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                      Tales of Destiny
                       David Johnson


Welcome to my Tales of Destiny FAQ and walkthrough.  As of
this writing, the game has been released less than three weeks ago, so
this is obviously not a complete guide.  As of right now, there are two
stuck points in which I'm not positive exactly what to do, and of
course there's as of yet undiscovered hidden stuff(I hope).  If any part
of this guide is incorrect, or if there's something you want to add,
email me(Dave) at  If I update this
faq(which I probably will), and I include what you said, I'll give you

This guide is divided into three parts: game basics, the
walkthrough, and then the optional stuff so far discovered.

        PART ONE:

Game Basics:

Here are the basics of the game.


Swordians are intelligent swords from an ancient civilization
and are central to the story.  Five of the characters in the game can
wield the five swordians(actually, there's a sixth, but it's only for story
line purposes as far as I know).  Those five characters and their
swordians are:

Stan: Wields the fire swordian Dimlos.

Rutee: Wields the water swordian Atwight.

Philia: Wields the lightning swordian Clemente.

Lion: Wields the earth swordian Chaltier.

Woodrow: Wields the wind swordian Igtenos(eventually)

The point of Swordians is that they allow your characters to
use magic.  For the five characters that can wield them, there are two
slots you can equip your swordian to.
The first one is your normal weapon, you must have the swordian
equipped to this slot in order to use their spells.
The other slot you can equip them to is the next-to-last.  If they
are equipped to that slot, the swordians will gain experience and gain
new spells, so always have that characters' swordian equipped.  This
way, even if you have another weapon equipped to the top slot, you
can still have their swordians gain new spells.


The bottom equip slot(only on the characters that have
swordians), is the equip slot for discs.  Discs are basically the
equivalent of Final Fantasy 7's materia.  They are equipped into your
swordian to give you one to three new spells.  Discs can also increase
your abilities while their equipped.  Basically, if the name of the discs
is a bunch of numbers, it will enhance your abilities.  If it's not, it will
give you spells.  So basically, it would be smart to give Rutee(who
wields a water swordian) a fire disc.  If you gave her a water disc,
she'd just have duplicates of spells, which would be a waste.  Also,
you can only have one disc equipped at a time.


This one is pretty obvious.  These are the spells you get when
your swordians go up levels, and, as I said before, a character can only
use their swordian's spells if they have that swordian equipped as a


Skills are more or less techniques that every character has, they
take up TP points just like spells, but you can use them at any
time(don't have to equip swordians), and your characters learn them as
they go up levels.  Also, these skills usually involve your weapons.
Since you control Stan, his skills are more than just names
accessed on a menu.  You can assign four of Stan's skills to four
button combinations: B, Up+B, Down+B, and Left or Right+B.  
Unlike Tales of Phantasia, this game's prequel, there are no short or
long range skills.  They all can be used from any range.  Also, for all
of Stan's optional skills, you need to have Dimlos equipped in order to
use them.

      PART TWO:


Tales of Destiny opens on the Flying Dragon airship.  Once the
monsters storm the ship and you get control of Stan, the main
character, the first goal is to find the swordian Dimlos in the storage
area.  Before you find him though, you'll have to solve the first puzzle
in the game, which is just pushing and pulling some boxes out of the
way(hold down the O button, then move forward to push and back to
Eventually, you'll find Dimlos, and get into your first fight,
which is very easy.  After that, you can run into the enemies here, so
be careful.  Now, the goal is to head back up to the upper deck where
you were earlier mopping the floors.  If you want to, you can first raid
the ship for treasures.  You can search one of the toilets for a 30% HP
healer, and there are other visible treasure boxes in the various rooms.  
Also, if you find the kitchen, you can get your stats refilled by
searching the stew.

Snow Forest:

You'll escape in the Flying Dragon's escape pod and crash
land in the snow forest.  You'll wake up in a cabin, and then Woodrow
will join.  You must then exit north of the snow cabin into a little
forest maze(VERY little), and find Chelsea, who'll join.
Then head back to the snow cabin.  Chelsea will leave, then you must
exit south from the cabin into another little snow maze.  Work your
way through here until you reach the town of Janos.


As soon as you enter, Woodrow will leave.  Talk to everybody
in town, then talk to the man upstairs in the inn.  He should run off.  
Then, once you leave the inn, you'll bump into Mary and she'll join.
Now, you must head back into the snow forest, and when Mary
splits up from your party and says something, you must go to the left
and search the dead end to find the hidden cave.

First Dungeon:

Search the sparkle to open the door.  Once in the temple
section, and when you can go in many different directions, go up to
find Rutee.  She'll join, then you'll have to find your first boss.
Boss: 3 Soldiers  HP: 200  TP: 0 (each)
This is a pretty easy fight, just use Stan's skills to make short work of

After you take care of them, explore the dungeon(find your
first disc), then exit to the south.  You'll wind up back in Janos, and
after all the talking is down, exit Janos to the north to get on the
overworld map.  Make your way to Harmenz, the second town.


In this town, whatever you do, DON'T talk to the kid in front
of the treasure chest.  He'll let you by in order to get the chest, but then
he'll block your way from leaving until you give him ALL your
money.  As far as I know, there's no way to get your money back, and
there's nothing really good that comes out of this(except for the
treasure in chest, which I think is a life potion or something).
Anyway, what you need to do in this town is to go to Walt's
mansion at the top of the hill and talk to Walt.  He'll give you 10,000
dollars, then you next have to go to the mansion in the middle of town
and talk to the guy behind the counter to spend the night.  In the
morning, when you wake up, you'll have to fight eight soldiers, which
is easy than it looks.  After killing them, you'll fight Lion, but you'll
be forced to lose this one.


After you lose to Lion, you'll get captured and taken back to
Seinegard Castle, in the city of Darillshade.  Once you get control of
your characters, and Lion joins, you next goal is to head to Hugo's
mansion, in the upper right corner of town.  After the talking, you'll be
allowed to leave town.  Once on the overworld, you can head north to
the village of Armerda, but you don't have to go there.  From
Armerda, head east to the forest.

Forest south of Straylize Shrine:

There's nothing difficult about this place, it's just a
straightforward dungeon with no puzzles and no boss at the end.  It
will lead into the Straylize Shrine.

Straylize Shrine:

In here, go into the church and talk to the priest in the back
room.  Then head into the main building at the north end of this area.  
Walk up and talk to the skull at the top of the first room.  The idea here
is to go throughout the shrine and kill the five minibosses and the
crystal they guard.  Each battle is pretty easy.  After all five are
destroyed, go back to the skull to proceed on.
You should get a priest to come with your party after the skull,
once this happens, go back to an earlier part of the shrine(where you
were beating up on the crystals), where the church-looking hall is.  The
priest will open up a secret passage.  In the area afterwards, you can
either step on all the dark switches or all the light switches to open one
of the two doors at the end, which both lead to the same place, where
Philia joins your party.  Once she joins, head back to Darillshade.


There is a complex series of events that must be followed in
order to get on the boat to go to the next area.  They are:
1. Talk to Hugo in his mansion.
2. Talk to King Seingard.
3. Talk to the two sailors on the docks.
4. Talk to Hugo.
5. Talk to King Seingard.
6. Talk to Hugo.
7. Then, go to the docks to board the ship.

Ocean Journey:

In the middle of your journey, one of the sailors will come
running up with sweat coming out of his head.  You'll then go onto the
deck of the ship and see some sea monster or something.  After that,
you'll board the sea monster and get taken down beneath the ocean.

Underwater Ruins:

In here you will the pick axe special item which will let you
open the final door here.  Behind the final door, you'll get Philia's
swordian, Clemente.  Once that's done, you can leave.  The ship will
continue it's journey to the town of Cherik.


The first thing to do in this town is to go to the building in the
upper-left and talk to Barukk.  The next thing to do is head to
Junkland, the town at the end of this island.  Along the way you may
pass the town of Kalviora.


After you reach a certain point in here, Philia will split up from
your party and say something.  After that's over, I don't think that
there's anything else to do.
Now, here's where it gets confusing.  You are at the game's
first major stuck point!  I'm not quite sure what has to be done to get
unstuck, but there's many theories:

One of them is to search all the bookshelves in Barukk's mansion.  
You will get scenes with each of your female characters by doing that.  
Also, you can search the dresser in the house with the baby for a little
event.  There's a fortune teller in Kalviora you can talk to for a little
event.  Also in Kalviora you can rescue a little boy hidden to the right
of the Uru Uru bar, and bring him back to the weapon shop to make
that place sell weapons again, but I'm almost positive that's optional,
because some people have gotten unstuck and claimed not to have
done that.  I personally have replayed the first few hours of the game
to get back to this point, and have tried ALL these things and have not
gotten unstuck.  Maybe it's something odd like getting items from a
normal enemy or something(you had to do that in the first Tales
Well, you'll know you're unstuck if you talk to the weapon
shop owner in Cherik and he says a few boxes of text more than he
used to.  Once that happens, go to the docks, and a sailor will have
appeared in the upper right hand corner of the docks.  Talk to him,
then go back and talk to Barukk.  After that, head to Kalviora.
If you are really frustrated, just keep going around this small
island, talking to all the townspeople and fighting all the enemies.  
Every single person I know who has gotten here has gotten unstuck no
more than one day later.  So don't give up!
* Actually, after further testing of this stuck point, I'm almost positive
that it is an item you get from an enemy.  But it may be a combination
of both the enemy and talking.  I'm actually more confused now then


Enter temple in the middle of town.  After scene, sleep at inn to
make the scene shift to nighttime.  Enter temple through the side
entrance, make your way through and talk to prisoner.  After that, go
near the front door, then go right to fight guard, then proceed on to
fight minibosses at the end.


Go back to the boat here and take it to the land of Fitzgard.  
Your boat will dock in the town of Noischtat.  Once in there, go to one
of the mansions, and there will be a brief scene with Lion.  Then go to
the Lens shop, and talk to Ellen.  Then go back to the docks and talk to
her again at the left-hand boat.

Pirate Ships:

You'll encounter a fleet of pirate ships.  There will be four
separate scenes.  For each one of them, you must traverse one or two
pirate ships looking for the priest miniboss at the end of each.  After
you kill the miniboss, you will advance to the next scene.  One
warning for this part of the game is that several people have
complained about the game locking up here(although it never
happened to me), so if your game locks up, it's not you don't have a
bad copy, it's just that there's a glitch in probably ALL the CDs.
Anyway, at the end of the fourth ship, there's an actual boss,
one of the game's harder ones.

Boss: Bateista  HP: 4500  TP: 0

This was the only boss I actually died on in this game.  That was
because I made the mistake of trying to kill his flunkies first, instead of
concentrating on him, which was a big mistake.  So the basic strategy
here is to just let loose on the boss, and keep him busy(with Stan), so
that he can't pull off any major attacks.  Your other members can
probably handle the flunkies themselves.

Back at Noischtat:

Once back here, there will be a very, very, long scene(one of
the game's longest).  You will even go to the coliseum for a fight
against Mighty Kongman, one of the game's characters.  You don't
have to beat him(I didn't), so I don't know if it's even possible to win,
or what you get if you do.
Anyway, after the long scene is over, go to docks, and take the
boat to the town of Shiden, in the kingdom of Aquaven.


First talk to the townspeople, then talk to the guy on boat, then
the guy standing at the dock.  This will make a cave open up on the
beach on this island.  Go down there and enter it.

Limestone Cave:

This cave is pretty straightforward, except that there are some
very hard to see "stairs" leading down into the shallow water.  At the
end of this place, you'll have to fight a boss.
Boss: Orgaskuin  HP: 2800  TP: 0
Not too hard, this time you might want to kill the flunkies first, or go
straight for the boss.  It doesn't really matter, this guy is pretty easy.  
After you kill him, exit the cave and walk to Mouryu.


In town, go to the lower right hand corner to fight guards and
get Johnny to join.  Then, try to enter the castle in the upper right, and
after that scene, go to the rowboat and talk to the guy.  He'll take you
to the back entrance of Mouryu Castle.

Mouryu Castle:

This is the first tricky dungeon in Tales.  You'll have to drain
the water in here, then push and pull blocks to cover some gaps so that
you can walk across.  At the piano, you'll have to leave Johnny and
one other character.  North from there, you must listen to the sounds
emitted when you search the door, then replicate them in that order by
stepping on the switches.  The order for the switches is 1, 8, 2, 7, 3, 6,
4, 5.  After that, you'll find a handle to put on one of the water
draining switches.  So go find the water draining machine without the
handle, put the handle on it, then drain the water to proceed.
Boss: Bateista  HP: 6000  TP: 0
Him again.  This time, you must take out the flunkies first, because
they can cast the Storm spell, which can really screw up your fight.  
Once you take care of him, head for the dock in this town, and take the

Ocean Journey:

In the middle of the journey, you'll have to take out a sea
monster that's boarded the ship.
Boss: Kraken  HP: 10,000  TP: 0(I think)
This guy is pretty easy, as long as you relentlessly attack him.  The
boat will then dock at the town of Toukei.


Take the boat to a house with a machine in it.  Press the switch
to open up a gate in the town's waterway.  Then proceed(via boat)
through the town until you get to the mansion.


In the beginning, you can pay the guy 500 gold to go into the
next room, then pay the creature another 500 gold to get out.  On top
of that, you have to pay 500 gold to get out of this room!
In this dungeon, you must also drain the water.  In the room
with the pit, push the big plant down into the pit, then, in the room
where you knocked it into, push it onto the switch to open a door.
You'll come to a room with 12 doors, each one having a
picture of an animal on it.  You have to walk into the doors in a certain
order, and it's pretty easy to solve with just trial and error(if you go
into the wrong door, all doors will flash green).  But if you're too lazy
to do just that, here's the order:
Mouse, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram,
Monkey, Rooster, Fox, then finally the Sloth(or whatever it is).  After
that it's boss time.

Boss: Teiberius  HP: 10,000  TP: 0

The important thing to remember in this battle is that Stan's Firestorm
spell(remember, you need to have your swordian equipped in order to
cast spells) can do 1000 damage to this guy.  With that in mind, go kill

Once he's dead, go to the dock in this town, then take the ship.

Ocean Journey:

In the middle of the journey, you'll have to fight off a fleet of
ships, and you do that via a cool little mini-game.
The goal is simple: kill all the enemies, and don't get killed
yourself.  Press O button to fire your normal gun, or press Triangle to
use your screen clearing bomb.
If you don't care about this mini-game and just want to get on
with the game itself, hit Triangle to use your bomb and automatically
win.  This will score you zero points.  If you don't use Triangle, just
try to take out as many enemies as possible to get the best score.  The
better score, the better the item you get.
After this, you'll head to the snow kingdom of Dhandalia.

Kingdom of Dhandalia:

Once you arrive in town, the first order of business is to leave,
and head to the snow forest to the south-west.  You'll fight an easy
miniboss, then Woodrow, the guy who joined you in the very, very
beginning of the game, will rejoin here.  Then, you must head north to
the snow mountain.

Snow Mountain:

The most important thing about this place is that you will
constantly take massive damage every step due to the cold unless you
have the winter coat accessory equipped to all of your characters.  You
can buy this in town for 895 gold.
Once you reach the ice block, Woodrow will give you the
Sorsala Ring(a classic item from the first Tales) and tell you to use it
to melt the block of ice.  You must equip it to one of your two
accessory slots, then press the Square button to shoot out a laser.  This
will melt the ice block.
In the next screen, you must slide across on ice to proceed.  
Then exit the dungeon and head to the town right in front of you.


This town is almost totally abandoned.  Walk up to the castle to
start an event.  You'll be taken to jail, then escape, and eventually fight
a boss.

Boss: Daris  HP: 7500  TP: 0

This is a pretty easy battle.  No big deal.  After he's done for, you'll
escape into the basement of the castle.

Castle Basement:
After a little exploring, you'll run into a boss.
Boss: Ice Golem  HP: 6000  TP: 400
This has to be the easiest boss in the game.  Just use Stan's fire
techniques to really put a hurting on this guy and finish him off
quickly, or just run up and attack with weapons, for an equally easy,
but slightly longer battle.
Once he bit the dust, push up to get right next to the block that
was behind him, then shoot your Sorsala Ring once to melt the block,
then shoot it again to nail the thing behind it(also, you can melt the
blocks in this area to find treasures underneath).
After this room, you'll find yourself in the main area of the

Castle and Clock Tower:

You must shoot the Sorsala Ring to light some unlit torches to
make a doorway appear.
When you get to the "grid" of torches, light the unlit ones to
open doors.
Once you get to the room where there's a statue of a woman
and a statue of a demon with a flame on it, you must push the statue of
the demon in front of the statue of the woman so that the flame will
touch the woman's orb and open the door.  This will lead you to the
clock tower.
First go to the left to push a switch.  Later on, you must leave a
party member on another statue.  It's best to leave Woodrow, because
at this point in the game, he really sucks.  Once someone's on the
switch, go back to the first floor and take the elevator.
When you get to platform where when you step on it a question
mark appears above Stan's head, go to the lead above and shoot your
Sorsala Ring at it to make the platform work.  Then take it and get
your character back, then enter the door at the top of the clock tower.
In the room with 3 doors, light up the torches on either side of
the left and right doors so that it won't be dark in those rooms.  In the
right room, hit the lever once, and in the left room, unfreeze the chain
by shooting your Sorsala Ring at it.  Once all that's done, hit the
switch in room south of there(near save spot), to open up the main
door in the room with the three doors.  After that, it's time for a major
boss battle.

Boss: Grevem  HP: 13,000  TP: 999

Try to use an enemy-clearing tactic or item(like Ifrit, if you've
managed to come across one yet) to get rid of the flunkies, then corner
Greven and let him have it.  Have Philia have her swordian equipped
so that she can do damaging spells like Ray, etc.  After this, you'll find
yourself on the Flying Dragon airship from the beginning of the game!

Flying Dragon:

Go around and talk to the different characters, then sit back and
watch the fake ending(don't worry, you're not even half done yet)!!
After the fake ending, you'll be in Stan's house.  You'll eat
breakfast, then you'll have to put the food in the sink.  Go around and
talk to the townspeople, then go back to Stan's house and talk to Stan's
mom.  Eventually, Philia will rejoin.

Gathering your characters:
Head south to Noischtat.  Your goal now is to gather your
characters.  To get Woodrow back, choose Woodrow's name at the
boat, then once to boat arrives in the snow town, go southwest through
the forest.  Right after that, you'll have to go south through another
short forest, in order to reach the town of Syril, Mary's hometown.  
There's a scene that takes place in Mary's house.
Then go north to Heidelburg, and go into the castle to get
Woodrow.  After that, go back to the port where you got here from,
and at the boat choose option number 1(Seingard), which will take you
to Darillshade.
From Darillshade, walk south, then east to find Rutee's
hometown, Cresta.  In there, you'll get Rutee to join.

Looking for Lion:

The only person left to get for your party is Lion, right?  Well,
as far as I know, you can never get him to join again...  But you still
have to try to find him!
The first thing to do is to go to Darillshade and talk to the king.  
Then go to Hugo's mansion.  You should notice a bunch of guys
walking around the main hall.  When you enter one of the rooms, Stan
will say something.  When that happens, go search the book in that
room.  Then go and talk to one of the Oberon guys(the guys that are
walking around the main hall).  You'll notice they say something
different now.  Once that's done, go back and talk to the King.  Then
go back to Hugo's mansion and talk to the head Oberon guy(he looks
slightly different, he's got a small beard and has a blue jewel in his
head instead of a red one).  Then go back and talk to the King yet
again, then board the boat in this town to head to the factory dungeon.


If you go left in the beginning of the dungeon, you can fight an
Oberon guy(probably optional).  If you go in the left of the two doors
in the beginning, then go to the lower right exit, you'll fight another
Oberon guy and get the blue key card(definitely not optional).
In this dungeon, you must take the conveyor belts to proceed.  
Later on in the dungeon, you'll have enter a two number combination,
and every time you fail, you'll have to fight an easy miniboss.  The
combination is 3, 4.  Once you open the door with that, fight another
Oberon guy to get the red key card.  At the end of this factory, you'll
find an elevator which will take you to an underground cave.

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