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                        POPOLOCROIS: THE FULL STORY

                         (POPOLOCROIS MONOGATARI)
                        Version 1.0 11/02/99
               1996 SCEI                RPG
               1 Memory card block       SCPS 10023
               NOW AVAILABLE on the Playstation the Best series
               For a measly 2,800 YEN ($25 or so..)

                           Written by: Bodi Anderson

NOTE: This FAQ was originally written using 10.5 Century font.  In order to get the
spacing right I suggest you change to this before printing out or viewing it.

                           EXCITING NEWS!
       Sugar and Rockets recently announced that they have begun production on
Popolocrois 2!  You can visit their web page an see art work and screen shots (If
they've posted them yet).  It's a Playstation 2 game set for release 3rd quarter of next
year! Let's hope this one gets translated!!

      If you can tell me where Gon and Don are hiding at the end of the game I will
send you a PoPoLo prize from Japan. Simply be the first to write me an e-mail as to
where Gon and Don are hiding and I'll send you something! Contest only good until
June 2000.  Be sure to include "Gon and Don" on the subject line of your e-mail!  
Aren't I swell!

1. Introduction
2. The Story
3. Basic game controls
4. Menu Mania!
5. Let's Fight! (Combat)
6. Buy, Sell and Save!
7. Role Call
8. The Walkthrough Story
9. Spell and Waza List
10. A Few Useful Items
11. Secrets
12. World Map
14.Menu Print Out Page


1. INTRODUCTION: Popolocrois dates back to the younger years of the playstation. It
was the first major hit for the ol' PSX in the RPG genre. It has a huge following in
Japan and has spawned an anime series (which is still running), a sequel and
various other merchandise.  Popolocrois was also voted the favorite RPG of female
gamers in Japan!  And, believe it or not it hasn't, and probably never will see the
light of day in the foreign market. Why?
Well, well I thought you might ask that. This is all due to a little piece of crap
game ("kuso game" in Japanese) called Beyond the Beyond (AKA beyond the most
boring RPG ever made).  You see BtB had something that Popolocrois didn't.
Graphics? Story? Plot? Memorable characters?   No, these things are all lacking in
BtB. But what it does have is the all-mighty power of half-assed 3-D. Yes kids, that's
right, 3-D! Get out the red and blue cardboard glasses and get ready for …. 333 DDD
Well Sony thought that this sort of thing would sell over the aforementioned
characteristics which normally make a good game (Luckily BtB floped big time! Ha!).
Well getting back to the point Popolocrois is a great RPG of epic proportions and cute
plot twists. It's fun, challenging, has great graphics and it's cheap!  In fact, the only
possible bad thing about it is that it's in Japanese.  But even those of you with little or
no Japanese ability should be able to enjoy this game a la my spiffy walkthrough.  
Due to its easy interface system and lack of Kanji (Chinese ideograms) Popolocrois is a
good "First Japanese RPG" for people.
The graphics, while not being 3-D, are great!  It's like wandering around in a
storybook! The plot and background characters both add to the storybook theme.  
Sure, the plot is supposedly aimed at "younger audiences", but then again if you're still
playing video games despite your grad. degree then you shouldn't be so picky .  The
only problem people might have is that the protagonist is a ten year old kid. But after a
bit of playing this is easy to get over.  This game rocks and you should play it!  The
game does what a true RPG (or book) should do.  It successfully transports you into a
fantasy world.
This is why that, even though there is already a FAQ for this game, I've
decided to do another.  Which brings me to this point. The old FAQ written by some
nice guy back in the day has a few problems in it (involving plot order) and will end up
confusing you at times.  This is not to rag on the guy who wrote it. I have nothing but
respect for my fellow FAQ writers. Writing a FAQ is tough work!  I simply wanted to
give you the player the full greatness that is Popolocrois! Enjoy your game, and
remember take time to admire the AMAZING (though 2D) graphics.


2. THE STORY:   The kingdom of Popolocrois

D-pad: move characters and select from menus.
Circle: accept, search, talk.
X: Cancel, press while walking to run.
Triangle: brings up main command menu.
Square: brings up monster diary menu.
Start: shows world map.
Select: not used
R1 and L1: same as the X button
R2 and L2: same as the circle button

Upon starting the game press circle once to reach the start screen.
The top choice is "start a new game" and the bottom "continue".

Thanks to the magic of the triangle button you can access the various menus
in the game. They can be accessed at almost any time in the game except in combat
and during plot progressing story scenes.
Upon pressing the Triangle button once you'll see…

1. Personal Magic
2. Items
3. Equip  
4. Status
5. Formation

Note: Pictures of current party members and their current Level, HP & MP will be
shown above the menu options.  Current gold will be shown to the right.

Select characters with the D-pad. Press Circle once to select magic and again
for who you want to use it on. It's all that simple.

The top two choices are for ordering (5 variations) and to go to the Event
Items list.  Use the old D-pad, Circle button method for these options.  To use an item
simply highlight it and select it, just like every other RPG ever made.  
There are 4 basic types of items which are further sub-divided.  Luckily, even
if you can't read a character of Japanese all the items have useful icons! See the list
Weapons: Swords (used by Pietoro and White Knight)
  Staves (used by Narcia)
  Gloves (used by Gami Gami)
  Shovels (Used by Naguro)

Armor : Bracelets (used by all)
  Rings (used only by Narcia)
  Badges (used by Pietoro)
  Stars (used by the White Knight)
  Head-bands (used by Gami Gami)
  Magical Seals (used by all)
  Shoes (used by all)
  Talismans  (used by all)

Medicine: bottle icon
Stat Boosters: beaker icon (increases statistics when used)
Strange Items: red sack icon (can't be selected)
  blue sack icon (can be used)
Souvenirs: red sack icon (can't be selected)
Event Items many different icons, but on a different menu.

This will show the character's status on the left hand side and will have five
slots on the right hand. It looks a bit like this…
(Note: this is just an artist's interpretation)
HP     item here
Attack     item here
Defense     item here
Magic      POTION
Magic Defense    item here
Speed     item here
Use the D-pad & Circle button to choose your goodies!  
IMPORTANT: Be sure to equip your potions wisely since each character can only use
two different potions in battle.  Look at the strengths and weaknesses of each
character before equipping a given potion.

Use the D-pad to select your character. Press circle to get to the magic and
waza menu. The main status menu looks like this…
(Note: this is just an artist's interpretation)
NAME     Level
MP    Exp. to next level
Attack    Weapon equipped
Defense     Armor equipped
Magic      Armor equipped
Magic Defense    Potion equipped
Speed     Potion equipped

Press the circle button to see the Magic and Waza menu which look like…

    Exp. for next

  Spell name Level Exp.

Note: Different spells go up at different amounts of experience. Also some spells reach
their maximum level earlier than others (i.e. "Fire ball" goes up to level 20 while
"Magical road" never gets beyond level 1.).  You can tell when a spell has reached it's
maximum level by looking at the status screen.  Spells that have reached their
maximum level will be highlighted in green.

Five different poses to choose from.  Of course the specifics of this will change
depending on who is in your party. Be sure to check it when you get new members!


Combat in Popolocrois is pretty simple.  If for some reason this is the first
RPG you've ever played I suggest you try something in English first!  All the
encounters in Popolocrois occur randomly (yes, I know, it sucks!).  Much like the
battles in Breath of Fire 3 the battles take place wherever you happen to be on the map.  
This is pretty cool cause sometimes you'll get obstacles and such making for a tougher,
or more interesting fight.  
As soon as you enter a battle the following menu will pop up…

MANUAL                          AUTO
1. Fight            1. Decide what's best
2. Escape                2. Attack with weapons only
                        3. Use magic (and waza)
                        4. Full strength attack!
                        5. Defend yourself

The default command is "Fight" use the D-pad/Circle method to choose
something else.  You'll also be shown this menu between rounds unless you selected
the "Auto" command. If you select any of the Auto-fight commands press X at any time
during the action.  You'll have a chance to choose from the menu again at the next
available round.

Once you have chosen the "Fight" command the following menu will appear
for each character's turn.  Move your character with the D-pad before selecting a
command.  If you choose the "Attack with weapon" command a pointer icon will
appear above all opponents in range.  Simply select whom you want to attack, this
will save you the trouble of moving around the screen and make for a quicker fight!  
The same pointer icon will also appear when you select a spell or item.

There are two menus to choose from use the D-pad (right and left) to switch
between these two menus as follows.
Also all commands highlighted in red are not accessible for some reason or
another.  For example the White Knight can never use magic so his "use magic"
command will always be red.  You can only attempt to escape from a given battle

      MENU ONE                       MENU TWO
       1. Attack with weapon            1. Rest (GUTS meter up)
       2. Use magic                     2. Use item
       3. Use waza                      3. Escape (single character)
       4.Defend (GUTS meter up)

SECRET TECHNIQUE: If you select "Attack with weapon" without moving
your character and your opponent is far away from you, but can be reached in a
straight line (i.e. you don't have to turn to reach him), occasionally you can pull off a
"Charge Attack".  A "Charge Attack" will act like a critical attack if it succeeds in

It's not a joke, in battle status change DOES happen!  It's better to be
informed than to be out of control.
IMPORTANT:  All status changes are recovered after battle.  This includes being
KO'ed (you're revived with 1 HP). If all your characters die in battle you will awaken
at the last place that you saved your game.  Luckily the status balloons are displayed
in English!
      STATUS                  EFFECTS
      Poison                  loose HP every turn
      Paralyzed               can't…Move… (for X number of turns)
      Sleeping                Zzz.  (for X number of turns)
                               Wakes up if hit by physical attack.
      Confused            Attack at random (Friends and foes)
                              Snaps out of it if hit by physical attack.
      Manipulated             Under enemy control (for X number of turns)
      Blinded                 Hit rate down (for X number of turns)
      KO'ed                   At 0 HP a character is KO'ed.

The Guts meter is that little bar below your MP that says "GUTS " next to it.  
At the start of every fight your Guts meter is blue.  If you use a physical attack it will
start to turn gray.  If you use the "guard" or "rest" command it will start to turn
Once your Guts meter is full (all yellow) you can make a "Super attack", and
do up to double damage!  In addition some Waza require a full Guts meter in order to
be preformed (See Magic & Waza section).  Basically the more "Yellow" the meter is
the more damage you will do, and the more "Gray" it is the less damage your physical
attacks will inflict.


Like all RPGs Popolocrois has its share of inns and shops the following is a
guide to make your stay in the game a little easier…

SHOPS: There are three choices when you enter a shop. Use the D-pad (right
and left) to increase or decrease the amount of items you wish to purchase.
1. Buy          If you choose "Buy" you'll see…   1. Weapons
2. Sell                                            2. Armor
3. Quit                                            3. Potions

INNS: Go to the guy at the counter to see the table below.  If you choose to save
press the circle button twice and wait a bit (You'll see a blinking yellow arrow at the
bottom of the screen) then press it again.  If it seems to be taking way to long to
save press the Circle button.  Yes, the game saves slowly.  If you stay the night
you'll be asked if you want to save the next morning.
1. Stay the night
2. Save
3. Quit

 Playable Characters (In order of playability)

PIETORO                  (Long brown hair, green tights)
  The ten-year-old prince of Popolocrois.  He longs to meet his mom, who
died soon after he was born.  He feels alone in the world.

GON                  (The soldier in Blue)
Always accompanied by the incompetent Don (yes, Gon & Don are
the Vicks and Wedge of Popolocrois)

DON                  (The soldier in Green)
Always accompanied by the incompetent Gon (yes, Gon & Don are
the Vicks and Wedge of Popolocrois)

NARCIA             (The blond witch with the red dress)
  Narcia is a young forest witch.  She has a good heart, and is always trying
to help others.  She has the utmost respect for her big sister Guilda.

THE WHITE KNIGHT    (Husky fellow in armor with a red cape)
  The White Knight comes questing from a far away land.  He is driven by
honor and goodness.  He first meets Pietoro while questing for a lost mystical

NAGURO                  (The miner)
A master of digging, he's only playable for about 20 minuets in the game.

KAI                  (The Polynesian genie looking girl)
Not much is known about the boisterous tomboy.    

THE GAMI GAMI DEVIL     (The old guy in the blue and red getup)
  Gami Gami is a self-proclaimed evil genius lacking neither in ego, nor in
goofy, lisping robot minions and malfunctioning machinery.


KING PAULO    (The only king looking fellow in the game)
  Paulo once ruled his kingdom with might and wisdom. That was until his
wife passed away in the great Ice Demon attack. Now he is but a shadow of his
true self.  A bit on the bumbling side, Paulo means well but isn't quite sure
how to raise Pietoro by himself.

QUEEN SANIA    (Much taller and comelier than her barrel shaped husband)
Tales of her beauty and kindness still echo across the land.  Sania
died when the Great Ice Demon attacked Popolocrois ten years ago.

GUILDA        (The witch looking witch)
Perhaps the only thing stronger than her magic is her mouth.  
Constantly criticizing and forcing her brand of "advice" on others.  It's often
hard to see her how good her heart truly is…

MINISTER MONU    (The old guy who's always hanging around the King)
Momu has little idea how to do much of anything but agree with the
King and is the source of much comic relief in the game.

YAN             (The short wizard in yellow )
Yan is always inventing one useless thing or another.  He's got big ideas!

POSTOF         (The burly sea man in Pasela)
A mighty drinker and builder of ships.

SAPO             (Half doggie half man?)
The last surviving resident of Burionia.

KAUPA, ZOLDAN, DORUN, & YABU.  (The 4 bad guys)  
The infamous four, evil spirits bent on the resseruction of the great Ice Devil.  

GREAT ICE DEVIL      (Big and cold)
He'd love to freeze the world, but being trapped in the world of darkness has
put a temporary damper on his plans.


8. THE WALKTHROUGH STORY (Please bear with me…)

       I) Today was a special day, for today was the Prince's birthday.  All the
King's soldiers and ladies and ministers, and wise men, and townsfolk and even old
spinsters had come bearing gifts and advice for the prince.  They wished him the
happiest most grand birthday wish.  But all was not right, for the prince was not
happy.  Even the most marvelous gift of glittering gold, or the happiest wish from a
knight standing bold.  Did make him smile, or even amused, for alas young Pietoro
had a case of the blues.
       Stepping onto his balcony he looked to the sky.  "Oh mother, my mother why
did you die?". "Of all things I wish upon this dark night. There is only one thing to
make my heart right.  If only I could meet the mother I never knew.  Then, only then
would I not feel so blue"
       But wait what was this?  Footsteps form below?  "If it isn't my father, the
good King Paulo".  Down the balcony he stealthily climbed, to follow his father he
went down the vines.  In to the tower, and up to the top, the young prince did follow
the King, yes, his pop.  And what did he spy at the top of the tower?  The king did
lament, his face stood a cower.  A beautiful maiden, who lie still in bed.  One could
not help but wonder, did she lie dead?  
        "What's going on?" the prince took to asking.  But the king stood there silent,
and the silence was lasting.  "BOOM BANG BOM" the sound echoed back. "Hey what
is this? We're under attack!"
       A fat bearded man dressed in a suit that shone red.  With a "whizz" and a
"click" he dismounted his sled.  He'd come to the kingdom to get just one thing.  Twas
called Crown of Wisdom, and worn by the King.  With a puff of blue smoke, it was
really a gas. He swiped the King's crown, and did so with crass.  But, "OUCH!" what
was this?  A prick from a needle?  Twas the King's son the prince, a lad they called
Pietoro.  With a bonk on the head the lad was put out.  And the man they called
Gami Gami Devil, had a very long name that didn't rhyme with much… And he left…

               CHAPTER ONE: The Devil and The Machines
       I) With the king still out cold Minister Momu decided to rally whatever troops
remained and get them to retrieve the crown.  Unfortunately only Gon and Don
remained.  "Perhaps I better do this myself" Momu might have thought.  But luckily
Gon and Don's commanding officer was still in critical condition in the infirmary and
was thus unable to inform the minister about Gon and Don's previous mishaps (Please
refer to the "Misadventures of Gon and Don" for further info.)  Still, he knew they
weren't quite up for the job.  That's why when the ten-year-old prince begged Momu
to let him help he gave in.
       Pietoro wandered around the castle collecting items and information before
leaving. (Ahem!) He went to the basement of the castle and found three chests.  In
these chests were a Map of the Land, a Monster Diary, and a Magic Lantern.
The Map was shown when he pressed the start button.
The Monster Diary profiled every baddie he fought when he pressed the Square button
The Lantern would teleport him back to the location of his last save whenever he used
it. (Your current data will not be erased by using this)
  These three items were VERY VERY IMPORTANT so he didn't forget about them.  
There was also a piggy bank above Pietoro's bedroom this was also useful so he
grabbed it (See items section).
       Next he headed towards the tower.  Then something magical happened.  A
voice called out… "Pietoro, you must help your father. I know you are still young, so I
will lend you my power." With this a sword, the Dragon Sword to be exact, floated
down from the sky into Pietoro's grasp.  Pietoro went up the tower to look at the
mysterious woman again.  He felt an unexplainable longing feeling as he gazed upon
her.  Still, he could only ponder as to why.
       Pietoro headed back towards the throne room and showed his sword to Momu.  
Momu said that this was a sign from the gods that Pietoro should go and protect the
kingdom.  For without the Crown of Wisdom Momu knew that all would soon fall into
chaos.  With this headed out and was met by Gon & Don at the gate.  They were told
to head north-east, but before doing so they decided to look around the town.
       This was Pietoro's first time to see his kingdom with an escort so he was
overjoyed to talk to everyone.  He found a man who had a huge sword on the second
story of his house.  The man was going to offer the sword to Pietoro, but then decided
that a young boy could not possibly wield such an object.  This was a sword that only a
burly knight could handle (HINT!).  Pietoro was also sure to stop by the inn and save
his game since he was tired after the long intro.  
       Heading N/E he reached the town of Takinen (He also picked up the goodies in
chests around Popolocrois City on the way).  In Takinen he heard much talk of the
wise forest witches who lived to the east.  He figured that he could possibly ask them
for advice on how to retrieve the crown.  There was also a bread maker in Takinen
where he could rest on the second floor.
       Next Pietoro exited Takinen to the north and walked through the Forsenia
Forest.  Here he found a chest with a "Green Ring", an item that could be equipped by
a witch.  Finally, after crossing a small bridge he came to a "T" in the road to the
north was a pond where a friendly fairy lived.  This fairy was famous for healing tired
travelers who made their way through the forest.  Heading to the south he the south
the forest became spooky.  Pietoro walked till he found a house (And probably till he
was at least level 3).
        Upon reaching the house a blue demon popped out.  "Grrr, who dares enter
my domain" growled the demon.   "N-n-not I" quivered Don as started to flee.  "M-m-
me t-to" echoed Gon as he sped away.  Pietoro found himself alone! Good thing he had
studied magic, that fireball spell was quite useful!
       Upon banishing the demon (stuffed animal?) he was met by the mistress of the
forest. The witch they called "Guilda".  At first Guilda to Pietoro to go home since all
humans are usually up to no good in her eyes… But after some persuading from her
little sister, Narcia she agreed to hear Pietoro out.  And a good thing she didi because
as soon as she found out who he was (the PRINCE!!!) she was quick to offer assistance,
her grumpy additude not withstanding.  Pietoro then asked Guilda to teach him the
roads of the forest.  Luckily Narcia agreed to show Pietoro how to get to the Gami
       Next Pietoro returned to Popolocrois castle to explain to Momu what had
happened.  After scolding Gon and Don Momu told Pietoro to go ahead and retreive
the crown.  Since Pietoro had the dragon sword Momu was sure that nothing would
happen to him.  Pietoro returned to Takinen and then headed south of Guilda's tree
until he found the base of a mountain.
       Upon climbing Pietoro and Narcia were sure to pick up all the goodies they
found in treasure boxes located on the outscurts of the road.  Finally they reached a
junkyard and the entrance to Gami Gami City.  Along the way they found a rusty old
suit of armor.  Much to their surprise someone was inside.  Narcia used her magic to
un-rust the armor.  The man inside explained that he was called the White Knight
and that he was on a quest to recover the fabled "Sword of Legend" but he "got stuck"
along the way.  Pietoro was puzzled and thought that he might have meant his dragon
sword.  He drew his sword to show the White Knight (Hence fourth to be referred to
as "WK").  WK responded by saying that Pietoro's sword looked like a toy.  Then WK
drew his own sword! Luckily he was only saving Pietoro from the robots behind him.  
After explaining his story to the well spoken WK (who uses very formal Japanese, it
would probably best be translated as Ye Ole English), WK agreed to help the lad since
he was a Knight and bound by honor and all those other knightly virtues.  WK also
offered to teach Pietoro how to fight and the general art of battle.  Both Pietoro and
Narcia were happy about this.
       Next they headed to Gami Gami City.  Here they found the funky Gami
Department store which had lots of good stuff.  They also saw a play above the
department store depicting the grand and glourious super genius Gami Gami Devil
saving the innocent citizens of Gami Gami city from the dasterdly King and Prince of
Popolocrois!  There was also a gift store in the city which sold flags, lanterns and  
(gasp!) suteki na Gami Gami Dolls!  Finally they headed into the base.
       Upon entering they were mocked by the Gami Gami Devil who told them that
they had no chance of beating his robot servants.  Inside the base they found and
elevator and a staircase leading down.  They first went down the staircase and found
the control panel for a giant machine.  They turned the machine on giving the base
power.  Next they headed up to the 4th floor via the elevator and then using the stairs
went down to the 3rd floor.  Here the found an ID card in a chest.  Next they were
sure to explore all the rooms and collect lots of goodies and experience.  After doing
this they went back up to the fifth floor and found an inn and an item shop.  From
here they entered the Gami Gami castle!
       They were again mocked berfore entering the castle.  In the castle they found
the sword of legend that WK was looking for in the throne room.  They exited the
throne room left and went up some stairs where they found another control panel.  
This panel was for the Gami Gami throne-chair-elevator (wow that's a long word).  
They turned it on allowing the access to the elevator.  (The elevator reads as follows
from top to bottom… ROOF  THRONE ROOM  DINING ROOM ).  Before heading
to the top they opened all the treasure boxes and prepared for battle!
       They came upon the Gami Gami Devil quite by surprise.  Though a bit
flustered that they had made it this far he said that he'd take care of them for good!  
Unfortunately they were standing in the wrong place so he had to politely ask them to
move (which they did) only to reveal… The Gami Gami Super Robot!  This would be a
tough battle with Pietoro's saint arc it didn't last too long (come on guys robot…
electric attacks… this is from RPG 101, right.).  After beating Gami Gami Devil he
pressed the slef destruct button and made a hastly though slightly flawed escape.  
Our adventurers were then forced to escape through the garbage chute!
       Having escaped our heroes set about returning home to Popolocrois castle.  
Along the way they ran into their old friend Gami Gami who they helped out of a hot
situation.  In return Gami gave them the Crown of Wisdom.  Finally Guild came and
asked our heroes if they were baking potatoes or had some sort of natural disaster
occurred.  Using her magic Guilda quickly out the fire and reminded Narcia to return
home ASAP after she helped Pietoro.  
       Finally they returned to Popolocrois city where they stopped by the house of
the man who had the very large sword.  As it turns out this sword was just the right
size for WK so he gave it to him, Upon returning to the castle King Paulo
congratulated his son.  The castle was repaired, Pietoro explained his story to
everyone and our heroes parted ways (for the time being)… THE END (of chapter one
that is…)

       Intermission: The intermission explains the tale of Burionia a floating city
located in the skies west of Popolocrois.  No one is quite sure why or even if it really
exists.  For some it is a mystery in need of clarification for others a tale of drunken
sailors.  Who really knows what the truth is…

       With everyone in Popolocrois happy again and the castle back to normal
Pietoro found himself in the most frightening of places… SCHOOL!  Pietoro grew
heavy eyed as his teacher waxed on about the tale of the Ice Demon and it's attack on
Popolocrois ten years ago.  A great dragon came and saved Popolocrois but the dragon
was never seen again.  Many wonder if it perished with the Ice Demon.  Finally King
Paulo came in and asked Pietoro why he was bored since the sage was telling one of
the most important tales in the history of Popolocrois. But Paulo could see it in his
son's eyes, Pietoro had tasted the forbidden fruit of adventure and longed to go there
again.  Pietoro begged his father.  The king then had a serious look to him and told
Pietoro that he had to explain something to him…  Taking Pietoro to the top of the
mysterious tower where the beautiful woman lie sleeping Paulo told Pietoro that this
woman was his mother.  Ever since the attack of the great Iced Demon she had fallen
into a slumber, and no matter what magic or potion they used she would not awaken.  
At first Paulo thought that she might be dead and that there was no hope, but when he
heard that Pietoro had found the Dragon Sword a new hope was sparked within him.  
He knew that the Dragon Sword could have only been given to Pietoro by his mother
from the dream world.  For this reason the King thought it good for Pietoro to study
so that he might one day be wise enough to revive his mother, Queen Sanria.
       Pietoro thought long and hard about all he had learned that night.  As he sit
on his veranda thinking Guilda and Narcia came up on her flying broom.  Guilda
explained that Narcia wanted to see Pietoro since she couldn't stop thalking about
their exciting adventures together.  Guilda then asked why he looked so blue.  
Pietoro explained what the king had told him earlier that day.  Guilda said that she
might be able to help so they all went to the tower.  
       Upon examining Sanria Guilda explained that she was not really asleep, but
that her soul was in a different plane, The World of Darkness to be exact.  Pietoro
then asked Guilda how he might go to this "World of Darkness".  Guilda explained
that only the dead may enter this plane and that though there might be a way for the
living to get there, she didn't have the answer.  Narcia then gave Pietoro a green flute
and told him to use it to call for her whenever he needed her.  
       The next day Pietoro told Paulo about what Guilda had said.  The King was
quick to dismiss the interpetation of some crazy forest witch, after all they had great
wizards at the castle, and told Pietoro to go study in his room.  After going to his room
Pietoro walked out onto his balcony.  Pietoro was fed up with studying and decided
that it was time he did something to save his mother.  Pietoro then played the flute
that Narcia had given him.. He explained what had happened to him and Narcia
agreed to help him save his mother.  They then set off on another adventure.  

       NOTE: Now is a good time in the game to activate the dragon statue outside of
Popolocrois city (west exit) and the one in Gami Gami city (by the entrance).  These
statues allow you to teleport around the world to any location that also has a dragon
statue.  Whenever you see a statue activate by touching it and pressing the circle
button.  Examine it again to get a list of places to teleport.  

       Pietoro had heard of the village of Kanarisha a place known for it's great
wizards and witches.  All he knew was that this place supposedly lie to the east.  
With this in mind our heroes then set about traveling south of Popolocrois till they
came to a fork in the road (leading south and east), naturally they took the west road
till they came to a house.  Here they were able to save their game and rest on the
second story of the house.  They also took the time to find the hidden chests located
just off the road leading to the house. Then continuing east they passed through a
tunnel and finally found themselves in the city of Goldleaf.  
       Goldleaf was a mining town.  Though normally busy there was currently a
crisis in Goldleaf. It seemed that a man called Naguro, the head digger and chief miner
was missing.  For this reason everyone in the town was poor and out of work.  Pur
tired heroes finally decided to take a rest.
       Wanting to help our heroes descended down into the mine pit where they met
a man.  The man laughed at them saying that mere kids could never find Naguro, let
alone venture into the dangerous caves.  But Pietoro persisited to which point the
man took to showing Pietoro just how strong he really was.  Then feeling sorry for the
kids he gave then 50G and told them to rest the night.  In the middle of the night
Gami Gami came in thinking this the perfect chance to take his revenge.  But after
seeing the cute Narcia sleeping he had second thoughts and decided to get his payback
       The next day our heroes left by means of the south east exit of Goldleaf.  
Here they trudged through a swamp and (again heading eastward) ended up in
Kanarisha.  (Did you remember to activate the dragon statue in Goldleaf too?).  Here
they found a number of quacks and wacky wizards.  A wacky guy standing by a field
told Pietoro that he could teleport him to the World of Darkness, but he turned out to
be a fake.  One wizard kept pet monsters and said that there existed a supposed
village of monsters, where friendly intelligent monsters resided. Another magician
who lived in a basement used his magic to change Pietoro's shape (I recommend you
try this it's funny). One old guy with many maps in the very back of the town told
Pietoro that his best chance of finding his mother lie wrapped in the secrets of
Burionia.  Burionia, the fabled floating island, home of mystical magic secrets and
other mysterious stuff lie hidden from the view of surface dwellers for some time now,  
though it is believed to be somewhere in the east ocean of Popolocrois.  Still the
wizard couldn't quite recommend how exactly to get to Burionia(You must do this last
event to progress in the plot, the others are amusing, but optional.).
       Luckily Pieotoro found a man by the name of Yan.  Yan had a very big
cannon and decided that this would be the perfect thing to help Pietoro get to the
Burionia.  Pietoro was only too happy to agree, Narcia on the other hand had second
thoughts. All was going well when, DA DA.  The Gami Gami Devil came and fouled
things up sending Pietoro somewhere other than Burionia.  Gami Gami then took
time to try and flirt with Narcia, unsucessfully.  (Yes, this whole thing about an old
guy flirting with a prepubescent girl, while an ongoing joke, even in the sequel, is
somewhat disturbing.  But then again in Japan Lolita complexes are commonplace so
one might expect such a thing in a Japanese game.  Oh well sorry for that Politically
Correct intermission. We now return you to your game walkthrough… )  
       Pietoro ended up in the bottom of the mines of Goldleaf.  And although it was
a nice place he thought that he'd better try and make it to the surface .  Along the way
up he met a man called Naguro.  It seems Naguro had gotten lost while digging and
due to the large amounts of monsters he decided that it'd be better just to hide for a
while.  Pietoro agreed to let Naguro join him since Naguro was lost and scared.  Next
Pietoro needed to find a shovel (called a scoop in Japanese) so that Naguro, an expert
digger, could clear the way.   Finally he found the shovel in a nearby storage room.  
Naguro equipped the shovel (equip it under weapons section for Naguro), and when
they came to a point where the path was blocked Naguro cleared it.  They continued
up the mine until they came to a room with a switch on the wall.  They used this
switch to turn on the moving platform outside.  Moving along they found a treasure
chest.  Or at least they thought that.  It was really a mimic with a key inside.  
Finally they used the key on a door (The door blends into the background a bit so look
hard) and were free.
       In the next room they met Narcia, who had come looking for Pietoro.  All she
had to do was move a lever to open the bridge.  Unfortunately doing this required
more strength than she had it also attracted the attention of some monsters.  After
beating the monsters they headed up where they met a bunch of miners.  The miners
were surprised that a few kids managed to save Naguro, but they were very grateful
(Oh yeah, some of the chests you found along the way contain items that can be
equipped by Naguro try and see what works).  Well our heroes moved on striving to
get to the top of this very deep mine.  Their next problem was similar to their last one,
a bridge that wouldn't budge.  In order to get the bridge to move they'd need someone
very strong.
        Luckily they found that someone who could locked in a jail in a nearby room.  
But they needed a key to free him and they had to be quite since there were a hoard of
sleeping Orcs nearby.  Our heroes then snuck past the orcs into the next room only to
find… The Orc King.  The Orc King put up a bit of a fight but was no problem after a
few "saint arcs". Collecting the key and a few treasure boxes Pietoro and company
went back to free their friend.  The WK was a bit dazed after waking up, but after
Pietoro told him his story (about saving his mom) he was very eager to help.  So eager,
in fact that he escaped from his cell without the aid of a key.  Finally with the aid of
WK they made back to the surface.  Before leaving they talked to Naguro and he
taught Pietoro the digging waza skill.
       On the way back to the castle they met Yan.  Yan asked Pietoro if he wanted
to try the cannon again promising that it would work this time.  Pietoro respectfully
reclined.  Back at Popolocrois castle they ran into Yan again.  This time Yan was
trying to convince the king of buying into something or other that he had invented.  
This is when Pietoro came in.  Needless to say Yan was quite shocked when Pietoro
came in, and even more so when he found out that Pietoro was the Prince!  In a hurry
to leave Yan suggested that Pietoro find a man called Postof who lived in the southern
port city of Pasela.  
       So our heroes headed south of the castle until they came to Pasela (they also
picked up treasure along the way including a good ring for Narcia).  There were many
things to do in Pasela. There was two inns but one didn't put up foreigners so they
went to the other one.  They also found a guy outside a shop with a locked door selling
"Member's cards" for 1000G.  After they bought a members card (optional) they went
into the shop and bought things from the merchants.  In the back of the shop they
found a hallway and a nice chest when they reached the end of the hallway.  When
they tried to open the chest a fellow came in and told them to stop.  (I forgot to
translate what the guy said so just choose the second choice, "no, and get the amulet.  
This amulet protects you from status changes which is really useful when you fight
monkeys later in the game equip it then.)
       They also found a fellow by the name of Ralph in a bar.  Ralph was quite
distressed and had turned to the bottle ever since his sweetie, Pamie, was lost at sea.  
Oh, poor, poor Ralph.  They also found a cool sailor who offered them advice that
bordered on bad poetry about the woman they call the sea.  When they were through
exploring the city Pietoro and Co. headed into the ship port.  Here they talked to some
sailors who informed them that Postof was on the second floor and not in the best of
moods.  It seems that Postof wanted to make a ship but since the line was down
between Goldleaf and Pasela and the blacksmith in Goldleaf was pretty grumpy that it
would be impossible.  Postof told our heroes to leave.  But they pressed on and asked
him about the ship, called the Flyer Yacht, that he wanted to make.  Postof explained
that he wanted to make a flying ship but that he needed someone to make him a
"propeller screw" first.  And since the one person who could make this was the
blacksmith in Pasela that it would be impossible.
       With their heads hung low the threesome left Postof to his brooding.  But
wait, Narcia wouldn't stand for this not after they'd came so far.  She dragged Pietoro
and WK with her and went back and explained Pietoro's story to Postof.  She also said
that since the people of Goldleaf owed Pietoro a favor since he had rescued their head
miner and saved the town from it's economic woes.  Only happy to help Postof told our
heroes to take the plans that he had made to the blacksmith in Goldleaf (NOTE: The
plans are in a bucket in the same room as Postof, get them before you go.  Also
whenever you're given a choice during this whole Postof bit choose the first option).
       Determined to see his mom again they brought the plans to the Blacksmith in
Goldleaf (I hope you used the Dragon teleport).  The down and out blacksmith was
overjoyed at the chance to work again, his first time in a while.  He suggested that
everyone stay the night at the inn since it would take a while to get everything done.  
Our heroes awoke to the sounds of yelling the next morning.  It seems that someone
had stolen the Propeller screw during the night.  A suspicous old guy with a beard
and a red mask was spotted around the blacksmith quarters that night. Hmmm,,, who
could this be?  One of the blacksmiths told Pietoro that the crook left a letter
addressed to Pietoro.  Pietoro went into the blacksmiths workroom and read the letter
(!!!Make sure you read the letter you must do so to advance in the plot. This was left
out of the original walkthrough and drove me crazy for a while I searched the globe
trying to figure out what to do.. )
       The letter was from Gami Gami Devil (Whoah, big surprise).  He said that he
finally got Pietoro back for what he did earlier and that if Pietoro dared try and get the
screw back he would have to be brave enough to challenge the "NEW GAMI GAMI
TOWER!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…."  Our heroes left Goldleaf out the south west exit.  
And walked along the track until they came to …. Da da.. the NEW GAMI GAMI
TOWER ha ha ha  (oops, sorry about that).  Around the Tower they found a chest
with a GUTS sword in it a sword that, when used, didn't depleat a characters GUTS
level.  They also found a village of monsters to the south east of the Tower.  Here
they could save, rest and but stuff.  Finally they made it to the top of the NEW GAMI
GAMI TOWER! .. heh..uh hah.. ummm.  Excuse me…  Here they told Gami Gami
Devil about the whole thing with Pietoro's mother and despite his ambitions to hold
true to the Evil Genius code Gami Gami, with a tear in his eye agrees to give Pietoro
the screw. (NOTE: Remember to take the screw from the table before you leave.  Also
there's a hidden room in the tower.  To get there go behind the stairs leading up close
to the launch platform.  The other room isn't so secret but involves climbing a ladder
that's easy to pass by.  Be sure to get these items either on the way up or down.
       The next part of the story is optional but I recommend you do it now, since you
won't have a chance for a while.  There are three dragon stones that you can get to
upgrade your sword you might want to get at least two of them now. The Dragon Saber
part in the secrets section should be used with this part of the story if you choose to do
it now.  First of all go to Goldleaf and save at the inn then go down the elevator.  
Now go to the guy by the train tracks.  He'll ask you if you want to ride the train,
choose yes (1st choice).  When you ride the train you'll notice there's something on the
tracks!  Get out and make your way back to Goldleaf.  The monkeys you'll fight here
are pretty tough so watch out.  Spend your time going back and forth from the
Monkey Kingdom (that's what this place in the tracks is called) and goldleaf.  
Remember to equip the status protecting amulet(a purple necklace icon, it's called
"riyuu no mifuda" I think) you got at Pasela and you can use the red lantern to easily
go to the inn you last saved (Goldleaf) if you need to escape.  Well keep fighting
monkeys till you're at least level 18 or 19.  Then go to the center of the Monkey
Kingdom where Narcia will warn you that it's dangerous.  Now go inside and fight the
Monkey King.  The Monkey King will summon minions repeatedly throughout the
fight.  Use status boosters (Narcia's "wind blaze" and Pietoro's "Dragon blaze").  Once
you beat the Monkey king search the wall behind him for a dragon stone.  Also there
is a chest where you can get a monkey bank (works like the piggy bank but holds more
money.).  Also get the dragon stone at the bottom of the Goldleaf mines.  
       The final stone is probably too hard to get now and is best saved for later,
unless you enjoy building up your levels making the game less challenging.  Really
you should be tough enough to beat the monkey boss (though just barely) before you
advance in the game.  This is a good way to measure how tough you are.  Still, don't
forget to get the last dragon stone and Dragon Saber later.  Oh yeah if you visit
Guilda at this time in the game (she's in the basement of her house) she'll give you an
item  that restores 300MP.
        And on with the plot we go!

       Our heroes then returned to Pasela where they gave Postof the Propeller
Screw.. Next they began the long task of building the Flyer Yacht.  Finally they
finished and were ready to head off when Narcia suddenly informed them that she
couldn't accompany them.  Because she was a forest witch her powers would be
useless on the high seas (or air).  So they said their goodbyes and headed out to sea.  
       In the midst of their journey they ran in to something, or rather something
ran into them… (Yes it's time for the obligatory ghost ship scene, which finds it's way
in to far to many RPGs.  Just try your best to sweat it out.)  While Postof fixed the
boat Pietoro and WK explored the ship for no real good reason.  Here they ran into
many locked doors.  These locked doors could be unlocked by getting keys from
defeating mimics (there are 3 total mimics you need to get.  Also some doors only open
with switches and don't respond to keys so be patient.)   Finally they found a big gold
key below deck.  They used this key to access the captain's room (yeah, there's also an
item on the poop deck).  
       In the captain's room they found a scary skeleton captain.  He knew Pietoro's
name and about Pietoro's mom, in fact he said he knows everything! ha ha ha !.
Though, when the WK asked him about the location of the Sword of Legend he drew a
blank. The scary skull fellow said he'd meet them in person soon and introduce himself
properly.  WK and Pietoro headed outside where they met a fish… wait scratch that a
giant fish boss. They beat the boss (Okay, just guess which spell works best), and the
ship disappeared.  And this whole lame, unoriginal and completely superfluous part of
the game was over with (sorry for my lack of enthusiasm)
       The screen then pulled back to reveal Guilda and Narcia looking into their
cauldron.  While Guilda was commenting on the lack of or heroes' intellegence Narcia
was worried about how to save them.  They were after all in need of some help in the
upstairs department.  Narcia really wanted to help her friends but due to the
limitations of her powers (she is a forest witch and not a sea hag ya' know), she was
unable.  In a rare moment of sympathy Guilda revealed the secret of the Golden Key
of the Forest Witches to Narcia.  With the power of this key a forest witch could
transform herself into something else.  The only limitation being that no one must
ever know of the user's true identity.  If someone ever saw Narcia transform it would
result in a horrible outcome, the specifics of which Guilda was unsure of.  But Narcia
decided that since she must help her friends that she would take the risk.  Choosing
the moniker of "Kai", Narcia or um.. Kai hurried off to save her friends.
       With the pleasant taste of sand in their mouth's our troublesome twosome
awoke on a kitsch little island paradise called… Well, okay I'm not quite sure of the
name.  But in any case they awoke on a little island kinda like Giligan's Island but
with a lot more people.  After a brief conversation with the local old guys they found
that they were somewhere in the eastern sea and that another westerner by the name
of Pamie (ring a bell?) was also on the island.  It seems that Pamie was building a ship
o leave the island.  After talking with Pamie our heroes realized that it would be some
time before she was finished so they decided to talk with the locals.  A guy in the inn
offered to give them a mini-palm tree and even deliver it to Pietoro's house (yeah!, a
souvenir).  They also found a "Knight Star" in the same inn.  A woman also told them
that they would be granted a wish if they hit "Whale Rock", located in the center of the
island with a hammer.  Though this was only a legend our heroes were bored so they
decided to give it a go.  
       First off they asked Pamie if they could borrow her hammer.  Although she
thought them foolish she said it was okay as long as they stopped bothering her,  Next
they took the hammer (see it by the table there?).  Then they headed towards the
center of the island.  Along the way they found a rusted old sword which they took
(later someone would tell them that it is good luck to have found this sword).  Finally
they reached the center of the island and hit whale rock with a hammer.  This in turn
brought about… Kai.  
       Kai announced that she was good friends with Narcia and had been sent to
help them.  While WK was worried about Kai because she looked like a mere girl, she
was busy teasing him by calling him "gramps".  Kai said that she saw Postof's boat
from the sky and that she told Postof how to get to the island.  WK and Pietoro were
happy to hear this news.  After all this talk everyone was a bit tired so they decided to
take it easy and head back to the inn to rest a bit.
       The next morning they walked over to where Pamie was. Here they saw Postof
as well.  Postof said that it was okay for them to use the boat since he would stay
behind and help Pamie.  Kai said something about how cool it was to ride in a boat
that she..errr.uh.. her friend, Narcia made.  After saying goodbye to Pamie and
wishing her luck they took off.  Much to everyone's surprise WK was very afraid of
heights.  But since there's a cool anime bit here you can see for yourself…
       Upon arriving on the island they looked around and found a weird item shop,
strange statues, and they also noticed that all the doors were locked.  When they tried
to enter the main building they had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting the 4 servants
of the Great Ice Demon.  Yabu of the south, Zoldan of the north, Kaupa of the east,
and Dorun of the west (no, this will not be on the test).  
       Yabu is surprised you made it past his fish creature (so he was the one
responsible for that).  He really doesn't want you to get any further, but since he has
other things to do, Namely, the reawakening of the Great Ice Demon he'll deal with
you later.  Next Pietoro and company went to a house to the left of the enterance and
found someone hiding inside.
       A man, er dog, man? Well, they found a strange guy inside his name was Sapo,
and as it turns out he was the last surviving resident of Burionia.  Sapo apologized for
locking the door but he thought you might be with those 4 nasty fellows who he had
seen earlier.  Sapo then explained that they were looking for something called "The
Book Of Darkness" (BOD, henceforth), an item that would grant mortals passage
between the world of light (where they were now) and the world of darkness.  Sapo
was afraid that Pietoro wanted to use the book as well.  In fact Pietoro did, but his
motives were different than those of the 4 servants.  Thus Pietoro explained
everything again.
       Sapo said that they had nothing to worry about since the book couldn't be
accessed without first turning on the main power of Burionia.  Sapo then took the
time to explain the history of Burionia (via the help of a viewing screen thingy).  
       3,000 years ago the people of Burionia lived happily on the planet's surface.  
They were advanced in science well above that of any other people on the continent.  
One day the oracle of Burionia declared that a great disaster was about to strinke the
earth and that the people of Burionia had better escape ASAP.  Burionia's scientists
got to work and created something called the Ball Heart.  A giant intelligent machine
that had bizarre powers that even surpassed the expectations and imagination of its
creators.  Using the power of the Ball heart the continent of Burionia rose into the
heavens.  Here the people lived happily and carefree.
         Due to an unexpected side effect of the Ball Heart's powers all who resided
on Burionia would never grow old.  Still, in time it became obvious that the oracle was
wrong and that no great disaster was coming.  Forsaking their immortality the
citizens of Burionia returned to the earth's surface to live what they considered
complete lives.  They valued their freedom above all else.   But Sapo was different,
he was to involved in his studies to leave.  Thus Sapo stayed behind and studied and
studied for many many years.  Until, just a bit ago the 4 servants came…
       After explaining his story everyone noticed that there was an uninvited guest
present.  Gami Gami took off fast.  Everyone wondered why he was here but Kai had
a premonition that he was here to help them.  After hearing a large explosion they
went outside to find the doors blown open.  They proceeded inside to their right they
found a room with a strange save/heal point.  In the room to the left they found a
large library.  Trudging through all the floors (don't forget the chests!) they came
upon… Mr. Gami Gami.  
       As it turns out Kai was right and Gami Gami was there to help Pietoro.  He
was trying to find the BOD so that Pietoro could see his mom again.  Unfortunately
there were so many books that he couldn't find it.  Thus Gami Gami joined the party.  
Wandering into the next room they found Yabu who, unfortunately for our heroes got a
hold of the BOD before they could.  Not knowing what to do next they rushed up to
the top of the tower to find Sapo, who was trying to turn the power on.  Sapo then
explained that there was a problem with the power.  It seems that the Ball Heart had
developed a persona of its own.  Unfortunately the Ball Heart had to be destoryed in
order for them to do anything (they would then rely on back up power systems).  Since
Sapo helped make the ball Heart he couldn't bring himself to destroy it.  This being
the case he sent Pietoro and Co. to do the job.  
       Pietoro headed downstairs next to the save point they found an elevator
leading down.  Here they found a vast engine room.  They wandered around to all the
rooms and collected goodies before heading for the center (one floor down from the
floor you land on).  Here they were sucked into some strange pipes and met the Ball
Heart.  As it turns out the Ball Heart wasn't too happy about being shut down and put
up a bit of a fight(Use Holy Lightning and status boosters).  
       After that happened they all got out of there real quick like since the island
was falling into the ocean.  When they got to their vessel Kai asked them if they
wanted to wait for Sapo.  They waited but he still didn't come so they decided to go
then he came at the last moment and they all split.  


      Upon returning home Pietoro wanted to find out more about getting to the
world of darkness.  Unfortunately his dad, the King, decided that he'd better go to his
room (go to the veranda) instead of trying to save the world.  Prince Pietoro felt a
momentary understanding of previous Fresh Prince songs, but it passed.  This was
interrupted when everybody heard that a strange bearded guy washed up on the
nearby beach.  This of course was Gami Gami.  After reviving Gami Gami, the ol'
devil told Pietoro that he managed to get away with a cool book form Burionia.  After
turning over the book to Sapo (go to the study room in the castle. It's next to the
sleeping wizard) they found out that a place called Radak, to the far east is where the
portal for the World of Darkness exists.  
       Still, they all wondered how exactly to reach Radak since the Flyer yacht was
busted.  Luckily Gami Gami had some sort of giant ship they could take.  All they
needed to do was head out to his old base (In GG city).  Before they left Sapo said he
had to stay behind and teach the royal wizards stuff.  Now might also be a good time
to get the Dragon Saber and all three stones if you haven't done so yet.  This will be
your last chance for a while.  There's also new stuff at the shop in Popolocrois city.  
Every time there's a new chapter the store gets new things!
     Upon reaching the base they went to a computer terminal on the first floor.  
Here Gami Gami entered an access code after having a bit of trouble.  Unfortunately
something was wrong with the security system so Gami told them to be prepared for
robot attacks.   Gami was also not too happy about the fact that everyone was going
into his secret base, but oh well. Be sure to get the "zenmai" in the chest down the hall
to get Gami a weapon later.  There's also a good ring for Narcia to found. First off they
needed to turn on the main power.  They wandered around till they found some big ol'
clunky power generator things located in the top corner of a small hall (This part takes
a while so be patient and e-mail me if you get stuck).  The first switch they turned on
malfunctioned and blew the power for the base, so they needed to find another switch.  
The next switch looked like the first, except it was orange in color and was even harder
to find. (This is a pain in the but go as right as you can.  Walk along a narrow
platform and you'll come across it eventually) After they found it the power was turned
       Next they headed down the big elevator to the bottom of a pit.  From here
they headed up a ladder and went up some stairs to the 5th floor.  Here they met a
robot known as the "Engineer Robot . He gave Gami a cannon upgrade and said that
he'd be waiting for you under a shop in Popolocrois if you wanted to upgrade anything
       Walking back out they found an inn and item shop.  After resting they
headed to the pipes that they saw on the same floor.  Along the way in the pipes they
picked up the "mecha-unit" item for Gami (bring it to the Engineer Robot later).  They
also found a ring for Kai. Finally they reached the ship but it seems that the bad guys
had the same idea and were already there.  As they made their getaway Kaupa stayed
and fought our heroes.  
       Well, with no other ideas they headed to Sapo for advice. He suggested that
they go to Burionia and see if anything there was still of use.  SO our heroes went to
see Postof to catch a ride back to Burionia.  In Burionia they went to the top and Sapo
told them that there was a ship somewhere at the bottom.  Hearing this our heroes
trudged to the bottom (where they fought the heart before).  Upon reaching the
bottom they investigated the side rooms (bottom deck) until they found the room with
the ship in it.  Next they headed back to Popolocrois.
       In Popolocrois Sapo told them they could leave anytime but that Pietoro
should talk to him first.  Pietoro headed down to the basement of the castle and talked
to Sapo who taught him the "Magic Hankie" waza.  On the way out Pietoro stopped to
talk to the King and Momu, who wished him luck, then he went outside and left.
       On the way Pietoro asked Narcia about her friend Kai.  Narcia didn't quite
know how to respond.  Finally they arrived in Hata-hata village. Here they talked to
the villagers who told them that the man they were looking for was at the top of the
mountain.  So they climbed the mountain.  (There's a secret path located behind
some bushes at the bottom level of the mountain.  It looks a bit obvious. Try and find
it cause you can get some swell items if you follow it up).  Along the way they saw the
Gami RX9 parked. This really got ol' Gami mad.
       Upon reaching the top of the mountain our heroes noticed our 4 favorite bad
guys being tossed off the top.  When they arrived they saw a big fellow who said "Uh
oh! More people!" before running inside his house.  When they entered the house they
met the Mountain Sage Raduk and his burly servant Janbo.  After Narcia explained
their situation Raduk told them that he could help them get into the dark world.  But
in order to do so without the Book of Darkness they would have to challenge the
guardian of the world of darkness.
       Our heroes were tired from their long journey so they decided to rest on the
top floor or Raduk's flat.  In the middle of the night Pietoro awoke and wandered
outside only to find Raduk.  Pietoro asked Raduk about the world of Darkness.  
Raduk told Pietoro that it was a place where the dead resided, but sometimes the souls
of living beings were trapped there.  He told Pietoro to seek the help of Dawna the
Empress of light.  Dawna would be able to judge if Pietoro's intentions were good or
bad and then either help or punish him from there.  Since Dawna did not like to
interact with beings from the world of the living Raduk could only speculate as to
wether she would help Pietoro or not.
       The next day they headed up the mountain and to everyone's surprise they
found four fiends waiting for them at the top.  This time they turned all our heroes to
stone and took advantage of Raduk's weakened state to try and finish them off.  With
the last of his strength Raudk revived our heroes.  They then proceeded to finish what
they had started with Kaupa last time.  (Use Gami attacks on him as they always hit
this annoying boss).
Before entering the portal they decied to go back down to the house and save
their game (Recommended).  Then they plummeted into the dark world.  When they
finally came to a stop. They heard the voice of the guardian asking them for the Book
of Darkness.  Then the voice said "Oh yeah, I forgot, three beings bearing that just
passed here".  Pietoro begged the guardian for help and to listen to his reasons for
coming to the World of Darkness.  Rather than listen to such a long story the
Guardian decided to test our heroes instead. If they were worthy they could pass into
the world of Darkness.
       Inside the playhouse, er… World of Darkness they found a giant house. Here
they went inside and talked to the receptionist. To their left was a save/heal point  
and to their right was a room with a little house.  In the room with the little house
they drank a potion they found and became very very small. Now they entered the tiny
house and got a small key. From here they went back out and found a tiny door and
went in that door.
       The first room had an invisible path to follow (pretty easy), There was also an
item for  gami in one of the chests. Outside the room they found the Guardian (looks
like a little girl) she offered to save/heal for them.  The next room was made up of
colored tiles. There were two exits. The one to the south led to a small stadium where
our heroes had to do battle with the following creatures(going here is optional)…
1. Yaks
2. Alligators with big rocks
3. Elephants on stools
4. Mini-dragons
5. Mimics! (hard!)
       If they managed to defeat all enemies they got a magic medallion to protect
them from all types of magic. Heading back to the tile room they took the north exit
where they found a piano. Here they danced o the piano till a fish fellow, named Don
Maestro, came out and fought them (Easy boss, use physical attacks).  After they
fought him Pietoro tried his hand at conducting the orchestra (also optional). In the
next room they found a woman playing the harp. This made everybody tired. When
they woke up they checked a shelf in the room and found a key. Using this key they
headed out south of the conductors room where they encountered something very
       Yes, they had to answer three questions about the game. The top choice is yes
and the bottom is no. There are 20 possible questions with the answers evenly divided
between the two.  This can get really annoying. Most of the questions that have their
first word in katakana are usually answered "No".  Most of the questions that start
with kanji (Chinese characters) are usually answered "Yes". Take your time and you'll
get it right eventually.
       The next room had cats in suits who sold items. The middle cat sells you
souvenirs which can only be bought here. His options menu (not price menu) reads. 1.
Deliver to house 2. Explain 3. Quit. Have your goodies delivered to your house. I think
the last cat will save but I'm not sure.
       Next our heroes went outside and found a room with a roulette. Pietoro stood
on a box and they got random items. After doing this enough timeshe got a ladder
leading up to the next room.  They climbed the ladder and landed on a bird beast
named "Karura".  Karura was mad about this so they fought.  This is a hard fight so
be sure to use Narcia's speed wind and mist screen so she can avoid damage.  Fight
conservatively and you'll eventually win.
       Finally the guardian deemed our pals worthy. They went down a long slide
and then a seemingly endless flight of stairs till they reached Mark, a giant space
whale who would ferry them to Dana, the keeper of light.  They went to Dana's palace
and made it up to where the giant Dana sat, Here she talked with Pietoro.  When the
prince tried to explain his predicament she simply looked into his eyes and understood.  
Being tired of meaningless human chatter Dana gave Pietoro the key to the Devil Star,
where Pietoro's mother lie waiting.  
       From here our heroes headed down to the out front of the palace (There's a
room with an weapon for Gami on the top left floor on the way out).  Here they found
three maidens waiting.  One of the girls would save their game.  The girl in the
middle opened a door for them with the key then she told them to go see Mark for a
       Mark gave them a ride and they ended up on the Devil Star.  Here they were
on the outskirts of a Popolocrois look alike town. On the outskirts of town the found a
spring ("Bane"), that Gami could use to make a special attack out of.  Finally they
entered the fake town.  In the Inn they found a head band for Gami.  In a the school
house they met a ghostly version of Pietoro's mom who would save and heal them.  
She then warned them not to go any further.  Finally our heroes headed towards the
castle.  Here they found a giant ice castle. One of the plates shook loose carrying
Pietoro to the top.  Along the way he had to fight three monsters without time to heal
(1. Knight 2.Mimic! 3. Blue Devil). Use heat blaze to boost your stats when you first
meet the knight. Then it shouldn't be too hard…
       At the top Pietoro's mother, Sanria, was doing battle with the remaining two
of the 4 fates.  Finally Sanria reveled her true form, a dragon! She was then
distracted by Pietoro and the 2 fates got the upper hand.  This in turn let loose the
Great Ice Demon who lie sealed below Sanria. Uh Oh!!!
       Sanria then revealed to Pietoro that she was indeed a dragon.  And that she
had to stay in the World of Darkness in order to keep the Great Ice Demon sealed in.  
She then told Pietoro how strong he was (well being half Dragon might explain why he
kicks major butt for a 10 year old…), but that he still wasn't strong enough yet. Still if
he hurried he could stop the reawakening of the Great Ice Demon. Then she passed out.
       This was a good idea but Dorun distracted our heroes while Yabu revived the
Great Ice Demon. The fight with Dorun aint too hard. Boost your stats and you should
     Finally they escaped (along with another FMV anime scene).  Dana soldiers
saved them but Dana scolded Pietoro for dooming his home world.  Dana can't bring
her soldiers into the world of light so fate rested on Pietoro's shoulders.  They got on
Marks back met the guardian, who said there was something huge that just exited
through the gate, and then they returned to Raduk Mountain.  
       Now go back to town and get items (new chest in the old inn).  Go to the old
mountain man and you'll also see Janbo. Go to your ship and you're outta there…The
man explains that the Ice Demon headed west, towards Popolocrois.  When they got to
Popolocrois Gami crashed, because of the ice…
       While waiting at the castle Pietoro apologizes to his father saying that
everything's his fault.  Paulo said not to worry since mom could survive 10 years in
the Wold of Darkness, she would probably recover and be able to save everyone.  
Paulo then tells of how he met Sanria.
       As a young adventuring king Paulo encountered a wounded dragon with a
sword stuck in it. Since the dragon had a sad look in it's eyes he decided to help it.  
The dragon then vanished and a beautiful woman appeared.  This was Sanria.  Years
later when the Ice Demon attacked Sanria suddenly turned into a dragon and saved
the Kingdom.  After the battle she lie in a deep sleep.  She sacrificed herself in order
to save the kingdom.  (In an odd side note, the occurrence of spirits of animals,
creatures or plants that were helped by men often would assume human form and
marry whoever helped them in Japanese mythology).
       Pietoro thinking everything was his fault runs out into the field where an Ice
Knight takes advantage of his weakened state ("An ample chance to slay the Dragon
child" as he put it…).  Here Narcia tries to save him, but the knight is resistant to
magic so she assumes the form of Kai and kicks some but!  Pietoro is shocked to see
that Narcia is really Kai (I mean he just found out that his mom was a dragon, and
now this!!). Unfortunately this transformation made Narcia sick (She can be a sea
witch while in the forest.).  Guilda explains that Pietoro needs to find the Gnome
flower in order to save her.  But the Gnome flower only grows once every 100 years
and all she has is an old seed.
       Remembering how the pond fairy turned the old lump of coal into the dragon
stone Pietoro headed to the pond north of Takinen village.  Here he threw the seed in
and the fairy turned it into a gnome flower.  He headed back to the castle and gave
the flower to Guilda who saved Narcia.  (Oh yeah, there's a mini battle with the White
Knight and goofy ice monsters on the way back to town.).
       Now head for the council room (Above the throne room.).  Here everyone was
discussing what to do about the Ice Demon.  Finally after a long argument Paulo
agrees to let Pietoro and company lead the charge to the Ice Demon's tower.  
IMPORTANT: be sure to upgrade all your Gami Gami weapons now before you head
out of town.  When you're ready head north to the fairy pond, which has been frozen,
and keep north form there.
       In the middle of the huge snow field is a small town.  Here you can save and
buy stuff.  Using it as your base go along the perimeter of the snow field and get three
items in chests (NW, East, and SE).  One of these(SE I think) is a fully upgraded
Dragon sword (just like Pietoro's) which you can have White Knight equip. Be sure to
get it!  When you're ready head north from the village till you see a cracked path in
the ice.  Follow this to the Ice Demon's tower.
       In the tower you'll find a screw, the final Gami weapon piece.  Now head up
the tower and fight Zoldar. He is easy if you were earning levels while roaming the ice
field.  Next follow an annoying path of tunnels and teleporters till you reach the top of
the ice tower.  This is frustrating, but it's also a good way to earn exp. while doing
       At the top you'll ride an elevator. Here you'll fight three waves of monsters. At
the top Sanria is being held in a giant egg and having her power drained from her.  
AT this point (if I may slip back into third person past tense narration) they met Yabu,
the leader of the 4 fates.  Yabu warned that Pietoro had better not meddle with his
important tools (i.e. Giant egg thingy), since he needed Sanria's  power to full revive
the ice demon.  Next they fought Yabu.  Yabu uses mainly magic attack so equip high
Magic defense items. Have Narcia concentrate on healing and stat boosting with Gami
serving as a back up healer (give him lots of heal all potion). Now have Pietoro and WK
pound away at Yabu. I was at level 40 and beat him easily…
       When Yabu lost the battle he used his last strength to let the Ice Demon free.  
Watch the anime and find out what happens next…
       Next head home with mom, be sure to stop by the snow village and talk to the
kids making the snow man to get it.  When you enter the castle you'll hear…
Pietoro: "What, I though we killed you!?"  

Now fight the real Ice demon


       Go around and see everyone off when you're finished head back to the castle
and talk to Paulo saying yes twice. This will end the game.  But wait, be sure to
explore the monsterless world and chat with everyone! I love this part it reminds me of
Treasure Hunter-G (A cool square game for Super Nintendo).  Here are some things
you can find…
1. The red magic girl in the castle can finally get her spell right.

2. Sapo is happy to really be living life and to teach others about Burionia.

3.  The young couple in the house in Popolocrois village are going to have a baby.
    (They do in PoPoRogue)

4. There is a new play in the Gami Gami department store. Guess what the plot is…

5.  In Pasela you can buy souvenirs of Burionia form a man who sells piggy banks.  
    (The dog located close to him will bring them home for you. 2nd option)

6.  In Pasela dock you see a sailor talking all cool about the sea till his wife yells at

7.  Yan is up to no good again!

8.  See the White knight off in Pasela as he continues his search for the Sword of

9.  Pietoro and Narcia almost hit it off by the fairy pond. But being too embarrassed
   Pietoro simply says "Oh I uh… see you around.. yeah..err…"
   Narcia says " yeah. Come by and visit anytime"

10.  Gon and Don have run away from the castle. But where did they go?

      If you can tell me where Gon and Don are hiding at the end of the game I will
send you a PoPoLo prize from Japan. Simply be the first to write me an e-mail as to
where Gon and Don are hiding and I'll send you something! Contest only good until
June 2000.  Be sure to include "Gon and Don" on the subject line of your e-mail!  
Aren't I swell.  

                              END OF WALKTHROUGH.


9. MAGIC & WAZA : Magic and waza (special techniques) play a very important
part in the game.  After some battles you'll receive "magic exp." or experience points
that go towards raising the level of your magic.  Check status screen #2 often to see
how your magic levels are doing.  Waza don't use MP but they all have some sort of
rule that dictates their use. For example Narcia is frozen for one turn whenever she
uses her waza. Some of Pietoro's waza require a full GUTS meter in order to use them,
while most of Gami Gami's waza run on a limited number of charges.  All waza should
be in the order that they appear in the game.  If there is a problem let me know
"SL" refers to spell level; the level of the spell NOT the character.
"P" refers to personal magic that can be used out of combat.


Spell name       MP cost      Level gained       Effects
Fireball            2           1                Attack one enemy.
                                                Attacks all in a 8 squarerange
                                                  at SL 11.
Heal water(P)      5           2                 Heal one character.
Cure water         4            5                At SL 1 heals poison .
                                                  At SL 2 also heals sleep.
                                                  At SL 3 also heals paralysis.
                                                  At SL 4 heals status changes
Saint Arc          5           8                Lightning for one enemy,
                                                    can also stun opponents.
Heat Blaze        8           15                  Raises a character's attack 50%.
                                                    At SL 2 speed also 50% up.
                                                    At SL 3 defense also 50% up.
                                                    At SL 4 magic also 50% up.
                                                    At SL 5 magic defense also 50% up.
Magical Road(P)   1            10                  Avoids random encounters with
                                                   "weak" monsters while it lasts.
NOTE: "Magical road" does not appear on the in battle menu commands.

Pietoro's Waza

Waza Name     Level Gained            Effects and usage
Wind shot           4                 Ranged Attack
Holy Lightning      20                Attacks all opponents with lightning
                                        after a random amount of turns.
Digging             ??                Creates a hole.  Anyone (players too)
                                           who falls in dies!
Dragon Saber       ??                 Kills one opponent (not bosses). Only can be
                                         used when all characters GUTS full.
Magic Hankie       ??                 Places a magic barrier on the ground
                                          making it impossible for enemies to move
Dragon Fang        35                 Huge attack (you must first move next to
                                           enemy manually). Can only be used when
                                           GUTS meter is full

NOTE: Waza marked with "??" must be found throughout the game read the
walkthrough to find out how to get these!


Spell name        MP cost       Level gained     Effects
Heal Rain(P)       8             1        Heal everyone.
Wind Sheet         3            1         Attack one opponent.
                                           Attacks all enemies at SL 11
Holy Burst          10          5         Attack all enemies
Mist Screen           1          3        Protects Narcia from
                                                    physical attacks.
Wind Blaze           8          10        Raises a character's defense 50%.
                                                 At SL 2 magic also 50% up.
                                                 At SL 3 speed also 50% up.
                                                 At SL 4 attack also 50% up.
                                                 At SL 5 affects all characters!
Speed Wind           10        20         Everyone's speed 50% up.

Narcia's Waza

Waza Name       Level Gained           Effects and usage
Revive                   1              Revives KO'ed character
Magic Wind             12               Gives Narcia's magic and magic defense
                                         statistics to all heroes for 4-7 turns
Green Light             15              Shrinks opponents, then they retreat.
                                         Can't be used on bosses.
Healthy Light           25              Heals everyone's status
Attack Wind             30              All enemies take wind damage and are
Golden Key              ??              Transform into Kai

NOTE: Upon using waza(except "Golden Key"), Narcia will loose her next turn. An icon
that reads "STOP" will appear above her.


Spell name    MP cost      Level gained         Effects
Angel          4              1                 Heals one character
Tobikera   3             1                  Area effect fire attack
Transform      1              1                 Turn certain into opponents and
                                                  attack. Try it and see!
                                                  Varies depending on monster.
Blue Mist      8               18           Heals everyone and heals
                                               Paralyzes enemies.
Siren          5               21           One character magic up!
                                                At SL 2 speed also up!
                                                At SL 3 defense also up!
                                                At SL 4 Attack also up!
Phoenix         30            ??        Raises all KO'ed characters
                                                  And heals HP.
NOTE: For Kai's transform spell to work you must manually move next to a monster
and then select the spell.

Kai can't use waza…


Can't use magic

Waza Name      Level Gained           Effects and usage
Toughen Up             1               GUTS meter reaches max when used
Taunt                   1              Opponents will direct attacks at WK.
Jump Slice              10             Jump attack (depletes guts)
Spin Cut                18             Attack all adjacent opponents  
Sword Flame            30              Attacks all opponents with fire, but
                                         reduces WK's parameters.
Revenger               35              Takes away half the opponents HP. Can
                                        Only be used when WK's HP less then
                                         half. Can't be used on bosses.


Can't use magic

Waza Name       Level Gained          Effects and usage
Gami Missile            1               Ranged attack
Gami Cannon           *                 Attacks all
Red Devil               *               Random attack (sometimes hits you!)
Devil Slot               *              Creates one of 16 different effects, some
                                         good, some bad all very amusing.
Devil's Servant          *              Charms an enemy.
Gami Gas               *                Confuses all enemies.

NOTE: All of Gami Gami's waza must be found, with the exception of the Gami Missile
which he starts with.  For information on how to get these see the SECRETS section.  
Also I suggest you play around with the "Devil Slot", most of the effects are hilarious
and provide a good break when battles start to get tedious.

  The following has a list of important potion items and what they do. I'm writing this
in romaji so everyone can understand. All item names are written in kana in the game
menu selection. Even if you can't read Japanese look at the number and for the words
"HP" or "MP"

ITEM NAME                      EFFECTS   COST
iyashinoha  heals 1 character 50HP  10
iyashinoeda  heals 1 character 200HP  20
iyashinokajitsu     heals 1 character 100HP  90
gamigami monaka heals 1 character 60HP  18
sutamina bentou heals 1 character 100HP  8
shifuudo ranchi heals 1 character 100HP  8
gankinoame  heals all characters 100HP        50
meguminoame  heals all characters 250HP     150
sukuinoame  heals all characters 5000HP        800
bannoyaku  heals 1 character's poison status 20
ryunonamida  heals 1 character's all status 200
ryunotamashii  heals 1 character's status + HP 1000
arigataimizu  restores 50MP          350
seinarumizu  restores 300 MP   1500
kimyounakusuri does 1 of 8 random things         5
  (good and bad)

THE DRAGON SABER:  In order to upgrade Pietoro's sword to it's maximum
level you need to collect three "Dragon Stones" found throughout the world.  The first
is found after beating the monkey king (on the railway between Goldleaf and Pasela).
After defeating him, you'll see something glimmering behind his throne area.  
Investigate it and collect the stone.  
The next stone is found after winning the tournament in the Monster Village.  
In order to get into the tournament talk to the monsters in the house to the left of the
battle going on.  Next talk to the guy standing outside the house he'll ask you if you
want to try and fight.  The top choice is "yes".  Now go up to the log where the
monsters were fighting and the battle begins. You have to beat 3 monsters to win.  
The final stone can be found anytime after you get the first.  Simply go to the
very very bottom of the cave in Goldleaf.  Here you will see a glittering stone next to a
miner.  Investigate the area and pick up the stone.  It turns out the stone is a piece of
coal.  Now head north of Takinen to the fairy pond.  Go to the usual place and the
fairy will come out and clean the coal to reveal… A dragon stone!  Now the sword is at
it's top level.
Finally go to the house west of Popolocrois city.  Here talk to the grandpa
inside the house.  Next go into the bedroom and sleep.  In the middle of the night
he'll awaken you and perform a goofy ceremony that transforms the stones into
vegetables (a tomato, potato and a cucumber)!  Pietoro eats the vegetables and gains
the power of the dragon saber (a waza).  

GAMI GAMI WEAPONS:  In order to make full use of Gami Gami's waza you must
first obtain items (parts), and then visit the basement of the shop next to the item shop
in Popolocrois city (the top floor is a guy who'll buy your strange items.).  This is only
accessible after finding the engineer robot in Gami Gami base part 2.  Once you find
an item go to the robot and choose the second option.  Next choose the top option.  
This will allow access to your new waza. If you find an item called scrap (SUKURAPU)
or ZENMAI these will add rounds to your missile and cannon respectively.  These
items can be found or given as treasure by monsters. The waza can be found at the
following places.
PART           NAME                     LOCATION
Winch          Gami Cannon              Gami base 2 B5 Floor talk to the robot.
Mega-unit      Red Devil                Gami base 2 along the tracks TC
Gears          Devil Slot               Invisible maze in Gate of the Guardian TC
Spring         Devil's Servant          Outside the destroyed village on the Devil
                                         Star TC.
Screw          Gami Gas                 1F of the Ice Tower TC

NOTE: "TC" indicates the item is found in a Treasure Chest

       SOUVENIRS: Also called omiyage in Japanese.  There are a total of 14
souvenirs in Popolocrois.  You can see your collection by climbing up the ladder in
Pietoro's bedroom.  Except for decoration they serve no real purpose in the game
(Unless you play Poporogue).   Still you can't quite have the satisfaction of beating
the game without getting them.  After buying the items you must have them
delivered.  If you buy the items talk to someone else near by.  You will be given 3
choices choose the middle one to get them delivered.  Only a person in the same area
as you can deliver the items.  For example if you get the Mini Burionia only the dog in
Pasela can deliver to your house.  You can find em in the following locations….

ITEM                   LOCATION
Pennant                Gami Gami city gift shop (400G)
Lantern                 Gami Gami city gift shop (1,480G)
Lil' Gami Gami          Gami Gami city gift shop (4,980G)
Daruma                 Kanarisha collector's house (1,000G)
Kuma                  Kanarisha collector's house (2,000G)
Maneki Neko            Kanarisha collector's house (3,000G)
Model Yacht             Pasela Vendor (4,000G)
Mini Burionia           Pasela Vendor (10,000G)
Baby Palm Tree          Guy in the inn on the desert island
Hata Hata straw mat     Talk to the guys weaving in Hata Hata Village
Flying Whale            Cat in the Entrance to the dark world (500G)
Mr. Cat                 Cat in the Entrance to the dark world (1,00G)
Little Girl               Cat in the Entrance to the dark world (2,00G)
Mini Snow Man         Talk to the kids by the snowman in the white village
                       after defeating Yabu.

12. THE WORLD MAP: Here's a rough picture of it that can be compared with the map
on page 4 of the instruction book or the one you see by pressing the start button.

                                                       snow village

                                                    Gami Gami Castle
                                                      Gami Gami City
House                                   Fairy's Pond
      Popolocrois Castle          Takinen Town    Guilda's Treehouse  
        Popolocrois City  

                                             Goldleaf            Kanarisha
                           Monkey Kingdom          
                                               New Gami Gami Tower  
                                                                Monster Village
                 Port City of Pasela


       Wow, writing a FAQ/Walkthrough is tough work and very very long and
tiresome (this being my third).  I did it slowly over two months so it semmes like
forever. First off I'd like to thank the guys who made this game it really is a great
game and I enjoyed so much I wrote this big FAQ for it.  Probably they will never
know the work I've done, oh well.  
       I send many thanks to my sweet and beautiful girlfriend for the occasional
quick translation and for helping with things I couldn't find in the dictionary.  Also
Rei and Donna for being great neighbors and all around swell people.  Of course my
Kanji dictionary also was a big help… Thank you my friend.  Music by the following
bands helped when the video game music got to be too much for me… Freebo (thanks
to So-kun for all the things he's done for me), Bubble Bus, Common Bill (Thee best
Japanese country band), Carmen Maki, Bubble Bus, Apples in Stereo, the Beach Boys,
and Thee Michelle Gun Elephant  
       Remember if you have any questions about either Popolocrois or Poporogue e-
mail me.  The reason I wrote this FAQ is because so many people wrote asking
questions about the last one I did.  I hope you enjoyed the game and let's hope they
come out with another sequel and send it overseas this time (though there is Legend of
Mana in-between!!!).  If you e-mail me please be polite. I started to write a Legend of
Mana FAQ and received so many snotty, whiney, and just plain rude questions that I
just stopped doing that FAQ and answering all questions.  Also be sure to include
Poporogue or Popolocrois in your subject.  Of course I also know that Popolo player
are much cooler than Square-nerds.


14. MENU PRINTOUT PAGE: Wow, ain't I a swell guy.  I mean don't you just hate
flipping back and forth between the pages of a FAQ whenever you go into a shop or
switch to a status screen.  The following two pages are what I hope will one day
become the standard in all FAQ/Walkthroughs for Japanese games.  Print out these
handy sheets for quick reference and make your game that much more enjoyable!

1. Personal Magic
2. Items
3. Equip  
4. Status
5. Formation

NAME                                   WEAPON
HP                                       item here
MP                                      ARMOR
Attack                                   item here
Defense                                  item here
Magic                                    POTION
Magic Defense                           item here
Speed                                   item here

NAME                             Level
HP                                EXP
MP                                      Exp. to next level
Attack                                Weapon equipped
Defense                         Armor equipped
Magic                                 Armor equipped
Magic Defense                         Potion equipped
Speed                                 Potion equipped

STATUS MENU SCREEN 2 (press Circle)

                                        Exp. for next

WAZA LIST                     SPELL LIST
Waza name                     Spell name      Level    Exp.

1. Buy        If you choose "Buy" you'll see…      1. Weapons
2. Sell                                             2. Armor
3. Quit                                             3. Potions

1. Stay
2. Save
3. Quit

MANUAL                     AUTO
1. Fight            1. Decide what's best
2. Escape                2. Attack with weapons only
                        3. Use magic (and waza)
                        4. Full strength attack!
                        5. Defend yourself

FIGHT MENU (use D-pad to switch between one and two)
MENU ONE                      MENU TWO
       1. Attack with weapon            1. Rest (GUTS meter up)
       2. Use magic                     2. Use item
       3. Use waza                      3. Escape (single character)
       4.Defend (GUTS meter up)

PIETORO                      |               NARCIA
MAGIC          WAZA                 |        MAGIC      WAZA
Fireball         Wind shot          |      Heal Rain      Revive
Cure Water     Holy Lightning       |      Wind Sheet     Magic Wind
Heal Water      Digging          |     Mist Screen     Green Light
Saint Arc        Dragon Saber       |      Holy Burst    Healthy Light
Heat Blaze      Magic Hankie        |      Wind Blaze     Attack Wind
Magic Road      Dragon Fang         |       Speed Wind    Golden Key

  WHITE KNIGHT          |         GAMI GAMI           |      KAI
WAZA                     |        WAZa                 |     MAGIC
Toughen Up               |         Gami Missile        |      Angel
Taunt                    |        Gami Cannon          |      Tobikera
Jump Slice               |        Red Devil            |      Transform
Spin Cut                 |        Devil Slot           |      Blue Mist
Sword Flame              |        Devil's Servant      |      Siren
Revenger                 |            Gami Gas         |      Phoenix

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