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    Archive for August, 1999

    Tuesday, August 31, 1999

    Scunion Is Alive And Looking For Staff!!! - Shadow @ 10:29 pm PST
    Hey everyone I am the new webmaster at Scunion and I am looking for some staff to come work for me. I am looking for a programmer, cgi editor, html editor, graphics editor, file tester, editorial people, and a couple other jobs. So if you are interested in getting a job at Scunion head on over there by clicking here or if you want the web address it's Well gotta go have fun!!

    StarCraft Brainteaser - DeaTH~LiZarD @ 8:52 pm PST
    You guys like brain teasers? I got a good one for you guys, check out Infoceptor, I posted it there. I'll put up the answer to it once I get a minimum of 20 emails with guesses, so hurry!

    Diablo 2 Screenshot of the Week - Hybrid @ 3:38 pm PST
    Blizzard has released the Diablo 2 Screenshot of the week.

    New Heavy Metal: FAKK2 Screenshots - Hybrid @ 3:07 pm PST
    Ritual Entertainment has sent some cool screenshots of its new game, Heavy Metal: FAKK2. Take a look here.

    Nascar 3 Screenshots - Hybrid @ 3:00 pm PST
    Ga-Sports has released new Nascar 3 screenshots here.

    New Disfigured Screens! - Hybrid @ 2:57 pm PST
    Xyla has released 14 new Disfigured screenshots here.

    TFC Guide - Cerberus @ 2:35 pm PST
    Speaking of TFC, I saw over at Planet Fortress that theres this new TFC Guide called Molloy's TFC Guide. Now, don't get me wrong, but this has to be the biggest TFC guide I have ever seen. It's got everything you could know about TFC!

    Too many Mahjongg games! - Hybrid @ 2:32 pm PST
    Activision has announced that Shanghai: Second Dynasty is set for release in November. The title is a compilation of six uninteresting Mahjongg games.
    Source: Games Domain

    2 New TFC Strategies! - Cerberus @ 2:31 pm PST
    GS has been updated with 2 new TFC strategies, one on Sentrys, and one on Grenade Jumping. The first one is a Basic Strategy and the second one is a Advanced Straegy.

    Homeworld seems to be the next Starcraft - Hybrid @ 2:29 pm PST
    Havas Interactive's Homeworld has been delayed again. Homeworld, which was set for release August 27th, has been re-scheduled for October. Sounds like the constant delays that we went throught with Starcraft:)
    Source: Games Domain

    10six? - Hybrid @ 2:25 pm PST
    Apparently, Segasoft is making a game called 10six. They have released some screenshots of it here.
    Source:†Voodoo Extreme

    Disciples: Sacred Lands Goes Gold! - Hybrid @ 2:15 pm PST
    Strategy First Inc. announced that its newest strategy game, Disciples: Sacred Lands has been released!

    Yet another new game.. - Hybrid @ 2:13 pm PST
    Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. has announced that its third-person 3D action/adventure game Shadow Man has been released!

    All good things must come to an end..... - Hybrid @ 2:03 pm PST
    PC Data has released their latest top 10 list of best selling games for the last week. Starcraft is no longer #1! It has been dethroned by Rainbow 6: Gold Edition and Rollercoaster Tycoon.

    September Games - Cerberus @ 1:37 pm PST
    IGN also has a nice list of games coming out this September, over here.. According to it, Unreal Tournament comes out about 2 weeks before Homeworld, so I'm gonna get UT before Homeworld.. which means I'll probably be too addicted to UT to get Homeworld :).

    BTW, it seems all our news from before Monday has been deleted, but we're working on getting it back...

    SC Comic - Hybrid @ 12:37 pm PST
    Elcazador of Starcraft Infinity has released a Starcraft Comic. Go check it out!
    Source: Starcraft Infoceptor

    B.Net Rant - Falcon @ 5:13 am PST
    While reading through the B.Net forums I noticed a rant someone wrote on whether there really is imbalance in BW or whether it is merely an excuse for your lack of skill.
    Even though I'd never play the game to such an extent this may be useful for those who are seeking to become more competitive at the game.
    -The Post

    Drakan Review - Falcon @ 4:28 am PST
    Gamespot has done a review on Drakan, a 3D action game.

    Drakan is clearly one of the better games in its class, even if it doesn't seem especially original.
    Every self-respecting fantasy game has dragons, and nine times out of ten it's your job to slay the evil things. But Drakan: Order of the Flame is one of those rarer occasions when the dragon actually does your bidding. Drakan first comes across as a third-person action game like any other in the quickly burgeoning genre, but you'll know this game is onto something early on, when lanky redheaded heroine Rynn releases the kindly old dragon Arokh and takes to the skies on his back. Add great graphics, mean monsters, deadly traps, and huge areas to explore both from the sky and on foot, and you'll see that Drakan is clearly one of the better games in its class, even if it doesn't seem especially original. After all, Rynn's just a medieval Lara Croft riding on your average dragon. You won't remember Drakan for its characters, but you'll have fun playing it.

    Interview with Mark Terrano - Falcon @ 4:01 am PST
    GameStats has managed to pull of a quick interview with Mark Terrano, the lead designer for Age of Empires II: Age of Kings. You can see the intro here, or skip straight to the interview here.

    TS Sucks - Falcon @ 3:56 am PST
    ...according to GameWire. Their review states that the game is pretty much C&C Gold with a couple of improvements here and there.
    In short, the AI is extremely bad in the early missions, the unit control is shoddy, the gameplay is pretty much the same as C&C, and the multiplayer AI is way too powerful.
    You can read the whole review yourself here

    Darkstone Review - Falcon @ 3:47 am PST
    Thresh's Firing Squad has a review of Darkstone out, here is a small excerp:

    For those of you who loved Diablo and want more, but can't wait for Revenant (err, or Diablo II), those insidious Frenchies over at Delphine Software have got a game for you. Darkstone, a "Diablo-style action rpg," has all the elements of gameplay that made Diablo such a success, and a bunch of new niceties as well. It's entering into a dangerous realm, though, with two more similar games about to enter its market. How does Darkstone stack up to what we know about its competitors-to-be? Read on to find out. Or don't. See if I care. I don't need you guys. I can make it on my own. I'll just become . . . a caveman. Yeah! A caveman.

    Silver Preview @ TAV - Falcon @ 3:40 am PST
    The Adrenaline Vault has written a preview on Infogrames' upcoming console-style RPG game, Silver. The game is scheduled to release in September of 1999. Here's an excerpt:

    Who could have predicted a schism in the computer role-playing (CRPG) world? Not I. Back in the days of the early Ultima and Wizardry games, it was all about building a character from scratch, choosing class and persona according to the playerís whim, and taking that avatar and his or her party through a traditional fantasy adventure. Then came Diablo, and things changed. Inspired by the success of console RPGs like the Final Fantasy series, Blizzardís smash hit blended the traditional character development and statistics tracking of the CRPG genre with linear elements more often associated with adventure games. Just for kicks, they cranked up the hack-and-slash portion of gameplay by making attacking and defending -- usually carried out in a turn-based fashion in conventional CRPGs -- a real-time affair dependent on fast mouse-clicking. The end result was an unqualified commercial and critical success, a fact that many believed illustrated the readiness of the PC market for a little something different. The popularity of Final Fantasy VII only served to illustrate this point. Sure, the conventional CRPG is still a major force in the industry but thereís no doubt that the face of the category has changed.

    You can read the rest here or view the screenshots here.

    TS Release - Falcon @ 3:29 am PST
    Here is a news report from the GDI official TS site:

    Independent defense contractor WESTWOOD STUDIOS announced today that it has finally released it's TIBERIAN SUN software to the world. The newest release of their battle command software allows commanders to take control of troops, resources, and tactics from their desktop computers in an effort to save earth from the ravages of Tiberium. The software was originally thought to have the sole support of GDI, however an unnamed source from Westwood has pointed out that their biggest release ever allows commanders to choose between either the GDI or NOD.
    "We have no intention of forcing people to choose one side over another" says the source. "After reading the news reports and reviewing the resources of both sides, we think that both GDI and NOD are equally matched. It is up to the people to make the final decision who will prevail."

    Meanwhile, both GDI and NOD public relations officials are claiming victory. GDI officials predict a quick end to the fighting is imminent. However, unconfirmed NOD reports are already surfacing that indicate a sudden rise in NOD activity and an influx of new combat-ready NOD commanders.

    Individuals who wish to sign up with GDI are urged to purchase the TIBERIAN SUN software as soon as possible, as help is desperately needed to put an end to the NOD terrorism that has ravaged our planet for so long. Even if you do not purchase TIBERIAN SUN, you are required by GDI code 9228-29 to inform your regional GDI bureau of public affairs if you suspect someone else is using the TIBERIAN SUN software for NOD purposes.

    An interesting way to announce that the product is now available for sale.

    Source: TS:Center

    Monday, August 30, 1999

    News? - Falcon @ 3:46 am PST
    For some reason our news file seemes to have totally reset itself. Also it had previously been piling itself up in the one file for a while rather than archiving. We are working to find what caused the problem now and should hopefully have it fixed soon.

    Tiberian Sun Screen Resolution? - Falcon @ 3:22 am PST
    Apparently you can edit the resolution that TS runs in by either editing the Sun.ini file on these lines:

    various other resolutions available include:
    640 x 400, 640 x 480, 800 x 600, 960 x 720, 1024 x 768
    1152 x 864, 1280 x 960, 1280 x 1024, 1600 x 1024, and 1600 x 1200

    Alternatively you can download a program here that changes the res. for you without the hassle to edit the files manually.
    Source:†TS: Nation

    Starcraft Community News - Falcon @ 3:18 am PST
    Strategy Gaming Online has posted a new Terran Strategy Guide for Starcraft/Broodwar.

    Raven-Beyond is a new starcraft site which has a nice use of html/js and lots of Starcraft content, including tourneys.

    I Can't Win has a new battle report of a 4v4 SC Team Fortress game, which uses animated gifs instead of the regular screenshots. Take a look here

    C&C2 Reviews - Falcon @ 2:35 am PST
    The 'net has been overflowing with these in the last few days, here is a list of just some of them:

  • Next Generation posted a review but didn't give a rating for the game. Quote: "For all the hype that has surrounded the title, itís a little sad that there wasnít anything more revolutionary in the game but there are times when just making a good game better is more than enough. " The article.
  • JConquer from NGNetwork wrote a little editorial on what he thought of TS after playing it for a few minutes. He didn't like it much. The article.
  • PC Game World reviewed the game and game it 95 percent. Quote: "So, yes, Tiberian Sun does live up to the hype. It's not the best game I ever played, but I personally think it builds upon the original's success, and eclipses it in scope and gameplay. " The article.
  • Gamerscorp gave the game a 93 percent. I don't think the reviewer used a spellchecker. He didn't seem like he totally knew what he was talking about. Quote: "This game is a breath of fresh air in the soup bowl that was the Summer PC gaming fest." The article.
  • RTS Empire gave the game a 9 out of 10. The review isn't very long. Quote: "This game while may not be revolutionary is still going to make it to the top of the charts in no time. This game has lived up to most of the hype. " The article.
  • Gamewire game the game a 7.25 out of 10. They had about 4 screenshots on each of the 12 pages of the review, and they commented on all the units and buildings in the game. Some of the descriptions were wrong, though. Quote: "They could have made this game an add-on for Command and Conquer, instead of making a whole new game out of it, the differences are negligible." The article.

    Taken directly from Rising Sun Network

    Rogue Spear Intro Mp3 - Falcon @ 2:29 am PST
    Venom 4911 has converted the Rogue Spear Intro Video to a 2MB mp3 music file, so those of you who cannot or don't want to download the video can listen to the soundtrack for it.
    Download it here

    Starcraft Strategy - Falcon @ 2:25 am PST
    Our affiliates, SC:N have updated their strategy section with a Mass Dragoon Build Order
    This includes a quick build order and Strategy.

    C&C2 Review - Falcon @ 2:20 am PST
    ComChip has released a fairly detailed review on Tiberian Sun. This covers the graphics, music & sound, gameplay, multiplayer and conclusion, and also plenty of screenshots. Here is a small preview:

    From the start of the installation, I was impressed with this game. Unlike most games these days that uses the generic installation procedure, Westwood has chose to write its own. What results is a better looking installation process and actual music playing while files are being copied to your hard drive.

    One note on the installation procedure is that you will have to reinstall the whole game if you want to add a component. For example, at first, I didn't install the Westwood Internet Sharing, as I thought that it was only for the auto update procedure, but then I found out that you need that in order to play on the internet via their server. At this time I tried to install just the internet sharing component, but obviously it is not really possible, so I had to reinstall the whole game all over again. The process didn't take very long, but still it could've been better.

    View it here

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