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    Archive for April, 2000

    Sunday, April 30, 2000
    Got News? Comments? Send it in! Help/Info/Contacts | Forum
    Can't find what you're looking for? Send a request!

    Old Man Murray StC - sim @ 7:37 pm PST
    Old Man Murray has a new feature, which blows away all the old ways of reviewing games. From now on, games shall be rated on the time it takes to reach a crate in the game. Here's a snippet:

    Games can be rated and compared based on the shortest amount of time it takes a player to reach the first crate, which represents the point where the developers ran out of ideas. This number is measured in seconds and is called "Start to Crate" or "StC". The smaller the StC, the worse the game.

    To test our theory, we installed and played the twenty-six games we had within easy reach of where we were sitting. To our scientific delight, all exhibited crates within the first one hundred and twenty seconds of play. Please note that by crates, we mean both crates proper and the circular crate, the barrel.

    Read the rest of the article here.

    Tribes 2 Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:21 pm PST has just posted a new review, with Dynamix, regarding Tribes 2 of course. Go check it out here. Dig the clippage:
    When Dynamix released Starsiege: Tribes over a year ago they had no idea how successful the game would become. In North America it rapidly took over many of the online games servers and very quickly an RPG (Role Playing Game) element formed on the bulletin boards and in the community. Due to some arcane publishing constraints the game was not actually released (officially) in Europe for up to nine months later, although warez versions of the game had filtered through in large quantities well in advance of this. Pretty soon a vibrant Tribes community was growing up around this unique squad based multiplayer online game and then the scripts and mod explosion happened. The rest is online history and today we are months away from the sequel to this phenomenon.

    We took this opportunity to carry out an in-depth and comprehensive interview with the main movers and shakers at Dynamix as they gear up for the release of Tribes 2. Far too often we have seen the same Q & A style sessions and responses in the past so we decided to take a more interesting avenue. With the full approval of the Dynamix development team we constructed a narrative approach to this interview to give you a unique perspective on the team, their objectives and working methodologies and the game under development. What you are about to read is an edited version of the questions that we posed and the answers that we received from the many contributors to this piece. Here is the first part in our series of four publications from this exclusive event.

    FireArms mod release - sim @ 6:51 pm PST
    The FireArms mod team has released the first playable version of their game. Here's the info:
    Firearms is a realistic modification of Half-Life. It adds a wide range of new features and gameplay modes. As well as containing 27 new realistic weapons, it features a strong new code as well as some of the best graphics and animation yet to be seen.
    Firearms features:

    - new flexible class system
    - new mapping entities
    - new teamplay rules
    - new textures
    - new sounds
    - parachuting
    - new skins
    - new models
    - new graphics
    - new weapons
    - new animation's
    - lots of new levels
    - new player models
    - new gameplay rules
    - twenty seven new weapons

    Firearms is featuring multiplayer only. In Firearms multiplayer you play in teams or rather armed forces. It is your job and duty to eliminate the opposing force and work like a real team. In Firearms you pick the weapons you wish. Before you enter combat, you will have the choice of choosing your own specific arsenal of items and weapons.

    It is required by your leaders that you do wear kevlar armor in order to minimizes the loss of man power. So gear up soldier, get ready for a total new experience in combat simulation. Get ready for Firearms.

    It is planned that we will continue to support the modification with new releases. We will optimize our models, maps, skins and animation, whatever may be needed. As it was planned, we originally wanted to have singleplay in Firearms. But due to lack of progress and interest, it has been put on hold.

    I played a little, but in my opinion, it sucks compared to the almighty Counter Strike. The lag was terrible first of all, the maps didn't present half as much theme and immersion as the ones in Counter Strike, and it was pretty much the same gameplay. But they do have a lot of cool weapons and a sweet machine guns akimbo that looks and feels awesome.

    My advice: Stick to Counter Strike.

    TF2 Preview - sim @ 6:25 pm PST
    Looks like In the Trenches has posted a pretty big TF2 preview. Here's a snippit:
    Finally, the campaigns. These maps will be the best part of the game. They are made out of series of maps that can be played in about an hour. They put teams on opposite sides of a huge conflict. A prime example would be Omaha Beach scenario. A team invades a safety zone in enemy territory; the defenders (other team) must keep the enemy team at bay to gain points. The offensive must get men to a safety zone and destroy bunkers. In the map after that, the invaders must destroy bridges, railroads and power lines that the defenders must protect. In the final map, both sides have switched; the invaders have taken a village and are protecting a bridge. They are given around a minute to position themselves. There no chokepoints, the two sides will engage in a battle, and the inevitable showdown at the bridge that the defenders are trying to protect.
    I'm not sure what it's like to be 'in the trenches', but I know for sure that you can't write very many sentences with good grammar. Here's an example from the same review:
    Spy: a fast class. They still have the ability to change disguises like in TFC, I am not sure however, but in TF2 it may require you (when a spy) to steal the uniforms from dead corpses instead of having all of them like TFC. This class requires a lot of patience and stealth. They are able to intercept voice messages when he close to enemy troops and tell his/her team about their messages if it could possible be a plan.
    Hey, I get the gist of it... but c'mon, get a grammar checker or something. Spelling is one thing, but plain old elementary school grammar isn't that hard. Sorry for ragging on ya In the Trenches!

    TFC Patch Info. - sim @ 6:05 pm PST
    Hey, in my first news post at Game Surge, I've got a little tidbit from the June 2000 issue of PC Gamer. They have some news about the patch for Half-Life that will update TFC to 1.5 in about a month or so. Here's the info:
  • New TFC maps: Warpath, Epicenter, and Dustbowl
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Team Fortress 2 netcode
  • New internet control system called VGUI
  • Worldcraft 3.3 (The popular map designer)
  • HL SDK 2.0 (Software Developers Kit)
  • They also noted that Dustbowl is an original map where the scenario is as follows:
    "In it, one team must carry their flag into the other team's base within a certain time limit, while the other team defends. Somewhat similar to Hunted, the clock carries over to the next bout"

    Starlancer Cheats - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:26 pm PST has just slapped up some cheats for Starlancer, Digital Anvil's recently released space combat game. So all you cheaters (j/k) check them out right here.

    CPU Prices - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:19 pm PST
    Good old Sharky has come through with his weekly update to his CPU price guide list. So, umm, go check it out right here.

    My god, my P3-667 is down to only $265! Thats like 500 under what i paid just 2 1/2 months ago! This is so not cool.

    New Q3A Classic CTF - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:11 pm PST
    3DFiles has just kicked up a new version of Classic CTF for Q3A. You can grab this puppy right here. Basicly, Classic CTF brings back da OldSkool CTF game.

    On SoF Patch - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:06 pm PST
    Rick Johnson from Raven has just slapped up a post on the SoF Message Boards, with a little something something on the upcoming SoF 1.05 patch. Check it out right here. Here's a piece of the action:
    I will be taking next week off, but I will be bringing my work computer home and tinkering around with stuff.
    I've added the "pure" server option to the menus, just need to tie it all together.
    PocketSoft (the makers of RTPatch) have all of my assets and will hopefully be finding the patch bug that was crashing on Win98.
    A CTF scoring issue has been addressed
    I will have some one from Aureal look into the A3D issues. If people could email me with the specifics of their system / A3D sound cards where SoF doesn't detect it, that would help.

    New FightClub - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:54 pm PST
    Yep, a new versionof FightlClub, the popular Q3A configuration utility, has just been released. The new version, which comes in at v3.16, can be download right here. Heres the new stuff:
  • New TGA converter so model previews are extracted a bit faster
  • Fixed a few broken dialog boxes
  • Added keyboard reset function on the options dialog
  • Fixed bug with double bots on a listen server

  • Q3A to Dreamsast Article - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:46 pm PST
    Hey, sorry for the lack of updates lately but i have been hit hard by school work. Consider me back, and ready to rock!

    Ok, to start off, Check-Out games has just kicked up an article, regarding the porting of id softwares Quake 3 Arena to the Dreamcast console. Check out this puppy right here. Clippage for your viewing pleasure:

    Thankfully, fans of the PC version of Quake III Arena will find much of the same great graphics and gameplay with the Dreamcast version. Sega's new console shows some considerable power under the hood, and Q3A's engine should be able to move in fairly easily.

    "The Sega Dreamcast is an incredibly powerful game system which makes it a perfect choice for the first console version of Quake III Arena," Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software, said in the official press release. "The impressive graphics of the Dreamcast, and especially its network capabilities, will really shine with Quake III Arena and help us extend the PC phenomenon to the Dreamcast market."

    Saturday, April 29, 2000
    Got News? Comments? Send it in! Help/Info/Contacts | Forum
    Can't find what you're looking for? Send a request!

    Starlancer Review - Falcon @ 8:44 pm PST
    Actiontrip have cooked up a review of Starlancer which can be viewed here:

    Starlancer is not a ground breaking project. It's not the next big thing in space-sims, but boy --- does it ever have an outstanding atmosphere and mission design. Chris and Erin Roberts have a great reputation for making atmospheric titles, and flying as a member of the 45th volunteers certainly doesn't break that tradition.

    Arcanum Preview, Pantheon Interview - Falcon @ 8:12 pm PST
    Gamespy goes behind the scenes in Hollywood with a look at Troika's upcoming fantasy-meets-steampunk RPG, Arcanum. Is it all smoke and mirrors or a class act? Check it out here.

    They also get an interview with designer Bill Spieth, who is working on Frog City's newest game, Pantheon. It's at this location.

    Red Alert 2 Announced - Falcon @ 8:11 pm PST
    Well if you havent already heard it Westwood Studios today officially announced Command & Conquer Red Alert
    2, the sequel to the award-winning real-time strategy game Command & Conquer Red Alert.
    Here is the official Press release:

    LAS VEGAS, April 28, 2000 - Wielding strange new technologies and hungering for revenge, the Soviet Empire invades America. New York City and Washington
    are overwhelmed. Allied forces, unprepared for the surprise attack, are decimated. Will freedom be crushed under the heels of Communist aggression?

    Gamers around the world will decide this fall with the release of Command & Conquer(tm) Red Alert(tm)2, the sequel to the three-million-selling, award-winning real-time strategy game Command & Conquer Red Alert.

    Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:ERTS) and Westwood Studios announced Red Alert 2 yesterday at a press event in San Francisco. Red Alert 2 will be available for Windows® 95 and 98.

    Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 brings players back to the alternate universe of Red Alert with an onslaught of new units, tactics and strategies. As in the original, gamers can choose to lead Soviet or Allied forces. Soviet commanders will invade North America and try to claim it for mother Russia. Allied commanders will fight to push back the invaders and save liberty.

    Both sides are well-armed with conventional weapons and experimental technology. The Soviets can engage in psychic warfare, wield nuclear weapons and fry all they survey with Tesla technology. Allied forces can teleport with chrono technology, conduct covert operations with the help of gap generators, and rain down lightening bolts through weather control. Supporting these high-powered, advanced weapons are massive conventional forces, including armies, air power and navies.

    The war rages across recognizable American cities, including Washington, D.C., Chicago, New York City, the Florida Keys, Pearl Harbor, even Texas. The war will then spread to Mexico, Germany, France and, of course, Siberia.

    Says Executive Producer Mark Skaggs: "Red Alert 2, like the original, will be fast, furious and full of attitude - all without sacrificing deep, strategic gameplay. We want gamers to be constantly amazed at some of the wild weapons and tactics they can use."

    Red Alert 2 will feature enhanced Local Area Network and Internet play. Players can engage in fierce combat over a LAN and battle via the Internet and Westwood Online. A built-in worldwide ranking system allows players to track their victories and defeats against other Internet gamers. The Worldwide Domination mode let's players compete in an ongoing war for global control.

    ST: Armada Review - Falcon @ 8:08 pm PST
    Speedy 3D has just kicked up a review of Star Trek: Armada, the real-time 3d C&C style star trek strategy game. Here's a quote from the review:
    Have you ever wanted to leap behind the controls of the 'USS Defiant' or steer Captain Pikcard into a quantum flux singularity, even if just to put a stop to his annoying babbling and fancy for opera music? Well us too and lets face it, the only reason most people even watch the show is to see which poor alien species is going to get it this time. Not many of us really care if Worf ever becomes a warrior or Data decides to run amok and do the dirty thing with counselor Troy (ok we might watch the last one).

    Allegiance Review - Falcon @ 8:06 pm PST
    Damage Gaming has just posted their review of Microsoft's Allegiance, the killer online strategy/real-time combat space game which has been
    eating up too much time lately.

    Noble Armada Interview - Falcon @ 8:05 pm PST
    With the question of Noble Armada's development team still up in the air, GA-Strategy goes in-depth with Holistic Design Director, Andrew Greenberg, to
    find out more about this real-time space strategy - includes 10 new screenshots. More Here:

    Friday, April 28, 2000
    Got News? Comments? Send it in! Help/Info/Contacts | Forum
    Can't find what you're looking for? Send a request!

    Tribes Patch - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:11 pm PST
    Ok, heres a quick and juicey one. Dynamix has just tossed up a new patch for Starsiege Tribes, bringing the game up to v1.11. The patch should fix some bad cheating porblems and other good stuff. You can grab it off of Planet Starsiege.

    Carmack on Colors - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:08 pm PST
    id's big man himself, John Carmack has just kicked up one mother of an update to his .plan, concerning pretty colors and 3d accelerators. Here's a little lovin:
    We need more bits per color component in our 3D accelerators.

    I have been pushing for a couple more bits of range for several years now, but I now extend that to wanting full 16 bit floating point colors throughout the graphics pipeline. A sign bit, ten bits of mantissa, and five bits of exponent (possibly trading a bit or two between the mantissa and exponent). Even that isn't all you could want, but it is the rational step.

    It is turning out that I need a destination alpha channel for a lot of the new rendering algorithms, so intermediate solutions like 10/12/10 RGB formats aren't a good idea. Higher internal precision with dithering to 32 bit pixels would have some benefit, but dithered intermediate results can easily start piling up the errors when passed over many times, as we have seen with 5/6/5 rendering.

    Eight bits of precision isn't enough even for full range static image display. Images with a wide range usually come out fine, but restricted range images can easily show banding on a 24-bit display. Digital television specifies 10 bits of precision, and many printing operations are performed with 12 bits of precision.

    SoF Guide - MagicBoy @ 8:39 pm PST
    Also at Gamespot, a new game guide for Raven Soft's recently released, Soldier of Fortune.

    Additional Warcraft III Info - MagicBoy @ 8:36 pm PST
    Gamespot has posted three days worth of information on Blizzard's upcoming RTS/RPG, Warcraft III. Today, they focus on the armies of the undead. Here's Day 1 and Day 2 in case you missed 'em.

    Tiberian Sun Firestorm Review - MagicBoy @ 8:23 pm PST
    Firestorm, the expansion pack for C&C: Tiberian Sun, has been reviewed over at Strategy Gaming Online with an overall score of 8/10. Here's more:

    What would new missions be without a few extra pieces of artillery? Boring, that’s what. But before I go into detail on the new units, let me first state that I simply refuse to get into a debate about the balancing of the units. I really could care less if the NOD has more defensive weapons, or vice versa. This is the stuff that never gets solved in online forums, where obsessive players that cannot spell go to scream the likes of, “Yeah, well yu just think the NOD sucks because you sck!” Blech…just enjoy the game. If a side has limitations you work around it. That said, the GDI has a new long-range mech called the Juggernaut, which packs a whole lot of whoop ass in its six artillery guns. Just be sure to protect it—it can’t stand too much heat. There is also a Drop Pod control plug for the GDI command center, which lets you shuttle troops directly to the battlefield. The NOD have a new cyber-spider type thing called the Reaper that packs anti-air missiles and a net gun that can stop infantry in its tracks. Its quite enjoyable to watch the captured troops squirming around. They can also make use of a new Mobile Stealth Generator, which allows them to cloak on the go. Both sides have the benefits of a mobile barracks and limpet drones, robots that attach to passing vehicles and allows you to spy on the opponent’s base, as well as a few upgrades to existing units that increase their power a bit.

    Deus Ex Screenshots - MagicBoy @ 8:17 pm PST
    Incite has put up a few new screenshots of Deus Ex, the soon to be released Game of the Year.

    Anachronox Interview - MagicBoy @ 8:14 pm PST
    RPGVault has posted an interview with Tom Hall, lead man at ION Storm Dallas, developers of the eagerly anticipated sci-fi RPG, Anachronox. Seconds?

    Tom Hall: Anachronox is a 3D, third-person, sci-fi role-playing game. You start as Sly Boots, a down-on-his-luck space detective, and are joined by other characters as a small protection job turns into a huge mystery of who is trying to crush our universe, and why.

    Gameplay would be similar to a 3D Final Fantasy VII or Chrono Trigger - more the latter, as the fights all happen in the context of the current situation (no "battle rooms"). Battles also let you manipulate the surroundings as well as your weapons. You can shoot a sign and have it fall on monsters. Or shoot a creature standing in water with an electrical attack to harm multiple creatures. Cinematics are all in-engine and really top-notch. The non-player characters in the game are all fun to talk to. So, you talk, you fight, you have fun in little minigames - from a weird checkers to flying a shuttle to strange puzzles.

    I'm inspired by movies, novels, games. The more media you expose yourself to, the more metaphors you can apply to the gaming experience. In movies, some inspirational people are Spielberg, Hitchcock, George Roy Hill, Rob Reiner, and now Sam Mendes. Also a big fan of Chuck Jones, who directed Warner Brothers cartoons. Novels: Gateway, Ender's Game, Snow Crash, Hitchhiker's, so many more. Games: Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, LucasArts adventures (Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer rock), Ape Escape (buy it now), Mario, Ultima III, Wizardry I, oh, I'm sure I'm forgetting some!

    New Kali - MaD-HaTTeR @ 3:24 pm PST
    Well if your a Kali user (but why?), there is some good news today, as Kali has come out of beta. Kali is fully up to version 2.0. You can grab the full version right here. Check out more info and the patches to upgrade from older versions of kali right here. Here's whats new:
  • Added support for: Seven Kingdoms 2, TZAR, Les Fourmis, Whiplash, Nox, RollcageStage2, Star Trek - Armada, Startup, WallStreet Trader 98, Rogue Spear: Urban Operations, ZDoom, Daikatana.
  • Added an "away" column to show if users are away in chat. You can also view a users /away message by selecting "Information" on that user.
  • Added a private message user list, so if you have /private messages disabled the users in your list can still /msg you.
  • Added Multi-Select support to the Chat Players List and the Internet Game Servers List.
  • Added a Color Variance slider to the Display Settings tab. The slider controls how close a chat color has to be to the background color before Kali will map it to a more visible color.
  • Added Bitflag support for Internet Game Server filters.
  • Fixed the launching of Dungeon Keeper II.
  • Fixed some problems with IPX game support under Win2k.
  • Fixed Ping times under Win2k and WinNT. Times are no longer fixed to 10ms granularity.
  • Fixed a large GDI resource leak. This was causing several display glitches like unable to see text in chat, disappearing password icons, and text disapearing from the input line during a word wrap.
  • New Classic CTF for HL - MaD-HaTTeR @ 3:17 pm PST
    Beta 2 of the Half-Life mod, Classic CTF has just arrived. You can grab it off of FilePlanet right here. Some of the new features include:
  • Action Halflife style realism mode
  • Clan modes
  • Ghost codes
  • New Weapons
  • Improved more stable code
  • Quake style weapon switching (optional)
  • Bots ( Depending on the state of the AI )
  • Q3A Coding Tutorial - MaD-HaTTeR @ 3:11 pm PST
    Q3Seek has just kicked up a new tutorial for all of you wana be q3a mod makers. The new tutorial is entitled "The playerState Structure." Anyone interested can check it out right here.

    Diablo 2 Open Beta! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 1:15 pm PST
    Thats right, if you didnt get into the first closed beta, heres a tad of good news. The time is here, the time for the public beta signups. On monday, you will be able to sign up to be one of the 100,000 lucky people who will be selected to do a Diablo 2 stress test on Blizzard's servers. Check out all the info on the Blizz page. Here's some snippage:
    IRVINE, Calif. - April 28, 2000 - Blizzard today announced plans for Diablo™ II's® stress test -- the final phase of Diablo II beta testing and the company's largest public beta test to date. Starting Monday morning, hardcore gamers around the world will have the opportunity to register for their chance to be one of up to 100,000 players to be chosen to help stress test servers prior to the launch of Diablo II. The beta signup is scheduled for a seven-day period exclusively on ZDNet's (NYSE:ZDZ) GameSpot ( beginning on Monday, May 1 at 10:00 a.m. PT and ending Sunday, May 7 at 9:00 p.m PT. Applications from around the world will be accepted. Following the registration period, Blizzard will randomly select up to 100,000 testers. Only one submission per person will be accepted, and selected testers will be notified via email within a few days of the sign-up period ending.

    Selected testers will receive an access code and a ZDNet GameSpot download location via an additional email when testing begins. Users must have an access code to log onto and play the beta. These emails will be sent over a period of days so as to ramp up the number of users participating in the test over The 100MB beta is being exclusively offered for download through ZDNet GameSpot in alliance with Mirror Image, a leading provider of online content distribution and streaming solutions.

    The beta, which will only be playable over, will include the Barbarian character class and portions of the game's first act. The purpose of the beta test is to ensure the stability of servers worldwide. In preparation for this final phase of beta testing, Blizzard will end the current on-going closed beta test a few days prior to the start of the stress test. Participants in the closed beta will automatically be included in the group that is selected to participate in the stress test.

    Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Announced - MaD-HaTTeR @ 1:06 pm PST
    Yeah, it has finnally been announced. There have been rumors flying around for awhile, but now Westwood has officially anounced it Red Alert Sequal. Blues News has a copy of the official PR, right here. Here's a good old clippage:
    Wielding strange new technologies and hungering for revenge, the Soviet Empire invades America. New York City and Washington are overwhelmed. Allied forces, unprepared for the surprise attack, are decimated. Will freedom be crushed under the heels of Communist aggression?

    Gamers around the world will decide this fall with the release of Command & Conquer(tm) Red Alert(tm)2, the sequel to the three-million-selling, award-winning real-time strategy game Command & Conquer Red Alert.

    Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:ERTS) and Westwood Studios announced Red Alert 2 yesterday at a press event in San Francisco. Red Alert 2 will be available for Windows® 95 and 98.

    Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 brings players back to the alternate universe of Red Alert with an onslaught of new units, tactics and strategies. As in the original, gamers can choose to lead Soviet or Allied forces. Soviet commanders will invade North America and try to claim it for mother Russia. Allied commanders will fight to push back the invaders and save liberty.

    Diablo II Preview - MagicBoy @ 9:50 am PST
    AVault has served up a preview based on the beta of Diablo II that was released to much fanfare earlier this month. Another helping?

    Let me begin by saying the similarities between the first title and the sequel are astonishingly close. So much that my initial feelings and opinions were ones of disgust. The experience for me was much like watching the Anniversary editions of the three "Star Wars" films. Nostalgic and very satisfying in one sense, but underwhelming and disappointing in another. Diablo II's foundation is cemented in a number of basic truths consistent with the original product. First Diablo II, like its older sibling, relies heavily on the premise of action. Enemies are numerous and quite engaging, and Blizzard is a master of balancing the scales. The second truth is randomization. In the sequel, not only are the dungeons randomized, but so are the towns, camps, forests and outlining areas. The third truth, which was unfortunately ruined by cheaters in the original, is discovery. The hundreds and now thousands of items, armor, weapons, spells and artifacts that can be discovered is mind-boggling. The fourth and final truth that also remains consistent between the two titles is addiction. Like no other game I've ever played, Diablo possessed me like the demon namesake. I played through the product with all three adventurers, and before ending I was left with a 26th level warrior, a 32nd level rogue, and a 40th level sorcerer. Diablo II is without question rooted in those four basic principals of gameplay, and my experience tells me the final product will deliver ten-fold over the first, but for reasons you may not expect.

    Inoxx Interview - MagicBoy @ 9:45 am PST
    German UT fansite, UTWorld have posted an interview with Cedric "Inoxx" Fiorento discussing his previous work at Epic along with his current project. Here's another dollop:

    10) What's your favourite Unreal Tournament ever created? Do you have a favorite custom map or a favorite custom mapper?
    It's hard to say I haven't played UT a lot because of my lame internet access in France. The maps I played the most is DM-StalwartXL and DM-Turbine. My favorite custom map so far is DM-Unreality][ from Jeremy 'Faceless' Graves. There are a lot of talented Level designers out there so it's hard to name only one. I didn't see a lot of custom maps because of my slow net connection.

    Check out the German version if you're interested. Gosh, it's like they have a different word for everything.

    Arcanum Preview - MagicBoy @ 9:35 am PST
    A preview of Troika's upcoming 'fantasy world meets Jules Verne' RPG, Arcanum has been carefully cut and pasted and put together for you enjoyment over at GameSpy. Here's a small serving to whet your appetite:

    The premise of the game has fantasy world meeting early industrialized society, roughly in the time of the late 1800s in Europe. In this case Arcanum is populated with all the fantasy races you have come to know and love, but with the chance to wield industrial might against magic power. In the words of PvP comic character Francis. "Dwarves with guns? Bitchin'!"

    Dark Sector Interview - MagicBoy @ 9:26 am PST
    The Dark Sector has posted an interview with Mike Leatham, one of the artists over at Digital Extremes, the company responisible for developing Dark Sector, an upcoming MMORPG, FPS, Space sim...whoa, that's a lot of different genres.

    C&C: Red Alert 2 Previews - MagicBoy @ 9:18 am PST
    This actually surfaced yesterday, but PC.IGN has "written up" a preview of Red Alert 2. Actually, it's a collection of screenshots, character art, conceptual art and a music clip.

    Also, check out Gamespot's preview.

    Warcraft III Interview - MagicBoy @ 9:13 am PST
    An interview with Warcraft III Producer, Rob Pardo has been posted over at PC.IGN:

    RP: What’s going to be interesting about heroes is the fact that they can go up in levels and they give beneficial effects to the units who follow them, or to translate that, who are in close proximity to them. So what I think will happen a lot is people will have to decide if they want to have a couple of heroes leading battle groups or do they want to have separate squads going around? I think it will hit at a really interesting dynamic.

    And people have always wanted kind of veteran units -- that has always been a big desire of gamers. Personally, I’ve never been excited about veteran units, because I think it changes the way you play; it makes you want to play defensively and conserve your units all the time, which I don’t think is the fun of the latest RTS games. The RTS games have always been about encouraging you to play offensively. It’s very quick pace; offensive –- that sort of a game. So by adding in heroes, we give you that veteran aspect that I think people are looking for, but at the same time, keep you playing offensively because your hero, even if he dies, you can buy him back at your town at the same level he was at.

    New Rune Screenshot - MagicBoy @ 9:08 am PST
    VE has a new screenshot of Ragnar, the main character from Human Head's upcoming Viking action/adventure, Rune.

    Thursday, April 27, 2000
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    Messiah, Devil Inside Review - Falcon @ 8:15 pm PST
    Actiontrip have gotten two new reviews up: Messiah:

    "Dave Perry's masterpiece is finally finished against all odds and after months of postponing. The project Messiah was conceived some three years ago when Dave first mentioned a game with a revolutionary graphical engine and a unique concept. We have no idea what in the world went wrong, but this game would certainly be much better off if it had appeared at least a year earlier. This way we got a controversial game instead of a big hit."

    And secondly, Devil Inside, Gamesquad's horror/adventure created by Hubert Chardot, the man behind the Alone in the Dark series... So, are there any skeletons in your closet? Find out here

    Lemmings Revolution Review - Falcon @ 8:11 pm PST
    games xtreme have just uploaded a review of Lemmings Revolution on the PC:
    One of major gripes with the first game was that even though they were damn addictive, if you had a large mass of lemmings together you could never attach a skill to the lemming facing the right direction. Instead you would just click a few times on a spot hoping that you would catch a lemming that was going where you wanted, which would never happen. In this game they have added a great feature where the lemming you want to select highlights and if you press the left or right arrow keys you will get to highlight lemmings only going in that direction, cool!

    Rage Software Interview - Falcon @ 8:08 pm PST
    3dactionplanet has an interview with Julian Widdows at Rage Software about the upcoming action game Hostile Waters. The interview is quite lengthy, and covers a lot of ground and gives the inside scoop about this great looking game.

    NFS Porsche Unleashed Review - Falcon @ 8:06 pm PST
    For you racing fans, Gamespy hops behind the wheel and test drives Need for Speed 5: Porsche Unleashed. Does the game finish strong or spin out on the curves? You can read it here.

    Star Trek Armada Review - Falcon @ 8:00 pm PST
    Barrysworld has a review of Star Trek: Armada up.
    “Real space, by it`s very nature, is rather barren and empty. After all that`s why it`s called space. I mean if it wasn`t barren and empty it would be "full" or "cramped" or something. In order to make the space in the game a little more interesting and force a little tactical play (there`s no hiding behind mountains and setting ambushes at the pass) it`s been populated with a variety of "landscapes" such as different types of Nebula, blackholes, wormholes and asteroids belts. All these things being the staple diet of Trek writers everywhere when looking for a convenient plot device.”

    Interview with Harvey Smith - MagicBoy @ 7:43 am PST
    Gamers Central has posted an interview which they conducted with Harvey Smith, lead designer on the Deus Ex development team. Here's a bit:

    Gamers Central: What is the coolest item/weapon/enhancement in the game, the one thing you can't have enough of?

    Harvey Smith: Well, that would be different for each player. For me, it's the subtle stuff. For instance, if you come to a laser trigger area--where the player must bypass a series of beams that, if broken, will sound an alarm--you can get through it multiple ways. You have technical tools and skills for this, but if you are thinking (and demanding more from the game's environment, like we want you to do), you can break the glass in the fire extinguisher case, remove the fire extinguisher, spray it into the beams, crouch and walk through while they are flickering. That's just one for me it's not the guns and ammo (which are cool anyway), but the subtle environmental tools.

    X-Box Mascot - MagicBoy @ 7:27 am PST
    I've noticed over at ShugaShack that is conductiing a poll to name their new mascot for the X-Box (you know, like Mario for Nintendo and Sonic for Sega). The choice of names include 'Lexi', 'Raven', 'Cleo', and 'Athena'. Head on over and vote.

    More Arcanum Screenshots - MagicBoy @ 7:18 am PST
    Point your server towards the DailyRadar and check out the new screenshots of Arcanum, the upcoming isometric RPG from Troika, a company formed by some of the makers of Fallout.

    A Couple of Previews - MagicBoy @ 7:15 am PST
    GA-Strategy has a preview of Silicon Dreams' upcoming 3D RTS game, Dogs of War. Also included are 6 new screenshots.

    A preview of O.R.B., a space RTS in development by Strategy First, has been posted over at StrategyPlanet.

    Wednesday, April 26, 2000
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    Gangsters 2 Interview - MagicBoy @ 7:43 pm PST
    An interview with Peter Moreland, lead designer of Hothouse's upcoming real time strategy sequel, Gangsters 2, has been posted over at PC.IGN:

    Peter Moreland: Gangsters 2 takes place in the state of Temperance, where as Gangsters 1 was in the city of New Temperance. So in Gangsters 2, we're actually playing the whole state, and there are various cities that you can play across the state of Temperance and some of them are kind of linked. So you're actually trying to corrupt the whole state this time. We may actually go the other way round in that New Temperance will be the final objective again but we'll start off in one of the smaller cities.

    Messiah Review - MagicBoy @ 7:33 pm PST
    Telefragged's own Kung Fu has posted a review of Shiny's recently released 3rd person action title, Messiah. There doesn't seem to be a percentile or numerical rating, though. Perhaps this says it all:

    For a game that had been in development for an extremely long length of time, Shiny has sure managed to ship a game with a helluva lot of bugs. These range from little graphical glitches, to true show stoppers that cause the game to crash. At the moment the bug I'm contending with feels the need to reset my controls and graphics settings every time I go to play the game, and occasionally I will get a 'level not found' error when loading a saved game. I mean these kind of bugs just don't sneak through Q&A testing, they smack you square in the face with a big sign with - 'HEY! I'M A BUG!', written on it. It's very unprofessional, and has made me extremely wary of anything coming from the Shiny camp from now on.

    New Warcraft III Info - MagicBoy @ 7:21 pm PST
    Also at Gamespot, some new information concerning the heroes, monsters and magic of Blizzard's upcoming RTS/RPG, Warcraft III:

    Warcraft III will be a departure from previous -Craft strategy games by offering a new tier of recruitable units that are more powerful and that can advance in levels to acquire new powers. These hero units are a major reason why Warcraft III is being labeled a role-playing strategy game. The heroes are very much a focal point of Warcraft III: Although you can build structures, hire units, and command units without having a hero, Pardo makes it clear that you'll be at a distinct disadvantage without heroes. Combat will be swayed by the powers and abilities of heroes. Those without heroes will lose.

    Deus Ex Preview - MagicBoy @ 7:15 pm PST
    I've just noticed over at the Deus Ex Zone that Gamespot has posted part 2 of a preview which they began last week. Here's an excerpt:

    The inventory interface is based on the now-standard slot system that has become prevalent in games like Diablo II, Darkstone, Ultima Ascension, and System Shock 2, and it has 30 such slots for storing almost everything J.C. picks up, including tools, items, and of course, weapons. Without the weapons, Deus Ex could pass as an RPG with a robust 3D engine, but the fact remains that the game has an arsenal large enough to rival most traditional first-person shooters, including Half-Life.

    The preview goes on to detail the variety to weapons to be found in the world of Deus Ex. Also, there are a couple of new screenshots: inventory/menu interface and light anti-tank weapon(LAW).

    QuArK 6! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 3:45 pm PST
    Thats right my kiddies, QuArK, or Quake Army Knife has just been upgraded. v6.0 beta 1 is now available for download, with added support for Quake 3: Arena! I know i used to love level editing in Quake II with Quark, but when Q3A came around, i had to switch to Q3Radiant (which also kicks ass). Anyway, check out the new QuArK version right here.

    Heres your chance to win Diablo II Collectors Editition CD-Rom - MajinVegeta @ 3:40 pm PST
    Hey! You wanna win the Diablo II collectors edition when it comes out? If so go here to sign up! We've already had over 800 signups, good luck to all who sign up!

    GeForce 2 GTS Revealed - MagicBoy @ 9:03 am PST
    The folks over at Gamespot have posted a rather informative article detailing Nvidia's latest chipset, the NV15:

    Here's a rundown on the GeForce 2 GTS chip's resume:

    First real-time per-pixel shading processor
    8-texels-per-clock-cycle rendering engine
    Hardware anti-aliasing
    DDR memory support (SDRAM or SGRAM)
    AGP4X with fast writes
    32-bit color, Z/Stencil
    Second-generation T&L engine, including cube environment mapping
    DirectX texture compression with S3TC support
    1.6-gigatexels-per-second fill rate
    25 million triangles per second possible through T&L and setup
    5.3 gigabytes per second of memory bandwidth
    2048x1536 at 75Hz maximum 3D/2D resolution
    Integrated 720p, 1080i HDTV playback support
    350MHz RAMDAC

    Ground Control Screenshots - MagicBoy @ 8:55 am PST
    I've noticed over at VE that Ground Control Center has a bunch of Ground Control (what else?) screenshots including 12 new ones!

    Sacrifice Movie - MagicBoy @ 8:49 am PST
    Incite has posted a new movie featuring "Shiny's fantastic otherwordly strategy in motion", Sacrifice:

    This huge seven-minute video taken from the incite PC Gaming CD-ROM shows the most action and raw footage from Sacrifice, Shiny's epic new real-time strategy, seen so far. The movie is around 70MB is size, but for those with massive, throbbing bandwidth, it's well worth the downloading time and effort. View at your own discretion!

    Best Mods - MagicBoy @ 8:38 am PST
    An article examining the best available mods for Half-Life, Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament has been posted over at 3DActionPlanet:

    Mods carry a strong sense of community. The most popular mods have thousands of people following their development process. Which mods should you download? Is this new-fangled mod you've been hearing about worth the ten days it takes to download? Well, look no further - 3DActionPlanet is here to your rescue with this article, which will give you the lowdown on some of the coolest mods for Quake 3, Unreal Tournament, and Half-Life.

    Submarine Titans Preview - MagicBoy @ 8:33 am PST
    A preview of Eclipse Studios' newest work in progress, Submarine Titans, has been posted over at CGO. Here's a quick bit:

    Submarine Titan’s twist is that it’s set underwater, and while that’s not exactly going to set the gaming world in fire, it does allow some interesting visuals and is being used to add some strategic depth. But on a feature-by-feature basis, it’s highly competitive with most other games on the market.

    And more:

    The game is set underwater because its fiction has a comet striking Earth in 2047, pretty much wiping the planet clean. A few survived and remained on surface while most took to the oceans. As is usually the case, the undersea survivors broke off into factions, and two rival civilizations took control. The military-loving White Sharks, anxious to regain a position of world dominance, duke it out with the ecologically friendly Black Octopi, who seek balance with the earth and are prepared to enforce it with all the weapons at their disposal.

    Dogs of War Movie - MagicBoy @ 8:26 am PST
    The official Dogs of War site has posted a 45 second movie trailer which showcases some gameplay footage as well as cinematics from The Game Formerly Known As War Monkeys. Dogs of War is a 3D RTS game developed by Silicon Dreams.

    Arcanum Screenshots - MagicBoy @ 8:19 am PST
    GameSpy has posted a few screenshots of Troika Games' upcoming fantasy/industrial revolution isometric RPG, Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura.

    Tuesday, April 25, 2000
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    Final Fantasy VIII Patch - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:25 pm PST
    Electronic Arts has just kicked up their newest patch for Final Fantasy VIII, v1.2, which comes in two tasty flavors, the GeForce Version, and the Non GeForce Version. The patch should fix alot of bugs, but no big gameplay changes.

    Tachyon Patch - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:21 pm PST
    There is a new patch out for Tachyon: The Fringe. You can grab it here. Short and sweet, just how i like them.

    The Future of Gaming - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:16 pm PST
    Randy Pitchford has just kicked up an article over on eUniverse, dealing with the future of gaming. You can check it out right here. Snippage coming your way:
    On-line gaming is not only an inevitable future, it is very viable at present. Gearbox Software does, in fact, consider on-line gaming (cooperative and competitive) as a significant part of its development plans. However, a proliferation of on-line games does not exclude the existence of interactive entertainment designed to be enjoyed alone without a connection to other "players".

    Interactive entertainment encompasses so many approaches that being on-line won't be the only option in the future. We are witnessing the maturation of our industry which is exposing two or three basic goals in a game's underlying structure. On one hand there is the classic concept of a game, which is about competition. On the other hand there is the classic concept of story telling, which is about expressing a narrative. A third classic concept is that of a puzzle, which often manifests itself in a challenge based on a set of rules. Cooperative gaming isn't really a fourth category, but it is a significant enough desire to note here. Cooperative gaming allows more than one player to participate together in solving puzzles, experiencing stories or competing against others.

    FightClub - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:11 pm PST
    The very popular game server launcher, FightClub, has just been upgraded. The new version 3.10 includes bug fixes, and support for Q3Fortress, T.E.C. and Alliance CTF. You can grab it right here.

    Duke3D Patch - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:08 pm PST
    Yep, 3DRealms has just come out with another sound patch for Duke Nukem 3D. It fixs a bug in the first patch. You can grab it right here if your still addicted to to the Duke.

    Jason Hall Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:03 pm PST
    EvilAvatar has just kicked up a new interview with Jason Hall of Monolith. It talks alot about how he got into the gaming industry, and what Monolith is up to. Check it out right here. Dig the snippage:
    MC: Many in our forums see this current console surge as signs that PC gaming is on the downfall. What do you think? Will Monolith start to move more towards the console arena and away from PC gaming?

    JH: PC gaming as we know it is indeed somewhat on the downfall, or rather, a transition. The average price of a PC game on the shelf is falling, while the average cost of making a PC game is rising. Guess who gets caught in the middle of that? The developer.

    Consoles are attractive because they have a more robust and proven business model. Contrary to some beliefs out there, development houses ARE businesses and they do need to survive somehow. I think that you are seeing a lot of PC developers looking at consoles because the lure of actually being able to make a reasonable amount of money is fairly attractive.

    Without an understanding of the economics of the PC gaming industry, a casual observer might just say something like "Well, if they want to make money, then just make a good game!!!", but they just are overlooking the fact that most games don’t make the developer money despite the fact that they are good/great. Why this is the case is more than I have time to explain, but let’s just say in general, the PC development business model leaves a lot to be desired. Consoles on the other hand, are somewhat different …

    MC: Having ties with Microsoft, have you any plans to develop games for the X-Box?

    JH: Can’t comment on this yet, other than to say that LithTech will be on X-Box if our licensees feel that it would be desirable.

    Hard Truck 2 Gold - Falcon @ 7:46 pm PST
    ValuSoft, the US publisher for SoftLab-NSK's trucking driving simulation "Hard Truck 2", has informed GA-Source that the title has gone gold and is scheduled
    to be in stores May 15th for around $20.

    GA-Source has an interview with PR Manager Nikolay
    Baryshnikov located here, and screenshots are also available here.

    SoF Review - Falcon @ 7:42 pm PST
    The Gamer's Press has posted a review of Soldier of Fortune giving it a solid 8 out of 10.
    "The different thing about this game, and what makes it a solid winner, is the feeling or pacing throughout the different locations. The weapon and enemy placement is excellent. The levels are designed to mimic real world places with great accuracy yet still point you in the direction that the designer wanted you to go in. There were a few times when I felt like I was being pushed through the maze by way of an unrealistic obstacle or two, but overall an excellent effort."

    Battle Plan Q&A - Falcon @ 7:41 pm PST
    GA-Strategy had a little chat with Rod Fung (SWAT 3 Battle Plan Producer), to find out more about the multi-player add-on to SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle. 3 new screenshots are included, read it here

    Diablo II Preview - Falcon @ 7:37 pm PST
    There are a few of these popping up since the start of the closed beta; here are two of them:
  • GamesXtreme
  • RPG Vault

    A Couple of Reviews - MagicBoy @ 12:15 pm PST
    A review of Rogue Spear: Urban Operations is up over at Tactical Arena.

    Close Combat IV has been reviewed at EuroGamer.Net.

    Divinity First Look - MagicBoy @ 8:11 am PST
    RPG Planet has come up with a "First Look" at Belgian developer Larian Studios' upcoming isometric RPG, Divinity: The Sword of Lies:

    Larian Studios is releasing few details on the world or story behind Divinity, partly because it is still in development, and partly to maintain some sense of mystery. Divinity takes place in a world where the long-standing peace between elves, dwarves, and men is decaying in the face of mounting racial prejudices. You are a lowly apprentice of the mage Zandalor, sent off to find an old friend of his at castle Stormfist. Discovering that the Duke has been murdered, the player, as the apprentice, will finds himself obligated to investigate.

    There are also a few screenshots thrown in.

    Terminus Preview - MagicBoy @ 7:54 am PST
    AVault has posted a preview of Vicarious Visions' upcoming space simulation, Terminus:

    It is Vicarious Visions goal, however, to keep Terminus fun and accessible to all, so they have designed the game to be remarkably scalable. Flight dynamics and difficulty can be lowered to allow new pilots to jump right in. Terminus will also include a training academy mode that will guide you through the basics of space flight and combat as well as a whopping 200-page manual. Karthik Bala, CEO of Vicarious Visions, informed me that the manual has been designed not to overwhelm. Divided into three sections--beginner, intermediate and advanced--players won't need the manual to jump into the game. It will however, allow players serious about taking full advantage of what the flight model offers to progress at their own rate through the three sections, learning as they play. Vicarious Visions interesting approach toward Terminus' learning curve is refreshing and offers a truly remarkable experience. When I first started playing, I was cannon fodder, waiting to be picked off by the enemy AI. The more I played, however, I began to feel a real sense of achievement, learning new flight maneuvers and pulling off tricks and stunts that made me sit back and say, "Wow, I didn't know I could do that."

    SoF Review - MagicBoy @ 7:46 am PST
    Gamelinks.Net has posted its own review of Raven Soft's ultraviolent FPS, Soldier of Fortune.

    Matrox G450 Announced - MagicBoy @ 7:39 am PST
    In other tech related news, Matrox has announced the G450:

    Not a next generation chip but more of chip that has undergone a face lift, belly tuck and had a few bionic implants. The G450 is a refinement of the current Matrox G400 chip seeing a reduction of the die size from 0.25 to 0.18 micron which should see faster core speeds, but as ever Matrox won't talk speeds. Other noteable improvements are the integrated Digital Flat Panel transmitter, a switch to DDR memory, and a boost to the secondary RAMDAC allowing much higher resolutions on the secondary display than the current 1280x1024 limit of the current G400s.

    VooDoo 5 Preview - MagicBoy @ 7:34 am PST
    VE has posted a preview of 3dfx's soon to be released Voodoo5 5500:

    Voodoo 5 5500 - General Features

    128-bit 2D/3D/Video accelerator

    T-Buffer technology (FSAA, depth of field, motion blur)

    2-way SLI design

    667 Megapixel fill-rate

    64MB graphics memory

    350Mhz RAMDAC

    4x AGP support

    32-bit rendering

    2048x2048 maximum texture size

    FXT1 and DXTC texture compression support

    Dual pixel pipeline – 2 pixels/clock or 2 textures/clock (for each VSA-100 chip)

    Full scene hardware anti-aliasing (both 2 and 4 sample)

    Dynamic environment mapping

    Single-cycle bump mapping

    Included in this preview are a few comparison screenshots.

    Diablo II Screenshots - MagicBoy @ 7:22 am PST
    The FiringSquad has posted a few new screenshots from the actual full version of Blizzard's upcoming RPG sequel, Diablo II

    SWAT 3 Multiplayer Addon Interview - MagicBoy @ 7:11 am PST
    An interview with Rod Fung, producer of the upcoming multiplayer addon, SWAT 3: Battle Plan, has been posted over at GA-Strategy.

    First Look: Unholy - Falcon @ 1:23 am PST
    3dActionPlanet have a first look at The Unholy, a new horror action game from Otherworlds Interactive. View it here

    Non Games Article - Falcon @ 1:19 am PST
    Damage Gaming has wrote up an article that asked different developers such as Raven's Eric Biessman, Epic's Cliff Blezinski, as well as a host others on what they thought would be a good idea for a game and hasn't been done yet. I wanted to make an emphasis that all games start out as ideas, and tells you why not every good idea is always used. (Budgets, time, etc.)

    Monday, April 24, 2000
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    Dino Crisis Preview - Storm @ 8:03 pm PST
    Dino Crisis was a smash hit for the Playstation. It was created by the same genius who made the Resident Evil series. The game was so good on the Playstation that they decided to port it to the PC. I have previewed it for you. You can check that out here.

    Black and White Shots - MagicBoy @ 12:57 pm PST
    Five new screenshots of Black and White, Peter Molyneaux's upcoming God game, have been posted at Brotherhood of Eden.

    New Diablo II Preview - MagicBoy @ 12:45 pm PST
    A new preview, based on the beta of Blizzard's upcoming RPG, Diablo II, has been posted over at GamePower.

    Matrox Game of the Week - MagicBoy @ 12:27 pm PST
    Matrox Game of the Week
    has been posted over at 3D Gaming at Matrox. This week, the featured game is Serious Sam, an upcoming futuristic FPS, developed by Croteam. Included are a few nifty screenshots showing off the Serious Engine.

    Money For Nothing... - MagicBoy @ 12:14 pm PST
    EuroGamer.Net has posted an article discussing the lucrative business of being a professional gamer:

    A week ago I was in Dallas, covering the Razer-CPL Quake 3 tournament. With $100,000 in cash prizes up for grabs this was the largest event of its kind ever held, and tournament winner Johnathan "Fatality" Wendel walked away with $40,000 - more than many people his age earn in a year!

    Homeworld:Cataclysm Screenshots - MagicBoy @ 9:57 am PST
    In continuation of their coverage of Cataclysm, GA-Strategy has posted 30 new screenshots of the upcoming sequel to Homeworld.

    Arcanum Info - MagicBoy @ 9:51 am PST
    Italian gaming site, has conducted an exclusive interview with Tim Cain, one of three of Troika Games' founding fathers and the company developing Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magick Obscura. Here's an excerpt:

    Tim Cain: There will always be space for 2D. I don't view 3D as something that will supplant 2D. It's just another tool in my toolchest, something I use to make games. Look at this year's best RPG, Planescape. It is 2D. The year before we had Baldur's Gate, also 2D. And the year before that, Fallout, also 2D. This year we have Arcanum, Icewind Dale, and Baldur's Gate II. All are 2D.

    X-COM Alliance Info and Screenshots - MagicBoy @ 9:40 am PST
    AVault has a few new screenshots of Hasbro's upcoming team-based FPS, X-COM Alliance. Included is a little information describing gameplay.

    ST: Starfleet Command Volume II Officially Announced - MagicBoy @ 9:35 am PST
    I've noticed over at CGO that Interplay has officially announced the sequel to Star Trek: Starfleet Command. It is aptly titled Starfleet Command Volume II-Empires at War and will be developed by 14 Degrees East, one of Interplay's many divisions. Empires at War is slated for a Winter release.

    Ground Control Preview - MagicBoy @ 9:18 am PST
    GameSpy has come up with a new Ground Control preview:

    Are you looking for something different in a real-time strategy game? Do you enjoy the thrill of commanding your troops in battle, but hate having to deal with the seemingly clerical duties of assigning build and production queues? If you've answered yes to either of these, Ground Control, from Sierra Studios and Massive Entertainment, delivers exactly what you're looking for.

    GA-RPG Black List - Raven @ 4:24 am PST
    GA-RPG has put up the second edition of one of their new feature entitled the Black List. The Black List is an informative rant/article done up by Black Isle's J.E. Sawyer (Designer on Icewind Dale). This weeks edition starts up by discussing Easter and then moves onto the 3rd edition Advanced Dungeon and Dragons. If you are after a laugh and interested in RPG's then this article is just for you. Funny and fairly interesting, you can caugh the article here.

    Expectations for Windows 2001 - Raven @ 4:04 am PST
    I found this in my inbox, and sadly this is exactly what I would expect from Windows 2001 :(.

    Anyway a viewer sent me this link and ask that I post it up. has a humorous article up, giving us an inside peak into the fictional Windows 2001. Some of it is funny, some of it is a little sad, however the scarey bit is that if Microsoft added in afew of these features they might actually make Windows2001 a better OS. Atleast they would make it a funnier OS.

    Ground Control Theme Song - Raven @ 3:57 am PST
    Those of you who like to keep up to date with Sierra Studios will find this post interesting. The official theme song for Ground Control, the forthcoming Action/RTS from Sierra Studios and Massive Entertainment, has been released. The song actually sounds really good (shock), I was honestly surprised and impressed when I heard it. You can download the themesong here, if you have the time its a worthwhile download.

    If you didn't know, Ground Control depicts the conflict between two rival political groups on a distant planet. GC aims at combining fast paced action with stratigic combat. Lots of people have high expectations for this game.

    Final Fantasy 9 Screenshots - Raven @ 3:48 am PST
    Club Squaresoft have compiled some wonderful screenshots of the Role Playing Game, Final Fantasy 9. Even though Final Fantasy 9 is still a long way off from release, these shots give fans somthing to be excited about. There are no screenshots of actual battles in this link, infact almost all of these screenshots cover background settings and conversations. Still they look great and I think they will wet the lips of most Final Fantasy fans.

    Sample Image
    You can view the screenshots here
    Or alternatively you can go and hit the FF9 information index

    Sunday, April 23, 2000
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    Soldier Details + Screens - Falcon @ 8:04 pm PST
    Sinister Games is currently working a third-person shooter based on the 1998 film of the same name and GA-Source spoke to game designer Chris Roby to learn more.

    Note: This article contains exclusive screenshots from the brand new alien power station, catwalk, and swamp levels!
    Read on here

    Voodoo 5 & GeForce 2 Info - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:01 pm PST
    Looks live Billy and crew over at VoodooExtreme have just gotten their hands on some info on the possible shipping dates of the GeForce 2 and Voodoo 5. Check it out:
    I'd just like to pass along that the sell dates that BestBuy has in their computers for the Voodoo 5 5500 is May 26, and since we do have a preorder going, I would assume this is a true date since we do have it in the newspaper ad for the 28th going for $299.

    Our computer also reports that the Creative GeForce 256 GTS will be instore on May 12th, with it being in the 14th ad at a price of $349.99. This is tagged as a speculative date.

    Inoxx Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 2:18 pm PST
    UnrealCore has just kicked up a new interview with Epic map maker, Inoxx, who will be releasing a free map pack soon. Check it out right here. Snippage for all:
    UC: When can we expect to see the Inoxx Map Pack released?

    When it's done.

    (Edit: The standard Epic answer - Oh well, we had to ask).

    UC: I also have a few questions about Rocket Arena, which you've also been involved in. Even though the beta was only out for a limited amount of time it gained a huge amount of positive response from the community - It has also been a success for the Quake series. Do you think that "Rocket Arena" will show up as a game type in future FPS games?

    It's hard to tell. It's possible that future multiplayer-only games will include a gamestyle similar to this, but that won't prevent the MOD authors to do their own version with all the settings and refinements they want.

    UC: What were your thoughts when GreenMarine suspended UT:RA?

    Yeah, I agreed. I always thought the User Interface was not good enough to be released like that. On the other side, Brandon got a lot of work to do at Epic so I can understand why he wanted to rush it a bit. But it was good to get some feedback and large scale testing. Just imagine that the version 1.00 was in fact .95beta. I'm sure the upcoming builds will fix all the problems quickly.

    Planet Crap is Back! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 2:08 pm PST
    Thats right boys and girls, i just noticed that Planet Crap has just opened their doors once again! If you dont know what the hell im talking about, then basically PlanetCrap just posts alot of different articles on controversial gaming issues (yes, crap) and you get to post responses to them. Sounds fun huh?

    Tachyon Cheat Codes - MaD-HaTTeR @ 1:59 pm PST
    For all you cheaters out there (j/k), who are having trouble in Tachyon: The Fringe, then i got good news for you. The A-Vault has just kicked up some cheats just for u. Check them out here.

    Screenies for You - MaD-HaTTeR @ 1:55 pm PST
    Not to many new screen shots out today, but ill give ya what i got:
  • 6 New Divinity: The Sword of Lies shots on Infolder
  • 9 New Soldier shots on GA-Source
  • 3 New Titanium Angels Shots on Titanium Technology
  • Top Selling PC Games - MaD-HaTTeR @ 1:41 pm PST
    Here is PC Data's latest list of the top selling PC games. This goes from April 2-8th.
    1) The Sims / EA $37
    2) Who Wants To Be A Millionaire / Disney $18
    3) Lego Island / Mattel $46
    4) MP Roller Coaster Tycoon / Hasbro $30
    5) Star Trek: Armada / Activision $43
    6) Rainbow Six: Urban Operations / Red Storm $20
    7) Soldier of Fortune / Activision $47
    8) Star Wars: Force Commander / Eidos $46
    9) Age of Empires II: Age Of Kings / Microsoft $45
    10) Grand Slam Bridge III / EA $17

    Romero on Daikatana - MaD-HaTTeR @ 1:36 pm PST
    The long haired Ion Storm big man, John Romero has just kicked up an update to his .plan file, with some answers to some big questions about the recently released demo (kind of a mini FAQ). BTW, i got a review of the demo coming your way very soon. Clippage coming your way:
    There have been a few technical issues with the demo that you can fix or workaround with the following information:

    (Q1) Multiplayer is laggy or extremely choppy.

    (A1) The server should have its CONNECT RATE turned up to T1/LAN (in the Multiplayer Menu). Make sure your client connect rate is turned up as well.

    (Q2) Daikatana doesn't work with a Voodoo2.

    (A2) There are two fixes for this: (1) edit your config file (in the DATA subdirectory) and change "opengl32" to "3dfxgl" or "3dfxvgl", (2) download and install the miniGL driver from

    (Q3) Running the DKDEMO.EXE on Windows 2000 gives you an error (Insert Disk 1)

    (A3) Use WINZIP to extract the DKDEMO.EXE file, then run the SETUP.EXE program to install the demo

    (Q4) The game pauses for a long time when you're playing multiplayer (seems like a lockup)

    (A4) This is a bug in the demo only that occurs when you are attempting to connect to the Catacomb level (Greek time period). Just wait 20 seconds and you'll connect.

    So far, these cover 99% of the problems that people are having. I'd like to say thanks to everyone who has been emailing me their raves and congrats -- thanks a lot, you guys make it all worth it.

    FAKK2 Preview - MagicBoy @ 9:56 am PST
    EuroGamer.Net has come up with a new preview of Ritual's upcoming 3rd person shooter, FAKK2. Included are a couple of exclusive screenshots.

    Homeworld:Cataclysm Interview - MagicBoy @ 9:51 am PST
    An interview with Chris Stewart, designer over at Barking Dog Studios, has been posted over at GA-Strategy. BDS is responsible of the upcoming Homeworld mission pack, Cataclysm.

    ION at Austin - MagicBoy @ 9:42 am PST
    GameSpy has posted a rather lengthy article featuring the Deus Ex development team in action at their Austin-based office.

    Saturday, April 22, 2000
    Got News? Comments? Send it in! Help/Info/Contacts | Forum
    Can't find what you're looking for? Send a request!

    Shogun Interview part II - Falcon @ 8:57 pm PST have just posted the second part of their Shogun Interview. Heres a clip: Browsing through the collection of features on your website, I noticed you mention that the game is planned to be the "most ambitious, epic, and visually spectacular real-time strategy game ever created". What is revolutionary about it?

    Michael de Plater: I think the artificial intelligence (AI) is the most revolutionary aspect because it is the first time that the computer is going to play so intelligently as to be almost indistinguishable from a real human player. Because the general of the AI army is using the rules of SUN TZU and each individual in that army is also running an independent and unique AI routine - they're going to be really smart when combined.

    You can catch the rest of it here

    Tech Tips Column - Falcon @ 8:54 pm PST
    Gamespy is debuting a weekly Tech Tips column designed to aid gamers with their hardware problems. If you are having any hardware issues, check out the first installment here They will be taking questions every week, so keep checking back every Saturday.

    Third Law Interview - Falcon @ 8:53 pm PST
    Damage Gaming has just thrown up an interview with Third Law Interactive, talking to Andy Chang and Mark Morgan, two-thirds of the artistic team that is working on KISS: Psycho Circus - The Nightmare Child. They also have two new exclusive screenshots in the interview, so be sure not to miss those.

    Rising Sun Review - Falcon @ 8:52 pm PST
    If you're interested in wargaming, World War II, or the War in the Pacific, then TalonSoft's Rising Sun is the game for you. Read this comprehensive review of this turn-based strategy title to find out why.

    Battle Realms Q&A - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:18 pm PST
    GameSpy has just posted there newest interview, with Ed Del Castillo about Battle Realms and Liquid, and the overall future of the RTS genre. Check it out right here. Dig the snippage:
    Gamespy: As one of the founders of the real-time strategy genre, where do you see the future of the genre heading?

    Ed Del Castillo: Uh, wow! Thanks for the amazing compliment! Where is RTS going.... aside from the standard "better textures, more polys, blah, blah, blah" I think the real innovations for RTSs will come in "Depth" and "Naturalness." Depth to me means increasing the player's involvement with the game world. Most RTSs have two problems; first, they tend to be "flat." You can gauge how flat an RTS is by how quickly you move past the "world" experience and start treating the game like a machine. (ie. how quickly you go from saying "I'm gonna berserk my 2 headed giants and stomp on your puny elves!" to saying (in your head) "select, , , , , , drag, click on target).

    Second, they aren't real-time strategies at all... they're actually closer to real-time economies. In 90% of the RTS's I've played, the game was a production game. You pumped out units as fast as you could and threw them at the opponent. Watch a good player play any of the "build base/build units" games and you will notice that they spend most of their time in the base. In these games economy is everything because it's where the depth is... they've forgotten to make combat equally interesting and important.

    Now on to "Naturalness." This is a little more vague of a notion. Naturalness is about everything feeling right; about things working the way they're "supposed to." How units fight, how units die, how they respond to changes on the battlefield, how the world feels, how the environment deals with battle, and finally and most importantly, how all of this communicates to the player. Real-time strategies were created to bring the romance of the battlefield to those interested in such things, but doing that in a believable, realistic, and easy to understand/manipulate way will be the true progress made in RTSs in the future.

    Diablo 2 Screenies (not beta) - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:11 pm PST
    GameSpot news has just gotten their hands on a shi.. um, poop load of screen shots from Blizzard's upcoming RPG, Diablo 2. Go check them out right here.

    VR Quake II Q&A - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:09 pm PST
    GameSpot has just tossed up a new Q&A, with Paul Rajlich, "a research programmer for the Visualization and Virtual Environments team at NCSA." Paul Rajlich is creating a Virtual Reality version of Quake II, called Cave Quake, and oh man, does it look sweet! Check out the Q&A right here. Clippage for your viewing pleasure:
    GS: How did you get the idea to re-create a computer game for the CAVE?

    PR: The first thing that I thought when I saw the CAVE was, this is the ultimate gaming platform! I knew somebody had to do it, so why not me? Really, there are several reasons why I decided to do it. Today's games have very rich environments. We CAVE developers don't have the resources or the time to develop the same level of artwork for our CAVE applications. I knew that if I took one of the rich worlds from a game, it would really show off the potential of the CAVE. Also, I knew that if I re-created a PC game, then it would be a familiar environment. People who would come to visit would see something that they have seen before, but from a brand-new perspective. It would show them the potential of VR.

    GS: Why choose Quake II?

    PR: The first CAVE program that I made was actually CAVE Doom. I wrote it as a grad student. It was a semester project for a VR class. In the end, the user could walk though the Doom levels from the first episode. I did add monsters and a rocket launcher. However, since these objects were actually sprites in the real game, I had to make my own 3D models for them. As you can imagine, they looked really cheesy. Hey, I'm a programmer, not a modeler!

    After the CAVE DOOM project, I worked as a research assistant. Then I graduated and became a full-time staffer at NCSA. The CAVE Doom demo was popular, and I showed it to a lot of people. Then my younger brother Luke came to visit. His reaction was, "This is cool! But Quake would be better!" I agreed.

    TF2 Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:52 pm PST
    Team Fortress 2 The Becoming, has just shot up a new interview, with Robin Walker, concerning Valve's upcoming Team Fortress 2 [duh]. Check it out right here. Dig the snippage:
    1.) TF and TFC maps have always followed the standard .BSP file format. If the format stays the same, will map-builders be able to use programs like Worldcraft to make their own maps and campaigns in TF2, or is Valve looking to change this?

    We use an ever-improving version Worldcraft to build our levels. When the time comes, we'll be releasing the proper version so that users can build their own TF2 levels just like they can with TFC.

    2.) In some TF and TFC maps, such as Hunted, players can only choose certain classes (ie. Snipers and soldiers only, etc.). Will there be any maps or campaigns in TF2 that will pursue this samecharacteristic?

    One of our general philosphies is that maps have greater longevity when the full range of choices are left open to players. So, most of our maps don't restrict classes in any way, but we are still working with a few Hunted type maps that do have restrictions.

    3.) TFC originally came with 5 or 6 maps, and later many more were available for download. Will there be enough maps to satisfy the hunger of the players?

    I think there will be. Beyond what we're releasing, I'd be very surprised if a whole slew of user-made maps didn't appear for TF2 just as they have for TFC. We know how important it is to have users expanding on existing content. We'll be doing our best to make sure people have the tools and other resources they need to make quality TF2 levels.

    Daikatana FSAA Shots - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:47 pm PST
    Wondering what Daikatana (even with its outdated graphics), looks like on a Voodoo 5 with FSAA enabled? Well, HotHardware was, so they kicked up 3 new screenies of Daikatana hyped up on V5 FSAA. You can peep these puppies right here.

    SoF Walkthroughs - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:42 pm PST
    Having trouble in the Iraq missions in Soldier of Fortune? Well if you are, PlanetSoF has just kicked up 3 new walkthroughs, for Levels 10, 11, and 12 (which take place in Iraq). Check them out right here.

    C&C: Red Alert 2? - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:39 pm PST
    Huh? Yeah, thats right, it seems that the A-Vault is reporting that although Westwood hasnt announced the game, is already pre-ordering strategy guides. Dig it:

    Details about unannounced games dribble out of the most improbable places these days. Even online retailer Amazon can now claim a scoop. Published reports on Tiberian Sun fan sites indicate Amazon has started pre-selling a strategy guide to a game the developer, Westwood Studios, has not announced: Command & Conquer Red Alert 2: Prima's Official Strategy Guide, a hint manual weighing in at 240 pages.

    According to Amazon's description, Red Alert 2 features all the action of the original plus new missions, terrain, units and buildings. Inside the strategy guide, people will find intelligence maps for every mission, tactics for Internet and solo gaming, and details on troops, weaponry and more. Amazon has the guide coming out this October, so chances are the game will be available in that timeframe as well. Read the Amazon sales blurb here.

    Soldier Shots - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:34 pm PST
    CombatWorld has just thrown up 6 brand spankin new screenies from a pre-beta version of Sinister Games upcoming game, Soldier. Check em out right here.

    Another Deus Ex Preview - MagicBoy @ 10:16 am PST
    Once again, another preview of Deus Ex has found its way onto the 'Net. This time it's surfaced over at GameRevolution.
    Check it out:

    In order to accommodate the wide array of gaming styles, the levels and missions in Deus Ex can be completed in a multitude of ways (in a sense similar to Tenchu for the PSX). While you can certainly wander around looking for the "blue key" to open the "blue door," you also can talk to passers-by to discover a secret password, or climb in through a window, or hack the security system, or just try to break the stupid door down. You'll find that your character is better suited for certain styles, but there is no right or wrong way to solve a dilemma. The amount of freedom here is almost frightening.

    I'm scared.

    Bombar Racer - the_culture @ 8:38 am PST
    Gamefan also received word from LucasArts that their upcoming racer Bombad will be designed for kids on multiple platforms including the PC. This is what they had to say:
    First off, those of you hoping for a Jar Jar platformer seem to be out of luck; GameFan's confirmed that Lucas Learning (the educational arm of LucasArts) is developing the game, so count on some form of education value force-d into the title. What else do we know? Well, it's being planned for multiple consoles and the PC, and will be targeted for children--hence the Gungan nature of the title. (You can hear Jar Jar refer to "bombad" in the film, provided you don't fast-forward through his parts.)

    After discovering that Lucas Learning was behind Bombad, further rumors have surfaced... According to a source at Lucas Learning, Bombad is really a kiddie-style kart racer. Will Lucas go ahead and possibly dilute the brand further by releasing a go-go racer with Darth Maul and everybody's un-favorite Gungan? Guess we'll find out at E3!

    SW: Demolition Preview - the_culture @ 8:33 am PST
    Gamefan posted a preview of LucasArts' upcoming vehicular combat game, Demolition. Check it:
    O.K., we know the coding of the game's in good hands; now you’re probably asking yourself, how the heck does vehicular combat fit into the "Star Wars" universe? Well, according to LucasArts' press release, Star Wars Demolition is set in between "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi," and dares players to compete in a series of brutal vehicular destruction contests organized by crime boss Jabba the Hutt. O.K., so LucasArts may have taken the cheap route and gone for the ever-popular post-"Empire" time frame--but come on, how cool will it be to fight in "Star Wars"-based land fighters?

    Evil Dead Preview - the_culture @ 8:26 am PST
    Gamespot UK has a preview of Evil Dead: Hail to the King. Here's a piece:
    Hail To The King will be an Alone In The Dark-style game and features a mixture of puzzle-solving and combat, not to mention a good helping of scary moments. As well as the familiar creatures from the movies, you'll run into some frightening new monsters including the horrific Deadites. Fortunately, Ash has been armed with a number of useful weapons, including his trusty chainsaw, not to mention Campbell's dulcet tones.

    They also have a gallery of screens.

    Hitman Preview - the_culture @ 8:18 am PST
    Daily Radar just posted their preview of Hitman: Codename 47. Here's a slice of the action:
    In addition to the variety of details on the city streets, there are a variety of ways that any given scenario can be won. The lone assassin can simply case out the joint, striking whenever he sees the opportunity. While the more resourceful type can enlist the help of NPCs or set complicated traps. IO Interactive has been adamant that they want players to try the missions again and again with different strategies.

    Ultima Online 2 Update - the_culture @ 8:13 am PST
    The official UO2 site has been update with new FAQ questions, more comments from the dev team, and additional info on their Juka Serial legend.

    Elite Force Screens - MagicBoy @ 8:12 am PST
    I've just noitced over at VE that GameCenter has put up two new screenshots of Raven Soft's upcoming Star Trek title, Voyager: Elite Force.

    Hitman: Codename 47 Screenshots - MagicBoy @ 8:00 am PST
    Incite has been able to dig up a few new screenshots of Eidos Interactive's upcoming third-person shooter.

    Tribe 2 Weapons - MagicBoy @ 7:52 am PST
    Well, Tribes 2 week over at DailyRadar has come to a close. And what better way to end it by showing off 21 new shots of armor and weaponry.

    Daikatana Demo Review - MagicBoy @ 7:46 am PST
    Wow. I never thought that I would be writing this. Anyways, Evil Avatar has posted a review of the recently released Daikatana Demo.

    Friday, April 21, 2000
    Got News? Comments? Send it in! Help/Info/Contacts | Forum
    Can't find what you're looking for? Send a request!

    Golden Daikatana PR - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:24 pm PST
    As i have been reporting all night, Daikatana has gone gold, but now Eidos has sent out the Press Release, to prove to anyone who mayby didnt believe it, that Daikatana is really golden.

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA, April 21, 2000- After a series of improvements, transitions, and revolutionary gameplay features, the eagerly anticipated Daikatana has been approved for duplication!

    Daikatana is a classic John Romero adventure combining innovative gameplay with fast and furious fragging mayhem. Your character Hiro Miyamoto is joined by 2 computer controlled side-kicks, the beautiful Mikiko Ibihara and Superfly Johnson, who aid you in your quest across four time periods to set history straight.


  • 24 expansive levels spanning four distinctive time periods: Norway 560 BC, Greece 1200 BC, San Francisco 2030 AD and Japan 2455 AD
  • Over 60 intelligent and highly detailed monsters and enemies
  • 25 unique weapons to help you blast your way through the huge mysterious levels
  • Completely distinctive environments, weapons, art, music and creatures in each of the 4 time periods
  • Intense multiplayer capabilities including an addictive three player cooperative campaign and classic deathmatch action over the internet.

    Daikatana is expected to reach stores worldwide in the next month.

  • Daikatana Demo Mirrors - MaD-HaTTeR @ 9:14 pm PST
    As im sure many of you know, ZDnet's server is being hit harder than the cheap liquor at a bachlor party, so here's a list of mirrors to help you get the demo a little quicker.
  • GameSpot
  • Gameaholic
  • 3DFiles
  • FilePlant
  • MeccaWorld
  • Setting up Daikatana Dedicated Servers - MaD-HaTTeR @ 8:59 pm PST
    I just noticed over on Blue's that David "crt" Wright from GameSpy has sent out a bit of info on how to get that dedicated Daikatana server you have been dreaming of up and running. Dig it:
    To run a dedicated Daikatana demo server and have it show up in the in-game browser (Powered by GameSpy!) you need to run with "-dedicated" and "+set public 1"

    For example, use the following command line to start a 16 player server on e3dm2:

    daikatana.exe -dedicated +set public 1 +set hostname "!" +set maxclients 16 +map e3dm2

    Unreal 2 Not at E3 - Falcon @ 7:40 pm PST
    Stomped @ E3 has the word that Unreal 2, contrary to previous plans, will NOT be shown at E3 after all this year. Epic Games's Mark Rein spoke to Stomped @ E3 exclusively with the reasons why, and what Epic WILL be showing instead at the expo, at

    Gromada Gold - Falcon @ 7:39 pm PST
    BethSoft's a fast-paced, top-down action racer
    "Gromada", has gold gold and is expected in stores early next month for around $20. More info here

    Warren Spector and Friends Interview - MagicBoy @ 7:36 pm PST
    The Deus Ex Zone has scored yet another interview with a member of the Deus Ex development team. This time it's none other than Warren Spector himself. As an added bonus, Harvey Smith and Chris Norden also contributed a few answers:

    7. Will Deus Ex's relevant weaponry support realistic ballistics and projectile flight trajectory? Could this be a factor determined by the implementation of certain character augmentations?

    >> WARREN SPECTOR: I think I'm going to turn this one over to lead programmer, Chris Norden...<<

    >> CHRIS NORDEN: Our ballistics code is pretty realistic, but in some areas we've traded realism for added fun. Bullets as well as "slow" projectiles will have their trajectory degraded by gravity if you try to exceed the maximum accurate range for that weapon, but we've extended the "realistic" range on some weapons more than others. Augmentations won't affect the physical characteristics of the different weapons, but you can collect weapon mods and modify your weapons to suit your tastes. Your weapon skills will also come into play when using certain type of weapons, allowing you to steady your aim faster, reload faster, and do more damage with certain weapons.<<

    AMD vs Intel P3 - Falcon @ 7:33 pm PST
    Still cant decide which processor to choose from? Take a look at Gamespot's article to find out more.

    Tread Marks Review - Falcon @ 7:29 pm PST
    Longbow Digital Arts' Tread Marks is a tank racing/deathmatch game that hits all of the right buttons. Check out our review to find out more. Read GA's review here

    SoF Patch - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:56 pm PST has gotten ahold of the newest Soldier of Fortune patch, v1.04. You can grab it off of SOFnews, right here. Rick Johnson from Raven also kicked up an update to his .plan concerning the new patch, with a list of the changes in the patch. Here's the clippage:
    The SoF V1.04 BETA patch will be out shortly. Unfortunately, there was a last minute problem patching
    the main PAK file, so I had to remove those changes as well as the EAX changes (which required new data).
    RTPatch seems to crash on Win98 machines when I included that PAK file - I have to wait until Monday to
    get technical support from the people who make RTPatch.

    Remember that this version is a beta patch. It mainly addresses DM server crashes. We haven't done that
    much testing on this yet.

    Daikatana is Golden! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:26 pm PST
    First the Daikatana Demo, now the official word... Thats right, after how many years in the works, John Romero's Daikatana is GOLDEN! Not silver, not bronze, but gold! This comes directly from a post over on GameSpot. Congrads go out to all of Ion Storm! Here's GameSpot's post:
    It's been four years since John Romero's last design effort, Quake, hit store shelves. In that time, he has been hard at work on one of the most controversial games in the industry's history. Romero, of course, is one of the original founders of id Software and co-creator of some of the most successful and instantly recognizable games to date, including the venerable Doom series. His current work-in-progress, Daikatana, has been steeped in controversy and delays for nearly four years.

    Daikatana, however, is no longer a work-in-progress. Eidos, the game's publisher, informed GameSpot today that the game has officially gone gold and will be on store shelves all over the world during the second week of May. Eidos is expected to make an official statement later today.

    I couldnt have put it better myself.

    New Daikatana Demo! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:19 pm PST
    Thats right folks, GameSpot has just kicked up the new Daikatana Single Player Demo, and oh it looks sweet. The new demo weighs in at a hefty 102megs. Go grab it off of GameSpot right now! Here's a little loving from Romero (not that way you perv):
    Here it is, at last. The Official Daikatana Demo. It's taken us many years and a lot of hard work to put this game together and I believe that this demo we've got here is an excellent representation of what you can expect from the full version of the game. In this demo we've included three maps, each from the first three time periods of Daikatana. The fourth time period is not represented in this demo because, well, I would rather have you play the full version to see it.

    Each of the three maps can be played in Single-Player, Deathmatch and Cooperative mode. There are two extra Deathmatch maps, one is a new and improved version of the Gibbler on the Roof map from last year's MPlayer Deathmatch Demo. The other map is a Dark Ages castle/arena (it does NOT have the Nharre's Nightmare weapon on the map if you go looking for it).

    So, grab the demo. I really believe you're going to have a great time with it. It's a fast action FPS at its core, but with a whole lot more going on. And, finally, I want to give a big "Thanks, you guys rock!" to my development team here at Ion Storm -- thanks for sticking with me, guys. It was a long, tough road, but I believe we made some magic up here in the clouds.

    Its Hard to be 3DRealms - MaD-HaTTeR @ 12:53 pm PST
    Thats right, it is. Not like i would know or anything, but thats the name of 3DActionPlanets newest article, describing what 3D Realms is going through right now, with trying to keep the Duke Nukem Forver seen quite. The article even comes with the tastiest of screen shots (nothing new though). Check it out right here. Clippage for your viewing pleasure pleasure:
    It's truly a phenomenal phenomenon (look at my efficient word usage!). 3D Realms, which has made one of the most popular games ever, and is now developing the most anticipated game ever, is at the same time the most beloved and hated game company ever. Well, I exaggerate; but if you've been surfing the web lately, you'll probably get the same feeling.

    The reasons people love 3D Realms is clear: 3D Realms makes great games. Really great games. And it is now making a game that many anticipate to be the greatest game ever made, surpassing even Half-Life and others. Then why all the hostilities? Why does the gaming community hold this unsuppressible rage toward 3D Realms?

    Because it dares to be different. Because it defies traditions. Because it ignores rules that the gaming community has long come to hold as sacred. And, more than anything, it refuses to pamper the gamers.

    I see you're looking at me, confused (or, I hope you're just confused, because I don't swing that way!). But worry not, I'll put things in perspective soon enough. It all started with a delightfully eccentric, and, at the time, somewhat witty phrase that was first uttered as half a joke, and is now taken seriously to the extreme. The phrase: "When it's done".

    Digital Extremes Q&A - MaD-HaTTeR @ 12:46 pm PST
    The Darker Sector has just kicked up a new Interview, with Starsky Partridge from Digital Extremes. The interview focuses around DE's upcoming game, Dark Sector. Its pretty short, but check it out anyway right here. Snippage coming your way:
    OW: What mood wil Dark Sector's music convey?

    SP: Well, dark mostly... the game takes place in a very grim future, and the music will reflect what a nasty place it is (will be)... actually, i'm doing some pretty experimental work right now, i mean who really knows what music will be like in the distant future? all i can really tell you is that it is going to be very different!

    OW: Are there any artists that inspire your music?

    SP: How long do we have? I guess if i had to name a few, i would say spookey ruben, nin, klaatu, boards of canada, pink floyd, brian eno, olivia tremor control, legendary pink dots, skinny puppy, ween, king crimson, aphex twin, and john carpenter... (i know there's probably a few in there you don't know, but they're all cool!!!)

    Linux SoF - MaD-HaTTeR @ 12:34 pm PST
    Linux Games has just gotten their hands on some regarding the Linux version of Soldier of Fortune. Here is the news ganked in its entirety (sp?):
    SoF for Linux will be the full version. There is a parental lockout feature for those who wish to play the less violent version.

    As for Germany, there are several levels of prohibition. I would anticipate SoF to go beyond being indexed and be banned. Anyone selling the product there would be subject to criminal sanctions.

    GameIDE v2.3 - MaD-HaTTeR @ 12:29 pm PST
    GameIDE has just been upgraded, now with version 2.3 available on the official GameIDE Website. Here's a little lovin on the new version:
    Version 2.3 is now done and released, 2.3 now has a whole new workspace type, similar to VC++, in which every file has to be added to the workspace and the program generates compile command based on the files, the installation procedure is also different so be sure to read tutorial I which is now updated to reflect the changes. The old workspaces won't work with the new version, but don't worry, your work won't be lost, just create a new workspace with the the game, cgame, and ui files and your ready to go, the new version also has a improved UI, and other little enhancements, and the new features are for all users, so grab a copy in the files section now!

    Napster Article - MaD-HaTTeR @ 12:22 pm PST
    I know its not really gaming related, but i like Napster, so HA! Only one day after Dr. Dre kicked a big fat lawsuit into Napsters face, an Anonymous author has tossed up an article on, entitled "Napster: Marvel or Madness?." It is a very good article on what Napster is doing to the MP3 Community, and how the world is striking back at it. Check it out right here. Dig the Snippage:
    However, while it has made many friends, Napster has also made many enemies. Major universities have quickly found their networks bogged down by Napster users trading files (reaching up to 33% of server usage at times). Over 50 universities have banned Napster from their networks, and more are following each month. Entertainment officials are fuming over the copyright infringement that Napster drags along with it. With so many people downloading MP3s, bands are quickly being robbed of millions of dollars, money that they (technically) rightfully earned. Even some supporters of MP3s, including me, dislike Napster. Many have found that if your tastes are not completely mainstream, that is, if you don't like Britney Spears or Backstreet Boys or Metallica, you will never find the music you are looking for. In addition, Napster lends itself to singles; those who look for full albums are much better advised to turn elsewhere.

    Dark Sector Music - MagicBoy @ 9:05 am PST
    The Dark Sector has posted an interview with sound effects/music designer Starsky Partridge titled "Who's Who At Digital Extremes":

    OW: Are there any artists that inspire your music?

    SP: How long do we have? I guess if i had to name a few, i would say spookey ruben, nin, klaatu, boards of canada, pink floyd, brian eno, olivia tremor control, legendary pink dots, skinny puppy, ween, king crimson, aphex twin, and john carpenter... (i know there's probably a few in there you don't know, but they're all cool!!!)

    Max Payne Info - MagicBoy @ 8:31 am PST
    I just noticed this over at 3DRealms:

    Max Payne has been in a media blackout for a long time now, and we feel it's time to release some information on the game. The E3 demo will show the latest progress of the game, as well as where we're heading with it. We don't want to spoil anything though, so the demo will be just a small peek to the actual gameplay & content.

    Diablo II, Acts 2 and 3 - MagicBoy @ 8:22 am PST
    GameSpot has put up some new screenshots captured from Acts 2 and 3 of Blizzard's upcoming RPG, Diablo II.

    PIII vs. Athlon - MagicBoy @ 8:17 am PST
    In a rather lengthy article, the folks over at GameSpy have come up with a "comprehensive guide" to the Pentium III and Athlon processors.

    More Tribes Detail - MagicBoy @ 8:12 am PST
    In continuation of their Tribes 2 week, DailyRadar has posted more details, including some background information about some of the various Tribes involved in Dynamix's upcoming squad-based sequel:

    Genetically modified creatures taking bestial form, the BioDerms were once artificially grown slaves and soldiers who served the Empire. Eventually, they revolted against their owners and seized key Imperial military assets. By the time the Empire recovered and rebuilt its forces from human recruits, the BioDerms had conquered over a hundred worlds. The war quickly ground to a bloody stalemate. Now the Hordes seek to break the deadlock and turn their attention to the wilderzone and the wealth of the tribal worlds.

    3 More Deus Ex Interviews - MagicBoy @ 8:02 am PST
    I've just noticed over at Deus Ex Zone that DXIncarnate has conducted interviews with Chad Warren (responsible for recent DX movie), Alexander Brandon of Straylight Productions (involved with music) and Mark Adams, President of Westlake Interactive (MAC port).

    Thursday, April 20, 2000
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    ST: New Worlds Preview - Falcon @ 9:05 pm PST
    On the subject of Star Trek, we have posted our preview of 14 Degrees' upcoming 3D RTS game, Star Trek: New Worlds. Head over here to view it.

    Federation Mod for Homeworld - Falcon @ 9:00 pm PST
    The mod that allows you to play as the (Star Trek)Federation in HomeWorld is now available on the Star Trek vs. Star Wars Homeworld Mod Site.

    Q3A Mission Pack news - Falcon @ 8:54 pm PST
    PlanetQuake has got the exclusive goods direct from Id Software regarding the Quake III Mission Pack. With the news also come two exclusive screens. Get 'em here.

    Legends of Might & Magic Interview - Falcon @ 8:53 pm PST
    The Gate of Anduran is an incredible machine that can allow travel between the worlds of the Might and Magic universe. Unfortunately, an evil, power-hungry madman has come upon the secret of using it to transcend both space and time. His plan is to travel back in time and to alter the course of history, an act that could very conceivably result in the destruction of the world. The world is clearly in dire need of someone to thwart his malevolent scheme.

    Legends of Might & Magic is a new title set in the popular fantasy-based universe from the New World Computing division of publisher 3DO. It was announced last week that Legends will receive its initial public showing at E3.
    We're certainly looking forward to seeing it at the show, but we were also eager to learn more about it beforehand. Fortunately, RPG Vault were able to do so in a very interesting and informative Legends of Might & Magic Interview with Designer Christian Vanover.

    AN Updates - Falcon @ 8:29 pm PST
    Our affiliates, Ancient Nation have been busy as usual lately, heres what they had to say:

    Ancient Nation is pleased to announce several new and exciting features recently added to the AN site. We are still continuing to rebuild the site after our new design was put in place, but some of the older content has been placed back up, and new sections have been added to expand the site.

    On Thursday, a new Top Story will be added. The Top Story is a special report feature on just one particular aspect of games or gaming news. The latest
    Top Story is a special preview of the E3 expo, to be held in May in Las Vegas.
    Although it is only open to the industry, the expo showcases the new games and products to be released in North America for the coming year. Ancient Nation has put together a partial list of the games expected to be shown, and we have included some of the rumors of E3 as well. You can view a preview of the article at

    The Dreamcast Technical pages, our resource center for Dreamcast game development, has received a huge new update. The latest additions include manuals of the various hardware components of the Dreamcast, Windows CE programing information, a new section for VMU game development and more files and articles. You can find the Dreamcast Technical pages here

    Homeworld Nation, our very popular site devoted to the Relic RTS game, has reopened with new downloads and user created maps, the first of many new strategies, and a expanded editorial section. The main page for Homeworld Nation is, and the Homeworld news page is

    At Ancient Nation, we believe in content more than flash, and we have started the process of rebuilding our games sections, with the first home console section being worked on being for the Nintendo 64 game system.

    We support all games, from consoles, computers and the arcade, from the games and systems of yester-year, to the modern games of today. We update daily with new content, and though we have just restarted the process of rebuilding the site, we still have over 250 Megs worth of files, pages, strategies, and editorials available. Updates and site announcements for the site can be viewed in headline format on our main page

    Allegiance Review - Falcon @ 8:21 pm PST
    Gamespy goes out of this world today with a look at Microsoft's new Allegiance. Check out the review here.
    Also new today is a talk with Rebelmind Studios about their upcoming "Light RPG" adventure Grom. Find out the details here.

    New X-COM Alliance Details - Falcon @ 8:20 pm PST
    GA-Source recently spoke to X-COM Alliance's producer to learn more about this promising Unreal-powered tactical shooter. Read more here

    SoF Patch Tomorrow - MagicBoy @ 7:44 pm PST
    I've noticed over at BluesNews that Raven Soft's Rick Johnson has announced in a post on the official Soldier of Fortune message board that the version 1.04 patch (1.1 MB) will be released "late Friday afternoon".

    New Icewind Dale Screenshots - MagicBoy @ 7:37 pm PST
    A few new Icewind Dale screenshots have been posted by the folks at GameCenter.

    Tread Marks review - Falcon @ 7:31 pm PST
    Insane Gamers has just kicked up their review of Tread Marks by Longbow Digital Arts.
    "There are a lot of people out there with dreams of hitting it big in the gaming industry. Longbow Digital Arts is one of those companies, but they stand out from the crowd. The company is family owned and operated, which is something you don't see in everyday companies. Based out of Providence Bay, Ontario Longbow has been around for quite a while."

    ATI to Reveal New Card - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:27 am PST
    While browsing the latest news over on VE, i noticed that ATI will be revealing their newest card on monday at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference which will be taking place in New Orleans.

    Commandos 2 Movie - MagicBoy @ 10:05 am PST
    Games Domain has released a Commandos 2 movie which shows off some nice footage from Pyro Studio's upcoming WWII sequel. Fast connection recommended (it's 84.6 MB).

    Interview Goes Awry - MagicBoy @ 9:51 am PST
    I just noticed this over at VE:

    I wanted to take a moment to state publicly that if any of you caught the Daily Radar interview between me and John Coghlan, I found it to be horribly unprofessional. Mr Coghlan asked me questions via the phone, and didn't bother to spell check, fact check, or get back to me to clarify statements. Furthermore, he paraphrases statements I made and reprints them as direct quotes. It is full of spelling errors, factual errors and incomplete sentences.

    I want to clarify that there are several statements he prints as direct quotes that are totally incorrect. First off, let me state to Epic that of course I am absolutely aware that not only are their enemies ai based, but they have one of the best shooter ai's in the industry. What I actually told Mr. Coghlan was that our game is melee based, meaning that we have lots of melee, or man-to-man weapons. Because of this, we had to alter the UT ai as it is 'obviously not melee based.' There's a big difference between that and what Mr. Coghlan paraphrased as, "we've added our own AI enhancements since the enemies are all computer AI based and obviously UT wasn't."

    In addition, there are just places where he changed what I said to make him seem like a hip, savvy interviewer and ended up misrepresenting critical details of our game. I've written Daily Radar and asked them to do an edit pass on the story and fix the most glaring errors. Hopefully they will do so.

    Thief 2 Review - MagicBoy @ 7:59 am PST
    A new review of Thief 2: The Metal Age has been posted by Gamelinks.Net.

    X-COM Alliance Info - MagicBoy @ 7:55 am PST
    Martin DeRiso, producer of X-COM Alliance, recently devulged some information to GA-Source:

    X-COM Alliance promises to feature similar gameplay found in games like Swat3 and Half-Life, while keeping the distinct X-COM flavor. "We’re keeping a lot of the same gameplay elements, staying true to the brand and its themes to keep it wholly X-COM," stresses DeRiso. "I think FPS fans have us on their radar, and though we’re making more of a “thinking man’s game” than a “mindless shooter”, we hope to attract fans of all genres."

    Rune Interview - MagicBoy @ 7:38 am PST
    An interview of Tim Gerritsen from HumanHead Studios, developers of Rune, has been posted at DailyRadar. A new screenshot rounds out the discussion.

    Also, two new images have been unveiled over at HumanHead Studios with more promised "each following week".

    Soldier of Fortune Review - MagicBoy @ 7:30 am PST
    A review of Raven Soft's Soldier of Fortune has been posted by 3DRage.

    Wednesday, April 19, 2000
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    AvP Gold Shipping cost down 40% - Falcon @ 10:13 pm PST
    Fox Interactive has dropped the cost of the Aliens Versus Predator Millennium Pack nearly 40% to some overseas locations. If you don't have AvP be sure to get the Gold Edition today at as it is the only place to order the Upgrade Pack and the Full release Gold Edition. If you act now you can still get in on the Free Facehugger that is offered to people who order now. If you have missed out on all of the hype as to what the Gold Edition is all about all of your questions can be answered on the site today, so act now.

    Evolva Demo Updated - the_culture @ 9:23 pm PST
    3DFiles has a new updated version of the 3D tactical shooter, Evolva. It's only 120 megs so you'll be able to finish that book you always wanted to finish. Here's a kick to jar your memory:
    Evolva is a tactical shoot-em-up for the PC which immerses the player in a visually stunning 3D world offering a rich gameplaying experience. Driven by Computer Artworks' A-Life technology, this world and its alien inhabitants form a challenging and actually living environment. This updated demo has about 90 megs of movies included.

    New LucasArts Game - the_culture @ 9:17 pm PST
    LucasArts updated their E3 page with the announcement of a new game, Star Wars: Demolition. It's a "no-holds-barred vehicular combat" game. They include the Press Release and some screenshots of the Playstation title. It's scheduled for a Fall 2000 release.

    Even More Deus Ex Info - MagicBoy @ 8:56 pm PST
    GameSpot has posted a six page article about Deus Ex. Here's a brief bit:

    But at its core, Deus Ex is an action game - specifically, a first-person sneaker similar to Thief but set in the near future. And like other such action games, your character is given an arsenal of modern-day weapons and items with which to dispatch his enemies. Deus Ex's arsenal includes handguns, shotguns, rifles, and machine guns, as well as lighter melee weapons and heavier assault guns. Since J.C. starts out the game green, he'll have some difficulty handling any new weapon that comes into his possession. This is where some of Deus Ex's role-playing elements come into play. As in many RPGs, you'll be awarded experience points, called skill points in Deus Ex, every time you accomplish a goal. You can assign these points to a number of skills, including one of five weapon-handling skills, which will improve J.C.'s effectiveness with the game's arsenal. As J.C. progresses through the game, he'll become more proficient with the use of weaponry and be able to dispatch his enemies with ease.

    Included is a screenshot gallery showing some character art.

    Day 3 of Deus Ex - MagicBoy @ 8:47 pm PST
    The third day of Deus Ex coverage has been posted over at PC.IGN. It features a rather lengthy interview with Warren Spector:

    But you know, that's really not the issue for me. I don't think most people play through a single-player game more than once. I mean the hardcore gamers do, but not the majority. I think the coolest thing for me would be if I overheard a conversation or got online and saw people saying, "Wasn't it cool when you kill the guy that's guarding the door and saved Ford Schick?" And another guy says, "You killed that guy? I just went and talked to this other guy and got the key for the room and waited for the guard to walk away." I want people to describe the game and deal with the same problem in different ways. I'm getting chills just thinking about it. I want people to describe their experience differently, and if replayability comes as a side benefit of that, then I'm all over it. But it's the play it through one time and have a unique experience that I'm going for.

    Force Commander Review - Falcon @ 8:31 pm PST
    Games xtreme have added a review for Lucasarts Star Wars Strategy game, Force Commander. With a few problems but generally good gameplay they gave it 88%
    The feel of the game takes a while to get used to, the main problem being the camera, which is very movable but its fixed axis means it can take a while to get used to moving it about. But it won’t be long before you will be flying across the map in full control looking exactly at what you wanted.

    Creative Geforce DDR's for $64 - Falcon @ 8:21 pm PST
    Digital Clips has just dug up some shattering news on Creative's Hong Kong online shop:

    "That's right folks, Creative's online shop's Hong Kong page has gone completely bezerk - GeForce DDRs are selling for HK$496 - that's less than US$64!! YES!! OFF THE OFFICIAL CREATIVE PAGE.

    From what we've heard, lots of people have bought stuff, it'll be interesting to see how Creative deals with this - play it the NECX way and honor the deals, just cancel the orders or ruin their own image by charging the buyers the full 'correct' price?"

    Throne of Darkness First Look - Falcon @ 7:59 pm PST
    3DActionPlanet, has a first look at Throne of Darkness, the new action/RPG hybrid from Click Entertainment and Sierra. Set in feudal Japan, the game has some similarities to everyone's favorite clickfest, Diablo, but it also sports a few unique twists of its own.

    Thief II Review - Falcon @ 7:57 pm PST
    Speedy 3D we has just kicked up a review of the first person sneaker, Thief 2: The Metal Age.
    Slowly arising from your perch your ears catch a glimpse of what appears to be several guards heading across the roofs strait for you. Guessing they have seen your shiny armour glint from the reflection of a streetlight, you swiftly take action. There's not enough time to run and taking on so many guards at once is suicide, yet you have to act and you have to do so quickly. As they near you draw your bow and aim a water arrow directly at the fiery light illuminating the roof where you stand. Moments later the fire is extinguished and a Vail of darkness casts itself upon you.

    Psgnosis, Interplay @ E3 - Falcon @ 7:56 pm PST
    Stomped @ E3 has received a prelimiary list of games Interplay will show at this year's E3, as well as a partial list of titles being shown by Psygnosis at E3 this year. You can view the lists here

    ALso, Stomped @ E3 is giving one person the chance to win two exhibit hall passes to this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. More details can be found at you-know-where.

    Oni Music Interview - Falcon @ 7:53 pm PST has published an exclusive interview with Paul Sebastien, co-founder of Power of Seven, the music/audio team behind the soundtrack for Bungie's anime-inspired action game, Oni - includes 2 MP3s files from the game!

    Weekly CPU Prices - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:40 pm PST
    Well, Sharky Extreme has just tossed up their weekly CPU price guide, which your can peep right here. 1Ghz Athlon for $1329? I might have to mortgage my house for that sucker...

    SIN - The Movie - Storm @ 6:29 pm PST
    The game SIN is going to be ported to a movie. The only wierd thing is that it won't go to theatres. Straight to DVD. You can read more about it here.

    Metal Fatigue Gold - Storm @ 6:21 pm PST
    Psygnosis' robot Real Time Strategy game is nearing release. It has just gone gold. So go request it now at your local EB or Software Etc. Because the game is going to be tight!!!

    Pentium III vs Celeron 2 - Storm @ 6:15 pm PST
    ??? What's up with this? Is the new Celeron 2 going to be just as good as the top of the line Pentium? Check out an article facing these two against each other. Find that here.

    Messiah Review - Storm @ 6:13 pm PST
    The gurus over at The Firingsquad have whipped up a review of Messiah. Check that out right here.

    Tribes II Interview - Storm @ 6:12 pm PST
    If you are a fan of Tribes and are waiting for Tribes II very impationatley like me then you will like this. There is an interview with one of the guys making Tribes II. Find that interview here.

    Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Preview - Storm @ 6:05 pm PST
    If you liek the Star Trek games then here is a new one for you. Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. There is a preview of the game found here. It will most likely have great graphics considering it is using the Quake III engine. So check that out!

    Tiger Woods 2000 Review - Storm @ 6:01 pm PST
    Over at Avault there is a new review of Tiger Woods 2000. I am not much of a golf fan myself but if you are then you might want to check it out. It didn't do so well in their standards. Find that here.

    Monopoly Tycoon Preview - Storm @ 5:58 pm PST
    We've put up a new preview for your reading pleasure. Monopoly Tycoon. The name of the game sounds pretty lame, but it actually looks pretty cool. If you like the Sim City series or the other Tycoon games then this game might interest you. You can check out our preview of Monopoly Tycoon right here.

    More Broussard on E3 - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:51 pm PST
    George Broussard is once again in the news (when isnt he), with a .plan update, concerning once again why they are not showing off Duke Nukem Forever at this years E3, and the post on VoodooExtreme concerning 3DR's Web Forums. I think VE and 3DR have started a war, oh well. Check out the update right here. Snippage for your viewing pleasure:
    I got emails from developers, publishers, web site guys and of course,fans. And the following message sums up the general feeling I saw in most people.

    "I have been reading the recent activity on the Voodoo Extreme Comment Boards. I just want you to know that there are hardcore gamers such as myself who support your decision to keep a lid on DNF 110%. Honestly, I hope I don't see *anything* on Duke until it comes out. It goes back to what you've been saying for a while: the surprise factor. The game will be much cooler if gamers don't know every weapon, item, locale, and monster. Please keep it this way as long as possible.

    I don't think I've been surprised by a game since the original DOOM. Back then, none of us knew anything about it, we just fired up the game and the experience was heavily peppered with exclamations of "Cool!" and "Whoa!" The first time we got the chainsaw, the first time we saw the CyberDemon, etc. I sincerely hope DNF can bring back this "virgin" experience that the internet and print gaming media have taken away."

    I think we can all recall the old Doom days, or Duke 3D, where a game came virtually out of nowhere and blew you away. You didn't have a list of all the locations, items, weapons and monsters. You just loaded it and went "Wow". We are returning to those days long past.

    Duke3D Patch - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:38 pm PST
    Its been awhile since we have seen one of these, eh? Anyway, 3D Realms has just kicked up a new patch for their 1996 hit, Duke Nukem 3D. The small patch should fix some problems Sound Blaster Live! users have been having with the sound in Duke3D. You can grab the patch right here.

    PCXL No More - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:29 pm PST
    Well this is probably the saddest news i have had to report in awhile, as everyones favorite PC Gaming magazine, PC Accelerator is shutting down forever after its June 2000 issue. I know, i am a huge fan of PCXL, and i am extremly saddened by this news, as i have never found any other gaming mags to be as fun to read as PCXL. When i asked PCXL myself why this was so, they responded with only:
    "it's not us, it's "the man.""


    "We didn't want to close any doors. We are more upset about this than you."

    5 New War3 Screenshots - KuSh @ 2:23 pm PST
    Blizzard has just put up 5 mighty-fine screenshots. They look extremely nice. They also have an awesome orc face on the left side of the page. Go here to see the screenshots, you won't be disappointed!

    Article About Rune - MagicBoy @ 10:58 am PST
    Gamespy has posted a rather lengthy aricle about the progess of Human Head Studio's upcoming Viking slasher, Rune.

    "I come in, sit down, check e-mail, check industry news, do whatever work I've got to do (like skin a model, rip a model, tile, etc.), eat lunch, do more work, kick DeWitt's ass in UT, go home," he said, with more than a hint of enjoyment.

    "Lies! All of it!" rebutted DeWitt.

    Whatever the truth, the two friends have found something to temporarily escape crunch mode. Depending on who you ask, crunch mode is almost universally considered a period of hell for game developers.

    Updated Cataclysm Preview - MagicBoy @ 10:42 am PST
    I've just noticed over at Gamespot that they have an updated preview of Homeworld:Cataclysm, the upcoming expansion pack.

    Project IGI Preview - MagicBoy @ 10:35 am PST
    Incite has posted a quick preview of Interloops's (published by Eidos Interactive) upcoming 3D shooter, Project IGI. Read this:

    To ensure the realism, the guys at Interloop (who are based in Norway) flew to Finland to test-fire some hardcore weapons. The goal was to accurately capture the essence of each gun by realistically modeling its sound, feel, and damage potential in the game. Wensley says of the experience, "We fired everything from .22 handguns to .45 'Dirty Harry' Magnums, Uzi 9mm's, AK47s, M16 assault rifles, Berretas, and a Sterling, a British silenced sub machine gun — that was scary."

    Messiah Review - MagicBoy @ 10:25 am PST
    The folks over at The FiringSquad have posted a new review of Shiny's recently released Messiah:

    The Messiah developers claimed that they had quite an incredible graphics engine on their hands and they weren't lying or exaggerating. I'm glad to say Messiah definitely matured under all those years of development. It didn't turn skunky like beer, but rather it aged like a nice hunk of Gouda.

    Deus Ex Interview and Forum - MagicBoy @ 10:13 am PST
    The Deus Ex Zone has posted a new interview with Harvey Smith, lead designer of Deus Ex. Here's a sample:

    Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched?

    Haha. You read enough conspiracy stuff and it starts to bother you. Driving down the highways in Texas, there are these big billboards that someone has paid for. They say: "COULD THE UN BE PLANNING TO INVADE TEXAS? CALL 1800XXXXXXX TO FIND OUT." Creepy. One day, while Warren and I were sitting in his office hashing out some design issue, he stopped talking, looked at me, then focused on something on his desk. I looked at what had caught his attention--it was a small red light. His microphone--just the standard part of some Windows PC setups--was on. It was plugged in. It was not recording (we think), but the point is, we've been sitting in that office discussing fairly intense design and business issues for more than 2 years, and we never noticed that the microphone was plugged in and switched on. Creepy.

    Also, there's a new DX forum up. Register and start posting!

    Tuesday, April 18, 2000
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    Can't find what you're looking for? Send a request!

    Deus Ex Coverage, Day 2 - MagicBoy @ 7:43 pm PST
    PC.IGN has posted more information about Deus Ex. Here's a quick bit:

    So far I've saved Liberty Island, explored the UNATCO headquarters, hung out in a seedy bar, liberated Battery Park from a terrorist attack, infiltrated a heavily-guarded warehouse, and have genaerally just been spreading good deeds around the greater New York area. While the code is unoptimized at this point and a bit choppy on slower systems, it ran like butter on a PIII500 with a Voodoo3. Of course, the game should run a lot smoother as it gets closer to release, and even at this stage the code itself is extremely stable and I experienced only one crash over four days of steady playing.

    Go for the news but stay for the new screenshots and movie.

    DromEd- The New Theif II Editor - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:51 pm PST
    Looking Glass Studios has just kicked out its new level editor for its First Person Sneaker, Theif II: The Metal Age. Grab it right here and start mapping!

    Interview Mania - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:47 pm PST
    Well today seems to be the day for interviews, as they are flying around the web like, well.., like interviews. Ok, anyway, check out all these fine interviews:
  • Everquest Interview over on GameSpot UK
  • Anarchy Online Interview over on GameLinks
  • Raven Interview over on 3DActionPlanet
  • Pool of Radiance Interview over on GameSpot UK
  • Short Aureal Q&A over on PCGN
  • Diablo 2 Interview over on
  • Epic Interview over on PlaetUnreal
  • Ritual Interview over on
  • Well thats it... for now...

    Triple Play 2001 Demo - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:53 pm PST
    The A-Vault has just managed to get their hands on a playable demo for Triple Play 2001, which you can get your hands on right here. Heres some info:
    Experience the drama, the glory and the fun of baseball in Triple Play 2001. Featuring today's power hitters and the legends of the past. The all-new fielding view, enhanced player models and signature styles, all add up to deeper gameplay realism. Play the demo and prove that you can handle the heat - it's the AL vs NL All-Stars at Turner Field. Play Ball and Go Yard!
    The Triple Play 2001 demo consists only of:

  • Single Game Mode
  • Turner Field only
  • All-Star Rosters only
  • 3 Innings only
  • No commentary
  • New GLSetup - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:49 pm PST
    Ok, admit it, you use it. I use it, we all use it, GLSetup that is (what were you thinking, you perv). Well there is a new version out today, v1.0.0.114, which you can grab right here. Tell em the HaTTeR sent ya.

    Voodoo 5 Preview & Benchmarks - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:43 pm PST
    HardOCP (no, i dont know what the OCP stands for), has just slapped up a preview of the Voodoo 5 5500 AGP, with a set of benchmarks they took. And i mean, ALOT of benchmarks. The card looks pretty sweet if your ask me. Here's a little clippage sweetness for ya:
    I figured we would get straight to the heart of the matter and simply post the Quake 3 Arena benchmarks that you probably want.

    I am going to start with what I consider the most important of the benchmarks as how the hardware community will see them. If you purchase this card for the features it has, most importantly FSAA (full screen anti aliasing), it seems you will be most likely to use it in 2X FSAA mode.

    These benchmarks are taken using No FSAA, 2 Sample FSAA (2X FSAA), and 4 Sample FSAA (4X FSAA) running a PIII Coppermine 650, 128 megs of SDRam, on an ABIT BF6. We decided to use a "middle of the road" CPU to see what the Voodoo 5 might bring to many systems out there. Quake 3 Demo001 was run several times and the best score was used.

    Starcraft News - Gibb @ 3:49 pm PST
    A lot of things have been going on in the Starcraft community lately, heres a few a them:

    • X'Ds~Grrr... has been interviewed by his clanmate, X'Ds~FirE. They talk about well, a whole lot of things. Go check it out for yourself.
    • A new possible bug has been uncovered by IN-Python, and he has written a nice report about it here
    • Blizzard Fan has posted another editorial, this one covering manners in Starcraft and gaming in general. Check it out here.

    Interview with Kenn Hoekstra - MagicBoy @ 7:16 am PST
    3DActionPlanet has posted quite a nice interview with Raven Soft's Kenn Hoekstra. They discuss such things a past, present and future projects:

    Ken: Finishing Voyager - Elite Force is our number one priority. Three of our guys are out at the PlayStation II developer's conference right now laying the groundwork for our PSXII game. Beyond that, we have a number of options and offers on the table right now. It's just a question of "What do we want to do now?" Nothing is official at this time...

    Vampire Preview, Part 2 - MagicBoy @ 6:54 am PST
    Computer Games Online has put up Part 2 of their preview of Nihilistic's upcoming Vampire: The Masquerade-Redemption.

    Tribes 2 Preview - MagicBoy @ 6:42 am PST
    The Daily Radar has started off Tribes 2 week with a nice preview. Look here:

    The expected complement of new weapons and new vehicles will also be included. The weapons have not been finalized yet, but the new vehicles include ground complements to the air vehicles. There is a single-driver scout ground vehicle, as well as others that include turret gunner placements. Also new to Tribes 2 is an entire new race called the BioDerm Horde. Not much is known about this new race as of this writing.

    Time to upgrade to DSL.

    3 Days of Deus Ex - MagicBoy @ 6:31 am PST
    I've just noticed that PC.IGN has kicked off day one (of three) of their coverage of ION Storm's upcoming sci-fi, action RPG, Deus Ex. Here's a brief statement:

    As excited as we were about the game before, our trip out to ION Storm Austin just made us more anxious to see the final product. Thankfully it looks like they keep progressing at a good clip every time we see the game. The thing that interests us most about Deus Ex is it's a game you can totally make your own. You can take the patient route and play it in a similar fashion to Thief, or you can go in with guns blazin'. It's totally up to you how the game plays.

    Excited? Me too. Thanks, Deus Ex Zone.

    Monday, April 17, 2000
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    Note - Surebrec @ 10:34 pm PST
    Just so everyone knows, I was formerly Cerberus, but I've changed my name because I've noticed that a lot of people use Cerberus. Thanks.

    BG II IRC Chat - Surebrec @ 10:33 pm PST
    The developers of Black Isle Entertainment are holding a developer's chat. Here's all the info that's needed:


    Black Isle Studios, BioWare Corp. and the Vault Network are proud to present an IRC chat for Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn, the eagerly-awaited sequel to 1998’s million-selling RPG of the Year. Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn is a mythic saga continuing the much-loved Baldur’s Gate storyline. The Forgotten Realms adventure ensues along the southern portion of the Sword Coast in the merchant kingdom known as Amn.

    WHO: You and members of the Baldur’s Gate II team.
    WHAT: Baldur’s Gate II IRC Chat
    WHERE: The chat will take place on IRC.
    PORT: 6667
    CHANNEL: #vault
    WHEN: Tuesday, March 18, 2000 6:00pm Pacific Time
    WHY: A million happy fans can’t be wrong!

    Source: VE

    Yet More Deus Ex Info - MagicBoy @ 7:36 pm PST
    Once again, I've noticed over at the Deus Ex Zone that Incite has posted a very brief look at Deus Ex. Read on:

    You can be a sneaky hacker (some of the Deus Ex developers worked on Thief, remember) and play the game slinking around corners and avoiding having to kill anyone, or you can invest your points in your rifle skills — among others — and hone your sharpshooting skills to the point where you can pleasantly kill everyone in the game (it's based on the Unreal engine after all). We hear there's one tester who believes the only skills necessary to the game are swimming and environmental training. We're not sure how that works, but whatever floats your boat, man.

    Q3A Mapping Tutorial - Falcon @ 7:22 pm PST
    Fusion has written another Quake III Arena mapping tutorial. This one will help beginner mappers construct two rooms and an archway. Tutorial 4 is focused on mapping "for beginners" so new mappers can really learn how to construct cool new maps without getting too complicated and technical. The new tutorial can be found in the Tutorials section. View it here

    Also on the topic of Quake, GameIDE 2.2b for registered users only has been released at, and the new version features a new UI and
    working undo.

    NASCAR 2000 Review - Falcon @ 7:06 pm PST
    Actiontrip have posted a review of NASCAR 2000, It's not really what you might call an ultimate racing game, but it has a few good aspects here and there... Check out our review here

    Hard Truck 2 Screens - Falcon @ 5:14 pm PST
    Damage Gaming have just posted four exclusive new screenshots from the upcoming Hard Truck 2, as well as another music sample in MP3 format that can be found on their Hard Truck 2 Music Sample page.

    Diablo Dance!! - KuSh @ 5:02 pm PST
    You know those sites with the dancing fish and etc.? Well, here's the the Diablo Dance!!

    The first one to tell me what song is on the page and its artist will be recognized. Enjoy!

    Broussard on E3 - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:50 pm PST
    George Broussard from 3DRealms, has just slapped up a rather long update to his .plan, concerning why 3DR will not be showing a Duke Nukem Forever video in the upcoming E3. Check out the whole thing here. Here's a snip:
    Before rumors start, we want to clarify our E3 plans. We will not be showing Duke Nukem Forever (DNF) at E3, not as a video, nor in back room

    This is the same policy we had last year. We do not believe including DNF in the E3 dog and pony show will benefit our goal with the game, which quite simply is to surprise the player with unexpected content and gameplay. E3 can be a great spoiler of game content and we believe this to be the case for DNF if we show it there.

    Pro's of doing an E3 video:

    * Mainly an ego boost for the team. You get to show off. But this showing off is best saved for the game's release.

    * Fans see what you are up to and much press and buzz can be generated.

    Con's of doing an E3 video:

    * You can greatly spoil the game for fans. We do not want to show you specific details of the game because we'd rather you experience them when you play for the first time.

    * You tip off competitors months before your game ships and devalue your hard work which can easily be replicated once seen.

    * You depreciate your game content. Once it is seen, it becomes "expected and known" and people naturally want more upon release.

    * You have to show too much. We don't want to show everything and spoil the game and we certainly don't want to waste time doing some "teaser" video.

    SiN: The Movie Trailer - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:37 pm PST
    The official SiN: The Movie page has been updated with the news of a SiN: The Movie trailer showing at the upcoming E3. Heres the dirt:
    SIN:THE MOVIE at E3!

    If you are lucky enough to attend this awesome show, come by booth #2674 in the West Hall.

    ADV will be showing off our new booth and showing some trailers for SIN: The Movie. We will be giving away t-shirts, posters and other goodies.

    To top it off, we will be holding a cool deathmatch for all you "sinners" to show off your stuff. Prizes are TBA and it will only be for one day, so come by the booth to sign up.

    Special thanks to the guys at Ritual for their technical support and the folks over at AMD for supplying the computers.

    Sony Expanding Into Munitions Production? - MagicBoy @ 10:15 am PST
    In an attempt to restrict the exportation of the PlayStation 2 console from Japan before its intended shipping date, Sony has managed to convince the Japanese Trade Ministry that the PS2 contains enough processing power to run a missile guidance system!
    Read more here.

    Epic Lawsuit - MagicBoy @ 9:54 am PST
    I just noticed this over at UnrealUniverse:

    In a move that could literally shake Epic's ivory tower to its foundation, infamous hacker Jeff K is suing Epic Games on the grounds of "Eipic studios FAGOTS haev decideded too use my liekness (my pictare) on theyre stupid Ricket Areana mod for Unreally Stupid Tournamint!!"

    Click here to read the entire, uh, story.

    Thief 2 Walkthroughs - MagicBoy @ 9:22 am PST
    The Thief2 related site,Garret's Notebook has been updated with a few new mission walkthroughs. Included is a before/after the patch comparison of two screenshots.

    Alice Interview - MagicBoy @ 9:12 am PST
    Dark Places, a site devoted to American McGee's Alice, has posted an interview with Peter Mack, one of Alice's programmers. Here's a sample:

    The best advice for getting a job in the industry, regardless of what you do, is to just start doing the work. If you're a game designer, start making maps. If you're an artist, make models or skins. The same goes for programmers; they should start writing mods and tools for existing games.

    3 New Nocturne Missions - MagicBoy @ 9:03 am PST
    The Spookhouse has posted 3 user created missions for Terminal Reality's Nocturne. They are appropriately named "Not Act 1", "Ashes of Barnesville", and "The Awakening".

    Sunday, April 16, 2000
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    Dungeon Siege Interview - Raven @ 8:39 pm PST
    Chris Taylor has been interviewed over at DS.Org. The interview covers Chris's first RPG project, namely Dungeon Siege. DS is an RPG game set in a distant land of wizzards and warriors. This Interview, whilst in depth is a little confusing for anyone who doesn't know much about RPG's or Dungeon Siege. You can read the interview here, but I recommend reading the preview on this page first. The interview is still a very good read.

    Ground Control Beta - Raven @ 8:32 pm PST
    Sierra is on the look out for 1000 beta testers for their real-time strategy game Ground Control. 1000 gamers will be chosen to test Sierra latest project, if they register over at Sign-ups will begin on Thursday April 13, and will close at the end of the day on Sunday April 16. Anyone intertested should definately go and register, ground control looks like it will be a great game!

    Dark Reign 2 News - Raven @ 8:24 pm PST
    First up Gamepost have grabbed afew nifty looking screenshots off the 3D strategy game, Dark Reign 2. There are 9 shots in total covering a variety of things such as in game playing and what look like unit statistics. You can view them here

    sample picture

    Secondly CD-MAG have gone and uploaded part 2 of their DR2 preview. Moderately long and fairly indepths, it is a good read, especially if your curious about Pandemic Studios upcoming project. You can get part 2 here, or you can start by reading part 1 here.

    Interviews and other Stuff - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:56 pm PST
    Im really tired right now so i will take the easy way out of news, and just slap up a list of all the interviews, screen shots, etc. Read on:
  • Tribes 2 Interview over on
  • Outcast 2 Interview over on Outcast Central
  • F.A.K.K. 2 Interview on The Mushroom
  • Messiah Q&A over on GA-Source
  • Dungeon Siege Interview over on

    Screen Shots

  • Ground Control Shots on GA-Strategy, and even more on Voodoo Extreme.
  • Sacrifice Shots on IGN PC
  • Rollcage Shots over on GA-Sports
  • DNF Models - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:42 pm PST
    Chris Hargrove from 3DRealms has just kicked up a post over on the DNF Web Forums with some info on DNF Modeling tools. Dig it:
    We intend to release our model development tools with the game just as we are releasing the level editor. In terms of skeletal data, all our skeletons and animations are currently built from text files exported by Bones Pro within 3DS Max. That's not to say we may not eventually have home grown facilities to do skeletal modification (just as we do for model texture skinning, which is done using an inhouse tool that will ship with the game), but merely that we don't at this point. Overall, adding new models to the game should be a relatively painless process assuming you have some source of data, whether it be from our tools or other ones from the outside. For humanoid skeletal models you also get the added benefit of being able to use all our animation data as long as the model skeleton's bone names and hierarchy conform to ours.

    Regardless of the tools we provide with the game, the model file format is fully documented and will be released with the tools. That way no matter what we manage to provide, someone on the outside could make additional model editing tools if they had the capability and interest.

    Linux UT 413 - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:38 pm PST
    Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart from Epic has just slapped up an update to his .plan, with word of the Linux version of the UT 413 patch. Dig it:
    UT 413 for Linux is available. Go to for a list of download mirrors as well as information on the patch.

    UT Rocket Arena 1.25 - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:34 pm PST
    Well the patches for the new UT Rocket Arena mod are really flying by. v1.25 has just been released over on the RockatArena Site. This came abuot an hour after 1.2 was released, which i didnt even have time to post about. Anyway, go download the new version because its not compatible with older versions in multiplayer.

    ECW: hardcore Revolution Review - Falcon @ 6:43 pm PST
    Gamesxtreme have just uploaded thier latest review of ECW: Hardcore Revolution on the N64.
    Personally, I’m undecided about this game. It’s quite a good game, but because it’s ECW and not WWF, I don’t like it as much. In no way does that affect the game at all. Because the game it self, is still extremely good! This game is worth the buy if wrestling games are your thing. I don’t really know whether this game, personally would be on my list of games to buy. I like a lot of aspects about it but there’s a few, which quite frankly, get on my nerves!

    Tzar Review - Falcon @ 6:42 pm PST
    Gamespy takes a look at the new RTS Tzar: Burden of the Crown. Find out if it was a burden to review at this location
    Fargo also continues his quest to get Gamespy votes for the Webby awards as he tours the country. Check out his latest tour stop here

    Motocross Madness II Preview - Falcon @ 6:40 pm PST
    Exxtreme3D has just whipped up a hands-on preview of Microsoft/Rainbow Studio's upcoming sequel, Motocross Madness 2. Along with the events of the original title, MCM2 also offers two new events, Enduro and Pro-Circuit. Here's a unicyle for you:
    "The very idea of riding motorcycles around a track again and again and again didn't exactly grab my attention. In general, racing games don't give me that adrenaline rush and excitement like first-person shooters. However, being the unbiased reviewer that I am, I reluctantly cleared my head of any negative feelings toward the games. Surprisingly, I actually found this game not to be as boring as I thought (and at some points, even funny)."

    Tribes 2 Interview - MagicBoy @ 4:43 pm PST
    The Dynamix Team has given a seven page interview to Tribes2Players.

    More Deus Ex Info - MagicBoy @ 4:34 pm PST
    I just noticed over at the Deus Ex Zone that the PC Zone has posted a very interesting interview/preview of ION Storm's upcoming sci-fi RPG, Deus Ex. Dig it:

    "This is a graphic example of how our skills work," Warren explains. "At the moment I'm completely unskilled with the rifle. I'm not touching the keyboard or the mouse, but look how it shakes. What do you think the odds are of hitting that guy?" Warren asks us. We tell him that practice makes perfect.

    How do you like that?

    Voodoo 5 Pre-Order - MaD-HaTTeR @ 10:03 am PST
    Thats right, you can now pre-order the Voodoo5 5500 PCI and AGP over at the online 3Dfx Shop. Now, if i only had the cash...

    Saturday, April 15, 2000
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    Action Gaming test - Falcon @ 3:30 pm PST
    3DActionPlanet have their weekly Action Gaming Test. These self-scoring tests measure your knowlege of gaming trivia. This week it's horror games, covering titles like Nocturne, System Shock, Blood, and others.

    Q3A DM pack Sketch Art - Falcon @ 3:28 pm PST
    The Mean Arena have their Q3A DM Pack sketch art week up. It will display some sketch art of some of the work you'll find in the DM Pack. Be here all week everyday 4/14 - 21 for a new sample. And expect the pack very soon! :) Head over here to check it out.

    Poll - Falcon @ 3:23 pm PST
    The poll has been reset with DSL as an option .. apologies for that little oversight.

    Teenjump Launches - Falcon @ 3:21 pm PST
    Today, Teenjump has launched their preview site after building for several months.

    Some cool features include:
    Contests! - Win a free CD every month
    Lowdown - Drug and alcohol information
    Radio show - Coming this week
    And SOOOO much more!

    If you would like to post comments about the site on a public message board, please visit here:

    Interview with a Blair Witch - MagicBoy @ 9:28 am PST
    An interview with Terminal Reality's Jeff Smith has been posted over at PC.IGN. Take a look:

    JS: We've tried to keep a lot of the same in terms of the atmosphere. A lot of the scary experiences that you got from Blair Witch were through hearing things, and we have a background sound engine in there to reproduce that. We've got digital surround sound, and emulation so you can track about a moving object. So, you know with the creepy camera angles, and the environment created by the sound, you're going to get that bit more spine tingling. But you will definitely come in face-to-face contact with some horrors, but I would venture to say, most of what you might be researching will always kind of be alluded to by the camera's eye. There's going to be some stuff that I'm sure you will see in your face because, you just kind of have to after a while. After an hour and a half of traipsing around you just need something to jump out at you, something you can let a bit of steam off at, something you can just basically shoot.

    GameIDE v2.0 - MaD-HaTTeR @ 9:26 am PST
    The very popular program for editing Quake 3's source code, Q3IDE has expanded. With the new version comes a new name, GameIDE, as the game will not just be for Q3A editing anymore. GameIDE now has Quake II support, with support for Half-Life, Sin, and SOF, on the way. You can grab it off of the GameIDE page.

    New Winamp - MaD-HaTTeR @ 9:13 am PST
    Although Winamp isnt gaming related, i couldnt live without it, so ill post some WinAmp smack. Anyway, v2.62 of this MP3 playin god send has just been released. Go check it out over on the Winamp Site.

    UT RocketArena 1.1 Patch - MaD-HaTTeR @ 9:01 am PST
    Well, Epic has already slapped up a new patch, v1.1, for their RocketArena UT mod, which they only released yesterday. It should fix some major bugs. Go grab it off of Unreal Universe. if you havent gotten 1.0 yet, you can just download the full version of 1.1, right here.

    Dark Reign II Preview - MagicBoy @ 6:30 am PST
    Computer Games Online has posted a new preview of Dark Reign II, an upcoming 3D RTS. It takes quite an in depth look at the game along with listing some of the available units for each side.

    Ruins of Kunark Ships - MagicBoy @ 6:19 am PST
    According to GameSpot, Ruins of Kunark, the expansion pack for EverQuest, has begun shipping.

    Deus Ex Info - MagicBoy @ 6:13 am PST
    GameSpy has posted the results of a trip to Austin, Tx. Included are a few new screenshots as well as several neat quotes. Here's an example:

    "There was one instance where the character was on the roof with a sniper rifle," he said. "And he had a silencer, so there was no way the guys on the ground should be able to hear him." But a few seconds after he began firing, one of the guys on the ground looked up and began firing at him. Only later did we realize that the NPCs on the ground reacted to the sound of shell casings hitting the ground."

    TF2 Interview - MagicBoy @ 5:53 am PST
    PC.IGN has posted an in depth interview with game designer Robin Walker, co-founder of Team Fortress and one of the development engineers over at Valve. Here's an excerpt:

    IGNPC: What new tricks do you think you'll provide that other games like Rogue Spear and Delta Force 2 don't offer?

    RW: We're not really aiming to be like either of those games. Our focus is primarily on allowing a lot of different people to play a game that allows each of them to play their own way, and to have a lot of fun interacting with each other in interesting situations, whether it's talking to them, attacking them, healing them, aiding them, or being aided by them.

    Cataclysm Screenshot - MagicBoy @ 5:45 am PST
    GA-Strategy has posted a new screenshot of Homeworld: Cataclysm as well as a discussion of some of its more prominent features:

    Homeworld: Cataclysm, the next episode in the Homeworld universe, promises to improve upon the Homeworld interface, and add features such as waypoints and sensor screen attack commands. The developer Barking Dog Studios promises that these enhancements will add a new dimension to the ground-breaking combat and gameplay pioneered in Homeworld.

    Friday, April 14, 2000
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    Bridge Commander Interview - Falcon @ 10:54 pm PST
    Stomped has posted a brief Q&A with Totally Games about their upcoming space sim Star Trek: Bridge Commander. Check it out at

    Die hard Trilogy2 Review - Falcon @ 10:53 pm PST
    Fox Interactive's Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas promised three exciting games in one. However, what it ends up delivering is three bad games in one.
    Read the review to find out more.

    NFS: Porsche Unleashed Review - Falcon @ 7:48 pm PST
    We have just kicked up our latest preview, this one of the latest in the Need for Speed Series, NFS: Porsche Unleashed. So run, don't walk over to here to view it.

    New Poll - Falcon @ 7:23 pm PST
    It's about time for a new poll here at GS, the latest one is, "What speed is your internet connection?" Here's a chance to compare what you have to fellow gamers in the community, head over here to vote.

    Results of previous poll:

    Yes            425    50.60 %

    No             415    49.40 %

    TOTAL     840    100.00 %


    We're Hiring! - Falcon @ 7:13 pm PST
    Gamesurge has reopened it's doors to new staff members and is looking for people in a variety of positions. If you aren interested, head over to the jobs page to see if you can qualify.

    Interview: Raven Software - Falcon @ 6:52 pm PST
    Hazardteam has made an interview with "Michael Raymond-Judy" from Raven Software, you can find it now on the fallowing adresses:

    - German:
    - English:

    Are You Hardcore? - Falcon @ 6:51 pm PST takes you back to class with a quiz. Are you a hardcore gamer? Take the test to find out - 230 questions (and it's even graded it for you). So rev up your mouse, get your click finger ready and check out

    They also take a look at the Greek hero game Invictus. Was it a Herculean effort or something Aphrodite would love? Check out the review here

    But wait, there's more:

  • Heroes of Might and Magic III Review

  • Vote for GameSpy, win an Audi TT Coupe! No joke!

  • Planet Fargo - Fargo explores the realm of the dead in his take on the Sixth Sense...

    Interview: Paul Hughes - Falcon @ 6:47 pm PST
    Recently Starlancer Vault caught up with Paul Hughes, Lead Programmer for StarLancer.
    "Paulie" gave some excellent information about the inner workings of StarLancer. Here is a quote from the interview:
    What do you consider the major features of the game engine, and why?

    I suppose I have to quote the old favourite; "The sheer number of transformed, dynamically lit and lightmapped triangles that we render per frame". We're also quite proud of our dynamic level of detail; it saved the artists' months of work in that they didn't have to build, say, six versions of every object, and because we morph the detail levels from one to the other there is no visible "popping" artifacts as the detail levels switch...

    Print vs Online Mags Article - Falcon @ 6:25 pm PST
    3DActionPlanet has an article that examines the pro's and con's of print vs. online magazines. We got some quotes from Tasos Kaiafas, editor-in-chief at incite PC Gaming and some other folks aboutn the issue. Print mags fared much better than you might think!

    Rollcage 2 Review - Falcon @ 6:22 pm PST
    Actiontrip have a new Rollcage II review, a lot of eye-candy, speed and fun racing to be found in this one... Although there are two major complaints --- Ugly textures; déjà vu. Don't believe us? Well, then you'll just have to hyperlink yourselves to this location!
    Enjoy! And if reviews are not your cup of tea, we could always arrange for some free sample XXX research material to be mailed your way...

    Shattered Galaxy Opens - Falcon @ 6:20 pm PST
    GA-Strategy is reporting that online game developer Nexon has opened their beta test of Shattered Galaxy, a massive online real-time tactical warfare game, to all testers. More here

    Thief II Review - Falcon @ 6:16 pm PST
    Neoseeker have posted their "first person sneaker" review, Thief II: The Metal Age from Eidos/Looking Glass Studios.
    "The "fun factor" is what personally makes or breaks the game for me. Basically, if I don't keep playing it after a week that game will go down in my books as a waste of time and money. No worries here: Thief II boasts over 60 hours of gameplay according to the box, and plenty more if you plan on playing the Hard or Expert difficulty levels. These settings provide a sense of true re-playability by changing dramatically changing the dynamics of the game. The harder the difficulty, the more foes you deal with, the more loot you have to grab, the more tasks you have to complete, and the more restrictions there are on who you can kill. On some missions, you can’t even blackjack, much less kill, anyone."

    Gamespy exclusive: Ron Gilbert's departure - Falcon @ 6:12 pm PST
    Gamespy has an exclusive story regarding Ron Gilbert's departure from Humongous Entertainment. They got to talking with some industry insiders and were gaven the full scoop. Check it out here!!

    Starlancer Chat Log - Falcon @ 6:07 pm PST
    Winners of the StarLancer preview program got a chance to chat with Erin Roberts this evening. You can find the chat log right here:

    UT Rocket Arena Released! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:36 pm PST
    Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart has just updated his .plan with great news of the UT mod, Rocket Arena, has been released. Here's the smack:
    Rocket Arena for Unreal Tournament has been released at my Rocket Arena site:

    So go get it! There is information about the mod on the site, so I won't repeat it here. I've had fun working on the mod, but now I've got to turn back onto Epic stuff. Mike 'Mongo' Lambert is going to take over the project (he's kick ass.)

    I've got the Linux patch put together and need to release that tonight too, but I'll go get some food first. Dan Vogel has integrated all the OpenUT stuff so I'll talk about that later.

    Triforge Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:31 pm PST
    Remember awhile ago 3 guys from Blizzard dropped out and formed a new company called Triforge? Well has just slapped up an interview with the company, focusing on how the companies coming and what their plans are for triforge. You can check out the interview right here. Here's a little bit of clippage to get your juices flowing:
    In one word, describe your experience working at Blizzard?

    Inspirational! We were inspired to be working on great games with some exceptionally talented people, and we are inspired to take games and Internet gaming to new heights with Triforge.

    What would motivate three highly successful men with great jobs to take on all the risks involved with a starting a new gaming company?

    We believe that truly innovative games come from small, focused companies. We are building Triforge around this belief so that we can take Internet gaming in bold new directions.

    What are you working on right now?

    Other than the time spent in interviews and resume combing, the lion's share of our time is spent developing our business plan, refining our game design, and prototyping the technologies that we will need to get our first big game out the door.

    Computer Games at the Movies - MagicBoy @ 7:50 am PST
    The DailyRadar has posted an interesting article about possible upcoming movies based on computer games. It's quite an interesting read:

    "Movie Title: Quake
    Behind the Scenes: Surprisingly enough, there doesn't seem to be any trace of a Quake movie on the horizon. Much like its counterpart Doom, the violent game became a scapegoat after the Columbine shootings, held up as the example of all that was evil in the computer game world.
    Expectations: Expect protests from gun control advocates if this picture ever gets moving.
    Phrase Most Likely Heard Exiting Theater: 'I want a rocket launcher so f*cking bad.'"

    Elite Force Interview - MagicBoy @ 7:21 am PST
    German website Hazard Team HQ has posted an interview with Michael Ramond Judy, level designer for Raven's upcoming Voyager Elite Force:

    Benjamin Boerner: "Did you ever want to throw your computer out of the window because of problems you had building a level?" ;o)
    MRJ: "Well, my windows don't open (at least I have some) so that would not work too well. I have broken a keyboard or two in the past though..."

    Don't worry, the interview can also be read in German.

    Thief 2 Review - MagicBoy @ 6:52 am PST
    The FiringSquad has posted a fairly complimentary review of Looking Glass Studio's Thief 2: The Metal Age, giving it an 83% rating. Here's a clip:

    "This time around, he again finds himself embroiled in the byzantine politics of the City. There's a new Sheriff in town and his policies are cutting into Garrett's profits, in addition to pettier concerns like repressing the rights of the citizens, but that's not important."

    SimCity 3000 Unlimited Preview - MagicBoy @ 6:40 am PST
    The folks over at GameSpot have posted a nice preview of Maxis' upcoming release, SimCity 3000 Unlimited. Here's a quick bit:

    "SimCity 3000 Unlimited is not an expansion pack for the original SimCity 3000, but rather a complete stand-alone game that features new additions requested by vocal SimCity fans."

    CPL Kicks Off Today - MagicBoy @ 6:28 am PST
    The Cyberathlete Professional League began its summer circuit today in Dallas, Texas. GameCenter has posted an excellent article detailing this event.

    Video Cards and SoF - MagicBoy @ 6:09 am PST
    In The Trenches has posted a rather large article concerning the performances of a variety of video cards when running Soldier of Fortune. By the way, this article was written by John J Scott, Technology programmer over at Raven Software.

    Thursday, April 13, 2000
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    Patches - the_culture @ 9:50 pm PST
    3DFiles has a couple of patches to help fix your broken games. They have the 1.23 patch for Mig Alley; and they have the EMBM patch (Environment Mapped Bump Mapping) for Rollcage Stage II.

    Planetscape Torment review - Falcon @ 9:35 pm PST
    Games xtreme have posted up thier review of Planescape Torment, giving it 91% and rating it a games xtreme essential game!
    Taking the latest version of Bioware’s Infinity Engine and making good use of it Interplay have once again pulled out all the stops, this RPG oozes gameplay from the word go. As usual the myriad of enemies you come across usually means that your running in the opposite direction looking for weaker opponents to pick on until you can face the never ending onslaught your put through until your such a kick ass fighter and the group your with don’t start running away when they see a skeleton charging towards them with a toothpick!

    DNF Stuff - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:48 pm PST
    Ok guys, sorry about the news lately (or rather the lack of news lately), but im gonna try to start it up againt tonight.

    Anyway, George Broussard made a post over on the DNF Web Foums concerning a question about Duke Nukem Forever and UnrealEd2. Dig it:

    >>I was wondering if DNF will be able to work with Epic's up comeing UnrealEd2 which works with Unreal,UT, & Wheel of Time and is more effective than the current UnrealEd. Will you be able to use UnrealEd2 to make DNF levels or can you make a level in UnrealEd2 and import it to DukeEd?

    No. We're not delaying this game 1 more day, by patching or swicthing to any new code. Not 1 line We're finally over the UT patch hump and making rapid progress again.

    We've simply added too much to the editor for it to be a trivial patch. It would cost some programmer at least a month and we're not doing that again.

    George Broussard, 3D Realms

    No more delays? YES!

    SoF Review - Falcon @ 4:24 pm PST
    Speedy 3D has just kicked up an in-depth review of the super bloody game, Soldier of Fortune. Unlike most other SoF reviews, this takes a usual unique perspective of the game, and see if its actually "fun" to play :). Here's a lick from the intro:
    You realize there is enough ammo left in your sniper for two shots, without a second thought you pull its weight against your shoulder and take aim. Waiting for a few moments until the guards are facing opposite directions, then a sudden thud followed quickly by another and the guard towers are no more. You quickly switch to your silenced machine gun and dash down the hill before diving deeply into the snow at the bottom, there's only moments left before the guard tower bodies are discovered, you have to act!

    LucasArts & E3 - the_culture @ 11:45 am PST
    The LucasArts website has been updated with a Flashed section for E3. Nothing to write home to Aunt Beru about (oh yeah, she's dead), but it does say "New Product Announcements Coming Soon." Cool, huh?

    New NFS: Porsche Unleashed Car - the_culture @ 11:37 am PST
    There's a new car for you to download for EA's NFS: Porsche Unleashed. It's the Porsche 911 GT2. Here's the desrcipt:
    The 911 GT2 was a no-compromise racer with a level of trim to suit. External changes include large replaceable wheel arch flares , revised and more aggressively styled front and rear valences sculpted to match the flares, and an enormous biplane rear spoiler.

    At 1.4 megs, it's a small price to pay for a cool car.

    Max Payne Info - MagicBoy @ 9:50 am PST
    3DAction Planet has posted some information about Max Payne along with 2 new screenshots. When questioned about the delay in a release date, Scott Miller, owner of Apogee Software/3Drealms Entertainment, a co-developer teamed with Finnish-developer, Remedy Entertainment, said:

    "Max Payne is taking a long time for the same reason that Half-Life was delayed a year: It takes a long time to do a groundbreaking game right, especially if you're also creating significant new engine technology,"

    Sounds cool with me.

    Imperium Galactica 2 is Gold - MagicBoy @ 8:46 am PST
    The real-time strategy, space exploration, resource management and colonization game, Imperium Galactica 2 has gone gold and will likely be on store shelves by the end of this month.

    More Klingon Academy - MagicBoy @ 8:39 am PST
    The Daily Radar, in keeping with their "Klingon Academy Week", has posted 21 new screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

    Ground Control Beta Sign Up - MagicBoy @ 8:14 am PST
    Ground Control, a massively multiplayer real-time strategy game, developed by Massive Entertainment and set for release later this summer, will begin registration for beta tester signups today. Click here to sign up. Keep in mind though that applications will not be accepted before 8pm Pacific Daylight Time.

    Some Reviews - MagicBoy @ 8:02 am PST has posted a review of Triple Play 2001.
    3D Accelerated has posted a review of the Die Hard Trilogy 2.
    InsaneGamers has posted a review of Test Drive Le Mans.
    The Game Den has posted a review of Soldier of Fortune.
    PC Games Central has posted a review of Risk II.
    PC.IGN has posted a review of Star Trek: Armada.

    Screenshots - Falcon @ 12:11 am PST
    *Drum Roll*
    Sunflowers GmbH sent GA-RPG 3 new screenshots from their upcoming action/adventure/RPG, TechnoMage.

    ThrushWave sent GA-Strategy 4 new screenshots from their upcoming real-time space strategy, The Rift.

    GA-Source recently spoke to Hellboy's Executive Producer to learn more about this action/adventure title based on Mike Mignolia's comic series of the same name. Screnshots Included, read more here.

    Starlancer Preview - Falcon @ 12:07 am PST
    Well, just about to become redundant, but DPN have posted a preview of Microsoft's Space Sim Starlancer.
    Here's a piece to get you guys goin'...
    The HUD system is among the best I have ever seen in any Space Flight Simulation. You can choose between missile types with ease. Also, it keeps you in check on how many rounds of ammunition you have remaining. The radar the game provides is a little different from the radar you would see in FreeSpace. It is 3 dimensional and shows exactly where the enemies are, but it takes a little getting used to. At first, I had no idea how to use it, and I would point the way I would in any other Space Simulation and expect the ship to be there, so I was a little skeptical at first.

    Cheating Editorial - Falcon @ 12:02 am PST
    Blizzardfan has just posted an editorial regarding cheating in multiplayer games, you can view it here

    Motocross Madness 2 Sneak Preview Signup - Falcon @ 12:00 am PST
    Microsoft announced today that at an undisclosed time on Friday, April 14, gamers will be able to sign up for the chance to win a sneak preview copy of Motocross Madness 2 at this site, or any of the other 20 participating sites. An adrenaline-pumping racing game developed by Rainbow Studios, Motocross Madness 2 delivers all of the unbridled competition and freestyle stunts of true motocross competition.

    A select group of gamers will win exclusive sneak preview copies for this highly anticipated sequel. Would-be racers will want to check the site frequently, as the form will be posted at an unspecified time. The official Motocross Madness 2 site will also list all of the participating sites hosting the sign-up form. Ten lucky winners will be chosen from each participating site, along with 50 winners randomly selected from all entries.

    Sneak preview winners will be able to experience wicked new freestyle tricks, amazing Enduro terrain, and heated racing action well before the game hits store shelves. Motocross Madness sneak preview winners will receive:

    * Motocross Madness 2 sneak preview CD and manual
    * Access to the Motocross Madness 2 MSN Gaming Zone sneak preview lobby for multiplayer gaming
    * Exclusive private chat with members of the development team to discuss gameplay tips and tricks

    Motocross Madness 2 puts racers' skills to the test, racing to win and competing like the pros. Along with all new event modes like Enduro, the game features Pro-Circuit, an entirely new mode of gameplay that starts players out as rookies competing against a field of tough AI competitors. Competing for prize money and sponsorship dollars, gamers have the ultimate goal of winning the professional Supercross circuit.

    Motocross Madness 2 represents the ultimate experience in racing and competitive realism, utilizing cutting-edge graphics and a state-of-the-art physics engine. And, continuing the tradition started with the first Motocross Madness, Motocross Madness 2 has all the multiplayer mayhem that gamers have come to rely on. Motocross Madness 2 will feature a ranking system called the Internet Top 100. Gamers will be able to race online at the MSN Gaming Zone and have the points from their career wins tracked in real time. Players who earn enough points will then have their in-game number plates automatically updated with their current ranking in the top 100. Motocross Madness 2 will also allow gamers to design their own racing tracks with a free, downloadable 3D track editor that will be made available at the game's launch.

    Motocross Madness 2 will be available domestically in May 2000. For more information on the game, visit:

    Wednesday, April 12, 2000
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    Hellhound Updates - Falcon @ 11:58 pm PST
    Hellhound has come up with their latest Unreal Tournament strategy guide. It's a huge attacking side strategy guide for CTF-Face, Facing Worlds. You can read the guide here. If you having problems playing this map, or just need some tips on how to kick some but, read the guide!

    Additionally, Fusion has written the first three mapping tutorials out of his soon-to-be collection. The first three are focused on new map authors. The first tutorial will help them with Q3Radiant settings, the second tutorial will teach them how to work with Q3Radiant, and the third guide will teach them how to build a simple room. So if you are looking into making some Q3A maps, and really need to get the basics check out these three tutorials!

  • Q3Radiant settings tutorial
  • How to work with Q3Radiant turorial
  • Construct a simple room tutorial
  • Fusion main page

    Southpeak Release Schedule - Falcon @ 11:54 pm PST
    Here is the list, thanks to ActionTrip:
    The Ellis Island Experience - May 2000
    BreakNeck - June 2000
    Soldier - August 2000
    The Dukes of Hazzard - Racing for Home - Fall 2000
    The Flintstones Bedrock Bowling - Fall 2000

    3DActionPlanet Reopens - Falcon @ 11:43 pm PST
    3DActionPlanet relaunched today, sporting a slick new design and a refreshing lemon scent.

    What's new, you ask?

    - An interview with Ritual Entertainment's Rob Atkins, with lots of information on F.A.K.K.2 and the upcoming Blair Witch Episode 3 game. The interview also includes a couple of exclusive screenshots and some photos that are rather...candid.

    - In the site's tradition of "First Look" developer previews, there's a sneak peek at "Call of Cthulhu", a spooky first-person action game being developed by Head First, aiming to emulate the same vibe as Nocturne and Alone in the Dark.

    - The Thief 2 Underground, a new 3DAP hosted site, opens today. Dedicated to all things Thief 2, the site contans everything you could want to know about Looking Glass' just-released "first-person sneaker".

    - Finally, in addition to the site's regular slew of action news, articles, and "Action Gaming Tests", they're also unveiling our new "game profiles" section. Already featuring mini-bios and links for over 125 action game, this is your one-stop shop for action gaming goodness of any kind.

    Divinity Interview - Falcon @ 11:35 pm PST
    Exxtreme3D just recently had a little chit-chat with the project leader (Swen Vincke) of the upcoming game from Larian Studios...Divinity: The Sword of Lies. Included in the interview are three never-before-seen screenshots of the upcoming game! Here's a little whisper of the interview:
    Vinny: One thing caught my levels. Would you care to elaborate on that?

    Swen Vincke: Few people ask us about that, but it’s really something very important. The only other psuedo-isometric rpg I played that did this was UltimaVII, and I always thought that in that game I got the most immersion. There’s really something very annoying about loading level messages when you are trying to identify yourself with a character. Which is why from the beginning of development we made very sure that players would not be confronted with things like that, and logically, that means you are running around in one big world, where everything is connected to each other. It really adds.

    Vault Network Updates - Falcon @ 11:33 pm PST
    RPG Vault checks out Troika Games' new world of magic and technology.

    Is there such a thing as life after nuclear war? There is for the developers at Troika Games. After developing 1997's RPG of the Year, Fallout, and starting initial design work on Fallout 2, Troika co-founders Tim Cain, Leonard Boyarsky and Jason Anderson formed their own company to undertake a new project. Just don't expect another vision of a post-apocalyptic future. This time, they're bringing in the elves and dwarves.

    In Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, Troika creates a world of classic high fantasy. But did you really expect the team that added such style to the nuclear devastation of Fallout to make another tired old fantasy game? They've taken all the old high fantasy races and thrown them into the middle of an industrial revolution. Dwarves love guns, gnomes love capitalism, and the old time magic users are getting a little worried.
    Find out what else is in store in their new Arcanum Intelligence Report.

    X-Box Interview - Falcon @ 11:28 pm PST
    Stomped has a brief Q&A with Kevin Bachus, director of third party relations for Microsoft, about Microsoft's upcoming X-Box gaming console.
    Check it out at

    Starlancer Gold - Falcon @ 11:26 pm PST
    This is a day late, but in case you missed it, StarLancer, the highly anticipated new game created by Erin and Chris Roberts, has gone gold. This means the product is completed and is expected to start showing up on store shelves in the U.S. in late April. StarLancer is a futuristic space combat game that combines the action of a first-person space shooter with the drama and intrigue of a classic air combat movie.

    In StarLancer, countries from around the world, including the United States, Russia, and Great Britain, have formed strategic alliances and now battle for control of Earth, Venus and other planets across the solar system. As part of a newly-formed, ragtag aviation unit called the 45th Volunteers Squadron, players must prove themselves in this struggle for freedom of the solar system.

    StarLancer delivers a level of graphic details and special effects not currently found in space combat games. More than 80 types of spacecraft are rendered in extraordinary 3-D detail adding to the complexity of the dynamic mission structure. Players fly in over 25 gripping missions that range from escorting marine boarding ships to free POWs to leading an assault on space stations built right into an asteroid field. StarLancer will also include some exciting multiplayer features. Players can work together cooperatively throughout the entire story, with up to four players. Gamers can also dogfight in six different deathmatch modes with up to eight players via LAN or the MSN Gaming Zone (

    StarLancer was developed by Digital Anvil and Warthog as the prequel to FreeLancer, the winner of the 1999 E3 Best of Show. StarLancer has an estimated street price of US$49.95.

    For more information on StarLancer, head over here

    RS: Urban Operations Review - Storm @ 9:07 pm PST
    If you have Rogue Spear and have beaten it several times (or just once, or never at all), and the multiplayer isn't enough, then maybe you want to venture into the land of Urban Operations. There is a review of this expansion pack right here.

    Neocron Preview - Storm @ 9:06 pm PST
    Another post-apocalyptic online multiplayer RPG game is in the works. The game's name is Neocron. You can check out a preview of the game right here. Not that these types of games are dumb, but can't designers think of some other setting for a game besides the years after hell on earth? Just my two cents.

    Rollcage Stage II Review - Storm @ 9:04 pm PST
    I thought Rollcage the original was a fun game, that is until the game froze time and time again. I don't know what will hapen in this game but you can check out a review of it here.

    SoF Review - Storm @ 9:03 pm PST
    If you haven't read our Soldier of Fortune review yet then..... WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING!!!! If you have been a good little boy/girl then you might want to check out another point of view about Soldier of Fortune here.

    Dark Reign II Preview - Storm @ 9:01 pm PST
    I know I have been anticipating Dark Reign II for quite some time now. So if you are like me then you will want to read a preview of the game found here.

    Star Trek: New Worlds Preview - Storm @ 9:00 pm PST
    If you are a Trekkie by nature then listen up. I don't like Star Trek myself but there is a preview of Star Trek: New Worlds right here. Star Trek: New Worlds is an RTS game if you didn't know that.

    NFS: Motor City Preview - Storm @ 8:59 pm PST

    Looking for the latest on the next NFS game? Well then you might want to check out a preview of NFS: Motor City. You can check out that preview right here.

    Messiah Review - Storm @ 8:58 pm PST
    I haven't seen many Messiah Review lately. That is probably because today is the first day I am back on my computer since some 7-Up spilt onto my motherboard at a Lan Party. Anyways... the Messiah review is found here. And remember kids, don't put pop on a table, at the edge, right above where you are installing a network card into your computer. Especially when you have a clumsy person standing right next to the pop.

    Counterstrike Official - Storm @ 8:55 pm PST
    In a recent press release found here, you can see that the fantastic Mod for Half-Life, Counterstrike, will now be official. That means that in any future Half-Life patches will be the latest version of Counterstrike also. All the details are in the press release.

    Hardware News - Storm @ 8:53 pm PST
    • G3D has reviewed the Arctic Circle Cooler

    • Alcovetech has written up an editorial on the recent Aureal happenings

    • 3D Alpha has posted a review of the Soundman X2 speaker system from Logitech

    • GamePC has reviewed the ABIT KA7 motherboard and the ASUS K7V in a comparison way. Both of these boards are KX133 Athlon motherboards

    Ground Control Screenshots - Storm @ 8:48 pm PST
    If you you want some Ground Control screenshots then read on. There are four new screenshots of Ground Control, an upcoming 3D RTS game, right here. Also there are five more Ground control screenshots here at Gamespot.

    Starlancer Screenshots - Storm @ 8:46 pm PST

    There are a few new screenshots at PC.IGN.COM of Digital Anvil's upcoming game, Starlancer. You can check those screenshots out right here.

    NFS: High Stakes Patch - the_culture @ 5:51 pm PST
    Yep, this one fixes a few more thing. Here's the complete list:
    Changes in 4.44:
  • ProxyTool.exe added to the Network Play System\Utility directory.
  • Enables you to set your proxy IP and Port if your ISP so requires.
  • Hacking cars is harder to do now, so there should be less cheating and crashing.
  • -71 connection error remedied.

  • Changes in 4.43:
  • Bug fixes to car restriction
  • Improved AI
  • Patching now works if you've got an HTTP proxy server.

  • Changes in 4.42:
  • Games run with 8 players now give full point rewards.
  • Persona point cloning removed.
  • Buddy info overlay now updates every minute.
  • Completion ratios no longer go above 100% (will repair itself on the users first completed race in build 4.42)
  • General fault recovery code improvements dealing with scoring.

  • Download the 4.44 patch, it's only 2.6 megs.

    Quick Links - the_culture @ 2:06 pm PST
    There are plenty of interviews out for our reading pleasure. I hope to have a couple posted as well as soon as I get the answers back. Anyway, let's get started:
  • Have you ever been driving down the street and see a car with a license plate that reads "I'm too cool" but it reads like this: "IMTOOCL"? And you think to yourself, "What a lame-ass" because he wasn't the first one to think of that and get it on a plate. That's what I think of when I see Exxtreme3D. Looks like they wanted Extreme with one X but were late. Right.... Anyway, they have an interview with Swen Vincke of Larian Studios about their upcoming RPG Divinity: The Sword of Lies.
  • Games Domain interviewed the Microsoft dev team regarding their recent release, Allegiance.
  • Gamespot chatted with producer/designer Clint "Don't say Eastwood" Worley about Verant's "persistent online RTS in development" Sovereign.
  • Bad Karma has two interviews for the price of one. They posted part 3 and part 4 of their interview with the development team working on MechWarrior 4.
  • Mark Allender, lead programmer on Summoner, was grilled by IMG Magazine.
  • Spank! (gaming magazine) interviewed Peter Molyneux about his Mike Tyson/Robert Downey Jr. love story upcoming god-game, Black & White.
  • 3D Action Planet interviews Robert Atkins, art manager on F.A.K.K. 2, about the game, lusting after Julie Strain, and a few other boring things.
  • Tuesday, April 11, 2000
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    Allegiance Review - the_culture @ 10:09 pm PST
    Daily Radar also posted a review of Allegiance. Here's a snip:

    If we could, we'd give Allegiance both a "Direct Hit" and a "Miss." It deserves our highest praise because it is quite beautiful to look at and contains some incredibly deep and subtle gameplay. Escaping with a narrow victory at the end of a brilliantly orchestrated counterattack is one of the best two hours we've ever spent in front of a keyboard. Yet we have also sat through exhausting games between two conservative teams that had squandered their resources but continued to get enough salary to sustain the tedious stalemate almost indefinitely. We've had 80-minute matches of great fun, and we've left some games after four hours out of sheer boredom.

    Urban Ops Review - the_culture @ 10:05 pm PST
    Daily Radar posted their thoughts about Urban Operations, the hyper-fun mission pack for Rogue Spear. Here's the proof:
    Urban Operations takes one of the best action games of all time and makes it immeasurably better. There are not one, but two new minicampaigns, one new play mode, four new weapons and a total of 18 new maps. This pack does more than just breathe new life into the game; it kicks it up a dozen notches and ensures that you'll be playing for a very, very long time to come. No Rogue Spear owner should be without this excellent mission pack.

    Deus Ex Interview - the_culture @ 9:54 pm PST
    Gaming Age interviewed my main man, Warren Spector about his upcoming "ass-kicking disguised as a game", Deux Ex.

    Mind Rover Demo Updated - the_culture @ 9:27 pm PST
    This seems to be the latest thing with game devs: updating their demos. There's an updated demo of Mind Rover, a 3D strategy/programming game from CogniToy. This is what it's all about:
    MindRover is a 3D strategy/programming game. This is a brand new genre that encompasses the depth of play found in strategy games with a new concept in player control. You get to program the intelligence of robotic vehicles.
    You are a researcher on Europa, a moon of Jupiter. In your free time you re-program the rovers to race around the hallways, battle it out with mini lasers and rocket launchers, and navigate through mazes.

    Once you have chosen a challenge, equip your vehicle (hovercraft, wheeled or treaded) with various sensors, movement components, and weapons. Then program the behavior of your vehicle in a graphical interface where you wire the components together and set their properties. Then let it go in the arena and watch how it does!

    You don't control them while they are in competition - but you can stop the competition and tweak your vehicle until you do like its behavior.

    NFS: Porsche Unleashed INTERNET Demo - the_culture @ 9:21 pm PST
    3D Files has a new INTERNET demo of NFS: Porsche Unleashed. This will allow you to play multiplayer/internet games other INTERNET demo games. This is not to be confused with the first NFS: PU demo released a few weeks ago.

    New Demise Patch - the_culture @ 9:15 pm PST
    Apparently the 1.00r3 patch had a few problems with it, so Artifact Entertainment is releasing patch 1.00r31. It's 12.5 megs.

    Anachronox Update - the_culture @ 9:03 am PST
    The ION Storm updated their official website for Anachronox with a new designer diary by Tom Hall, and some new screenshots of the game. Here's one of them.

    New Anarchy Screens - the_culture @ 8:44 am PST (official site) posted four new screens of their upcoming MMORPG, Anarchy Online. This link is the start of the new four (19-22). As always, these shots are in-game. That third shot (21) looks like that guy is wielding two swords. Hmm...

    Monday, April 10, 2000
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    Screenshots - Falcon @ 10:53 pm PST
    From Gamespy:
    Gamespy has continued the Diablo II frenzy by posting 36 of our own screen shots, including some from the final battle with the level 1 boss.
    They have also posted 3 new Ground Control shots received from Sierra, as well as three awesome looking shots from Human Head Studios' new action game Rune..
    You can find them here

    Additionally, GA-Source has the first details and screenshots from New World Computing's soon to be announced Legends of Might and Magic.

    Buka Entertainment interview, screens - Falcon @ 10:47 pm PST
    Gamespy got a great interview with Kenneth Morton, of Russion developer Buka Entertainment, about what is going on in the company:
    They also sent some exclusive screen shots from Echelon (Called Storm in Europe) and Project Overdrive. Check the images out here

    New at Vault network - Falcon @ 10:46 pm PST
    RPG Vault meets the Assistant Producer of this far-reaching online world:
    Istaria is an extensive world with areas ranging from jungles and swamps to mountains, deserts and even underwater locations. These sundry regions are home to a variety of familiar fantasy creatures such as Humans, Gnomes, Dwarves and Ogres as well as several unusual and exotic ones like Lamurians, Angels, Vampires and Dragons. Istaria is also the setting for Horizons: Empires of Istaria, an original and ambitious persistent online world being developed by Artifact Entertainment.
    In recent weeks, Artifact CEO David Allen has been joined as a spokesperson for Horizons by James "Scan" Jones who has quickly become a regular participant on the official Horizons Boards hosted by Vault Network. With Horizons gathering increasing attention from the online player community, we thought it would be interesting to meet James Jones, and to learn more about him, his background and his role on the team.

    New Rogue Guide Section At EQ Vault:
    A new Rogue Guide section has been opened today at EQ Vault with a player guide to one of EverQuest's most interesting and controversial character classes.

    Q3IDE Features List - Falcon @ 10:42 pm PST
    A list of future features that will soon be in Q3IDE is posted at the Q3IDE site at

    Stomped E3 Updates - Falcon @ 10:40 pm PST
    Stomped @ E3 has received word that Electronic Arts will show off a previously unnannounced Unreal engine based first person shooter game at E3, titled Clive Barker's Undying.
    They also have the scoop on what PC and console controller company Mad Catz will be showing at the expo, and the way cool fun activities they have planned for their booth. Check them both out at

    Asus K7V Review - Falcon @ 10:31 pm PST
    Digital's Clips proudly presents its latest Athon motherboard review with Asus' new K7V. The newest addition to a growing family of respectable legacy and successor to the much awaited K7M, the K7V landed at their labs (almost at the cost of a reviewer's life) albeit high expectations, and outdid itself everytime.
    "While we were impressed with the stuff on the outside, it was the stuff inside that really wetted our appetites. The board itself is larger than most 440BX boards around, around an inch wider than the Gigabyte GA7IX that we reviewed late last fall. The PCB design is extremely clean and uncluttered, yet leaving few bits of real estate to waste. Our sample board came with built-in support for AC97 sound output, but other versions come with an Aureal Vortex 2 sound controller chip, along with support for digital SPDIF input (the connectors are there along with silkscreened label tags). Even without the aid of an dedicated controller, the board will easily suffice everyday tasks, packing CD audio, video, modem and auxiliary sound input connectors above the PCI slots while keeping them out of any peripheral cards’ way."

    Razer Boomslang 2000 Review - Falcon @ 10:28 pm PST
    Speedy 3D we has just kicked up a review of the sweet mouse, the Razer Boomslang 2000. Overall they gave this mouse a 9.5/10, she was awesome. Here's a little taster:
    Targeted towards the hard-core gamer, these two new mice (1000/2000 versions) promise to offer much greater precision and control than even the mighty MS: Intellimouse explorer. With a resolution of 2000dpi this mouse currently blows all the competition out of the water, in terms of sensitivity that is. Also, don't forget that this mouse also operates at a whopping 6MIPS (Millions of instructions per second), compared to the traditional 1.5MIPS of a standard ball mouse.

    WinTV-D Review - Falcon @ 10:27 pm PST
    XS Underground has a review of the Hauppauge WinTV-D which enables you to watch Digital TV with Dolby Digital Sound on your PC.
    Upon viewing my first digital television broadcast, my jaw dropped. The image was of DVD quality! The picture was crystal clear and MUCH sharper and detailed than any standard TV signal. I can't say enough about how impressive the picture quality was when output to a standard TV through the card's S-Video out jack. When a movie came on that took advantage of the full capacity of Dolby Digital Audio, I was in shock at how amazing it sounded. Being accustomed to listening to Dolby Pro Logic over broadcast TV, I was in sheer heaven comparing how much more real the experience was.

    DNF Weapons - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:59 pm PST
    George Broussard just posted in reply to one of my posts over on the official DNF message board concerning both the sniper rifle and flamethrower (if they will be in the game). Dig it:
    >>I posted a thread on this awhile ago, but i am still wondering, what do u guys think of having a sniper rifle in DNF? What do u guys think? Or what about a Flame Thrower?

    We think we have a way to pull off a flamethrower well for a change. If we can do it, we may put one in the game. It all depends on 1) framerate and 2) visuals.

    A sniper rifle of some sort is pretty much a given. At least some sort of zooming/sniping weapon, maybe Duke-ized a little bit. It's just too fun to leave out.

    George Broussard, 3D Realms

    AvP Gold Very Soon - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:01 pm PST
    Yeah, very soon as in the 19th! The A-Vault is reporting that "Fox Interactive has confirmed Wednesday, April 19 as the street date for Aliens vs. Predator Gold."

    Even More Interviews - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:56 pm PST
    Well, today certainly seems to be the day for interviews and Q&A's, as here are 4 more on top of the ones i have already posted.
  • Team Evolve Interview on, regarding their Painkeep mod.
  • Robb Rinard interview on GameGirlz regarding MotoCross Madness 2
  • Eric Biessman Interview on AGN3D, regarding SoF
  • James Jones interview on RPG Vault, regarding Horizons.
  • Baldurs Gate 2 Shots - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:31 pm PST
    Incite has just gotten their grubby hands on 5 new screen shots from the upcoming sequal to Baldurs Gate, Baldurs Gate II (isnt it funny how that works?). Anyway, check them out right here.

    Dogs o' War Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:57 pm PST
    GA-Strategy has just posted a pretty sweet interview with Darren Drabwell and Chris Satchell from Silicon Dreams, about their upcoming 3D real-time tactical strategy game, Dogs of War.
    Dig the Snippage:
    What engine will this game be using? Any special or unique characteristic you care to comment on?

    The game uses proprietary engine and tool set developed by the team. We combine the visuals and detail of the best First Person Shooters with the number of units you would normally associate with RTS games. All animations and motion capture are seamless, giving the game world a cinematic feel. The game mixes huge beautiful landscapes with sprawling dense cities and industrial areas. No other RTS engine allows you to storm down city streets with a hundred marines following you, engaging in their own firefights with the enemy and you being at the heart of the action.

    With all this attention being paid to the engine, what can you tell us about the A.I.?

    The engine is incredibly flexible and powerful. New units with completely new capabilities can be added after release. The great thing is that these units can be mixed freely with the original units. Imagine combining a fantasy upgrade with the current units: Dragon air support anyone?

    Rogue Entertainment Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:17 pm PST
    Looks like Rust has just slapped up their latest, an interview with Bobby Pavlock of Rogue Entertainment. There's alot of fine swank in this interview, so check it out. Clippage for your viewing pleasure:
    2) What, in your opinion, are the coolest new features of the Quake 3 Engine, and what are the most difficult features to grasp?
    Curves, of course are alot of fun. There's so many things you can do with them. Sometimes I find myself just playing with all the different curves and curve functions, seeing what kinda cool, new things I can come up with. Another thing I am really enjoying is being able to cram more detail into an area. I am able to design areas in Alice using the Q3 engine that would NEVER fly in Q2 r_speeds.

    I haven't completely grasped the full functionality of shaders yet. But I'm trying to learn what I can slowly but surely. Our scripting engine for Alice is another thing I haven't really delved into a whole lot as of yet, but in time I plan to learn that inside and out as well.

    More Black & White Shots - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:08 pm PST
    It seems there are alot of these Black & White screenies coming out lately. Anyway, GameSpot UK has gotten their hands on a ton of new shots. Check them out, their all damn nice.

    Buka Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:03 pm PST
    Gamespy has just posted their newest interview, this time with Kenneth Morton from Buka Entertainment. Check out the interview right here. Dig the snippage:
    Gamespy: About Echelon/Storm and Project Overdrive, when are those two titles being released? Do you plan to have working demos released to the press and public soon?

    Kenneth Morton: "Echelon - August 2000, Project Overdrive - Autumn 2000. The public demo-version of Echelon will be ready in May-June'2000. We have not yet announced it for Project Overdrive, but there will be one."

    Gamespy: The graphics engine for Echelon has been developed in-house from scratch. Does it mean you plan to license it to third parties and/or adapt it to forthcoming projects?

    Kenneth Morton: "We will certainly be using it in future projects. We have already had requests to license it from several parties, but we will not be considering this until the game has been released."

    On Mac UT 413 Patch - MaD-HaTTeR @ 3:55 pm PST
    Westlake Interactive has just slapped up a quick update on how the Mac version of the UT 413 patch is coming along. Dig it:
    Work has begun on the Mac 413 patch for Unreal Tournament, now that we have worked out all the details with MacSoft. The patch will include all of the fixes from the PC version as well as a few Mac specfic optimizations and fixes. In particular we've sped up load times (about 20%) and fixed some sound echo problems.

    We are beginning testing on 413 later this week (sorry, we don't need extra testers yet, please don't email!), and if all goes well we should be able to release the Mac update in a couple weeks.

    Just a reminder- since Epic has kept the networking code compatible between versions, UT Mac 400 or 405b will still play fine on all the Internet servers out there, no matter what version of UT they are running. So keep playing and have fun!

    On DukeEd - MaD-HaTTeR @ 3:52 pm PST
    3D Realm's Big Man, George Broussard, just slapped up a quick posst over on the official DNF forums, regarding the level editor which will ship with DNF, DukeEd. Very short answers, but read on:
    >>1.) Will it have a layout similar to UnrealED?

    >>2.) Can you make the layout similar to 3D Studio MAX?


    >>3.) Is there any way to implement NURBS at this time in the engine?


    >>4.) Can you bundle the editor and a MANUAL with the game? I would like q3radiant except for that fact that i have to open word to learn about the editor :-P

    The game tools and any documentation we can write will all be on the shipping CD.

    Tachyon Gold! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 3:42 pm PST
    I just noticed over on, that Novalogic's Tachyon: The Fringe has gone gold, and will be in stores around the 20th.

    Submarine Titans Demo - the_culture @ 12:44 pm PST
    That's right, the underwater action game Submarine Titans is out in demo form and can be downloaded. The demo itself runs anout 68 megs. Special thanks to DeXtr3me of for the email.

    Sunday, April 09, 2000
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    Thief2 Review - Falcon @ 11:51 pm PST
    GameSpot UK has posted a review of Thief II: The Metal Age. They also released a screenshot gallery with some screenshots featured as well. -

    Force Commander Review - Falcon @ 11:46 pm PST
    Federation HQ has a review of LucasArts' 3D RTS game, Force Commander. Here's a quick clip:
    Force Commander foregoes the usual resource gathering and unit construction of traditional RTS games for a command point system, which is probably a good idea, especially given the game’s Star Wars premise. We simply didn’t see any harvesters in the movies. Like all the other game elements however, this principally good idea is put to bad use. Command points are hard to earn, and while this is supposed to make you take better care of your units, it fails because you are doomed to loose units against the computer’s rushes. So it still boils down to the eternal question who can churn out more units faster.

    Interview: Dogs of War - Falcon @ 11:41 pm PST
    In an exclusive interview with Darren Drabwell, Producer and Chris Satchell, Team Leader for Dogs of War, we find out more details about this upcoming 3D real-time tactical strategy game - includes nine new screenshots.

    Blizzard Fan Opens - Falcon @ 11:39 pm PST
    I don't usually post new site openings (unless I get about 8 at once and decide to combine them), but heres an exception:
    Blizzard Fan is now officially open after a long series of downtime. They were the second Blizzard Fan site ever opened back in 1998 and now we are re-opening with a new layout, new info and a new staff. The site boasts:

    Complete Diablo Monster, Weapon and Item lists.
    Complete Diablo 2 Monster list and FAQ.
    Complete Warcraft 3 Unit section and concept art.
    Full unit list for Starcraft, strategies, FAQ's and more.

    The site also has a fully operational forum and much more than what was mentioned above, those are just some of the highlights.
    Newsposting will be daily with the latest breaking news pertaining to the Blizzard games.

    Interview: Gooseman - Falcon @ 11:17 pm PST
    The Cold-ice Network Site posted a interview with Gooseman.
    Gooseman answers questions about:
    TFC 2, Valve's SDK, Dog productions ,the influence of Valve on Counter-strike and his opinion about the HL-Mod communty.

    3D Realms Interview - the_culture @ 10:31 pm PST
    Scott Miller of 3D Realms was interviewed over at Hypothermia. They mainly discuss topics relating to Scott rather than Duke Nukem Forever, but I did find the comment regarding DNF:
    Well, as one V.P. from another publisher said in an email, after getting a very small preview of the game: “Duke is awesome! Not only is the game going to totally reset everyone's expectation of what a great game is, it will send every developer back to the drawing board.”

    I personally believe that after this game comes out, it will take at least three years for it to be topped, unless we can release Duke 5 sooner than that.

    New Info On Call Of Cthulhu - the_culture @ 10:14 pm PST
    GA-Source received additional information regarding the combat approach in Call of Cthulhu, a game that promises to be "the most atmospheric and chilling horror adventure game ever seen." If you're looking for more info on the game, check GA-Source's in-depth interview with Designer, Andrew Brazier.

    New Matrox Card This Month? - the_culture @ 10:01 pm PST
    Not to be outdone by nVidia's announcement of a new card this month, there are rumors that Matrox will announce their dual and single videocards based on the G800 chipset at the end of this month. Found this at 3D Chipset.

    New Q3IDE - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:40 pm PST
    Well, there is a new version of popular the Q3A Source Editing tool, Q3IDE, out today. This update brings the program up to v1.6. You can get more info off of the official site, right here.

    Unrealty Shots and Info - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:34 pm PST
    Well today seems to be quite the day for screen shots, this time with 3 new sceenies from Unrealty over on VoodooExtreme. You can check out the picks right here. Now, for those of you who have never heard of Unrealty (inclusing me), its not a game, but rather a porgram which "enables architects and developers to take clients on real-time 3D virtual walkthroughs using the state-of-the-art Unreal engine technology." They also came with a little update on the game:
    Unrealty's down to 7 (count them, seven) minor issues. We're cleaning up a few poorly lip-synched parts in our tutorial, we've got to make sure our EULAs were okayed by the brass on Friday (it's a weekend, so we won't know until tomorrow), I want to add message boards to the website, and I need to set up our Master Server.

    That's it, kiddies. Then she's out the door, spit-shined, polished, and ready for the world. I'm thinking Tuesday.

    Beetle Buggin Shots - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:25 pm PST
    Evil Avatar has just slapped up 12 new screen shots from the upcoming car game (i dont know what the game is about other than it invlolves cars, hehe), Beetle Buggin. All the shots look pretty cool, so go check them out.

    Team Reaction Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 12:23 pm PST
    Looks like TeleFragged has just slapped up their latest interview, this time with Team Reaction, the creaters of the just released (as in like, today) mod for Q3A, Jailbreak. Dig the Snippage:
    3. Telefragged: Is it easier to realize your team's vision in UT or Q3A is what I guess I'm driving at? Because some, like Q3F, seem more satisfied with Q3A, but the Action team and crt seem to enjoy UT...

    Anarchy: Quite frankly, sitting my fat ass down and learning their OO implementation, syntax, and then on top of that, how they did the game was a pain in the ass, id rather do it in C quake 2/quake3 all the way.

    Binary Cowboy: I prefer Quake3 simply because I believe Java was made by the devil and UT's Unreal Script bears a striking resemblance to Java.

    Anarchy: I like UT gameplay, but I mean, right now on Q3A Gloom, I can start designing a class system right away while for UT, I have no clue how I would approach that, they have some messed up shit. Especially with what data gets sent to the server and what doesn't I mean, I'm sure its nice and organized, and well designed when you learn it but I don't have 3 years to devote to that.

    4. Telefragged: Do you think its more familiarity with how Carmack and co. set things up for mod developers or just UT has it ass-backwards with Sweeney's dedication to OOP?

    Anarchy: both, Sweeney took it too far; it's a game, not a spreadsheet. I don't need to be able to 'easily port it' to my 10ghz computer in 20 years, Carmack is a programming God. I've been working with Carmack code since Quakec, I'm real used to the entity/field/struct setup. It feels natural, and it works. Almost everything, level entities, effects entities, weapons, rotational brushes, is just an extension, the wonders of dialup.

    Black and White Screenies - MaD-HaTTeR @ 12:03 pm PST
    Looks like the The Brotherhood of Eden is at it again, with 4 new screenshots of the upcoming RPG from Lionhead Studios, Black and White. Check them out.

    HLMatrix Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 11:57 am PST
    TF2Source has just posted their quick interview with ~A.u.s.t.i.n., one of the creaters of HLMatrix. Check it out right here. Dig the snippage:
    (Mouse) With the limits on the HL engine (maps) do you think you will make a second mod but make it off of the TF2 engine?
    (~A.u.s.t.i.n.) Once I finish with HLM I will surly be working on a second mod. It will certainly be the newest and best engine suited with the mod I decide to make, nothing is decided yet.

    (Mouse) What do you think of the recent game Solider of Fortune? Do you think it will be able to go up against Team Fortress 2?
    (~A.u.s.t.i.n.) I haven't played the full version of SOF yet, but from what I've seen and read and if TF2 hold up to be what it appears, I don't think SoF will be much competition.

    Gooseman Interview - MaD-HaTTeR @ 11:49 am PST
    The Cold Ice Metwork has just slapped up an interview that they held with Gooseman, the creater of the popular Half-Life mod, Counter-Strike. Check it out right here. Clippage for your viewing pleasure:
    GuarddoG: Do you've got anything to say too all the mods makers out there?
    Gooseman: Keep up the awesome work. Without mod makers we'd all
    be pretty bored of playing the same thing over and over again. It's a lot of work doing something we enjoy doing while at the same time putting up with a lot of criticism from people who don't know what goes into making a mod.

    GuarddoG: What's the biggest problem with CS you've faced in recent years?
    Gooseman: It's only been out for a year.. almost.
    I suppose the biggest problems were the numerous cheats that people were using. I hate cheaters.

    New Code3Arena Tutorial - MaD-HaTTeR @ 11:21 am PST
    Code3Arena, a site dedicated to Mod making in Quake 3, has just thrown up their 20th coding tutorial, this time on how to create classes in a mod. You can check out the new tutorial right here. Here's a little snippage from the intro:
    This tutorial is intended to help you create a class based mod in which players can choose from a variety of classes, each with its own unique abilities/attributes. When this tutorial is completed you should be able to choose your class (by selecting a model) and recieve different weapons and attributes based on the class you chose.

    There are only 4 simple steps to this tutorial, so let's get started.

    Q3A Jailbreak Debut - MaD-HaTTeR @ 11:07 am PST
    Beta 1 of the popular Quake 2 Mod, Jailbreak has just been released for Quake 3: Arena. As the name implies, fragged players are put in jail, and are only able to be freed by a teammate. If you can get the whole other team in jail then you win (duh). You can grab the beta over on the official site.

    Time Machine Preview - the_culture @ 10:20 am PST
    Gamespot UK has a hands-on look at Time Machine. I can't remember if this was posted here or not.

    Max Payne Preview - the_culture @ 10:16 am PST
    Daily Radar post a one page quick look at Max Panye, the hyper-action game in third-person. Haven't heard of it? This might refresh your memory:
    The story has the main character swearing bloody vengeance on a gang of punks who murdered his family three years earlier. Payne is now a special agent with the DEA, but things aren't much simpler. His boss and friend was recently murdered, and Max was framed for the job. Worse, the mafia family he infiltrated as a double agent wants him smeared all over the wall of an alley. Somehow, the player has to figure out how to survive in a hellish New York.

    Time Machine and Other Demos - the_culture @ 10:11 am PST
    I've actually been looking forward to this game for a while. "Cryo presents the adaptation of one of the most fantastic adventures in literature. Inspired by the work of H.G.Wells and the theme of time travel, Time Machine is a game of hitherto unseen richness and an atmosphere filled with mystery." Download the 74 meg demo today.

    Just in case you missed these other demos, I've placed some links of some of the more recent ones for you to try:

  • The combat flight sim Aces High demo. 8 megs.

  • The USA version of Beetle Buggin demo, and racing game with more than 50 detailed vehicles. 50 megs.

  • AI Wars: The Awakening has a demo version out for you to test. 27 megs.

  • The action/horror game Devil Inside demo pits you against the living dead and other nasties. 70 megs.

  • Next in the series of great racing games come NFS: Porsche unleashed. The demo let's your drive one car one one track. The graphics engine is all new. 30 megs.

    Quick Links - the_culture @ 9:54 am PST
    Quite a few interesting interviews out there for your reading pleasure. Let's get started, shall we:
  • Rogue Spear Retreat posted an interview with lead artist Travis Getz of Red Storm Entertainment. They chat about the just-released mission pack Urban Operations, among other things.
  • The MSN Gaming Zone posted a an interview titled Games of the Future With Red Storm Entertainment. A very good read if you're up to it.
  • Z-Axis has an interview with infamous map designer levelord.
  • Shiny-News posted their interview with Joby Otero, art director of Shiny Entertainment. They also have a few new screenshots as well.
  • Cyber-Diving opens - Falcon @ 3:11 am PST
    Cyber Diving, a sister to cyber-soccer has opened,and their first offerings to the world include in depth reviews of Acclaim's South Park Rallyand Magnetic Fields' Rally Championship 2000.

    They also have their first editorial written by MrBlonde where they introduce ourselves and the site.

    New at vault network - Falcon @ 3:06 am PST
    Heres the official release:
    Although there are many interesting and innovative features planned for inclusion in the upcoming Neverwinter Nights, the most noteworthy of all may very well be the Solstice Toolset. In combination with an in-house scripting language and the content from libraries of content such as buildings, terrain and dungeon spaces, this powerful editor will allow players with a creative streak to build their own modules, adventures and worlds.

    In the position of Lead Programmer for the Solstice Toolset at developer BioWare, Don Moar is charged with the lead responsibility for creating this implement and for making it as intuitive and as easy to use as possible.
    As we continue our series of Neverwinter Nights Developer Profiles, it's our pleasure to introduce Don Moar who told us about himself, his job and his role as a member of the development team.

    Saturday, April 08, 2000
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    Patches Galore - the_culture @ 10:31 pm PST
    Some developers just can't seem to get it right when they ship a game out the door. Here are some new patches for you:

  • 1.01F patch for F/A 18. If you have to ask what game this is, you don't need the patch. It runs about 3 1/2 megs.
  • Not really a patch, but it's a new car for NFS: High Stakes. Download the Jaguar XJR-15.
  • You have to be real pathetic to be playing this game, but there's patch for Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter 2. All you banjo-playing hillbilles should be interested in this.
  • Shiny has already released a 0.1 patch for Messiah. It fixes a few things and weighes 4.5 megs.
  • There's a patch for Airport Inc. out, so all three of you should download it.
  • Artifact Entertainment released 1.00r3 patch for their RPG Demise. The patch is 12.6 megs, so you better tell mommy she won't be able to use the phone for a while.
  • Homeworld: Cataclysm Screens - Surebrec @ 6:47 pm PST
    Exxtreme3D has received 2 new screenshots from Sierra Studios' latest development, Homeworld: Cataclysm, which is the sequel to Homeworld.

    Ground Control Screenshots - Surebrec @ 6:46 pm PST
    GA-Strategy has slapped up 30 new screenshots from Sierra and Massive Entertainment's upcoming fast-paced real time strategy game, Ground Control, which you can find here.

    Hosting - Gibb @ 5:33 pm PST
    We here at Gamesurge are looking for some quality hosted sites. They should be gaming related, and high-quality or have the ability to produce hits. That is pretty much all we ask. In return, you will get unlimited FTP space, unlimited POP3/forwarding email accounts, UNIX Hosting with SSI, CGI, Perl 5, site stats, and it's all backed up on OC12 fiber connections with multiple redundant backups. Interested? Head on over to the hosting page, or send us an email for more information.

    Friday, April 07, 2000
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    Sacrifice Shots - Surebrec @ 9:56 pm PST
    Looks like those hicks at Voodoo Extreme have received 2 brand spankin new screenshots of Shiny's upcoming Multiplayer game, Sacrifice. These shots range from 200k to 1.8 megs, depending on the quality you pick, and look VERY nice indeed. They were taken from the latest build of the game.

    Wizards and Warriors preview - Raven @ 9:54 pm PST
    Dont know what Wizards and Warriors is?? Well heres a nice explaination:

    "D.W. Bradley, the force behind a number of the Wizardry games, has embarked upon a new quest of epic proportions. Together with a seasoned band of RPG lovers, he is trying to create a computer game which captures the feel of tabletop RPGs. Clearly, he will have many difficult and dangerous adversaries to overcome in order to reach his goal. The ever present Beast of Shallow Story Lines, the evil Lord of Limited Character Development, and the Dark Master of Linearity will all conspire to prevent Bradley from completing his noble quest. Let's see what weapons Bradley and company will brandish to vanquish these fouls beasts."

    Looks pretty good, atleast thats what RPG Planet seem to thinks, according to their preview. RPG Planet has an in-depth preview up concerning W&W. The previews goes over afew pages and highlights the RPG potential of W&W. Good read, looks like I am going to have to add W&W to my list of games to watch out for. Find the preview over at

    Archaean Chat - Surebrec @ 9:53 pm PST
    I noticed over at VE that the people behind the upcoming MMORPG, Archaean. Here's the shiznit:

    On Saturday the 15th of April, at 5PM EST Archaean will be holding a QA and roundtable discussion on Archaean. All are invited to attend and participate in, what will be an entertaining and informative evening. The meeting will take place in mIRC's DALnet, channel #Archaean. Remember, that this is the gaming public chance to voice their opinion regarding what they believe a MOW (Massive Online World) should contain, directly to us. Be there!

    Halo Preview - Surebrec @ 9:48 pm PST
    TechExtreme has kicked up a preview on Bungie's Halo, one of the most anticipated games right now. Here's a juicy snippet on the graphics:

    Without a doubt, I'd have to say that Halo is an amazing game, just to look at. Even if you have no idea as to what the game is all about, the graphics will blow you away. With the recent craze in video cards (we all know that's not going to die down), it can only get better. Halo's game engine and graphics engine will provide support for most all of the high-end video cards on the market. One feature that the game will provide that is rather new to the world is the audio engine. Aside from having an in depth 3D positioning engine, Halo will also feature a 3D Sound Physics engine. This allows the game makers to add sounds that make the game even more realistic. For example, if there is gun fire near your unit, you will hear the bullet pass by before you hear the actual sound of the gun that fired the bullet. These features seem to be quite obvious, but are rather revolutionary in games today.

    Source: The Dawg Pound

    Elite Forces Interview - Raven @ 9:45 pm PST
    Kim Lathrop -Raven Software employee- has been interviewed over at the Oxygen Tank. The interview is centered on one of Raven's up and coming title, Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. EF is powered by the Q3A graphics engine, and is centred around a special forces unit that is that is designed to handle extreme situation in the Voyager Universe. Now a bad interview maybe a little short, but still a good read. All Star Trek fans can head over here to read the interview.

    TWINE Interview - Surebrec @ 9:43 pm PST
    The Adrenaline Vault has smacked up an interview with Jay Wilson, level designer at Electronic Arts. The interview also sports a few nice screenshots. Here's a small clip from it:

    What are your impressions of the Q3A engine in terms of its ability to render the world the TWINE team is envisioning? There is a sense that we did not see its full power in id's game due to it being an online offering.

    I love the Q3A engine. It is a huge leap over previous id engines in ways that are not obvious to most gamers at this point. That's going to change when licensees start releasing Q3A-based games, and TWINE will not be the exception. As a level designer, the number one limitation you have against creating convincing worlds is the number of polygons you can use to create the individual scenes. The Q3A engine can push 10 times the polygons previous versions of the engine could and still maintain a smooth framerate. I have no idea how they did it, and I do not care! What this translates into is far more complex scenes than ever seen in a 3D shooter before.

    On previous titles, I would create an area that I considered to be of medium complexity, and then find it was too intense for the amount of detail to which I was limited. But with the Q3A engine, I have created areas I was sure would destroy my scene limitations, and then learned I had not even hit them yet. What this translates into is an extreme degree of freedom for designers to create just what they see in their heads, which will have a big impact on the appearance of the final product. The initial shots of TWINE are great examples of the extreme complexity we can achieve in a scene, and it's getting better from there.

    Tribes II Preview - Surebrec @ 9:38 pm PST
    The folks at IGN PC have updated their Tribes 2 Preview with a ton of new info and 6 new screenshots. Here's a juicy clip of info on the communication in Tribes 2

    Although Tribes is a squad-based game, sometimes it seemed like you just couldn't get people to work as an effectual team. One of the biggest drawbacks to coordinating competent strategies was trying to effectively communicate with all of your team members while being chased by plasma-happy ][MaDHouZ][. Well this time around Dynamix wants to increase team cooperation. One way of doing this is by simply making communication easier in the sequel. Not only will Tribes 2 support voice over the 'Net technology, but the team has also completely revamped the communications system to make it less complex than before. They've added location specific communication now which works a little something like this... Let's say your generator needs repairs. In Tribes, you would yell, "Need repairs!" But unless you typed a personal message after that, chances are your teammates would never know what needed repaired. Now you can specifically define what needs to be repaired by pointing at it and screaming, "Need repairs!" Now anyone who answers with "acknowledged" will be given a waypoint as to what needs repairing. This locations specific communication system is also very useful if you just captured the flag and you "need an escort back to base." Now instead of players having to open the map and look for your flag-carrying ass, they can simply "acknowledge" your cammand and they'll instantly get a waypoint showing them where you are. It's a simple yet brilliant system.

    Thiefr II Patch - Surebrec @ 9:34 pm PST
    These babies are becoming all too common these days. Anyway, the latest Thief II: The Metal Age patch has been released, upgrading it to v1.18. You can download it from here.
    Source: Gamespy

    MDK2 AVIs - Raven @ 9:34 pm PST
    Interplay in their usual friendly fashion have release 3 new movies concerning Biowares eagerly awaiting MDK2. The AVI vary in size from 4-7 megs and contain in game footage of Biowares latest First Person project. Anyone else in my boat can go over to Interplay and download the AVI here.

    Messiah Stuff - Surebrec @ 9:32 pm PST
    Gamespy has posted 2 new Messiah items for us tonite: a review and an interview. First the review. Here's a small snippet from that:

    By far the coolest feature in Messiah is the ability to possess others. Everything from the underground dwelling Chots, to the genetically altered Clubber, Sub-Girls, Commanders, and every creature in between is fair game for your possession power. Including rats and monsters.

    Possession is more than just a cool feature; it is critical to your survival. As Bob, you have no skills, no armor, and no ability to fight. However, once you possess a body, you control all of its skills, abilities, weapons, and most of all, it becomes your armor. Even better, if Bob is wounded he will replenish himself from the energy of his host. When that body dies, Bob is popped out into the harsh world and you had better get him another body real quick.

    Secondly, is the Messiah interview(if you wanna call it that) in which they interview Dave Perry. Not much of interest, but still, it's an interview with Dave Perry for you fans out there :).

    Messiah Patch - Raven @ 9:29 pm PST
    About time, anyway it seems like Shiny has finally gotten around to fixing up some of the problems effecting their game, Messiah. The patch only fixes up afew things but I guess any patch is better then none. Heres a blurb on what the patch does adress:
    Added polygon strips enable/disable to the video options menu, it was causing a compatibility issue with some geForce, Rage Pro familiy and RAGE Mobility chipsets. Enable it if possible for better performance (default is off)
    CD SWAPPING Added a dialog box before Messiah goes fullscreen to allow the player to swap CD and prevent any autoplaying applications from launching. The previous message was too small and asked for the audio CD and not CD2.

    ELSA Compatible mode added to video menu (fixes "partially invisible" chararacter bugs)

    Mip mapping options added to video menu (fixes voodooIII/Banshee). Defualt is set to off.

    -p command line switch added to disable in game Gamma correction (for users who would like to use Windows Gamma settings)

    SAFEMODE batch files added for troubleshooting

    Fixed Various issues with F5 message.
    Fixed problems with bots
    Fixed problem with weapon scan room
    Fixed problem with dance contest not recognizing button presses.
    Fixed problem with CD Music turning back on from save games. Fixed various minor gameplay issues.

    Grab the patch off

    Screens Galore! - Surebrec @ 9:27 pm PST
    Looks like Gamespot has really been stocking up on sweet screenshots. Anyways, they have posted Vampire screenshots, and 2 new screenshots from LucasArts' upcoming SW game, Obi-wan.

    Tribes 2 In-depth Look - Surebrec @ 9:24 pm PST
    The inbreds over at Gamespot have slapped up an in-depth look at Tribes2, as well as featuring 9 new screenshots. Here's a small snippet from it:

    Frohnmayer next moved on to Tribes 2's graphics and terrain engine, the most improved aspect of the game. The terrain in Tribes 2 is modeled using an editor that Dynamix built from the ground up. There are five terrain types in Tribes 2, one for each of the game's factions. They are: lush forest, desert, ice, volcanic, and alien. Each of the terrain types has its own unique set of textures, which are composed of a wide number of individual texture skins. Frohnmayer ran through a quick example of how long it would take a typical gamer to build his own levels using Tribes 2's in-game editor. He chose a fractal that determines the level's terrain type, chose its average height, and gave each height its corresponding texture, and before we knew it, a unique Tribes 2 level had been created. And since all the textures, fractals, and landscapes are local to the players' own computers, players who log onto a Tribes 2 server running a user-created map will only have to download the map heights - something that takes 10 seconds to do on a 28.8kbps connection. To create the buildings in Tribes 2, Dynamix is using Valve Software's Worldcraft editor. Due to licensing reasons, however, the building editor will not ship with the final game.

    History of AD&D - Raven @ 9:21 pm PST
    Well come on now, I am sure that everyone has heard about Dungeons and Dragons, and I certainly hope that most gamers have had a go at AD&D. So obviously there are lots of people who are interested in the history of this RPG milestone.... *looks around hopefully*... anyway,

    In a new article Gamespot have a close look at the history of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons; and are more then happy to showoff the history and the influence that TSR's role playing game system has had on the gaming community. A surprisingly interesting read, if you have some time on your hands you can grab it here.

    Ground Control Diary - Surebrec @ 9:18 pm PST
    Gamespot has smacked up a Designer's Diary for the upcoming 3D action/strategy title, Ground Control. Massive Entertainment's Henrik Sebring talks about basically what the game is all about, as well as decisions that they made on how the game will work.
    Source: Blue's News

    New Vampire Screens - Raven @ 9:14 pm PST
    Looks like GA-Source have been at in again. They have just uploaded 15 new and unseen screenshots concerning Vampire: The Masquerade. Vampire is a First Person game that combines RPG and Strategy elements. The game has players controlling Christof Romuald, a 12th century knight in a the religious Order of Swordbrethren. It is expected to be a very good game. and these are definately very good screenshots.

    AvP GE with Dedicated Servers - Surebrec @ 9:13 pm PST
    Looks like you will be able to run dedicated servers with Aliens vs. Predator GE, all thanks to, who are making dedicated servers work with AvP GE.

    Incoming Forces Screenshots - Surebrec @ 9:11 pm PST
    Speaking of GA, GA-Strategy has slapped up 2 new screenshots from Rage Software's upcoming action/strategy game, Incoming Forces, which is the sequel to Incoming.

    Ground Control Preview - Surebrec @ 9:10 pm PST
    The boys over at GA-Source have slapped up a hands-on preview of Sierra's upcoming 3D tactical game, Ground Control, which includes 10 new screenshots. Ground Control is a next-generation fully 3D real-time strategy game in developement by Swedish developer Massive Entertainment. While Massive may be relative newcomers to the gaming development scene, it definitely doesn't show.

    AC UK Release Date - Surebrec @ 9:08 pm PST
    For those of you in the UK and eagerly awaiting Asheron's Call, you're in luck. Asheron's Call in the UK will be out soon:


    Microsoft UK today announced that Asheron's Call will officially launch in
    the UK on the fourteenth day of the fourth month of the year 2000. To
    celebrate the upcoming launch, Microsoft UK is giving gamers the chance to
    get their hands on a copy of the game early. 100 copies are up for grabs
    over the next two weeks leading up to the launch. This promotion is only
    open to UK residents.

    Asheron's Call is a massively multiplayer role-playing game playable
    exclusively on the MSN Gaming Zone ( that draws
    together thousands of players within a dynamic, 3-D online world. Players
    can create truly unique characters by choosing between extensive
    combinations of visual appearance, attributes and skill sets. Asheron's
    Call immerses players in an intense role-playing fantasy environment where
    they must compete or cooperate with thousands of other online players. An
    extensive system of allegiance and influence greatly enhances social
    interaction. The online nature of the game facilitates an evolving and
    dynamic adventure inside a consistent universe. The game will never be
    solved because there will always be more areas to explore and quests to

    For more information about the launch of Asheron's Call in the UK, please
    visit the game's official UK Web site, at

    Interview: Kim Lathrop - Falcon @ 3:19 pm PST
    The Oxygen Tank has posted an interview with Raven Software's Kim Lathrop, texture artist on Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, discussing the Quake 3 Arena engine, fun with shaders, how environments are created, and a bunch of miscellaneous personal stuff.

    Voodoo5 Impressions - Falcon @ 3:16 pm PST
    Also from Stomped is an article on the Voodoo5 which comes after a visit to the Dallas 3dfx offices, and covers the anti aliasing and motion blur technology.

    SoF Review - Falcon @ 3:10 pm PST
    Stomped has written a review of the full game of Soldier of Fortune.
    "Another thing that impressed me was the surprising amount of cut scenes. I expected a cut scene maybe once between each level/mission and that was it. What I got was a plethora of entertaining cutscenes that I wanted to keep going instead of ending. They happened enough during the middle of levels that it helped give me that cool feeling of being in an action movie." Tournament - Raven @ 3:53 am PST in association with IE2E have put together a massive 256 slot tournament for Blizzards Real Time Strategy game, Brood War. This tournament boasts some great prizes and has already attracted afew of the big boys on the SC scene, including X'Ds~Grrrr, TillerMaN, Pillars, [9]eVERLAST and ~jolly~. However the best thing about this tournament is that it is FREE! Anyone interested in competing should go here. I can't wait to see some of the game reports for this tournament.

    Final Fantasy 9 Details - Raven @ 3:32 am PST
    These details come from Club Squaresoft:

    "New info on Square's Final Fantasy IX has been revealed. Officially announced characters include: Zidane Triball, VIVI Ornitier and Edward Steiner. Garnet, a fourth characters has been revealed, but not officially announced. Those four make up the main cast so far, with 8 promised. Reports point to a Final Fantasy VI like focus, where no one character is the main focus. This could also resemble VIII, where a secondary party was used as well.

    Some quick plot details. First off, the floating building seen in the trailer and other screens has been revealed as a floating theater which travels from city to city putting on performances for the townspeople.

    The angelic beast seen behind a castle in another shot has been revealed to be a protector of one of the crystals. Yes, crystals have returned after a long absence since IV.

    RPGamer has stated that it will take 40 hours to beat. That's Japanese time, not American. :) Expect a Japanese release in July with US later in the year.

    New details have been revealed on the floating theater seen in previous shots. It seems that it is just one of many floating cities found in the world of FF IX. Not all cities float, however. There are poverty stricken towns as well. Zidane, our young hero, has grown up in poverty and turned to thievery to get by.

    It has also been revealed, to no one's suprise, that Nobuo Uematsu will make the return as composer for FF IX.

    Finally, more character artwork from Amano has been released, and is available in the media section"


    Thief 2 Review - Raven @ 3:25 am PST
    Gamecenter has also reviewed Thief II: The Metal Age. As I have said before, Theif and Theif 2 are both First Person Shooter games that force players to use stealth and guile rather then upfront brute strength. Most people have defined this style of gameplay as refreshing and exciting. Gamecenter on the other hand wern't so impressed in their review. This review mentions both good and bad factors about Thief2 and touches on more then problems that they noticed when playing Theif2. Still a good read, especially for anyone who is thinking of buying it.

    Lord British Leaves Origin - Raven @ 3:18 am PST
    Well this is abit of a shock, Ultima creator and programming mastermind Richard Garriott has resigned from Origin. Garriott was the creator and designer for for most of the Ultima series, including the extremely popular game, Ultime Online. Gamecenter have put up an article detailed this surprise resignation and they bring to light afew concerning issues. All Ultima fans I believe will definately want to check out this article.

    It also appears that the water is becomming a little unsteady over at Origin Systems, with 20 staff members sacked and 2 projects being cancelled in a period of only afew days -I was haning out for both of those projects too :(. It looks like interesting things will be going on over at OS during the next few months.

    AN Game Lists - Raven @ 3:03 am PST
    Our affilate Ancient Nation have come up with a new section for their webpage entitled Game Links. This new section is really just a list of details about game consoles and game manufactures. I guess some people might find this interesting... And if you are searching for a console game this would be a great place to look... Heres what AN webmaster Shive says about their new feature.

    "Game lists are just a simple list of games that were available for each system, sometimes including manufactor name, model number, and other information. It's handy if you ever wanted to know what came out for a particular system, and who made it.There's about 20 different systems now listed in the archive. "

    Hopefully once AN build up this section it will be very useful for viewers.

    New Homeworld Patch - Raven @ 2:49 am PST
    Sierra have whipped up a new patch for their strategy game Homeworld. I Haven't had a chance to read up on the details about this patch *stupid mean Sierra people only have correction details on the readme, which you have to download :(*. Anyway apparently this patch corrects most multiplayer issues. Anyone with homeworld can head over here to download the patch.

    Zelda 2 Shots - Raven @ 2:40 am PST
    Gamefans Online have definately come up with the goods this time. In a recent update GF have scored 60 screen shots, of the sequal to one of Nintendo's hottest up and coming titles, Zelda: Majora's Mask. The shots look great and you can view them here.

    here is a sample

    Final Fantasy Movie Shorts - Raven @ 2:30 am PST
    Two new trailers about the Final Fantasy Movie have hit the web. The trailers are around 500kb and are in Quicktime format. Go and download them off the Final Fantasy Website here.

    Diablo2 Happenings - Raven @ 2:16 am PST
    Diablo2 is a soon to be released Role Playing Game title from Blizzard Entertainment. The game has been highly anticipated by Diablo fans for years now and the Diablo2 community has been on a high since the annoucement of the Diablo2 Beta a week ago. Theres alot happening on the net concerning Diablo2 and here is some of the jazz that I picked up.

    • Firstly Gamefans have put together a discription of the Amazon character class.

    • Gamespot have put together a Quests Section and a discription of the Barbarian character class.

    • Thresh's Firing Squad have thrown up a list of "First Thoughts" on the Diablo2 Beta, basically listing a general discription on the Beta.

    • have their own Diablo2 Beta Signup. No details on how many copies are up for grabs, but then again any hardcore D2 fan who missed out on getting the Beta will definately want to sign up before the winners are announced on Wednesday April 12th.

    • Daily Radar has put up a section on Diablo2 Icons for battle net.

    • Incinerate games have whipped up 2 movies on the beta. I haven't downloaded them yet so I have no idea what they are like, however here is the link to download them yourself.

    • Finally Darkness have updated most of their page with a TONNE of new images and information about Diablo2. To much to link to, just go to their site and view it.
    That should be enough to keep all of the D2 fans happy for one day...

    TRIBES 2 PREVIEW - Raven @ 1:42 am PST
    For anyone who hasn't heard about Dynamix's latest project -Tribes2- let me just try to sum it up in afew short words.

    Tribes 2 is a First Person Shooter that is geared towards online, multi-player gaming. To put it simply you blow up LOTS OF PEOPLE, in a stunning 3D ENVIRONMENT, with kewl WEAPONS, creative MAPS and a STORYLINE -YES A STORYLINE!. Whilst I haven't been keeping up to date with Tribes2 happenings I do own Tribes1 and from what I have seen so far Tribes2 boasts some impressive features that the original didn't come close to offering.

    Now that you guys have some background information heres the article. PC.IGN have put together a comprehensive preview detailing the development of Tribes2. Its a fairly long article but a good read, and a must read for any FPS gamer. Check it out here.

    Thursday, April 06, 2000
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    D-Link USB Radio Review - Falcon @ 10:50 pm PST
    What does Britney Spears, The Backstreet Boys, and N' Sync have in common? No, the answer is not they're all just one-hit wonders. The correct answer is that they can all be picked up on the local radio station...and heard on your computer! That's right, Exxtreme3D has just posted up its review on D-Link's USB Radio! Here's a note for you:

    "D-Link’s USB radio is one of the innovations that I wouldn’t have thought of myself. The D-Link Radio is a great if you don’t own a radio, and it is great for all you Mp3 fanatics. Though it may not be as good as a real stereo or your sound system downstairs, this thing is still pretty neat."

    GamesXtreme Competiton - Falcon @ 10:47 pm PST
    GamesXtreme have a new competition, with 5 Delta Force 2 survival packs and 3 copies of the game to give away.

    Rally Championship review - Falcon @ 10:45 pm PST has posted a very in-depth (2pg) review of Europress Rally game, Rally Championship (aka Rally Championship 2000). Here's a snip from the review:
    Rallydriving is hard. Rally Championship is almost unforgiving. You can drive till the last drop and make your way in the top ten on a stage. But one silly mistake can end your dreams of winning the stage. Competition is very fierce in Rally Championship, so a little mistake will push you back to 30th or 40th. It differs from Colin McRae Rally in the fact that you can't throw the car around as much as you do in CMR. In that perspective Rally Championship is all about driving sensible lines and being very neat and tidy when cornering. Stepping out to much can cause your car to hit an object and every bit of damage will count in the end.

    Adellion Interview - Falcon @ 10:42 pm PST
    Gamespy chats with lead programmer Paul Hutson about SageSoft's upcoming MMORGPG Adellion. A sample:
    "We wanted a world that was more realistic (but not too realistic)," Hutson said. "One of my visions of Adellion is taking part in a huge online battle with hundred of people (PC's and NPC's) all attacking and fighting. It will cost huge amounts of life, but will be interesting to see."

    Starfleet Command vol2 Interview - Falcon @ 10:40 pm PST
    Erik Bethke, producer on Starfleet Command Volume II, has answered a few questions about their recently announced sequel. More:

    SoF Q&A - Falcon @ 10:38 pm PST
    With the recent release of Raven Software's' anticipated FPS, Soldier of Fortune, GA asked Project Administrator Kenn Hoekstra about the past, present, and future.

    Netscape 6 - MystikaL @ 6:42 pm PST
    Yeah, it's out. Grab it. It's really really good, better than IE (by far).

    Carmack on Graphics Engines v2 - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:29 pm PST
    After John Carmack's .plan update about Graphics Engines (see below), Blues New's sent off a little email to Carmack to see what was going on with the new engine he is working on. Here's his response:
    The next game will have a new rendering engine, but much of the other system architecture will remain the same. It was originally intended that the Q3 rendering engine would be used, but the R&D started looking too appealing.

    Nvidia Stuff - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:18 pm PST
    WRE has learned that Nvidia "got a new card on the way," and that it "plans to roll out the newest member of its family of GPUs on April 25th". Not much is known about it yet, but it will most likely be a next generation GeForce 256 card. very cool.

    Carmack on Graphic Engines - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:09 pm PST
    John Carmack from id has just slapped up a .plan update, regarding mostly grpahics engines. Of course i dont understand half of it, but here it is, in its full glory:
    Whenever I start a new graphics engine, I always spend a fair amount of time flipping back through older graphics books. It is always interesting to see how your changed perspective with new experience impacts your appreciation of a given article.

    I was skimming through Jim Blinn's "A Trip Down The Graphics Pipeline"
    tonight, and I wound up laughing out loud twice.

    From the book:

    P73: I then empirically found that I had to scale by -1 in x instead of in z, and also to scale the xa and xf values by -1. (Basically I just put in enough minus signs after the fact to make it work.) Al Barr refers to this technique as "making sure you have made an even number of sign errors."

    P131: The only lines that generate w=0 after clipping are those that pass through the z axis, the valley of the trough. These lines are lines that pass exactly through the eyepoint. After which you are dead and don't care about divide-by-zero errors.

    If you laughed, you are a graphics geek.

    My first recollection of a Jim Blinn article many years ago was my skimming over it and thinking "My god, what ridiculously picky minutia." Over the last couple years, I found myself haranguing people over some fairly picky issues, like the LSB errors with cpu vs rasterizer face culling and screen edge clipping with guard band bit tests. After one of those pitches, I quite distinctly thought to myself "My god, I'm turning into Jim Blinn!" :-)

    New GameSpy - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:59 pm PST
    There's a new version of GameSpy3D out today. This upgrade brings the version up to v2.20, but it is only for registered users (i always wondered what the point in registering was). "This new version adds support for Rogue Spear: Urban operations and Codename Eagle, as well as a host of new options." Check out the GameSpy Download Page to download.

    id Lawsuit Dropped! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 5:21 pm PST
    This comes as great news to the whole gaming community, as the lawsuit against id software has been dropped. Todd Hollenshead, the CEO of id just smacked this up in a .plan update. Dig it:
    I just received outstanding news for not only id, but the video game industry as well:

    In a decision that has just been made available, id has prevailed in the Paducha lawsuit (more formally known as the "James Case") on all points. Judge Johnstone has dismissed the case on all grounds, validating what we have said all along: the case lacked a shred of merit.

    SOF Review - MystikaL @ 11:39 am PST
    We've posted our review on Soldier of Fortune, which you can check out here.

    Interview: Dark age of Camelot - Falcon @ 4:29 am PST
    Dark Age of Camelot is a next generation massivelyn multiplayer role-playing game in development by Mythic Entertainment (Spellbinder: The Nexus Conflict).

    Check out the in-depth interview with Matt Firor, Producer, to find out more about this Arthurian-inspired title - includes two new screenshots.

    Stomped E3 Contest - Falcon @ 4:28 am PST
    Stomped @ E3 is teaming up with Gathering of Developers to sponsor a new contest..where the winner can will every one of the games G.O.D. has published to date..Details are at

    Gamespy3D v2.20 - Falcon @ 4:27 am PST
    GameSpy3D v2.20 for registered users has just been released!
    So, what's new?
    - Support for the new Rogue Spear "Urban Operations" mission pack
    - Support for "Codename Eagle"
    - Quake 3 Arena mod support
    - "Auto-Favorites": servers are added to your favorites list after you
    play on them 5 times
    - Enhanced Windows 2000/NT4 support!

    For the full scoop on all of the changes, additions and improvements, check out the GameSpy3D website at

    You can grab the new version from FilePlanet:

    Dawn of Darkness TC for Quake II - Falcon @ 4:25 am PST
    In case you missed it when it was originally released, Ward Six Entertainment would like to announce that Dawn of Darkness, Episode 1, is available for download. Originally planned as a commercial total
    conversion for Quake II, the project is now being given to the community for free. So reinstall Quake II!

    Industrial fantasy meets magic and flintlock guns in this adventure-filled action game. It is not simply Quake II with some minor changes. It's a whole new game with conversations, puzzles, swords, and more. You need to play it to believe it. Come and download the first episode now!

    Episode 2, along with source code and game assets, will be made available in the future.

    C&C Renegade Preview - Falcon @ 4:22 am PST
    Those rebels over @ 3DGameGear have kicked up their latest article, which just happens to be a look at Command & Conquer Renegade. Here's a bit to get you foaming...
    "Formerly known as The Commando Project and thought of as a Playstation title, C&C: Renegade wants to do what many other gaming franchises can't expand a series past its known genre. For instance, Lucasarts is having trouble selling anything past its X-Wing/TIE Fighter series, Blizzard couldn't turn Warcraft into its Warcraft Adventures and Microprose with X-Com. So what does Westwood think they have that can make Renegade a hit?"

    UK CPU Price Chart updated - Falcon @ 4:21 am PST
    Games Xtreme have updated thier UK CPU price chart. With the 'Athlon 800Mhz Slot A 512Kb' dropping a massive -£145.70 to £276.13 inc. VAT it represents great value for a top of the range chip! You can catch the charts here:

    U.F.S. Vanguard soundtracks just posted - Falcon @ 4:19 am PST
    Composer Bill Brown has just posted his new U.F.S. Vanguard 'Main Theme' and 'End Credits' soundtracks - here!

    U.F.S. Vanguard, Red Storm Entertainment's tactical interstellar space combat game is expected on store shelves in August 2000.

    Quake University - Falcon @ 4:18 am PST
    GameSpy goes to school in the first of a two-part series today to look closer at the idea of getting a degree in computer gaming. They talk to the professor behind the idea and tomorrow, and corner a few of the big names in the industry such as Robert Duffy from id, and Levelord and Robert Atkins from Ritual. Want a degree?

    Interview: Dave Halstead - Falcon @ 4:16 am PST
    3DActionPlanet has an interview with Dave Halstead at Human Head Studios. It's a good lengthy interview and there is a lot of new information on the upcoming action game Rune, plus the scoop on The upcoming Blair Witch Project games.

    Wednesday, April 05, 2000
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    Thief 2 Review - Intrepid @ 6:08 pm PST
    3DRage slapped up a review of LGlass' sequel to the First Person 'Sneaker', Thief. Check it out right here. Here's a snip:

    The original Thief holds a special place in the hearts of gamers everywhere who were looking for a game that could offer them something that the typical first person shooter couldn't offer. What they were presented with was a game that put a strong emphasis on stealth, cunning and avoiding combat at all costs instead of instigating it. Those who doubted this perception on gameplay found that it provided the gaming community with one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences ever. Thief generated a group of loyal followers that kept the single player experience alive by developing user-created mission and submitting them to fan sites for the loyal followers to download and play.

    Game-Over Reviews - Intrepid @ 6:05 pm PST
    GO gave it a shot at a couple of racing games, Need for Speed 5: Porsche Unleashed and Rollcage Stage 2. Check them both out, and I give Intrepid's seal of high recommendation on NFS 5. The game has spectacular graphics and gameplay, don't miss it!

    Crimson Order Preview - Intrepid @ 5:58 pm PST
    Click here for an Evil Avatar preview of Crimson Order. Here's a clip:
    Crimson Order will transport players to the year 2583 where they will become Mark Prophet, the leader of an underground resistance group enlisted by Earth to save an intergalactic colony of humans enslaved by alien invaders known as the Tan'Kahr. Players will lead their team through some of the most harrowing missions imaginable as they strive towards the ultimate glory of thwarting the aliens' conquest. Absorbing players in these highly original gaming environments are in-depth story lines -- constantly changing with each decision the player makes -- as well as amazing 3D animations and special effects, intelligent adversaries and allies, and intense combat action.

    SoF Editing Forum - Intrepid @ 5:53 pm PST have fired up an SoF editing forum, where you can get some info on editing the recently released hit FPS.

    Help Needed! - Surebrec @ 4:35 pm PST
    Ok, you might've noticed that news is a little slow right now. We're having hard times here. I know we have a lot of visitors and fans. So, right now we're looking for some dedicated news posters, who can take about 2 hours out of their day and scour the web for news and post it here. You also have to have good spelling and good grammar. If you meet these requirements, please e-mail Falcon.

    PC Game Rentals at Blockbuster? - MaD-HaTTeR @ 2:50 pm PST
    Ya, it looks like Blockbuster Video will soon be renting out computer games (well, atleast A-Vault is reporting they are). Read the A-Vault post here, but heres the good clippage for ya:
    BLOCKBUSTER is launching a PC game rental program in a dozen cities and in 175 corporate stores in the U.S. The test program, which began in April 1999 with franchise stores in Texas, is being extended to Austin, Boston, Detroit, Cleveland, Hartford, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Orlando, Raleigh, Sacramento, and San Diego, among others.

    Heres your Chance... - MaD-HaTTeR @ 2:42 pm PST
    Here's your chance, to bust into the gaming industy that is. I just noticed over on Blue's that Legend is looking for a level designer for Unreal 2. Read on:
    Legend Entertainment is looking for another Level Designer to work on Unreal 2. If you would like to work with a highly motivated team on one of next year's most anticipated 3D games, then please contact us immediately.

    Industry experience is a plus, but not required. If you have made a really cool level at home that you would like us to see please don't hesitate to contact us.

    Requirements include:

    - Work experience with a current 3D engine. Knowledge of the Unreal engine and tools is a plus, but not required.
    - Ability to demonstrate your skills with example levels for a current 3D game - for example Wheel of Time, Unreal, UT or Half-Life. Single player levels are preferred and will get the first look, but if you have made a really cool multiplayer level that you feel shows off your skills really well, we'll want to see it.
    - Good communication skills and ability to work both unsupervised and as part of a team.
    - Dedication to producing excellent and innovative levels in a timely manner.
    - Must be willing to relocate to Chantilly, Virginia (suburban Washington, DC).

    Legend offers excellent salaries and benefits, and a great team and work environment. Please send your resume to and include an example of your work. Do not attach files bigger than 2MB (send us a link to your level instead).

    Now fire up UnrealEd and get to work!

    UT Mod Stuff - MaD-HaTTeR @ 2:33 pm PST
    Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart from Epic has just updated his .plan, with some links for potential UT Mod Makers. Dig it:
    Instead of bitching like a baby, I'll post some links to information.
    The Mutation Device - A really good site with basic tutorials on mod authoring, specifically mutators.
    Mod Central Unreal - An excellent site with information and links to mod sites and mod design. Good overall mod news.
    The Unreal Tech site. There are some good docs under Programming for UnrealScripters. Some of the docs I wrote need updated now and have some typos (yuck!)
    Shane Caudle's model site was here, but it seems to be broken at the moment. It used to be at I'll ask him about it later.

    The biggest resources for level designers can be found among the older Unreal level design tutorials. A lot of those older tutorials are still completely relevant to Unreal Tournament level design. Planet Unreal and Unreality both have sets of tutorials.

    Finally, for mailing lists, check out the UnrealScript list at Epic runs a UTMods list for the same kind of discussion (but more general to any mod type topic) that is open to the public. Just email me your address and I'll add you to the list.

    And Cliff wanted me to mention his Ownage site. Its his own reward system for map authors that impress him. He's expanded the site to cover just about any project now.

    Homeworld Patch - MaD-HaTTeR @ 2:23 pm PST
    Sierra Studios has just released their latest patch for Homeworld, v1.05. The patch weighs in at 2megs, and it updates all versions of Homeworld. Grab it off Sierra's FTP right here.

    Patches - the_culture @ 8:30 am PST
    No, I'm not talking about the gay/goofy doctor Patch Adams, I'm talking about game patches. Two of them. There's the 2.02 patch for Flanker 2.0 and there's the 1.21 patch for Revenant.

    Devil Inside Demo - the_culture @ 8:26 am PST
    Can't get enough of French wackiness? Never fret, game developer Gamesquad is here to save the day with their new action/horror game Devil Inside. Just in case you're a bit confused about the whole thing:
    Dave Ackland, a former cop turned journalist, now carries out his investigations for the local TV channel specialising in the weird and bazaar. But Dave is no ordinary person, he has a strange and unusual power - He can change into his delectable female double, the devilish Deva, a leather clad devil with supernatural powers. On the evening of Halloween, Dave enters into a haunted house where heinous crimes have been committed. He will have to fight against the living dead that now possess this building to solve the crimes and lay the evil to rest once and for all. Meanwhile back at the studio, the host of the show Jack T. Ripper begins the live coverage, following Dave and Deva's every move, in front of a studio audience that is increasingly eager to see the macabre. This evening will be the highest rating the show has seen…but at what cost? Devil Inside…to achieve the highest ratings, some people will go to Hell and back!

    Pick up the 70 meg demo.

    Tuesday, April 04, 2000
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    Carmack on 1GHz CPU's - MaD-HaTTeR @ 7:33 pm PST
    John Carmack from everyones favorite company, id software, has just made a post over on Slashdot, discussing Intel's Gigahertz Pentium III processor, and how it effects gaming (or doesnt). Here's the post:

    A GeForce should be able to run Q3 at 200 fps at 400x300 (r_mode 1) or possibly even 512x384 resolution if the cpu was fast enough. A dual willamette at the end of this year will probably do it.

    We currently see 100+ fps timedemos at 640x480 with either a 1ghz processor or dual 800's, and that isn't completely fill rate limited. DDR GeForce cards are really, really fast.

    Yes, it is almost completely pointless. The only reasonable argument for super high framerates is to do multi frame composited motion blur, but it turns out that it isn't all that impressive.

    I did a set of offline renderings of running Q3 at 1000 fps and blending down to 60 fps for display. Looked at individually, the screenshots were AWESOME, with characters blurring through their animations and gibs streaking off the screen, but when they were played at 60hz, nobody could tell the difference even side by side.

    Motion blur is more important at 24hz movie speeds, but at higher monitor retrace rates it really doesn't matter much. There are some poster-child cases for it, like a spinning wagon wheel, but for most aspects of a FPS, realistic motion blur isn't noticable. Exagerated motion blur (light sabers, etc) is a separate issue, and doesn't require ultra-high framerates. There are still plenty of things we can usefully burn faster cpu's on...

    TDR 2000 Movie! - MaD-HaTTeR @ 6:58 pm PST
    SCi has just released a movie showing off their upcoming car "crashing, killing, slaughtering, and overall mayhem" game, Carmageddon 3: The Death Race 2000. Check it out right here.

    Daily D2 Stuff - Surebrec @ 6:11 pm PST
    I know, there wasn't much D2 stuff yesterday. However, today seems to be filled to the brim. So here's today's stuff:

  • Thresh's Firing Squad has posted their First Thoughts on the game, as well as new screenshots to go along with it.
  • Defenders of Light have posted 18 more screenshots.
  • Darkness has posted a handful of shots, all of which are in the Monestary. They are really cool though, showing off the necromancer and some other stuff.
  • incite has smacked up a movie of the gameplay involving a Necromancer and a Sorceress, which is over here.

  • Source:

    TRIBES 2 Screens - Surebrec @ 5:57 pm PST
    incite has smacked up some more screenshots of Dynamix's upcoming strategy/shooter game, Tribes 2. In today's screens, we are shown some hi-res pics of outdoor scenes, as well as some low-res shots showing the inside of one of the new bases in the game.
    Source: Blue's News

    Hired Guns Interview - Surebrec @ 5:53 pm PST
    The folks at GA-Strategy have scored an interview with Kate Gilbreath, Production Assistant of Hired Guns, which is an Unreal-powered futuristic, first-person 3D shooter . The interview also sports 3 new screenshots.

    Planet Heat Movie - Surebrec @ 5:50 pm PST
    Humand Head has released a 3.8 MB movie showing off their upcoming futuristic action/racer, Planet Heat, which you can find here.

    Allegiance Chat - Surebrec @ 5:48 pm PST
    MSN Gaming Zone will be hosting an Allegiance chat this Wednesday nite at 6 pm Pacific time. Here's the full scoop:

    Microsoft announced today that on Wednesday, April 5, beginning at 6:00pm PDT, lead developers from Microsoft Research will be in the Zone Theater Chat Room ( to talk about Allegiance. Now available at retail, Allegiance combines furious space combat with the social challenge of squadron-based combat in a stunning 3D universe.

    Gamers are invited to put their questions directly to the game designers this Wednesday. Executive Producer, Joel Dehlin, Lead Designer, Curt Carpenter, and the entire Allegiance development team will be on hand to talk about gameplay tips and tricks, upcoming events, and more. To participate in the Allegiance chat, click "Chat & Events" on the navigation bar across the top of any Zone page, and then click "Chat Rooms" and "Zone Theater Chat" in the room list. A free Zone membership is required to participate in all Zone Theater chats.

    GreenMarine on Linux UT 413 - MaD-HaTTeR @ 2:40 pm PST
    Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart from Epic has just cooked up an update for his .plan, with some word on the upcoming Linux UT 413 patch. Read on my Linux using friends:
    A 413 for Linux is in testing with a few of our server operators from the UTServers mailing list. This version of 413 does not include any code from OpenUT. I will probably release this patch in delta compressed and non-compressed format.

    I am going to talk to Daniel Vogel about releasing an OpenUT enhanced 413 afterwards. I was integrating the CVS features, but I can't test them all and I am running short on time. The programmers who have contributed to OpenUT have gotten a LOT of stuff in great shape.

    They've added support for music, a much less cpu intensive mixing scheme, support for control through SDL, support for MesaGL through SDL, and lots of stability features. All of this code is available through the OpenUT website,

    There will also be a new public source distribution to follow the 413 Linux release.

    Monday, April 03, 2000
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    Top secret music video posted! - Falcon @ 10:56 pm PST
    Bill Brown, composer of Rainbow Six, Rogue Spear, UFS Vanguard, Trespasser and many other titles, has just released his new music video of the top secret project that has been in the works for several months now. The new game release will be announced shortly.

    This new music video represents a first for Bill's web site, as it includes Bill singing the theme of this revolutionary new game, which is destined to shake up the entire gaming industry!

    The MPG music video can be viewed here:

    StarLancer Preview - Surebrec @ 7:23 pm PST
    Yet another StarLancer preview has hit the web, this time over at Daily Radar. The preview even sports a few nice screens.

    StarLancer's 3D engine looks gorgeous at this point, looking like it may turn out to be one of the best looking games that PC gamers can look forward to this year. 3D acceleration is a must for the crazy swirl of ships, lasers, explosions and debris floating around in space. Each ship is lovingly modeled and the cut scenes created in-engine rival the pre-rendered material padding out the game outside of the missions. It seems like Erin Roberts and crew have assembled the basics of a strong space shooter. All that StarLancer needs now is some time for tweaking and testing and we may end up with this year's Freespace killer. We're looking forward to playing the full version of the game when it comes out at the end of April.

    Thief II Interview - Surebrec @ 7:20 pm PST
    ThiefNews has managed to score an interview with Thief II Project Leader, Steve Pearsall. In the interview they talk about, basically, about the making of the game and general stuff. Here's a small snippet from it:

    How much has Thief 2 changed from visualization, to realization, to completion?
    Overall I think that Thief 2 shipped very close to our original vision of what it should be.

    Thief 1 was an experimental title for us. We didn't know if stealth gameplay was a strong enough gameplay concept to carry an entire game. Additionally, we were developing some of the key gameplay as we were developing the Thief 1 missions. We learned a lot about stealth gameplay during that process and by listening very closely to the feedback we received from people who liked the original game.

    When we started Thief 2, we weren't looking to re-invent the game, but to put into practice the things we learned while doing Thief 1, so that we could take the stealth gameplay that makes Thief unique to the next level.

    After looking at the finished game as well as looking at the early feedback I think we hit our mark.

    Source: Blue's News

    Imperium Galactica II Preview - Surebrec @ 7:15 pm PST
    GA-Source sent word that they have smacked up a hands-on preview of Imperium Galactica II. Here's a clip from it:

    The bottom line is that if you like 4X games, you’ll need this on your shelf. It’ll probably raise the bar for future spaceploitation games (and it’ll have some hefty competition from the sequels to both Reach for the Stars and Stars!). If you have any interest at all with this sort of game, preorder your copy now, because you’ll not leave your house for a week once you have it. Take some vacation time, my friends, you’ll need it. I just hope those of you with significant others understand the pull this game can have on you. The only reason mine does is that I tell her I’m playing the game for work. (Brian makes an evil grin). Get this game when it comes out. You’ll be happy that you did.

    StarLancer Tactics - Surebrec @ 7:11 pm PST
    The hicks (I guess it's Hick Day here at GS) at 24 Hour Gamer has slapped up an article that deals with the tactics of Microsoft's upcoming 3D space action sim. The article gives those who currently have the beta (as the writer does) some tips on going about playing the game. Here's a small clip.. for those lucky bastards that somehow got the beta:

    A simple control to utilize in dog fighting is the throttle. You can make sharp turns and track an enemy easier if you constantly keep your hand on the throttle. Only after playing a few months of Allegiance did I master it, but it really does work well to make sure an enemy doesn't get on your six.

    TRANS Preview - Surebrec @ 7:09 pm PST
    Them inbreds at GamesXTREME have slapped up a preview of TRANS, a third person robot action game that combines the real-time adrenaline of the 3D shooter with the mental effort of a tactical operation. Here's a small clip:

    Despite being a mech kind of game, TRANS has many more features that separate it. First of all, this game takes place in third person view. The game requires you to be very dynamic, yet smart at the same time. It combines action, teamplay and strategy in a fun and exciting way. You will be able to control 21 different Robots, over 30 weapons and a lot of specials. In addition every Robot can transform into another form, in which it has different abilities to master situations the other form cannot.

    New AC Event - Surebrec @ 7:07 pm PST
    There will be a new Asheron's Call world event happening soon. I guess this e-mail explains it all:


    Microsoft today announced that the "Thorns of the Hopeslayer" event will begin later this week in the dynamic world of Asheron's Call. "Thorns of the Hopeslayer" is the next major event planned in this monthly series.

    Twisted citadels erupted from the earth several weeks ago, and have since hovered over the land, humming with evil magic. Some invisible force has periodically teleported heroes into their heights and subjected them to a menacing interrogation. What evil being prepares to assault Dereth? Is there truly a connection between the Shadow creatures gathering in the wilderness and these citadels that adventurers call the Shadow Spires? And will the dread entity finally reveal its purpose? Sometime during the first week of April, the designs of a great evil will be set in motion. Prepare now for the defense!

    Asheron's Call is a massively multiplayer role-playing game playable exclusively on the MSN Gaming Zone ( that draws together thousands of players within a dynamic, 3-D online world. Players can create truly unique characters by choosing between extensive combinations of visual appearance, attributes and skill sets. Asheron's Call immerses players in an intense role-playing environment where they must compete or cooperate with thousands of other online players. An extensive system of allegiance and influence greatly enhances social interaction. The online nature of the game facilitates an evolving and dynamic adventure inside a consistent universe. The game will never be solved because there will always be more areas to explore and quests to complete.

    For more information about Asheron's Call, please visit:

    = = =

    "Mommy, I'm scared," Cortrima said, her eyes wide and shimmering with tears of panic.

    "Shh," her mother said, and wrapped her arms tighter around the girl. They were huddled in one corner of the room. Crude furniture barricaded the door and windows. Outside their little cabin, the howling grew louder, shriller. They had fled when the Spire first erupted from the ground. After a few weeks of inactivity, though, they had thought it safe to return.

    The change had begun two days ago. The noise from the Spire had escalated, and the ground had quaked. Cortrima's father, a mage, had clutched his head in pain during the quakes, and finally run into the woods, screaming about shifting currents, about thorns in the flesh of the earth -- things they did not understand. The black shape on the northern horizon appeared more frequently, leering down through bruise-colored overcast and blood-red sun.

    Then the Shadows began to appear, their eyes burning with power. They now surrounded the house in numbers that grew by the hour, whispering in a way that set her hair on end. From the Spire itself, sick wet sounds could occasionally be heard -- as if something were hatching in the bone protrusion at its apex.

    "What do they want?" Cortrima's mother whispered, half to herself. "For the love of the Mothers, what do they want?"

    Sibilant laughter washed over the house. The wind shivered the trees with dire news. A storm had been building over Dereth for a month. Soon it would break -- and black rain would fall.

    Sunday, April 02, 2000
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    RPG Mythology #29 - the_culture @ 9:52 pm PST
    GA-RPG has Issue 29 of their on-going series. This time around is written by Lead Writer/Designer Rob Bartel, revealing info on Neverwinter Nights.

    D2 Beta Screens - Surebrec @ 7:35 pm PST
    Because there's just so many floating around right now, from now on I'm just gonna put all of them in one post. Here's the shiznit:

  • has posted 18 necromancer shots.
  • The Defenders of Light have posted 28 screenshots.
  • has updated their Potions Guide with screens of the new potions, along with descriptions of each.
  • Dinobot has posted some screenshots, which show off defeat of the Den of Evil quest, and also Blood Raven. Along with that he has a screenshot of the icon that appears when someone in the game is in hostile.
  • Darkness has smacked up 30 screenshots, as well as info on the monsters and some of the indoor levels.
  • has posted a pic of how all the avatars look in the Diablo II interface.
  • That's all for today. I'm sure there will be more tomorrow.

    Tribes II Screens - Surebrec @ 7:28 pm PST
    Them inbreds at Tribal War have received 2 new screenshots from Tribes II. One shot features a lone dusty desert outpost, while the other sports a heavy male trooper fella overlooking a lush green valley.

    Thief II Review - Surebrec @ 7:16 pm PST
    The boys over at have slapped up their review on Eidos' latest game, Thief II: The Metal Age. Here's a small snippet from the review:

    Thief 2's gameplay is almost identical to the original, which is really a high compliment. Garrett isn't a fighter, so he must rely on his thieving skills to circumvent or slay his opponents while trying to complete his objectives. If you find yourself engaged in direct combat, you're screwed up and are probably going to die or get gravely injured. Try taking on more than one opponent at a time and you'd better start planning your funeral--now! Garrett must rely on other talents such as hiding in shadows, creeping by undetected, and launching deadly sneak attacks from the darkness.

    Warlords Battlecry Q&A - Surebrec @ 7:08 pm PST
    GameGirlz has recently scored an interview with Fiona Kerr, the 3D artist/animator currently working on Warlords Battlecry, the Strategic Studies Group's upcoming real-time strategy/role-playing hybrid installment in the Warlords series.
    Source: Blue's News

    New Edition of The Straight Scoop - Surebrec @ 7:03 pm PST
    The Gamer's Press has recently posted the latest installment of The Straight Scoop, which is an article in which they take a humorous look at the past week in the gaming industry. Here's a small snippet from it:

    "Engineers from Microsoft and Qwest communications beat the land speed Internet record today by sending 8.4 GIGAbytes of data over 3,500 miles in 82 seconds using the Internet2. The winning entry moved its data from Redmond, Wash., to Arlington, Va., and averaged a throughput of over 957 megabits per second - more than 15,000 times faster than a typical computer modem. "This is a true breakthrough for Internet communication," a corporate spokesperson said. "The speed we have achieved today will soon change the way that information is transformed throughout the world. Hell - imagine all the PR0N you could download with a connection that fast!" It's been rumored (in my head that Microsoft is expected to take advantage of the new speeds by integrating porno into their future operating system currently referred to by the code name "Booty". A guy who claims to represent Microsoft, but actually works as a fry cook at Roy Rogers said, "We think that porno is an integral part of the operating system, and will fully integrate smut into every aspect of all our future releases."

    Demise Review - Surebrec @ 6:59 pm PST
    Action Trip sends word that they have smacked up a review on Demise.

    After few years of persistent awaiting, FRP fans are finally able to play "the famous" Demise. The game was most often referred as revolutionary, combining classic fantasy games (like Eye of Beholder and Wizardry) with new tendencies (like Quake). Unfortunately, the game didn't come up to our expectations. Surprisingly, Demise hasn't brought us anything new, and failed in the field of graphic presentation as well; it's well below nowadays' standard...

    StarLancer Preview - Surebrec @ 6:58 pm PST
    Speaking of 24 Hour Gamer, they have also posted a preview of sorts on Microsoft's space action sim, StarLancer. Here's a snip on the multiplayer capabilities:

    Players can work together cooperatively through the entire campaign with up to 4 players or dogfight in 6 different deathmatch modes with up to 8 players via LAN or the MSN Gaming Zone.

    This one’s a complete and total WOW! Deathmatch dogfights are fun enough, especially with the arsenal of weaponry and ships available, but a cooperative romp through the campaign would be completely awesome. Wouldn’t it be awesome to blast your way through StarLancer and ordering your buddies around at the same time?

    Rollcage II First Look - Surebrec @ 6:55 pm PST
    Tex sent word that 24 Hour Gamer has slapped up an article on the first look of Rollcage II, Attention to Detail's upcoming high-speed racer. Here's a bit from the article:

    The main feature of Rollcage itself is the physics engine, which allows cars to flip over, spin and still keep racing. Additional features include the now common armed vehicles, but this game actually has some nice weapons; for example the Ice Blades, which have the ability to freeze your opponents tires. I personally would love to send my buddy hurtling toward a wall without the ability to stop. Another cool weapon is the Radius Bomb, which lets you shoot opponents flying into the air by releasing a shockwave. Also, ATD aren’t stingy on the tracks, giving players a host of 60 tracks to play with but some only limited to certain gameplay modes.

    Possible SWO Shot - the_culture @ 4:41 pm PST
    This could all be a joke or could be the first shots of the terran engine that will be used for Star Wars Online. Here's the quote from the site of the shots:
    John's most recent gig is "Senior Technology Architect" for Verant Interactive... he finds himself desperate to find a select group of most excellent engineers and artists to assist him in the development of an awesome project at Verant Interactive. Attached is a montage showing a number of sample terrains in the terrain engine I am currently working on. This terrain engine uses a static LOD solution and a precomputed surface texture map, but achieves extremely high frame rates by taking advantage of harware T&L and SIMD optimizations on P3 and AMD processors.

    And here's the quote from
    "Awesome Project" that has Verant pulling in new developers to work on..... one of those things that makes you say... "hmmmmm" ... Guess we'll have to wait on the validity of this possibility. Either way.. the engine looks pretty sweet regardless of what Massively MP Online game it's for.

    Either way, we'll know more soon.

    Q3A Freeze Tag Source - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:36 pm PST
    The Source Code for the Freeze Tag MOD for Quake 3: Arena has just been released for version 1.2e. There are also some new tutorials up on how to use the code (even if you dont care about the Freeze Tag MOD). Check it all out right here.

    Q3Radiant Fix - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:27 pm PST
    While browsing the latest swank over at VE's House o' Love, i noticed that there is a new "fix" out that sopposedly patches a bug in everyones favriot program, Q3Radiant. Head right over here for more info.

    Voyager Interview - the_culture @ 4:22 pm PST
    Jeremy Statz of Raven Software chats with In The Trenches about ST Voyager: Elite Force. Here's a bit on the possible game modes:
    [trenches] What modes of play will be available in Voyager?

    [jeremy] There'll be the standard single-player game, plus Holomatch and CTF. We'll likely have an additional mode or two if there's time. The frontrunners there are "assimilation," (a sort of red-rover style Borg vs Starfleet game) and a siege/assault style game. No promises on the extras though, it's purely a time thing.

    Jason Hall on LithTech - MaD-HaTTeR @ 4:19 pm PST
    Jason Hall from Monolith has just slapped up an update to his .plan, with some word on the demo movies released for the new LithTech game engine. Good old Cut & Paste:
    I posted this on a wesite thread, but I thought it'd be useful for others since I'm getting some e-mail on the topic...

    A few comments about the demo videos:

    Contrary to what some people on the net are saying, the video footage (at is not just a recording of some custom created demo, there is in fact some footage from 3 different games included in the video. These are games that have to work on the widest possible number of systems as well. Sanity, NOLF, and Psycho Circus have some representation in the demo reel. So I assure you that this technology is is in full use, being developed for "regular/everyday" gamer computer systems (not just super high end machines) not only by us, but by other companies as well. LithTech is by no means "VaporWare". I assure you that companies won't pay good money for nothing.
    Secondly, there have been comments such as "Give me timedemos. Give me benchmarks. Until then, it is VAPORPROG" and "Monolith should have a self containted mini-engine demo. This 'demo' would have all the 'in engine' features of the engine. This demo would have compatatbility with almost all combinations of popular hardware." These comments are understandable, and I'm happy to say that all this stuff exists, but you must understand that these are demands that we currently only meet for our potential licensees, not for game players.

    Pool Of Radiance Preview - the_culture @ 4:17 pm PST
    Computer Games Online posted part 2 of their in-depth look at Pool of Radiance: The Ruins of Myth Drannor, an ambitious RPG from SSI and Stormfront.

    MechWarrior 4 Interview - the_culture @ 4:12 pm PST
    TJ Wagner and Paul Tozour of the Mech 4 dev team are interviewed at

    Going To The Movies - the_culture @ 4:09 pm PST
    Blue's News posted a 20+ meg movie of Black & White, the upcoming "god game" from Lionhead Studios.

    DNF Stuff - MaD-HaTTeR @ 3:16 pm PST
    It looks like the 3D Realms guys have hit the official Duke Nukem Forever message board a little hard, sharing some info on DNF. Dig it:

    George Broussard on System Specs:

    >>And I would have to agree with him, I'm worried that by the time DNF is released, the system requirements will be TOO high.

    You guys chill out. We're frame rate freaks here. Frame rate is God. We will not ship an unplayable game Trust us.

    On Game Effects:
    >>I think that bulletholes and explosions, and footprints should stay there until the end of the whole level. Its lame how they just disappear.

    Framerate fellas. You can't have all those polys and actors sitting around a level sucking away framerate. Dissappearing objects are "gameisms" and will be around pretty much forever, as there will always be more important things to spend framerate on.

    Charlie Wiederhold on Spotlights:
    Actually, as far as those spotlights go, Allen has them setup the way you are saying they should be. They are for real spotlights, and in a world with very high resolution lightmaps it would come out much better. The problem arises because the texture detail of the lightmaps are still pretty darn low rez in all games right now. This will be fixed someday and we will be able to do really good looking spotlights like that render you guys made.
    Until then, we do the best we can, and hope that your fun won't be reduced because the spotlights didn't look perfect. If you look *really* closely you can see that it does in fact get fatter at the bottom, just Unreal's spotlight code just isn't quite perfect and isn't really something we are focusing our programming efforts on.

    The only other option is to draw the spotlight effect directly onto the texture, but then it has to be unlit and doesn't match the rest of the world, blah blah blah. Sometimes that trick does work, but in this case, we all lose because lightmaps are still so low resolution in games right now.

    1841 Info - the_culture @ 5:12 am PST
    Sorry, didn't mean to scare you with that title. I bet you thought some crazy developer was making a PC game based on that horrible Speilberg film. GA-Source received some new info on the UT engine-powered game 1941, a strategy shooter from developer Reactor 4. Here's a clip:
    From your point of view, what's the single most exciting aspect of the game?

    It's very difficult to name just one aspect, since we're aiming to create a whole new experience. Of course the gameplay of 1941 is solid. Our main goal is to create the same atmosphere that the films Saving Private Ryan and The Thin Red Line have, and I think we have succeeded very well in this.

    Check out their past interview to learn more.

    Quick Links II - the_culture @ 5:02 am PST
    Nothing like some new screenshots early in the morning to get you going.
  • Four new shots of Loose Cannon, the 3D action/driving game from Digital Anvil.
  • One new shot of Black & White can be found at the Black & White Zone.
  • There are eight new screens of Star Trek: Klingon Academy over at the official site.
  • Two new images of Project IGI can be found at incite. Does this website suck as much as their mag does? Sheesh.
  • One new still of Epilogue, a 3D strategy game, can be found at
  • Quick Links - the_culture @ 4:56 am PST
    Here are some interviews for you:
  • Max Hoberman of Bungie Software is interviewed by regarding their upcoming team game Halo.
  • Lawrence Holland of Totally Games chats with Gamespot about their new space sim Star Trek: Bridge Commander.
  • Texture Artist Yunkyung Kim of Bioware is interviewed at the RPG Vault regarding thier upcoming RPG Baldur's Gate II.
  • More of an update rather than an interview, but VE has it and it's with Digital Extremes regarding their new game Dark Sector.
  • New TF2 Images - the_culture @ 4:40 am PST
    It's about time we got something new on this game. received new exclusive shots of team Fortress 2, the hotly anticipated sequel to Team Fortress Classic. Check 'em out. [shot 1] [shot 2]

    Diablo II Review - the_culture @ 4:32 am PST
    Daily Radar posted their hands-on look at Diablo II. A good read for those of us that didn't make it in.

    New Gore Shots - the_culture @ 4:17 am PST
    Three more shots shots are available of Quake 3 Gore, the FPS from 4DRulers.

    Saturday, April 01, 2000
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    Imperium Galactica II Preview - Surebrec @ 10:36 pm PST
    Evil Avatar has smacked up a preview of Digital Reality's and GT Interactive's upcoming space conquest/exploration game, Imperium Galactica II.

    Overall this is one of the most polished beta samples that I have ever had the pleasure of playing. The game seems to be totally complete. The graphics are phenomenal, the cut scenes are awesome and the gameplay is smooth and seems ready to go. For those looking to satisfy their craving for space empire building (You know who you are!) Imperium Galactica II does deliver. Look for Imperium Galactica II to be released in mid-April, I know I will.

    Source: GA-Strategy

    D2 Screenshots! - Surebrec @ 10:29 pm PST has posted a massive gallery of Diablo II screenshots taken from the beta, which are all organized into categories for better searching. They feature shots from, of characters, and more.
    Source: GA-RPG

    Tribes 2 Movie - Surebrec @ 10:25 pm PST has slapped up a Tribes 2 video from Dynamix's upcoming tactical shooter.

    Q3 Fortress - Surebrec @ 10:23 pm PST
    The highly anticipated Q3 mod, Quake3 Fortress, has finally been released! The released is only Beta 1, which weighs in at 37 megs, but it's not bad for new play modes, models, and maps.
    Source: Planet Quake

    D2 Hands-on - Surebrec @ 10:18 pm PST
    Gamespot has slapped up hands-on info of each character in Diablo II, including the Necromancer, the Paladin, the Barbarian, the Sorceress, and the Amazon. Each one includes screenshots and comprehensive info on each one.

    TF2 Screens - Surebrec @ 10:11 pm PST
    TF2 Bunker has slapped up 2 new screenshots from Valve's upcoming Team Fortress 2, which show off they Spy and the Female medic (they're the last 2 screens on the page).
    Source: Blue's News

    RUNE Interview - Surebrec @ 10:04 pm PST
    Into the Trenches has managed to catch an interview with Tim Gerritsen of Human Head Studios on their upcoming Unreal-based game, RUNE.

    [trenches] Rune was known as an Unreal-based game, but the original Unreal engine suffered from bad multiplayer aspect, is this field been fixed? How? and the multi-player in work will be implemented?

    [timothy] Wow, have you been in a cave? There is this little game called Unreal Tournament that came out recently and pretty much addressed any issues from the old Unreal engine. You may have heard of it. It won lots and lots of awards. (Sorry for the sarcasm- but UT is such a stellar game that I am suprised anyone is still bringing up issues of the old Unreal game.) As we stated in our original press release, Rune is being co-developed by Epic Games. We've had complete access to all of the Unreal code from the get go, plus the brains of Tim and the gang whenever we needed them. We've been in synch with their updates all along the way and are now running under the UT code base.

    On top of this, we have added a ton of our own enhancements including a second-to-none, fully hierarchical skeletal animation system, continuous level of detail system, particle animation system, new melee-enhanced ai system, and lots of enhancements to the Unreal level editor.

    Unreal Fortress Screens - Surebrec @ 9:57 pm PST
    The official Unreal Fortress website has been updated with a handful of new screenshots from this upcoming mod, which show off maps, models, and weapons.

    Ground Control Details, Screens - Surebrec @ 9:56 pm PST
    GA-Strategy has gotten their grubby little hands on 15 new screenshots and details on the engine of Sierra's upcoming beautiful strategy title, Ground Control.

    Hands-on Rift Preview - Surebrec @ 9:54 pm PST
    German-gaming site has slapped up a hands-on preview of Thrustwave Technology's upcoming RTS, The Rift, which is supposed to "take RTS to a new dimension". But how so? Head on over to here to find out (german version).

    SoF Interview - Surebrec @ 9:49 pm PST
    NGNetwork has scored an interview with Dan Kramer & Keith Fuller of Raven Software, in which they talk primarily about the recently-released Solider of Fortune.

    PSX 2 Review - Surebrec @ 9:47 pm PST
    Digital-Clips has slapped up their review of Sony's PSX2. Here is a small blurb from the review:

    Since Sony's Playstation 2 was officially announced a year ago in March 1999, this next generation console has been one of the most widely-discussed topics between console and non-console fans. The specifications of the console were, to say the least, mind-boggling. With a CPU running at close to 300 MHz with a 128-bit Emotion Engine (think: SIMD for PS2), a dedicated 150 MHz graphics processor, a new dedicated audio processor, and a 4X DVD-ROM drive, the specs of the Playstation 2 put, when it was announced, those of PCs to shame.

    E3 Rumors - Surebrec @ 9:33 pm PST
    Rumors have been going around about what the folks behind the Razer Boomslang Mouse have in store for E3 this year. For more info on these rumors, check out Stomped's E3 Site.

    007 Heaven - MystikaL @ 4:19 pm PST
    007 Heaven has launched, a site geared around the newly released Goldeneye MOD for Half-Life. There is a ton of information up, and they are growing extremely fast. They are also currently looking for staffers, as well as a host, so feel free to contact us!


    Breed Details & Screens - the_culture @ 11:09 am PST
    AVault got the skinny on a new RTS in the making called Breed. Here's what they have to say:

    A new developer is set to emerge on the UK gaming scene--though their identities are being held under wraps for the moment. The Adrenaline Vault has learned that this team, which consists of industry veterans, is in the midst of creating an unsigned real-time strategy game called Breed. The project is about 30 percent complete, and has been built from the ground up in the creators' spare time; now the group, which has termed itself “Brat,” is attempting to secure funding to concentrate their full-time energies on the project. Although mysteries are fun, we were able to cull a few details about the project as well as obtain screenshots that demonstrate their 3D graphics engine.

    Breed is a real-time 3D strategy game set in the near future, and while the story is well versed, it should do a good job of setting up the action that follows. An aggressive alien race intent on galactic domination sets its sights on Earth; during the battles that ensue, humans acquire the technology that enables them to move the battle to the home planet of the Breed. Ships are assembled and sent to the outer reaches of space on missions that span years, though no decisive outcome is consummated. When contact with Earth is lost, the last remaining starships return home to discover the Breed are here, infesting Earth.

    There will be three major elements to Breed: real-time strategy, real-time action, and resource management. The strategy and action elements will include such familiar pastimes as engaging units in battle, while resource management will entail deciding which vessels to build, among other things. For example, transports will be necessary for hauling resources, and military units will be required for offensive and defensive operations. Gamers will be able to decide whether to build smaller, faster units or larger--and slower--armored units. Balancing the resources that are mined against the energy that is required to operate the numerous units will be an important strategic element.

    They have four shots as well: [shot 1] [shot 2] [shot 3] [shot 4]

    Rally Championship Patch - the_culture @ 10:52 am PST
    The good news: it's only 500k; the bad news: it fixes more than 30 bugs which makes you wonder why did they bother releasing it. Anyway, pick it up, you'll need it.

    Force Commander Demo - the_culture @ 10:47 am PST
    On the hand we have a hefty 80 meg demo of Force Commander, which hasn't been receiving the greatest of reviews. Still, if you're not sure about the purchase, you might want to download this before you go to bed. Description from 3DFiles:
    Think you have what it takes to command a battalion of AT-ATs? Or to defend the Rebel stronghold at Hoth? Prove it in Star Wars®: Force Commander™, an intense real-time ground combat experience like no other. As you weave through the epic storyline, lead both the Empire's monolithic military might and the ragtag-yet-resourceful Rebels. Keep your war machine humming in single- and multiplayer modes. The ultrarealistic 3D terrain and vehicles give you the power to guide your troops to victory. This is war. This is Force Commander!

    Grab it!

    NFS: Porsche Unleashed Demo - the_culture @ 10:43 am PST
    Ah yeah, boy. The demo is out and is only 30 megs. Not too bad for a cool game. Here's what the demo allows you to do:
    The NFS Porsche Unleashed Demo comes with a 15 day time limit which will let you play Single Player/Quick Race games with one car and one track. The NFS Porsche Unleashed Demo does not contain any music tracks but the Music Option is available in the Options Screen. The Full Version of the game has a wide variety of music tracks available.

    Get it!

    Microsoft Motocross Madness 2 Preview - MajinVegeta @ 9:53 am PST
    Sriram over at has found a preview for Motocross Madness 2. Click here to view it. Personally Motocross looks promising. Be sure to check it out!

    New Starcraft Map of The Week. - MajinVegeta @ 9:47 am PST
    Sorry for my lack of updates, I've been busy.

    Anyways Blizzard has released their new Starcraft Map of The Week. This week it's Desert Bloom. You can grab it here. Have fun!

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