member of the newly formed Hazard Team. This elite security force is charged with defending Voyager and her crew on the long journey home from the Delta quadrant.

    When Voyager becomes hopelessly trapped in a graveyard of ships, the Hazard Team is called into action. The player maneuvers Ensign Munro through a number of away missions as the Hazard Team tries desperately to find a way out of the trap. Along the way, the Hazard Team encounters hordes of hostile aliens and danger at every turn.

    Preview-A-Rame Day 2 - shiva @ 11:02 pm PST
    Intrepid has wrote a little while back a new preview, this time of the Real Time Strategy game, Earth 2150. I have just placed it up on site, for all to enjoy. Here's a little bit from the preview:

    "TopWare Interactive's Earth 2150 is not planned to "change the way you look at RTS, but the way you play them," as stated on their official Earth 2150 website. But it is in fact kind of hard not to change the way you look at them, due to the game's 3D-engine, which I experienced through playing the demo. It is a major improvement from the real-time strategies, but not what I expected. I was hoping to go into the game and be able to get right down next to the units, similar to Massive Entertainment's Ground Control (another RTS expanding the 3D revolution for the genre)."
    You can read the rest of the preview here, or find it with the rest of our previews at the Computer Preview Mainpage.

    Myst III: Exile Interview - Hobbes @ 10:35 pm PST
    GameSpot has interviewed David Atcherman, the associate producer of the Myst group. This group is working with Mattel Interactive to bring you Myst III. You can read the interview here.

    Myst II: Exile is the third installment of the Myst and Riven series, two of the best selling computer games ever. In these games, the player (you) must solve mysteries in a totally new interactive world with sights and sounds beyond the imagination. Myst III: Exile promises to bring a whole new level of excitement to the PC and Mac.

    Diablo II Review Now Up! - shiva @ 8:04 pm PST
    To the computer reviewWith a warm welcome to Surge, our latest reviewer, we have a look at "THE GAME" for all RPG/Action fans out there. There has been no game more anticipated, or no game more hyped, than Diablo II, from the makers of StarCraft, Blizzard. Was it worth all the release delays, and how does it stack up in comparison to the now classic Diablo? Surge, making his debut here at GameSurge, is very happy to give you the answer...Here's a bit from the review:

    "Blizzard has stepped up their Diablo multiplayer game and added several new features, such as the ability to go hostile against someone, and fight against each other while not within a town. On the other hand, players can now join up into teams and travel the Diablo landscape together. In fact, as long as you are in the same act as the rest of your party, you all gain experience points together! Another new feature is an open character, which will allow you to bring your single player character onto the internet. Although cheating can easily occur with characters like this because the character is stored on your hard drive and not on's servers, it shouldn't pose much of a threat to anyone. Blizzard has worked extremely hard to stop from happening to Diablo II what has happened with Diablo, when everyone on started using cheats, and the whole game experience ended up being ruined."
    To read more on this fine article, you can head on over to our Computer Reviews Section, or go directly to the review.

    Also, we have placed up a special Gallery section, just for Diablo 2. You can view this extensive collection, featuring screenshots and artwork, in our Diablo 2 Gallery pages.

    Review of Voodoo5 5000 - Hobbes @ 1:42 pm PST
    AnAndTech has posted a review about the newest graphics card from the 3dfx gaming labs, the Voodoo5 5000. This graphics card uses so much power it requires its own battery adapter (Wow!). If you're in need of a high performance video card, the Voodoo5 5000 will surely be one of your top choices. You can read the review here.
    Source: AnAndTech

    Giants Preview - Magicboy @ 9:56 am PST
    The folks at GameSpy have put together a preview Planet Moon Studios' upcoming Action-RTS, Giants: Citizen Kabuto. Here's a bit:

    This brings us to our original question -- Is it an action or strategy game? We're willing to bet the game is going to rely more on action then on strategy, but this doesn't mean strategy is out of the picture. Players still have to manage resources and build bases, but the main emphasis here is domination and you can't have domination without lots of action.
    Yeah, action.

    Project IGI: I'm Going In Movie - Magicboy @ 9:52 am PST
    PC.IGN has posted a short (4.7MB) quicktime movie of Eidos' upcoming realistic FPS, Project IGI: I'm Going In.

    Deus Ex Review - Magicboy @ 9:48 am PST
    Saw on Blue's that another review of Deus Ex has popped up on the 'Net, this time brought to you by the folks at GameVision. Here's a bit of the old cut-and-paste:

    This game is a blast! The mix of RPG and First Person Shooter is no-limit fun. Deus Ex is truly addictive, I spent nights and days on this game. I especially liked the way the games remembers my actions during the game. Visiting the women's restroom will lead to a nasty comment from your boss. Unfortunately, Ion Storm didn't manage to implement some kind of multiplayer mode, which is sad but understandable since the great single-player sucked up all the development time. This game is a must-have if you like Action games and RPGs. Overall a game extremely well done. Congratulations to Warren Spector and the Ion Storm team.
    It's a quick four-pager with an overall score of 90%.

    id Software network downtime - VulTure @ 8:58 am PST
    Saw this at the 'Shack...

    "id Software's Christian Antkow made a post on the Quake3 messageboard saying that their DS3 will be installed in their new offices today, which means there will be some down time for the Q3 Master Server"

    'If all goes according to plan, we will be getting our DS3 turned up at the new offices today. This means that all of our key servers (including the Q3A Master) will be down between the times of 11am and approximately 1pm CST. If you can't connect to our Q3A master server, or if authorization takes a little bit longer than expected, that's why.

    Just a heads up.'


    Windows 2000 Service Pack - VulTure @ 6:39 am PST
    According to sources at Microsoft, Service Pack 1 for Windows 2000 is finally ready. This is in conjunction with Media Player 7 and the next version of Windows - code-named "Whistler." The Microsoft Beta machine is starting to gain some momentum. The pack will be released publicly on Microsoft's Windows Update site next week. For more info on all of this, visit Wininformant! - VulTure @ 6:25 am PST
    Related to the story below by sim, the GameSpy site now says "News Currently Offline." They are apparently having some other serious issues with the hack attack.

    We must secure the website! Everyone lock your doors, bolt your windows, and shut off the lights! The hackers have come out to play!

    Super Hacker is back! - VulTure @ 6:19 am PST
    'Da man is back. Kevin Mitnick..."A notorious computer hacker who led the FBI on a three-year manhunt while allegedly causing millions of dollars in damage to technology companies" has been allowed by a federal judge to pursue a career as a computer consultant or online writer. Originally, he had been barred from using any sort of electronic equipment! Future hackers, beware!

    This is the man who spent five years in prison after the FBI tracked him down to his North Carolina apartment. Check out the Free Kevin page for more info on his illustrious career!

    Diablo II Tips! - VulTure @ 6:05 am PST
    If you are looking for some quick tips to improve your game, the guys and gals of Gamepro have put up a quick tip sheet for ya! Here's one to get ya going...

    "The three most important words in Diablo II are "Of The Leech." You can save yourself a lot of storage space if you don't have to carry around tons of potions--and the best way to do that is to acquire life-stealing weapons and jewelry with the suffix "Of The Leech" on it."

    Well, OK, how about one more...

    "If you just can't manage to complete a quest, go wander the wilderness for a while. After going up a level or two, you should be able to finish that quest with ease."

    F.A.K.K.2 Website is up - VulTure @ 5:55 am PST
    You've all heard of FAKK2, right? This is the game based on the movie Heavy Metal 2000. Well, the official website is finally up. The site features info about the game and the backstory, mp3 downloads, a section about the movie, the gorgeous, Julie Strain, and much more. Run now, and soak it all in!

    GameSpy Hacked! - sim @ 3:29 am PST
    I just happened to notice this early this morning (3AM). GameSpy News has been hacked! All the way down the page is nothing but news posts that read:

    HackeD By CORONER
    CORONER 14:39 HacKed CateG :-)
    HackeD By CORONER agaJn

    Ha ha ha, you don't see something like this everyday. shiva and I just hope it doesn't happen to us!

    Roboforge - Falcon @ 3:03 am PST
    For Immediate Release

    Darren Green
    Liquid Edge Games
    Suite 207
    14 East 60th Street
    New York
    New York 10022


    New York, NY - July 7, 2000 - An Internet game called Roboforge gives players the ability to win up to US$10,000 a game and will usher in the age of the true professional online gamer. Roboforge allows the player to construct robotic gladiators to compete for money and prizes, and will be released this fall.

    Roboforge creates an entirely new genre in gaming, where the player builds huge robotic gladiators from the ground up. "The player constructs any type
    of creation they like from a huge library of robotic parts" explains Darren Green, CEO of Liquid Edge Games. "It is a concept that many are familiar
    with, having grown up with products such as Lego(R) and Meccano(R). Construction is as simple as clicking components together in a true 3D construction environment". The objective of the game is to build a fighting machine that can take on all-comers in hand-to-hand (or melee-style) combat. After proving the robot's mettle against pre-programmed contenders provided with the game, the player gets the opportunity to compete in huge international tournaments on the Internet.

    This is where Roboforge creates another first. The tournaments are run in a similar fashion to professional sports, with the winners receiving money and prizes. "With the numbers predicted, we will be running tournaments of 10,000 entrants or more on a daily basis", says Green. "In such a tournament the first prize would be at least US$10,000. Top players will become true gaming professionals with Roboforge. It's a gamers dream come true". Green was careful to point out that Roboforge is a game of skill, not gambling, and they had taken every precaution to ensure that it does not fall under the prohibitive Internet gambling laws.

    Roboforge is also breaking new ground with the way in which it will be distributed. The game will be sold and delivered on the Internet which means distribution cost savings are passed onto gamers. At US$29.95 (US$19.95 if you register with them before August 31st 2000) the game is substantially cheaper than most games on the market today. "The technology we have employed has not only dramatically reduced the installation file size, but also makes the process quick and seamless over the Internet" says Green. "It really is the future of game distribution, as publishing and distribution costs eat up an enormous chunk of the profits on games. Just as MP3 has revolutionized the music industry, size reduction and game delivery technologies such as episodic gaming, fractal landscape generators and download-on-the-fly objects will do the same for the game industry. Combine that with broadband technology and you have a viable alternative to the current convention of boxes on shop shelves".

    Roboforge has just been launched on the web site,, and there is a prize draw of US$2000 and free
    copies of the game as part of a promotion to get beta testers and others involved in the build up to the game's release.

    Rune MP3's - Falcon @ 3:00 am PST
    Ragnarok (Rune fan site) landed a great exclusive - two full-version MP3s containing battle music that will appear in the upcoming Unreal-powered RUNE. Warning: Songs will make you want to pillage your neighbor's house. Check local laws first. Download them from this site:

    TFC 1.5 Opinion Review - Falcon @ 2:59 am PST
    The Cold-Ice Network have a review of TFC 1.5, which is compared with CS. It focuses on maps, gameplay, and lag:

    I'm still a CSer at heart, and will always be ([-Xa-] cs OGL rules!:)), but everytime i need a break from reality, or diablo2:), i know that i can always turn to TFC. For many reasons too, such as, great gameplay, compelling maps, interesting weapons, cool classes, and the best for last, GREAT LAG(i mean this in a good way, as in no lag)!

    Barking Dog Studios Interview - Falcon @ 2:49 am PST
    Speedy3D has an interview with Chris Stewart of Barking Dog Studios who talks with S3D about their upcoming 3D strategy game, Homeworld: Cataclysm.

    Speedy 3D: Have you guys been doing any tweaking to the original Homeworld engine?

    Chris Stewart: Yup. We've added things like large shockwave explosions, holographic projection effects, polygonal accurate collisions, energy shielding effects, new repairing effects, new salvaging effects, external ship construction, lens flares, and dynamic Gouraud shading. The dynamic shading is pretty cool as weapon hits will change the color of hulls where they hit, like leaving carbon scoring behind.

    Werewold: The Apocalypse - Falcon @ 2:34 am PST
    Vampires may be the center of gaming attention these days, but today 3DActionPlanet takes a peek at the Unreal-powered Werewolf: The Apocolypse. Guess what? This dog has bite!

    "You become distracted from your comic book reading one night only to hear really strange noises coming from the other room. You decide to check it out only to become quickly disgusted by the spectacle that lies before you. A stranger is injecting your mother with worms, bringing her to her
    death. You begin to feel sick and vomit just when another stranger approaches from behind you. In an instant of rage and intense emotion you suddenly transform yourself into a large beast and slay the strangers with little effort. Your mother is dead, you know virtually nothing about your father, and your identity has suddenly changed from punk kid in the city to some sort of freak. You are Ryan McCullough and you are a werewolf."

    Infestation Preview - Falcon @ 2:22 am PST
    Up today on EuroGamer is a preview of Infestation, a 3D vehicle based action game with strategy and puzzle solving elements, due for release this summer through UbiSoft.

    "Luckily you have access to the latest in military hardware - a vehicle which is capable of morphing between several different forms, allowing
    you to fly, hover and drive your way through the various missions. Each of the forms has its own advantages and disadvantages, and you will have to decide which best suits the local terrain, the current situation, and your own playing style as you battle your way across the alien worlds."

    Netgames Interview - Falcon @ 2:16 am PST
    Microsoft's acquisition of NetGamesUSA and its ngWorldStats ranking system is yet another notch in Microsoft's gaming plans. Stomped got in touch with
    Craig Sparks, the president and CEO of NetGamesUSA, to find out why Microsoft bought his company and what he will be doing next. (The answer may suprise you). Read it here:

    Stomped: Finally, some people might look on this announcement as yet another move by Microsoft to "take over the gaming industry". Would like to respond to those concerns?

    Sparks: I don't share those concerns. I think the gaming industry is vibrantly alive with both content choices and competition that remain to the benefit of everyone involved. I don't think Microsoft or anyone for that matter is in a position to "take over" the gaming industry. I believe acquisitions of small companies like NetGames USA are actually to the benefit of consumers. It will allow our technologies and product plans to reach many more gamers and developers that we had the resources to do alone.

    Atriach FAQ - Falcon @ 2:08 am PST
    Over at Atriarch Vault they have compiled a comprehensive FAQ sheet, covering every single aspect of Atriarch. The FAQ covers all the old information, plus some tasty new pieces of information are included as well. Check it out here:

    Homeworld Map added - shiva @ 1:45 am PST
    HomeWorld Nation has another new map up, this one called Haven, sent in by master creator Jeremy Nickosn. You can find this, and all our other latest editions to our section in our Homeworld Nation Maps Section.

    Preview-A-Rama - shiva @ 1:19 am PST
    To Deus ExAs you may have read earlier, I'm at the preview section when it comes to converting the site over to our new format. And rather than put them all up at once, I decided to get lazy, and do a small bit at a time. So, joining the five previews that I placed up yesterday, is our second preview of Deus Ex, written by our man Intrepid. The game may finally be out and on the shelves, but still, check out the preview at least on this great new game. Another one tomorrow!

    Staff page updated - shiva @ 12:04 am PST
    Well, thanks to everyone here who sent in their info, as I have finally updated the staff page. I'm still short on a couple of members, but they will be added soon. If you wish to find out some basic information on who we are, or wish to contact the right person for information, this is the place to go.

    You can find this page in our Site Information Section. Since some of the information wasn't complete, I had to add some things here or there, which only goes to show as proof on why I always have had a problem keeping staff. :)

    Wednesday, July 12, 2000

    Blizzard MP3 Series - Hobbes @ 10:55 pm PST
    Blizzard decided to create an MP3 series using the in-game music from Diablo II. Each week or so you can download a new one until you have the whole collection. This is what Blizzard had to say:

    Blizzard is kicking off a new weekly series of downloads featuring the music from Diablo II. We will be making all of the tracks from the game available for download as well as some exclusive, unreleased material. Included with these specially mastered MP3s are liner notes from the composer.

    The first MP3, entitled "Monastery," is available now for download here.
    Source: Blizzard Entertainment

    N64 Reviewer - shiva @ 4:57 pm PST
    My former affiliate at AN, and a good friend, HolyMonkey, is looking for a new N64 reviewer (aren't we all?) for his site, VGZNetwork. I've know Monkey for a year, as we were both a part of the Small Site Alliance, and VGZN is a pretty decent site. So if you have a N64 machine (you poor guy), and have a way with the written word, give him a email.

    I guess I am not capable of doing a plug for someone else, at least without doing a plug for me. :) Once the Computer section is finished, the AN content from the N64 section will be converted. It's a pretty decent size, so it may take a little while... There, now you have something to look forward to in the next little while.

    Microsoft Buys NetGames USA - Hobbes @ 4:05 pm PST
    Microsoft has purchased NetGames USA, the people who brought us Unreal Tournaments stats.
    Here is the offical press release:


    Acquisition Will Enhance Online Gaming at

    REDMOND, Wash. - July 12, 2000 - Microsoft Corp. has increased its commitment to online gaming by acquiring Kansas-based NetGames USA, a leading developer of scoring, matchmaking and other enhancements for retail and Web-based games. The acquisition will enhance the competitiveness of games on Microsoft's and further solidify the site as the Internet's best location to play games with players from around the globe.

    "NetGames USA is excited about this opportunity to bring these enhancements to Microsoft® games and," said Craig Sparks, president and CEO of
    NetGames USA. "But the real winners will be gamers, who will be able to more easily find appropriate gaming partners and enjoy other advanced gaming features."

    Microsoft plans to add technology developed by NetGames to select retail games currently in development, including the highly anticipated
    "MechWarrior™ 4: Vengeance," scheduled for release this holiday season. The company will also maintain support for multiplayer games currently utilizing NetGames' technology on

    NetGames' ngStats™ technology enhances score-reporting features for retail games played online. These features include real-time reporting of scores and rankings, expanded tracking of statistics and automated organization of tournaments. In addition, this acquisition brings a team of seasoned NetGames developers to Microsoft where they will lead the effort to incorporate the new technologies into Microsoft's PC games, integrate ngStats technology into Microsoft's software development kit (SDK) for PC
    game developers, and work on evolving technology on a variety of platforms, including the Xbox game console, scheduled for release in fall 2001. has established Microsoft as a leader in online gaming. With 18 million registered users and support for more than 140 games from many of
    the top PC game publishers, the site is the largest and most popular location on the Internet to play games against other gamers. PC Magazine rated the best gaming site on the Internet two years in a row.

    " has the best variety of games and the biggest community of people to play with," said Dean Hachamovitch, product unit manager for "With NetGames' technologies, will offer a level of online integration for games that no one has ever seen before. It shows Microsoft's dedication to innovating and improving online gaming."

    Internet Explorer 5.5 Released - Hobbes @ 10:33 am PST
    Microsoft finally finished testing and polishing off Internet Explorer v5.5, the upgrade to IE 5.0. The newest version of Internet Explorer includes improved support for DHTML and CSS, giving Web architects greater control over browser appearance and behavior. You’ll also enjoy the ability to preview Web pages exactly as they’ll appear when printed. Internet Explorer 5.5 makes it easier than ever to connect to the Internet and find the information you need. You can download the upgrade via Windows Update here.

    Resident Evil 3 Shots - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:28 am PST
    GameSpot UK has just started off their Resident Evil 3: Nemisis week, with 9 tasty new shots from the upcoming PC port of the popular console game. You can check them out here.

    Aliens vs. Predator 2 Q&A - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:23 am PST
    Stomped has just kicked up a new interview, with David Stalker from Fox Interactive. It's regarding the recent announcement that there will be an Aliens vs. Predator 2. Since the game is still in early development, not alot of game details are given out, besides the fact that since they are working with the LithTech engine, the game will be much more mod-friendly than its predicessor. Check it out right here. Dig the snippage:

    Stomped: Will the gameplay retain the three-pronged approach (Aliens, Predator, Marine) or will the sequel try another tactic?

    Stalker: We're sticking with the prongs. You'll definitely see more story this time but we still love the idea of starting up the game and deciding what species you want to be and then BECOMING it through the course of playing.

    Stomped: How much work on the game has been done so far?

    Stalker: Hard to quantify really, it still has a good chunk of months ahead of it, we're not expecting to be out until some time in 2001.

    RPG Reviews - Magicboy @ 8:11 am PST
    Here are a couple of reviews of Diablo II:

  • GamePower: Do not approach Diablo II lightly. Come to it as you would stand before an altar to a god who demands 100 hours of your life in exchange for a glimpse of boyhood, when you took up a toy sword and a wizard's cape, and longed to kill slimy things and break stuff and tromp all over the world in a fit of righteous, mindless vanquishing that only a child could enjoy. When you buy Diablo II, the money you've paid is only part of the price. The real price is the time you'll spend playing like a little kid in a fantasy sandbox with no regard for the passing hours. And what you'll come to know in the end is that Diablo II isn't a game; it's a time machine.

  • Telefragged: Diablo 2 could be a great game, but right now it is not. The gameplay is addicting, the graphics are varied, the sounds and music are excellent. What it lacks are decent servers and a good save game mechanism. It is for these two things that I cannot recommend Diablo 2 unless that person has played Diablo prior and loved it. Hopefully, I will be able to fully recommend Diablo 2 as a fantastic purchase and a great game.
  • And Icewind Dale:
  • Stratos Group: The game comprises a prologue and six chapters, with each chapter roughly corresponding to one area to hack through and one main quest. There are, as expected, several subquests available in each chapter. As you progress, you'll be able to develop your characters much farther than you did in BG: the new experience cap is set at 1,801,000 points, allowing your warriors to get quite powerful, and your magic users to memorize 7th-level spells (Some 8th- and 9th-level Mage spells are available to cast via scrolls). The combination of less uneventful wondering and quicker leveling up made Icewind a blast for me to play. I got into this game much more than I did BG, and overall I feel it's a better game. I don't know if it tops Torment, but they're two different types of RPGs, so they can't really be compared. Let's just say we have a very good game on our hands, and you'd be missing a great time if you were to pass it up for Diablo 2. I've played both, and Icewind holds its own.
  • Anarchy Online Previewed - Magicboy @ 8:01 am PST
    A preview of Funcom's upcoming massively multiplayer title, Anarchy Online, has been posted at GameSpot UK. Here's a bit of the old cut-and-paste:

    Full marks to Anarchy Online for being one of the most far-flung projects to hit the multiplayer gaming schedule. Not for them any of this 21st century post-apocalyptic nonsense, oh no. The year is 29,475AD, and humanity has colonised large chunks of the Milky Way, powered for the most part by remarkable advances in nanotechnology.
    And who said Circle A was dead?

    A First Look at Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Magicboy @ 7:36 am PST
    A First Look at Dreamforge's upcoming, based on pen-and-paper, third-person (I hesitate to use person) action/adventure title, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, has been posted up over at 3DActionPlanet. Have a look:

    Werewolf: The Apocalypse pits the player in the shoes of a punk kid named Ryan McCullough. The story is rather complex and begins more or less as told above. Ryan's mother is killed and he is left to figure out what his and his father's role is in this huge mess. The fun is far from over though as the world known as Gaia is being faced with a possible apocalypse. A great being, known as The Wyrm, along with his followers are taking over parts of Gaia in their efforts of bringing complete destruction and chaos to the world. Ryan along with discovering his identity and the truth behind his father must learn to associate with the Garou, the werewolves.
    Make sure to check out the great looking screenshots while you're there.

    Arcanum Screenshots - Magicboy @ 7:21 am PST
    Some new screenshots of Troika's upcoming RPG, Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, have been posted over at GameSpot. Here's a bit of the write-up:

    Arcanum will be a role-playing game that draws upon both traditional fantasy RPG traditions, such as magic spells and mythical monsters, and industrial elements, such as steam engines, primitive robots, and crude firearms. Arcanum will also feature an open-ended story that takes place during an industrial revolution in a fantasy realm, and it will let players create a party that will grow stronger as time passes based on improving skill sets rather than static character levels.
    From some of the makers of Fallout, this is a title all RPG fans should be excited about.

    Also, make sure to check out these exclusive shots, posted by RPGPlanet.

    Starfleet Command II Preview and Screenshots - Magicboy @ 7:16 am PST
    Head on over to PC.IGN and take a look at their preview of Starfleet Command Volume II: Empires at War. It's quite an interesting read and makes the promise of more info to come in the not too distant future.

    Speaking of which, GameSpot Australia has gotten its hands on a few new screenshots of the game so head on over and give 'em a look.

    NOLF Preview - Magicboy @ 7:01 am PST
    A preview of Monolith Productions' upcoming spy-shooter, No One Lives Forever, has been written up and posted by the folks at GameSpy. Here's an interesting bit:

    You have a wide variety of weapons (pistols, rifles, machine guns), weapon modifications (silencers, scopes) and secret agent swag to choose from, including lipstick explosives, sunglasses with a built-in camera, a hair pin that doubles as a lockpick or poison-tipped weapon, or even a robotic poodle. We had the benefit of being able to choose from all weapons AND play in God mode, but in a real game, you would find or choose certain weapons and mods, as well as ride motorcycles or snowmobiles.

    Windows 2000 Service Pack - VulTure @ 6:15 am PST
    It sounds like Microsoft is planning on releasing service pack 1 this month as planned. They even have a coming soon page on their website.

    From the general manager of the PC experience group..."SP1 will be yet another major milestone for customers of Windows 2000. We have seen across-the-board adoption among organizations that have plans to and/or are now deploying Windows 2000, and we expect that during the remainder of this calendar year and in 2001, Windows 2000 growth on the business PC will continue to accelerate."

    For more info on this story, check out WinInfo.

    Asia Carrera Interview - VulTure @ 6:07 am PST
    Asia Carrera is a mega-star in the world of adult entertainment, but did you know that she is also an avid game player? She happens to love Unreal Tournament. She has a four player LAN in her house and she has also created her own skins for UT!

    Here are some quotes from Asia...

    "I am new to the PC/online gaming realm, yes. But way back in the dark ages, before I had a PC, I was addicted to RPG's for my Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, etc. etc...My gaming name is "MegaBitchGoddess"...I'm a Photoshop geek...I love to unwind with a couple rounds of UT every night before bed, whether with pals, or with bots, it doesn't matter to me."

    Next Generation Video Cards! - VulTure @ 5:43 am PST
    If you've always wanted to find out the basics of 3D technology, and would like a little taste of where things are heading, HardwareCentral has your answers!

    "...there isn’t room for everybody to have a piece of the high-end consumer 3D market, so expect to see some company mergers and deaths in the next few years. For now, though, my money is on nVidia; with a Microsoft X-Box contract you can’t go wrong."

    NVIDIA to release GeForce2 MX - VulTure @ 5:35 am PST
    Nvidia has stated that their new card, the GeForce2 MX, will be ready within seven to ten days. The GeForce2 MX is Nvidia's value priced card that still outperforms the original Geforce cards. Suggested retail price will be $120.00.

    Check it out now!

    Deus Ex Giveaway! - Thundra @ 5:19 am PST

    "The Adrenaline Vault and Eidos Interactive have teamed up to give away ten copies of the groundbreaking Deus Ex. Do not believe friends who claim it is a government conspiracy. They just want to lower the odds."

    Preview Section Up - shiva @ 4:15 am PST
    The Computer Preview Section is now enriched with the addition of 5 previews from the old GameSurge website. Joining our latest preview, Halo, are Soldier of Fortune, Team Fortress 2, and more. Worth a look to get the latest on the newest games just out, or slated to be released in the next year.

    We are also looking for a person to fill a slot in the preview section. We require good spelling and writing skills, and very basic HTML. If you feel you could become a valuable addition to GameSurge, please give us a email at detailing your experience, and a pointer to your previous work.

    New Homeworld Map of the Week - shiva @ 12:27 am PST
    To Homeworld NationA new Map of the Week for the Relic RTS game, Homeworld, has been added to Homeworld Nation, one of the great sections we have here at GameSurge. The map, called War of Kadesh, comes to us from the author, The Reflection. Here's the map description:

    "The Taiidan imperialists have fled to the Great Nebula, pursued by the Kushan after the Hiigaran landfall. The Kadeshi, unaware of recent events, have used a large inhibitor to pull the fleets out of hyperspace, and massed a large fleet. Destroy your enemies, while evading the Kadeshi."

    Also don't forget that we have just added 8 other new maps recently, from some top authors, so check them all out (89 maps now) at Homeworld Nation, or in our HW:N maps page.

    Mailbag Updated - shiva @ 12:07 am PST
    More Mailbag permissions came in, so there's been yet another Mailbag page added, this time Page Two of the Interview with Valve over the Netcode. Only 4 people this time, but the replies were very lengthy, so they got a new page. :)

    I love lots of mail. It's always a great feeling when people who view this site take the time to voice their comments and suggestions, good or bad. Thanks to all who have wrote in so far. The second page can be found right here. To view all the 8 pages in the mailbag (not bad after 2 weeks or so) you can go directly to the Mailbag Homepage.

    Tuesday, July 11, 2000

    MDK 2 Review - shiva @ 8:46 pm PST
    Click image to enlargeThis hot new sequel from Bioware has generated a lot of buzz, with its humor and arcade style/puzzle crossover play. Hasta has a look at the game, and gives you his thoughts on the latest game from the company that is also to give us Icewind Dale.

    Here is a small bit from our latest review:

    " Before going into anything else, let me say right off the bat the graphics in MDK2 are some of the best the PC has ever seen. The "Omen Engine" BioWare created will surely make some rub themselves all over with joy, and some rub themselves in the wrong places… for joy. Anyway, the graphics engine is fantastic. Though not up to par with Quake 3, it beats out anything I’ve seen on the Unreal engine visually (including UT). The textures are extremely detailed, the environments are incredibly large, and the game seems to almost always keep a consistent frame rate."
    You can find the MDK 2 review in our Reviews Section, or by going directly to the review. As well, we also have a small Gallery Page for the game.

    Kali v2.1 Released - Hobbes @ 8:06 pm PST
    Kali v2.1 fixes a ton of bugs, and now includes support for tons of games, one of which includes Diablo II. You can read a list of what's in the upgrade and the new games that are available for play now, PLUS download it here.

    Screenies and Trailer for Metal Gear Solid 2 - Hobbes @ 6:39 pm PST
    GameSpot has some exclusive info from Konami about Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Konami, the creators, say it will "exceed what anyone could have ever expected." The trailer, screenshots, and a full story are available for viewing, and you can see it all here. It is expected to be released in the third quarter of 2000.
    Source: GameSpot

    PlanetDiablo Launched! - sim @ 2:15 pm PST
    Like I said, GameSpy finally got the right idea and launched the latest and much needed, PlanetDiablo. Here's a little information from the site:

    PlanetDiablo exists to put Blizzard's Diablo, Hellfire and Diablo II under a microscope and bring the most detailed Diablo related content on the net right into your hands. With a total of eleven experienced Staff Members representing PlanetDiablo you can rest assured we will bring you only the best in Diablo content and news!

    From our Act Walkthrough guides to our powerful Items Database you'll most likely find anything you're looking for in the present and the future. Having problems deciding which character class to play? Why not drop by our Characters section for a helping hand! Looking for some details on the upcoming Act's and Quest's you'll be facing? Drop on by our Quests section and we'll pull aside the curtain! It doesn't stop here though, we have much more content for you to check out so don't hesitate to explore!

    They've also got forums, a place to send complaints, suggestions, and general feedback, and much much more!

    Morrowind Interview - Magicboy @ 8:45 am PST
    An interview with Todd Howard, Project Leader of the eagerly anticipated Morrowind, the third title in The Elder Scrolls series, and sequel to Daggerfall, has been conducted by GA-RPG. Here's a bit of the old cut-and-paste:

    Like our previous ES games, Morrowind is a huge non-linear game, where you can go anywhere and do anything you want. We try to keep the game world as open to you as possible. With every ES game, our main goal is to try and recreate the pen-and-paper experience as close as possible, where the decisions and stories are yours. We’re developing the game for serious computer game players. If you’re looking for a quick-action fix, this isn’t for you. Depth and length. It’s going to take a long time to see all the stuff in this game, and it’s a game where developing your character pays off over time.
    You hear that? Serious computer game players. I wonder if he means "those who play computer games seriously" or "those that don't have any sense of humor"? ;)

    No One Lives Forever Screenshots - Magicboy @ 8:36 am PST
    Blue's sends word that GameSpy has procured a few new screenshots of the upcoming spy-shooter, No One Lives Forever. Head on over and check 'em out. They really do look quite nice.

    Fallout Tactics Screenshots - Magicboy @ 8:27 am PST
    A whole mess of new screenshots from Interplay's soon to be released strategy title, Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, has been posted at the official site. As an avid fan of both Fallouts and Jagged Alliances, I, for one, am quite excited about this one...

    The Voices - Magicboy @ 7:54 am PST
    I just received word that Well-Rounded Entertainment has written up an article discussing the multi-talented cast behind the voice-acting in Deus Ex. Here's a dollop:

    Behind the cybernetic enhancements and seething hatred of all things fine and decent lies a very busy person. Turns out the Director of FEMA has a second job - one that has nothing to do with UNATCO. Walton Simons, you see, is the alter-ego of Tom Hall, vice president of Ion Storm and designer of the upcoming Anachronox.
    It's quite an interesting article and definitely a good read so head on over and give it a look.

    No more modems! - VulTure @ 6:41 am PST
    Are you sick and tired of those slow modem-things that we all have to put up with? SBC Communications is planning on releasing a self-install kit for their DSL service...Now only if other companies would pick up this trend! Broadband for everyone!

    "Customers are required to set up the DSL modem, install passive filters on phone lines, load software on their PCs and, if necessary, install an Ethernet network interface card.

    The company claims average installation time is about 1 hour. A help desk is available seven days a week."

    New Quake 3 maps! - VulTure @ 6:12 am PST
    Are you hungering for some new scenery in Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament?

    "To commemorate the launch of Saitek’s New First-Person game controller, the GM2 Action Pad and Mouse, Saitek is releasing , a deathmatch map for Quake 3 Arena. The map was designed by Mark “Oz” Austin, of the award-winning deCyber group."

    Get 'em while they're hot!

    Speed up that gaming machine! - VulTure @ 6:02 am PST
    There is a great article on Ars Technica concerning RAM technology. If you've always wanted to learn the basics of of DRAM and SRAM and how it can increase your system power, check it out!

    "It's long been a truism that, no matter what kind of system you have, the best way to get the biggest performance increase for the least money is to buy more RAM."

    Diablo II Multiplayer Guide - VulTure @ 5:51 am PST
    Daily Radar has just released a guide for playing Diablo II in multiplayer mode. If you haven't tried it yet, check it out. It opens up a whole new world of gaming. There are three multiplayer options now- TCP/IP, open, and closed "Diablo II fans, it's time to stop playing with yourself." Read on for more.

    TF2 Preview - Falcon @ 3:23 am PST
    Actiontrip have slapped together a TF2 Preview.

    The easiest way to explain Team Fortress 2 gameplay would be to compare it with a basketball team of ten players, physician, and a coach. Providing you don't have to deal with Bobby Knight, the coach is the one that doesn't score baskets; he sets the tactical plays and assesses the situation on the court. The physician is there to mend the wounds of the poor players unlucky enough to have Bobby for their coach. Of course, you don't get to shoot baskets… It's humans you're after, and you get to do it in a military style, modern-day-weapons operations. Like in basketball though, you wouldn't send your point to guard Shaquille. Members of the team have their specific roles, and none of them is capable of getting the job done on their own. Mister know-it-all commandos like John Rambo need not apply.

    Ask AE: Q&A at Horizons Vault - Falcon @ 3:08 am PST
    Each week Artifact Entertainment answers questions submitted by the fans through Horizons Vault and the answers are posted there. Check out this week's questions and answers at

    Screenies - Falcon @ 2:54 am PST
    Raven's Kenn Koekstra has sent Stomped two exclusive screenshots showing off two of the new levels and one of the new multiplayer character model for Soldier of Fortune Gold, the upcoming update to Soldier of Fortune. Check it out from

    Today's visual treat from EuroGamer is a gallery of eight exclusive screenshots of Lithtech powered first person shooter "KISS : Psycho Circus", taken from a review copy of the game which we recently got from publisher Take 2.
    Look for more shots as well as a review of the game on EuroGamer over the next week or two...

    Dracula: Resurrection Review - Falcon @ 2:39 am PST
    BarrysWorld has reviewed Dracula: Resurrection from Microids.

    "The game is split into three distinct acts, each act seperated by a mini movie which serves to move the story along and add some more intrigue to the plot. The first act introduces you to the game as a whole, filling you in on the basics of the story and introducing you to the control system and the way of interacting with the game."

    Site Launches - Falcon @ 2:35 am PST
    Firstly PlanetDiablo has been Launched by the Gamespy Network, here is their release:

    So you think we've just been sitting around playing Diablo 2 the last few weeks? PlanetDiablo launches tonight, with more Diablo 2 / Diablo / Hellfire content than you can shake a Horadric Staff at.

    Since you're probably occupied throwing fireballs at the Lord of Terror, we'll get right to it:

    Want info on all the classes in Diablo 2?

    There's also the Diablo 2 items section, with an ever-growing searchable database, and explanations of all the different items and weapons in the game:

    Be sure to check out the Iteminator, too! Ever wonder what a Fine War Hammer of Light would do? Now you can find out!

    Of course, there's the launch contest, too. We're giving away bunches of copies Diablo II, Diablo, Hellfire, action figures, strategy guides and
    GameSpy swag! All you have to do is enter to win! Easy!

    And there's more --
    - info on all the quests, characters, and even maps of Diablo 2.
    - huge Diablo 1 and Hellfire sections.
    - hosted sites, news, and forums.

    And from the vault network:
    Vault Network is pleased to announce the opening of our latest site, Atriarch Vault, which will focus on World Fusion's exciting alien online world.

    Vault Network Explores The Alien World Of Atriarch
    Atriarch Vault Launches For World Fusion’s Unique Online World

    Persistent online worlds are the new frontier for computer gaming, and interest in this category continues to soar. Arguably the most unique among the titles in development is World Fusion’s Atriarch, which blends RPG and strategy elements with an alien organic world where everything is alive at some level. Featuring an enormous gameworld with environments that vary from deserts to ice plains and swamp, five original sentient species and a variety of technologies that are not always fully understood, the game is attracting growing interest among fans of the genre and media alike.

    In order to offer the best possible community-oriented coverage of this intriguing online title, IGN Vault Network is very pleased to announce the launch of our latest site, Atriarch Vault. Highlighting today’s opening is cool new creature animation movie offering a visual representation of one of the game’s many interesting elements and ideas.

    Other site content will include additional features, game information, news, concept art, screenshots, and much more. As with all our other dedicated sites, Atriarch Vault will focus on the player community with thorough community news coverage, message boards, reader participation features and much more. We invite all members of the community who are interested in the future of online gaming to stop in regularly to check out the coming excitement.

    Houston, We have Lift-off - shiva @ 1:45 am PST
    Netscape owners rejoice. If it all works right, and it does on mine, there should be no more side scrolling on the website. As much as everyone knows how much I love Microsoft, with my past comments being along the line that the company is actually run by circus monkeys, and Bill Gates is the spawn of the devil, compared to Netscape, I.E. really is the better product.

    In other words, Netscape is a piece of crap... a big piece of crap.

    Anyway, I tracked down the problems, and managed to get the site displaying in both browsers, though IE users may notice a couple of things. It was alas, a trade off, but it all boiled down to the fact that despite there was a industry standard set in place for 2 and a half years, a "certain" company decided "their" standard was better.

    And before I get flamed by irate NS users, this site was put together with CSS and Java, plus HTML code that conformed to the W3 standards. Guess what? IE has no problem, but I had to rewrite the CSS so NS can display properly. And if you think the new 4.0 HTML standard will fix things, guess again. NS has stated they will conform, but it's how they interpret the standards for use in their browser that causes all these problems in the first place. (IE is no better)

    Again, this site looks really different between both browsers, there's no rollover with NS, despite the Industry standard Java (There's that word again) and NS doesn't like the CGI that much. Also, it seems NS likes to insert a extra blank line or two with the CSS, but these things are minor, and I will work on them. I'm still very interested if anyone else still has a problem with the display of this site, so please let me know.

    Yeap, 6.0 has problems already. NSC is really a HUGE piece of crap.

    Monday, July 10, 2000

    More Hitman: Codename 47 Screenshots - Magicboy @ 9:21 pm PST
    First off, GameSpot has obtained a few shots of Hitman: Codename 47. Not wanting to be outdone, PC.IGN also posted a few shots of its own. Head on over and give 'em a look. I like the jungle scenes.

    Deus Ex Giveaway - Magicboy @ 9:15 pm PST
    AVault and Eidos Interactive have teamed up to give away 10 copies of Deus Ex.

    Guidestone has moved! - Thundra @ 6:11 pm PST
    Guidestone, the known Homeworld site has moved from his previous address and gone here. However beware, because it seems that they are planning to change the current domain to GUIDESTONE.NET shortly.

    240GB. Thats big. - MaD-HaTTeR @ 3:06 pm PST
    Maxtor has just announced today that they have reached a record breaking 240Gigs in just 1.75 inches of rack space, for their new MaxAttach NAS 4000. Now get this, in just 7 inches of rack space, you can store almost a whole terrabyte (960gigs to be exact). It all comes down too $3,995, with about $17 a gig.

    Maxtor also announced that on the PC front, their MaxAttach NAS 3000, now has a capacity of 120gigs. Thats goes for $1,995, also at $17 a gig.

    You can check out the PR right here.

    Now thats Big :)

    Diablo II Patch - Magicboy @ 12:05 pm PST
    Blue's reports that the eagerly anticipated Diablo II v1.02 patch has been released and is available for download using the "auto update" feature through Battle.Net. Still here?

    Psycho Circus Shots - Magicboy @ 12:01 pm PST
    I noticed, at VE, that EuroGamer.Net has obtained a few new screenshots of Kiss Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child, the game that went Gold yesterday and should on shelves by next Monday.

    Deus Ex Music - Magicboy @ 11:57 am PST
    Just got word from Gwog that the official Deus Ex site has been updated with four new .mp3 files to download. These files contain some of the musci in Deus Ex, including the Theme song and music for three other missions. Just head over to the site, click Downloads and proceed onward to Misc.

    New CSDoom - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:50 am PST
    Their is a new Client/Server Doom out today, bringing CSDoom up to version 0.62. Check it out right here. Dig it:

    No... I haven't found a bug ;-) I have removed void SV_CheckIP (void) function. If you don't know what it is, don't ask me. Some stupid people are afraid that their computers will be hacked... V0.62 is not compatible with v0.61. Get the new version. I have released csDoom source for win32 as well.

    New Q3Radiant Tutorial - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:47 am PST
    Their is a new tutorial up on Q3Radiants official page, that explains how to use Lightwave 3D to create custum textures. Check it out here.

    Project Overdrive Shots - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:44 am PST
    GA-Source has also gotten their hands on some new screenies from Buke Entertainment's upcoming auto-combat FPS, Project Overdrive. Check them out here.

    They Hunger II Shots - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:41 am PST
    GA-Source has just gotten its grubby little hands on four new screenies from Neil Manke's upcoming unofficial Half-Life add-on, They Hunger II. Check them out right here.

    B.Net Maintenance - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:37 am PST
    According to a Bnet Sysop post on the Bnet forums, all Diablo II Realms servers will be down for maintenance for two hours, between 10:00AM PST and around Noon. Blizz will be upgrading their server software during the down time.

    Voodoo 5 5500 for the Mac - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:30 am PST
    3Dfx has just kicked up a new PR, with all the info on what is going on with the Mac version of their Voodoo 5 5500 PCI. Check out the whole thing (its pretty big) right here. Here's a taste:

    SAN JOSE, Calif. – July 10, 2000– 3dfx Interactive® Inc. (NASDAQ: TDFX) today announced a pre-order program for the highly-anticipated Voodoo5™ 5500 PCI graphics card for the Apple Macintosh. The new Voodoo5, powered by 3dfx Interactive's VSA-100 chipset, provides the world's fastest 2D and 3D performance for the Mac platform. Voodoo5 marks the Mac industry's first 3D hardware solution to feature full-scene anti-aliasing (FSAA), a breakthrough feature that smoothes out "jagged edges" and eliminates "pixel popping," visual deficiencies prevalent on competitor product offerings. A DVI output is offered in addition to the standard VGA that enables support for all-digital flat panel displays.

    Intel is cranking it up! - VulTure @ 9:21 am PST
    Holy, Speed Demons, Batman! According to the Register, Intel has ordered one of its plants in Israel, FAB 18, to stop all current production so that it can focus on the new Pentium IV chip. They have been told to produce 5000 wafers, each of which will contain 200 of these bad boys, with an initial speed of 1.7GHZ. What I could do with one of those! Ah, Dreams...

    Tim Sweeney Interview - VulTure @ 9:01 am PST
    Over the weekend, UnrealUniverse conducted a small interview with, 'Da Man, Tim Sweeney. He talks about a wide variety of topics, including, why Unreal wasn't ported to the Playstation, the popularity of Unreal and UnrealTournament, and he even talks smack about some of his competitors!

    Bang! Gunship Elite Goes Gold - Magicboy @ 8:50 am PST
    As seen on Blue's, an announcement by Red Storm Entertainment that Bang! Gunship Elite has gone gold and should be on shelves on July 19th.

    John Romero Interview - VulTure @ 8:30 am PST
    PlanetDaikatana has scored the first post-release interview with Daikatana's creator John Romero. The game may not be getting rave reviews, but Romero is always interesting. Here's a quick quote...

    "I definitely like playing games that change up the location designs and environments, so I will probably keep doing this. Variety is nice." Check it out!

    Another Deus Ex Review - Magicboy @ 7:46 am PST
    Yet another review of Deus Ex has shown up on the 'Net, this time brought to you by Gamers-Central. Here's more:

    Deus Ex is one hell of a game. No. It's more than a game. It's a work of art. If you like to use your brain, do so. If you'd rather use the trigger, feel free. I've been playing Deus Ex for a week now, finished it last night (play it at night, lights off!) and will start a new game as soon as I close this document.
    There's no actual rating given, but I think we can infer that the reviewer enjoyed this title.

    Hitman: Codename 47 Preview - Magicboy @ 7:32 am PST
    Game-Revolution has previewed the upcoming third-person thinker/shooter title from developer's IO Interactive, Hitman: Codename 47. A snippet for those who demand it:

    Another interesting feature in Hitman is the use of money. Getting paid for hits is great, but what do you do with the cash? After you have earned enough loot you will have access to black-market weapons, traps, decoys and personnel. For instance, you can pay a waitress at a restaurant to spill a drink on one of the guys you need to rub out. This causes him to excuse himself from his table (and, most importantly, his guards) and go to the little boy's room to clean himself up. Now the player has a better opportunity to execute the hit. Tricky...tricky!
    This looks like a title worth keeping an eye out for.

    Diablo II Review - Magicboy @ 7:26 am PST
    Noticed at VE that Game-Revolution has posted a review of Blizzard's long awaited sequel to the original click-fest, Diablo. Here's more:

    While this sequel proceeds from the mantra of bigger being better, you can't help but sense that something was lost by the wayside and that Blizzard, being the stellar developer that they are, should try harder for innovative games. We already know they can do solid games as well or better than the rest, but how about something that shakes up the industry instead of something so dependable that it's a Top Ten hit before it's even finished? That's the GR briefing, at least. You can get back to perpetrating the genocide of evil now.
    The overall score given is a B+. I wonder if the guy graded with a curve...

    Icewind Dale Impressions - Magicboy @ 7:21 am PST
    The people at CGO have posted a quick first glance at Black Isle's recently released RPG, Icewind Dale. Here's a bit of the write-up:

    You get to create a party of up to six characters, selected from the usual Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition collection of classes and races. You don’t have to create a full party, but there are no NPCs to recruit, and going it alone might be tough. Alignment is not terribly important, and you can pretty much do as you please in the game; the story is less concerned with ethics than the one in Baldur’s Gate. You begin at level 1, and can progress up to around level 15 or so. Mages top out at 14, while thieves can make it to 18 under the 1.8 million experience point cap.
    So, are you experienced?

    Deus Ex Review - sim @ 5:05 am PST
    Good ol' Lowtax of Something Awful has finally tossed up his own review of Deus Ex. This three page sucker is not only a boatload (that's a lot) of laughs, but it's actually a good review of the game. So listen up kiddies, you might learn something. Here's a clip:

    You soon begin to find out that UNATCO, the meglomaniacal company you're working for, is staffed by a bunch of real assholes. For one, they want to take over the entire world, and aim to do so by infecting large masses of people with a man-made virus they created. Also, they choose to equip you with a real shitty selection of weapons and tools before sending you out onto the streets, where you will be shot at by approximately 15,000 bad guys and indestructable robots with sentry guns. I'll never be able to figure out why these omnipotent, gigantic companies which FPS characters work for are always so damn stingy. I mean, how much would it really set back their annual budget of 150 million billion dollars if they gave you a good supply of effective weaponry before kicking your white ass out of their building and demanding you kill an army composed of enough people to fill Montana?

    Funny stuff in my opinion. Check out the rest here.

    New Neocron site - Falcon @ 2:34 am PST
    Neocron is an upcoming new RPG game by a relatively unknown company, and there has been a new site launched to cover your latest info about it.

    The site contains:
    - Daily news about Neocron and it's development
    - An extensive information section about all the different aspects of the game
    - Screenshots and a Where To Start guide
    - A complete list of Neocron links
    - Screenshot of the week and a Poll

    Diablo2 Tips - Falcon @ 2:32 am PST
    Damage Gaming has posted a pretty large general tips guide for Diablo II, which should be of extreme help to people learning how to play the game. It includes some lesser known items as well, and we should be following up with class specific stuff sometime soon. More here:

    Diablo2 Review - Falcon @ 2:20 am PST
    This time GameSpy does battle with the lord of terror and rates Diablo 2? Was there hell to play? Check out the review here

    Logitech Wingman FF Mouse Review - Falcon @ 2:03 am PST
    Exxtreme3D just rumbled out a review on the Logitech Wingman Force Feedback Mouse. Is the Logitech mouse an enhancement to your gaming experience, or a
    handicap? Find out right here:

    Soldier Preview - Falcon @ 1:57 am PST
    This weekend's preview on EuroGamer takes a big ol' hands-on look at "Soldier", a third person action game based on Kurt Russell's sci-fi movie of the same name.

    "The action is relentless and pyrotechnic, with a whole array of over the top weapons that bring back fond memories of the classic
    scrolling shooters of yesteryear - games like R-Type and Xenon 2. You start the game with a pea shooter machinegun that has all the offensive capabilities of a blunt kitchen knife, but as you make your way through the game you will find three other weapons - a plasma cannon, a shotgun, and a flamethrower."

    Sunday, July 09, 2000

    Deus Ex Review - Magicboy @ 11:29 pm PST
    DXDot has posted a review of the recently released RPG/FPS, Deus Ex. Here's the juicy part:

    I did truly enjoy this game, and from what I've seen it's one of the best games of the year. What I really hope is that this is a jumping off point for other developers and Ion Storm Austin to put more and more power back into our hands. Also with the recent news of a SDK hopefully Mods are soon to come, and with what should be commercial success an Expansion pack and sequels (it has been said that this is not the end of the story), Deus Ex should live on for a long time to come.
    An overall score of "Great" was given by the reivewer and webmaster, XQ.

    New Mailbag Started - shiva @ 10:54 pm PST
    Another Netcode related mailbag has been started, this time for our interview posted earlier with Yahn Bernier. As well, because of the size of the various pages, I have split them into 6 separate pages when I updated them today, plus various other minor stuff. It should be a lot easier to navagate now, as it was getting a little sizable.

    You can start the entire process at the Mailbag Page, or go directly to the other reader's comments on our latest feature at the Netcode Interview Mailbag Page.

    The Opera Interview - sim @ 4:32 pm PST has tossed up this interview with the team working on this sweet looking mod for Half-Life, The Opera. They talk about what they do, the weapons, and more. Plus there are some nice screenshots to go with it. I can't wait for this mod to come out! CS and Action, say good-bye...

    Kiss Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child Goes Gold - Magicboy @ 4:12 pm PST
    I saw, over at GoneGold, that KPC:TNC has attain the coveted "Gold" status and has been shipped off for duplication. Here's the write-up:

    KISS PSYCHO CIRCUS: THE NIGHTMARE CHILD ... gold master went out to
    replication at 6:30 AM this morning... will ship on Monday, July 17 and be
    on shelves everywhere by the weekend of the 21st.

    BIG CONGRATS to Third Law Interactive for shipping their first game, and an amazingly fun one at that!

    EverQuest Add-on - Magicboy @ 2:13 pm PST
    Everlore has received word that there are plans for another EverQuest Add-on pack. Here's the official word, as they reported it:

    Brad McQuaid just announced that there will be a new expansion based on the continent of Velious here at the EverQuest Gathering. He said the expansion will be chock full of White dragons Ice giants other cold weather based nasties. This December is the expected release date. Be sure to mark this time down in your calendar because you'll for sure want to burn some vacation and stock up on no-doze. We will post more information on this as it becomes available.

    Update: Verant has also stated they will be upgrading the current character graphics for this expansion. More news to follow soon.

    Thanks to VE for the update.

    Arcanum Preview - Magicboy @ 2:08 pm PST
    The DailyRadar has posted a preview of Troika Games' upcoming steam-punk isometric RPG, Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura. Here's a brief look:

    It's an intriguingly complex 2D isometric RPG, set in a world where magic and technology co-exist in uneasy balance. As the game opens, the mechanical age has just dawned, and the Humans, Elves, Dwarves and various other fantastic races are learning to live in sprawling industrial cities. You're free to explore these cities, and the rest of a large environment dotted with towns, mines and dungeons as you set about completing a series of quests that accompany the main storyline.
    Headed by former Fallout development team members, Troika's debut title is something every RPG fan should be excited about.

    Site Information Pages Updated - shiva @ 1:11 pm PST
    For those of you who are interested in finding out a little bit more, or require information on GameSurge, we have just placed up and updated our Site Information Pages. This new section provides several pages on basic information about the staff here at GameSurge, as well as information on all site matters.

    We now have a new page for those sites that are looking for a new home, as our Hosting page has finally been placed up. This page details our requirements to host other sites, and supplies the information needed for you to apply for hosting. We have a pretty decent home here at GameFan, and we encourage other worthy sites to become part of our Family.

    GameSurge is also in need of talented people with a firm commitment to excel with a eye towards a future in the internet gaming industry. We have a wide variety of positions open in various sections, but all applicants must have these general skills:

  • A strong desire and a commitment to succeed
  • The ability to work under a deadline, and to work with in a group effort
  • Basic HTML skill are required
  • Strong grammar and written skills, with the ability to write interesting and informative copy for use on the site.
  • Certain positions require knowledge of other web sites, and knowledge of content for use within GameSurge
  • A very strong work ethic is required.
  • If you fill you can make a valuable contribution to GameSurge, please contact the webmaster.

    As well, we have created a special Job position page, which details requirements for some of the advanced positions within GameSurge. We are looking for people to fill a variety of positions, but this page details what we are looking for specifically for the Strategy and PlayStation Administrator positions. And rounding off the list, there are also information for our affiliate program, and on how to submit information and feedback to us here at GameSurge.

    Once again, here is the link for our Site Information Page.

    Icewind Dale Shots - sim @ 11:41 am PST
    Just got another little something, something in my mailbox (e that is) from EuroGamer. It appears that they have "eight new shots of Icewind Dale taken from a preview version of the game. They range from character sheets and item descriptions to dialogue, location maps, and just general .. stuff." It's worth a look if you're into that whole isometric third person Diablo type game.

    Soldier Preview - sim @ 11:37 am PST
    Just got a little something in my mailbox (don't I feel special?) today, concerning a little preview of Soldier over at EuroGamer. Soldier, is a third person action game based on Kurt Russell's sci-fi movie of the same name. Here's a clip from the feature:

    The action is relentless and pyrotechnic, with a whole array of over the top weapons that bring back fond memories of the classic scrolling shooters of yesteryear - games like R-Type and Xenon 2. You start the game with a pea shooter machinegun that has all the offensive capabilities of a blunt kitchen knife, but as you make your way through the game you will find three other weapons - a plasma cannon, a shotgun, and a flamethrower.

    Read the rest here.

    Gaming Comics - sim @ 11:33 am PST
    You want something that combines games, art, and funny? You got it! I've decided to throw together a list of some good comics that just so happen to combine those and maybe, just maybe, you haven't heard of them yet. If you haven't, definitely check them out. It'll be worth your time:

    • Penny Arcade - The best gaming related comic out there in my opinion. I absolutely love this comic strip and have been following it religiously for the past two years or so that it has been out. Take a look at the archives, I don't think you'll regret it. Also take a look at my own creation, the Penny Arcade Cult, but only after you've grown to like the comic itself first.
    • PvP Online - easily my second favorite. Consistently good art, lots of laughs, and even some good news occasionaly.
    • Lethal Doses - this one is chock full of crazy gaming antics and so much more. Good art, good comedy, and it's updated on the opposite days of Penny Arcade so I get a laugh everyday one way or another :)
    • Real Life - this is a very good comic. Nicely drawn, updated daily, and is pretty damn funny. I'd say it makes fun of the internet nerd/game junkie's lifestyle, but he's laughing with you, not at you.

    I think that's it for now. If you have a good computer and / or gaming related web comic that needs some more publicity, please email me!

    Diablo II Review - Magicboy @ 7:23 am PST
    The folks at GameSpy have posted a nice review of Diablo II, giving it an overall score of 86. Here's more:

    Diablo II isn't a bad game by any stretch of the imagination. The graphics and sound are good, it's visually interesting, and the character classes and abilities are all pretty fun and distinct. The game also gets players with an addictive "one more quest" or "one more item" hook, and trying to collect the ideal set of equipment is entertaining in and of itself. The action is non-stop. However, Diablo is held back from being an excellent game by the fact that it features no really interesting characters or roleplaying, it only has a few simple quests, its story is paper thin, it has a few technical issues, is unreliable, and the gameplay is ultimately shallow and repetitive. If mowing down wave after wave of foes just to watch your stats go up is fun for you, then you may like it quite a bit. If, on the other hand, you're a fan of role playing games that offer an in-depth storyine, a chance to engage in genuine roleplaying, and a feeling of being part of the game world, then you'll likely be disappointed.

    Deep Fighter Screenshots - Magicboy @ 7:01 am PST
    3 new screenshots of the upcoming underwater action/adventure, Deep Fighter, have been posted over at GA-Source. Included is a small write-up of the game:

    Deep Fighter is an underwater action game that combines elements of furious 3D dog-fighting and challenging exploration in true 3D environments. Developed by Criterion Studios, the game will be published by Ubi Soft for a Summer 2000 release.

    Deus Ex Review - Magicboy @ 6:49 am PST
    The recently released ION Storm title, Deus Ex, has been receiving quite a lot of positive press and reviews lately. This trend is not disturbed by PlanetGPU, who have posted they're own glowing review of The Game. Here's an excerpt:

    I think we can say this game is a good runner up for the game of year. Don't judge a box by it's cover Or should you? Well in this case of game you should. The game comes wrapped in one of the coolest boxes I have seen. It's a shiny metallic blue color and has a picture of the main character, you, JC Denton looking up to the words Deus Ex and the Deus Ex symbol. I would buy the game before they stop making it, it's one of a kind.
    Definitely. If you haven't picked up a copy, do so. It's really worth it.

    Icewind Dale Review - Magicboy @ 6:40 am PST
    All fantasy RPG fans take notice: a review of Black Isle's recently released RPG, Icewind Dale, has been posted at PC.IGN and features an in-depth look at the game:

    Once in a while, a game comes along that completely takes over your life. StarCraft, Baldur’s Gate, and EverQuest all were like that, and now Icewind Dale arrives to flush productivity right down the toilet. Despite the somewhat cookie-cutter story, the game will have you playing long into the night the whole time saying to yourself: “Just one more dungeon!” It’s an exciting dungeon crawl that I recommend to any true RPG fan that is looking for a meaty quest to hold them over until the epic Baldur’s Gate II is released.
    With an overall score of 8.8 and statements like the excerpt above, I'd wager that the reviewer pretty much liked this title. Also, make sure to check out their reviews of Diablo II and Dark Reign 2.

    Midtown Madness 2 - Recoil @ 6:35 am PST
    At Microsoft they have opened the Midtown Madness 2 offical site, and they are gathering beta testers now.

    On Friday, July 7th, sign up to be part of the Midtown Madness 2 Beta Program! At random times during the day participating sites will post the sign up form. Try one, try them all! But you'll have to keep checking and watching the sites for your chance to sign up!

    Independence War 2 Preview - Magicboy @ 6:33 am PST
    GlideUnderground has posted a preview of the upcoming space sim sequel (hey, alliteration!), Independance War 2. Take a look:

    Since this is a sequel, the basis of the game remains the same. One of the biggest ideas of the original game was to maintain the high simulation feature of the game and not follow in the footsteps of over companies by "dumbing down" the game. Hence, the new game will also have the realistic physics settings of the previous game. The diverse universe will still play a huge role in the game as will the unique atmosphere. The basic gameplay ideas will remain the same. What will change are some details that players of the original game complained about.
    Included with the preview are a few very nice looking screenshots so head on over and give 'em a look.

    Elite Force Preview - Magicboy @ 6:24 am PST
    A review/preview of the recently released demo of Raven Software's upcoming Star Trek shooter, Elite Force has been posted at GameRush. Here's a bit of the write-up:

    Just from the demo, which is a brilliant insight into what's to come, Raven could well be onto a winner. Trek fans will no doubt buy it and it looks like it'll have enough to keep even the FPS fanatic happy. Roll on release date this is one game we'll definitely be checking out.

    New Poll - Falcon @ 4:04 am PST
    Gamesurge follows up from it's recent Netcodeorama and release of the latest interview with Valve software with a poll asking for your thoughts on the new netcode:

    Results of previous poll:
    What is your opinion on Diablo2?
    It rocks                          69    36.32 %

    Pretty good                    17     8.95 %

    Ok                                 8      4.21 %

    Could have been better  15     7.89%

    Bleah                             19     10.00 %

    Haven't tried it                62     32.63 %

    TOTAL                         190   100.00 %

    New Interview with Valve - shiva @ 12:14 am PST
    The great Netcode debate continues, but this time we get Valve's opinions on the Netcode. GameSurge had placed a couple of articles, of differing opinions, on the Netcode used by players of the game CounterStrike, among others. The two editorials though, ended up causing a bit of a stir among the Half-Life community. In fact, the original Netcode Editorial and the netcode rebuttal caused more than a few comments, to the point our email got flooded, so we felt that it was only fair to have Valve make a comment

    This interview was written by Ninja, a staff member here at Gamesurge, who handles all public relations for us. Ninja, on behalf of Gamesurge, contacted Valve to get their opinions on the two netcode articles, and was fortunate enough to end up interviewing Yahn Bernier, senior software engineer at Valve. We wish to thank Mr Bernier for taking the time to answer some questions, and to Valve themselves. Here's a bit from the interview:

    "The first feature is something I would term “client-side weapon firing prediction.” What this refers to is the instantaneous set of effects that occur when the fire button is pressed. These effects are all done client-side if client-side weapon firing prediction is enabled (cl_lw is 1). The effects include: starting the weapon firing animation, showing any muzzle flash, creating any ejected shells, drawing decals and bullet puffs at the impact spot on the wall of the level, starting the weapon firing sound, etc. However, the actual determination of whether the shot (for hit-scan weapons at least) hit another player is now and always has been done at the server."
    Though we only asked a few questions, Mr Bernier has really cleared up a lot of questions asked by Counter-Strike players, and fixed a lot of misconceptions as well. You can view the entire interview in our Interviews Section or by going directly to the Netcode Interview.

    As well, as a reminder, we have opened up a special mailbag just for reader comments on the two articles. You can find comments on the first netcode article here, and comments on the rebuttal here. Both these mailbags have just been updated with the latest reader comments, so it's interesting to see those comments in comparason to the interview.

    Saturday, July 08, 2000

    The Halo Preview Replacement Article - shiva @ 2:36 pm PST
    Click image to enlargeAs some of you may know, I was forced to remove the Halo preview when certain matters were bought to my attention. This was after the article was placed up on the site, and it was plugged around the net. It was bad enough in my opinion that this happened, but there was no way I could tolerate a blank page to any new visitors on top of that. So, keeping in the old shivaSite tradition of making the smallest thing a major event, I have written up a new preview on the Bungie game, Halo. This brillant piece of work, done with only a few hours of research and under a tight deadline, shows off what may be the best game of the year, assuming of course it actually gets released.

    To be quite truthful, this is actually a cheap knockoff that I wrote till 7 in the morning, but still, it shows my general brillance, though in a dimmer light. :) You can find the Halo Preview right here. It's not linked up at the moment, but then brillance does come with a price. As I mentioned before, I stayed up till 7 to finish the damn thing, and it was suppose to be re-edited and then placed as a post, but *cough* someone didn't do it *cough*, but all in all, considering my eyes were melting from lack of sleep, it's still a pretty good read, even by my own standards.

    And all I can say to the other guys are... Bow to the master, puppies. :)

    Time Machine Preview - Magicboy @ 10:38 am PST
    GameSpy has written up a preview of Dreamcatcher's upcoming Time Machine, an adventure title based on the classic novel by H.G. Wells.

    Soldier of Fortune AGT - Magicboy @ 10:33 am PST
    The weekly AGT by 3DActionPlanet has been posted. This one tests your knowledge of Raven's Soldier of Fortune so head on over and see how much you know (or don't know).

    D3D Fix for Deus Ex - Magicboy @ 10:24 am PST
    Although it's an excellent game, Deus Ex has been hampered by a somewhat lack of D3D support. Now, we all know that the Unreal engine was built with 3DFX cards in mind, which utilizes the Glide API. Now, however, a beta-version "patch" has been released that should help alleviate some of the framerate issues for those of you running The Game in D3D. Here's the link to pick up this patch, which is really just a upgraded .dll file: Enjoy.

    New Hitman Shots - Magicboy @ 10:17 am PST
    Eight new screenshots from the upcoming Eidos title, Hitman: Codename 47, has been posted over at PC.IGN. Head on over and give 'em a look.

    How about that? - Thundra @ 9:02 am PST
    The Nintendo Company Limited decided to increase the Pokémon fever, by changing the look of N64. The console will be out in the Japanese and European markets, but the release date is still unknown. Now the Pikachu fans can see their hero in their console, wich will have a blue and a yellow version.

    Who said the Nintendo 64 was a dead system?

    Is Doom returning? - Thundra @ 8:55 am PST
    There isn't much info on the game, however it is known that it will be specially turned to the Single Player feature. It will have the John Carmack game engine prepared after the concluding Q3.
    It was, what it seemed to be a though decision, and it even resulted in the firement of the artist responsible for the Q3:Arena models.
    Apart all this mess, the majoritary owners of Id, Kevin Cloud and Adrian Carmack, decided to get on with the sequel.
    More info should came in proper time. For now just keep in mind these first announcement.

    Screenies - Falcon @ 3:24 am PST
    There's a single exclusive FAKK² screenshot up at

    EuroGamer has a little visual treat for you today, in the form of eight exclusive new screenshots of XTension, the massive mission pack for last year's space trading and combat game, "X : Beyond The Frontier". Amongst other new features, the add-on sports a vastly improved graphics engine, which you can see shown off to its full effect here-

    The Rogue Spear Database has received 3 exclusive screenshots of Red Storm's upcoming title Covert Ops Essentials (part of the Rainbow Six series). The three screenshots show off two new maps to be featured in Covert Ops. Two screenshots are of a Junkyard map and the other is a Hospital map. The direct link to the news post with the screens is here:

    Elsa Gladiac 32MB Review - Falcon @ 3:13 am PST
    Speedy 3D have just kicked up a lengthy review of the Elsa Gladiac GeForce2 32MB GTS 3D accelerator card. They pitted this card against the Leadtek GeForce2 32MB GTS in benchmarks of 3DMark200, Q3A, and MDK2 on an Athlon 750MHz system. Overall it was a pretty decent card, only marking it down for its high price tag.

    So, what it all comes down to is one simple question; should I spend the $300 to upgrade? Well, if you already have a GeForce DDR the simple answer is no. As a general rule of thumb I believe it’s always a good idea to skip one generation before you upgrade, as there is always something much better coming down the road every six months. All-in-all Elsa’s Gladiac GeForce 2 GTS is a great product, and should definitely be worth considering if you are in the market for a new video card.

    About the Halo preview - shiva @ 2:20 am PST
    Yesterday, we at GameSurge received a article on Halo. The article was a preview of the FPS game from Bungie, and it was placed on the site for viewing. Today, I received a email from a viewer, that the article looked to be strongly based on a magazine article on Halo published this month. After viewing the article, I agreed that our Halo article was strongly based on that magazine, to the point that it could be considered plagiarism.

    The Halo preview was a viewer submission to our site, and though that is not a excuse, we have received submissions from this person before, and never had this happen. In actual fact, this is the first time this has happened to both Falcon and myself on a personal basis. The truth is both Falcon and myself are very shocked and hurt by this.

    When I joined GameSurge, and merged Ancient Nation with GS a few weeks back, I tried to bring with me a degree of quality and professionalism to this great site. To have something like this happen is a personal blow to not only this site, but to both my name and to Falcon's. When I confirmed that the article was taken from a magazine, I removed the preview from the server, and got in touch with Falcon. But the damage is done.

    On behalf of Falcon, who has helped me with this post, and the rest of the GameSurge staff, I wish to apologize for this incident, and I sincerely hope that this does not affect your views of GameSurge, or the quality of our work. We will make a commitment that in future, GameSurge will strive to be a more professional site, and that we will work as hard as possible to re-earn our viewers trust.

    Dungeon Siege Preview - Falcon @ 1:42 am PST
    Actiontrip have slapped up a preview of Chris Taylor's upcoming gem, Dungeon Siege...
    Diablo II has come at last. Saying this at the very beginning of a Dungeon Siege preview surely won't make Gas Powered Games' (GPG) programmers any happier, but if they do their best to fulfill all they had planned, they have nothing to worry about. The aforementioned sequel never brought anything new or yet unseen. On the other hand, GPG led by Chris Tayler doesn't have an old game to re-edit, they have to make something new and prove their ideas' worth.

    Tad Williams Interview - Falcon @ 1:36 am PST
    Dark Zion Vault has posted an interview with NYT best-selling author Tad Williams, who acts as Creative Consultant for the upcoming MMORPG "Dark Zion" from Wombat Games.

    luxor: How did you and Wombat get together? Was the concept of Zion an original idea of yours, or did you collaborate on a established plot?

    We were introduced by a mutual friend. I wore a strapless gown. Dinner, dancing -- it was magic.

    More seriously, we brainstormed the DZ world and ideas together in a series of regular conferences. The concept is original to the game, and incorporated ideas from everyone involved.

    ORB Interview - Falcon @ 1:24 am PST
    ORB, a game which is so big, bold and ambitious, it might just trump Homeworld. Strategy Planet talked with Executive Producer Jamie McNeely to get the scoop. More here:

    Deus: It has been mentioned that the game will feature 'Commando' ships. What exactly will these do?

    McNeely: Troop transports deploy boarding pods that may be used to capture ships. In the case of fighter class vessels, shock troops are deployed from the boarding pods, then the commandos land on the target vessel and try to cut their way in. If the vessel is a capital class ship then the boarding pods themselves attach to the hull and the commandos cut their way in. The ship to be boarded must be disabled first; this lasts for a limited time so you have to have your troop transport close at hand when you are capturing vessels.

    Earth 2150 Review - Falcon @ 1:15 am PST
    Today's review on EuroGamer takes a look at "Earth 2150", a 3D real time strategy game which is due for release in the UK tomorrow. Can the gameplay live up to the gorgeous graphics? Read EuroGamer's review to find out!

    "The basic premise is very simple - you have 183 days to leave the Earth and begin travelling to Mars. The reason for this is that as a result of constant wars, the Earth's orbit has gone a bit funny, meaning that it will hit the moon and send both straight into the sun. Imaginative, isn't it?"

    AvP2 Confirmed - Falcon @ 1:12 am PST was present today in Seattle, WA for Fox Interactive's confirmation that the sequel to Aliens versus Predator is currently under development by Monlolith Productions and will be using the LithTech engine. For full details visit this site:

    Infestation Preview - Falcon @ 12:58 am PST
    Cro from BarrysWorld has previewed Infestation from Frontier Developments. Ever wondered what it would be like to drive madly (and danegrously) around strange planets, shooting at nasty aliens with a big gun? Well, now you can - Frontier Developments will be releasing Infestation for both the Playstation and PC soon, and kindly let us have a fiddle about with the PC version to see what the game is like ..

    "Moving about essentially involves driving in the direction you`re facing and turning as and when necessary. A quick-turn function is also included (for those all important powerslide stops). Sometimes you can get stuck trying to get up a hill, but often a short run-up is all that`s needed to throw you over the top. You can also earn a turbo thruster that is lots of fun unless you hit it at the wrong time - in which case you`ll go flying across the map, often never to return..."

    Dark Sector Interviews Part 3,4 - Falcon @ 12:35 am PST
    For Stomped's third installment of its four part interview series with members of the Dark Sector team, they have the first half of a chat with Digital Extremes game designer James Schmalz. The second half will be posted on Friday. Go check out the exclusive interview here.
    Stomped concludes its four part interview series with members of the Dark Sector team with the second half of our chat with Digital Extremes's lead designer James Schmalz. Check out our exclusive interview here.

    Friday, July 07, 2000

    DNF Programmer Leaves - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:50 pm PST
    3DR's big man, George B., has just updated his .plan, with word that Chris Hargrove will be leaving 3DRealms tommorow. Chris has been working on Duke Nukem Forever since its start (how many years ago?), and is leaving because of personal reasons. This also comes with the news that 3DR is still looking for another programmer, and texture artist for DNF. Here's some of what he had to say:

    We say goodbye to Chris Hargrove tomorrow. Chris will be missed and has been with DNF since it's start. Chris is leaving for mainly personal reasons and it is 100% amicable.

    His new e-mail is:

    Also, Chris has done a small interview on that will clarify his leaving to put the rumor mill to rest. You can read it at:

    Chris picked a perfect time to leave, and we appreciate that. His skeletal animation and model system are essentially done and no major work has been done on them in a few weeks. Lately he's been working on AI as we've moved to the game play phase of the project.

    I know I speak for the entire team when I say, good luck Chris and stay in touch.

    Voyager: Elite Forces Demo! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:38 pm PST
    A playable demo for Raven's new Quake 3 engine powered Star Trek game, Voyager: Elite Force, has just been released over on FilePlanet. You can grab it right here.

    Win 98 vs Win2k vs WinME - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:32 pm PST
    GamePC has just slapped up a new article, comparing Microsoft's last 3 OS's, Windows 98, Windows 2000, and WinME. It reads like a review of WinME, but its a real good article. Check it out right here. Dig the snippage:

    Like myself, quite a few of gamers quickly fled Windows98 and ran to upgrade to Windows 2000 when it was released. After all, a hybrid mix of Windows NT4 and 98, it must be the perfect gaming OS! Unfortunately, the lack of driver support has kept a lot of people away from the OS in general, and even now that it's got decent drivers, many gamers think 2000 is either too expensive, too complicated, or requires too high of system specs to run properly. Windows ME fills in the gap between 98 and 2000, with increased stability, an updated driver set, and some interesting new features to help games play faster and smoother than ever.

    Halo Preview Down - shiva @ 8:04 pm PST
    As you all know, we have a Halo preview that was put up yesterday. Alas, I had to take it off the site due to a unforseen problem with a copyright issue, but it should be back up shortly. My apologies on behalf of GameSurge.

    The screenshots used for the article are still up though, so those of you who haven't seen these pictures can view them in our Computer Gallery section. From what I understand, they seem quite rare, so go have a look for yourself.

    Computer Gallery Up - shiva @ 6:46 pm PST
    At GameSurge, our obsession with games knows no boundaries, and to prove that we are serious about wanting to be your game information resource, we have completed our Computer Gallery Section. With Tens of Thousands of images, covering over 70 different games, this section is chock full of screenshots, concept artwork and even fan artwork, and we are only just starting. Get ready for the start of one of the largest archives on the net today, with several games already topping 200 images.

    Our Computer Gallery Section is used as a image archive for our various previews, reviews etc, but I decided to give them their own section for easy viewing. The Archive will be expanded greatly in the near future, depending on time of course. If you have pictures or images to submit to the archive, just fire off a email to me.

    Pc Galley and Homeworld Cataclysm Gallery are up! - Thundra @ 6:37 pm PST
    Shiva did all the hard work and then he asked me to plug the sections and so i did... and now i'm posting about it... :)

    Well here are the quick links to both PC Gallery and Homeworld Cataclysm Gallery. The credits go to shiva.

    Midtown Madness 2 Beta and Settlers IV Beta! - Thundra @ 5:23 pm PST
    Microsoft's Midtown Madness 2 Beta and Settlers IV Beta are now available. But, hurry up, the sign up has began and Microsoft gives the chance to only 10 gamers to experience the sequel to Midtown Madness; and there are 500 spots available for the Settlers IV Beta testing. Hurry with your sign-up 'cause the clock is ticking...

    Head on to AVault and sign-up!

    The Pokemon Virus Set to Storm Email - Id @ 11:49 am PST
    According to Trend Micro, manufacturer of various Anti-Various related software and software packages, there is indeed a new virus out on the web, called POKEY.A, Pokey, WIN32/Pikachu.32768.Worm, or I-Worm.Pikachu. This virus, dubbed the Pokemon virus in it's early stages, apparently works by arriving in a person's email (Mircosoft Outlook Users) with the subject line "Pikachu Pokemon" and the attachment "Pikachu icon".
    Though this virus is currently classified as low risk, it is still able to make modifications to your autoexec.bat and will attempt to forward itself to everyone on your address list if accessed.
    More info about the virus can be found here.
    Source: RPGamer

    Dreamcast Half-Life Screens - Id @ 11:33 am PST
    Consoledomain has recently posted some new Half-Life screenshots for the Dreamcast. Check them all out here.
    Source: Consoledomain

    Guilty Gear X Tidbits - Id @ 11:29 am PST
    IGN has recently decided to take a closer look at Guilty Gear X for the Dreamcast. The sequel to the cult favorite fighting gaming Guilty Gear, Guilty Gear X looks amazing. Be sure to check out the whole story here.

    Konami Wants You! - Id @ 11:27 am PST
    Here's the snippet from IGN.

    "A very interesting job opening was announced on the web by Konami today. Konami Computer Entertainment America is evidently seeking a CG artist, someone skilled with SoftImage and traditional 2D art, to work on a Silent Hill 2 movie for PlayStation2."

    With Silent Hill on the release front for sometime in 2001, this would be a great oppurtunity. If interested, be sure to contact Konami.
    Source: IGN

    StarCraft Patch? - shiva @ 11:26 am PST
    Picked up this from Roy yesterday, but it seems we have a new StarCraft patch coming our way. Patch 1.08 will not have any game changes by the sounds of it, but there will be a fix for the map hacks, a constant source of annoyance for all "clean" players. Sounds good, but such a shame that since is now so jammed, it may be a while before everyone can get it.

    Personally, I think we are actually going through the "stress test" of Diablo 2 right now, as I'm sure getting stressed every time I try to go on battlenet.

    N64 still dominating the rental charts - Id @ 11:22 am PST
    Though it is quite clear that the Nintendo64 is entering it's last leg, it has still most recently been dominating the rental charts. Here are all the Nintendo titles (positions included with title) that appeared in VDSA's top rentals for the week of July 4:
    1.) Perfect Dark
    2.) Tony Hawk Pro Skater
    3.) Pokémon Stadium
    4.) Excite Bike 64
    5.) Mario Party 2
    6.) Super Smash Brothers
    8.) Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
    10.) WWF Wrestlemania 2000
    12.) Army Men Sarge's Heroes
    14.) All-Star Baseball 2001
    19.) StarCraft 64
    20.) Rainbow Six: Tom Clancy's
    21.) Donkey Kong 64
    25.) Mario Golf

    Amazing... the system is dead, and they still hold the top 5 spots...

    Source: IGN

    First Final Fantasy IX Impressions - Id @ 11:16 am PST
    As many of you know, Final Fantasy IX was released a few days ago in Japan, once again surpassing many sales records. The game will be released sometime in the Fall in North America. Until then, be sure to check out IGN's "preview" of sorts.

    More Netcode Mailbag - shiva @ 12:40 am PST
    More permissions have come for the mailbag feature of the Netcode Rebuttal article. You can find the new additions right here. The page is getting a little on the long side, so it looks like there's gonna be a second page. :) You can find the Netcode article here, the rebuttal to the first article is right here, and the Mailbag, with all the responses begin right here.

    Just a reminder that if you wish to share your opinions with all our viewers, just let us know before hand.

    Thursday, July 06, 2000

    Tribes 2 Screenies - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:45 pm PST
    Tribes 2 Players has just tossed up two new screenshots from Starsiege Tribes 2. One of the shots shows one of the new vehicles, while the other shows off the new disc launcher. Check them out right here.

    Diablo II Walkthrough - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:41 pm PST
    Infoceptor has just slapped up the first part of their Diablo II walkthrough. The section they have up covers all of Diablo II's Act 1. Check it out right here.

    Paul Steed Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:35 pm PST
    Since Paul Steed's departure from id software, he has kind of fallen out of the daily news, but today he is back, with an interview over on Stomped. It's a quality interview, with alot on Paul's opinion of id making another Doom, and what Paul's plans for the future are. Check it out right here. Dig the snippage:

    Stomped: What are your feelings on id being able to create a new Doom well? Will it be able to live up to expectations?

    Steed: Well, as far as id goes, there's know, id is obviously a different company than when the original Doom series was created. Can anything as huge as DOOM be ever re-created? I mean, I remember when people found out I made computer games for a living they'd invariably say something like, "You make computer games? Like DOOM?" So at one point computer games and 'DOOM' are synonymous in the majority of the public's eye. One of the things I worry about with a new DOOM game is the magic of the first series being so firmly entrenched in our minds that it will color perceptions and opinions of the new one. John Carmack has a definite vision of what he wants to see in the new Doom. Hopefully the team will support him and enhance the ideas he proposes. DOOM was created in a relatively simple technological time. Doing it today requires a dedication to sophistication and attention to detail that people look for in a single player experience. Can a DOOM live up to the public's expectations? In the end…probably not. Fuck 'em, I say. Make the game you want to make with a singular vision and commitment to consistency…the game will rock. Bow to that five or ten percent of the vocal bitchers and whiners and you'll fail. Ultimately however, regardless the direction, the new DOOM will be a direct reflection of the people who make it.

    Homeworld Tactics now up - shiva @ 6:49 pm PST
    Homeworld Nation is pleased to announce that KOBAYASHI’s Collection of Homeworld Tactics has been updated, with more great tips and strategies on the relic real time strategy game Homeworld. Now updated and fully expanded, the tactics collection is a must place to visit for the latest in techniques. Here's a tactic example from the guide:

    "Instant Gravity Well
    Build a gravity well but pause the batch just before it is completed. When you hear a hyperspace warning, resume the batch and activate the well, trapping the ships warping in (assuming they appear near the mothership. Actually you can pause other build batches to have an instant fleet(one ion frigate, one destroyer, one missile destroyer and one cruiser) to surprise your attackers."
    You can find this great new tactics guide right here.

    Halo Preview at GameSurge - shiva @ 4:10 pm PST
    To the Halo PreviewStorm returns to GameSurge with a look at the new Bungie computer game, Halo. This First person shooter is send to incorporate first rate graphics, single & multi-player play, and a long and well written storyline worthy of most sci-fi novels. With Microsoft buying Bungie, Halo may instead end up on the X-Box, but judging from what people, and Storm have been saying, this game is to good to be waiting another couple of years. Here is a bit from the preview:

    " While Halo is going to support many new technologies, it will not embrace every single new thing coming out at the moment. For one thing Jones and his crew are not implementing voice-over-net or the Powerplay protocol hyped by Valve. Mainly because they think that most gamers of this day and age would rather have their bandwidth be spent on sniping a poor soul before they would want to spend it on having a nice conversation with their teammate."
    You can find our latest preview at the Preview Section, or directly here. Also as well, keep a eye on the preview section, as I will be adding new previews, and some old ones, on a daily basis for the next little while.

    Blizzard Games Server - Mystikal @ 3:28 pm PST
    The ip address for the server is Happy playing! Download SConnect from here.

    Strategy games - Falcon @ 4:28 am PST
    For the answer head over here:

    Video games, along with a lot of other popular media, has been the subject of some pretty negative coverage recently due to isolated outbreaks of violence. It seems everytime a lonely, disaffected, adolescent male totes a semi-automatic rifle to school, we are treated to a montage of news reports blaming the media for the irrational act. Among the news bites will be school photos of the alleged shooters looking oddly meek, weeping parents asking why and how something like this could happen, community authorities desperately seeking to defend their actions or inactions, and a number of "expert consultants" plugging their newest book and explaining how crumbling media ethics contributed to this newest senseless shooting. Somewhere among the 30-second jump-cuts there will inevitably be a screenshot of id Software's DOOM with an ominous voiceover explaining the violent nature of the game.

    Shogun Review - Falcon @ 4:23 am PST
    A new BarrysWorld review is now now live. Shogun is the latest title to tractor the curious eye of MikeyBear...

    "...Be sure you know what you`re getting into before you think about buying Shogun. It is most definitely not a RTS game and not one for the action lovers. Most of the game is spent in the turn based map section and the battles, when they do occur, are fairly short..."

    Nox: Wizard Guide - Falcon @ 4:18 am PST
    Noxious has posted new Nox strategy guide titled "Every Wizards Guide to Being a Total Bastard." The guide, although short, gives some rather clever techniques on the taking down your multiplayer opponents with the Wizard character class. Any Wizard looking for a few clever techniques then this is definitely suggested reading. Read on here

    Previews - Falcon @ 4:17 am PST
    New today on EuroGamer is a brief hands-on preview of JetFighter IV, the latest in the long-running series of action oriented flight combat sims.

    "So what does Jetfighter 4 allow us to fly? In true tradition the game sticks to the same aircraft that were introduced in the earlier games - the F/A 18 Hornet, F14 Tomcat, F15 Eagle, and F23 Raptor. This may seem like a limited choice, but bear in mind that as far as real combat goes, these four aircraft are more than enough to cope with any land, sea or air threat."

    Neoseeker has posted a Hands-On preview of Submarine Titans using the playable demo Strategyfirst sent us. Their overall impressions were good although she had some quirks with the environments & some of the features.
    "Being in the wet stuff has its advantages. Vehicles can change their depth to correspond to surrounding terrain and evade enemy missiles and mines. Turrets placed on overhangs can shoot up at ships but never down at them. Vehicles can scoot under shelves and hide. Things have monetary value even under the ocean. Trade allows you to obtain the resources you need by trading away the ones you have in abundance. There are three resources: Metal, Corium and Gold. Corium is the alien metal that came packaged with the comet."

    Dark Sector Programmer Interviews - Falcon @ 4:07 am PST
    Stomped has a four part series of interviews with the members of the Dark Sector development team at Digital Extremes. The series begins with a chat with lead level designer Juan Pancho Eekels. You can find their exclusive interview at
    Plus, as a special holiday treat, Stomped is also presenting, for the first time in public, the official Digital Extremes-designed logo for Dark Sector.
    Check out the logo here

    For the second of Stomped's four part interview series with members of the Dark Sector development team, we chat with Digital Extremes's lead programmer for
    the game, Steve Sinclair. Go check out our exclusive interview here:

    Croc 2 Review - Falcon @ 4:02 am PST
    Today's review on EuroGamer takes a look at Croc 2, the PC version of the hit Playstation 3D platform game by Argonaut.

    "Like any game worth its salt, there are a number of twists and original ideas to Croc 2. Some levels include special objectives, including one of my favourites in which Croc must roll along atop a giant snowman's head to reunite it with its decapitated body."

    Horizon's Fan FAQ - Falcon @ 4:00 am PST
    Each week Artifact Entertainment, makers of Horizons, answers 10 questions that have been gathered from fans in the community. The compiled answers are then posted on Horizons Vault. Check out this weeks questions and answers here New questions and answers posted weekly.

    Screenies - Falcon @ 3:57 am PST
    Gamespy has six new screen shots from Stainless Steel Studios upcoming RTS Empire Earth. You can find them at

    StrategyPlanet has posted some exclusive screenshots from Dogs of War by Silicon Dreams and TalonSoft on their Previews page. Go directly to them here:

    The third and final batch of exclusive screenshots of third person action game "Soldier" is now up on EuroGamer. As before, there are eight new shots taken from a beta version of the game using a GeForce 2 graphics card - 1024x768, 32bit colour, with Full-Scene Anti-Aliasing switched on. Sweet.
    For those of you who missed the earlier shots, the first page full can be found here:

    Nocturn Missions - Falcon @ 3:49 am PST
    Spookhouse - The Official Fan Site for Nocturne posted three fan-made missions for that 3D Action/Adventure game. There's one new mission and two updated missions. Here's the skinny:

    "Ultimate Weapon" by Heretic: In this new mission, you must find the Ultimate Weapon against evil. A couple of retextured models are included.

    "Not Act 1" by Heretic: This is Version 2 (fixes, etc). Think Nocturne's Germany mission - but a!

    "The Awakening" by Troll Man: This is version 2 (fixes, etc). An ancient demon has been awakened from the grave. Killing it will be an easy job for
    the Stranger...if he can fight through the hordes of zombies blocking the path.

    As usual, all missions can be found in the Downloads area.

    Dues Ex News - Falcon @ 3:42 am PST
    Gamespy joins the growing list of people who love Deus Ex. Check out their review, and a few of the drawbacks they found, here.

    Though Deus Ex is first-person based, and has numerous weapons to choose from, the game rewards stealth over combat. Choose wisely, young grasshopper! Often in the game you will find yourself peering around corners or picking a lock, rather then engaging in combat with a NFS agent. This forces the player to heavily consider each option before rushing in, guns blazing, breaking up the gameplay to keep things interesting and fresh so that the character goes through stages of exploration, combat, and stealth.

    Additionally, Eurogamer have confirmed that the release date for Europe will be August 4th.

    Aces High Review - Falcon @ 3:19 am PST
    A review of Aces High has been posted on

    We held off publishing the piece for a few days because of Dale "HiTech" Addink's tragic news over the holiday weekend, but felt if we were to wait too much longer it would grow stale.

    D2 First Impressions/Reviews - Falcon @ 3:09 am PST
    RPG Vault's diary-style Diablo II First Impressions follows out Paladin character as he ventures into the tropical forest setting of Act III. The article
    now contains thoughts based on five days of play. Read more here

    In their latest review, games xtreme takes a long hard look at Diablo II. The review goes through everything from the graphics, multiplayer to the final Act, Act 4. Not forgetting some of the flaws that many gamers have experienced such as the default 640x480 screen resolution our reviewer was very impressed with Diablo 2, giving it 95%, earning it a 'games xtreme essential' award.

    "It's in the pacing of the gameplay that Blizzard shows its experience. The difficulty curve is perfect -- newbies won't be overawed by the action, and experienced players will be breezing through the first quests in short order. But even the hardcore are going to have their mettle tested as the Acts progress. The first act, made some two years ago, is not as pleasing to play as the other 3 acts, which all bear nicer gameplay and newer graphics. It hardly seems like the same game by the time the player reaches the incredibly detailed desert town of Act Two, the jungles of Act Three and the lava-filled environments and mammoth monster types of Act Four."

    Ruins of Kunark Review - Falcon @ 3:01 am PST
    Exxtreme3D just regurgitated a review on the Ruins of Kunark. Better late than never. If you're not playing Diablo II you are probably still playing
    EverQuest, so give our review a look see. You can Check out their review at:

    The Ruins of Kunark, an expansion for the ever-growing game of Everquest, is a must have for all you Everquest addicts. Not only does the expansion add more items, a new race, and a new continent filled with many zones, but it also allows you to raise your character from level 50 through 60.

    Additionally, Gamesxtreme have come up with their own review of the game:
    Earlier today games xtreme reviewed Ruins of Kunark, the expansion pack for the popular online RPG Everquest. Overall we thought that it was a welcome addition to an already highly addictive and fun title and gave it 76%.

    "The graphics in Kunark are updated over the original release, they were somewhat limited in what they could updated from the first incarnation due to the system requirements. With the steeper requirements of Kunark, they have added richer textures, swaying trees, footpaths, and further attention to the little things that make it seem even more realistic. Luckily Verant added a user configurable clipping plane, which allows you to turn down the distance at which the graphics are drawn. I am running a 450mhz processor with a TNT2, and when you get to the sections of land that are tree intensive, the swaying motion can bring even the mightiest video cards to a crawl."

    New Homeworld Maps - shiva @ 2:18 am PST
    Just trying to catch up on things, so here's 8 new Homeworld maps. You can find them in Homeworld Nation in our map section.

    Just a side note. Because 2 very large sites merged, and that means a lot of work for me in conversion, HW:N is at the lower end in my list of jobs at the moment. I apologize for the sloppy work, but I am stacked up with work. Things should be back to normal shortly.

    Wednesday, July 05, 2000

    Deus Ex Tweakage - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:49 pm PST
    MikroMak has just slapped up an updated Tweak guide for Ion Storm's just released game, Deus Ex. You can check it out right here.

    Daikatana Patch Stuff - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:47 pm PST
    If you have been wondering whats going on with that Daikatana patch which is way over due. Well, Ion Storms big man, John Romero, has just sent VE some word on it. Dig it:

    The patch is in testing right now and we've fixed everything that we know about and we've added a lot of cool features as well. We're hoping to release the patch by late Friday, but it might be held until Monday if we find any problems.

    John Romero

    Rune Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:43 pm PST has just slapped up a new interview with the biz guy over at Human Head, Timothy G. They mainly discuss Human Head's upcoming unreal engine powered action game, Rune. Check it out right here. Dig the snippage:

    twisted: Why did the human head team choose to do a FPS about a Viking? Sure it is creative, but what was the thinking behind it?

    Tim: Actually, it's a 3PS, and even then, its not really an S. :) It's more like a Third Person Melee Combat Game, which is technically a 3PMC, but that's a hard mouthful. Ted Halsted came up with the idea of doing a game about a big Viking character wielding an axe. He was facsinated, as many of us here are, with Viking legends and their heroic myths. We all agreed that this was an area of history, and a deep body of legends that has previously been overlooked. The group worked on the idea and decided that if we were going to do a game about using swords and axes, then it only made sense to give you a third person perspective. After that, it pretty much all folded into place. The camera system was finished early on, and the ease of it made it quickly evident that we were on to something.

    From a story perspective, it was a matter of picking the elements we wanted to concentrate on for this game. The Viking mythologies are so deep and vast, and vary from region to region, that it would be impossible to present all of it in one game format- especially one that is an action game. We decided to concentrate on the aspects of Viking mythology that we felt were most exciting to us and which made sense within the story we wanted to tell. We also added our own spin on some of these legends, so as to make the game unique to our version.

    Epic Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:39 pm PST has just kicked up a new interview with the Art Director from Epic Games, Shane Caudle. The topic of discusion is ofcourse Unreal and Unreal Tourney. Check it out right here. Snippage for your viewing pleasure:

    Firstly, for the ignorant: who are you, and what was your role in the creation of Unreal Tournament?

    Shane Caudle, Art Director/Level designer/ 3d Guy for Epic Games. In UT I did a wide variety of things, I did the intro, and about 5 other levels, Gothic + textures, Conveyor, Frigate, Mazon Fortress, DM tutorial, I did a lot of level textures .I did the soldier player models and most of the skins for them, I did some pickups, pickups skins, weapons, weapon skins and animation's, weapon fx, interface graphics, hud graphics.

    Voodoo 5 Giveaway! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:15 pm PST
    Thats right, The new gaming network on the scene, the NorthShire Gaming Network is giving away a free Voodoo 5 5500 to one lucky winner, to celebrate the networks grand opening. Check out the contest right here.

    Diablo II Mac Gold! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:03 pm PST
    Thats right, all you mac users (all 2 of you), Diablo II for the Mac has just gone gold. You can check out Blizzard's official PR right here. Dig the snippage:

    IRVINE, Calif. - July 5, 2000 - Macintosh gamers, get ready. Blizzard Entertainment® announced today that the Macintosh version of the highly anticipated Diablo II, has gone gold. Shipping less than one month after the PC version of the game, this marks the fastest conversion of a game in the history of Blizzard Entertainment.

    In Diablo II, players return to a dark world plagued by evil forces. After possessing the body of the hero who defeated him, Diablo resumes his nefarious scheme to shackle humanity into unholy slavery by joining forces with the other Prime Evils, Mephisto and Baal. Players face a new series of quests to rid the world of Diablo and his vile brethren forever.

    "Not only is Diablo II our most ambitious undertaking to date, it is also the first time in our company's history that we are able to launch the Mac version almost simultaneously with the PC version," said Mike Morhaime, Blizzard Entertainment president and co-founder, "From the depth of each character class and the size of each act to the expansion of®'s new worldwide architecture, the scope of Diablo II is much larger than any of our past projects."

    Tribes 2 Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 11:29 am PST
    ActionTrip has just shot up a new interview, with Dave Georgeson, the producer of Dynamix's upcoming Tribes sequal, Starsiege: Tribes 2. The discuss mostly how the games development is going, gameplay modes, and the new games features. Check it out right here.

    New UT Strike Force - MaD-HaTTeR @ 11:25 am PST
    The official Strike Force website now has a new version of the Unreal Tournament mod out, brining the mod up to version 1.27. You can grab it right here.

    Diablo II First Impressions - Mystikal @ 6:51 am PST
    I never did play the first Diablo, but after hearing so much about Diablo II, how great it was going to be, and how good the beta really was, I decided to buy it. I haven't had much of a chance to play it, since the USWest server has been up and down literally every 5 minutes for me, and I can't get a constant character. From what I've seen so far though, it's absolutely amazing, the cutscenes, the gameplay, everything. It took me a while to actually install the game (3 days). The reason? The players guide and manual. Even the manual and players guide had me drawn in like a good book would normally do, keeping me off the computer all day long (something that normally NEVER happens). If it turns out to this good, and only gets better, this is going to be one hell of a game, and an easy canidate for Game of the Year. I'll keep in contact, expect a review coming shortly, or as soon as Battlenet gets better (even with a T-1, the lag can become unbearable). The patch last night to place the new netcode in failed, miserably, so hopefully, they will try againt today or tomorrow.

    Mailbag Updated: Rebuttals on the Rebuttal - shiva @ 1:40 am PST
    The Netcode article that was placed up here at GameSurge continues to generate opinions, and now the Rebuttal article that was published a few days ago has caused us to open yet another mailbag section. Though there are only 4 replies in the mailbag, once again, some good points have been raised.

    And as a side note, in what may be a case of a extreme lack of intellegence on my part, I decided to throw in my own two cents worth at the end of the page, and to issue a challenge. I guess it's my turn to get flamed. :)

    Heres the link to the new mailbag, and if you wish to view all the replies to the first Netcode article, you will find them at our Mailbag page.

    Tuesday, July 04, 2000

    Parts of NextBlaze up. - Id @ 2:24 pm PST
    As I mentioned a few days ago, a new site by the name of NextBlaze is prepped to launch. Though the site itself isn't launched yet, it's internal news section was launched last night. It looks really good right now, and I must comment the webmaster wizkid on a job well done. The site will include not only gaming, but also movie, entertainment, internet, and wrestling news, with more to come... the site looks great so far, and I recommend visiting it. I managed to secure a posting account at NextBlaze as well, so expect to see me posting stuff every once in a while.

    Computer Hardware Pages up - shiva @ 1:03 am PST
    Once again, more content has been readded, this time the Hardware Section has been added to the Computer Section. To save space, and to prevent a side bar that's already a little on the large side, I placed all the hardware related content in one master section.

    All of the content came from the old GameSurge site, and contains the hardware reviews, the driver index, and the 2 tweak guides to get Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament running a little better. More will be added as time goes on, but in the meanwhile, heres the link again... Our Hardware Section

    Changes to the site - shiva @ 12:54 am PST
    The problem with the internet is everyone has different settings for how they view the pages. It could be different browsers, different resolutions, and yes, even different default settings on the font size with their browsers. To be honest, it's a royal pain in the neck, because no matter what I try to do, someone always bitches about it.

    So here's one more crack at trying to make everyone happy, this time there's changes to the coding, and a "forced font" so hopefully, everyone gets the same size text. Of course, it isn't gonna work, but there's no harm in trying at least.

    Also, the description text is now smaller (Damn Falcon) and back the way it use to look. (sigh again) And there's other minor changes as well, but not enough to even mention, though I could complain about it for a while if I really wanted to...

    Monday, July 03, 2000

    Rocket Arena UT Interview - Falcon @ 10:31 pm PST
    It was supposed to be one of the most important mod releases for Unreal Tournament, but after only a few days of release last March the Rocket Arena mod was pulled from circulation. Today, Stomped talks to fromer Epic Games and current 3D Realms programmer Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart and Rocket Arena UT head Mike "Mongo" Lambert to find out what happened and when can we expect a new version of the mod to be released. Check out our exclusive interviews here

    Dark Reign2 Review - Falcon @ 10:30 pm PST
    Gamespy reviews Dark Reign 2, the sequel from Pandemic Studios. The original was overshadowed by others in the RTS field in 1997. What will make this one succeed?

    The story behind the two campaigns is not completely original and follows the idea that two groups on futuristic earth have clashed and are battling it out for control. A few new twists have been put into the story but not a whole lot beyond that. The way that the story is presented however was done fairly well.

    Massive Entertainment Interview - Falcon @ 10:25 pm PST
    Speedy 3D has just posted up a short - but sweet - interview with Martin Walfisz of Massive Entertainment. They talked about their hit Ground Control among other things.

    Speedy 3D: Ground Control is very system intensive, were/aren't you worried some people might by the game and find it running to slow to be playable? Even with detail right down it seems to gain little speed compared to being right up.

    Martin Walfisz: We have tried to create a very scaleable engine. It takes some playing around with the options, but if you lower the view distance, unit detail and terrain detail it should be very playable even on slower computers. Of course it looks better on top-of-the-line equipment.

    Kinboat Interview - Falcon @ 10:20 pm PST
    Gamespy tracks down Adam "Kinboat" Swensesn, who was a big part of the 3rd party Total Annihilation community. Not so surprisingly, he now works for
    Chris Taylor at Gas Powered Games and is working on Dungeon Siege. Find out what he has to say here:

    Dues Ex Review - Falcon @ 10:17 pm PST
    Damage Gaming has posted a review of the phenomenal Deus Ex, where we gave it a 5/5 and an Editor's Choice Award.

    Fans of the now defunct Looking Glass Studios' System Shock series will feel well at home with Deus Ex. While at a first glance it looks like a first-person shooter, the game seamlessly blends elements from any standard role-playing game, such as inventory, character interaction, and skills.

    Metal Fatigue Review - Falcon @ 10:12 pm PST
    Actiontrip have slapped up a review of the surprisingly refreshing 3D RTS, Metal Fatigue. This is Zono's first PC title --- an innovative and addictive real-time strategy... Us Gamers really have plenty to look forward to...

    The main theme of Metal Fatigue has nothing to do with structures or vehicles, although there is plenty of that in the game; it has to do with Japanese manga-style, huge robots called Combots, and the ever-popular eastern plot structure of three brothers, bound by faith, rivalry, and vanity, locked into a mortal conflict over the power of the ancient alien civilization. The story revolves around three CorpoNations, each led by one of the three brothers: Rimtech - well-rounded militaristic corporation, Mil-Agro - the world's warmongers, and excellent melee fighters, and Neuropa - mysterious, religious sect of shady individuals, using the newly-found alien gadgetry.

    The future of windows gaming - Falcon @ 10:05 pm PST
    John was one of a handful of journalists allowed into Microsoft's big Windows Game Developers Conference (WGDC) in London last week, and over the rest of this month Eurogamer will be posting a series of articles about DirectX 8, which is due for release this autumn.

    To kick things off, today they has posted an article titled "The Future Of Windows Gaming", taking a look at what Microsoft has in mind for your loveable little beige box. Subjects covered include DirectX 8, the X-Box, the new game logo program, and the next version of Windows (code-named Whistler). More here:

    Microsoft are expecting everyone to upgrade to Whistler from Windows 9x when it is released, although they wouldn't say when that would be. "I would be killed if I told you", Colin McCartney of Microsoft replied, when asked about the new operating system's release date, before suggesting that we check the press because Microsoft "leaks like a sieve"!

    Ground Control Review - Falcon @ 10:00 pm PST
    Luxidion have released a review of Ground Control:

    The attention paid to detail is astounding, ranging from tracks left in the dirt to moving shadows from the clouds above and birds flying through the sky. Also, Massive has stated that the graphical features in this game were designed for next generation 3d cards and can actually overheat some high end video cards with all the options turned on.

    Diablo2 Review - Falcon @ 9:57 pm PST Just finshed up a review on Diablo II. See what they had to say about the game, not to mention a little about the flaws in the early days of the realm servers.

    But playing on realm really is hell; the servers are so crowded with games and users. Gameplay is very laggy, and at times your connection gets interrupted and you lose quite a lot of items, and time, all wasted. This really isn’t fun, it reminds me of the Everquest servers in its early times.

    Mod News - Falcon @ 9:52 pm PST
    Seeing CS is the frontrunner of our latest topics at Gamesurge, here is some further mod info (Quake + HL):
    Firstly, the Front Line Force, a new Half-Life mod, has gone live today. Check it out at this site.

    An interview with the Jailbreak crew on the just released site Gibme. More here.

    FusionQ3F1 Screenshots!

    Fusion has kindly given me some screenshots of his upcoming map, FusionQ3F1. This map looks like it's going to really kick some arse, and keep in mind when viewing these screenshots that they are all lighted...

    [Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3] [Pic 4]

    Any comments? suggestions? mail them to For more information, check out Fusion's Homepage.

    The Navy Seals Mod have updated their site with 2 new links to their .wad and .fgd downloads. Some people have been having some problems with the old links, so check these out!

    First Impressions - Falcon @ 9:40 pm PST
    RPGVault have moved on to day 4 and 5 of Icewind Dale:

    After completing its investigation of the Vale of Shadows, our party moves on to face new opponents in a quest to the Temple of the Forgotten God. Today's segment of our Icewind Dale First Impressions takes us to this new area of the game.
    Day 4:

    Moving on from the Temple of the Forgotten God, we wrap up our First Impressions as our party enters Chapter 2 of Icewind Dale, starting in a cavern that's as dangerous as its name sounds, Dragon's Eye.
    Day 5:

    And day 3 of Diablo2:
    "Diablo II is a much more expansive game than the original. In today's segment of our First Impressions, we adventure further into Act II of Blizzard's latest hit."
    More here:

    BWP: Rustin Parr Shots - MaD-HaTTeR @ 9:33 pm PST
    GA-Source has just kicked up 3 new screenies from Terminal Reality's upcoming horror game, Blair Witch Project Volume 1: Rustin Parr. You can check them out right here.

    WGDC Article - MaD-HaTTeR @ 9:21 pm PST has just tossed up a new article, with alot of info on what it looks like is gonna happen with the future of PC gaming on Windows. All the info is taked from the Windows Game Developers Conference (WGDC). Check it out right here. Dig the snippage:

    You might be mistaken for thinking that the PC was dead as a gaming platform, given some of the comments that have been coming out of the gaming industry recently. Far from it, says Microsoft. But then, they would, wouldn't they?

    According to Microsoft, by the end of the year there will be around 200 million PCs with 3D graphics hardware, giving the PC a larger installed base than any console. The trick now is to make playing games on those millions of PCs as easy as it is on a console...

    Back - MaD-HaTTeR @ 9:14 pm PST
    Well, after a few weeks of being completely gone, i am back, and ready to really start posting again. The main reason i was gone so long was cause my computer pretty much choked and died on me. The only way i can get it to run now is in safe mode, in like 640x480 and 16 colors and no sound. Thats not fun to work in, believe me. Im pretty sure i have a bum hard drive. :(

    Anyway, i got my old p.o.s. comp all set up, and im ready to get back in my groove. Now i just have to deal with this nasty Q3A addiction i cant feed anymore...

    Tribes 2 Wallpaper - sim @ 4:48 pm PST
    Check out this months desktop calendar over at Stomped. It's in an extra nifty Tribes 2 style and has everything you'll ever need: a calendar, the words "Tribes 2", and a big-ass heavy Blood Eagle totin' a gun. What more do you want?

    Soldier Preview - sim @ 4:42 pm PST
    3D Gaming Daily has a preview of Soldier up that goes to show you that things related to Kurt Russel movies can be fun (j/k Kurt). Here's a clip:

    The graphics are pretty darn good. As you look through the screenshots make sure to notice the high detail both close up and far away. The nicest thing that I found was when I noticed that in the options menu most of the more aesthetic features were turned off. When I turned them all on, including shadows and higher texture detail, there was only a small degredation of speed and quality in gameplay.

    Go ahead and read the rest here. And if you haven't seen the movie, don't bother.

    Vampire Mods - sim @ 4:38 pm PST
    Supposedly, this Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption game is "all the rage" (I heard that somewhere) with gamers nowadays (alongside Diablo 2 of course). The best part? You can make all your Vampire mod wishes come true! To help, the Vampire Vault has slapped up a sweet mod tutorial to help you get the best out of that SDK.

    Clusterball Demo - sim @ 1:39 pm PST
    DemoNews has tossed up a little information regarding this great game, Clusterball. I've been playing this preview of the game for a couple days now and let me just say that it's fan-*explicative*-tastic! In other words, it's loads of fun. Daydream Software has upgraded the preview to an official demo. If you don't already have it, you grab the original preview here and then the patch for the preview here.

    Neocron Interview - sim @ 1:31 pm PST
    FragZone has put together a good interview with the developers behind the upcoming futuristic MMORPG, Neocron. Here's a clip:

    FZ: Will it be possible, unlike most MMORPGs, to play a merchant where you don't have to go into fights to evolve your character? Meaning that you rise in levels by trading?

    JS: It depends on what kind of a merchant you are. A black market dealer will surely need some combat skills in case of customer complaints ;) But yea, you can become a merchant and stick to it, without having to fight. However, only the non-strength, agility or armour related skills will raise (DEX, INT). You can also become a StockX trader, no guns involved. When you earn enough money, you can hire a merc/killer that does the rough jobs for you.

    Morrowind Interview - sim @ 1:28 pm PST
    Morrowind. It puts shudders of joy and anticipation through my body. My prayers have been answered: there is finally a new interview that I can print out, laminate, frame, and put on my wall of Morrowind related information. Heh heh, I'm not that obsessed, but I am looking forward to the next Elder Scrolls game. Here's a clip from the interview with Pete Hines, Director of Marketing and Public Relations:

    RELEASE: If you could only tell us about (3) elements/features of this game, what would they be and why?

    PETE HINES: 1. The open-ended, freeform game play that the Elder Scrolls series is known for. Daggerfall and Arena (both winners of RPG of the Year) were both known for letting players pretty much go anywhere and do anything they wanted. People would play it for weeks and months without ever attempting to follow the main storyline, simply because they got wrapped up in doing other things in the game.

    There's more, including some screenshots that have been seen before by my eyes, but maybe not by your less fanatical eyes.

    Tribes Interview - sim @ 1:21 pm PST
    Tribes 2 Players has put up an interview they grabbed with Mark Frohnmayer, lead programmer on the Tribes 2 team. Here's a little more about himself:

    T2P: Tell us a little about yourself, how long you have been with Dynamix etc.?

    Mark Frohnmayer: Well, let's see, I'm 25, I've been working at Dynamix for the last 5 years, first doing core graphics technology for A10 II and Red Baron 2 followed by work on TRIBES doing graphics, network and game coding. Outside of work I like to hike, ski, scuba dive, whitewater raft, stretch out a bit with some yoga, or strum a few chords on my guitar.

    Now you know, so read the rest cause they actually go on to talk about Tribes 2.

    Pentium 4 Pics - sim @ 1:15 pm PST
    I'm not a freaky hardware person that get's excited over seeing pictures of plastic and wires, but some of you might be. So The Register has snagged a few pictures of the Pentium 4. It looks amazing... well not really. To me it looks like another CPU.

    XBox Shots - sim @ 1:11 pm PST
    MSBox has gotten their sticky little hands on the first screenshots of the XBox, Microsofts console. They were grabbed from a company slideshow at Microsoft and MS themselves had this to say about it: This image was put together for the Slideshow to "represent" the Xbox, but the final Xbox design has yet to be determined.

    Final Fantasy 9 Preview - Raven @ 6:29 am PST
    In a short but sweet little article RPG Gamer has gotten together some dirt on SquareSofts soon to be released FF9. I haven't been keeping up to date with Final Fantasy 9 and the information linked to this article was pretty new to me. The sub preview/ sub goss article can be viewed over at This short article also links to more detailed articles concerning FF9, most of the information in these articles was new to me.

    Dungeon Seige Interview - Raven @ 6:29 am PST
    Adam Swenson and Chris Taylor of GPG -Gas Powered Games- are working on a great upcoming 3D Role Playing Game called Dungeon Seige. The two programmers were recently interviewed over at Gamespy. The interview talks about the pasts of these two programmers and goes back to the days when they were working on Total Annihilation. The interview also covers in detail, DS. Not a bad article, its a fairly interesting read with some nice detail. You can get it here.

    Major Glitch in Diablo II - Recoil @ 6:20 am PST
    Over at they have found a bug, where if you use the same name in your character as you did on you pre-existing Open character (offline), your open character will be deleted.
    Source: Gib Me

    SF3 Double Impact Review - Raven @ 6:19 am PST
    Capcom have yet another Street Fighter game out and about. And all Dreamcast owners will probably want to check in on this game. In a new review, Gamefan looks at Street Fighter 3 Double Impact. heres a quote:

    "O.K., you're not really getting two games in one--it's more akin to buying a game like Quake 2 that comes with additional mission packs. Street Fighter III: Double Impact contains both Street Fighter III and Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, and when you first boot up the game, you can choose which one to play. If there's one gripe about this SFIII package, it's the lack of any additional options. Oh, sure, it has the standard Training mode, a pretty neat Parrying Attack in the SF III: 2nd Impact and, of course, an Options feature with which players can tailor screen positioning and display size. But it would've been nice if Capcom had also included a Gallery, Survival, or even an Internet option. Yes, for those that were praying daily to the hard-core gaming gods, your prayers weren't answered--once again, we'll have to wait for the next batch of Capcom 2-D fighters to see if we'll have online battles. But as it is, SFIII: Double Impact's incredibly fluid 2-D animation and fun gameplay are enough incentive for any gamer."

    Looks pretty good, you can get the article here.

    Optical Mice?? - Raven @ 6:09 am PST
    Rather then trying to explain this, how about I just give you the quotes :)

    "Logitech is launching two new optical mice, bringing together advanced optical technology with the company's mouse design.

    Guerrino de Luca, Logitech's president and CEO, formally unveiled the mice at the company's Annual General Assembly, held in Lausanne on 29 June.

    Logitech MouseMan Wheel is the latest evolution in Logitech's distinctive line of sleek, contoured mice, which offer maximum comfort and control. Based on Logitech's award-winning MouseMan Wheel design, the new optical MouseMan Wheel comes in a metallic blue finish and features a translucent bottom and soft-touch sides. Its blue buttons include two standard buttons, a clickable scroll wheel/button combination and a convenient thumb button for added programmability. A blue light gently illuminates the Logitech logo. MouseMan Wheel will be available in July at a retail price of $49.95.

    Logitech Wheel Mouse, the second of the new optical products, is an ambidextrous two-button mouse with a scroll wheel which doubles as a third button. It has the same metallic blue finish and translucent bottom, with buttons that sport a brushed-steel look. It will also be available in July at a retail price of $29.95.

    Unlike mechanical mice, optical mice have no moving parts. Whereas ball-based mice rely on rollers, which turn small sensor wheels inside the mouse to provide information on the movement of the mouse, Logitech's optical mice have a sensor, which scans the desktop 1,500 times per second. This is similar to the Marble technology that Logitech has been using in its optical trackballs for the past five years.

    The new MouseMan Wheel and Wheel Mouse include Logitech's innovative WebWheel software, designed to bring one-touch Internet functionality to mouse users. In essence, WebWheel transforms the mice into "hardware portals," offering instant access to four of the most commonly used web browsing commands as well as five customizable Internet addresses, including Logitech's iTouch web site."

    This quote comes off PC Gameworld

    Mech Commander 2 Preview - Raven @ 6:06 am PST
    Don't know what MechCommander 2 will be like hey? Well lets just say that Mechcommander 2 will have the similar look down strat view of the original, with better graphics and afew other changes, heres a quote:

    "'We take feedback from our players very seriously,' says Microsoft's Mitch Gitelman. 'In MechCommander 2 we've changed things dramatically.' A quick list of the obvious changes to the game include a tutorial that introduces players to the BattleTech Universe; difficulty levels that can be changed between each mission; in-game saves; and, in response to the biggest complaint about the original, MC2 will have no black shroud/fog of war. Rather, players will now be able to see the entire map from the moment they begin a mission; however, enemy forces will only be visible when they're within range of your Mech's sensors. In addition, the design team is taking a lot of time to create and tweak the game's missions in an attempt to avoid the dreaded puzzle-type missions that frustrated players of the original."

    Gamecenter have done up a great preview on Micrsoft's, Mech Commander 2. The preview covers about 3 pages, and contains information on mechs, gameplay, interface and alot of sample screenshots. All in all this article gives Mech Commander 2 a great wrap, and reminds all those mech fans that they have another game to add to their Christmas list! You can caugh the preview here.

    Downloadable Halo Trailer - Raven @ 5:57 am PST
    Halo is one of the future highlights of Bungee Software. The game, based off its own graphics engine, is already getting alot of hype, and receiving alot of positive press. Halo is an FPS -first person shooter- game, that is expected to become one of the key games for Microsofts upcoming x-box. The E3 trailer of Halo was avaliable on the Augest addition of PC gamers, and has somehow found its way onto the internet. The trailer look great and can be downloaded here.

    Icewind Dale Impressions - Raven @ 5:47 am PST
    Icewind Dale, is the latest RPG game from Black Ilse Studios, based off its amazing Infinity graphics engine. This new addition to the Forgotten Realm universe, is receiving alot of comment from the gaming world. A number of impression articles have been done on Icewind Dale.

    IGN, have done a detailed article on Icewind Dale. The article is about 12 paragraphs long and contains screenshtos and lots of gameplay information. If anyone is interested in Icewind Dale, then this site should be the first one that you visit.

    Gamespot have also had a look at Icewind Dale. Althought Gamespots article is shorter and has less information on gameplay, it contains a phetora of Screenshots.

    Diablo 2 PVP - Raven @ 5:36 am PST
    Well as in the original Diablo, dueling and Pk'ing are prominant aspects in Diablo2. With this in mind GameHaven have done up an interesting little article reviewing player vs player in Diablo 2. The article is a little "loopy" and does have afew minor problems, but still it is very unique and worth a read if you have some free time. Diablo2 scores very well in this review, and the review comes with afew screenshots. You can get the review over at

    Deus Ex Tweaks - sim @ 2:51 am PST
    Every person's computer is different, so some games can use a lot of tweakin' to get it to run just right. Deus Ex is one of those games. So here are two guides to get your started: there's this one over at Tweak3D (very good site) and then there's this one over at Micromak's little home. It's supposed to help for Direct3D and OpenGL. Go on, take yer pick!

    Deus Ex Review - sim @ 2:43 am PST
    Damage Gaming has thrown up their own review of Deus Ex. They really liked it, giving it a perfect score of 5/5. Here's a clip:

    Considering that there are different ways to play the game, you can opt to go in with guns blazing, or you might want to sneak around. The enemy artificial intelligence is used very well in the game, and it relies on sound and sight to hunt you down. Don't try to make too much noise, and take advantage of the shadows. They might not even know you are there.

    Read the rest here.

    Vampire Reviews - sim @ 2:40 am PST
    There's a Vampire review up at Telefragged. Here's a clip:

    Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption is one of the latest pen-and-paper role-playing game series to be made into a computer game. The computer game is based on the Vampire the Masquerade pen-and-paper game from White Wolf Publishing. The computer game was made by Nihilistic Software and features Nihilistic's own NOD engine to create one of the best-looking 3D Action/RPGs out there. The game also features a new kind of multiplayer mode for people who don't play pen-and-paper RPGs called the storyteller mod and of also has a single player story that will last for hours.

    There's another review at 3D Rage. Here's another clip:

    Vampire does an excellent job of interweaving the storyline with the different quests of the game, as every quest contributes to the story driven nature of this game, but unfortunatley, Nihilistic didn't let the player have any freedom as to how or when the story would progress. Linearity in a Role Playing Game is to be expected, but not to the point where the developers are literally dragging the player by his or her loincloth towards the next destination without any exploring or sidequests to think of.

    You can also grab the dark ages demo from right here. (Thanks Stomped)

    Tribes for $7.89 - sim @ 2:36 am PST
    Just noticed over on Planet Starsiege that you can grab Tribes for the low price of $7.89 at Costco. So if you don't have it, or know somebody that doesn't... have them get it or get it for them. It makes a pretty damn cheap but really good present. Hell, even grandma will love it!

    Sunday, July 02, 2000

    British will be without their PS2s - Id @ 10:54 am PST
    Taking a new approach, Sony has decided to not release the PS2 on store shelves in the UK until next year. Feeling this move will help distribute sales more "evenly", it leaves gamers in the dust as they will only be able to get their systems in 2000 if they order directly from the retailer.
    Source: Consoledomain

    Probe Studios gone. - Id @ 10:49 am PST
    Here's the snippet from Consoledomain

    "Acclaim has shut down Probe Studios, which was responsible for Extreme G and Re-Volt. The publisher who is releasing games such as Turok 3, Fur Fighters and Dead or Alive 2 has closed the London Studio in a consolidation of development resources. The Ferrari Grand Prix team has been moved to the Knightsbridge office. The amount of people who have been laid off is unknown."

    It's quite sad to see another developer like Probe Studios gone. And really, shouldn't Acclaim be shutting themselves down as well? They aren't exactly A++ right now.

    Source: Consoledomain

    Driver 2 Preview - Id @ 10:44 am PST
    Do yourself a favor and click here to view IGN's preview on Driver 2. The game looks good so far, and it's always good to see more titles on the Playstation, even with the release of the Playstation 2 eminent.

    Gauntlet: Dark Legacy on its way to PS2 - Id @ 10:41 am PST
    The Gauntlet series is truly amazing. First with the classic Gaunlet games on the NES, then with Gauntlet Legends in the arcade and on DC/PSX/N64, this has been a series that has truly gained cult status. Though the ports for the N64 and PSX weren't exactly close to being arcade perfect (understatement), they still contribute the the Gaunlet Legacy. Well, with so many Gauntlet games come and gone, the newest one: Gauntlet: Dark Legacy is set to hit the US in the form of a PS title on October 26, 2000. The game looks great so far, and as mentioned, gamers should expect an arcade perfect port. Read more about the title at IGN.

    Squaresoft to Ban FFIX Walkthroughs - Id @ 10:33 am PST
    According the Japan's most recent Mainichi Newspaper, Squaresoft has indeed made their plans official to ban all walkthroughs and guide publications for the game Final Fantasy IX. The plan, though difficult, is part of a plan to help make the RPG more original and fun, as there won't be any FAQs or walkthroughs to spoil the game. Though this task may seem pretty much impossible, Squaresoft has already begun asking site webmasters to not publisher FAQs and walkthroughs submitted by fans. With so many Japanese fan sites out there, the real question is: can this actually be done? Though Square has made it perfectly clear that they want to ban all walkthroughs and guides, there will be one guide released eventually, published by DigiCube. The guide won't be released cocurrently with the game, but rather after gamers have "experienced" theg game long enough. Final Fantasy IX comes out in four days in Japan.
    Source: RPGamer

    The Next IGN? - Id @ 10:21 am PST
    A new site, by the name of NextBlaze is set to hit the web in the following weeks, and by the looks of it so far, it seems as though this site has potential to possibly become the next IGN, but at smaller proportions. The site, engineered by the a few guys including the now legendary HonestJon is already currently up, though incomplete. NextBlaze is still currently in it's Beta phase, and whatever has been put on the website is merely a test. I hope to secure an interview with the webmaster of NextBlaze soon. More info when it comes.

    SoF Review - Falcon @ 4:49 am PST
    Luxidion reviews a game that needs no intro, Soldier of Fotrune:

    One of my major complaints with this game is the gameplay or, to be more precise, lack of it. The missions are very repetitive and you seem to be doing the same thing over and over. There is only one set route you can take through a level which means that you can't really sneak like you can in Thief because you have to go past the enemy. It is a constant cycle of running, shooting, running, shooting until you reach the end of the level. I feel it would be better if how you tackled the level was your choice and not forced upon you by the game developers. (Editor's Note: Then again, aren't most shoot em up FPS games?)

    Zues Interview - Falcon @ 4:44 am PST
    Gamespy has conducted an interview with Alex Rodberg, producer at Impressions Games on Zeus, Master of Olympus. See some new screens and read what he has to say about the Greek mythos game here.

    GameSpy: Will any famous heroes be making cameos or appearances in the game, such as Odysseus, Hercules or Perseus? How about some of the famous monsters? (Medusa, Cerberus, Scylla)

    Alex Rodberg: Yes, all the heroes and monsters you mentioned, as well as many other favorites will make an appearance in Zeus. Some of the player's goals consist of "quests," where s/he must employ certain heroes to achieve some goal, such as retrieving the Golden Fleece, or slaying a mythical monster. Acquiring and maintaining heroes is not a trivial task, though.

    Allegiance Guide - Falcon @ 4:42 am PST
    This advanced topics guide which is a continuation of our Allegiance 101 guide will show you tips on loadout management, signature/stealth, espionage, station attacks, faction differences, tech strategy, team play, and command tips in Allegiance. You can view it at this location.

    It is possible to steal or gather enemy technology to save the cost of research. In the beginning of the game, each sector has some tech floating around. They can easily be spotted by the 'T' icon next to them. Pick it up and take it back to base. You can also gather enemy technology by picking up debris after their ship is destroyed. All you have to do is pick it up, and return to base.

    Sanity Preview - Falcon @ 4:38 am PST
    Gamesxtreme have recently posted a preview of Sanity on the PC based solely on the recently released multiplayer-only closed beta test. They have written this article to give you some idea of the game and what you can expect from the full release.

    So what can we expect from the full game? Well its appears to be getting better. The 'talent' cards have been developed in such a way that extra talents can be collected, via the Internet, and added all the time. The effects and damage will be created in real time (read no extra patches). Just imagine letting a rare attack rip which no one else will have seen. That will make them sit up in front of their monitors! Oh dear .. looks like its going to be another Pokemon trading card frenzy style affair. But the developers add that these attacks will be balanced against each other, there is not going to be a 'rocket launcher only' situation.

    Diablo2 First Impression - Falcon @ 4:33 am PST
    The latest one being from RPGvault. You an view it here

    Interviews now up - shiva @ 3:13 am PST
    More computer stuff has been added from the old site, as the interviews are now back up. We have just a few up, but this is a good place to find out more about the people behind your favorite games. You can view our newly re-done Interview Section right here.

    Saturday, July 01, 2000

    Netcode Rebuttal - shiva @ 7:05 pm PST
    GameSurge is pleased to announce that our Netcode article, which caused a bit of commotion among the Half-Life community, now has a rebuttal up on the site. This editorial, written by Mannon, a viewer submission to this site, details a point by point counter-argument in answer to the previous editorial. Extremely well written, and making some very good points, this is a must read for all Half-Life fans, and anyone else who plays multi-player games on the internet.

    Here is a bit from the rebuttal:

    "So what IS Lag Compensation? Is it client side hit prediction? No, it isn't. In fact if it were then at any point when you fired at a player if your crosshairs were aimed at the player model you would get a hit whether you were an LPB (Low Ping Bastard) or an HPB (High Ping Bastard). I'm not saying it would be a good thing, (it wouldn't), but it would have different effects than are described in the article. Lag Compensation is actually very simple. The server monitors the latency of each player's connection. When a player pulls the trigger the server gets the packet a few moments later. This used to mean that by the time your packet got to the server a moving target would no longer be where you were aiming, thus you registered a miss. Now, however the server keeps track of your latency and then checks to see what targets would have been hit at the time you actually fired the weapon."
    You can view the orginal Netcode article here, and then read the rebuttal here.

    Diablo II has a new official site. - Thundra @ 10:37 am PST
    Amazon Logo.Check the new Diablo II site! It's awsome. You have lots of goodies: trailers, wallpapers, Gameplay Previews, sound and music! There are some links as well, including for the latest patch.

    "Since the Beginning of Time the forces of Order and Chaos have been engaged in an eternal struggle to decide the fate of all Creation. That struggle has now come to the Mortal Realm... And neither Man, Demon, nor Angel will be left unscathed..."

    And also, complete info on the characters, Amazon, Paladin, Sorceress, Barbarian and Necromancer, all the five that are in the game. It's very interesting because, as you know at the beginning Blizzard was planning to have only one character, and many issues point to that. You can check some of that issues in an editorial by Raven called Diablo Revealed.

    "Only you will be able to determine the outcome of this final encounter..."

    First Impressions: Diablo II - Thundra @ 4:32 am PST
    The game looks awsome, but well it isn't perfect, they say. Here's a small bit of the article:

    "The first thing you'll see is the opening cinematic and wow, those guys are really damn good. I mean really damn good. The movies are absolutely gorgeous are almost worth buying the game to see. But that's not really why the first Diablo developed that ravenous crowd of Diablites. The reason has a lot to do with the gameplay and visual style.

    Right after we got our copies in yesterday, all of us popped in the CDs and immediately jumped into a little multiplayer game. And we all had a lot of fun for the time we played. There was a lot of running around whacking things in different ways with loads of different weapons and items.

    The game isn't without problems though. There is already a patch out for the game, which makes me think that there are probably going to be a lot to come in the future. There have also been some reports of problems with the patch as well. Apparently if you didn't remove all of the beta files (if you were in the beta), then downloading and installing the patch will erase any single player games that you may have saved."

    Check the entire story, here.

    Computer Reviews Section Complete - shiva @ 3:02 am PST
    GameSurge is pleased to announce the Computer Reviews Section is now fully up. With the merger of GameSurge and Ancient Nation, the reviews have doubled in size. The section now contains over 35 game reviews, in a completely overhauled layout and design. Also, the reviews mainpage contains a listing of the images used for each of the reviews in our Gallery format. Come check out some of the most honest reviews on the net today, written by GameSurge staff members and by our viewers.

    We at GameSurge are always interested in new reviews or previews. If you wish to submit your own review, you can contact us directly at our email address,

    Because of the huge amount of work in converting all the HTML from 2 sites into this one site, it's taking some time. As we work on each section, we are also redoing the main pages, and re-linking up all the pages as well. At the moment, we are working on the computer section, with the next section to be placed up are our interviews section. We thank everyone for their patience while we struggle with this monumental task of merging to sites, both over 200 megs each, into one site.

    New Editorial - shiva @ 12:13 am PST
    GameSpy released a new program called GameSpy arcade earlier this week, and we have a Editorial/review of the program now up. Find out what we truly think of this new program that combines previous GameSpy programs into one. Here's a small bit from the article:

    "No matter what you do, getting your game on is rather simple. But, that seems to come at a price. Those gamers used to GameSpy3D may find the program a little to user friendly. As GameSpy Arcade is sort of like a "dumbed down" version of GameSpy3D, not every piece of information can be found out about the server and you can't filter everything out. So if you're more of a hardcore gamer and know what you're looking for, you'll probably end up sticking with GameSpy3D."
    You can find this article listed in our Editorial Section, or by directly going right here.

    " "

    To Reviews Mainpage
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